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Chapter One
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A Silver Saints MC Novella
Copyright © 2017 by Fiona Davenport
Cover designed by Elle Christensen.

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My Father’s Rival
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Also by Fiona Davenport
About the Author
My Father’s Rival


Jared “Mac” MacKenzie is used to making tough decisions as the

President of the Silver Saints MC. When a member of a rival MC
puts one of his brothers in a coma, he’ll do whatever it takes to
get answers—including kidnapping Bridget Pierce, their
president’s daughter.

B ridget

NUDGING the kitchen door open with my foot, since I was

holding two glasses of sweet tea in my hands, I stopped dead in
my tracks and it almost smacked me straight in the face. When
I’d arrived back at the compound, one of the prospects told me
that I’d have to wait to talk to my dad because he was busy. I
wasn’t surprised since I was used to playing second fiddle to club
business. It wasn’t that my dad didn’t love me––he absolutely
did––but he had a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders as
president of the Hounds of Hellfire MC.
Instead of complaining, I decided to make a batch of my dad’s
favorite drink—besides whiskey or beer. I was hoping it would
soften him up a little for whatever he’d called me to the
clubhouse to talk about. Only I was shocked that his meeting was
with the last person I ever expected to see there.
Jared “Mac” MacKenzie.
President of the Silver Saints MC.
My father’s rival.
And my secret crush ever since I first laid eyes on him a
year ago.
He was twenty years older than me, but that didn’t stop me
from fantasizing about what it would be like to be with him. To
run my fingers through his light brown hair. Feel those muscles
under my hands. Trace his tattoos with my fingers. Maybe my
tongue, too. To feel his beard scrape against my skin as he
claimed my mouth. And to tilt my head back and stare into his
pale green eyes and find them looking at me instead of through
me like I wasn’t even there.
He didn’t notice me gawking at him as he stormed through
the clubhouse, slamming the door on his way out. Had no idea I
took several steps forward, following after him until I heard the
roar of his motorcycle’s engine. Would never know that I
flinched when my dad called out my name because it pulled me
out of my Mac stupor and brought me back to reality. The one
where I knew I’d never have a chance with him.
“As if there was even a remote possibility of that ever
happening,” I mumbled to myself as I changed direction and
headed to my dad’s office. A man like Mac had no interest in a
girl like me, no matter how much dreaming I did about him. And
if he ever did, my dad would put a stop to it anyway. If I wasn’t
sure about it before, the thunderous look on his face when I
found him sitting behind his desk would have convinced me that
it was hopeless.
“Hey, Daddy. I made you some tea,” I said softly as I held a
glass out to him.
“Thanks, princess,” he grumbled, taking the drink from me
before he pointed at a chair. “Sit down. We need to talk.”
I did as he asked, just like always, crossing my ankles and
smoothing the knee-length skirt of my sundress over my legs
after I got settled in my seat. “Is everything okay?”
“No. Not even close.” My heart started to hammer in my
chest at his response. My dad wasn’t one to show weakness; not
even with me. Seeing the scared look on my face, he heaved a
deep sigh. “But it will be. Things are fucked up right now, but I’ll
figure a way out of it. I always do.”
I couldn’t imagine a situation that would get the best of him,
so I was quick to agree. “I’m sure you will, Daddy.”
“In the meantime, I need you to stick close to home more
than usual. The boys will keep an eye on you, like they
always do.”
“I’m supposed to start my new job next week,” I reminded
him. A feeling of dread started to creep over my skin.
“It’ll be easier on all of us if you’re here or at the house
instead of running around town. The job can wait.”
“I’m not asking you, Bridget. I’m telling you,” he growled.
“I don’t think they’ll be able to hold the job for me if it’s
going to be more than a week. The library’s already short-
staffed, and I was lucky they were willing to give me a week off
after graduation before I started.” My hands twisted in my lap as
I silently pleaded with him to understand. I really wanted
this job.
His deep blue eyes, the exact same color as mine, held a hint
of apology. But his face looked like it was carved from stone. “I
know how much you were looking forward to working there, but
your safety comes first. And I can’t risk having you in town that
much right now.”
“Does this have something to do with the Silver Saints MC?”
“It’s club business, princess.” Which meant I wasn’t going to
get any more of an explanation about what was going on; not
even if I lost my job over the situation. Whatever it was. “Stick
close to home. Stay alert. And stay the fuck away from anyone in
a Silver Saints cut. Especially Mac.”
Chapter One

