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SECTION 1: Background of the Firm
SECTION 2: Expertise of Firm
SECTION 3: History of work carried out so far
SECTION 4: Methodology of conducting the assignment
SECTION 5: Resumes of proposed staff
SECTION 6: Proposed level of efforts
SECTION 7: Eligibility criteria
SECTION 8: PEST Analysis
SECTION 10: SWOT Analysis

The Firm comprises of group of dedicated young talented professionals.

The firm has requisite multi-disciplinary skills and has assembled a team of accounting, auditing,
technical and financial experts. It has involved persons who are capable of performing tasks
Ghazanfar Nauman & Company (gn) (Chartered Accountants) is a firm registered under Institute
of Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961, providing services of all kinds of audit, accounting,
taxation, management consulting and other related services to the public and private sector
organizations in the country. Expeditiously, having unique combination of knowledge and

Our brand is being Customer Focused; we are well connected with experts and partner
organizations, leading our clients to success. The excellence of our firm is associated with every
assignment and compromise lies nowhere in delivering quality.

At GN & Co. we understand that customers are sensitive to their business that’s why we facilitate
companies and individuals to refine their ideas, develop longer term solutions and guide in
achieving sustainable results. Our services are aimed at enabling clients achieving their strategic

GN & Co. helps businesses and individuals overcome risks and achieve goals. We are global
customer partners consisting of cohesive divisions our professionals have years of experience of
advising clients. Our unique expertise and sophisticated services offerings enable us to
collaborate with clients across the globe in developing creative, custom solutions that address
their business and personal objectives.

We draw our strength from our professionals, whose collective experience, intelligence,
creativity and professional training places them at the top of their fields. Our team includes
chartered accountants, cost & management accountants and financial management
professionals. These diverse skills set allow us to initiate each engagement with a fresh
perspective and custom approach, resulting in innovative ideas and solutions for our clients.

We, at GN & Co. have the requisite human resources and technical know-how to undertake the
assignments in a professional manner and deliver the desired results to the satisfaction of the

We enjoy excellent professional relations with all the concerned government and autonomous
Authorities including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and Securities
and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) etc.
Islamabad is the hub of all the firm’s activities and the Partner in charge of the Islamabad office
is a thorough professional with more than 15 years of professional experience to his credit. His
brief profile is also included in this proposal.

The Firm is now a large and well-respected organization with around over 40 staff members (
office in Pakistan). Its experienced partners are assisted by a strong team of committed staff
members, a high proportion of who have professional qualifications. Given our commitment to
training and teamwork, we are confident that the number of professionally qualified staff will
continue to rise.

Our organization, in which accountants, tax advisers, lawyers and management consultants work
closely together, is large enough to provide the optimum advice, yet small enough to ensure
personal attention. The knowledge and expertise of our partners and senior staff enable us to
bring depth of knowledge and professionalism to fulfil client needs ranging from assistance on
small, specific projects to our involvement in major, long-term negotiations and consultancy, thus
providing a full spectrum of quality services to all our clients.

We, at Ghazanfar Nauman & Co., believe that personal service and the development of long-term
relationship is the key to successfully understanding clients’ problems and finding their solutions.
The Firm has prospered by offering clients comprehensive financial services and personal
attention and thus has also passed the benefit to the Clients in form of their reduced
administrative costs and efforts. To ensure quality service, open communication and personal
attention, our dedicated staff members always have overall management responsibility for each
client matter. We also strive to develop close working relationship with our clients’ accounting,
banking, investment and insurance professionals. By remaining current with the business trends
of our clients’ various enterprises, we are able to establish mutual confidence and respect.
Our professional staff participates actively in the community and serves as lecturer to various
national and multinational organizations and universities.
Firm’s Employed Professionals:

Our vision is never hampered by lack of talent through increasing the breadth, depth and diversity
of our global talent pool. Our strength is derived from our people and we make sure that our
human resources are capable, flexible and allocated in a cost-effective manner. The Firm is
fortunate in having a substantial knowledge pool from which it can draw. Our professional team
is a unique combination of Chartered Accountants, Public Accountants, MBAs, Cost &
Management Accountants, graduates and masters-in-commerce, dedicated in providing the very
best service to our worthy clients.

