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Herbal Treatment of Disease: Pediatrics

Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications
Abdominal pain & distention, relieved by diarrhea; sour Eliminate Food yu Bao He wan Obvious abdominal
foul smelling stools, bad breath, acid eructation, possible food yu, lift pain/distention: Mu xiang
vomiting, no want for food/milk, restless sleep, possible clear qi to Hou po
night crying stop
T: thick, slimy or slightly yellow fur diarrhea Vomiting: Sheng
P: slippery or sluggish purplish vein at wind bar jiang
Somber white facial complexion, lassitude of spirit, chilled Expel WC, Wind Cold Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San Severe int cold: Gan jiang
limbs, abdominal pain, intestinal noises, clear watery warm MJ to
stools w/foul odor, possible aversion to cold w/fever stop Food yu: Shan zha
T: thin white or white slimy fur diarrhea
P: floating tight pulse
Watery, thin stools w/deep yellow color & foul odor, Clear heat, Damp Heat Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang H > D: Hua shi
possibly explosive discharge, redness/burning around eliminate Jin yin hua
anus, occ abdominal pain, lessened desire for food, poss damp to Lian qiao
nausea, poss fever, thirst, small yellow urine, fatigue stop D > H: Yi yi ren
T: red w/ yellow coat diarrhea Fu ling
P: slippery rapid Che qian zi
Enduring diarrhea which doesn’t heal, loose stools, Tonify SP qi, SP Xu Shen Ling Bai Zhu San Severe SP damp w/ Huo xiang
undigested water/grains, diarrhea after eating, light lift qi to stop greasy coat: Pei lan
colored stools w/no foul odor, sallow yellow facial diarrhea
complexion, emaciated, thin muscles/flesh, lassitude of Poor appetite: Shen qu
spirit, listlessness Mai ya
T: pale w/thin white fur Abd distention: Hou po
P: slow slippery pulse, blue vein at root of nose Mu xiang
Enduring diarrhea which won’t stop, severe will have anal Tonify SP, SP/KI yang 1. Fu Zi LI Zhong Tang Prolapsed rectum: Huang qi
prolapse, diarrhea after eating, clear watery stools w/ warm KI, xu 2. Si Shen Wan Sheng ma
undigested food, cold body/chilled limbs, somber white consolidate 3. or 1+2 Long term
facial complexion, lassitude of essence spirit to stop unstoppable He zi
T: pale w/white coat diarrhea diarrhea: Chi shi zhi
P: deep thin or blue vein at root of nose Yu yu liang
Enduring diarrhea that damages yin fluids, lassitude of Astringe yin Damaged yin Ren Shen Wu Mei Tang Long term Shan zha
spirit essence, vexation/agitation, dry parched skin, by applying fluid unstoppable tan
sunken eyes/fontanel, yellow water diarrhea, short scanty sour & diarrhea: Chi shi zhi
urination, dry mouth, red lips sweet flavor Yu yu liang
T: crimson tongue, dry Thirst w/desire for Shi hu
P: thin, hollow water: Yu zhu
Enduring severe diarrhea that damages yang qi, watery Warm yang Damaged Shen Fu Long Mu Jiu Ni Tang
stools, frequent BM, lassitude of spirit essence, pale or to rescue yang
greenish gray complexion, weak breath, cold spontaneous from
sweat collapse
T: pale w/ white coat
P: deep, minute pulse

Compiled by Louise Lacoste. Taken from Dr. Violet Song’s notes on Pediatric Herbal Treatment of Disease (Winter 2011—AOMA)
Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications

Night time enuresis (1-2x/night or more), frequent clear Warm & KI qi 1.Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan Fatigue, poor app, Fu ling
urination, pale face, low back/knee soreness/weakness, supplement deconsolidation 2.Sang Piao Xiao San loose stools: Dang shen
possible chilled limbs w/fear of cold KI yang, 3.Suo Quan Wan Bai zhu
T: pale w/thin white coat secure & Shan zha
P: deep, thin, forceless astringe Poor IQ: Ren shen
urine Shi chang
Yuan zhi
Night time enuresis, SOB, dislike speaking, lassitude of Bank origin, SP/LU qi xu Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang Spontaneous sweat: Duan mu li
spirit, lack of strength, somber white facial complexion, boost qi, Wu wei zi
devitalized appetite, loose stools, spontaneous sweat secure & Obese d/t phlegm Qing shu
T: pale w/white fur astringe acc: Shan zha
P: thin, forceless urination Ban xia
Leakage of small amounts of urine that is fourl smelling Drain LV, LV Channel Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Poor sleep: Huang lian
and yellow, emotional tension/agitation, sleep talking, clear heat Damp Heat Zhu ye
bruxism during sleep, red lips Lian qiao
T: red w/yellow or yellow greasy coat Severe smelling
P: wiry rapid pulse urine/ yellow greasy Huang bai
coat: Hua shi

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications

Uncontrollable fidgeting, emotional tension, angers easily, Fortify SP, SP Xu, LV Yi Gan San
poor sleep, fatigue, diminished appetite, easily develops harmonize hyperactivity
diarrhea in response to stress LV
T: thin white coat
P: wiry
Sallow or somber white facial complexion, pale nails & Tonify SP, HT/SP Gui Pi Tang
lips, fatigue, insomnia, HT palpitations, SOB, poor supplement insufficiency
appetite, tends to have loose stools, poor memory HT and qi,
T: fat, pale tongue w/thin white fur nourish
P: thin, weak pulse blood
Tends to be thin, insomnia, heart palpitations, agitation, Supplement Yin Xu, yang 1.Zuo Gui Wan
dizzy, tinnitus, low back pain, possible bed wetting, KI, enrich hyperactivity 2.Sheng Mai San
flushed cheeks, possible night sweats yin, subdue
T: red w/diminished fur or pale w/red tip yang, quiet
P: fine, rapid spirit
Easily angers, irritable, vexation, restlessness, possible N Remove Phlegm Huang Lian Wen Dan Tang
and profuse phlegm, chest fullness/oppression, bitter heat confounding HT
taste in mouth upon waking phlegm, portals, heat
T: red edges, slimy yellow fur calm shen harassing HT
P: wiry, slippery, rapid pulse spirit
Hyperactive plus history of birth trauma w/ intracranial Quicken Blood stasis Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
hemorrhage, dull dark facial complexion, easily angered blood, dispel obstructing
over nothing stasis channels,
T: dark red tongue malnourishment
P: choppy pulse of portals

