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Kids+women Clothing and footwear Store Business Plan

Plan Outline
1 Executive Summary Page 5
2 Genral company page6
3 Products Page 7
4 team; management Page 9
5 Financial Plan Page 10
6 the opportunity Page 12
7 Strategy Page 16
8 advertisment plan Page 19
9operational Plan Page 20

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store locations: 1-main bazzer,baghwol 2- ada baghwol shoes
store,3-chownk sahida
contact: 03041614043
Executive Summary
BeBZy is a retail store for kids and women wear and footwear with
good quality and latesttrends owned by Abdul rehman This business
will cater to the needs of kids’ age from 0 to 15year and womens
Location of the business is assume an actual location
Slogan of the business is:
General Company Description
I. Company Overview:
Bebzy is a retail store for kids and women wear and also shoes with good
quality and latesttrends. We present an extensive range of kids and wear that
are manufactured usingdifferent fabrics such as Cotton, Silk, Wool and others.
Available in a wide range ofgorgeous colors, designs and prints, these apparels
are designed keeping in mind themost up-to-date fashion trends.bebzy
provied the latest design for shoes and also provides accessories for women
“Quality Never goes out of style”
II. Vision:
“To be a distinguished kids and women wear retailer known worldwide for
the quality of products,setting new trends and lifestyles”
III. Mission:
“To offer continuous value added products to our customers”.
To accomplish this, we focus on exceptional design, innovation, quality,
convenienceand interactive communication.
IV. Strengths and Core Competencies:
The foundation parameters on which we ensure the excellence of our
garments are:
• Material
• Cut
• Design conformation
• Embroidery
• Stitching
• Stability
• Finish
• Color fastness
V. Challenges:
• Increasing competition, especially from big chains like Wal-Mart, Gap and
• High cost materials
• Changing demands and catering to this demand
• Changing fashions and changing behavior of demographics
I. Services:
For different age groups, our variety of children wear is offered
in different sizes and is tremendously comfortable to wear
. Our offered clothing collections for kids are:
Boys wear
For summer For winter
T-shirt for all size sweat shirt for all size
polo shirt sweater shirt all size
dress shirt for boys hodies all size
geans for all ages geans for all size
kurta for boys 5to 15y kurta for boys 5to 15y
accessories 3to 15 jacket and coats all size
suitting 0 to 6 y suitting 0 to 4 year only

Girl wear
For summer For winter
T-shirt for all size sweat shirt for all size
top sweater shirt all size
cotton shirt hodies all size
geans tits for all ages geans for all size
kurta 5to 15y kurta 5to 15y
accessories 3to 15 jacket and coats all size
suitting 0 to 6 y suitting 0 to 4 year only
cotton frk all sizes vool frk
fancy frk all sizes fancy frk
all type summer and winter shoes also available for girlz and
boys both 0 to 15y
All type toys also available

For Women
footwear women wear
Heal shoes all type kurta
pumpes three pice suit set
sandels shoes all types top
sliper tits\geans
jacket and coats all size
 Accessories also available
 bages available
 bebzy provied everything in every season

II. Benefits and Features:

- Lovely designs and prints
- Eye-catching colors
- Long-lasting Apparels
- Comfortable to wear
- Available in various sizes
III. Why people need this service?
A number of the factors that have made us the ideal choice of our
customers are:
• Various variety under a single roof
• Quality guaranteed goods
• Customization
• Capacity to accept mass orders
• Well-timed delivery
• Easy payment modes of Cash
Team;Management orgnisation

Management Team
kasham alam general manager will be responsible for managing the store. ABDul rehman
will be responsible for all administrative functions, purchasing, inventory control, and
promotions. He has spent over 10 years in accounting, finance and operations management.
He has extensive background in purchasing, inventory control, and marketing. Gregory
Thian will be responsible for the technological instruments in the store and office. He also
receive order from the whatsapp . abdul rehman will be responsible for the production site,
delivery of the order and shipment of the stocks.

Ehtisham rehman and shariq is a salmen and sami-ul-hassen is a inspection manger

responsiable for decoration and swiper and usmen is a advertisment manger

Management structure
Financial Plan
I- Start-up Expenses Summary
The start-up expenditures for Bebzy are summarized below:

Startup Expense Summary

Sources of Capital
Investment requirement 1000000
Total Investment 1000000
Startup Expense
Retail store development 400000
Capital Expenditures 150000
In-store Staff 100000
Consulting Services 100000
Promotion 50000
Total Start-up Expenses 800000
for futures use 200000
2-Projected Profit and Loss
year 1 year2 year3
total sale 1150000 1800000 2500000
Grose profit 600000 900000 1400000
utiltity 50000 50000 50000
rent 80000 100000 200000
other 100000 120000 250000
net profit 370000 720000 900000
Personnel Plan
The personnel plan is included in the following table below. There will be two
full-time employee and two part-time employees working 20-30 hours per
week. The two full-time employee will be paid at a rate of 100per hour and
the two part-time employees will be paid at a rate of 90 per hour. All
employee's will benefit from a one day paid holiday on their respective
birthdays and one week of paid vacation after twelve months of employment.

