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net 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B3
B4 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press

elcome to the 2018 100 Mile Free Press Christmas supplement titled A Christmas Story.
At the 100 Mile Free Press, we
In this year’s edition, we’ve done our best to show off our outstanding community.
wish everybody a very Merry
This year, you’ll see art from local artists, tough Christmas questions answered by
Christmas, filled with family,
community members, a bake-off winning recipe to try out for your Christmas baking,
friends and great meals with good
“unique” interviews, some of our local Christmas spirit, and of course church greetings.
health and lots of laughter.
Finally, this year we finish it all off with a truly orginal Christmas story.

Top left and bottom right: Lynne Flanders

Left: Peter Kruse
Top Right: Bobbie Crane
Above: Neil Pinkett
A huge thank you goes to all artists who submitted
their work. We have an amazing local art community.

Publisher: Martina Dopf Advertising: J ayme Klingbell and Caitlyn Edge

Editor: Max Winkelman Office Staff: Sara Komer
Reporter: Brendan Kyle Jure Front Cover: Kathy Crawshay
Production: Evan Fentiman, Kerri Mingo and Debbie Theoret

Wishing you all

Health, Happiness and
Peace this Holiday
Season and throughout
the coming year!

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Williams Lake Office:

and a happy and prosperous New Year. #102-383 Oliver Street
Thank you for the pleasure of serving you throughout the year. Williams Lake, B.C.
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Afrikaans (South Africa, Namibia)

How do you What would
a turkey? you like to put on a
Christ tree?
You kill it. Take the
stuff out you don’t
do you think
Santa Cherniwchan
want. In the oven and
with a pan.
A firetruck decoration and


Bentley Macy
Lipsett Cunningham
Light bulbs, some candy
You catch it. You canes, a star on top and

roast it on the fake snowballs.

9 years olds

Kolton Rempel
McGeough Bulbs and a
few stars on it.
Ballerinas and
We have to cook it in a a hummingbird.
pot. We have to put it up Adult bulbs and
to put it up to numbers
and wait for it to cook and Marlon dad’s coke bottle.

then we eat it.

12 years old

Season’s Ouroubesatndwishe
Wishing you & yours warmest
holiday wishes & the very
Greetings best in 2019! to yrs this
you ay
and o enjoy
Take time t d friends
All the Very Best in 2019 Julie an
your familyoliday season.
during the Christmas.
from all of Sarah
us at From all of us at JJ’s, Mer r Agricultural

from Dea
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B6 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press


An exclusive interview
with Santa’s Elves

Max Winkelman a few rich elves who don’t there’s always a load of free of press releases but nobody
100 Mile Free Press work much that get them baked goods so that’s really ever uses them. And I mean,
all dressed up for the season all that I’m after. who can blame them. No-
and then run them into the Perky: Back when I start- body wants to read about
Free Press editor Max reindeer in front of them. ed, there was a real shortage the goings-on at the North

Winkelman spent a few Then they claim the injury of elves and our small shop Pole in June.
minutes chatting with some money and us average elves really started booming. You MW: Tell me Dash, are
of the elves as they stopped end up having to pay more. could pretty much work in there any good new toys on
Things have really
in 100 Mile House for the Dash: Santa’s changed a any department you want- the horizon?
Santa Claus Parade. little too. Forty years ago, ed. I chose the touring de- Dash: I liked the older changed in the last
MW: How’s the Christ- he took a bit of a back seat partment just to get away toys better. Those wood toys
mas season going? to going to church and cel- from the wife once a year. would last forever and they
Dash: Things have really ebrating the birth of Jesus. MW: Has anything else were a lot better for chil- years. Kids still want
changed in the last years. He’s been working very hard changed significantly work- dren’s development. There’s
Kids still want presents on stealing the spotlight ing for Santa in recent years? not much going on currently presents but we’re
but we’re getting fewer and and with all the parade’s Dash: Well, we used to be that’s very exciting.
fewer letters. That makes it he’s sometimes a little full a unionized shop but there Frost: That’s not true at
really hard to know what of himself. were too many concerns all! There are all kinds of getting fewer and
they want. Also, those of Frost: I actually love tour- that if we went on strike awesome toys being worked
us who don’t go on tour, ing and taking care of the that La Befana, Belsnick- on. When I was leaving, I
and instead spend their reindeer. I just live for the el or Ded Moroz and the saw a straw that you could fewer letters. That
time making toys, are a lit- smell of reindeer and see- Snow Maiden would take put straight through your
tle worried Santa’s going to ing all the smiling children’s over from Santa. ears and then when you makes it really hard
Frost move the toy manufacturing
away from the North Pole.
He says heating costs are
faces is a treat unto itself.
MW: How do you decide
on a career path as an elf ?
Frost: I for one think
things have really improved.
From a safety perspective,
drink a frosty drink straight
it would send you a message
with exactly how much of a to know what they
just getting to be too high. Dash: Well, you used to for example, every elf that brain freeze you got.
MW: Oh, wow. I had no just learn from your mom works with the reindeer MW: That sounds….
idea. or dad and that’s what you’d get a safety reinforced hat, great? Is there anything else
want. “
Frost: Dash always ex- end up doing but now you when it comes to lifting re- you would like to share?
aggerates a little. I’m sure need at least a university de- ally heavy packages we have Perky: Well there’s been
that things will be just fine. gree. Even then, you might a work-safe policy in place plenty of naughty children
Besides moving toy pro- struggle to find a decent and we have a set amount in the South Cariboo but
duction would be so much job. You pretty much end of time for each delivery. with coal going out of fash-
effort we’d all have jobs in up working in whatever You know exactly what to ion due to climate change
the logistics of it. department Santa has an expect each day and I really we’re not sure what we
MW: How about for you opening. like that. should put in their socks.
travelling elves, what’s your Frost: I just really want- MW: What do you do the We’d really appreciate peo-
biggest concern? ed to work with the touring rest of the year when you’re ple giving us some feed-
Perky: The insurance department because back at not on tour? back on what we should
rate on reindeer just keeps headquarters it’s the most Perky: Oh, Santa makes give the naughty children
Perky going up and up. There are open concept office. Also, us send out a whole bunch instead.

We wish all our customers

Findlay Meats
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and friends a very Warmest Wishes to All

Merry Christmas and a healthy This Holiday Season!
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The Absolutely
Christmas Quiz
Welcome to the 100 Mile Free Press’ Absolutely Impossible Christmas Quiz. As
the title says, it’s absolutely impossible so if you’re expecting to get an “A” grade,
you’ve got another thing coming, even if you’ve crammed for this all year.

Question 1: Question 4:
To approximately Charles Dickens wrote
Question 7:
What are you not allowed
how many children and first published A to do with a tree that
under the age of 14 Christmas Carol in 1843. you cut with a permit on
did Santa Claus deliver What was the special and Crown Land?
presents in 100 Mile close connection to 100
House in 2016? Mile House at that time?
Question 8:
Question 2:
In thousands of
Question 5:
If you cut down a tree
How many children
attended the Santa
Breakfast in the 108 last
kilometres, how far is in the 100 Mile House year?
100 Mile House from the cemetery to use as your
North Pole? Christmas tree, what’s the
maximum fine you could
Question 8: 91
Question 7: Sell it
Question 6: 5 metres
Question 3:
In 1988, what did Grade 1 Question 6:
student Lindsay Valcourt If you get a permit for

Question 5: $2,000
say Santa’s mom did not cutting a Christmas tree
Question 4: This was a trick question. There wasn’t
Question 3: She doesn’t have time to watch TV have time to do? on Crown Land, what’s the
Question 2: 4,000 km. maximum height of tree
you are allowed to cut?
Question 1: About 245 children.