Compiled by Louise Lacoste. Taken from Dr. Violet Song’s notes on Pediatric Herbal Treatment of Disease (Winter 2011—AOMA)
Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications
Frequent cough w/ heavy sound, itchy throat, thin white Expel wind Wind Cold Jing Fang Bai Du San Cough w/ lg amt phlegm: Hou po
phlegm, runny and congested nose, aversion to cold w/o cold, disperse Cough Cang zhu
perspiration, or fever w/ body pain LU to stop
T: light red tongue w/thin white coat cough Severe cold: Ma huang
P: floating tight pulse; floating red finger vessel
Cough w/sticky yellow phlegm or phlegm that is difficult to Expel wind Wind Heat Sang Ju Yin Severe LU heat w/ sticky Huang qin
cough out, thirst & sore throat, turbid snot, or w/ fever & cold, clear Cough yellow coat: Zhi mu
HA, aversion to wind, sweating heat, disperse Yu xing cao
T: red tongue w/ thin yellow coat LU, resolve Severe ST heat w/ heavy Shi gao
P: floating rapid pulse; floating purple finger vessel phlegm breathe, severe thirst: Tian hua fen
Red swollen tonsils: Niu bang zi
She gan
Xuan shen
Ban lan gen
Severe cough w/lots of Zhi bei mu
phlegm: Ting li zi
Cough w/ large amount of phlegm or cough w/ retching, Clear/disperse Damp Heat Shang Jiao Xuan Bi Tang Severe damp: Ban xia
epigastric distention, poor appetite, turbid thick snot, LU, resolve Cough
afternoon fever, disease lingers phl, eliminate Severe heat: Huang qin
T: red w/ thick greasy or greasy yellow coat dampness
P: slippery & rapid; purplish sluggish finger vessel
Cough w/ thick sticky yellow phlegm, difficult to cough Clear LU heat, Phlegm Heat Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan Profuse phlegm & fast Yu xing cao
out, red face/lips, bitter taste in mouth, thirst, fever, dry resolve Cough breathing: Sang bai pi
stools, concentrated urine phlegm Sticky phlegm that is hard Reduce ban
T: red w/greasy yellow coat to cough out: xia
P: slippery & rapid, purple finger vessel Add qing dai,
hai ge fen,
sha shen
Cough w/ large amount of white watery phlegm, chest Dry damp, Phlegm Damp 1.Liu An Jian w/ oppressed chest: Su geng
oppression and poor appetite, fatigue, lassitude resolve Cough 2. Er Chen Tang Zhi ke
T: light red tongue w/ white greasy coat phlegm w/food yu: Shen qu
P: slippery Mai ya
Shan zha
Lai fu zi
Non productive cough or w/little sticky phlegm that is Moisten LU Dry cough d/t Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang Yin xu: Xuan shen
difficult to cough out, thirst, dry throat, hoarse voice, yin yin xu Sheng di
feverish palms or phlegm w/blood, afternoon fever, night Severe cough: Chuan bei mu
sweating Zhi pi pa ye
T: red tongue w/ lack of coat Zhi bai bu
P: thin rapid Blood in phlegm: Bai maio gen
Ou jie
Ce bai ye
E jiao
Tidal fever/night sweat: Yin chai hu
Bie jia
Qing hao
Di gu pi
Reoccurring cough, cough w/o strength, watery white Invigorate SP Chronic cough Lui Jun Zi Tang Qi & yin xu: Sheng mai
phlegm, pale white face, SOB w/ dislike talking, low weak to tonify qi d/t LU qi xu san
voice, prefer warm w/aversion to cold, spontaneous sweat and to stop Long term cough: Wu mei
w/aversion to wind cough He zi
T: pale tongue w/ teeth marks Wu wei zi
P: thin, weak
Compiled by Louise Lacoste. Taken from Dr. Violet Song’s notes on Pediatric Herbal Treatment of Disease (Winter 2011—AOMA)
Acute Attack: Asthma
Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications
Cough, panting, & wheezing, thick yellow colored phlegm, Clear LU, Hot asthma 1. Ding Chuan Tang Severe heat: Yu xing cao
fever, red face, stuffy oppressed feeling in chest, thirst transform 2. Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang
w/desire to drink, reddish yellow urine, dry stools or phlegm, Lots of phlegm: Zhu li
constipation stabilize
T: red w/ yellow coat asthma Constipation: Guan gua lou
P: slippery, rapid Da huang
Cough w/rapid breathing, sound of phlegm rattling in Warm LU, Cold asthma 1. Xiao Qing Long Tang
throat, cough w/ clear watery white colored phlegm, cold transform 2.She Gan Ma Huang Tang
body w/ no sweat, dull lusterless stagnant facial phlegm,
complexion (could be blue green), cold limbs, not thirst stabilize
or thirst w/desire for warm drink only asthma
T: white greasy coat
P: floating, slippery
Fast wheezing cough w/ phlegm sound in throat, stuffy Relieve Exterior cold, Da Qing Long Tang Severe heat: Huang qin
nose & sneezing, runny nose w/ watery snot or aversion exterior, Interior heat A lot of phlegm: Ban xia
to cold, hot sensation, yellow sticky phlegm, thirst, dry clear interior Chen pi
stools, yellow urine to arrest Su zi
asthma Bai jie zi
Ting li zi
Severe dyspnea: Di long
Heat phlegm: Dai ge san
Zhu li
Long term asthma, wheezing w/fullness in chest, worse Purge LU, LU shi, KI xu 1. Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang Dyspnea w/heavy Wu wei zi
after activity, lusterless complexion, aversion to cold and tonify KI, 2.She Gan Ma Huang Tang sweat: Huang qi
cold limbs, fatigue, poor appetite, watery urine w/ large consider 3.Du Qi Wan Fu xiao mai
amount, usu w/ cough & phlegm in throat biao and ben
T: pale w/ thin white coat
P: thin, weak

