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January, 2007

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Table of Contents For January, 2007
1. I’m coming clean on Extraterrestrials ........................................................................................................... 1 2. "If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?" ............................................................... 1 3. D4rk Kn1ght's prophecy is coming true! ....................................................................................................... 1 4. Is This The Smoking Gun?? ......................................................................................................................... 2 5. New Hampshire man, Ed Brown, refuses to pay federal taxes - willing to fight for it. ...................................... 2 6. Quake Watch 2007 ....................................................................................................................................... 2 7. Have you ever thought that the year 2012 was disinfo & the real date is 2008 and what does it mean? .......... 3 8. To John Lear-Existence of the Dulce Facility ................................................................................................ 3 9. Possible Cancer Cure Found: $2 a Dose! ..................................................................................................... 3 10. The Coming Demise of American Militias ..................................................................................................... 4 11. Finally saw my first ufo / alien ....................................................................................................................... 7 12. The Disclosure Project -- Sergeant Clifford Earl Stone of the United States Army .......................................... 7 13. CIA Counterfeiting US Dollars ...................................................................................................................... 8 14. UFO Police FLIR footage ..............................................................................................................................8 15. Will Hillary Clinton Be The Next U.S. President? ........................................................................................... 8 16. Steven Greer at LA Conscious Life Expo ......................................................................................................9 17. Israel Plotting Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities ................................................................ 9 18. Muslim Cabbies Refuse Passengers With Alcohol Or Dogs ....................................................................... 10 19. Thousands of Birds Fall From Sky in Australia ........................................................................................... 10 20. U.S. Colonies on Moon,Mars,Venus+Aliens+911,Divided by NWO=Behold A Pale Horse Video by Bill Cooper ......................................................................................................................................................10 21. NASA's vision lost on Web generation ....................................................................................................... 10 22. Indonesian Flight Missing .......................................................................................................................... 11 23. Italy Calling For Universal Ban on Death Penalty ........................................................................................ 11 24. Armed Mexican Force overwhelms US Soldiers ......................................................................................... 12 25. Tests find traces of cocaine on banknotes ..................................................................................................12 26. The myth of successful armed resistance in the US in case of martial law .................................................. 12 27. Obama Submits For 2008 Presidential Bid ..................................................................................................13 28. Ahmadinejad Approval Rating On The Decline ........................................................................................... 14 29. China ASAT(Anti-Satelite device) Test? Troubling Debris ............................................................................14 30. The End Of The Printed Book? ................................................................................................................... 15 31. 81 yr old is visited by the Secret Service, after claiming "wrong person hung in Saddam's trial." ................. 15 32. Voices and sounds "in your head" could be real ......................................................................................... 16 33. To Spank Or Not To Spank ......................................................................................................................... 16 34. 'Hound Dog' - the film depicting the rape of a 12 year old girl set for release ............................................... 17 35. Rosie O'Donnell calls for the Impeachment of President Bush .................................................................... 17 36. Chinese State TV Bans 'Year of the Pig' Commercials to Appease Muslims ................................................ 17

.... 23 52. 28 65......................................................................................................................... Where is the safest place on earth ................................................................. 25 58................................................... 18 40..... Phil Schnider Debunked! I'm tired of the lies! ......... Barometric or A-neutronic bomb..... 32 73............. 24 56....................................... Climate Change: Finding the Middle Ground ......... Weird Weather Watch 2007 .......... 30 70............. 22 51................ Feeding North Korea with Giant Rabbits ...................... Parents Surgically Keep Their Daughter Child-Size ......................... 19 42................ 27 63......................................................................................... 18 38......000-36...... any more info? ..............................Video Doc.................................. 24 54...........................29 66.. Dulce Underground Base Alien War Question ................................................... 26 59........... 20 44..................................................................... Mass Sighting of Water Sucking UFO's .................................................................. 32 74................................................................................. Remember that Irish company claiming they had developed free energy? .................... .................................................................................... 33 .......................Coalition vs Labor ............................................................. Barack Obama = Antichrist? ............................. Border Patrol Shoots..... Confessions of a Area 51 employee ........................................... 19 43.................................... Port Of Maimi Locked Down (Possible terror Alert) ..............................................................000 Years Ago...... Illegal Migrants Will Now Use High Tech GPS Devices Thanks To The Mexican Government ....................... Death of the Dictator ...............................................................................................22 50....................................................................................................................................................................................... 30 69.......................................................... 21 48.................................................... Kills Illegal Immigrant..... Is ethanol really a good idea? ........... 18 39.................................................................................................................................. 24 55.......... Secret Apollo Astronauts ................................. Cut Global Warming by being a Vegetarian? ........................................ Superbug "MRSA" Now Transmitted Sexually ..................................... Sky Watch Project! ... John Lear. What if TV was a version of mind control? ....... 23 53............................... Superbug Epidemic in US ........................ 27 61........................................................... Did we come from Mars or somewhere else? .....Is this you? ....................... 19 41.......................................................................................................................... .... 28 64...........Now Threatening Canada ......................... Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA ............................................ Former members of amorc.......................... 29 67..... 20 46........................................................................................................ FBI Investigates .......... Civilian Reserve Corps: Threat or Fantasy? .................................................................... 30 68............................................................................................................ January 2007 photo too good to be true? ............................................................................................................................................. 27 62........................ Thailand Goes Against Patent Laws To Treat AIDS .................... 20 47......................................................................... Global Warming Debate Turns Ugly ......................... US Military Funds Geneticist Searching for DNA "So Dangerous It Does Not Exist" ................. 32 72.............. tmo.......................................................... 21 49................. President Reagon's remarks during screening of movie "Close Encounters" ................................................ The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51 ................. ............................................................................................. Study Reveals Extreme Climate Change Happened 14.......... Australian Politics ............................................................................ 25 57....... OMG! Leaked footage from real alien incident in 1984.... Germans Force "Thought Crime" on EU ............................................................. 32 75................................................ rosicrucian? .................. 26 60..........37.............. Volcano Watch 2007 .................................................................................................................................... 20 45......................................................................... 31 71......


let alone with humans. and politicians---to each his or her own.thread264063/pg1 D4rk Kn1ght's prophecy is coming true! Created by: thehumbleone on January 18.thread263380/pg1 AboveTopSecret.. insect and the new one on the block nano technology? If our planet is so mind boggling varied in ideas and life forms how much more so the infinite universe we live in? Earth is being visited by many extraterrestrial entities that are also not on the same page with each other.I’m coming clean on Extraterrestrials Created by: sleeper on January 12. does this have any significance to Dark Knight's predictions? [edit on 18-1-2007 by thehumbleone] Link to thread: . fields of expertise. without his prompting. replies: 2393 That's the question. flags: 55. We humans are unique and come with different expectations on what is suitable evidence. Link to thread: . replies: 640 I found this when I was browsing some news websites: (links removed. they want to be able to kick the tires and take a test drive in an alien ship before they invest any more of their emotions into the belief of ET.. for others perhaps a bit of an eye opener of what is out there in the billions of star systems. but this time. in particular. I wanted to extend an offer to get your questions answered. 2007 • page 1 of 33 . The vast majority in fact will remain asleep to reality and continue to live in the illusions crafted for us by religions. which are astonishingly similar to our own. I'm putting him on the spot LOL I think he'll be a good sport about it. therefore conflicting accounts with contactees are the norm not the exception. flags: 47. In the spirit of the previous posts on this subject. There is talk about splitting the UFO board into scientific and fanciful story telling sections.. or sovereignty issues? Perhaps the question should be why are there billions of diverse life forms on planet earth---bacteria. politicians and countries on the same page concerning their perspective beliefs. because there is no theoretical to extraterrestrial visitations nor to any of my experiences---:P Link to thread: . com Book of Threads for January. Since scientific implies theoretical this thread of mine and my blog squarely belong in the other board should one be created. Unfortunately it’s from this group that come the worst kind of skeptics. who I suspect will answer as many as he can get to. theologians. they don’t follow proper protocol and physically land in your backyard and say “take me to your leader”.thread262464/pg1 "If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?" Created by: OnTheDeck on January 23. replies: 7089 They do exist! Well. not like in the movies. so let the games begin! Thank you for anyone who wishes to submit a question!! (If you want to know more.S. yet some incredibly and vastly more advanced. He wants to get this information out there now. I am going to forward your questions to a friend of mine. and that is not acceptable for them. for some my stories will be nothing but delusional leaps of fantasy. Then there are the primadonnas. demanding proof. please read my last post on "How can someone prove to you they time traveled?" bottom pg 10). scientists. animal. P.. visit the thread for external references) What do you all think of it. because he believes that things are going to occur very soon to lend credibility to his story. flags: 162. For some the real conundrum is why contactees are not on the same page with their stories? Reasonable inquiry But it’s also fair to ask why aren’t scientists. I have a blog under construction from where I will share a sample of my extraterrestrial experiences. This is the same friend who has asked me to open the other posts.. anyway some of us want to believe and some would rather remain in the safety of our cultural bubble. For them extraterrestrial existence implies the inferiority of humans. plant. There are those that know something is going on because they have experienced alien contact on one level or other and they want to know more. they are far too intelligent and important to fall for such rubbish as aliens from space..

places. post in this more often.(links removed. but now it appears that somebody is willing to risk his life based on it." Ed Brown stayed in his wooded.5km . refuses to pay federal taxes . If there actually is a confrontation where people will die. visit the thread for external references) mod edit... replies: 71 This is interesting stuff! Two sets of photographs taken at different times. or the ubiquitous swamp gas!! So what is it? I’d wager it’s an extra terrestrial UFO.1 . Created by: AlienS on January 19. with enough supplies to last a long time. this could definitely heat things up. 110-acre home this week. "It's all bogus charges. (links removed. flags: 15. or dust on the lens.thread263430/pg1 [edit on 11-1-2007 by mikesingh] Link to thread: . Ed Brown. So this can’t be a fluke. Instead. While I'm not sure if this will cause "a war the magnitude like this world has never seen before". or Venus. (links removed. people and different cameras. visit the thread for external references) Ed Brown. visit the thread for external references) Magnitude 3. (links removed.. and maybe it will get more people interested in researching the legality of federal income taxes. but to my knowledge. Related News Links: (links removed. visit the thread for external references) Magnitude 5.3 INDONESIA Depth 30km - SOUTHWEST OF SUMATRA.SOLOMON ISLANDS Depth 246. flags: 14. there was no response. then all I can say is. visit the thread for external references) Ed Brown heard of the verdict in the middle of an interview with a radio station." he told WNTK-FM in New London. He later said. whose objective was to carry the Tethered Satellite System Reflight (TSR) into orbit. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. Anticipating "a war the magnitude like this world has never seen before". or water/ ice droplets. There was a part in the trial where he said he would pay his taxes if they could show him which law requires him to do so. and has supporters as well. he hasn't paid his taxes federal income taxes because he doesn't believe they are legal. flags: 26. The large. The craft videotaped by the lawyer looks amazingly similar to those captured by the cameras on the STS-75 mission. cement-walled house features a watchtower that offers 360-degree views of the rural setting. He said the home is capable of generating enough electricity to operate if cut off from the main grid. replies: 293 Magnitude 5. replies: 498 New Hampshire man. The crafts are moving around the enormous tether of the TSR system.Is This The Smoking Gun?? Created by: mikesingh on January 11.0 . he has locked himself up in his home.OREGON Depth 18.thread261454/pg1 AboveTopSecret. spelling in title [edit on 19-1-2007 by DontTreadOnMe] Link to thread: .willing to fight for it. I can guarantee you all hell's going to break loose.2km (links removed.thread262255/pg1 Quake Watch 2007 Created by: apex on January 4. and is waiting for other people from all around America to come to his house and help him fight the Feds. He also has weapons. intelligently controlled craft filmed above the Earth. None of these charges are lawful. The NASA footage in the public domain allegedly shows anomalous. this will be a very big story. Link to thread: . com Book of Threads for January.. WOW!! (visit the thread to view linked images) NASA photograph (visit the thread to view linked images) Photo taken by a lawyer Photographs from article by Dirk Vander Ploeg "During the 1996 space shuttle mission: STS-75. visit the thread for external references) New years resolution. And if it’s one. There's been a lot of talk on ATS and other conspiracy websites about federal income taxes being illegal. I should as I started it. many photographs were taken as well as hours of video.. 2007 • page 2 of 33 . A New Hampshire man had refused to pay about $750. "The verdict is in.000 of income taxes.." Notice the notches in the craft at the top and bottom and the octagonal area in its center. But the UFO photographed is the same ‘model’ (For want of a better word!!).

2007 • page 3 of 33 .time.. Apparently researchers and scientist at the University of Alberta have found what seems to be a cheap cure for cancer called "Dichloroacetate". The drug is dichloroacetate. and the suffering will be horrible to endure.thread263433/pg1 To John Lear-Existence of the Dulce Facility Created by: AlanP on January 23.waste.. Best Regards AlanP ``````````````````````````` Removed email address.. AboveTopSecret. many will survive the first. The first major cataclysmic event began as a 9.thread264021/pg1 Possible Cancer Cure Found: $2 a Dose! Created by: Shadowflux on January 31. [edit on 23/1/07 by masqua] Link to thread: . replies: 194 I found this amazing website which tells well everything about the annunaki. and since it is already used to treat metabolic disorders. There will be three MAJOR cataclysmic events to befall the Earth.an icosahedron. The second will take out further numbers. I can rest assure that there is a 7 level military installation on the Archuleta Mesa. flags: 14. com Book of Threads for January.. This information was not readily apparent from external circumspection of the illusions of Darkness The Earth and the other planets that orbit the sun are all hollow. flags: 13.universe etc EDIT: Basically the universe has cycles and when ever tings go hay wire like now the annunaki elite which are the agents of darkness who created the universe(darkness created it) must restart this soo called time restarter known as atu-waa and the actual year is 2008 and not 2012.Have you ever thought that the year 2012 was disinfo & the real date is 2008 and what does it mean? Created by: manchurian_candidate on January 19. replies: 55 I just found this through Fark. and since hexahedrons have 90-degree angles. they are relatively easier to break down than the other symmetrical solids.). also jupiter cannot become a sun as the "heart" of Jupiter is an icosahedron. Also.hate The swastika is nothing but the sun's real body which is not a sphere but a cube but it rotates soo fast that it looks like a sphere.. . Canada found a cheap and easy to produce drug that kills almost all cancers.2012. This universe is nothing but a virtual reality created by darkness to entrap true light beings.my good friend who paid for the vehicles was the Chief of Police for the Reservation for 42 years.com and figured it was worth a post here. the type of prisons formed by hexahedrons are not as complicated as those formed by the other symmetrical solids. Darkness used hexahedrons to form suns (stars).The entire system is based on pain. Here's the deal.Is it truly the ultimate info? [edit on 19-1-2007 by manchurian_candidate] Link to thread: .. however.suffering. we know it should be no problem to use it for other purposes. they are filled with repeating symmetrical geometric patterns. They all appear empty inside. the stars are the weakest links in the fabric of Darkness' Virtual Reality.This makes sense as It was also designed to misguide the opposition(other ET'S ) in their plans and it was important that the date of 2012 was believably close to the actual date of 2008 The universe is a falt pentagon and is joined with its 11 other sister universes to make a dodecahedron which spins to form a sphere. This event has truly startled many around the world.. Thus. Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. but forwarded complete post to John Lear. replies: 391 I just wanted to tell you that I lived in Farmington. These cataclysmic events will be very painful to watch. . but the third one will be horrendous and few will survive it. flags: 13. which caused violent tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean. If you would like more info on this please reply to this thread or email me at (. the next one will be far worse than the Indian Ocean tsunamis! So what do you guys think of this.0 earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra on 26 December 2004. The first one will startle many. However. The "heart" of the Earth is a hollow symmetrical solid . As you might imagine. Suns need to have hexahedrons for "hearts" in order to burn like stars also the many natural disasters and so many earthquakes are a sign that this planet is running out of programs to regrow it self.NM in 1996 and operated a New Car Franchise that supplied fleet vehicles to the Jicarilla Apache Tribe in Dulce.NM.

