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BIR CAS Permit No. 0415-126-00186CAS SOA No.


1046801716 Bill no. 23 Page 1 of 3

Í*Np10È*Alvero*JevanniÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ*R*Ça*,02?Î Amount to Pay Php 2,003.31

(total amount due)
Mr. Jevanni Rodriguez Alvero
Account Number Primary Number
1036 Nueva Brgy. Buntay Abuyog
1046801716 9173077392
6510 Billing Period Due Date
11/16/18 to 12/15/18 01/05/19

myLifestyle Plan 1999 Statement Summary

Charges For This Month

Monthly Recurring Fee
Monthly Plan P 1,999.00
Excess Usage P 7.05

Total Php 2,006.05

Previous Bill Activity

Previous Bill Amount P 1,997.26

Less :
Payment (P 2,000.00)

Remaining Credit (P 2.74)

Amount to Pay P 2,003.31

Please examine your Statement of Account immediately. If no

discrepancy is reported within 30 days from this bill's cut-off date,
the contents of this statement will be considered correct

For details of your charges please see inside pages.

Payments made after your last bill cut-off may not be displayed in this bill.
Amount is inclusive of VAT, if applicable.
Amount is inclusive of Overseas Communication Tax, if applicable.

J Thank you for your payment.

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1046801716Alvero*Jevanni *R000000020033101
Account Owner Account Number Billing Period Page 2 of 3
Mr. Jevanni Rodriguez Alvero 1046801716 11/16/18 to 12/15/18

Plan Summary

Monthly Plan Period Qty Amount

myLifestyle Plan 1999 12/16/18-01/15/19 P 1,784.82

Your plan includes:

Built-in Unli Call and Text to Globe/TM 499 11/16/18-12/15/18 1 P 445.54

Pack - Facebook 199 11/16/18-12/15/18 1 P 177.68
Unlitxt All Net Pack 299 11/16/18-12/15/18 1 P 266.96
Pack - GoSURF 999 with 6GB 11/16/18-12/15/18 1 P 891.96
Less Consumable Amount (P 1,782.14)

Subtotal Php 1,784.82

ADD % VAT (Value Added Tax) Php 214.18

Total Php 1,999.00

Summary of Excess Usage

Text Messages Your usage Allowance Consumable Amount

International Text 9.09 - 2.68 P 6.41

Local Data Your usage Allowance Consumable Amount

Browsing Charges (MB) 6,967.78 6,967.78 - P 0.00

OCT (Overseas Communication Tax) Php 0.64

Total Excess Usage Php 7.05

Total MRF (Monthly Recurring Fee) Php 1,784.82

Total Excess Usage Php 6.41

Total VAT (Value Added Tax) Php 214.18

Total OCT (Overseas Communication Tax) Php 0.64

Total Charge Php 2,006.05

Previous Bill Adjustments & Payment

Payment date Posting date Reference No. Amount

Payment Details
ECPAY1 - Cash 12/15/18 12/15/18 GPNC1600020OR1456355 (P 2,000.00)

Remaining Credit (P 2,000.00)

Usage Details

Text Messages
International Text
Total Message Sent Amount
International Text 1 P 9.09
Account Owner Account Number Billing Period Page 3 of 3
Mr. Jevanni Rodriguez Alvero 1046801716 11/16/18 to 12/15/18

9173077392 (continued)
Total Message Sent Amount

LESS Consumable (P 2.68)

Total for International Text P 6.41

Overseas Communication Tax P 0.64

Total Text Messages P 6.41


Local Data
Browsing Charges (MB)
Total Volume Amount
Browsing Charges (MB) 18,030.42 MB P 6,967.78

LESS Free Allowance 4,003.20 MB (P 6,967.78)

Total for Browsing Charges (MB) P 0.00

Total for Local Data P 0.00