Composition of our human resources is as follows:

Partners 02
Directors 03
Senior Managers 02
Managers 03
Seniors 05
Semi-Seniors 10
Support Staff 10

Total 35


External Audits are conducted in accordance with the applicable international standards on
auditing. Our professional approach to auditing involves strict quality control that means
maintaining highest standards of profession, adopting modern audit techniques and complete
independence. Our examination and review of financial statements often results in valuable
recommendations and advice to our clients on the adequacy of internal controls, company’s
operations and management. We also ensure that such recommendations are conveyed to the
management in time to bring efficiency and improvement in the administrative and accounting

We follow a risk-based audit approach instead of traditional audit approach. The risk-based audit
approach focuses the processes and operational issues and a prospective approach.

During the financial audit, our emphasis shall be the evaluation of the systems, procedures and
practices from which the data is being generated, the quality, security, accessibility, reliability,
accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the data and its relevance, timely availability and
utility to the management. We shall have a detailed insight of the policies, rules and guidelines
governing the whole set of activities and identify room for improvements. Also, we shall interpret
the data to evaluate the financial aspect of the activities being carried out and compare the
performance/efficiency achieved by the rules, policies, practices, procedures and guidelines set
as benchmark/ standard.

It is pertinent to mention here that assistance in the preparation of accounts does not form part
of the audit function. The preparation of the books of accounts and preparation of financial
statements therefrom is solely a management function. If, in particular circumstances,
management of company/ organization require any assistance in this respect, we shall be pleased
to provide assistance.

However, assistance in the maintenance of books of accounts or compliance with any special
reporting requirements are separate and distinct assignments and do not fall within the
parameters of financial audit.

Management of the organizations usually plans to conduct an internal audit to get reviewed its
financial statements, books of accounts, performance, employments rules and internal control
systems from a Firm of Chartered Accountants and to asses;

1. That, the expenditures incurred during the period are bonafide and for the purpose of the
organization’s business;

2. That, the expenditure incurred and income accrued during the audit period is properly
recorded in the books of accounts;

3. That, financial powers exercised were in accordance with the settled rules and regulations
which were approved from time to time for the betterment of financial operations.

4. Review of performance of functional committees in accordance with their scope of work.

5. To maintain a comprehensive check on payments against expenditures.

6. To ensure that, payments against every expenditure has been made after proper input
from the concerned functional committees.

7. To ensure that the payments have been made against genuine expenditures and are well
supported with evidences.

8. To ensure, that payments have been made through banking channel, except under
specific circumstances.

9. To report management regarding the financial discrepancies and their remedial measures
on monthly basis.

10. That, expenditures have been incurred in accordance with the budgetary provisions of
organization and the management has not wrongly exercised his financial discretion.

11. Any, other matter which the management deem necessary consequent to the aforesaid

The Review is carried out in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and the relative
laws and regulations and includes such examination of internal controls as deemed necessary
under the circumstances.

As regarding corporate services, at Ghazanfar Nauman & Co., following corporate services are
being provided comprising following:

 Incorporation of companies;
 Registration of partnerships;
 Dealing with the notices issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
 Renewal of the licences of the companies and other corporate bodies;
 Submission of the sales tax returns and other statutory requirements of Form A and Form


We have expertise in providing services for the maintenance of payroll. In this connection, the
following tasks the part of our scope of work:

 Computation of salaries payable to employees in accordance with the local laws;

 Computation of income tax on salaries payable to employees in accordance with Income

Tax Ordinance, 2001.

 Obtainment of Tax Number of employees.

 Preparation, filing and processing of monthly and annual tax withholding statements as
required by the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.


We provide an unusually wide range of management consultancy and advisory services which
goes beyond that offered by a traditional firm of accountants. Our partners and staff come from
a variety of financial and business backgrounds. We believe in using our experience and skills to
provide our clients with advice of the highest quality. Professional training for our staff helps to
ensure that clients receive advice that matches their objectives.

Our management consultancy and advisory services business is large enough to cater the needs
of big corporate as well as compact to the needs of individuals. Whilst our clients come from
many industries, we are well known for our work in development financial institutions,
manufacturing concerns, educational institutions and entities engage in social sector &
development programmes.

Our work philosophy is to provide quality services with complete solution. The same reflect in
our work plan and execution methodology of each assignment. For instance, during audits, in
addition to audit work we also tender advice on business strategies, operating procedures &
policies, information systems, technology issues and human resource management.