replies: 60 What was. but they do kick around the issues that matter to them. The incident at (links removed. but left healthy cells alone. what do you guys think? (links removed. Some of that scrutiny might be justified. when standing militaries became normal State fixtures. AboveTopSecret. Media pundits from across the spectrum suggested that these groups might be ideal fund-raisers and trainers for terrorists. the mainstream media took a dim view of these groups.S. or havens for the misguided. I've heard of other cancer cures such as Extract of Wormwood. Peasant levies provided the backbone of most armies long before the existence of standing professional forces. The popularity of militias in the United States decreased during the first half of the 20th century. It’s becoming more likely that trans-national terror groups will operate openly on U.S. flags: 11. Even so. and what will be The American militia is unique among civic groups in the Western world. many militia members had their patriotism questioned. During the 1980’s. In the aftermath of the civil war. " The most important aspect of this finding is that since you apparently can not patent DCA it can be offered for as cheap as $2 a dose. com Book of Threads for January. A combination of MaCarthy-ism and fears of invasion by the Soviet Union convinced many that the time had come to re-invent the American-style militia concept. tell everyone you know and do your own research. The (links removed. visit the thread for external references) (also 1993) would serve to magnify the effects of the(links removed. Rats plump with tumors shrank when they were fed water supplemented with DCA. In the not-too-distant future. 2007 • page 4 of 33 . This ban included militias. Nobody could know it at that time. Because they have a tradition of firearms ownership and militant opinions. which could only mean that militias might once again be necessary. Federal and State officials clamped down on militia activity in an effort to cut down on post-war vigilantism. civil war (1861-1865) after they were upgraded in to larger formations. Events relating to the Vietnam conflict and the Watergate scandal that followed were seen as ‘proof’ by many that their woeld was changing for the worse.S. American militias will at that time be under great suspicion. Many volunteer units took part in the U. The concept of a citizen-based soldiery is not new. visit the thread for external references) (1995) would fuel fears of home-grown terrorism in the aftermath of the transnational terror attacks on the World Trade center in 1996 and 2001. Perhaps the only cures for cancer are incredibly cheap? The article ends with this: " All I can do is write this and hope Google News picks it up. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 31/1/2007 by Mirthful Me] Link to thread: . and they always seem to end with a statement about how the cure would be picked up if it was profitable.*snip* Scientists tested DCA on human cells cultured outside the body where it killed lung. they were characterized as hide-outs for the radical.thread265232/pg1 The Coming Demise of American Militias Created by: Justin Oldham on January 30. most non-colonial governments forbade the existence of privately funded armed forces. Federal power continued to grow throughout the 1970’s. we’ve got to plan for the possibility that a power-hungry Federal bureaucracy may try to stamp out even the most patriotic and wellmeaning of these groups. breast and brain cancer cells. Although patriotism ran high during the Reagan years.. During the age of Western colonization. which reinforced the idea for some that the national government wasn’t to be trusted. provincial and territorial governments incorporated sanctioned militias in to their defense. visit the thread for external references) (1993) and the (links removed. but this question was going to come up again less than ten years later. visit the thread for external references) Edit: to add link [edit on 31-1-2007 by Shadowflux] [edit on 31-1-2007 by Shadowflux] (links removed. which attacks iron rich cells. visit the thread for external references) on August 1992 caused many to question the patriotism of U. " Sounds fair. under the ‘guidance’ of a very potent unitary executive…we could see Federal investigations of any and all civic groups. They may not style themselves as debating clubs. militias. it may not be unreasonable to suggest htat the militias will be among the first “dangerous groups” to be so closely examined and outlawed. In the meantime. After the Renaissance. It may sound odd to describe a militia as a civic group. Cold War considerations caused many Americans to reevaluate the need for small personally funded patriotic groups.. soil by the middle of the next decade. In most cases.

In spite of all that turmoil. It’s too easy to ignore something when it happens slowly. Starting at the local level. the militias may be our best hope for preserving the future of this country we hold so dear. arrest you. Since October 2001.. If it comes to that. I can’t help feeling like the people who are making it happen know exactly what they’re doing. Senior supervisors lead their agencies. and surveillance. as they can be trusted to give it back when the job is done. we’d be just another captive population like those that we’ve occasionally liberated in the last century. can organize this. these groups play an important role in our society. It means a total reassessment of what they do. The Future of American Militias You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that today's American militias will have to modernize and embrace new ideas if they want to survive. but one thing is certain: today's militias need to take stock of their situation. Both groups are misled by a cunning minority. they preserve an idea that many feel has been enshrined in our national Constitution. The defeat of our civil rights by legions of Federal attorneys who are driven by one President after the next should serve to tell us what’s coming…but…it doesn’t. be the person that gets sent to Washington. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms in defense of a hostile government may soon be mocked and pilloried as out-dated thinking as our leaders strive to justify gathering more power to fight the global war on terror. In many respects. Others are quite radical. The same holds true for the top civil servants who lead the bureaucracy. domestic law and military capability could spell trouble for existing militias if they don't make allowances for the threats that will come from within. Please let me explain my thinking. law enforcement. or pick up a newspaper. How do you overcome them? Run for office. I don't make this charge lightly. Do your homework and send people to D. armed revolt was seen as the absolute last resort when faced with unchecked authority. so do they. Recent changes in U. Over the last two centuries. Being aware of the Federal government's expansionist trend makes for a good start.and why.. AboveTopSecret. Under these conditions. and wireless phones. Congress and the President have asked for. Today's militias can trace their collective heritage back to the earliest uncertain days of the American Revolution.S.v. com Book of Threads for January. but is also preparing our own military to be used against us at home. and been granted. With no traditional mechanism for resistence or reform to fall back on. our own government might not be able to resist the temptation to both fight back and "clean house" at the same time. By existing. and it's there. the militias must fend for themselves. Like the conspirators in my novel. Hard questions need to be asked. Even then. soil. body armor. and why. How do you beat THAT? With history as our guide. It has never been so easy for the Federal government to spy on you. Add to this the fact that very few governments ever give back any of the power they take and you can see where I'm going with this. There is no one single mechanism to ensure their survival. What do we lose of we are convinced to give up our militias? The pattern of bureaucratic centralization which has been documented by many observers over the last one hundred years would suggest that the demise of our militias would herald the end of our true social freedom. or even hold you. but they do turn." If and when transnational terrorists do become active on U. Federal authority is expanding. Edgar Hoover never had this much authority when he ran the FBI with an iron fist during the worst of the Red Scare.S. they are still with us. as organized groups. If it happens. This goes well beyond the Patriot Act. There's a trend in government today that we can all see. J. it'll be done "for our own good. Militias. Washington is taking the anti-terrorist fight to our enemies overseas. Turn on your t. Senior politicians lead their parties. who have proven their honesty and integrity in your home state.Whether you like them or not. more new authorities than FDR had at the height of World War Two. today's career politicians are doing what's in their best interests. As a population. vote for people you can trust or run for office as somebody who can be trusted. most hope they will never be needed. these militias have been alternately praised and denounced. Get out and vote. but it also fosters a lot of worry. we can look at a few common-sense options. Do the same thing at the state level. This is the modern threat our militias will face if this powergrabbing trend continues. 2007 • page 5 of 33 .C. each camp is inhabited by a vocal majority that really does think they're doing what's good for you. If you must. If the Federal government has more power. Some militias are little more than social clubs. as it is now. depending on the mood of each decade. People who don't covet power are the best candidates to use it. how they do it. In both cases. The dark side of this growth in power can be seen in the areas of civil rights. The wheel of our bureaucracy turn slowly. we might not be capable of resisting any future tyrannical regime that sought power inside the borders of our country. We may never need to call on these patriots.

S. There may come a time when U. If certain officials in Washing feel the need to rally support. soil. this will be the most logical step when the time comes. U. Because American militias have such a strong tradition of reluctance to act. politicians at the Federal level may have too much to gain by making this false charge. soil. it can still be misrepresented. nor will they be able to prevent the pasting they'll take by the media. They'll need it to avoid being slandered by the media and also to recruit.21st century militias will need more political savvy.S. foreign policy has always been a forecaster of things to come on the home front. our own government might use that crisis as an excuse to clamp down on legitimate dissent. the good standing of our own militias might be the cost of that political power play. The temptation to label them as such will be overpowering. In those cases where the group doesn't want to be politically active. they will be seen as easy targets. As hard as they try. Why? Just one thing. militias will be at risk by the end of this decade. The media still treats homegrown patriotic militias like they could be terrorist cells. when our Federal government has pursued an agenda overseas. hostile forces will take action on U. Some of it we agreed with. the fact remains that they will be out-spent by Government and private-sector media conglomerates. borders. If transnational terror groups start their dirty work on U. 2007 • page 6 of 33 .S. militias are forced underground. De-centralized command and dispersion of money and supplies should now take on a whole new level of importance for group planners. If we're not careful. we are faced with a growing number of disturbing indicators. and some of it we didn't. Today's American foreign policy makes it quite clear that U. In time. It will take decades for reform-minded politicians to have an impact on a trend that has lasted for 60 years. NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement) would be the best and most recent example. This may not happen militarily. It's already been said that today's militias should become more politically aware and media-savvy. Anything these people do will be despicable and under-handed. By the end of this decade. Naturally. Modern militias should assume that they'll be targeted at some point. Without more political skill and a better media image. Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy. They can advocate for reform or revolution as they see fit. It's not really up for debate. com Book of Threads for January. In the past. Because militias are known opponents of big government and politicians with too much power. knowing your rights won't be enough." The Evolution of American Militias You don't knave to be a conspiracy theorist to know that today's American militias will have to change the way they do business if they want to avoid the wrath of an increasingly hostile Federal government. As dissenters of big government. Like the conspirators in my book. Much of the new "protection" legislation that comes off Capitol Hill these days presumes that the next threat will come from hostile forces operating inside U. As meaningful as that should be. militia leaders in the next decade will have a hard time making the case that the groups they represent are not terrorist cells.S. As our government grapples with the threat of transnational terror. This means they'll have to actively go in to hiding. The actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco have long since demonstrated the need for modern militias to adapt their unconventional warfare tactics. AboveTopSecret.S. but it will certainly happen politically. they'll have to plan for it and hope it doesn't happen. Under these conditions. The politically aware and media-sensitive militias of the near future won't be able to stop the government's legislative steamroller. "Our job is to know it might happen and be ready for it. if things go that far. it won't be enough to preserve one of our most fundamentally important Constitutional rights. it comes at the expense of just a few more of our civil liberties. Even if a militia does have a good media image or stays well out of public view. militias will be natural targets for career politicians seeking to improve their own fortunes. it's quite likely the American media will once again focus its harsh limelight on the more well-known militias. we saw a lot of activity on domestic soil aimed in the same directions. politicians and bureaucrats in Washington will see it as a dual opportunity: defend against the terrorists and neutralize dissent on the home front. As one of my characters might say. Before the trans-national terrorist threat emerged.S. they won't be able to defend themselves against the false charges that will surely come. In both cases. doing both will require greater levels of power and authority. it might still need a good media image if its membership is large. it should think about its public image and how to manage it. Each time the government adopts a new anti-terrorist measure. No matter how much money and manpower they put in to their public images. we've been able to see how that same bureaucracy will deal with us here at home. our elected leaders were pre-occupied with matters of trade and human rights. Under these conditions as portrayed in my book. as long as they're aware of the facts. If a militia can fund war games and keep its armory stocked. You'll see this one coming. How do you overcome that? Voting for reform will only do so much.

In this short presentation he also states that to his knowledge the U.. As effective as civilian weapons may be. there is a real and verifiable drive underway to bring the States in to line with the pro-Federal agenda.. The fact of the matter is that what we call civic virtue is about to be defined as an impairment to natinal security. they should also become more familiar with the capabilities of tomorrow's Federal forces. replies: 80 Finally saw my first ufo / alien Created by: hiii_98 on January 1. actually see the thing! It is a glowing red ruby like sparkling diamond light about maybe a baseball in size 60 feet behind the car hovering. So i tell her to pull over. temp readings. Conclusion: What we think of as a militia today needs to be something else tomorrow.. I then hear her scream! I jump into the driver seat and she clutches my arm screaming that there are shadow people outside of the car. I see no reason why she should be seeing anything behind us as no cars are behind and no signs of life are MILES around us. Unconventional warfare remains the Patriot's best option to counter this new stance. Going 110 mph the thing is still following at the same distance behind us. Steven Geer a long-term ufo researcher whom gave up his job to fully investigate the truth about aliens. I let my g/f drive.. On this website: About one third down the page there a link you click “The Disclosure Project Video” and you can download the full 2 hour long video for free. I'll attach a picture.Sergeant Clifford Earl Stone of the United States Army If you haven’t seen the disclosure project it is a must watch for any ufo researcher and I first heard about it on an illuminati website I stumbled across.thread261065/pg1 The Disclosure Project -Sergeant Clifford Earl Stone of the United States Army Created by: Lucas_1984 on January 8. and video tape. or navy and I must admit once I saw this video. We took photos. but begins to look around. this is going to mean a re-thinking of traditional guerilla methods. tape recordings. Conspiracy theory or not. which in its own right makes fascinating reading. air force. The ONLY car on the road. One particular witness is Sergeant Clifford Earl Stone he only talks for about 4 mins but has some very interesting things to say regarding aliens such as being part of a retrieval team sent to a crash site.. Knowing this.thread265103/pg1 arms stands straight up. no one wakes up. As complicated as the political side of this equation has become. Well. 2007 • page 7 of 33 . it isn't hard to see how today's militias can evolve in to the organizations they need to be in the world of tomorrow. flags: 10. flags: 10. The hair on my The Disclosure Project -. com Book of Threads for January. recently I found this website: AboveTopSecret.If they start now. I'm going gambling now i will continue this story when i come back to my room. I pull into a rest area and slam on my horn to wake up the 2 sleeping truckers. We were traveling through eastern utah at around 3am. she is a foreigner and has no liscense so i thought it was a safe place to let her learn. I hit the gas and peal out trying to escape thinking we are about to be abducted. and knowing that there will always be a reluctance on the part of real Patriots to put these things in to practice. thereafter I became extremely convinced of the existence of aliens and there presence here. presents 21 credible witnesses to ufo events or cover ups (insiders). most militias can take steps they feel will do them the most good. We do and I get out to switch places with her.. Also i want eveyone to know that i'm almost 100% sure this will happen again at the same spot.. I'll tell the rest of the story when i return. Recent advances in electronics now give Federal troops a big advantage. Link to thread: . Emphasis on Urbanstyle tactics and house-to-house combat drill only serve to underscore this point. Me thinking she is unaware of common objects in her mirror laughs. Like it or not. being one of the first on the scene and actually seeing alien life forms. I dont have alot of time right now so I will summarize and go into detail if asked. and look behind the car for this mysterious light. Most of these witnesses have been in the army.. they no longer confer as many advantages as they once did. As you can imagine I had to do more research on this guy. (all which suck) Link to thread: . Well as she is driving she screams that there is something red and on fire following our car. As today's militia members become more politically aware. militia planners should not ignore the military aspect of this problem.S knows of 57 types of EBE’s Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. Well in-short it’s an America Nation Press Club Conference which was covered by a lot of the press in May 2001. plus it don’t take long if you’ve got broadband. We are currently here in Las Vegas and I just got computer access to tell everyone about what we saw. replies: 469 Oddly enough I was and currently am on my way to visit Area 51 when this happened to me and my fiancee. Dr.. i .