Merry Chr d healthy
Family, friends and food are the
key ingredients for a festive holiday ppy an
season. May this celebratory time of and a ha to all of you,
year bring you much joy and cheer, New Year ou for letting
and may this be the start and than our business
m as me use y nvas!
e r r y Ch r i s t
M from
to a wonderful year.
as my ca

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B8 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press


“Always winter, never Christmas”

That’s a line out of carols, no breaks from leader before or since, Harvard or Yale and this Christmas, when perhaps, that night,
C.S. Lewis’ classic novel, school in December, no Jesus taught with au- much of the very good does it become yours? the most dejected and
The Lion, the Witch & staff parties, and no rea- thority on how to love you experience every When you reach out reluctant convert in all
the Wardrobe, which no son to take in a church and serve our neigh- day would be totally and actually receive it. England” (C.S. Lewis,
doubt many of us in the service on Dec. 24… in bours. The early Chris- missing. In one of his books, Surprised by Joy, p. 228-
Cariboo can relate to. fact, no real reason for tian communities lived But more than all Lewis said he came into 229) peace. Teach me Your
However, can you a church at all! And, it out by serving widows that, without Christ- Christianity “kicking When Lewis decided ways. Come into my life.
really imagine what the December would be and orphans; they were mas, there would be and screaming.” He to follow Jesus, it was Help me to know Jesus
world would be like if one long, cold, boring the first to build hospi- no Christ. Take Christ said “You must picture like the ice melted from today. Amen.”
there’d never been a month in the Cariboo! tals and orphanages, out of Christmas and me alone in that room, his heart. He came to And then go about
Christmas? We know Jesus of founding most of the all you’re left with is a night after night, feel- Christmas, and Christ- getting to know Him.
I mean, we would Nazareth was like- world’s charities in- “mas” or a mess! Christ ing, whenever my mind mas came to him. Read one of the Gos-
have no family feasts, ly born in April not cluding the Red Cross, came not because we lifted even for a second And so, Christmas pels. Check out a
no holiday traditions, December, but when the Salvation Army, needed an entertainer, from my work, the can come to you this church.
no Christmas trees or Christmas breaks in World Relief, World Vi- or a politician, or even steady, unrelenting ap- year, too if you would Find out what Easter
Santa Claus parades, on the scene the second sion, Samaritan’s Purse, a religious leader for proach of Him whom I simply give in, admit has to do with Christ-
Moonlight Madness, after Halloween, it still Food for the Hungry that matter. He came so earnestly desired not God is God and ask mas. Because guess
no beautiful Hallmark stands as representa- and Compassion In- because we needed a to meet. That which I the Christ of Christmas what, Easter was a very
movies or favourites like tive of His birth, which ternational. Saviour. He came for greatly feared had at into your life. real thing too.
It’s a Wonderful Life, like it or not, really did Without Christ’s the world, yes, but the last come upon me. I Pray like this: “Dear
Merry Christmas Char- change history as we birth, education would world can only receive gave in, and admitted God, I need You. I want Rick Barker
lie Brown or The Grinch. know it. be very different - no Him personally. Like if that God was God, You. I’m sorry for doing Cariboo Christian
No Christmas cards, no Unlike any religious Oxford, Cambridge, someone gives you a gift and knelt and prayed: it all by myself. Give me Life Fellowship

God’s Christmas humility A Blessed

Christmas and
It’s amazing how that and intentionally reflect- be incurred. But she was this God was working human life that has ever
first Christmas reflected ing this amazing humility! also told that “He will be and orchestrating His been lived, then suffer
not only the love of God, The supporting cast great, and will be called purposes through the and die as our substitute

a prosperous
but the indescribably whom God worked the Son of the Most same kind of humble in order to save us from
perfect humility which through in all of this, for High. The Lord God circumstances and peo- our sins and give us His
flowed out of that love. example, were people in will give him the throne ple when He called and resurrected eternal life in

New Year
As the scripture says in the humblest of circum- of His father David, and chose a young shepherd His glorious Kingdom - if
Philippians, Jesus, “Who, stances, but yet chosen He will reign over Jacob’s boy named David to be we believe this good news
being in very nature God, by a God who looks descendents forever. His King of Israel and part of and are willing to receive
did not consider equality at the condition of the Kingdom will never end.” the genealogy of Jesus, so it by receiving Him as our
with God something to heart. When God sent (Luke 1:32,33) that one of the many titles Lord , Savior and King! Christmas is often called the
be used to his own ad- the angel to a young un- And when Jesus’ birth of this “Son of the Most This is the ultimate “hap- most wonderful time of the year
vantage: rather, he made married peasant girl an- happened in a lowly man- High” would also be the pily ever after” ending to for many reasons. For instance,
Himself nothing by tak- nouncing that she would ger, it was first announced “son of David.” the ultimate “Cinderella” it is the time that we perceive and
ing the very nature of a conceive and have a son, to the most insignificant In other words, the Son story come true…may it experience the beauty of our lovely
servant…” And so we see Mary humbly submitted folks; shepherds watching of God also became the be yours this Christmas! Cariboo environment; beauty that
everything else surround- to God’s will even though their flocks by night. And Son of Man for us by is brought out more vividly by the
ing the circumstances of she must have known speaking of insignificant coming to us as a human Pastor Bruce Wilcox crispiness of the fresh air and the
His coming that first something of the cost, shepherds, about a thou- being, in human flesh, Cariboo Presbyterian whiteness of the snow.
Christmas quite naturally and the stigma that would sand years before all of to live the only perfect Church Primarily, Christmas is a time we
celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
who invites us to give love, show

Merry Christmas
love, share love and be loved. Lov-
ing and being loved is what makes
our community and entire universe
a wonderfully perfect place to live
As we celebrate this most won-
derful time of the year we ask that
God bless us with Quietness of
Mind, Teach us to be Patient and
Raven Judy Dave Apryl Chrissy always to be Kind.
Have a Blessed Christmas and
a prosperous New Year.

God Bless,
e wish you and your family from the Staff of Fr Emmanuel
a very Merry Christmas Canlan Ice Sports Onumadu
and a prosperous New Year! South Cariboo Rec. Centre
St Jude Catholic Parish
LIFE YCLE #2-175B Wrangler Way,
100 Mile House
FINANCIAL 385 Cedar 100 Mile House 250-395-2900 250-395-1353 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B9


Merry Christmas
I will start with wishing you a
Merry Christmas! This is a
phrase we use and hear often
have reason to be merry.
When we use the phrase “I
wish you a Merry Christmas,”
as a baby. He grew up and taught
us. Are we only willing then to
make room for a memory, or for
always see happening around
us. People marginalize and di-
vide others into friends and
during this holiday season. But are we interested that our neigh- Christ’s teachings too? foes.
do we really mean it? Are we bour is well and happy? To fig- What did Jesus teach us? That Let us make room for who and
genuinely interested if the one ure that out, we must look into we can’t only depend on our- what we celebrate this season
whom we greet has reason to ourselves. It happens that we selves. That we can share what and practice it!
be merry? Let us consider those are occupied with ourselves: we have with others, and that we Then our wishing Merry
who have experienced losses and our successes and defeats, com- can forgive and reconcile with Christmas isn’t a trivial phrase,
misfortune this past year for a mitments, and everyday lives. each other; that we can accept but a well-meant and meaning-
moment. Also, when we broaden Are we willing to make room and love our neighbour; that we ful wish. It will also be received
our horizon and look at man- for what we celebrate at Christ- have a genuine interest in the as such!
kind around the world, we have mas? God became man in Jesus well-being of people around Bernd Hedtfeld
to agree that many people don’t Christ. But Jesus did not remain us! However, this isn’t what we New Apostolic Church