M ac

“FUCKING HOUNDS,” I grunted as I used my fist to open the door

to my office. It flew back and smashed into the wall, startling the
tall, lanky man sitting behind my desk.
Kyle “Scout” West, my VP, took one look at my face and
frowned fiercely. “He refused?”
I lifted my chin as I rounded the desk and he stood to vacate
my spot. “Wouldn’t fucking budge.” Flopping down into my
chair, I stifled the impulse to smash something else. “Barely
acknowledged he even knew about the incident.”
Three days ago, Logan, my Road Captain, ended up in the
hospital after a fight broke out at a local street race. Seemed he’d
stepped in when another man got too rough with a woman, and
the other man had brought a baseball bat into the brawl.
All we knew about the motherfucker was that he had been
wearing a Hounds of Hellfire cut and Logan was in a fucking
coma so he couldn’t call out the bastard.
I wanted retribution—to teach the fucker how to treat a
woman and to never mess with a Silver Saint unless they wanted
the wrath of the entire MC to rain down on them. But the only
way to figure out the identity of the club member was through
their Prez. None of his members would betray the brotherhood.
Everyone knew that Pierce’s only weakness was his pampered
little princess of a daughter. I’d made the mistake of assuming
the jackass would be outraged that one of his men would
mistreat a woman.
“What next?” Scout asked. The rigid angles of his face were
made harsher by a deep scowl and his gray eyes were screaming
for blood. As if his appearance wasn’t intimidating enough, he’d
been a scout sniper in the marines and just about everyone
except me was at least a little afraid of him.
I had held on to a plan as a last resort, and I didn’t see any
other choice. “We take something from him to bargain with.”
Scout’s mouth quirked up at the corner, but it was a menacing
smirk. “Which of his sorry ass brothers do I get to put the
screws to?”
I shook my head and opened the laptop perched on the
desktop. “They aren’t good enough. Has to be someone he would
give anything to get back.” My fingers typed quickly until I found
what I was looking for. A local newspaper article about a book
drive put on at the library in town. Flipping the computer
around, I pointed to the screen where a small group was smiling
for the camera. A willowy, red head stood at the edge, her smile
bright but shy. “Bridget Pierce.”
“You want to go after his kid?” Scout asked, his tone
incredulous. “You have a fucking death wish, Mac?”
“She’s the only one with the amount of leverage we need.”
“Might be right about that,” he admitted gruffly. “But how
the fuck are we supposed to get our hands on her? He keeps her
locked up tight in her little castle or surrounded with his boys.
And unless he’s lost his damn mind, he’ll have her under extra
security after your meeting today.”
I leaned back in my chair and rubbed a hand over my beard,
thinking. “Their next run. May have beefed up her security, but
that will leave the compound a little thin.” I grinned mockingly
at Scout. “I’m thinking your skills have gotten a little rusty. A
mission like this is just what you need.” He’d use tranqs to clear
me a path and he’d do it at night, from as far as one thousand
yards away.
“Fuck you,” he snapped even as he returned my grin. “I’m a
fucking God with a rifle”—his smile turned lewd—“and any
other weapon. Just ask Cat.”
I rolled my eyes and flipped him the bird. Cat was Scout’s old
lady and I had zero desire to talk to her about his prowess beyond
a sniper rifle. “Get your ass outta my office.”