We have expertise in providing services for bookkeeping, maintenance of accounts and

preparation of monthly budgets to facilitate the management to release funds for expenditures
on monthly basis.

We depute an account assistant from our office and he is responsible for the following

 Maintenance of financial record.

 Recording of transactions on vouchers in accordance with the nature of transaction.

 Obtainment of approval of transaction from the concerned authority (if required).

 Recording of transactions on books of accounts on weekly basis and it will be ensured

that accounting entries will be completed on accounting software on weekly basis.

 Preparation of monthly budgets to facilitate the management to release funds for future

 Preparation of monthly financial reports, which includes the following detail:

 Statement of Financial Position

 Statement of financial performance
 Statement of Cash Flow
 Notes to the accounts and adopted accounting policies
 Detail/aging of debtors and creditors
 Reconciliation of back statements


Due to our extensive experience in financial investigations and objective reporting, we have
been many times entrusted both by our clients and other organisations for detailed
investigation and special audit assignments to unearth the embezzlements and frauds etc.,
which we have completed very successfully.

The services in this area include special audit of receipts, expenses and inquiry into suspected
fraud, assessment of credit-worthiness, verification of fixed assets, inventories, investments and
advances made. We also prepare special reports for inclusion in company annual accounts and

The Firm’s range of services includes:

 Transaction Advisory Services;

 Management Consulting including surveys, market research, market reports, policy manuals,
 Acquisitions, Mergers and Takeovers;
 Financial Advisory Services;
 Joint Venture arrangements;
 Corporate Affairs Consulting including Corporate Finance;
 Divestment (including assistance to facilitate the Offer to Public for Sale of Shares);
 Evaluations and Breakup Value calculations;
 Audit and Assurance Services, including special audits, internal audits and investigations;
 Accounting;
 Pre-Award Assessments:
 Validation:
 Capacity Building;
 Asset Valuation;
 Physical verification of Fixed Assets;
 Restructuring, Revaluation and Privatization;
 Human Resource;
 Risk management, including internal audit;
 Investment promotion;
 Pre-investment reviews;
 Taxation, including Income tax, Sales Tax, Capital Value Tax, Customs and Excise, etc;
 Information Technology, including Management Information System, Electronic Data
Processing and customization;
 Cost Audits;
 Rendering assistance to private, public and other organizations all over Pakistan;
 Conducting different Management Training Programs;
 Due Diligence.

At Ghazanfar Nauman & Co., besides personal experiences of proprietor and directors, the firm
has successfully executed the following tasks up to the highest standards:


 Oil and Gas Services (Private.) Ltd., Islamabad - Provides educational services to
labour and staff of companies involved drilling operations. Also, supplies
equipment required for drilling operations.
o The firm has provided bookkeeping services, corporate services and tax
consultancy to the client.
 Cholistan Association for Uplifting of Special Education, Bahawalpur - a non-profit
organization primarily funded by army establishment for welfare of special
children and women.
o The firm prepared and certified financial statements.
 Media Dreams (Private.) Ltd., Islamabad - Provides consultancy services in the
field of advertisement and advertisement tax collection at provincial level.
o The firm prepared and certified financial statements and helped the client
in availing non-funded finance facility from bank.
 Model City Housing Project, Haripur - Deals in sale of plots in a developed and
controlled area like any other housing society.
o The firm has verified the books of accounts as far as receivables were
 Quest Edutainment (Private.) Ltd., Islamabad - Deals in providing educational
services, day care services by blending the factors of entertainment.
o The firm has been appointed to conduct financial audit.
 Sobia’s Salon and Studio, Islamabad - Involved in bridal and party makeovers, etc.
o The firm is serving as internal auditors and is involved in MIS reporting. We
have been appointed to development and design the system of accounting
and bookkeeping.
o The firm was also appointed as bookkeeper and accountant at the
 Danas Pharmaceuticals (Private.) Ltd., Islamabad - Manufactures of medicines.
o The firm has been appointed to handle corporate matters and financial
accounting matters.

o The firm prepared financial statements of the entity.