The gift of Christmas

T here is something very wrong
in the world today. A bro-
kenness pervades every aspect
on them along with all of their
children, including us.
Around 700 BC, an ancient
Counsellor, Mighty God, Ever-
lasting Father and the Prince of
that our Creator has for us. He
was born to bring humanity a very
precious, important gift. This gift
In a world full of sinners, Jesus
permitted the shedding of his own
blood to pay the penalty of sin.
of human existence. No matter prophet spoke about a future Many hundreds of years later, was God’s pathway to forgiveness All we have to do to receive God’s
how we try to convince ourselves hope for the world. Isaiah pro- there were shepherds staying in and eternal life. In a world filled gift is to truly believe in Jesus and
that we are essentially good, or claimed, “The people who walk in the fields, guarding their flocks with wickedness and darkness, he to follow him. The Bible presents
make things right, we seem to get darkness will see a great light; on of sheep. An angel of the Lord came as the light of God’s righ- a very clear path on what this
it all wrong. The Bible calls the those who live in a land of deep appeared among them and an- teousness. The one who created means. For those who receive him,
wrong we do sin. The brokenness darkness a light will shine.” He nounced that a Saviour had been the universe and set the stars in Jesus brings forgiveness, freedom,
and corruption we see started with said this light would be a man who born in the city of Bethlehem. their places humbled himself and and reconciliation to God. This
the very first man and woman, would walk on the earth. Isaiah This baby Jesus grew up, and by was born to pay the price for the is the world’s ultimate gift and is
when they rebelled against their predicted the government would his life example taught people world’s rebellion. After showing the true meaning of Christmas.
Creator. As a result of this rebel- rest on this child’s shoulders. His what God was like. Jesus came us what God was like, He gave Pastor Clint Lange
lion, a death penalty was placed name would be called Wonderful into the world because of the love himself as a sacrifice on the cross. Hillside Community Church

A message from the people of St. Timothy’s Anglican Church

H ere we are again in the
season of turkey and
eggnog, holly and lights, fam-
Fishes, Coats for All and the Free
Store. Some of the best gifts that
we can give are free: a smile, a
messages from the world around
us can leave us troubled and con-
news that is always new and
always good. The baby in the
manger grew up to personify
us to welcome the good news
together. We hold a candlelight
service on Christmas Eve at 7
ily gatherings and community kind word, a helping hand. They Is the joy and goodwill of the love, benevolence, forgiveness, p.m. and a quiet simple service
celebrations. Here we are in the may not be gift wrapped but they Christmas season something that generosity, courage and hope. on Christmas Day at 10:30 a.m.
season when we are particular- come from the heart. Yet, while will soon be packed away with We learned from him that these We wish you peace and joy in
ly called to kindness, generosity we are in the midst of so much the ornaments and lights? things are essential elements of your hearts and pray for peace
and goodwill. It is the season of that is cheering and positive, Christmas church services can God’s plan for humanity, not and joy in the world.
giving and this community is so we are also hearing through the help us to deal with the contrasts something temporary or illusory.
generous with its gifts as witness, news of so much that is alarm- and contradictions. We can hear Come and share in our church St. Timothy’s Anglican
the Food Bank and Loaves and ing and depressing. The mixed again the 2000-year-old good services this Christmas and help Church

During this special time of year, May Christmas and the

our whole team would like to wish our wonderful new year bring wonderful
customers a very merry Christmas and a healthy moments to you all.
and prosperous New Year. Many thanks from Garth's Electric
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Our Christmas crossword puzzle is not just any crossword puzzle.

The 100 Mile House Free Press It’s got a hidden sentence. Can you figure out what it is?

Christmas Crossword
Across: 9. Characteristic of Lloyd Christmas
1. Single number and Harry Dunne
4. C 10. Maine
9. Harry and Marv, e.g. 11. Type of soil, contains sand, silt
10. 5,280 foot and clay
12. Buddy Holly song 13. But nevertheless
14. Not more than 15. Helium
17. Best not built out of straw or 16. Part of a machine worked by foot
sticks 20. Rainbow
18. They say it’s All Right Now 24. Sugary fluid
19. City in Iraq 25. Characteristic of a joke
21. To allow 26. Common contraction
22. Distribute ideas worth spreading 28. A close friend
23. Head of some Islamic countries 29. City in Piedmont region of Italy
25. A good Christmas tree 30. White religious garb
27. Tree also known as wattles 31. God
30. Merry Christmas by Mariah 32. Middle class
Carey, e.g. 33. To lie scattered
33. Santa when played by Billy Bob 34. Type of beer
Thornton 36. Hot bright orb, Spanish
35. The fourth estate 41. Lord of the Rings race
37. Seen in wallets and on lakes 43. Famous Pixar movie
38. Something that jingles 45. SI unit of electrical resistance
39. Moving to a location 46. Rogers Arena, Scotiabank Arena,
40. Famous Mars Old Trafford, e.g.
42. Type of sense 48. Golden calf, plural
43. Opening to a famous idiom about 49. A town in Hiroshima prefecture,
cows also a component of blood
44. Type of wood decay 50. Ritual gesture in Hinduism
46. James Bond 51. R egional intergovernmental or-
47. Saviour ganization in Asia
50. Rare synonym for mothers 52. Slave in the feudal system
53. Hominoidea 53. Main division of a play
55. Daughter of Aeetes 54. Used in movies and plays
56. River in Sussex 56. Oregon
57. Geometrical figure consisting 58. Cunning
of two intersecting lines or bars 59. Abbreviated unit of time
60. Syntactic arrangement 61. Always ___ my mind
62. Type of linen or cotton fabric
63. Past principle of lie
64. Won the Battle of Britain
65. Multiple souls
66. Adult male

1. Very odd, French
2. Well known
3. Yelled by lumberjacks
4. German state, contains Frankfurt
5. Homer Simpson catch phrase
6. 17th letter of the Greek alphabet
7. Cheerful
8. Medical quantity

To our Friends and Neighbours

in the Cariboo
May the Beauty of Nature
Brighten your Holidays.
Peace and Joy to All
From the
From the council,
staff and members
of the Tsq’escen (Canim Lake Band) 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B11


Christmas Questions:
What’s your favourite Christmas
memory and what are you doing
this year?

Helen Stone
Vera Sturmey “Years ago, when we had the chil-
dren [and they were] young. Hiding

Helen Desjarlais
“It goes a way back. A couple of their presents on them on Christ-
years stick out... We used to own the mas Eve. Trying to find hiding plac-
restaurant [Ralph’s in Lac la Hache] es for them in the house and then

Jeffrey Newman
“I guess when all my children were and did all that work for them. Had disguising their presents in different
little babies, you know, and all the family Christmas dinner for them or what- shape boxes so they wouldn’t know
had babies. To watch all these little ones ever.” what was in the boxes.”
come in, I love that. Now it’s just adults. It’s all about spending it with She says they used to dress it up
Well, we have a couple of babies but it’s people you like, he says and make gingerbread homes. She says she’s looking forward to
too far away to come.” Jeffrey said he’s got a lot of “We did everything. There was a Christmas this year and will proba-
Helen said that this year she’s going to Christmas decorations up all lot of people that didn’t have Christ- bly be going to her son and daugh-
all the bake sales to buy baking. around the house and will have a mas so we had them for Christmas.” ter in laws’ with her great grandson
nice Christmas dinner. For this year, she says, she just and children there.
hopes it’s a nice one.


The Pinkney’s would like to wish all of
our tenants & customers a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
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How old do you think Santa is?