WE PARKED our hogs a mile away and loaded into a black van
driven by one of our prospects. He dropped us near the back of
the compound and then nestled the vehicle near the edge of the
surrounding woods.
It only took about ten minutes before we spotted two
members patrolling the electric fence surrounding their
property. One at a time, they fell to the ground as Scout’s silent
ammunition struck them.
“Probably got ten minutes before they send someone out to
check on those two,” Hack, an enforcer, informed me through
my ear bud. “After Scout takes them down, maybe another five
before they sound the alarm.”
I grunted a reply and crept up to the fence. Trading my riding
gloves for thick, complete leather ones, I nodded to the brother
with me, Grub. He handed me a pair of razor sharp, plastic wire
Reputation and appearance went a long way in protecting the
Hounds compound, and I knew they kept the electric charge at a
lower voltage because they felt secure in the other aspects. Still,
without the proper precaution, touching the crisscross metal
would knock me on my ass and keep me shuddering for a while.
With that in mind, I carefully cut a large arch into the fence,
then pulled it open and secured it with rubber clips. I tossed my
tools back to Grub and once again changed out my gloves. I went
with thin, black leather this time. It gave me more dexterity
since I didn’t need protection from the electricity at this point.
“Going in,” I murmured.
“Three minutes down,” Hack grumbled. “Move your ass and
don’t get caught.”
I didn’t take the time to respond with a scathing comment,
instead focusing on slipping through the hole I’d made. The
president of an MC usually lived at the clubhouse, unless he’s
got a family. Pierce was paranoid and didn’t want to be far, but
he didn’t want his precious daughter living in the clubhouse. So,
he’d built a private addition off the back.
Other than guards and a few prospects, most of the club was
helping with their current run because it was one of their biggest
clients. He hadn’t skimped on the protection though, and I knew
I’d have to deal with one or two guys if I tried to get inside on the
main floor.
A few days of recon had shown us which windows Bridget
seemed to pass by the most and we’d determined that her
bedroom was at the top right, the one with a balcony. At well
over six feet, it only took me a running leap to grab hold of the
bottom and pull myself up enough to shift my grip to the railing.
Spending hours at the gym and in the ring definitely paid off.
I shook my head in exasperation when I realized the sliding
glass door was unlocked. The kid was clueless. Silently, I slid it
open and stepped into the moonlit room. I scanned the space
until my eyes landed on the bed, then shuffled over until I stood
at the side.
Fuck me running.
The girl lying on the bed had thrown off the covers and was
dressed in only a thin tank top and tiny shorts. This was no kid
though. She was a woman, from her gorgeous red hair splayed on
her pillow, to her plump, kiss-me lips, to her generous tits, to
her long—fucking long legs. My cock swelled, and my mouth
I was in deep fucking shit.
Chapter Two