o The firm served as internal auditor of the company
 Florence Pharmaceuticals (Private.) Ltd., Islamabad - Medicines manufacturers.
o The firm was appointed to give consultancy on corporate, tax and
accounting matters.
 Amitiel Welfare Society, Bahawalpur - a non-profit organization working for
prevention of blood transfusion infections and others.
o The firm prepared the financial statements for the year ended June 30,

 Islamabad Cargo, Islamabad - involved in providing cargo services at airports, etc.

o The firm prepared the financial statements for the year ended June 30,
 Cholistan Development Council, Bahawalpur - a non-profit organization having
main purpose to spread love and serve humanity and to developed and moderate
society in and around Cholistan.
o The firm audited income and expenditure statement for the year ended
June 30, 2012.
 NFRD Builders and Developers (Private.) Ltd., Rawalpindi - a project of Housing
Directorate GHQ, involved in construction business.
o The firm prepared an MS Excel based utility that connects with QuickBooks
data and formats it as required by the client for voucher printing and
reporting purposes. QuickBooks gives no option to the user to print
customized voucher or even print the payment vouchers.
 National Autos Petrol Pump, Bahawalpur - a retailer of different kinds of engine
o The firm prepared a statement of assets and liabilities for the client.
 Andaaz Restaurant, Said Pur Village - a food retailer organization
o The firm conducted internal audit of income and expenses and gave our
opinion based on our findings and also suggested improvements in our
o The firm was appointed for development and design of accounting system,
policies and procedures at the organization. Our duty will include regular
internal audits and MIS design for management reporting.
o The firm was also responsible for training of accounting staff.


At Ghazanfar Nauman & Co., the taxation director, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed has been providing
taxation services having an experience of more than a decade in the Pakistani Tax Laws
covering following areas of services:

 Preparation, filing and follow-up of the income tax returns for companies and
 Preparation of replies as regarding notices issued at various jurisdiction levels
comprising Income Tax Appellate Forums, Appellate Forums and other statutory
forums regarding the corporate affairs;
 Dealing with the total audit cases and executing taxation audits as well.

The list of clients to whom successful and satisfactory taxation services are being provided
at Ghazanfar Nauman & Co. comprises the following:

 Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation;

 Khushhal Feed and Farms (Private) Limited;
 Ingram Micro Pakistan (Private) Limited;
 Dar International (Private) Limited;
 Rawalpindi Nissan Motors;
 Touchstone Communications Pakistan (Private) Limited;
 Sachal Group of Companies;
 Solution for Information age (Private) Limited;
 Vase Technologies (Private) Limited;
 Afzal corporation;
 United Travels Islamabad (Private) Limited;
 Hamdani Enterprises and Development (Private) Limited;
 Hanns Seidal Foundation;
 OGDCL Employee Cooperative Housing Society;
 PFL (Private) Limited;
 City Electronics;
 Ad innovation (Private) Limited;
 Tolo Travel and Tours (Private) Limited;
 Hanns Air;
 Iqbal Agro Corporation;
 HM Trades.
In addition to above, various individuals have been provided services in respect of income
tax returns and departmental notices compliance. The number of individuals dealt so far
enumerate more than 250 individuals.

Our assignment will be carried out in accordance with the objective and scope given in the
Terms of Reference (TOR) of Khwendo Kor (KK).


The approach is designed to gather evidence to support the audit opinion in the most efficient
and effective way. It consists of 4 stages:

 Information gathering,
 Planning,
 Execution and
 Reporting.

Information Gathering

We require information regarding the Organization under pre-audit and its activities.
There should be a description of the nature and the location of all records belonging to the

Full and complete access at any time during our field work to all records and documents
(including books of account, legal agreements, bank records, invoices and contracts etc.).

Right of access to banks, consultants, contractors and other persons or Firms engaged by the
Organization management for the purposes of this assignment.

We will gather information mainly related to following areas:

• Human resources
• Finance
• Procurement
• Asset Management
• Cash Management
• General Administration
• Information System
• Follow ups (on prior audit observations)

In the light of the information gathered and the Terms of Reference (TOR) provided by KK, we
shall plan for the successful discharge of our assignment keeping in view:

• The state of completeness of the accounting record underlying each assumption;

• Our understanding of the accounting and internal control systems employed by the
• Our reliance on the internal control system;
• Estimation of materiality and risk;
• Specific requirements of assignment

We will examine the fund accountability statement for programs including the budgeted
amounts by category and major items; the revenues received for the period covered by the audit;
the costs reported by the recipient as incurred during that period; and the commodities directly
procured by the recipient’s uses.