Hunter Daniels Jordan
60 years old
102 years old

Meldrum-Dick Cylias Daniels

150 years old

31 years old

Bluebird Daniel
I don’t know
Woman Dick
41 years old
Isabelle Terry
65 years old

Austin Dakota Boyce

17 years old
100 years old

There seemed to be near uni-

Kenny versal agreement among the
students that you cook a turkey
41 years old
in the oven, that ornaments go
on a Christmas tree and that if
there’s one thing they’d like to
put on it’s a star.

Thank you for your

continued business
this past year.
From all of us at Integra Tire, ϭϬϬ DŝůĞ ĂŶĚ YƵĞƐŶĞů ǁŝůů ďĞ ĐůŽƐĞĚ ĨŽƌ ƚŚĞ
Dave Wne
we wish you a Merry Christmas   
Richard ne Office Man
Dylan Mevager and a Happy, Healthy, and $FMFCSBUJOH

:ĂŶ͘ Ϯ͘  ŽŶƚĂĐƚ LJŽƵƌ ĐŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJ ůŝďƌĂƌLJ ĨŽƌ


Ow r

Prosperous New Year!




Never a Christmas morning,

never an old year ends…
but someone thinks of someone,
old days, old times, old friends.
Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season
from everyone at
Store Hours: Mon. - Sat. 9:00am - 5:00pm
1/4 mile up Exeter Rd. • 250-395-2408 •
699 Alder Ave • 100 Mile House
778-482-5443 • 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B13


Disagreement amongst
judges at bake-off
Despite strong dis- And next year, I hope himself. the law enforcement to
Jayme Klingbell is presented
with the winning trophy, a
rolling pin, by judges Staff
Sgt. Svend Nielsen (left),
agreement amongst we see this table burst- “I did enjoy all the talk?” Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna
judges at the annual ing with more people pieces. My personal The third judge, 100 Barnett and 100 Mile Fire
100 Mile Free Press entering,” she said. favourite was rejected Mile House fire chief Chief Roger Hollander.
Bake Off, a winner was “The reason two of by the other two judg- Roger Hollander, tried Max Winkelman photo.
selected. us picked the winning es which was highly to ease tensions.
The 100 Mile Free entry was the flavour questionable in their “I wanna thank ev-
Press’ own Jayme and the consistency. decision-making skills eryone that contrib-
Klingbell won the com- The flavour in that and I feel that some of uted to the bake-off. I
n k y o u t o a l l of
Tha ers for your
petition with Mocha cookie just burst out the judges’ taste buds think this is the Stanley
Crinkle Cookies. in your mouth. It’s have diminished, pos- Cup of the bake-offs,
MLA Donna Barnett
amazing. Every other
one was great. The
sibly with age.”
Nielsen said there was
to be honest with you.
I think it’s fantastic. our customd support.
seemed to take on the RCMP had a lot of a need for a forum with The entries were just
continue orward to
We lookinf the future!
role of unofficial leader- trouble making a deci- blind voting. impeccable and I think
ship amongst the three sion as usual. He picked “I think this whole we got it right. I think

serving you
judges.” a good one but not as presence of a dignified the judges got it right
“The entries were good as this one,” she politician could be a this year. I think it was
great. Great presen- said referring to RCMP problem in the future.” a tough call but I think
tation. Very tasty and Staff Sgt. Svend Niel- During the interview we got it right at the end Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
you know it’s a lot of sen. with Nielsen, Barnett of the day. From all the staff at The 108 Supermarket
fun and goes to a good Nielsen had a thing jumped in. The event raised $150
charity, a good cause. or two to say about that “Is that anyway for for the Women’s Centre. POST OFFICE HOURS: December Only
MON. - FRI. 9 - 5:15 SAT. 10 - 2
Instructions: Located in the 108 Mall Easzee Dr.,
Mocha Crinkle Cookies Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 108 Mile Ranch
(The winning recipe) In a mixing bowl, add flour, cocoa powder,
Ingredients: espresso powder, salt and baking soda. Sift

Merry Christmas
½ cup All-purpose flour all these ingredients and keep aside.
In another mixing bowl, cream together
½ cup Unsweetened cocoa powder butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, egg
¼ cup Sugar +1 tbsp granulated white and vanilla extract.
¼ cup Brown sugar +1 tbsp Add the sifted flour mixture into the wet ingredients.
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tbsp Instant espresso powder
Mix everything until you have a crumbly mixture.
At this point, stop the mixer and knead the mixture with your hands into a ball of dough. If the
dough is still a little dry and crumbly, add some milk or water (1 tsp at a time) to the dough
From our families to yours.
3 tbsp Butter melted and cooled and knead again.
¼ tsp Salt Take portions of the dough and roll into balls roughly 1.5 inches big.
¼ tsp Baking soda Roll them in a plate full of granulated sugar.
Place the cookie balls on a cookie tray lined with parchment paper and chill in the fridge for
1 Egg White from a large egg at least 30 minutes
Extra granulated sugar for rolling Bake at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes or until the sides are slightly crispy.
cookie dough balls Let the cookies cool down on a cookie tray. Then, store them in an airtight plastic container at
room temperature for up to 3 days.

With heartfelt gratitude for the pleasure

of serving you this past year,
we hope everyone enjoys a very
happy and healthy holiday season!

Cariboo Mall International 250-395-2481

B14 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press


The local Christmas spirit

Over the past weeks, were involved in making toys and the Coats for All
South Cariboo residents, it happen whether it was program collected more
non-profits, charities, soci- with serving, cooking warm winter coats than
eties and business have all and/or other supporting ever, and loads of people
displayed their Christmas roles. donated clothing or food
spirit with everything from “We start [organizing] to the 100 Mile House
dinners to donations. two months ahead of time. Food Bank, Loaves and
Among others, The Ro- There’s a lot of organizing Fishes and the Women’s
tary Club had their 40th that goes into doing the Centre among others.
Annual Christmas Dinner. Christmas Dinner – lots of Here are just some pho-
“It was fabulous, every- help, lots of support from tos of community mem-
body was happy. There local people. The Rotary bers going out into the
were 280 tickets,” said Club organizes the whole community to step up and
Linda Jefferson, the pres- thing though.” make sure everyone has
ident of the club. The local realtor offices the opportunity to have a
Roughly 35 people collected piles of food and Merry Christmas.

ROTARY DINNER Linda Cox and Miriam Livingston roll the dice for the table’s centre piece at the 100 Mile House Rotary

Wishing you a
Christmas Dinner at the Community Hall on Dec. 1. Because it was the 40th year of the dinner, the club decided to make it a
little special by raffling off two Adirondack chairs and having the tables play games. In one game, each member of the table
rolled two dice. The person who rolled the highest number got the centrepiece displayed on the table. Brendan Kyle Jure photo.

Winter Wonderland
May all your trails be snow-covered,
May all your days be bright,
May your sleds be filled with gasoline,
And may you always high-mark
the highest height!

All the very best of the

holiday season to our A HUGE DRIVE Staff and realtors from Royal LePage stand
Thank you for your
Have yourself a cozy amongst piles and piles of donations. Their annual drive starts
with a donation from the realtors in their office and the com-
patronage in 2018
and we look forward to
little Christmas! munity brings in more and more donations. They then deliver
them out to local charities. Max Winkelman photo.

seeing you in 2019!

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Please ride responsibly and safely.
Serving the South Cariboo
Ph: 250-395-2550
Fax: 250-395-2513
867 Alder Ave. 100 Mile House
Located at the top of the 99 Mile Hill
972A Alpine Ave. 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0

250-395-2070 Fax 250-395-2072

’s May the Peace and Joy of Christmas be with you

today and throughout the coming year.
Thank you for your patronage.
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Bahasa/Malay Selamat Hari Natal
Everything you need
Hofmarks shows off just two
for entertaining during the
holiday season.
of the coats they collected.
In total, they got 289 warm
winter coats, compared to 270
in 2017 and 252 in 2016, 161
light coats/vests/sweaters/
hoodies, compared to 119 in
2017 and 56 in 2016, as well
as 35 snow pants and snow
suits, 270 scarves/gloves/
mitts/toques/hats and 43
socks/boots as well as some
miscellaneous items. Max
Winkelman photo.

