Tonight I would like for us to look at the ways that Jesus revealed himself to people after His resurrection

. Ro 15:7 ¶ Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God. We are to treat others as Christ treats and has treated us. After the resurrection, Jesus revealed himself to several people and to better understand how we should show Christ to others I would like for us to look at how He revealed himself to these people.


To Mary Magdalene, a. Lu 8:2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, Jesus had done some great things for her and delivered her from being possessed by devils. Now she is a close follower of Jesus. Mary came to the tomb to get his body and is talking to Jesus, not knowing that she is. It is when He calls her name, and simply says “Mary” that she recognizes. There was love and tenderness in His voice. That was not all, there was a history of Jesus helping her in the past. That voice must have brought many things to her, there was a history there, he had been involved in her life. Jesus is revealed to her in his love, tenderness and by knowing her personally. We will reveal Christ to others in our lives by loving people and by touching people. <<ILLUS BRENDA>> We can reach others by reaching them. If we have a history of helping a certain person they will be for more likely to see Christ in us. We may not be casting out devils,

but we can still make a great impact on people by doing little things for them, by fixing a meal, by sending a note, by doing various other things. II. The two on the road to Emmaus a. Jesus met these two men on the road to Emmaus, I told you the story a while back, but Jesus revealed himself to them in a real way, He told them the truth. He explained the scriptures. People are searching for the truth, they are starving for the truth, I hear questions at various times, people searching for the truth. You can reveal Christ to others by sharing the truth with them. If someone ask you a question that you don’t the answer to, don’t retreat back and try to bypass it, look it up, find a credible source, pray about it, ask God to show you the truth. Seek after it, because Christ can be revealed in it. These men said did not our hearts burn within us? They were touched by the truth and Christ was revealed. b. Christ was also revealed to them in the blessing and the breaking of the bread. This does not seem like anything spectacular, they had a blessing for the meals just like we do, it was not out of the ordinary, but Christ revealed himself to them through it. We may do the same thing. We may never know the affect that we may have on someone if we have them over for a meal, Christ may be revealed to them through that. My dad loved to have company over when I was younger and if there were new people at church, he would have them over, if there was someone having a hard time he would have them over, if someone was lonely they would probably be at our house. I believe my dad did more good through that than he

probably knows. I believe that Christ can be revealed to people in that way. c. This does not seem like anything spectacular, they had a blessing for the meals just like we do, it was not out of the ordinary, but Christ revealed himself to them through it. Sometimes when we say the blessing it may seem like something that we just repeat over and over but Christ may be revealed to others by it. I have been in restaurants and watched people say the blessing, it spoke to me and said a lot about them. III. Christ was revealed through meeting their physical need. John 21:3 these men were the ones that had fled from Jesus in His darkest hour. They had now given up on Jesus and were going back to fishing. Jesus could have given them a long sermon on how they should have had stronger faith or something like that, but He didn’t, he helped them get a record catch, then he fed them. He could have brought down lightening and other kinds of things, He could have done something spectacular, but he simply met their simple physical need. Sometimes we may look for big ways to help others, like someone that has been in a car wreck or some other momentous thing like that but when we just look for things like that we overlook a lot of smaller things and areas where we could be helping. He was revealing himself to them by meeting their physical need. The point is obvious. We have no idea what an impact we would make if we helped someone that we knew were in need. <<DUANES MONEY>> How did Jesus meet their need, he fed them. He met a physical need. The food bank and its blessings.


Christ revealed himself to Thomas by forgiveness. John 20:26 many people cannot imagine the love that Christ has for us. Going the last mile. ETC