The assessment and financial audit comprises of:

• Verification of financial data and,

• Evaluation of internal control system, rules, regulations, policies and procedures and
comparison of these with the current practices and performance.

1. To achieve the objectives of audit during execution phase we will proceed as follows:

• Tests of control, which include procedures to examine the design and continued
implementation of the accounting and internal control systems.
• We will conduct a general assessment of internal controls according to established
internal control standards.
• In order to address the objectives, we will develop criteria against which
observations, assessments and conclusions will be drawn.
• Towards producing observations, assessments and conclusions to meet the
criteria and to gather the proper evidence.

2. During execution phase, we will also focus on some additional requirements to ensure

• Organization internal control structure, assess control risks, and identify

exceptions, including material internal control structure weaknesses.
• Funds have been accounted for in accordance to generally accepted accounting
principles and in line with approved contracts.
• Identification of question cost
• Identify the risk points so that these are monitored and assessed on a regular basis
and supported by sound financial management practices.
• Financial control framework applies sound judgment in the approval of
expenditure and there are adequate regulatory checks and balances.
• Identify corrective actions undertaken on prior audit observations.
• Expenditure reports, forms, guidelines, and all other financial and accounting
documents are provided in ways that are conducive to their use in the financial
accountability and decision making-process.
3. We will review, check and examine the books and records maintained by the Project and
to report on the truth and fairness of the report prepared there from. It would include
examining evidence;

• supporting the amounts and

• disclosures and
• assessing the accounting principles used and
• significant estimates made by management,
• as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements.

4. Examination and review of expenditure, payments, advances and all related supporting
financial and other documentation vis-à-vis objectives achieved/ outputs delivered, with
additional emphasis on the following areas:

• Recruitment process (e.g., advertisements, interviews, approvals, nationality

determination, applicability of allowances etc.) of staff;
• Staffing (staffing levels, salary charges, overtime, fringe benefits);
• Compliance with travel regulations and procedures (travel, transportation,
accommodation charges);
• Procurement systems – as per applicable SOPs;
• Short term technical assistance and services;
• Obtain confirmations from independent third parties, if necessary;
• Check compliance with the agreement terms, applicable laws and regulations and
internal control procedures;
• Perform unexpected cash count in the local office and review relevant accounting
books for cash balance;
• Obtain specific representations from the management concerning its knowledge
of any actual fraud or suspected fraud affecting the entity, involving management
or others and potentially having a material effect on financial reports

5. The following key areas will also be covered during the audit:

• Evaluate the financial data collection process. Was the data collection process
sufficient to report on financial operations?
• Verify information provided in financial reports.
• Verify expenditures claimed on vouchers. Does voucher information match what
was spent at project sites?
• Verify that whether any corrective actions have been taken on prior audit

The above may not be all-inclusive or restrictive in nature.

Reporting Deliverables

As per approved statement of work, we will provide consolidated audit report on:

1. Financial Reporting Statements in compliance with International Accounting Standards.

2. Recipients’s Internal Controls.
3. Recipient's compliance with agreement terms and applicable laws and regulations related
Donors Programs
4. Recipients’s corrective actions on the prior audit recommendations


We wish to emphasize that Ghazanfar Nauman and Co. Chartered Accountants is aware of the
requirements of Standard Statement of Work for Financial Audits of Non-US Organizations
Contracted by the Recipient and have conducted various assignments under its ambit.



Position for this contract: Partner In-Charge
Nationality: Pakistan
Contact Information:
Countries of Work Experience: Pakistan
Language Skills: English: Excellent
Urdu: Excellent
Educational and other Qualifications: FCA, PIPFA, M. Com, B. Com
Summary of Experience: He is presently a Fellow member of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Since 2001, he has
executed numerous audit and assurance engagements
on account of NGOs and limited liability companies. He
has diversified expertise in the field of management
consultancy including but not limiting to internal audits,
system design and remodelling, performance audits and
business analysis. Besides, he has experience of tax and
corporate affairs.