At this time medical benefits will not be offered to employees. As profits

increase in the future medical benefits will be offered to all employees.

Personnel plan for worker in the concept store

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Full-time position 20,400 22,440 24,684
Part-time position 12,240 13,464 14,810
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll 32,640 35,904 39,494

Marketing and Promotion
2019 2020 2021 2022
150,000 350,000 350,000 400000
the opportunity market & industry description
I. Market Analysis :
A. Market Description
pak kids wear market is highly competitive market, especially after big retail
stores andchains like Wal-Mart, Gap etc entered in the market. Market is
shifting from growth to aturity. The clothing business saw approximately
167,934 million in retail sales; the share of the Children's & infants' clothing
stores and women store is 7,082 millions, the total share of the city sialkot is
328.8 millions, the share of lahore is 43.356 millions.
B. Market Facts
Clothing Industry of pak:
In the year 2010, the clothing business saw approximately 167934 million in
retail sales which were 136398 millions in 2005. Women's clothing brought in
6587 millions, men's apparel accounted for 27941 millions, and Footwear,
including accessories, accounted for 25948 millions. Jewelry, including watches,
watch attach, novelty jewelry, etc accounted for 23950 millions, Children's wear,
including boys, girls, & infants & toddlers accounted for 14287. Others accounted
for 12218 million

C.Market Growth:
The total pak market for all clothing is 167934 millions, out of which the share
of the children's & infants' clothing stores is 7082 millions which was 4638m
in 2015almost grown by 50% since last 5 years
D.Market Trends:
From 2005 to 2015 break dedicated to children's wear in malls more than
twiceNationalized brands began producing small-sized versions of their
teenager and maturelines and invested a lot in expanding their infant and
children\womwn outfit’s brands.
E.Market Demand:
Shifting demographics made the children's and infants' wear business look
attractive tonew entrants and, therefore, the market became tremendously
competitive. Big retailchains began to penetrate the market. Sales continued to
grow. Fueling this growth wasa climb in birth rates in the late 2000and early
2015, which amplified demand for infants' and toddlers' wear.Industry sales
normally peak between late August and january and eid days. Throughout
thisphase, stores compete for valuable back-to-school sales and holiday gift
purchases.Stores normally generate between 30 and 40 percent of their
annual sales in thesemonths