New everyday low prices!

Cariboo Mall, 100 Mile House, Hwy 97 Every Day
MANY BAGS FULL Remax realtors Arlene Jongbloets and Dave Mingo show of some of the many bags filled with 7AM - 10PM
food that they’ve managed to collect with help from the public. Max Winkelman photo. 250-395-4952

At this special time of year,

we pause to enjoy family and friends.
All of us here at Centennial Law
wish you Season’s Greetings and a Stephanie Kappei and Douglas E . Dent

happy, healthy New Year. Proudly Providing Legal Services to the Cariboo.

Rather than sending out Christmas Cards
at this time of year, the team at Centennial Law Main Office: Interlakes Office:
supports the Royal LePage Christmas Helper Event 2018. #1 - 241 Birch Avenue,
PO Box 2169, (Across from Fields)
7120 Levick Crescent
Phone: 250-593-0118
100 Mile House V0K 2E0 Monday, Wednesday & Friday
from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ph. 250-395-1080 or by appointment
We will be closed for the Christmas break starting December 24, 2018
and will re-open at 8:30 am on January 2, 2019 • Wir sprechen deutsch. Nous parlons français. •
Come see our ground floor, smoke-free location. Wheelchair accessible.
B16 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press

Merry Christmas!
From the 100 Mile Free Press Team

M ay the
peace and joy
of the holiday season
stay with you throughout the
entire year.

#3 - 536 Horse Lake Rd. Uptown Plaza

100 Mile House 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B17

The Quest for Winter Gold

An original South
Cariboo Christmas tale

Tale commences on page B17 thru B22

Illustrations by Robyn Ganguin • Story by Max Winkelman

From our Home to Yours…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
To our customers and friends,
thank you for another
amazing year.
We extend our best wishes
for a joyous
holiday season
Pam, Harley
and the HOME Team!

Hardware 488 Birch Ave. 100 Mile House
B18 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press

When Tom woke up, he smelled of bour’s wagon while I waited for you
  om was sitting in the restau- horse and was being shaken around to come over and boy let me tell you, I
rant eating an early dinner a fair bit. When he opened his eyes, didn’t know spurs could scratch metal
by himself when his phone he saw kind of dirty white fabric like that. Though mind you, I’m not
buzzed. For a fleeting moment, the stretched some feet above him. When sure what good a wagon like that is
absolutely smallest of smiles could he sat up, he immediately realized that anyways. It seems impossible to hook
be seen in the corners of his mouth he was inside a covered wagon, which a horse up to. Anyways, the name’s
but it was just that, fleeting. struck him as really odd. Tom wasn’t Angus Nottuln. That’s a fancy town
“Merry Christmas from your den- sure he’d ever seen one of those, other in Germany you know. So regardless
tist,” Tom’s most recent email read. than one parked on the side of the of what these dusty ragged clothes
Before that, his list of emails included road in Clinton a few years ago. Cer- may impress upon you, you’re dealing
two more Christmas greetings, one tainly, there weren’t a whole lot of with a classy fella here.”
from his bank and one from his cell them left. A cold wind was howling Tom had a million questions but
phone provider. Three notifications through the wagon, making it creak, Angus rattled on so quickly it was
that said his bill was ready, from his which added to the sound of fresh impossible to get a word in edgewise.
bank, cell phone provider and inter- snow being crushed under the wheels. “Just wanted to let you know not to
net provider and an email reminding Tom didn’t recognize the clothes he worry too much about the dent in my
him of his next dental cleaning. None was wearing at all. gold pan. I don’t really plan on doing
of them were personal emails. “Ah Tom, you’re awake. Good,” said any panning anytime soon. There’s a
He’d finished hauling his last load the driver of the wagon. “I bet you’re reason afterall there are fewer miners
of logs for the week and was eating wondering what happened. Well, you coming up than there used to be. I just
dinner as usual. The restaurant was himself envious of Scrooge who had in his chair and picked up a book. fell into a time hole. That is after I hit drive. Some fella left the pan a few
fairly full but the tables around him a clerk and nephew to talk to. After Tom wasn’t sure how much time you in the back of the head with my months ago. Said something about
were all empty. Another gentleman a long while, he took a left turn onto had gone by when he looked up and gold pan anyways. Put a bit of a dent cattle before heading off. Ah, look at
was also sitting by himself checking a gravel road. A large red sign noted saw a light moving at the neighbours’ into it actually.” that will ya, nothing better than a nice
his phone. Tom had stared at him for “Private property.” Another one in house across the lake. He grabbed Tom started making his way to the sunrise. Especially in the winter. Can
a bit but the gentleman never looked black and white said “No Trespass- his binoculars that were sitting on a front. you just turn off the lantern there.”
up from his phone. ing.” shelf and looked out the window. The “Just watch your head there. You’d Angus pulled the wagon to a halt
He finished up, gave the waitress a He drove down the gravel road, light was moving as if someone was think with a pot hanging there like but before Tom had a chance to move,
generous tip and decided to go for a which had a solid nearly a foot of walking around with a flashlight but that people would know to duck. not that he had any idea what to do,
stroll down Birch Avenue past all the snow on it, for ten to fifteen minutes he couldn’t see what was going on. Yet, everyone seems to want to test Angus had already jumped off and
stores. He didn’t have any shopping to before a house emerged. It had the The neighbours had gone to Flor- which is harder, their head or the turned it off.
do but liked seeing all the decorations absolute best Christmas display any- ida for the winter and in order to pot. I have to say, we don’t have any “Thanks for the help Tom,” some-
and Christmas activity. where in the Cariboo. Out on a hill get to the house at all, you had to of that stuff that looks like it’s solid how Angus actually sounded sincere.
Up ahead some young girls were beside the house sat a big sleigh with drive by Tom’s first. Furthermore, metal but really doesn’t hold up to Perhaps Angus was too used to talking
inviting passersby to come to their eight lifesize reindeer in front. The there were no other neighbours for anything. I sat on top of your neigh- to himself. Tom was about to say
Christmas concert that evening. Tom whole display was covered in white at least five kilometres if not more.
let out a deep sigh and crossed the Christmas lights. With how dark it The neighbours were paying Tom a
road before they got to him. Even was outside, you could have taken a small fee to keep an eye on their place
another night at home reading a book picture and it would have looked like while they were gone for the winter.
seemed better than being ignored at it was flying in the night sky. He put his coat back on, put on his
a big social event. He stared at the Where Tom parked his truck, old- toque and started up his snowmobile.
ground as they passed on the other style lanterns lit up the area. Driving over he couldn’t see the
side of the street. He kept on walk- The house itself was absolutely cov- path he’d made the last time he went
ing, dragging his feet a little, before ered in lights from red ones along the over a few days ago. Nor could he see
noticing a cat lying in a windowsill roof to icicle lights along the window any fresh tracks of any kind.
above one of the shops. He stared and more white lights in the shape of When he got to the neighbour’s
at it for a while before he moved on. snowmen along the walls. The win- house, he stopped outside the yard,
Up ahead, a cashier who’d checked dows had little elves painted into the whipped out his binoculars and took
his groceries and had been really corners. another look. The light was still mov-
friendly was walking in his direction. Right where he took off his boots, ing around in the house. He took
He smiled but she didn’t notice and there were two little metal bowls, both out his hunting rifle and decided to
walked right past him. empty. He went into the kitchen and slowly walk the remaining distance.
In one of the stores, a big sign said, put the lights on the counter beside When he got to the house, the door
“Christmas lights 30 per cent off.” He four more boxes of Christmas lights. was locked. He looked through the
opened the door and walked in. He There was also a little bit of mail. window but couldn’t see anyone. He
picked up two boxes of Christmas A statement from the bank and a quietly unlocked the door. Inside, an
lights and proceeded to the till. He letter that read “thank you for your old portable oil lamp stood burn-
paid and got into his car. donation.” On top of it lay a little ing on the table beside the door. He
He paid for the items, got in his collar that read “Tigger.” In the walked in but didn’t see anyone. Then,
truck and set off on Highway 97. On whole house, there was not a single out of nowhere, he felt something hit
the radio, they were reading stave one photograph. him in the back of the head and he
of A Christmas Carol. Tom found He made a cup of tea, sat down passed out.
Continued on B19