but the sixth Democrat (and fourth US senator) to declare. Bill Clinton did not formally launch his victorious 1992 campaign until September 1991. Because of their extraordinary quality. At this stage she is the clear front runner for the Democratic party. Recently the Bush administration blamed North Korea for this funny money. Why did she declare so early? In this utterly unpredictable contest. A Washington Post/ABC News poll at the weekend gave her 41 per cent against 17 per cent for her closest rival. Because things are getting started early the people running need to have financial backing early. com Book of Threads for January. visit the thread for external references) (add our new YouTube BBcode: (isit the thread to view linked videos) ) CIA Counterfeiting US Dollars Created by: polanksi on January 10. Secret Service. she is the clear frontrunner in an already crowded Democratic field. She is sixth to announce herself as a candidate. experts assume that some country must be behind the enterprise. (links removed.S. The administration of George W. One need wonder no longer how black ops are funded. It also has after it a lot more information on ufo’s and aliens which is definitely worth a read too. CIA may be behind the so-called 'supernotes' that have been circulating for the past 2 decades. is America ready to elect a woman as there president? Clinton is not the first to try but her move is still historic on other counts.This is a cool interview with him where he goes on into more detail. Illinois senator Barack Obama. everything is happening earlier.thread261845/pg1 UFO Police FLIR footage Created by: squiz on January 22. Her biggest rival will most likely remain Obama. nine months before the state holds its traditional first-in-the- AboveTopSecret. 2007 • page 8 of 33 . visit the thread for external references) Will Hillary Clinton Be The Next U. At this admittedly early stage. replies: 70 An Amazing clip. She is the first spouse of a former president to try for the oval office. Other women have tried . tensions on the Korean Peninsula have increased considerably..S. Hillary is not the first. flags: 10." which are so good that even specialists are unable to distinguish them from genuine notes..Pat Schroeder for the Democrat nomination in 1992 and Elizabeth Dole for the Republicans in 2000 but none has had as good a chance of reaching the Oval Office . (links removed. flags: 10. America charges that North Korea is financing its rocket and nuclear weapons program with the counterfeit "Supernotes.. One pole put her at forty-one percent with the closest rival Barack Obama at seventeen percent. As a result of this accusation SixParty Talks over North Korea's nuclear weapons program were suspended. Is the Bush administration creating money on their own to fund covert activities as the article suggests? This could help to explain their.. not sure what this could be but it definately isn't an oil rig. I was wandering weather anyone has anymore videos or interviews with him and what people think about his credibility? This is my first post.:lol: Hopefully this hasn't been posted before.and never has the spouse of a former President attempted to win the top job in her own right. spend now pay never attitude. Since then. President? Created by: RedGolem on January 24. derailing Six-Party Talks on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. just joined tonight did I do alright? Text Link to thread: . flags: 10.thread263863/pg1 A German paper is reporting that the U. I thought they had given the Fed the sole right to make money. Bush officially accused Pyongyang of the deed in the autumn of 2005. replies: 321 The U. visit the thread for external references) Is America ready to elect a woman president? Rupert Cornwell asks the Big Question Why are we asking this now? Her move is historic on two counts. have circulated for almost two decades without a reliable identification of the culprits. If true. Link to thread: . If they are involved in counterfeiting then what else have they been doing? This makes CIA involvement in the drug trade more believable.thread262140/pg1 The question has been poised. The Democratic part is getting started early.S. as far back as Reagan's presidency our own government has essentially been counterfeiting our own currency. The first candidate's debate takes place in New Hampshire in April... Enjoy. (isit the thread to view linked videos) (links removed." A most interesting article.-dollar forgeries designated "Supernotes. replies: 34 [edit on 22-1-2007 by SkepticOverlord] Link to thread: .

replies: 241 Checked the www. If that being the case then the next president has already been chosen. Later this led to numerous Close Encounters of the 5th Kind: contact with ETs initiated by Dr. I hear this morning she already has fourteen million in the bank for the campaign.com Discussion Thread: (links removed. flags: 9. With former president Clinton's contacts. visit the thread for external references) Related AboveTopSecret. Which means Clinton is back. Next year's primary calendar is more front-loaded than ever..org site for updates. and that people I just don't think will ever happen. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. flags: 8. If you have followed any of the conspiracy theories that relate to politics you will know that those who control the money control politics. a heavy water plant at Arak and a uranium conversion plant at Isfahan. However a nuclear strike on Iran would be a major step toward all out Arab Israeli conflict. I will suspect that number will grow with but one phone call. visit the thread for external references) Related AboveTopSecret. with the current tensions in the region.. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 6-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . visit the thread for external references) Israel Plotting Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities Created by: UM_Gazz on January 6. The doc is doing a free lecture and workshop at LAX Hilton second week of February. com Book of Threads for January. What really drove it home was a day or two ago when I saw that Clinton had fifty-seven percent of the female vote.Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons. he experienced cosmic consciousness and found the Rosetta Stone of ET contact: the power of the unbounded mind within each of us. and war. Financing is mentioned. so that the contest will probably be over by the beginning of March at the latest. That would mean that sixty percent of the male vote would half to go to the other side.thread261708/pg1 AboveTopSecret. Britain's Sunday Times newspaper said. I would expect Israel to be prepared for any possibility. I think financing the campaign will be but a minor nuisance. In one of the most amazing and moving personal stories ever shared. replies: 112 According to the following report which quotes Britain's Sunday Times report. he will explain how after a prolonged neardeath experience at age 17." Two other sites. Anyone going to this? Dr Greer will discuss the actual contact experiences he has had with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Citing what it said were several Israeli military sources. that is very importuned for a campaign. the Sunday Times said. given the region they are in and the risks a Nuclear Iran may pose to their security.thread264149/pg1 Steven Greer at LA Conscious Life Expo Created by: MagicalRat on January 9. beginning as a young child.nation primary. which cites several "Israeli military sources" Israel has drawn up plans to use "tactical nuclear weapons" on Iranian nuclear facilities... the paper said two Israeli air force squadrons had been training to blow up an enrichment plant in Natanz using low-yield nuclear "bunker busters. Related News Links: (links removed. probably the following month. would be targeted with conventional bombs.DisclosureProject. Greer and later by larger groups of people through the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project Link to thread: . 2007 • page 9 of 33 . (links removed.com Discussion Threads: (links removed.. Though not unexpected. this news could prove unnerving to some and perhaps provocative to others. I had a fear this might happen about fifteen year ago or so. Related News Link: (links removed. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: ..thread262057/pg1 LONDON (Reuters) . South Carolina is holding its own debate. Lets hope this stays in the "planning stages" and is never actually necessary.

flags: 8. visit the thread for external references) U. and a revocation for the next.. Their religious beliefs should not enter into this equation.. replies: 72 Is this why things are happenning the way they are? For those who have watched this video please give me your comments. because it interferes with their religious beliefs. Related News Links: (links removed. airport staff members asked the commission to give the go-ahead for public hearings on a tougher policy that would suspend the licenses of drivers who refuse service for any reason other than safety concerns. although we don't have a clear number because of the large areas of bushland" The Department of Agriculture and Food. but something is amiss. (links removed. Link to thread: . or passengers with dogs.thread262101/pg1 [edit on 5-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . which conducted the autopsies. visit the thread for external references) Forgive me for having more questions then answers. Thank You PHARAOH1133 Video Link: Link to thread: . flags: 7.. visit the thread for external references) CAPE CANAVERAL. We estimate several thousand birds are dead. 2007 • page 10 of 33 . replies: 105 The Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society has issued a fatwa to the Minneapolis-St.S. At a meeting Wednesday of the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). Muslims do not buy. just what remains to be seen. com Book of Threads for January.. This is outrageous. Dr Sunderman said there were no leads yet on which of potentially hundreds of toxins might be responsible. This includes service dogs. according to a proposed taxi ordinance revision. Drivers who refuse to accept passengers transporting alcohol or service dogs would have their airport licenses suspended 30 days for the first offense and revoked two years for the second offense. replies: 189 NASA's vision lost on Web generation Created by: Low Orbit on January 1. or transport alcohol. Florida (AP) -. and consider the saliva of dogs to be unclean. Some birds were seen convulsing as they died. Acting chief veterinary officer Fiona Sunderman said toxins were the most likely cause but the deaths could be due to anything from toxic algae to chemicals and pesticides. such as seeing-eye dogs that assist the blind.. sell. Colonies on Moon. please watch the video then submitted your opinions. In order to resolve this problem they plan on bringing in Jean Luke Picard and Fox Mulder to help resolve their little PR problem. replies: 36 source: " "It's very substantial.Young Americans have high levels of apathy about NASA's new vision of AboveTopSecret. The cab drivers have a primary responsibility to provide a service to the public. visit the thread for external references) infectious process. Or could it be something the birds ate? (links removed. flags: 8. For those who have not. " We know Australia has large oil reserves (visit the thread to view linked images) So. The cab drivers should get a license suspension for the first offense.Mars. visit the thread for external references) (links removed.Venus+Aliens +911.Muslim Cabbies Refuse Passengers With Alcohol Or Dogs Created by: jsobecky on January 5. is it possible that the methane released into the air is the main factor? It would only take a small release to kill a bird. Paul International Airport officials want to crack down on Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to carry alcohol or service dogs in their cabs.Divided by NWO=Behold A Pale Horse Video by Bill Cooper Created by: PHARAOH1133 on January 9.. has almost ruled out an This article discusses how the 18-25 somethings of the US are indifferent to the new space program NASA proposes. Paul International Airport commission that prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol. (links removed.thread262059/pg1 Minneapolis-St. flags: 8.thread261634/pg1 Thousands of Birds Fall From Sky in Australia Created by: Eden on January 9.

Italy joined the council on January 1 for a two-year term. flags: 7. The flight ran into some very bad weather and would have run out of fuel by now. 2007 • page 11 of 33 . hence. then I don't have to care about you. officials said. The missing plan is a Boeing 737-400. Should it be worse then an accident. On this holiday lets all offer a prayer for the families of those on the missing flight. (links removed. Star Wars.N. if you just do the math. The flight was between the Indonesia's Islands of Java and Sulawesi. flags: 7. Prime Minister Romano Prodi said Tuesday that his government will use Italy's new seat in the U.. replies: 46 Italy has announced that it will seek support at the United Nations for a global ban on the death penalty following the release of images of Saddam Hussein's execution that have shocked the world wide community. the data recorders will hopefully answer that question also. . Related News Links: (links removed. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 1-1-2007 by RedGolem] Link to thread: . Concerned about this lack of interest." said Mary Lynne Dittmar. indiffernce. I am in the upper end of the 18-25 year old American demographic and I think the reason NASA's Moon and Mars missions aren't gaining much praise by the youth is because they distrust NASA on some level. The flight should have been two hours. If the plane went down in the water the data recorders will be able to be found from the beacons. A senior Transport Ministry official. president of a Houston company that surveyed young people about the space program. visit the thread for external references) JAKARTA. replies: 32 A commercial Adam Air passenger air craft with over one hundred people on board has lost contact with flight controllers. said aviation authorities were gathering information from Italy says it will campaign at the United Nations for a global ban on the death penalty after images of the hanging of Iraq's former dictator shocked people worldwide.thread261199/pg1 AboveTopSecret.com Discussion Threads: (links removed... meaning terror.media-saturated teens and 20somethings growing up on YouTube and Google and largely indifferent to manned space flight." My first thought is that this is a horrible accident. Starship Troopers.. (links removed... Indonesia: A commercial Adam Air passenger plane with more than 100 people onboard lost contact with flight controllers Monday on flight between Indonesia's Java and Sulawesi islands. Also if the plane broke apart there should be debree floating. visit the thread for external references) Related AboveTopSecret.sending astronauts back to the moon by 2017 and eventually on to Mars. Security Council to push for a "universal moratorium" on capital punishment.. Ichsan Tatang. What remains to be seen is whether Italy's new seat on the United Nations security council will make a difference in seeing a change on the death penalty issue. Iraqi officials may indeed have cause and justification for their remarks seeing that the United States has executed many criminals without such a harsh backlash from other countries. Italian politicians of all political affiliations expressed disgust at Saddam Hussein's execution. Star Trek. those are the guys that are going to carry the tax burden.thread257005/pg1 other flights which "might have picked up the plane's distress signal. Adam Air flight KI-574 was still missing more than five hours after the scheduled arrival time. More the five hours has passed since its scheduled arrival time. "If you're going to do a space exploration program that lasts 40 years. visit the thread for external references) Indonesian Flight Missing Created by: RedGolem on January 1. [edit on 1-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . Another reason I'm not interested in it is because I know I could never work on a project like that. com Book of Threads for January.thread256972/pg1 Italy Calling For Universal Ban on Death Penalty Created by: the_sentinal on January 2. They have been shown films like Men in Black. Related News Links: (links removed. However until the plane is found there will be no way to know for sure. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. since the competition is fierce and there are only a handful of people working on it. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 2-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . As far as I can see NASA will never tap the American people and most certainly not the American worker for it's endeavors so if they don't care about me.. etc and most believe there is much NASA is hiding from the public. Aviation authorities were still gathering information which might have picked up a signal from the missing air craft. NASA's imagemakers are taking a hard look at how to win over the young generation -. recent surveys show.