B ridget

I’D BEEN FEELING RESTLESS EVER since I’d had that talk with my
dad. Or maybe it was from seeing Mac in the clubhouse. Either
way, I’d barely been able to eat or sleep, and it hadn’t gotten any
better tonight. If anything, it was worse since I’d had the hardest
time falling asleep. I’d tossed and turned, waking up three times
already. I was cold, jumpy, and irritable.
“Not again,” I mumbled under my breath, reaching for my
sheet and blanket. My hope was that I’d be able to fall back
asleep if I could get warm again. Then I caught a glimpse of
something out of the corner of my eye, and I figured I must be
having one of those dreams where you thought you were awake
but you really weren’t. Because that something I’d caught sight
of was actually a someone. And not just anyone. It was...
“Mac,” I breathed out before it registered that what I was
seeing was not a dream. As he stalked towards me, quickly
closing the space between my bed and the sliding glass doors
leading to the balcony, I realized he was actually in my room. For
real. Dressed all in black; leather jacket under his cut, shirt,
jeans, boots, and gloves.
Jerking upright, I gasped, “What in the world?”
“Fuck,” he gritted out. Those pale green eyes of his narrowed,
raking up and down my body. Then his nostrils flared, and his
lips firmed into a line. All of his focus was on me, just like I’d
always wanted. Only I couldn’t wrap my brain around it.
“You shouldn’t be here,” I hissed when he made it to the side
of my bed. My gaze darted from him to the door and back again.
My dad wasn’t around, but I knew that he’d left guys to watch
over the place because I was home. “Someone’s going to catch
you and then—”
He reached down to wrap his hand around my arm, and I lost
track of what I’d been trying to say. “Quiet,” he ordered.
“If you can’t keep quiet, you’ll be right—someone will figure
out I’m here. But you’ll also be wrong because they’re not gonna
catch me. They try to get in my way, what they’re gonna get is
hurt. Doesn’t matter how many men I have to go through; you’re
coming with me.”
“Coming with you?” I echoed. I shook my head in confusion,
and his fingers tightened on my arm.
He bent down low, his face only inches from mine. “You
heard me. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Choice is
yours.” His gaze dropped down to my chest, where my pebbled
nipples were poking against my tank. “If you’re looking for an
incentive to go the easy route, cooperation means I don’t have to
carry your ass outta here dressed like you are right now.” His
expression darkened, the idea really seeming to piss him off.
Considering I only ever wore this little clothing in the privacy
of my bedroom—and that the man doing the talking was Mac—
the decision was simple. “I have a sweater and jeans I can toss
over my pajamas.”
He lifted a hand, and one long finger traced the strap of my
tank on my shoulder. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks, a mixture
of shyness and desire evoked by being so close to my fantasy
man with barely any clothes on. “Get ‘em on. Now.”
When he stepped back and jerked his head towards my closet,
I scurried off my mattress. It only took me a minute to grab what
I needed and toss it on. Then I shoved a pair of socks onto my
feet and slid on a pair of gym shoes. As soon as I was done, Mac
led me out the sliding glass door and onto my balcony.
“Shit!” he grunted.
“What’s wrong?” I whispered. I squinted my eyes and tried to
peer around, worried that he’d spotted one of the guys and
something awful was about to happen.
“Just trying to figure out how the hell I’m gonna get you down
I glanced over the railing at the ground, surprised that I didn’t
see a ladder. “How’d you get up here?”
“Jumped and pulled myself up,” he muttered distractedly.
Like it was no big deal, and it didn’t make him sexier than he
already was. “If I drop down first, I can catch you but you’ll have
to be careful going over the railing. Or,”—his eyes raked up and
down my body again—“I can lower you down far enough that
you’ll be able to fall the rest of the way without getting hurt.
You’re light enough that it’ll work.”
I jerked my finger to the left. “Or we could just use the fire
escape ladder my dad got me for that window. He kind of goes
overboard when it comes to my safety.”
“Not nearly fucking enough,” he grumbled as he followed me
back into my room and over to the window. When I bent over to
pick up the ladder, he nudged me out of the way. I had to bite my
lip to stifle a nervous giggle at the ridiculousness of him being
pissed at my dad for me not being more protected when he was
in the middle of kidnapping me. I’d barely managed to contain
myself by the time he had the ladder set up and glowered at me.
“You’re gonna go down first. And don’t forget to be quiet, or else
my man out there is going to have to take out anyone who comes
to investigate what’s going on.”
I gulped a little at the reminder of how serious this situation
was and nodded my head. I carefully climbed out the window,
hooked my feet into the rungs beneath me, and almost lost my
footing when I found myself chest to face with Mac. My sweater
did a better job of covering my nipples than my tank had, but
they were still visibly poking against the material. Mac’s gaze
was zeroed in on them, making my breasts feel heavier as my
nipples grew even harder.
“Move,” he ordered.
I scurried down the ladder and quietly waited for him to
follow when I reached the ground. It didn’t take long, and then
we were racing towards the fence—his hand wrapped around
mine as I tried to keep up with his long strides. I stumbled when
I saw two bodies on the ground, about fifteen feet down the
fence line from us. Mac turned to steady me, noticed where my
eyes were glued, and lifted me into his arms.
“They’re not dead; only knocked out,” he rasped in my ear.
“Although they deserve a fuck of a lot more than the headaches
they’ll wake up with for being so goddamn lax on the job when
they were supposed to protect you. Sneaking in to grab the
princess of the Hounds of Hellfire should have been a lot harder
than it was.”
I didn’t have time to consider why he’d be so angry at my
dad’s men when they’d made his job easier; not with him
practically dragging me to a black van parked near the woods
behind the compound. The engine was running, and the back
doors were open. Mac shoved me inside, closing the doors
behind us after he climbed in.
I swallowed my yelp when I saw there were three men waiting
for us; the driver, a guy in the passenger seat, and one in the
back who caught me before I fell on the floor. Mac yanked me out
of his arms and held onto me as the van wrenched forward. We
all sat in silence for the couple of minutes we drove down the
street. When we stopped, the doors swung open and a tall guy
with a VP patch on his cut peered inside. His gray eyes locked on
me. “Did I see what I thought I saw? She provided the ladder for
her own kidnapping?”
Yup. That was me. The girl who helped the guy of her dreams
—her dad’s rival, the one he’d warned her to stay away from—
smuggle her out of her bedroom in the middle of the night. I was
either the smartest girl ever...or the dumbest.
Chapter Three