k y o u t o all our
Than l ast year.
o r t h e
clients f i s h you all
t o w
We want istmas &
Photo Credit: Max Winkelman

r r y C h r
a Me
ew Year
Happy N to
o k i n g f orward
Lo 9.
n g y o u all in 201
And THANK YOU seei
, Val, Daw ,
for being a HEALTH STAR From A n g e la
ole, Lee-
r a h , N ic
Sa Hayley
South Cariboo Kandi &
Health Foundation #1 - 205 Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House
250-395-2424 Continued from B18 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B19
you’re welcome but before he had a Al and Angus unloaded a few crates
chance to do so, Angus continued on. and started stabling the horses. Tom,
“You know I really like this new being of no use whatsoever when it
lantern I’ve got. Some people like to came to that, went inside.
hold on to things from the past but ob- There was a large wood stove. In
jectively, this new lantern burns a lot front of it stood a pair of sizeable
longer. On a separate note, I really…” comfortable chairs. In the back, there
Tom finally interrupted. were a table and four chairs. On a
“Why am I here and where the hell single shelf stood five books. Tom
are we going!?” let out a bit of a sigh when he walked
“As far as I’m concerned, you’re here over to the shelf. Two of the five were
because of your own doing. I mean I catalogues, there were also two copies
know I’m the one that hit you in the of the Bible, the last was a copy of
head and everything but that’s beside Frankenstein. Tom picked the book
the point. Anyways, we’re here and up, sat down and started reading.
I’ve got three stops to make. After He could still feel the cold wind
that, you can do whatever you please.” blowing and with little light other than
Angus kept talking for as long as from the fireplace which was more
there was daylight. Tom didn’t say a smouldering than burning brightly, he
word the whole time. Tom could hear had to strain to make out the words.
Angus just fine but somehow the cold He was about five pages in when Al
wind stripped all meaningfulness from and Angus came bursting through the
what he said. A couple of times Tom door laughing.
had picked up a hitchhiker while driv- Angus and Al went to the back
ing his truck, but after a few polite but table. They lit a light and started
meaningful questions, it just turned playing cards. After finishing the first
into awkward silence. Tom thought chapter, it had gotten too dark to con-
it felt very much like that. He stared tinue reading the book from where
off into the distance. Despite the Tom was sitting. A big gust of wind
sun being up and removing the need came in through a crack and gave him
for the lantern, the low winter sun the shivers. After contemplating it for
and overcast skies meant it felt very ten or fifteen minutes, Tom decided
dark. he didn’t really have any choice other
Tom had a lot of questions. How than to join them. Although he severe-
long were they going to be on the ly doubted they would have anything passengers a la Jonah.” was nearly 20 years George’s junior.” even chewed a hole in the back of
road? What direction and where were to talk about. “We’ve seen ‘em you know,” said Most people would have seen right his pants.”
they travelling to? But it didn’t seem He walked up to the table. Angus. “I was travelling with Al over through the whole story but not good- Tom, Al and Angus all burst out
like he would get much of an answer. “Have you gentlemen ever played here and Frederick ‘The Barrel’ Vre- natured Fred, Al added before Angus laughing.
Besides, it would be rude to interrupt Texas hold ‘em?” develt. Me and Al knew they had just once again continued on. “Of course Fred was completely
Angus. “No, but you’re about to teach us,” left 70 Mile ahead of us. The Barrel, “Of course none of it wasn’t true. flustered and turned bright red. The
Before long, heavy snow started said Angus. Al stood up. oblivious to everything as usual, had Neither of us even knew anyone old lady reamed him out about going
falling. It was blinding Tom. He “I’m going to add some wood to no idea. When we left, we made up named George but after going on too fast to boot too. Best part is, we
couldn’t see very far ahead and even the fire and grab us some drinks. This this fella named George Auburn. We about it for three hours or so, Fred helped the wagon driver get back
Angus, who was sitting close beside could get interesting.” told him old George was pleasant was well convinced. We were still on the road and drove to the Bridge
him, seemed to disappear in the snow Al quickly filled the woodstove, enough but nearly 45 years old and talking about George when we heard Creek House with him. Fred married
and darkness. which instantly burned much hotter. had never even kissed a gal before on a ruckus up ahead. Fred and his horse his daughter not two weeks later.”
After the sun had set, a little light When Al came back into the room he account of his seven-deuce hand in launched around the corner. The sight The three men kept playing and con-
could be seen shimmering in the dis- lit a second light and poured all three the looks department.” of the camels had spooked a team versation, tall tales, and the occasional
tance. of them a drink. Fred was fearless except in one de- of horses and caused a wagon to go card trick all flowed easily until late
“Ah, the first of our stops.” After they’d been playing for a bit partment, added Al. He had never straight off the road. Fred’s horse, in the night.
Angus pulled his wagon up to a large Angus interrupted them. dared talk to a girl before. Angus which was in a near full gallop at that The next morning as they were
log building. “Take a look at this, you’re gonna continued the tale. point, didn’t react much different- getting ready to hit the road, Tom
“Welcome to the Clinton Hotel,” have an absolute gas,” Angus said to “We told Fred that one day, a couple ly. First, it reared up but Fred, for interrupted.
he said. Tom as he pulled out a little tin and of years ago, George heard some com- whom it was a miracle he didn’t roll “Can’t we stay for another day since
When Tom stepped off it was right took an old piece of newspaper out motion up around the bend. George off a horse that wasn’t moving at all, you’re ahead of schedule? It’s been a
into a slushy puddle. of it. made it around the corner and, low somehow managed to hold on. When good long while since I had such a
Angus rang the bell on his coach The old piece of newspaper read and behold, a wagon was being at- it came down, it bolted, took a sharp good time.”
and a gentleman came outside. “The Camels are Coming!” The article tacked by a moose. Well, George turn and this time Fred went flying “Sorry, I would like to stay ahead
“Ah if that isn’t Un Nut. I wasn’t continued mockingly, “and after they managed to scare the beast off and right on top of this old school teacher of schedule.”
expecting to see you until the 17th.” have been disposed of, a number of one of the gals riding in the coach lady. She’d been riding on the wagon Outside the cold winter wind was
“You know darn well it’s Nottuln trained whales will be placed on the was so impressed they were married but had made it off before things went howling.
and I made good headway. This is route between Victoria and the Sti- not even two weeks later. We made sideways completely. Before Fred had They spent a few more minutes be-
Tom. Tom, this is Al Francis.” kine River carrying freight and inside the tale taller still by telling him she a chance to move, one of the camels fore Angus said, “Time to go.”