Armed Mexican Force overwhelms US Soldiers Created by: 2stepsfromtop on January 5.thread262086/pg1 The myth of successful armed resistance in the US in case of martial law Created by: Vitchilo on January 16..A. compared to just 65% of dollar notes in the US.S. Related News Links: (links removed. speculation remains as to what their intent was in seeking to breach the U. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat. Border while being heavily armed. Researchers analysing the detection of illicit drugs found cocaine on 100% of notes tested in the capital. While the Mexican nationals remain unidentified. visit the thread for external references) A U.S. visit the thread for external references) Traces of cocaine have been found on bank notes in circulation across Dublin. now we know why the borders are so wide open. that Ireland's Euros are similiarly affected.S. are they Mexican Soldiers. The area is known as a drug corridor.S. This is an alarming and quite saddening outlook on modern culture. a shocking study revealed today. replies: 98 Tests find traces of cocaine on banknotes Created by: pmexplorer on January 9... When they refuse to enforce our laws and refuse to listen to us.m. The final supporting link is to a story from last year that shows that the U. visit the thread for external references) Following up on a recent Uk study that everyone is Britain is carrying around traces of the A class drug – on their banknotes. €20 and €50 denominations – all were contaminated with cocaine. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 9-1-2007 by asala] Link to thread: . flags: 7. 2007 • page 12 of 33 . the people will fight and it's gonna be worse than in Iraq. Government (bush) is doing nothing concrete about stopping illegal immigrants.S. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico. Army National Guards abandonig their Post? That is disgusting and shows cowardice in the face of the enemy. they are no longer our government.com Discussion Threads: (links removed. However. The Border Patrol says the incident occurred somewhere along the 120 mile section of the border between Nogales and Lukeville. flags: 7. Spain and the UK contain traces of these drugs. in Iraq. But U. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. replies: 179 Related AboveTopSecret. an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p. Mexican nationals armed with guns challenged a group of U. Of the 45 sample notes analysed – which included €5. flags: 7. Drug Runners or Terrorists? (links removed. According to the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol will not say whether shots were fired.thread261628/pg1 The myth of successful armed resistance in the US in case of martial law When I read some of the post here on ATS and others forums about martial law in the US. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 5-1-2007 by DontTreadOnMe] Link to thread: . most of the casualties inflicted to AboveTopSecret. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. 124-thousand pounds of illegal drugs were confiscated in this area. (links removed. Army National Guard troops at a border control station forcing the National Guard troops to abandon their post and seek safe refuge away from their duty station. I always see posts that are claiming that if martial law is ever declared all over the country. replies: 35 This last Tuesday. Related News Links: (links removed. Last year.S. €10. no Guardsmen were injured in the incident. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Ireland itself many will be suprised to hear has one of the highest rates of cocaine use in young adults in Europe. What are armed individual from Mexico doing wandering on U. but then everything is legal in Mexico if you have the dinero for 'the bite'. it seems suprisingly to most.. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. Coyotes. territory? Obviously Mexico does not care. DId the people in New Orleans fought when they took their guns and went into their homes? Also. com Book of Threads for January. Three also showed the presence of heroin It seems the worldwide falling street prices of formerly hard to obtain drugs such as cocaine and even heroin has been proven by recent studies which shockingly show that in some cases almost 100% of banknotes in countries such as Ireland.

not with guns. Mr. then they'll come after you and put you in a concentration camp that Halliburton built just under your nose. visit the thread for external references) For the adults. where you are. He said he would AboveTopSecret. that he was filing a presidential exploratory committee. But let's make a comparaison with Iraq. and those inside the cities will be under total control. the militias are surely on that list. visit the thread for external references) and will soon force you to have the (links removed. assisted with the (links removed. They will know who killed who. Iraq's population was 26 millions in 2005. taking their (links removed. visit the thread for external references) When the (links removed. In the US. visit the thread for external references) or (links removed. In Iraq.. It's hard in Iraq because the technological police state wasn't there FIRST. without being monitored. You say that's a lot of armed people. visit the thread for external references). Mr. on the streets. visit the thread for external references) will come for you. it will be very hard to win a skirmish in the street without being monitored. (links removed. visit the thread for external references). visit the thread for external references) They start early to manipulate them by (links removed. on the phone. making lists of ``possible threat`` including people protesting against the war and political enemies. who was with you. because do you imagine 8 more years of push for a police state? Will you fight when they announce the North American Union? Will you fight when the country is bankrupt because of them? Will you fight when they take your guns? Will you fight when the election is cancelled? Will you fight if they go into Iran? Will you fight if they impose a draft? Will you fight if they put martial law? Will you fight if they legalize illegal immigrants? Will you fight if they start chipping everybody? And to prepare or work to avoid this day. they were able to keep their dictatorship because of the spies they had in the population. the police state is growing little by little. What I want to say is that even with the basic technology of the Iraqi government and their equipment. it will be there and full functionnal when the crap hit the fan. 2007 • page 13 of 33 . and who fighted and overthrown Saddam. com Book of Threads for January. visit the thread for external references) what will you do to ignite a revolution like the founding fathers did when the time will be needed? You won't be able to talk (links removed. flags: 7. visit the thread for external references) or even (links removed. In the US. manipulating kids to love the government and (links removed. recorded and then tracked by the army. they were armed to the teeth. that means they had at least 20 millions guns. visit the thread for external references) or more technology for police to (links removed. www. under Saddam. They (links removed. Those who fighted only fighted the troops in southern Iraq. how many people will fight? 50% of those? That's 10 millions people. replies: 29 Senator Barrack Obama has taken the first steps toward making a presidential bid for the democratic party. Putting cameras all over the place. on radio. visit the thread for external references) Washington — Democratic Senator Barack Obama said Tuesday he is taking the initial step in a presidential bid that could make him the nation's first black to occupy the White House. (links removed. In the USA. but of those. what will you do? [edit on 16-1-2007 by Vitchilo] Link to thread: . by emails. (links removed. New technology to (links removed. a dictatorship? Not a lot of people... on internet. visit the thread for external references). visit the thread for external references) that would help localize someone. visit the thread for external references). That's why the fight against a police state must be won at the 2008 elections. 10th in his home state.thread262971/pg1 Obama Submits For 2008 Presidential Bid Created by: grimreaper797 on January 16.barackobama.the US army are made by IEDs and suicide bombers. HOW WILL YOU ORGANIZE? When your alone or in group. Obama is quoted saying he did not expecting to be in the position he is in now a few years ago. visit the thread for external references). He will be announcing more details on Feb.. almost every home had at least 1 gun. The only way to fight will be in the wild side of the country. visit the thread for external references). some soldiers but it's not this way that you will regain your country. visit the thread for external references) and giving them (links removed. how much would fight or keep their firearms when the police/military kick their doors and take them like they did in New Orleans? Let's say 25% keep their guns.com. there's 80 millions guns owners. on those 25%. visit the thread for external references) or (links removed. Obama announced on his Web site. Obama tries to take his weakpoint of lack of experience and turn it into a strong point. (links removed. spying on citizens by (links removed. killing some police officers. visit the thread for external references) or maybe become (links removed. visit the thread for external references) what will you do? When everything you say online will (links removed. visit the thread for external references) or (links removed.

Looks like worrisome news from above. eradicate poverty and tackle unemployment. Related News Links: (links removed. com Book of Threads for January. Ahmadinejad was elected last year on a populist agenda promising to bring oil revenues to every family. it sounds as if the US doesn't have their own ASAT.. This device is meant to destroy enemy satelites in low orbit. knocking out one of its own satellites . Iran (AP) . It appears that the citizens of the US have in much common with the citizens of Iran... Citing military and intelligence sources. housing prices have doubled since last summer . It will be interesting to see how it turns out between him and Hilary Clinton. To me this is very troublesome news and just shows how dishonest and selfish the leadership of their country is. polar orbiting weather satellite launched in 1999.thread263177/pg1 China ASAT(Anti-Satelite device) Test? Troubling Debris Created by: Low Orbit on January 18. Its official now that he will be making a run.. Obama tried to turn his biggest weakness — his lack of experience in national politics — into an asset..thread263305/pg1 AboveTopSecret. space programs from around the world will see what and how China is treating it's space faring partners and will decline to work with China in the future.Prices for vegetables have tripled in the past month. The public in both the US and Iran are more interested in domestic issues. replies: 40 Ahmadinejad Approval Rating On The Decline Created by: df1 on January 17. replies: 39 This article discusses how there have been growing reports in China that they are working on delveloping an anti-satelite device(ASAT). What will become of this is so far unknown. visit the thread for external references) TEHRAN. Now he is facing increasingly fierce criticism for his failure to meet those promises. inviting UN nuclear sanctions and most importantly his failure to live up to his campaign rhetoric which promised improvements in housing. visit the thread for external references) (links removed.an old weather spacecraft. employment and rising food prices (links removed. I suggest reading the full article and checking out his site to see all the quotes. Does he have a chance at the nomination? I personally think that he will not get the nomination as the Democratic candidate. which will detail China’s possible ASAT test in its magazine next week.and as costs have gone up.” he said. the resulting space debree could damage other satelites and the International Space Station. flags: 7. Hopefully. anti-U. 2007 • page 14 of 33 . visit the thread for external references) (links removed. Could this be China's way of flexing before the US takes out Iranian Nuclear Plants? And why doesn't the US have an ASAT of their own as the article says? Link to thread: . His critics complain about his preoccupation with antagonizing the US.and they have become more aggressive in calling him to account. It is worrisome to the US for several reasons includinig that US military satelites are in potential jeopardy now.. have put our country in a precarious place. There’s a growing number of sources suggesting that China has tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) device. Mr. visit the thread for external references) Iran's President Ahmadinejad is coming under heavy criticism from both conservative Muslims and reformers. and the problems that have been ignored. AW&ST will report that the possible test took out Feng Yun 1C (FY-1C). visit the thread for external references) (links removed. flags: 7. Leading the charge in reporting this January 11th event is Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. The test reportedly made use of a ballistic missile to reach the satellite. “The decisions that have been made in Washington these past six years. however this fact escapes both of these presidents. Even conservatives say Ahmadinejad has concentrated too much on fiery.announce more about his plans in his home state of Illinois on Feb. It appears that once again China has worked behind the US' back. 10. speeches and not enough on the economy . and finally. using some sort of kinetic kill device to destroy the spacecraft. (links removed. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 17/1/2007 by Mirthful Me] Link to thread: . He is being challenged not only by reformers but by the conservatives who paved the way for his stunning victory in 2005 presidential elections. so has Iranians' discontent with hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his focus on confrontation with the West.S. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: .thread262990/pg1 Related News Links: (links removed.

" he said Friday. (links removed. he could have wrote about the conspiracy delegating that it was Saddam's body double that was hung. Related News Links: (links removed. editor of Wired magazine and author of The Long Tail. He didn't even name any individual in his writings. "to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful" still has a long ways to go. Google has a deal with five libraries to digitize there stock of books and make them available on line through Google book. Dan Tilli. 81." Created by: DJMessiah on January 22. but as this article shows. an invitation-only conference at the New York Public Library (NYPL). says Bryan Appleyard. flags: 7. (links removed. as a threat to the President really astonishes me. There was Chris Anderson. however don't think this will mean the end of the printed book just yet. It ended with the line. two groups of people who might one day soon be fighting for their professional lives before the Supreme Court. Agents claimed that Tilli's message was viewed as a threat to the President. rather than Saddam himself. visit the thread for external references) [edit] (Changed length of the title) [edit on 22-1-2007 by DJMessiah] Link to thread: . visit the thread for external references) 81 yr old is visited by the Secret Service. When on the net I tend to skim things until I find something I want to read. There were also publishers and Google execs. was published in Monday's edition of The Express-Times of Easton. That has not always been a bad thing. Googles stated mission.An elderly man who wrote in a letter to the editor about Saddam Hussein's execution that "they hanged the wrong man" got a visit from Secret Service agents concerned he was threatening President Bush.” said Jens Redmer. It was a groovy. But this wasn’t just another jolly. When I have a novel I read everything..thread263840/pg1 [edit on 21-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . replies: 30 The executives of Google among many others were at a conference called Unbound. There was discussed the digitize of the great libraries of the world. it was bound to happen. "I still believe they hanged the wrong man. and could have implied Osama Bin Laden. that may soon change. “lies outside the internet. visit the thread for external references) After writing to an editor. The fact that the Secret Service viewed a general remark. The letter by Dan Tilli. Tilli states that he hadn't used any names in his message. after claiming "wrong person hung in Saddam's trial. civilisation is the loser ‘The majority of information.” Redmer was speaking last week at Unbound.thread263712/pg1 AboveTopSecret. bleeding-edge-of-theinternet kind of affair.. . "I didn't say who — I could've meant (Osama) bin Laden. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. To date I have not read novels on the computer. proclaiming that he thought officials hung the wrong person at Saddam's execution. census ordered there first computer. For all they know." Tilli said the statement was not a threat.. 2007 • page 15 of 33 . There was Arianna Huffington. was visited by Secret Service agents. If this means we lose touch with real books and treat their content as 'information'.The End Of The Printed Book? Created by: RedGolem on January 21. Must less space needed for storage of data. such as as this. This has been happening all the way back to when the U. grand panjandrum of both the blogosphere and smart East Coast society. age 81. replies: 62 The world's libraries are heading for the internet.S.. Pa. And now books in libraries will be going digital. Pa. To that end many fear and believe that this will mean the end of the printed book. director of Google Book Search in Europe. Like any one else I know the Internet and digital storage has been replace much of printed word. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. but there is progress on the horizon for digitizing books. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. com Book of Threads for January. a book about the new business economics of the net. visit the thread for external references) BETHLEHEM. I. Related News Links: (links removed. and yet the Secret Service used it as enough means to view it as a threat to the President. flags: 7. I wonder what gootenberg would think about this.