M ac

DAMN, she felt good in my arms. Too fucking good. I quickly

shoved her at Scout, frustrated at my reaction to her. “She rides
with you.” His eyebrows shot up to his hairline, but I ignored
him as I hopped out of the van. I kept my eyes averted, so I
wouldn’t see how she responded to my order. If she liked the
idea of being near Scout, I was afraid I’d rip his fucking head off.
However, I couldn’t help watching her hips and tight ass sway as
she walked away from me.
I stalked to my hog and got on, slamming my foot down on
the kick starter. Scout’s engine revved and I looked jerkily in his
direction. Bridget was sitting on the back of his bike, her slim
arms wrapped around Scout’s torso. Even though Scout already
had an old lady, something inside me howled in protest at the
sight of her clinging to him. To anyone but me. It didn’t seem to
matter that she was too fucking young for me. Too sweet and
“Fuck,” I muttered before yelling to be heard over the noise
from the bikes, “Bridget! Get over here.”
Scout’s head pivoted, and he smirked at me before helping
her off the seat. I scowled darkly, my eyes threatening
retribution if he said even one fucking word. Bridget hesitated
when she caught sight of my expression. I held out my hand and
beckoned her forward with my fingers, softening my look so she
wouldn’t be afraid.
I handed her a helmet and fastened the straps, tucking her
red hair out of her face. “Hop on, baby,” I growled. “We need to
get the fuck outta here.”
She climbed on and wrapped her arms around me tightly. Her
tits pressed flush against my back, and I could feel her heart
racing. I rarely let any woman ride with me but when I had, it
had never felt this good. She fit me like a glove. Shaking my
head, I tried to dispel the thoughts invading my mind and took
off like a bat outta hell.
We reached the Silver Saints compound a little less than an
hour later. Once inside the main garage, I shut off my bike and
helped Bridget to her feet. As she swung her leg over, she lost
her balance and went tumbling into my chest.
Son of a bitch. Riding with her wrapped around me had made
me hard as fuck but when she was pressed against my front, I
thought my dick was gonna burst through my damn jeans. She
looked up at me with wide, deep blue eyes, her pink lips slightly
parted, and her skin flushed. I could too easily imagine how she
would look after being thoroughly fucked and I shoved her away
quickly, trying to get some control.
I hadn’t kidnapped her to make her my plaything. I didn’t roll
that way—she was simply leverage for the swap. I had no
intention of corrupting Pierce’s innocent little princess, no
matter how tempting the idea was. The last thing I needed was
to jeopardize the plan by getting involved with her. Besides, I
reminded myself, she’s too damn young for you. I was old
enough to be her motherfucking father.
After removing her helmet, I grasped her arm and towed her
behind me to the clubhouse. “Do what I tell you, keep out of the
way, and you’ll be headed home to your palace as soon as your
asshole father does what I want,” I explained as we walked.
We entered through a side door so I could take her down the
hall to my office without parading her through the front room.
Just the idea of anyone else leering at her had my blood boiling. I
was so intent on our destination that I almost plowed into Cat
when she stepped out of the kitchen.
Cat looked Bridget up and down before turning to me with a
curious and slightly disgusted expression. “That Pierce’s little
princess?” she asked.
“Bridget,” I corrected, surprisingly irritated at Cat’s
description and attitude. “Don’t want any of the other girls or
old ladies hassling her.” I gave Cat a hard look. “I’m putting you
in charge of her.”