Position for this contract: PARTNER & Director- Review & Quality Control
Nationality: Pakistan
Contact Information:
Countries of Work Experience: Pakistan, Afghanistan
Language Skills: English: Excellent
Urdu: Excellent
Educational and other Qualifications: FCA, M. Com, B. Com
Summary of Experience: A Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Pakistan having more than 10 years’
experience of Audit and Assurance services. He has
executed numerous assurance engagements and has
diversified expertise in the fields of assurance services
and management consulting, while specifically focusing
on feasibility studies and business analysis.


Position for this contract: Director Taxation
Nationality: Pakistan
Contact Information:
Countries of Work Experience: Pakistan,
Language Skills: English: Excellent
Urdu: Excellent
Educational and other Qualifications: ITP,
Summary of Experience: Mr. Shakeel being Director is engaged in the business of
providing tax and financial advisory services since 2001.
He served on several managerial positions and built up
rich experience of dealing with national and
multinational clients on matters pertaining to Income
Tax, Sales Tax (VAT), payroll taxation for resident and
non-resident employees, investment policies,
repatriation of investments and local earnings, foreign
exchange regulations, computation of tax impact for
non-residents with regard to treaties for avoidance of
double taxation. Further, he is involved in formation of
corporate bodies including foreign principles either as
branches or as separate entities and representations
before different officials of Securities and Exchange
Commission of Pakistan. Also, he has been involved in
obtaining Tax Exemptions and renewals of exemptions
of NGOs from relevant authorities of Pakistan Centre for
Philanthropy (PCP) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).


Position for this contract: Manager Audit and Taxation
Nationality: Pakistan
Contact Information:
Countries of Work Experience: Pakistan, Afghanistan
Language Skills: English: Excellent
Urdu: Excellent
Pashto: Fluent
Educational and other Qualifications: CA inter-(2 Papers Left), CFA-PAK, CIA-PAK, B. Com
Summary of Experience: He has more than 2 years’ hands on experience in;
Planning and developing audit strategies and procedures
by performing risk assessments in response to clients’
business risks and financial risks. Understanding and
documenting the key business and financial processes of
the clients, testing of key controls over such processes
and highlighting the design and implementation
weaknesses embedded within these. Executing audit
procedures (including analytical reviews) in accordance
with ISAs.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the relevant personnel as mentioned above are attached at
Section 7.

Proposed team:

No. of
Resource Type Name
Partner In-charge 1 Ghazanfar Nauman – FCA
Director Quality
1 Shakeel Ahmed – ITP
Director Quality
1 Khurram Rashid Khanni

Manager Audit and Tax 1 Syed Monis Shah– C.A Inter, CIA- PAK, CFA- PAK, B. Com

Audit Associates 1 Shehryar Ahmed – M. Com, CA Training

Audit Associates 1 Aseem Zaheen – BBA (Hons)

Muhammad Umar 1 Shehryar Ahmed – M. Com, CA Training

Level of Effort:

Title Type of Services

Partner – In Charge  Planning, tracking the progress, review of work and report
 Entrance meeting with client.
 Suggestions for improving operational or administrative efficiency
or internal control, or control deficiencies that are not significant
 Full review monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
 Advice to the Project management.
Assignment Director  Field work Review & review monthly report-finalization.
 Fortnightly supervisory visits to the field office.
 Attend regular progress review meetings on quarterly basis or
earlier as may be requested by any stakeholder.
 Assist partner in-charge in planning the assignment & review
monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
 Report on major shortcomings/irregularities to the Project
Senior Audit  Application of checklists.
Associate  Thorough testing of records and supporting documents.
 Obtain confirmations from independent third parties, if necessary;
 Preparation of monthly reports.
 Ensure that all payments have been accounted for in accordance
with the rules and regulations and Activity Agreement and also
ensure application of the principle of financial propriety.
 Scrutinize/review all types of contracts i.e. civil works, services,
service agreements, equipment etc. to ensure payments are made
as per terms of the contract.
 Monitor and verify cost share per the activity agreement.
Work Plan for Audit

According to our audit approach and methodology, work will be completed in twenty (25)
working days; our timeline will be as follows:

Entrance meeting and completion of audit execution work 21

Submission of draft audit reports/managements 06
Submission of signed final audit reports 03

The estimated time required on each phase of the assignment is summarized as follows:
Field activities and Study Items:

Twenty (20) Days

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30
Brief meeting with KK
Study of project
documents and
Preliminary audit
Mobilization of audit
Performing audit
fieldwork including visits
of other cities/areas (if
Discussion with the
management for
resolution of audit
findings (if any)
Additional audit work for
resolution of findings
Submission of draft Audit
reports/ management
Submission of signed
final audit report
Ghazanfar Nauman & CO., Chartered Accountants is a registered Chartered Accountancy Firm of
reputable standing with documented credentials of conducting audit of comparable scale and

Documents for the above-mentioned criteria are attached.

