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Legal Forms and Writing f.

Certification Against Forum Shopping

Definition of Terms: Others:

1. Pleadings g. Professional Tax Receipt No.

h. IBP Official Receipt No.
Rule 6, Sec. 1. Pleadings defined — Pleadings are the i. Rolls of Attorney
written statements of the respective claims and defenses j. MCLE Certificate of Compliance or Certification
of the parties submitted to the court for appropriate k. Evidence of Competent identity in the jurat of
judgment. the pleading

2. Parts of Pleadings 3. Motion

a. Caption of the pleading – the part which Rule 15, Sec. 1. A motion is an application for relief other
contains the: than by a pleading
a. Name of the court
b. Title of the action 4. Jurisdiction
c. Docket number, if assigned
b. Title of the Action – Jurisdiction is the power and authority of the court to
hear, try and decide a case
a. Indicates the name of the parties
b. They shall ALL be named in the original 5. Venue
complaint or petition
c. In all subsequent pleadings, it shall be Venue is the place, or the geographical area in which a
sufficient if the name of the first party court with jurisdiction may hear and determine a case.
on each side be stated with
appropriate indication when there are 6. Complaint
other parties; and
d. Their respective participation in the Rule 6, Sec. 3. The complaint is the pleading alleging the
case shall be indicated plaintiff’s cause or causes of action

c. Body – the body of the pleading sets forth: 7. Petition –

a. its designation
b. the allegations of the party’s claims or Black’s. A written address, embodying an application or
defenses prayer from the person or persons preferring it, to the
c. the relief prayed for, and power, body, or person to whom it is presented, for the
d. the date of the pleading. exercise of his or their authority in the redress of some
d. Signature and Address – every pleading must be wrong, or the grant of some favor, privilege, or license
signed either by the party himself or by the
counsel representing him. asdhgjkasdhjkasd

Must state an address which should not be a

post office box

e. Verification – is a statement under oath. It

includes both the actual swearing to the truth of
the statements by the subscriber and also the
certification thereto by the notary or other
officer authorized to administer oath.