Cat narrowed her grassy green eyes and pursed her lips for a
moment, but simply nodded.
“Making the call to Pierce now, then I’ll put her in my room.”
Cat’s eyebrows practically went through the roof, and Bridget
made a muffled noise that I didn’t take the time to interpret. Cat
clearly thought I’d lost my mind, and I didn’t completely
disagree with her. Yeah, it was a stupid fucking move but while I
would trust my brothers with my life, I didn’t trust them with
I stepped around Cat, effectively dismissing her, and
continued dragging Bridget to my office. Inside, I slammed the
door shut and walked her to a worn couch pushed up against the
left wall. “Sit.” When she obeyed without question, I nodded and
went to sit at my desk.
My eyes strayed to Bridget as I dialed Pierce’s number. She
was gazing around the room, her eyes more curious than
apprehensive. Her reactions to everything were throwing me off
kilter. I’d expected her to be terrified and to throw a spoiled
tantrum, not to be so damn cooperative.
“Whaddyou want, Mac?” Pierce grunted when he answered.
“Same thing I wanted the last time we talked, jackass,” I
“Well fuck off. Haven’t changed my mind and I’m not
“How about a trade?”
“Ain’t nothin’ you got that I’d ever want, Mac.”
“That’s where you’re wrong, Pierce,” I sneered smugly. I put
the phone on speaker and pointed at Bridget. “Say hello to
Daddy, princess.”
She blanched and stared at me as she answered. “Um, hi
“WHAT THE FUCK?” Pierce roared. Bridget flinched, but I just
smiled maniacally. “I will fucking kill you, Mac.”
“Relax, Pierce. I have no intention of hurting or violating your
perfect spawn. I’m suggesting a straight up trade. Bridget for the
motherfucker who put my guy in a coma.”
Pierce didn’t say anything at first, the only sound his heavy
breathing, as he tried to calm his temper. “It’ll take me some
time to find him—”
“One week,” I snapped without letting him finish. “You don’t
have him by then, your little girl will have to earn her keep
around here.” I hung up before Pierce could get in another word.
Bridget’s eyes were wide as she stared at me. Again, I was a
little baffled by the small spark of curiosity shining through her
alarm. I frowned as I stood and prowled over to stand in front of
her. “No one will touch you,” I assured her. “But, that doesn’t
mean I won’t put you to work. This isn’t your castle on a cloud,
baby. You’ll have to learn to dirty those hands.”
Her beautiful blue eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth
to speak but a knock on my door drew both our attentions.
Hack popped his head in and glanced at Bridget before his
eyes landed on me. “Club business, Prez.”
I nodded and gestured for Bridget to stand. “Give me ten, and
we’ll meet back here.”
“Sure thing.” He left the door open when he spun around and
disappeared down the hall.
“Follow me. Stay close and keep your head down,” I
instructed Bridget. I led her to a set of stairs and up, then down
another hall to the door at the end. Opening the door, I lifted my
chin, indicating that she should enter.
Her soft body brushed against mine as she walked over the
threshold and I stifled a groan. I needed some damn air.
“Don’t leave this room without me or Cat. Things are
different when you don’t have Daddy’s protection. You walk
around here without a cut, boys will think you’re fair game.
She nodded as she stood uncomfortably awkward in the
center of the room, looking around. It wasn’t as simple as the
other rooms. I lived at the clubhouse permanently, and being the
president had its perks. One being the king size bed that I was
studiously ignoring for the moment. I showed her the bathroom
and how to work the tv, then beat a hasty retreat before I did
something truly stupid. Like kiss the fuck out of her plush,
pink lips.