Spanking is too often done in a fit of rage which acts as a means of resolution for the parent. consistency. But I would highly recommend taking the strides to inform yourself to how to deal with these negative behaviours. should be heavily regulated. and that it is an appropriate way to deal with your anger.which support a very good directional orientation and are easier to maneuver – with the proper sound to be transmitted. Makes you wonder if the powers that be could make someone think they are crazy etc. but it is amazing. can not be under estimated. If you don't know better.Voices and sounds "in your head" could be real Created by: theutahbigfoothunter on January 22. hitting and slapping a child under 4-years-old a misdemeanor. Breaking this barrier. visit the thread for external references) California parents are facing legislation that could find themself fined or sent to jail for spanking their children. A "power" such as this could be used anywhere from a sub-conscious level.thread263841/pg1 (AP) California parents could face jail and a fine for spanking their young children under legislation a state lawmaker has promised to introduce next week. They will quickly realize that they need to behave if they ever want to get what they want. only this is a one-way transmission. When the child goes off to school. Adults could face up to a year in jail and a $1. put another minute on the clock. Already in use? Related News Links: (links removed. It acts as the ultimate form of trust. though amazing. or don't know any better. (links removed.. so the emitter can accurately pinpoint the beam on the desired target. replies: 61 New technology advancement makes the possibility of "voices in your head" real.. the trust is broken. What would happen? He/She would be scolded for resorting to physical violence. then I would not personally fault you. But the key is. With this new technology sound can be manipulated and directed. so the receiver will actually hear everything that's been broadcast. and then proceeds to strike the child. Conspiracy-theorists just got the proof they need that others can manipulate what your "mind" hears. but Governor Schwarzenegger has left the possibility of being receptive to the idea. visit the thread for external references) The new technology uses high-frequency sounds. A laser pointerbeam has been placed in the center of the special speaker. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 22-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] [edit on 22-1-2007 by DontTreadOnMe] Link to thread: . "Is it OK to whip a 1-year-old or a 6month-old or a newborn?" Lieber said her proposal would make spanking. I'm not sure I like the whole idea behind this technology. Rather than hitting the child. which is what happens through hitting the child. the rewarding of a good behaviour. Sounds would actually "sound" like they are in your head. I am openly against any sort of violence against children. becomes frustrated with a school mate. Having mixed the ultrasounds . You have taught the child that it is OK to hit. a child will have an endless amount of trust for you as a parent. Strictly from a "1984" based standpoint. the emitter is permitted to broadcast the desired audio content towards a specific target without alerting or annoying individuals which are in the same area: technically. Put a clock in front of the child and allow it to count down for fifteen minutes. There is a barrier between parent and child. I believe if a parent is willing to try. This form of abuse is merely a tool for parents who are either lazy. Abuse of this technology could get really out of hand. Positive reinforcement. (links removed. more or less the way one would take aim when shooting a rifle. This technology." Lieber said. If the child moves. in the 60 kHz range which is far above the human ear's potential (20-22kHz at best). com Book of Threads for January. replies: 41 To Spank Or Not To Spank Created by: chissler on January 22. As long as that barrier exists. Republicans have been vocally against the motion. which is exactly why it is hypocritical and should be avoided by parents. to full-fledged mind abuse. The specially-designed loudspeaker will send an ultrasonic beam. AboveTopSecret. they can find many ways to approach the situation which would be much more effective than hitting the child. this could have far-reaching conspiracy characteristics. rather than a deterrent for the child. it's like having a walkie-talkie set. it is quite easy to place the child in a time out. This legislation has been proposed by Democratic Assemblywoman Sally Lieber.000 fine. Democratic Assemblywoman Sally Lieber said such a law is needed because spanking victimizes helpless children and breeds violence in society. flags: 7. "I think it's pretty hard to argue you need to beat a child. flags: 7. 2007 • page 16 of 33 . which will be directed towards the intended target and which will also carry/ produce the audible sound.

I despise the government stepping in on how a parent should actually parent.thread263842/pg1 Rosie O'Donnell calls for the Impeachment of President Bush Created by: the_sentinal on January 25..” Whether or not you like president Bush the time for calling for the impeachment of the president is poor with the war going on in Iraq and people with loved ones over there besides Bush's term is almost up anyway O'Donnell's call comes to late in the game.” The comment's came after President Bush's State of the Union Address Monday night caused a heated debate on the set of "The View.. to let the world know. who made her mark six years ago in "I Am Sam. "HoundDog." However. replies: 48 Dakota Fanning. (links removed. Well.the film depicting the rape of a 12 year old girl set for release Created by: Dr Love on January 24. “We've given you [Bush] 4 years and 3." the film about Mark David Chapman murdering John Lennon. The ban on the pig images is said to be needed to be "sensitive" to the nation's small Muslim community. Link to thread: . visit the thread for external references) Maybe the most controversial film heading to this month's Sundance Film Festival concerns the rape of a 12-year-old girl while Elvis Presley is heard singing in the background.. we get that. but c'mon. Yes it is wrong... flags: 7. but someone. O'Donnell also called for others to stand up and call for Bush's impeachment also. That's because the character played by 12-year-old actress Dakota Fanning. the talented pre-teen actress stars in a film that portrays a sexually promiscuous twelve year old girl and in one scene her rape. Peace:cool: [edit on 24-1-2007 by Dr Love] Link to thread: . replies: 49 Rosie O'Donnell the host of ABC's "The View" is calling for the impeachment of president Bush the comments came after president Bush's state of the union address caused a heated debate on the show. “You know what I think the Congress should do. But rather than punishing those who do strike the child. Bush. is already getting more advance attention than "Chapter 27.. the movie theaters are going to be packed with perverts with their pants down around their ankles. "Nobody has the right to lay a finger on you" would definitely be played in this situation. (links removed.thread264375/pg1 Chinese State TV Bans 'Year of the Pig' Commercials to Appease Muslims Created by: djohnsto77 on January 26. What could possibly be the point of making such a movie? I'm all for freedom of speech and whatever else. (links removed." Rosie went further to say.thread264180/pg1 In a statement to her ABC audience on "The View" Rosie said. visit the thread for external references) 'Hound Dog' . and I'm sure this will make me in some sort of celebrity feud or AOL poll.. flags: 7.000 American lives. I believe. com Book of Threads for January." written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier. send them to a free course which will teach them how to effectively parent their children.As a father. The quote." is raped onscreen. replies: 70 According to the Chinese calendar. why not teach them how to do otherwise? Don't fine them which is going to take money away from the children.. flags: 7. the scenes in the movie reportedly still leave a lot to be desired. should call for the impeachment of George W. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 26-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: . corporations wishing to use pig themes in their television ads during the holiday will be turned away by China's state owned television network. the next lunar year beginning in February will be the "year of the pig. nobody but me? But as much as I despise violence towards children. would you want your daughters boyfriend to hit her? I would think not. Related News Links: (links removed.. 2007 • page 17 of 33 . Although writer and director of the film Deborah Kampmeier says the movie doesn't actually show in detail the rape. visit the thread for external references) SHANGHAI — Companies looking to reach China's consumer market with pig images during Year of the Pig celebrations next month will have to adjust after a AboveTopSecret. don't send them to jail. according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. enough sir.

com Book of Threads for January. The Thai government says they don't have the money to buy the drugs from foreign drug companies. according to published reports. would you personally break the law to save them. what is a growing nation to do? They need treatment but cannot afford it. He does say August of 1979. the network banned a TV ad from Nestle SA featuring a smiling cartoon pig and the message. I wonder if they'll just eventually drop the "year of the pig" off their calendar all together. They announce that this move will save them 800 million baht or 24 million dollars. or let their people die? If your child were sick.thread264737/pg1 Thailand Goes Against Patent Laws To Treat AIDS Created by: grimreaper797 on January 29. flags: 7. 2007 • page 18 of 33 . that it must be that William Cooper is wrong? Some people claim Phil is a fake. drew flak from the drug industry but praise from AIDS activists. In addition to the "compulsory license" of Plavix." Health Minister Mongkol na Songkhla told reporters on Monday.thread264651/pg1 AboveTopSecret.. China must be truly afraid of its Muslim minority since they don't seem to show any "sensivitity" to ther minorities. such as the Falun Gong.S. However this guy William Cooper says that the same war happened in 1969. but i am sure that will be an interesting story too. the first time a developing country has torn up the international patent for such a treatment.thread264454/pg1 Thailands government released an official statement announcing they would be producing AIDS drug treatment themselves as well as a heart disease drug.. or let them die to respect the law? Link to thread: . I say right on. the Wall Street Journal reported.. replies: 123 I heard John Lear mention in passing about secret astronauts aboard the Apollo missions to the moon.. specifically Apollo I where Chaffe White and Grissom died. made by U.. flags: 7. copycat version of a blockbuster heart disease drug. China's 20 million Muslims comprise less than 2 percent of the population.... which seems to reinforce these videos somewhat. The move. China Central Television said it would ban all verbal and visual pork references from advertisements during Lunar New Year celebrations next month.Thailand's army-appointed government confirmed on Monday it approved a cheap. which Thai health officials said would save the country as much as 800 million baht ($24 million) a year. but this guy kinda backs him up by telling a similiar story.Subscription required to view entire article [edit on 1/26/2007 by djohnsto77] [edit on 2007/1/26 by Hellmutt] Link to thread: .national television network adopted a policy to be sensitive to the country's small Muslim population. BANGKOK (Reuters) .. So they must be talking about the same war.thread264895/pg1 Dulce Underground Base Alien War Question Created by: IronDogg on January 27.. "Happy new pig year. My question is where was there room for a fourth? Pretty cramped for three during take off. let alone four? Link to thread: . I haven't even began to look for Thomas Costello info. This week. As well I read the interview found in the link below. Cooper also mentions that 66 Delta Force were killed. When these companies are screwing people over by holding a monopoly on these drugs. Related News Links: (links removed. confirming newspaper reports that circulated last week. Bangkok approved a generic version of Abbott Laboratories' Kaletra.. :) Here is that interview link: Link to thread: . and European pharmaceutical giants BristolMyers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis. an HIV/AIDS treatment. visit the thread for external references) Secret Apollo Astronauts Created by: van001 on January 28. who consider pigs unclean animals.. These companies are expected to take them to court. So what do they do. replies: 28 -.. "We have to do this because we don't have enough money to buy safe and necessary drugs for the people under the government's universal health scheme. flags: 7.. but one of them has confused the date? I guess since Phil is so popular. the Journal reported. break the law for the good of their people. replies: 192 Phil Schnieder video talks about Dulce Labs War: William Cooper video talks about Dulce Labs War: The war that Phil Schnieder talks about in 1979 that killed 66 Delta Force." CCTV's ad department said the regulations are intended to avoid offending Muslims.

. and children using daycare centres. to celebrate someone's death like this is just shameless. visit the thread for external references) Related AboveTopSecret. flags: 7. In the February 1st edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases investigators from New York provide detailed information on three heterosexual couples where there was evidence of sexual transmission of MRSA and also provide details of a prospective. and they published an (links removed.. It seems like they don't care so much about helping Cuba anymore as they do waiting for Fidel to die. visit the thread for external references) (links removed.. Even when Castro dies. a Cuban American who came up with the idea. regardless of what happens next .. bleeding lung abscesses and flesh-eating disease.thread261302/pg1 Evidence has emerged of heterosexual transmission of community-acquired MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Transmission was thought to occur with skin-to-skin contact. Now. flags: 6. Equally clear. replies: 71 The company was called (links removed. flags: 6. the city of Miami is making plans to throw a party at a local football stadium when the Cuban president dies. and involves three separate cases. he said. visit the thread for external references) entry). where even themed clothing will be sold. I don't care how bad of a person he is. “Our study suggests that colonization of the genital area and heterosexual activity among adult members of an infected household may lead to recurrent infection within the household and may turn individual households into major potential reservoirs of infection in the rest of the community. Recently. replies: 44 "MIAMI .With Fidel Castro seriously ill. leader of the Miami-based Democracy Movement organization. Link to thread: . replies: 50 Miami city officials have discussed their plans for celebration in the event of death of the Cuban dictator. visit the thread for external references) Remember that Irish company claiming they had developed free energy? Created by: john_bmth on January 3. MRSA used to be only acquired in hospitals. com Book of Threads for January." City Commissioner Tomas Regalado. Fidel Castro. and it's called community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ca-MRSA). and sports equipment. This is the first report of heterosexual ca-MRSA transmission. "Clinical Infectious Diseases" investigators from New York report that "Communityassociated MRSA can be regarded as a sexually transmitted disease..com Discussion Threads: (links removed. worries about how the party would be perceived by those outside the Cuban exile community. We get rid of the guy. told The Miami Herald newspaper." "Ramon Saul Sanchez. military recruits. check out the (links removed. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: . visit the thread for external references) in The Economist. write the investigators.. "There is something to celebrate. visit the thread for external references) (links removed.Death of the Dictator Created by: SFRemmy on January 29.” Community-acquired MRSA epidemics are reported in sports team members. 2007 • page 19 of 33 . without abrasion." (links removed.. visit the thread for external references) Superbug "MRSA" Now Transmitted Sexually Created by: soficrow on January 6. community-based study involving individuals who had been diagnosed with communityacquired MRSA that found that the pubic region was the site of infection in 3% of cases. These discussions come to be announced after it's been learned that the Cuban leader has fallen seriously ill in recent weeks. it escaped into the community and is spreading around the world. but I'm not posting because I have any news on the topic (those who are unfamiliar with the claim. visit the thread for external references). sheets. our world is experiencing a period of rapidly accelerating microbial mutation.. Clearly.thread261720/pg1 AboveTopSecret. and with indirect contact with contaminated objects like towels. his communist government will still be in place." I find this really disgusting. “Community-associated MRSA can be regarded as a sexually transmitted disease”.thread264936/pg1 It causes pus-filled boil-like sores." Related News Links: (links removed. complete with themed T-shirts. I was just wondering if anyone's heard peep since it was announced? Link to thread: . Sorry to disappointed. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. we are entering the "Plague Time." ""(Castro) represents everything bad that has happened to the people of Cuba for 48 years. (links removed. Such plans include using the Orange Bowl as a party venue.

rosicrucian? Created by: newtimedo on January 15. There's more ideas to this i've had but that should do for now. i've been able to find information on every order. flags: 6. im not asking to know the teachings. (links removed. storage isn't a problem so full video 24/7 for weeks at a time is possible. they can start monitoring with the various software thats now available. i've read information from the organization. for instance i already have a webcam that easily converts to full colour plus infrared just by taking a small filter out.thread262719/pg1 AboveTopSecret..thread263604/pg1 OMG! Leaked footage from real alien incident in 1984.. Created by: Acharya on January 14. tmo. all I need to find is some good video recording and detection software. The idea is to setup a group who anyone can join and be given the information to setup a sky watching You probably have seen the re-inactment of the eposide where a US family filmed an encounter in 1984. but i'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter. replies: 161 I was pondering the supposed "end times". replies: 136 Sky Watch Project! Created by: just theory on January 20.? Will he be another Bush?. and all the speculation that Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden are the true antichrist..... I can imagine some cool configurations and projects that could be setup on a cheap budget. replies: 51 why can i not find out any information about you? either no one has ever left the organization or for some reason the internet doesnt post the pros and cons of this group..movement but not this one.thread263393/pg1 station at home. Could Barack Hussein Obama be the so-called antichrist that the bible speaks of? Are other prophecies such as nostradamus pointing to several head figures actually pointing to one individual with the combined names of them all? This is of course speculation by me at this point. if none is good enough or we want an all in one solution an open source project is possible! What do you lot think.S. its quite cool as some stuff is white or transparent and it picks up details it wouldn't normally. for the detection of unidentified flying objects and any interesting astronomical sights. com Book of Threads for January.Former members of amorc... anyone could setup a basic webcam sky monitoring station from their own window and using their pc or an old cheap one if needed. and other propecies) My question is this. so its not for kids.. now id like someone who was experienced in the order to tell me why they felt it didnt work for them. now it seems that the REAL footage has been released! The family actually shoots an alien. motorised telescopes with additional webcams for finding and tracking etc. motorised webcams. all I need to do is use a cheap old pc with linux or windows and setup a house window or back garden shed monitoring station. just why one may or may not chose to participate in the order Link to thread: ... Note: This is *NOT* the re-inactment with actors that has been posted before! There is some swearing. a main website can be setup using the wiki/digg style of user created content. flags: 6. ive read the wikipedia information. What do you think will happen if Barack gets elected president of the U. who's up for creating something like this? Link to thread: . 2007 • page 20 of 33 . (according to references of the bible. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 14-1-2007 by Acharya] Link to thread: . when someone does find something interesting we have various free video and image hosting sites now so thats not a problem. replies: 69 I had this idea many years ago but at the time the internet and cheap tech weren't quite ready for it. think of the stuff you could catch when thousands of people start monitor the skys 24/7! We now have reasonably cheap tech and massive amounts of storage space so why not put it to good use? Software can search and discard any worthless video and images so our job of finding stuff will be much easier. i know the information is secret but can someone please tell me why i cant find anyone or any sight to give me an unbiased view of the order. I've not replaced it with an infrared only filter either so it gets the full spectrum its capable of and the image is much brighter.religion. just one more thing. there might be something like this going but i've searched and its either hard to find or not really going on to the scale that would be useful. again i respect the privacy issue. or worse? **Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum** Link to thread: .thread262896/pg1 Barack Obama = Antichrist? Created by: Kingalbrect79 on January 18. flags: 6. flags: 5. like webcam to telescopes.