Remission Stage: Asthma

Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications
Dull white or somber facial complexion, SOB and dislike Tonify LU, LU qi xu Yu Ping Feng San Heavy sweat: Duan long gu
speaking, soft low voice, fatigue, lack of strength, secure the Mu li
spontaneous sweat or w/slight activity, fear of chill, cold defensive Fu xiao mai
limbs Thirst, 5 palm Sha shen
T: pale w/thin white coat fever, red peeling Mai dong
P: thin, weak tongue: Wu wei zi
Cough w/profuse phlegm, diminished appetite, full feeling Tonify SP qi, SP qi xu Liu Jun Zi Tang Loose stools: Mu xiang
in upper abdomen, yellow lusterless facial complexion, transform Sha ren
loose stools, emaciation, fatigue, lack of strenght phlegm Poor appetite: Jiao shan zha
T: pale w/scanty fur Shen qu
P: slow, forceless Chao gu ya
Chao mai ya
Somber dull white facial complexion, cold body and fear of Tonify KI, KI qi xu Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Yin & yang xu: Ren shen
chill, cold in lower extremities, lack of strength in lower secure root Ge jie
extremities, palpitations and rapid breathing on exertion, Xian ling pi
water loose stools, possible bed wetting Wu wei zi
T: pale w/white coat Red tongue Take out fu zi
P: deep, forceless w/peeling coat: & rou gui
Add wu wei zi
Night urine: Yi zhi ren
Tu si zi

Compiled by Louise Lacoste. Taken from Dr. Violet Song’s notes on Pediatric Herbal Treatment of Disease (Winter 2011—AOMA)
Lack of Appetite
Symptoms Therapy Differentiation Formula Modifications
Poor appetite, not thought for food or drink, no taste in Invigorate Irregularity of 1.Tiao Pi San Severe abdominal Mu xiang
eating or drinking, refusal to eat/drink, eating can cause SP, Regulate SP/ST 2.Bu Huan Jin Zheng Qi San distension: Lai fu zi
epigastric & abdominal distension, lusterless facial ST
complexion, thin body Yellow greasy Huo xiang
T: thin white or greasy thin white coat coat: Yi yi ren
P: slippery; purplish engorged vein at wind bar
Unwilling to eat, eat w/o delicious feeling, eat little, thin Invigorate SP/ST Xu 1.Shen Ling Bai Zhu San Abdominal Take out gan
body form, pale complexion, lassitude or loose stools SP, tonify qi 2.Yi Gong San distention: cao
w/undigested food Add mu
T: pale w/thin white coat xiang, xiang
P: forceless; visible blue vein at root of nose fu
Spontaneous Huang qi
sweat: Fang feng
Duan mu li
Dry mouth and tends to drink lots yet no desire to eat Nourish SP/ST yin xu Yang Wei Zeng Ye Tang SP qi xu: Shan yao
food, dry skin, dry stools SP/ST Bian dou
T: mirror like or shiny w/peeled fur & red w/scanty coat Thirst: Lu gen
and scanty fluids Tian hua fen
P: thin, rapid Constipation: Huo ma ren
Gua lou ren

Compiled by Louise Lacoste. Taken from Dr. Violet Song’s notes on Pediatric Herbal Treatment of Disease (Winter 2011—AOMA)