IT TOOK a couple of hours to straighten out the mess a couple of

prospects had made on a run. Which meant it was almost three
in the morning before I made my way back upstairs. Opening the
door quietly, I listened to see if there was any indication that
Bridget was awake. The room was dark, but in the glow of the
moonlight, I was once again staring at the sexiest woman I’d
ever seen. Except this time, she was curled up in my bed, like an
offering from the devil himself. I knew I should turn right
around and sleep on the couch in my office. But, my feet had
their own agenda and made their way to the side of the bed. I
sucked in a deep breath and by the time I’d exhaled it, I’d given
in to temptation. I stripped to my boxers and slipped under the
covers, fully intending to stay on my side.
Then Bridget sighed and rolled towards me. My determination
not to touch her shattered, and I pulled her into my arms.
I didn’t know what the fuck had come over me, but I was
starting to suspect that she would be a lot harder to let go than
I’d thought. And, one word was pulsing in my head with each
beat of my heart.
Chapter Four

B ridget

RAYS OF MORNING light shining through the blinds woke me.

When I rolled over to stretch, I bumped up against a hard, warm
body and yelped. My eyes popped open and all that had
happened the night before came roaring back into my brain.
Only one thing was missing from my memory...when had Mac
climbed into bed with me? I wanted to kick myself for falling so
sound asleep that I didn’t even notice. It was just my luck that
my restlessness ended the minute I was tucked in to his bed
instead of mine, and I ended up missing out on the first
interesting thing that could have woken me up. But at least I
could enjoy the view now since he was still asleep.
“Oh, wow,” I breathed out when he rolled towards me and the
sheet shifted lower. He flung his arm over his face, covering his
eyes. His glorious body, from the waist up, was on show. Inked
skin stretched taut over muscles. A happy trail led under a sheet
that was tented. Holy moly. The morning wood thing was
apparently true, and Mac was packing what looked like a tree
trunk in his pants.
I scooted down the mattress a little, and tugged at the sheet.
When it got stuck on his hard on, I peeked up at his face to make
sure he was still sleeping before lifting it off him so I could get a
better look. His eyes were closed, and his chest continued to rise
and fall in a steady rhythm. I breathed a soft sigh of relief since I
had no desire to get caught, but then I almost groaned in
disappointment when my gaze drifted lower only to find my view
blocked by a pair of black boxers.
“Stop looking at me like that, baby. Before I do something
we’ll both regret,” he rasped out, startling me. Heat swept up
my neck as my head jerked up. His pale green eyes were heavy-
lidded and focused on my face.
“But what if I wouldn’t regret it?” Heat burned my cheeks as I
asked the bold question.
He wrapped his fingers around my wrist, dragging me up and
onto his chest. “Trust me. You would. You’re just too damn
young to know any better.”
“Yeah, I’m young,” I conceded. “But I’m not stupid.”
He blew out a harsh breath and rubbed a hand over his face.
“What you are is untouched, and I don’t fuck virgins.”
I tried to jerk away from him, but he didn’t loosen his grip. “If
you’re not planning to touch me—to violate my dad’s demon
spawn—why am I in your bed? Why are you holding me tight
instead of pushing me away?”
His hand drifted down my back to cup my butt. “You got it
wrong, baby. I called you perfect, not a demon. And that’s why
you’re here with me. Because you’re too damn tempting.” He
drove his hips upwards and ground his hardness against me. “I
ache with need for you. Never knew it could hurt this bad. But
I’m not gonna take you.”
“But why?” It didn’t make any sense to me. Mac was the kind
of guy who took what he wanted, and it certainly sounded like he
wanted me. “Why not give in when we’re both hurting?”
His eyes flared, and he cursed under his breath as he rolled
me onto my back. Levering his body over mine, he lowered his
head and captured my mouth. My body melted against his, and
my lips parted when his tongue swept across them. My
acceptance of his kiss earned me a guttural groan, and his hand