As Besson says." says Cristine Besson.. "What can be done? When? How do we make it work?" Nothing can be gained by polarizing the debate before anyone comes to any agreement. Seizing the moment. resistance and an ability to disseminate at large. These middle-grounders are bringing sense to an important debate . This particular superbug is a bacteria called community-associated methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA). hemorrhagic pneumonia or flesh-eating disease. outbreaks already have occurred in B. and can cause hemorrhagic pneumonia or flesh-eating disease in rare cases. with infections reported in Toronto.and scientists holding the middle ground are entering the fray. former Vice President Al Gore and some scientists have portrayed the growing human influence on the climate as an unfolding disaster that is already measurably strengthening hurricanes.com Discussion Threads: (links removed. resulting from necrotizing pneumonia. Montreal and Quebec City.while some environmentalists claim catastrophe is already upon us. Manitoba and Ontario. The organism is an "old foe with new fangs: a pathogen combining virulence. spreading diseases and amplifying recent droughts and deluges. says "What keeps me going is my belief that there is still a chance of avoiding catastrophe. replies: 38 Some people deny climate change is happening at all. many environmental campaigners. A third stance is now emerging.calming tempers .and focusing on pragmatic action. and human activities do have an impact . Debate is heating up in the scientific community because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is writing the final draft for its latest assessment of global warming . imo. 2007 • page 21 of 33 . Conservative politicians and a few scientists. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: .C. Hume writes.and it's crossing the border into Canada without a passport. flags: 5. The bacteria cause large boil-like infections.thread261414/pg1 AboveTopSecret." Dr.. They're asking questions like. espoused by many experts who challenge both poles of the debate. visit the thread for external references) Related AboveTopSecret. Canada has had two CA-MRSA related fatalities. Alberta. flags: 5." The discourse over the issue has been feverish since Hurricane Katrina. unproved or a manufactured crisis. Holdren. As Dr. visit the thread for external references) (links removed." (links removed. Scientists like John P. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. Time to move forward. com Book of Threads for January. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. have variously countered that human-driven warming is inconsequential. not a problem to be solved. is poised to "emerge in force" in Canada. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. we knew at one point it was going to go through the border." Related News Links: (links removed. "I believe climate change is real. must be faced and action taken. many with ties to energy companies.. "Bacteria are more dangerous than terrorists. In Canada. visit the thread for external references) A superbug that is popping up in locker rooms and day cares in the U. we'll be under water or maybe frozen.but.thread261301/pg1 The superbug is epidemic in US locker rooms and daycares . But the discourse of catastrophe is in danger of tipping society onto a negative. But the questions remain: What changes do we need to make? How do we make them? Link to thread: . but insist it's a totally natural cycle . an infectious disease specialist and professor of medicine at the University of Calgary and his colleagues wrote. "The minute we saw that it was starting in the States. replies: 42 Superbug Epidemic in US Now Threatening Canada Created by: soficrow on January 4. whatever the cause(s) and final impact(s). others acknowledge that it is. president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and energy and environment expert at Harvard.S. Saskatchewan. or lung abscesses.Climate Change: Finding the Middle Ground Created by: soficrow on January 3. Symptoms include large boil-like infections and in 'rare' cases. "Bacteria are more dangerous than terrorists. meant to prevent and manage outbreaks.." Middle-grounders tend to say that humancaused global warming is a risk to be reduced. John Conly. Which will be a big problem for everyone on the planet. depressive and reactionary trajectory.. doctors warn. The Canadian Medical Association Journal just published new guidelines for health-care workers. Middle-grounders say climate change is real.

replies: 117 Daughter Child-Size Might as well start this thread up. or feed herself. was 69 degrees at about 2:30 p. and is fed through a tube.Parents Surgically Keep Their Weird Weather Watch 2007 Created by: DSO on January 7. Her parents have had multiple surgeries performed which have prevented breast growth. to assure their relationship and their ability to properly care for their daughter." Ian Robertson. Please post any out of the ordinary weather events and observations here. the park lost up to 3. these surgeries are being performed to assure the best possible care that her parents can provide. About three weeks ago. had more trees knocked down by Friday night's windstorm. I am uncertain to what I believe. visit the thread for external references) Vancouverites spent their Saturday in what is becoming a familiar ritual: Tallying up the damage from a powerful storm. walk. very quickly. and also a hysterectomy. (links removed. Related News Links: (links removed. In New Jersey. And while many cheerfully enjoyed the unseasonal treat.S. com Book of Threads for January.. visit the thread for external references) been happening around the world. "there could be very many more that came down in the centre of the park. they could allow their child to grow as anyone else. I request you read the article fully. medial journal. Ashley weights approximately 65 pounds.thread261801/pg1 AboveTopSecret. She cannot walk. flags: 5. On one hand we have a child who is being picked at from several angles to prevent natural growth. The temperature at Logan International Airport in Boston. flags: 5. The ethical questions are on the forefront and a young girl's life hangs in the balance. Trenton and Atlantic City. talk. chair of the Vancouver Park Board. replies: 114 Ashley. While about one dozen were removed from roadways. named Ashley. (links removed. the city's crown jewel. (links removed. At this point in time. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 4/1/2007 by Mirthful Me] Link to thread: . Some areas of the park looked like loggers had clear-cut them. records set in 1950 were broken in Newark. (links removed. should the parents step aside to assure the optimal life for their daughter? If they allowed someone else to care for her. (links removed. She has shown to sign of mental maturation since she was 3 months old. visit the thread for external references) Snow-weary Colorado was hammered with its third snowstorm in as many weeks.thread261455/pg1 Another Pacific storm was expected to bring heavy rain and high-elevation snow to the Cascades on Sunday. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 7-1-2007 by DSO] Link to thread: . At this point. sit up. However. Its going to be a busy year. others pondered what it all means for Canada's national identity. suffers from a type of brain damage doctors call static encephalopathy that will not improve.. girl with the mental ability of a three-month-old baby are defending their reasons for using medical treatments to keep their daughter child-sized for the rest of her life. Here are a few stories Canada: Canada's typically harsh winter weather continued to spare most of the country over the weekend as mild conditions prevailed instead of the snow and deep freeze many would expect at the start of January. keep her head up... who suffers from static encephalopathy which leaves her unable to speak. Massachusetts. visit the thread for external references) USA: Albany International Airport hit 71 degrees. told CTV Vancouver. Her parents claim that they will not be able to assist her much longer if she continues to grow. When the doctors published the information in the U.m. I can see this being a very heated topic. in light of what has Created by: chissler on January 4. a 9 year old American. according to the National Weather Service. I look forward to hearing the opinions of our member's.000 trees from a vicious windstorm (there are an estimated one million trees in the 400-hectare park). So the question becomes. and we just haven't had an opportunity to determine the damage at this point. Stanley Park. 2007 • page 22 of 33 .S. (links removed. Before anyone begins to offer any opinions. people began to grow very upset. The severely disabled Seattle girl. while the East Coast was forecast to cool off after record-setting temperatures. complicating recovery efforts from back-to-back blizzards and raising fears that livestock losses would keep mounting. visit the thread for external references) Parents of a nine-year-old U. Or is it their right to make these decisions for their daughter.

their goal is to identify "primes": DNA sequences and chains of amino acids so dangerous to life that they do not exist..US Military Funds Geneticist Searching for DNA "So Dangerous It Does Not Exist" Created by: soficrow on January 5. and have therefore been selected out of circulation. were discovered years ago. is leading the project . We're looking for those sequences.. Thanks RT " A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% noncoding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. visit the thread for external references) The DNA so dangerous it does not exist Could there be forbidden sequences in the genome ones so harmful that they are not compatible with life? One group of researchers thinks so." Professor Greg Hampikian. and its own immune system that vigorously resists all our anti-cancer drugs. Non-coding sequences. visit the thread for external references) Related News Links: Related AboveTopSecret. The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth. "It's like looking for a needle that's not actually in the haystack. passed from generation to generation. originally known as "junk DNA". for example. perhaps because they bind some essential cellular component. Unlike most genome sequencing projects which set out to search for genes that are conserved within and between species. In human DNA.and already has received a $1 million grant from the US Department of Defense. says Prof. computer programmers. but could be based on primes that would be easy to detect using a simple kit. the group leader.. professor of genetics at Boise State University in Idaho.. flags: 5. replies: 64 Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA Created by: Realtruth on January 8. More of the article follow the link. visit the thread for external references) (links removed. flags: 5. I like to hear what others think on this discovery and if anyone else has heard similar findings.com Discussion Threads: (links removed. and other learned scholars. mathematicians. Sam Chang.thread261603/pg1 AboveTopSecret. a geneticist at Boise State University in Idaho. they constitute larger part of the total genome. The apparent “extraterrestrial junk genes” merely “enjoy the ride” with hard working active genes. because they are so dangerous they are "not compatible with life. I found this really interesting article today while surfing. replies: 82 The hunt is on to find hidden sequences in the human genetic code that have been selected out. (links removed. arteries. Such tags would not necessarily have to consist of lethal sequences. 2007 • page 23 of 33 .. com Book of Threads for January. and their function remained a mystery.. There may also be some that are lethal in some species. Why "look" for DNA dangerous to life unless the intent is to sequence it for military use? (links removed. After comprehensive analysis with the assistance of other scientists.thread261972/pg1 [edit on 5-1-2007 by soficrow] [edit on 5/1/2007 by Mirthful Me] [edit on 5/1/2007 by Mirthful Me] Link to thread: ." says Greg Hampikian. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is “Off-world” in origin. visit the thread for external references) I think as everyone works together and finds bits and pieces of a universal puzzle we will one day soon be able to see the whole picture of the puzzle." Hampikian . who is leading the project.has already received a $1 million grant from the US Department of Defense to develop a DNA "safety tag" that could be added to voluntary DNA reference samples in criminal cases to distinguish them from forensic samples. "There must be some DNA or protein sequences that are not compatible with life.” " [edit on 8-1-2007 by Realtruth] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Replaced quote with 'ex' tags [edit on 8/1/07 by masqua] Link to thread: . The alien chunks within Human DNA. Professor Chang further observes. Professor Chang had wondered if the apparently “junk Human DNA” was created by some kind of “extraterrestrial programmer”. from moulds to fish to humans. “have its own veins. but not others.

com Book of Threads for January. 2007 • page 24 of 33 . The first occurred at 9: 02 and 13 seconds with another following at 9:02 and 23 seconds.W. and this is a certifiable fact. to Manfestly Absurd! How long are people going to be fooled by this stuff? Here a quote of his about the battle at Duce: "He also says that 66 "Delta Force" soldiers (from both the US and NATO countries) died that day in the underground base fighting the aliens. I the newest video he says: "I was wearing regular cloths in a spacesuit environment. replies: 155 OK. Look at him and you will see TEN intact finger. not another name for black projects. "Bakini Attoll is an underground Island base for ET's"He wishes! Bakini Attoll was a nuclear test site. ten seconds apart. He claims in hs newest video to have lost his fingures. This works via a process that involves not one but two explosions. replies: 45 "He had also worked for the NATO Department of Geology and had a Rhyolite 38 Level 3 Security Clearance Factor which gave him total access global to all Deep Underground Military Bases and all Deep Underwater Military Bases.. which is not too much.org." Rhyolite has Nothing to do withunderground bases. This cloud is energized with what is described as a “high potential AboveTopSecret.. they say. and I'm denying the Phil Schnider nonsense. "My father was a U-baot captin who went on to build the USS Natulas and run the Philidelphia Experment" unliklely This is what I have unearthed up till now.Detachment Delta (links removed.thread263816/pg1 Phil Schnider Debunked! I'm tired of the lies! Created by: Ghost01 on January 23. five on each hand! Why does noone else notice these things? Tim [edit on 23-1-2007 by Ghost01] Link to thread: . and only three survived (including himself)." Was he wearing regular cloths or a Spacesuit? You can't do both at the same time. visit the thread for external references) "Undergound cities for government officialls all over the US" -Undegound shelters yes. wouldn't that be hard to do with PC software? What are your thoughts? It seems too good to be true. A more plausible explanation. but I don't know of any that are whole cities for 20'000+ people. ammonium nitrate and aluminium silicate. the first uses an explosive known as PETN which releases a lethal cloud of chemicals. " For the record ALL Delta Force soldures are from the USA! Delta Force is technially known as US Army 1st Special Operations Force. it's hard to move in a spacesuit.T.. B. this guy has made claims that range from Amusingly False. visit the thread for external references) My first impression was CGI. flags: 5. they repoted green lights hovering in the Sargasso Sea (Bermuda Triangle).Not even close enough to be amusing.. replies: 101 I just found this brand new photo on UFOEvidence. Time and time again.. He missed by 426 years! In this Video he says he was a geologist! Now. any more info? Created by: LaBTop on January 22. THAT'S IT! I had all the Phil Schnider BS I can take! Here at ATS we DENY Ignorance. known to most people as the Skunk Works" -BS The Skunk Work is a Devision of Lockheed Martin. It refers to NSA SIGINT Spy Sattelites. flags: 5. flags: 5. but two explosions. with just a few insiders knowledgeable about the subject : "Moreover many eyewitnesses reported not one. "I worked in government black projects. It seems to be a highly classified project. [edit on 21-1-2007 by fooffstarr] Link to thread: . what does a geologist have to do with ET's..January 2007 photo too good to be true? Created by: fooffstarr on January 21.thread264009/pg1 Barometric or A-neutronic bomb. this rules out the explanation of a truck bomb. What made me think again is the fact that the 3 photo sequence shows the object behind a tree line. How do you get an "Underground Island"? The definition of an island is a peice of land surrounded on all sides by water! "First UFO sighted in 1909 by Army calvery". The first written record of a "UFO" in the "New World" was a sighting by Columbus in 1492. According to General Partin and many explosive experts that investigator Ted Gunderson has spoken to. As you can imagin. so apologies if someone has already posted it (links removed. but we are going to think that from any 'good' UFO photos. Investigations at the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma revealed seismographic records indicating two explosions. is a barometric bomb.