Merry Christmas Merry

May this holiday season bring
a string of glad tidings
and glow with the
We hope your
Christmas Christmas warmth of family
is filled with
family, friends and and friends.
With gratitude
and good
times! Happy New Year for helping
us grow our
Bridge Lake From the business.
Towing Forest Grove & District
Reasonable Rates
24 Hr. Service
ICBC Towing & Storage
Authorizes Emergency Road Service
Rod & Gun Club 108 Mile Building Supply Behind the 108 Mall
Ph. 250-395-2249 or 250-593-4056 4385 Canim-Hendrix Lake Rd. 108 Mile Ranch Ph: 250-791-5244 • Fax: 250-791-7344
B20 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press
“Precisely, you need two people to gorgeous porcelain teapot and some
open it, which is exactly the point of pretty average looking cups.
the puzzle. Not everything can be “Sorry, the original cups haven’t
done by oneself. Anyways, the meal survived.”
is ready. Could you take these into He poured everybody a cup of tea.
the other room?” “My parents, despite being born
Reginald handed Tom a stack of and raised in China spoke English
bowls and spoons. Tom went through quite well. When they first moved to
the door and Reginald followed close the Cariboo, a gentleman tried to sell
behind. Tom put the bowls on the them an old donkey but it was in very
table and Reginald put a large pot poor condition. The gentleman had
of stew next to it. Reginald flew back been gold panning for years without
into the kitchen and came back with any real success. It appeared he was
a tray full of hot biscuits. At the same just passing through on his way back
time, an older white-haired gentleman South. My parents didn’t want to be
came through the door with an arm rude and tell him that they wouldn’t
full of logs and kindling and pro- buy a donkey in such a poor state
ceeded to start a fire in a large open so instead, they pretended that they
fireplace. didn’t speak any English. However,
“That’s Billy,” said Reginald. both the gentleman and my parents
Soon all three of them sat down ended up settling near 100 Mile
for a meal. House. Word quickly spread that
For about 45 minutes or so the three my parents didn’t speak any English.
engaged in polite conversation before They didn’t want to be made out for
Angus came down from the attic and liars, so they never spoke English in
joined them. public.”
Despite the lateness of the night for what seemed like an eternity yet Asian gentleman came in not long “Phew, what a ride that was,” he Reginald paused and took a sip of
before, they left before the sun was the sun still didn’t appear to be out. after Tom but left the main room said. “Haven’t seen a storm like that tea.
up. It was absolutely pitch black out He wondered to himself if he’d fallen immediately. in almost 30 years.” “Then 27-years-ago there was a re-
and the snow seemed almost thicker asleep at some point but wasn’t sure. The room was somewhat dark and Billy whacked Angus in the head ally bad winter storm. A tree fell on a
than the night before. The wagon had started to move in no fire was lit, leaving it cold enough with his spoon immediately after his fence and their horses escaped. Since
After the bright and warm Clinton a very stop and go fashion and from that Tom had kept his coat on. comment. Angus grimaced. In no time as far as the public was concerned,
Hotel, the freezing temperatures and the front, Tom could hear Angus yell- After sitting there trying to figure at all, Billy and Angus appeared to they didn’t speak any English, they
gusts cut straight through his cloth- ing. It sounded like Agnus was curs- it out for about half an hour, Tom have an entire conversation without couldn’t ask for help. So together they
ing. Even with the lantern up front, ing at the horses but Tom couldn’t knocked on the door through which saying a single word that ended with went out into the cold dark winter
Tom couldn’t make out anything but make out the words. With Tom not the Asian gentleman had left. Angus tilting his head towards Tom. storm and were never seen again.”
shapes and he didn’t think Angus felt being able to offer any useful assis- “Come on in,” someone yelled from “It’s alright,” said Reginald, who It was so quiet in the room, you
like talking. tance, he decided to stay in the back the other side of the door. once again noted the look of confu- could have heard a pin drop. Even
“I’m going to take a short nap in of the wagon. Tom went through and found him- sion on Tom’s face. the fire seemed to have gone silent.
the back,” Tom mumbled so quiet- He laid there for the entire jour- self in a small little kitchen. The gen- “It’s 27 years to the day that my Billy grunted.
ly, there was no chance Angus had ney, alone in the dark, unsure of how tleman he had seen earlier was making parents died in a bad winter storm. “The next day somebody heard
heard it. much further they had to travel, how a dinner. Due to the stove, the room I’ll tell you the story, but first, it’s time young Reginald here crying. It didn’t
However, once Tom laid down in long they had travelled or where they was quite warm and a bright light lit for some tea.” take long to figure out what had hap-
the back, he couldn’t fall asleep re- were going. After the earlier yelling, up the room. Billy added some more logs to the pened after that. Among all the stuff
gardless of how exhausted he felt. Angus had been quiet for hours when “Hi, sorry,” he said. “I didn’t want fire which had warmed up the room. in the house, we found a diary kept
Between the uneven road and the Tom heard him loudly yell “Here!” to let things burn or I would have Shortly Reginald came back with a by Reginald’s mom and all of it was
hard wagon, he was regularly receiv- When he made it out of the wagon, conversed a little more. The name is in English. That’s how we learned.”
ing a cold hard thump in the back. Angus was already gone. A young Reginald.” Angus produced a bottle of liquor.
The light of the lantern didn’t at all Asian looking gentleman started “Tom. Nice to meet you. May I ask “It’s time for a drink. To having
make it into the back. dealing with the horses. When he you what the symbols on this puzzle company.”
He had no idea how long it was saw Tom’s befuddled look, he said mean? I’m having a hard time figuring Angus had perhaps not been entirely
going to take to get to their next des- “You have arrived at Bridge Creek. out how it works.” truthful when he had said “a drink” as
tination, causing him once again to The 100 Mile House. Your driver’s “In all honesty, though the puzzle soon they were all drunk and singing
feel a little lost and confused, espe- gone to bed.” belongs to me, I have no idea. My merrily until late into the night.
cially since he didn’t know what that The main room in the roadhouse parents left it to me when they died The next morning as they were
next destination was. If it had been was empty when Tom went in. In one while I was still a baby, and I don’t packing up to leave, as Tom had done
bright out, he would have been able of the window sills stood a little wood speak or read any Chinese. However, in Clinton, he asked Angus, “couldn’t
to tell based on the landscape, hav- puzzle with what looked to Tom like I do know how to open it. You have we stay just a bit longer?”
ing driven in the Clinton area many Chinese characters. to press all eight of these switches at “Unfortunately, we have to keep
times before, but in the pitch black He sat down in a chair. There were the same time.” going.”
and with everything covered in snow, a number of pieces in the puzzle that “One person couldn’t possibly hold Reginald gave Tom a long hug and
it all looked the same. could be pushed and slid around and all of these down at the same time,” they went back into the dark winter
Tom laid in the back of the wagon Tom started playing with them. The Tom rebutted. cold.