F.Industry Life Cycle

Kids clothing market is at maturity stage although it’s generating good
demand andsales and has good scope for businesses for next few years. The
higher birth rate wasobserved in late 90’s and early 2000’s which boomed the
market and now demand isstill growing but with slow birth rates as compared
to past years. This makes industrystand at maturity level in its life
cycle.Although this sector of the industry is season-driven, this cycle will not
affect it much.Cyclical trends in Industry
•With record high numbers of infants, toddlers, and children attending
preschoolduring the year, clothing purchases for this slice are becoming less
•This business has conventionally been highly seasonal, as with other
clothingbusinesses, so spring is on the way, this is also the season for
weddings, andKids has some gorgeous dresses and suits for wedding parties.
•New sessions of schools will be starting in month or so (march to august)
whichalso boost the sales of kids wear.
•Month of ramdon also a high sales month due to eid celebrationspeople
love to shop and buy presents
G.Market Potentials:
Shifting demographics made the children's and womwn wear business
attractive to newentrants and, therefore, tremendously competitive.Sales will
continue to grow in the next 3 years
•In the next 5 years, total sales in kids’ clothing retail market will be
57.66millions and in 2016will be 76.7 mill.
•It shows that there’s a huge and profitable market for Children's & womwn
clothing stores in the city of sialkot, which is growing at rapid rate.
•This growth was due to a climb in birth rates, which amplified demand for
infants'and toddlers' wear
H.Market Opportunities:
•Market is growing with a rapid rate so it’s a great opportunity to enter in
themarket where demand is increasing drastically
•Birth rate has remained high in the past 5 years meaning more potential for
kids’wear purchasing.
•Country is going through recessionary period so parents are on tight
budget,which is a great opportunity for our business to offer discounts and
low pricingpackages to attract our consumers
•This business has conventionally been highly seasonal, as with other
clothingbusinesses, so spring is on the way, this is also the season for
weddings, andSam’s Kids Wear has some gorgeous dresses and suits for
wedding parties.
•New sessions of schools will be starting in month or so.
•With the infants' and children's wear division on the rise, the industry's
openingproducts continue to be licensed apparel, such as Scooby Doo, Star
Wars, Bobthe Builder, and Blues Clues as well as sports-related licenses and
focusing onthese character printed wears business can achieve huge sales as
demand of these characters is increasing amongst kids.
I.Barriers to Entry:
Market is highly competitive, so no such barriers exist in the industry.
No such regulations except license required from animator of the character
which will beused in printing
II.Service Potential:
As our business is clothing and shoes for kids and women, and in this sector
trends changes quickly, sopotential products will always be in line with
differentiation of colors and design.
III.Targeted Audience:
Since our business is kids and women wear, so our primary target audience
will be:
Primary Target:Age: 6-11 yearsSecondary:FamilyOur target markets for kids’
clothing are Parents (Mother / Father
V.Market Niche:
Our niche market is kids and women sector or people who buy kids and
women wear .
VI.Marketing Strategy
•Basic strategy of our business is to launch kids wear by the next two
months.Initially we launch normal kid’s and women wear which will cater
the needs of masses.
•By the end of the year, we will launch customized products to cater to the
need of every individual customer.
•Later on, school accessories and school wear are also in the pipe line
Marketing Objectives
Image ourselves as a brand with competitive edge
•To offer continuous value added products to our customers
•To achieve our financial target
•Set a benchmark in industry as a cost leader through minimization of waste
andimprove performance
•Meet the demands of market and supply demanded goods on time without
anybarrier or hurdle
•Offer excellent products at low price
•Make products according to the needs of the customer
•Give good hassle-free ambiance for shopping, which will help the business
andgive edge over rivals
•Develop a kids-friendly store environment and decoration, which will
attractparents to bring their kids in the store and shop with comfort.
Marketing Strategy
In this section defines the strategy and tactics of the marketing programme.
Product line

Strategy  Introduce the new range of high quality affordable

clothing and shoes to the market.
Tactics  Utilise current network of shareholders and introduce the
product to the market.
 Position the product as high quality but at affordable


Strategy  Introduce the children's clothing at above the low-priced

products to reflect the high quality value of the products.
Tactics  Provide pricing range that high quality clothing seekers
will find affordable and attractive.
 Potentially, price the products at lower than planned
margins in order to encourage the purchase of the
products as it increase exposure in the market.
 Provide discounts to large buyers.


Strategy  Establish base/headquarters for the retail store to

develop overall brand and image.
Tactics  Develop retail store as key presence in sialkot cantt are
for must-see visit of visitors in the area.

Strategy  Build up the brand and the new children's clothing
product range to target market.
Tactics  Work locally to promote products including in local
 Encourage word-of-mouth build-up of the brand and
products through the initial customers.
 Utilise website to increase exposure to the target market.


Strategy  Tap people with common objectives as the new firm.

Tactics  Hire people with a passion for the local area community
to ensure delivery of good customer services in retail
 Liaise with local government to build ways to expose the
retail store with the mall of sialkot links.

Sales Strategy
BEBZY strategy will be three track.
 bebzy advertis his promotion on socail network if somone like and
fallow bebzy.bebzy get the 20% discount
 We will utilize the Retail ICE POS software with every sales transaction.
With each purchase the software will record and maintain in its
database the customer's name, address and purchases. This information
will be used with our direct mailing program to focus on our top 50% of
 We will offer a 15 day return/exchange policy to build trust with our
customers and maintain retention and loyalty.
 we will offer a customor if any item damged u can changed with orginal
3year sale forecast
Sales Forecast

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Units Sales
Clothing 600000 800000 1200000
Sweaters & Hats 300000 400000 600000
Bags and shoes 250000 350000 750000
Total Units Sales 1150000 1550000 2550000
Marketing and Promotion

2018 2019 2020

150,000 350,000 350,000

 Create Your Own Holiday

 Connect With the Customer.
 Create an Event
 happy brithday discount
Operational Plan
I. Service Execution Model
bebzy will sell products by following methods:
Retail Store: They will open a store in loacl areas like khadM ali rd which will
be the primary location for their supplies storage also.
Online Selling: They will offer their main products on the whtassapp bussiness
, which will provide convenience to customers in purchasing kids/women
stote location ; 1 baghowal bazzer 2bagowal ada 3chownk sahida
II. Legal Environment
• Bebzy has no legal obligations with their suppliers and customers except for
the printing of animated copyright characters.
• The company faces no major legal constraints other than the restriction of
marketing directly to children under age 13 under the Child Protection Laws.