000 Years Ago.S. Samuel Cohen. replies: 46 A new study led by author Xiahong Feng of Dartmouth College presents evidence that 14. Government and security services would have access to the know how to construct such a device. Feng explained. so if you live in Australia or north India or south china then you might have good chances of survival provided you have mobility and drinking water facility (though the Himalayas would provide the latter) [edit on 25-1-2007 by manchurian_candidate] Link to thread: .. because it achieved near-atomic explosive yields.I have found only 3 places on earth which are safe 1)the Himalayas 2)Australian outback 30antartica although if you take global warming into consideration then you might have to remove Antarctica and the outback as all ice would be melting and the outback would be a oven. Changes in wind patterns can in turn cause changes in temperature and precipitation patterns. flags: 5. or a briefcase a-neutronic bomb. as well as the Universities of California and Chicago owned a piece of the technology. [edit on 24-1-2007 by Muaddib] [edit on 24-1-2007 by UM_Gazz] Link to thread: ." Michael Riconosciuto & Ted Gunderson's 1986 Meeting with 'Tim Osman' (Osama bin Laden) " Link to thread: . which can alter circulation patterns in the atmosphere. but could be more easily miniaturized. However such a bomb would be beyond the scope of a supposed ‘lone nut’ like Timothy McVeigh. that they both (Riconosciuto and Lavos. In fact knowledge of how to construct such a device is available to only a few with the highest level of security clearance because the barometric bomb is still highly classified.000-36.. Global climate change has happened in the past and the changes were dramatic. (links removed.. 4th and 5th generation nuclear devices.electrostatic field. visit the thread for external references) “In this study.” said lead study author Xiahong Feng of Dartmouth College. or simply a lady's purse a-neutronic bomb. which are the measurements typically used to study past climates.. The Meridian Arms Corporation. about 14. Or just pull out your wallet for identification and..thread263937/pg1 factories and people were not driving their SUV's. and marine moisture came predominantly from the East Coast.away from nuclear contamination. the inventor of the neutron bomb. com Book of Threads for January. it is obvious we are going through another one and it appears that these changes are cyclical. You could have a suitcase a-neutronic bomb. flags: 5. replies: 148 Study Reveals Extreme Climate Change Happened 14.” A few seconds later there follows another blast using an explosive called PDTN that ignites the cloud created with a much greater force than TNT. Post nr 5 last part : "On possible other than nuclear devices used on 9/11 : The fabled a-neutronic bomb : "Riconosciuto's talents were much in demand.000 years ago changes in wind direction were a result of global climate change.. i think it is time to stop trying to blame "society and technology" and start using technology in a concious manner to plan and survive the dramatic changes that are ahead. the prevailing wind in this zone was easterly. 2007 • page 25 of 33 ." 3rd. said of Riconosciuto: "I've spoken to Michael Riconosciuto (the inventor of the aneutronic bomb) and he's an extraordinarily bright guy. This would account for the two blasts heard by witnesses and it would also explain the extensive damage caused by the explosion. Changing climate These changes in wind direction were the result of global climate change. we found evidence that during the last glacial period. He had created the a-neutronic bomb (or "ElectroHydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device"). The changes were so dramatic that wind patterns changed 180 degrees. I also have a hunch. which sank the ground level of the Nevada test site by 30 feet when a prototype was tested.. and precipitation patterns were changed around the world.thread264327/pg1 AboveTopSecret. In other words only those with a high level of security clearance in the U.pollution and civ itself." Riconosciuto's bomb made suitcase nukes obsolete.” The findings were detailed today in the online edition of the journal Geology. which I can't prove. Created by: Muaddib on January 24.thread264191/pg1 Where is the safest place on earth Created by: manchurian_candidate on January 25.000 to 36. back in a time when there were no To have the highest survival probability chances you must be in a safe environment. his partner) indirectly work for the CIA..000 years ago.000-36.

events that were far more rapid and dramatic than first thought. replies: 35 Montserrat's Soufriere Hills volcano..thread265121/pg1 It's been a bad year for Global Warming Alarmists. Several scientists. reporters just hung up on scientists who didn't agree with their beliefs . Weather Channel host Heidi Cullen made a strong bid to silence the opposition." but the reality is a bit different. How's that for support of scientific truth and free speech? In the past. Low level gas and ash venting from a vent on the western side of the dome is ongoing. I suspect that "The Weather Channel" have been a sounding board for the global warming alarmist's for some time now. Fortunately the prevailing wind direction remains E-W and the occupied areas of Montserrat have been largely unaffected by ash fall." Heidi Cullen gained earlier fame for hosting environmental writer David Roberts. "I don't know a single meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype. calling for the removal of AMS certification for meteorologists who challenged the belief in catastrophic humaninduced global warming.. flags: 5. (links removed. As there is a high possibility of a major dome collapse and associated pyroclastic flows." apparently herself unaware that in the southern hemisphere hurricanes do indeed rotate in this direction. Gages Valley and behind Gages Mountain. and less extreme temperature swings. large dome with: high levels of pyroclastic flow activity in other directions and/or high rates of dome growth. Cullen's statement immediately provoked outrage from meteorologists around the nation. flags: 4. the lava dome of Montserrat's has been growing. maybe banning all internal combustion engines is a bit hasty of a move. " According to the MVO. please check the following source: (links removed. " Ongoing pyroclastic activity has been observed on the northwestern sector of the volcano with pyroclastic flows in Tyres Ghaut. Researchers are finding more and more evidence of natural warming events in the earth's past. resulting in simultaneous pyroclastic flows in Gages Valley and in Tyres Ghaut and an ash cloud which reached an estimated 8. Even the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.. with arctic seal populations increasing. or intense earthquake swarms or tremor. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 30-1-2007 by the_sentinal] Link to thread: . 2007 • page 26 of 33 . or with tropical storm imminent or already affecting the island.. com Book of Threads for January.000 ft.. longer growing seasons. replies: 124 Global warming alarmist's and researchers are finding themselves at odds over new evidence that suggests that there are natural warming events in the earth's past. the government has started to evacuate hundreds of people living at the base of the Belham Valley. has finished its Fourth Assessment report. which has long been the most vocal supporter of climate alarmism. Recently. during the last 24 hours there have been no major changes. Related News Links: (links removed. (2. It's certainly not fair to have Nuremberg-style war crimes trials for those who disagree.Global Warming Debate Turns Ugly Created by: the_sentinal on January 30. researchers are growing more disgusted with the media's refusal to carry their message accurately. Evidence of the beneficial aspects of continues to mount.. with one of them angrily proclaiming. disgusted with the media's refusal to carry their mesage accurately. she compared global warming denial to "going on air and saying that hurricanes rotate clockwise. now they want to lynch them! I realize that this may fly in the face of some Al Gore fans but maybe we aren't the cause of the climate change after all. and cuts in half long-term predictions for sea level rise. they state they simply want "truth to out. or. " For further information. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: . Over the past weeks... if some of the evidence has been Volcano Watch 2007 Created by: Ptolomeo on January 5. visit the thread for external references) swept under the carpet. which lowers worst case estimates sharply. who openly called for Nuremberg-style war crimes trials (complete with death sentences) for any scientist brave enough to dispute the public hysteria on global warming. Is it any wonder environmentalists are getting even more emotional in the debate? In public.thread261590/pg1 AboveTopSecret.500 m). The most significant event began at about 15:24 (local time). (visit the thread to view linked images) " Alert level is at 4: Large unconfined dome actively growing towards the north or west. In it. have begun writing letters and books.

a 67 year old. Police became suspicious and discovered two men hiding in the sleeper cab of the 18-wheeler. One Fox reporter is now also stating they are not here legally as was thought. sources said. and the driver of the vehicle. if they are having a food shortage. Now all we need is (links removed. "At this time we don't know why they were here. or quite honestly even if the driver knew that the two men were back there. there would be no adverse effects to health and it would be an experiment that we could abandon at any stage. All three men are of Middle Eastern descent.. which can feed up to eight people.Port Of Maimi Locked Down (Possible terror Alert) Created by: shots on January 7. I'm not for or against vegetarianism (frankly. visit the thread for external references) The container truck was stopped near the cargo-area entrance to the port around 8 a.... flags: 4. ." Source . Moreover. The Miami bomb squad is now enroute to the scene. (links removed. Calvert calculates that the animals we eat emit 21% of all the carbon dioxide that can be attributed to human activity. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: .. "Worldwide reduction of meat production in the pursuit of the targets set in the Kyoto treaty seems to carry fewer political unknowns than cutting our consumption of fossil fuels. They hope to begin breeding these giant rabbits. to help with their food shortages. who had valid port identification. We could therefore slash man-made emissions of carbon dioxide simply by abolishing all livestock.m. Very few details are available e at this time. visit the thread for external references) Could changing our diets actually help deter global warming? (1/5 is a whooping number. flags: 4. Recently the North Koreans have reached out to an East German man who has been breeding rabbits the size of dogs. what they were planning to do. The men are believed to be in the country legally and were being questioned by the FBI.. The driver reportedly is of Iraqi descent and one of the other two is a Lebanese national. replies: 59 This topic crosses borders between forums." Harmeyer said. I'm still working it out for myself)." he says. flags: 4." (emphasis mine) (links removed. Fox news is now reporting the bomb Squad is expected to arrive on the scene within the next 10-15 minutes tune into Fox for further breaking details...thread261785/pg1 It is well known that North Korea has a severe problem with food shortages. "Karl Szmolinsky..Spiegel I wonder though. When police determined the drivers answers did not seem right they then searched the truck and found two other indivudals of middle Eastern Descent hidding in the sleeper cab of the truck.) AboveTopSecret. replies: 34 Three men hae been arrested after the Port of Miami authories became suspecious when one man an Iraqi National stated he was alone and asked for a day pass to enter the port. 2007 • page 27 of 33 . so I'm not quite sure where it goes. what will they feed the giant rabbits with? Here is a link with more on the story including pictures: (links removed. com Book of Threads for January. so it is hard to comment on it. however this article brings to light an interesting statistic: " Writing in this month's Physics World. replies: 61 Feeding North Korea with Giant Rabbits Created by: Terapin on January 13.. but I think he may have said that buy accident??? [edit on 1/7/2007 by shots] Link to thread: . all things considered.. Note: The story is now updated and one of the individuals had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. visit the thread for external references) I bet we will also see some giant rabbit fur clothing coming soon from the North Koreans. East German pensioner that has bred rabbits the size of dogs for 47 years was asked by North Korea's ambassador whether he might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea. was questioned by authorities.. the third is also believed to be Middle Eastern and early reports stated authorities have a warrant out for one of the three but none of the detained is on a terror watch list.thread262629/pg1 Cut Global Warming by being a Vegetarian? Created by: Diseria on January 22.

FDR set up the Civilian Conservation Corps to put Americans to work during the worst of the Great Depression (1929-1936).Obviously jobs would be lost and gained. There is just one problem with that idea. I’m sure that’s what we were supposed to be reminded of when Mr. In today’s world of adversarial politics where the goal is to achieve total power. Use the oil. To make the existing oil last a little longer. I've predicted a near future situation in which the Federal authorities have almost total power. I foresee that our elected officials will excersize even more jurisdictions than they do today. soy. in light of the Mad Cow and the Bird Flu issues -. when supplies run low. Stepping back and taking in the big picture. The millions put to work by this addition to our growing bureaucracy would constitute the largest pro-government voting block in the country. lubrication. And it would give people across America who do not wear the uniform a chance to serve in the defining struggle of our time.. Read this article: (links removed. there are more sinister undertones. or the energy required to produce the fertilizers that will be required.. “One of the first steps we can take together is to add to the ranks of our military—so that the American Armed Forces are ready for all the challenges ahead. military. Federal power grows… again. Bush spoke those words. I. Such a corps would function much like our military reserve. flags: 4. Back in the day. In my published work. The longer it was in effect. “ As he called for these military increases. the more AboveTopSecret. hops. It would ease the burden on the Armed Forces by allowing us to hire civilians with critical skills to serve on missions abroad when America needs them. The indoctrination of such a large and loyal following wouldn’t be hard.S. Tonight I ask the Congress to authorize an increase in the size of our active Army and Marine Corps by 92.thread264041/pg1 President Bush went before a joint session of Congress on January 23 to give his 2007 State of the Union address. we risk the creation of a politically correct cadre that could one day turn on us. do not want to pay more for beer and Fritos so that my F-150 can burn E85! Nonsense. Don't use food to run your car! And I haven't even gotten into the issue of the energy requirement to produce.. In the long run. he did call for an increase in the size of the U. In this portrayal. replies: 85 Is ethanol really a good idea? Created by: darkbluesky on January 23. Indirectly. economic. Saw a little triva fact on the news last night.” A civilian reserve corps? That one made me think. because of the huge demand for corn and the high price it commands.000 in the next five years. and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.maybe this is the better route to go? What do you think? Link to thread: . for one. As expected. and a general social change would have to come into serious being for this to _ever_ take any meaningful effect.. I don't like the idea of using food to produce fuel for vehicles. However. visit the thread for external references) [edit on 1/23/2007 by darkbluesky] Link to thread: . com Book of Threads for January. we are going to move away from a resource (oil) that has only 2-3 major uses (fuel. alternatives that make technical. It’s really not hard to see where this might lead. trasport. “A second task we can take on together is to design and establish a volunteer Civilian Reserve Corps. he also pitched an idea that sent a shiver down my spine. plastics) and move towards a resource (food) that we all need to survive? When more and more farmers begin growing corn instead of wheat. Corn prices are already rising steeply. the Federal government could become the single largest employer in the nation. barley. If we follow through with this CRC. ecological sense will be devolped. alfalfa.thread263932/pg1 Civilian Reserve Corps: Threat or Fantasy? Created by: Justin Oldham on January 24. Bush set to announce his call to cut gasoline usage by 20% tonight during the SOTU address. and distill the corn. 2007 • page 28 of 33 . what will happen to the market for these other grains? They will be in short supply and the prices will rise. I thought it would be a good time to discuss the biofuels issue. or the detrimental effects of over farming. we run the risk of having a “Civilian Reserve Corp” become much more than a new form of civil service. flags: 4. etc. The amount of corn required to produce 32 gallons of ethanol (enough to fill pick-up or SUV) will feed one person for one year. replies: 50 With Mr. As bad as this could be.

Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline was once again posted on the dreamlandresort.serve. Those who would not serve the regime willingly could still be made to perform manual labor in service to “the cause. George Knapp. In most cases. I still do have some unanswered questions. One person that still totally and adamantly supports Bob Lazar's claims is KLAS-TV Eyewitness News anchorman. there might only be one State sanctioned ideological group allowed to hold power. this means they won’t be able to refuse orders…or…stop a civilian coupe. (www. America’s 21st century post-industrial military is undergoing a slow but methodical transformation into a more politicized force. CRC members could assume many non-combat support roles. If the professional core of the force has no control over its rear echelon functions.htm) As I said above. (it could be the way the photo was taken). Party members would be held in high regard while others would be viewed with suspicion and contempt.” The CRC’s potential enhancement of Federal power could also mean that our armed forces are undermined. Loyal judges would have no trouble justifying the State’s actions. It’s quite likely that CRC members would hold too much power over them. is that the man in the video looks a little different than the picture in John's Avatar. Under these prognosticated conditions. personally.com recently. In the end. although there are still some who hold on to the belief that Bob Lazar was who he said he was and that he did everything that he claimed.serve. There would be class struggle. In every case.com/mahood/lazar/timeline. it wouldn’t be hard for a future President to over-step their Constitution authority. Perhaps John could help us with this video. flags: 4. In the video. 2007 • page 29 of 33 . and of course. If we allow the Federal government to assume so much authority that it endangers the private sector. isn't it? Tim [edit on 1/29/2007 by Ghost01] Link to thread: . This may seem like a lot to expect for such a modest proposal. thanks to Gary Sellani.htm) However.Is this you? Created by: Ghost01 on January 29. not everyone is familiar with Gene Huff's 1995 rebuttal of Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar. com Book of Threads for January. Bob's friend.fanatical its membership would be. But. Gene Huff. the whole world had already been familiar with Tom Mahood's timeline of Lazar.thread264864/pg1 The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51 Created by: Norio Hayakawa on January 29... It is real. As for Bob Lazar's timeline. (www. replies: 50 (isit the thread to view linked videos) I just found this video interview on YouTube with John Lear in it! What surpised me.. None of the 50 State governments would be able to refute or oppose any Federal mandates. They were quite useful. July 5. The Axis powers that plunged the world in to global war had their own versions of the Civilian Reeve Corps. Federal forces (military) could easily be used to bring rogue elements back in to line. Even so. too. we risk losing our economic freedoms. I still have some unanswered questions on Bob Lazar: AboveTopSecret. it’s worth noting that small beginnings can eventually result in larger outcomes. The main problem for me is that what is being said isn't very clear on my computer. Those who failed to swear undying loyalty might find themselves classified as a danger to the people. Is Bob Lazar a total fraud? I am still not sure on this.com/mahood/lazar/synopsis. they functioned as efficient brainwashing mechanisms while allowing the State to find and neutralize political dissidents. Patriotic laws. this has meant the introduction of political officers as overseers and propagandistic indoctrination programs for officers and enlisted personnel.thread264192/pg1 John Lear. By stension. History teaches us that industrialized tyrannies have always needed to keep their national armies on a short leash. and a diabolical form of elitism that would prey on victims and perpetrators alike.. which he published in 1994. If we should allow our national defense to become trivialized and of no threat to power-hungry leaders…we will have only ourselves to blame.… Link to thread: . it will be less likely to oppose Federal policy. John seems to be discussing Area 51 and some of Lazar's work. flags: 4. The fact is that Bob Lazar has been categorized as a fraud by most so-called UFO researchers and the public-at-large. Las Vegas real estate appraiser. and verdicts from military commissions would all serve the interests of the State as agents of Homeland Security rushed to carry out the bidding of their masters. 2006 I am not here to defend nor to put Bob Lazar down. warrantless investigations. replies: 28 "The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51 "scientist") by Norio Hayakawa.

And the actions by the Border Patrol supervisor. "Our intention is to save lives. but Francisco Rivera. Ariz. flags: 3. 2007 • page 30 of 33 . Arizona. the agent said. Union officials claim that access allowed the Mexican officials to frame the agent using false testimony. (links removed.. The agent had three immigrants inside a vehicle and three on the ground.. real estate appraiser.S. This was made possible through Bob's friend. Those who get lost or fall sick during the dangerous four-day crossing will be able to activate the device.. I recall reading somewhere a long time ago about a comment President Reagon made." said Brandon Judd. com Book of Threads for January.S. "The Mexican consulate was allowed to coach the witnesses.It was on February 21. flags: 4.thread262749/pg1 Cold-blooded murder..thread264970/pg1 Our law enforcement are being asked to do a job and then hobbled in their efforts to do it. president of Local 2544. "Now the agent is in jeopardy because these witnesses were allowed to solidify their stories as the Mexican consulate coached them to do. Now the FBI is investigating the incident. Illegal Migrants Will Now Use High Tech GPS Devices Thanks To The Mexican Government Created by: shots on January 2.900 Customs and Border Protection agents in Southern Arizona. investigators. And there have been charges that the Mexican Consulate was allowed to improperly interview the detainees while they were being held in jail. "Jaime Obregon. to alert frontier police on both sides of the border. That's what Mexico claims happened along the Arizona border after an argument between a 22-yearold illegal immigrant and the Border Patrol agent who tried to arrest him. Trimmed BIG cut/paste and added link and 'ex' tags [edit on 30/1/07 by masqua] Link to thread: . the Mexican state behind the project. He fired one shot. will be given handheld GPS devices according to Jaime Obregon. The Mexican government is claiming "cold blooded murder". FBI Investigates Created by: jsobecky on January 30. to allow the Mexican consulate to question these detainees was an illegal and outrageous violation of procedure. Darcy Olmos. visit the thread for external references) Im trying to find out more but havent had any luck on the web. and was attempting to place them under arrest when he was threatened by one of the illegals. age 22 refused to comply. who want to cross the Northern Border of Mexico into the U. flags: 3. Related News Links: (links removed.. replies: 52 Illegal migrants. Gene Huff. visit the thread for external references) Link to thread: . when a 39year-old border agent tried to arrest seven illegal aliens near Naco. which represents 90 percent of the 2. Authorities in Mexico are predicting that approximately 200.. Kills Illegal Immigrant. This failure to secure our borders is one of the most blatant failures of this Congress and administration.000 devices will be handed out when the project is launched this year. The local border patrol union claims self-defense and fears the agent is about to be railroaded after Mexican officials were given unrestricted access to the witnesses before U. He and his staff were getting an exclusive screening of the movie Close Encounters. coordinator for the state commission for migrants in Puebla. It was said that Reagon turned to someone and said "you dont know how real this is" something like that. visit the thread for external references) Illegal immigrants planning to cross the desert and enter the US on foot are to be given hand-held satellite devices by the Mexican authorities to ensure they arrive safely. AboveTopSecret. Witness the recent National Guard incident. (links removed. Coordinator for the State Commission for Migrants in the Mexican State of Puebla. killing the illegal immigrant.thread265097/pg1 Border Patrol Shoots. replies: 38 President Reagon's remarks during screening of movie "Close Encounters" Created by: admriker444 on January 14. It was clearly a case of self defense. replies: 39 A single US Border Patrol apprehended seven illegal immigrants near Naco. 1990 that a crew of Nippon Television Network (NTV) of Japan and I (total of 7) had an opportunity to visit and interview Bob Lazar at his residence in Las Vegas. Anyone provide some links or further insight on this ? Link to thread: .. told the London Telegraph." The incident happened two weeks ago..

in my next segment--if I'm still alive! (I say that tongue-in-cheek. I don't have time to bask in past my glory. I served for several years in one of the armed forces. And this is going to burst the bubbles of all the ufologists. at the centerpoint. I would--I think you understand. lets just go with the generic "Mr. (I almost refered to Area 51 by it's confidential name! Can't do that!) But. Even though my tasks were menial and mundane--to say the least--just." Now. These--are some disturbing stuff. I would be tortured. I think you will understand that that is not at all possible. before I get into the meat of what I have to say...thread261703/pg1 AboveTopSecret. But. I have not seen a single speck of evidence that suggests that extraterrestrials of any kind have ever visited this planet.. this is a transcript: Hello there. flags: 3. anyway. I became an employee of what is popularly known as "Area 51. "Our intention is to save lives. "There are lots of people looking to cross and we are working with the US authorities to make sure they do not die on the way. I still feel the need to dispell some popular rumors about Area 51. but that he knows that they use UFO's as disinformation to divert the public attention from their true secret military programs. Now. the nucleus of American military might. Luckily he has made transcripts of his posts so far. Anyway. But before I digress. is part of the special military force that guards the perimeter of the facility.." First it was handing out comic books to aid the illegal's and now they are going to use our own GPS satellites to aid them :shk: Kind of makes you wonder what comes next.. " My life behind one of the most guarded fences in the world (or what little I can tell of it). I said that I was an employee of Area 51. He claims that he has never seen any UFO's at the base. Dying for it would be trivial. Due to circumstances that will remain undisclosed. The audio is barely audiable as it is scrambled since the person in question is afraid to be exposed. given the sensitive nature of what I am attempting to undertake here.The satellite tracking service will require would-be illegals to register their intentions before setting off — a paradoxical move. I will use an alias. So.. in the fact that I work for the governmental entity that exists in side the base. But first off. because a dark time would come thereafter--and that's what I need to get off my chest. And you will understand why. visit the thread for external references) continues below. Since I am stressed for time and lacking imagination. I don't mean to sound self-righteous. com Book of Threads for January. the co-ordinator for the state commission for migrants in Puebla. I was overjoyed at the opportunity serve my country at this elite level. X. [edit on 6-1-2007 by Acharya] [edit on 6-1-2007 by Acharya] Link to thread: . the Mexican state which is behind the project. you are probably wondering why I feel the need to do this. I am not an employee of Area 51 per se. until next time. hidden airfields where secretly chartered aircraft can land? This is very disturbing news when you consider recent rumors that have stated some members of the house and senate want to hand out blanket amnesty to all those all ready in our country and cut off the funding that was allocated to build a new fence along the border isn't it? It is just a guess on my part. without being too specific.. How our government officals can allow another country to openly conspire against the US is just down right stupid." said Jaime Obregon. What's often known in Area 51 lore as the "camo dudes. given that secrecy is necessary for success — but Mexican authorities are predicting that about 200. " (links removed.. just to be there. replies: 118 For four days now a person claiming to be a Area 51 employee has been posting on YouTube." I'm one of them. I would like to offer you my real name.. I've seen black ops within Area 51 perpetrating UFO hoaxes to divert attention from their genuine projects and opperations. I've seen the exact opposite. I feel the need to dispell some popular.) But you will understand why they are so intent to divert attention away.000 devices will be handed out when the project is launched formally in the coming year. Godspeed. 2007 • page 31 of 33 . but I assume that is perhaps what gave them the idea to hand these devices out so they could increase their numbers even further once those already here are made legal. because I believe I am just about out of time for now. For those having difficulty understanding what I am saying. I am a true patriot.:dn: [edit on 1/2/2007 by shots] Link to thread: .thread261144/pg1 Confessions of a Area 51 employee Created by: Acharya on January 6. but it's the truth." Needless to say. and I'll save that for my next segment. What I am. I love my country. and I love serving it. but in my tenure as an Area 51 employee. First of all. However. I need to correct something that I said earlier. The fact is.. I would do anything for my country. In fact.

legal analysts said. those who deny the Nazi slaughter of Jews AboveTopSecret. com Book of Threads for January. what are your thoughts on the 2 major parties? I personally am over the moon that Kevin Rudd has taken over from Beazley in Labor. The German Government is about to embark on a venture that would have done the Nazi's proud. IMHO. European leaders have been unanimous in condemning those who deny the Holocaust. I would love to hear what you all think of this information. the German Government is trying to create legislation that will force all 27 nations of the EU to impose jail-time on "Holocaust Deniers".. Oceania. but how much longer will he be around? If he wins this next election i have the fear that he may stand down as PM. (links removed. and Eastasia. Conquering other nations by re-writing their laws and introducing draconian legislation that will curb forms of free-thinking on the European continent. Zypries said the proposal. Link to thread: . and they sharply criticized the Iranian government for sponsoring a recent conference that sought to cast doubt on it. Eurasia.. Unifying the handling of hate crimes in countries with vastly different legal cultures could prove difficult. replies: 26 Germans Force "Thought Crime" on EU Created by: Beelzebubba on January 14. Using it's position in the EU..thread262745/pg1 Australian Politics . she said. we can't win with the Liberals. Perhaps if they are successful we will eventually have three "super-states" to control us..” she said. flags: 3. she said. Ms. flags: 3. So which way do you swing? :P Link to thread: . Surely there are still nations in Europe with enough backbone to shout down this ridiculous attempt to control their laws. leaving us with slimeball Costello. replies: 35 I don't know if this has been posted or even explored here before.. Created by: Realtruth on January 14. would also seek to criminalize racist declarations that are an incitement to violence against a person or group. but I sure would have love to see it myself..thread263095/pg1 “We have always said that it can’t be the case that it should still be acceptable in Europe to say the Holocaust never existed and that six million Jews were never killed.. I found the Documentary to be very interesting and fairly credible. And without a drop of blood. flags: 3. The aim. In the shadow of the upcoming election.. replies: 76 Lately ive been hearing that Televsion has certain ways to hypnotize you either in certain symbolism (use of magical sigils) use of cartoons that have violent imagery.What if TV was a version of mind control? Created by: capsitan on January 7. I did a search and couldn't find anything but if it has mods can delete this post.thread261748/pg1 Mass Sighting of Water Sucking UFO's . flags: 3. use of frequency modulation? to change the brain waves of the humans watching them. was to harmonize national legal systems in their approach to combating racism and xenophobia. Could this be possible?? We do have alot of morons out there? I mean seriously look at some of these talk shows? How do they stay on? Link to thread: . John Howard is still going strong after 10 years in Kirabilli house. 2007 • page 32 of 33 .Video Doc.. visit the thread for external references) Since there is no section for it i thought i would start a topic for Australian Politics.thread262806/pg1 [edit on 14-1-2007 by Realtruth] Link to thread: . visit the thread for external references) during World War II could face up to three years in prison if convicted. Under the German proposal. I just don't think this is possible. which will be debated by the bloc’s justice ministers in the next six months. Personally.. They are my pick for the next election and i intend to vote to make it stick. because from experience i know there is a fair few Aussies on here. (links removed. replies: 40 Jailing Holocaust Revisionists in their own country is obviously not enough for the "guilt-ridden" German Government.Coalition vs Labor Created by: fooffstarr on January 17.

replies: 33 This is just a theory i've been working on. It didn't know too much about all of the technology because it wasn't designed as a teaching tool. flags: 3. When we bred and became larger we advanced. What if an escape pod caring one male child and one female child. or atleast the photo's were aloud the see look that way. Just a little theory i've been messing with in my head. They were taught enough to survive by the computer from the ship.Did we come from Mars or somewhere else? Created by: Royal76 on January 18..thread263353/pg1 AboveTopSecret. Link to thread: .. Adam and Eve came here from Mars or another planet. There is some evidence that Homosapiens and Neanderthals battled in some areas with Homosapiens eventually coming out the winners. com Book of Threads for January. 2007 • page 33 of 33 . Mars looks pretty dead. What if we are the survivors of an alien race from say Mars.

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