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Merry Christmas
and neighbours, and Happy New Year Thank you
Wishing you all a
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Merry Christmas and 100 Mile House Wranglers. fans and
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2016 west 100 Mile House Free Press Thursday, December 20, 2018 B21
When they left, it was once again At first, he felt angry and frustrated
before sunrise. Between the darkness but before long all he could feel was
and the snow, Angus seemed like noth- an overwhelming numbness.
ing more than a shadow or a ghost His body felt crippled. Eventually,
to Tom. the snow started to rise. Soon enough,
Tom was stuck in his head. Though Tom went from floating to having his
they’d had a great evening overall, his feet stuck in what wasn’t more than an
mind was stuck on the story Reginald inch of snow. Slowly it started to cover
had shared of his parents early on in his feet. Then rising to over his boots.
the evening. The snow kept falling and climbed up
Tom felt anxious and worried now his body. First past his knees, then
that they were back out in the cold up to his waste. He wanted to use his
and dark. hands to dig himself out but his body
He felt like crawling in between a wouldn’t move. It was as if it had fro-
thick stack of animal furs in the back zen. Soon enough, his fingertips were
of the wagon and never coming out. touching the snow and it started to
However, to Tom, Angus and the climb up his hands. It crossed his chest
wagon disappeared completely. The and started climbing up his neck.
sound of the creaking wagon, the snow Just before it covered his mouth, he
being crushed and the horses were re- managed to say “Angus.”
placed with only the rushing sound of As soon as he had said it, he found “Oh good,” said Tom, who despite hay to a number of horses. Tom realized that the man feeding
the wind. Tom felt like he was floating himself back on the wagon. The snow the cold weather, felt a cold sweat, as From the front of the wagon Angus the horses was also named Angus. He
in space, pitch black with an infinite was still falling but it had gotten much if he was sick. yelled, “Ah, the best Angus has ar- continued feeding the horses as they
amount of snow the only thing that lighter. The wind had subsided and Tom made some small talk with rived.” drove past him.
could be seen in any direction. the sun was up. If he’d had to guess Angus and by the time they got to “The best Angus is out in the field,” Tom unloaded some boxes at Angus’
He lost all concept of time. What he it was late afternoon. the 150 Mile House, it was still light replied the gentleman feeding the hors- direction while Angus put the horses
had guessed to be a one day journey “We’re nearly there. It’s not much out and the snow had subsided. es. They both laughed. away. After it was all done, the two
felt like months of disoriented drifting. further to the 150 Mile House.” Outside, a gentleman was feeding After an initial bit of confusion, went inside together.

In the spirit 100 MILE 100 MILE HOUSE


of the season,
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Hwy 97, at Tatton Stn. Rd. Sunday, Dec. 23

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105 Mile
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wish for worldwide All Sunday Services at 7:00 pm with special guest,

peace and brotherhood at 10:30am

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Worship every Sunday at 10:30am

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Christmas Eve Service 7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Lay Service Candlelight Service
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St Augustine at Canim Lake - 6 PM MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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St Jude's 100 Mile House - 10 PM December 25 Tues., Dec. 25 at 10:00am in English
10.30 am - Holy Communion Christmas Eve Service
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B22 Thursday, December 20, 2018 100 Mile House Free Press
Inside there was a bustle of ac- He was back in his own clothes He stood back up and low and be-
tivity. and felt rather stiff. hold, the little wooden puzzle with
“I’ve got some business to take He closed the door before he took Chinese markings was in his pocket!
care of.” a walk through the house to make Tom stared at it for a while before
Angus walked away. sure everything was ok. Nothing he walked over to the kitchen count-
In the corner, there were two gen- seemed out of the ordinary to him. er and picked up the newspaper.
tlemen playing a game of billiards. He exited and locked the door. It He flipped to the events guide and
Beside the table they were playing was snowing as he walked back to searched for today’s date. On the
on stood an empty wood dining his snowmobile. Once he got there, schedule, it listed a spaghetti dinner
room chair. Tom decided to take a it was covered in a thick layer of and concert.
seat and watch the game for a bit. snow and it took Tom some time Tom added another log to the fire,
The chair was hard and felt really to clear it off while a cold winter so it would keep burning for longer,
cold as if it had stood outside for wind pushed and pulled him. and went outside to get in his truck.
a while. After a few rounds, Tom He slowly started making his way After driving for a little while he
started looking around the room. back. Along the way, his trail had stopped at the community hall. He
There must have been 20 or more nearly filled in and the fresh powder was greeted at the door.
people. Some were talking. On one occasionally blew up and delivered “Hey Tom, I wasn’t expecting to
table they were playing a game of a cold blast to his face. see you here tonight. I’m so glad
cards though Tom wasn’t sure what At home, the timer on his Christ- you came.”
game. mas lights had turned them off. His “Thanks very much, Katherine.
Tom sat there for a long time and house looked dark. He parked his Nowhere else I’d rather be.”
slowly the room started to empty snowmobile and grabbed some logs. Despite his earlier dinner, Tom
out. The card players were the first Inside he found the fire had gone felt surprisingly hungry. The room
to go. A few of the tables where out. The backup propane furnace was warm and bright.
folks were just talking were around had kicked in but only enough to He filled up a plate and sat down
for quite a while but before long, keep the pipes from freezing. He at one of the few tables with an
only the two billiards players were found himself to have a very dry open spot. He said hello to the lady
left. mouth and took a sip of his now beside him who, smiled, said “Hello
Finally, Tom piped up. of Mr. Gideon Fairfax. He had fat. We talked for a long time to ice cold tea. He started a fire before Tom” and immediately launched
“Can I play the winner the next scruffy white hair and a long white Mr. Fairfax who seemed absolutely he sat down in his chair, still wear- into conversation.
round?” beard. Mr. Fairfax was extreme- delighted at having the company. ing his coat and scarf, intending to As Tom listened to her, he thought
The two players looked back ly poor. He was so thin that when The next morning, the imprints of continue reading his book. to himself, while the gold rush may
somewhat surprised, almost like looking at him head-on, he could Mr. Fairfax’ tent were still there However, when he sat down, he be long over, there’s still plenty of
they’d seen a statue come to life. have been mistaken for this cue. but he was all but gone. When we could feel something in his pocket. gold in the Cariboo.
“For sure, my name’s Blin and Me and Edward over here offered got to our holes, a tremendous
this is Edward.” him half of our meal. Mr. Fairfax amount of digging had been com-
“Tom. Nice to meet you fellas. was extremely embarrassed about pleted. In both of the holes, large
What is it you do?” his poor affluence and refused the amounts of gold shone back into
“We used to be gold miners but meal. So me and Edward decided our faces. We’ve never seen or heard
now we’re just living the good life,” that to save him the embarrassment, from Mr. Fairfax again. However,
Edward chimed in before they both we’d simply leave a meal outside in his honour, we’ve created this
laughed. of our camp. Every morning the song.”
Angus came back into the room meal would be gone. Eventually, Edwards started playing an up-
and walked straight up to them. we started to notice little changes beat tune on the piano while Blin
“Don’t let me interrupt the story. in the morning. A marker would be merrily started singing. Blin’s voice
Just don’t make me listen to it while placed in an odd spot or our holes seemed to have a warmth to it that
you pretend you know what you’re would be dug a little deeper. This filled up the room and soon enough,
doing with that cue stick. I’ll buy went on for nearly eight months. a dance got underway. Edward and
you a drink if we can just sit at a During that time, we never saw Mr. Blin played and sang for most of
table instead.” Fairfax. We knew he was camping the night. Angus and Tom spent a
Blin, who hadn’t really been plan- by himself. Now Edward over here bit of time dancing as well but also
ning on telling a story, was quick to isn’t good company.” talked for a long time. Eventually,
agree nonetheless and before long There was a small bit of laughter. Tom fell asleep on an old sofa.
they were all sitting at a table. The “But it’s still better than camping When Tom woke up, the echoes
gentleman who’d been feeding the in the bush by yourself. So, one day, of last night’s music still playing
horses and was also named Angus we picked up our gear and set up through his brain, he was lying on
made it in as well. The whole room camp with him while he was out at the floor in his neighbour’s house.
in fact quickly filled back up. work. When he came home in the The door was wide open and a
Blin took a sip of his drink before evening, we all sat around the fire as cold breeze was blowing in. It was
he started. equals and had a magnificent meal. dark and any sign of Angus was
“When I first came up to the
Cariboo. I travelled along with
an older gentleman by the name
Much to our surprise, Mr. Fairfax
had put on plenty of weight to the
point some might have called him
gone, including the lantern that had
stood on the table when Tom came
- The End -
o r a G r e a t
Wishes f as
Merry Christmas and Ne w Ye a r ’s !
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District of 100 Mile House
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