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IE , Geereine Reaoas FD-1087 (Rev, $810), Cl FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Electronic Communication 17 mitie: }X/Mng) Establishment of [@————] Date: 11/10/20 een) On cikssrrten aye Maree’ J] RESON 1.4 (6) ce: Dae: t0-s7-2018 Auu TeroRMTION CoMATNED HEREIN TS UNCLASSIFIED EXxcert From: COUN be a] bre contact: bre Approved By: aD Drafted By: case 1D 4: [———————}_w) counrerinrenticence pivrston a) 0) synopsis: }X//NQ) To request Resource Planning Office (REO) approva to establish @ new unit avsigned to the Counterintelligence Division co), LJ Derived ; NetTonal Security Details: Background Seen Dorsa 0) Beek Roremy Title: )x//mg) Establishment of bre Functions and Mission Statement By law, the FBI is the lead federal agency responsible for the investigation violations of the espionage laws of the United States, which are typically associated 4) bi “IRS Complicated nature of — and rapid growth in > b3 unauthorized disclosure and media leak threats and oe investigations has necessitated the establishm unit the management national cS chres oversight investigative | 0) TD Breskey Speci, BIE Title: €/7mg) Establishment of Co) oiit bi b3 the new Unit IE bi BIE BIE Reporting/Organizational Structure bE _aety eo

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