PEST Analysis


Low and Order

Government stability

Increase Tax Rate


Inflation Rate



Population growth


Book Keeping
Online Registration
SWOT Analysis


Good Will:
The established reputation of a business regarded as a quantifiable asset and calculated as part
of its value when it is sold.

Loyal Employee:
Who are devoted to the success of their organization and believe that being an employee of this
organization is in their best interest. Not only do they plan to remain with the organization, but
they do not actively seek for alternative employment

Opportunities is a framework for identifying and analysing the internal and external factors that
can have an impact on the viability of a project, product, place or person.

Uses of latest technology & Technique:

When use the latest technology & technique to improving the organization work and save the

Qualified Chartered Accountants:

When hair the qualified chartered accountant he is properly manage the organization goal and
to archive the goal of organization.


Low no of employee
Description of the emotions, attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of employeesduring their
time in a workplace environment. ... Companies that maintainemployees who are dissatisfied
and negative about their work environment are said to have negative or low employee morale.
Poor marketing:

What makes a marketing effort good or bad is the extent to which it impacts the business results
of the company, product or service being marketed. It's that simple. Good marketing has a
positive effect on business results, and bad marketing has a negative effect or no effect on
business results
When light is go and system is off.


Creating a more customers

With these concepts in mind, think about ways you can improve customer value to grow your
business. Here are 5 steps you can take:

Step 1: Understand what drives value for your customers

Talk to them, survey them, and watch their actions and reactions. In short, capture data to
understand what is important to your customers and what opportunities you have to help them.

Step 2: Understand your value proposition

The value customers receive is equal to the benefits of a product or service minus its costs. What
value does your product or service create for them? What does it cost them–in terms of price
plus any ancillary costs of ownership or usage (e.g., how much of their time do they have to
devote to buying or using your product or service?)

Step 3: Identify the customers and segments where are you can create more value relative to

Different customers will have varying perceptions of your value relative to your competitors,
based on geographic proximity, for example, or a product attribute that one segment may find
particularly attractive.

Step 4: Create a win-win price

Set a price that makes it clear that customers are receiving value but also maximizes your “take.”
Satisfied customers that perceive a lot of value in your offering are usually willing to pay more,
while unsatisfied customers will leave, even at a low price. Using “cost-plus” pricing (i.e., pricing
at some fixed multiple of product costs) often results in giving away margin unnecessarily to some
customers while losing incremental profits from others.

Step 5: Focus investments on your most valuable customers

Disproportionately allocate your sales force, marketing dollars, and R&D investments toward the
customers and segments that you can best serve and will provide the greatest value in return.
Also, allocate your growth capital toward new products and solutions that serve your best
customers or can attract more customers that are similar to your best customers.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They are the source of current profits and the
foundation of future growth. These steps will help you find more ways to grow your business by
better serving your best customers.

Increase employee salary:

Salary increments are often expressed as a percentage of an employee’s overall base pay. An
increment usually represents a portion of what the employee earns per year. Employers use
increments to increase or decrease base salaries or to award bonuses

New rules and regulation:

Regulations are rules made by a government or other authority in order to control the way
something is done or the way people behave. Employers are using the new regulations to force
out people over 65.

Employee Loyalty:
When the employee has live the organization the organization can’t be manage the work than
client cannot satisfied.
Customer has live the organization:

When Organization can’t manage the work in proper form then client canceled the contract.

BCG Matric

BCG Matric
1.4 1.25
0.8 0.77



0.2 0.081
2016 2017
Omer Adil &Co. 0.97 1.25
Wasim Saddique &Co. 1.033 0.8
Ghazanfar Nauman 0.081 0.77

Omer Adil &Co. Wasim Saddique &Co. Ghazanfar Nauman