dove into my hair. He tilted my head back as he devoured me—
his tongue stroking deep inside my mouth, claiming me.
Then he parted my legs, settled his hips between them, and I
whimpered against his lips. Every inch of our bodies were
plastered together. His hard length was pressed against my
opening, with only my sleep shorts and his boxers separating us.
I was dizzy with need, my shorts quickly moving past damp to
“One fucking kiss,” he rasped. “And you’re almost ready to
fly apart for me, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” I hissed, wiggling my hips. I wanted him closer.
“Need more.”
“So damn sweet.” He wedged his face against my neck,
nipping at the sensitive skin there. “There’s no reason for us
both to suffer, not when I can give you the relief that you need.”
I shifted beneath him, and he groaned. His sensual promise
made my core clench. My thighs tightened around him, and he
gave a quick thrust of his hips that stroked his hard length up
the center of my sleep shorts. “Mac,” I gasped.
His teeth sank into the side of my neck, hard enough to leave
a mark, and then he sat up between my legs with a hand holding
my knees open. His eyes swept down my body, until they focused
between my legs. “Look at that. I can see how turned on you are,
right through those tiny shorts of yours.” He flashed me a cocky
grin. “Remind me to throw ‘em the fuck away. Need to get you
something else to wear to bed because you’re too damn tempting
in those. I’d lose my fucking shit if anyone else saw you dressed
like this.”
The possessive statement threw me for a loop since it was the
last thing I expected to hear from him. I was the girl he’d
kidnapped to seal a deal with my dad; not someone he should be
jealous about. But I wasn’t going to argue with him over it; not
when it only made me want him more than I already did.
“Be a good girl and stay still for me,” he ordered, tugging my
shorts down my legs as he shuffled back to lie down at the end of
the mattress. The new position put him right between my legs,
his face in front of my bare pussy.
I squeezed my legs shut, as far as they would go with his body
wedging them open, and shoved my hands down to cover
myself. “Mac!”
His eyes were filled with a naughty gleam when he looked up
at my face. “C’mon, princess. Open your legs and give me a taste
of what I’m guessing is the sweetest pussy I’ll ever get my
mouth on.”
The warmth of his breath against my hands made me shiver.
Almost of their own volition, my legs fell open. I slowly lifted my
hands, and my reward was a brush of his lips against the inside
of my thighs. First one, then the other—leaving me quivering in
anticipation. My focus was wholly on the feel of his warm lips
against my skin, and the rough slide of his beard following after
the wet trail he made up my legs. His hands were wrapped
around the underside of my thighs, and his hold tightened when
he leaned forward to trace up my center with his tongue.
I’d never felt anything like it. My entire body was stretched
taut, warmth building in my lower belly as his mouth worked
me. He built it, higher and higher. Long licks. Swirls around my
clit. Nibbles along the lips of my sex. With his mouth open wide
and tongue stroking, the pressure inside me reached a peak. I
exploded, shouting his name. “Jared!”
He didn’t pull back until I collapsed against the mattress,
panting. “Haven’t had anyone use my real name in longer than I
can remember, but fuck if I don’t want to hear you say it the
same damn way over and over again as I make you come.”
“I’m not going to argue. I really enjoyed that.” That infernal
blush heated my face once more. I couldn’t believe the things
that popped out of my mouth around him.
“Could tell,” he grunted, lifting up to hover over my body.
“You wanna do it again, all you have to do is ask. I’ll eat you out
as often as you like.”
“As often as I’d like, huh? But don’t you have an MC to run?”
“Fuck!” he shouted, punching the mattress. His face closed
down, and I wished I could take the words back. I’d meant them
to be a joke, but they only served as a reminder to him of all the
reasons why he shouldn’t touch me. As he pushed off the bed
and stalked into the bathroom, a lone tear tracked down my
Chapter Five

M ac

“WHAT THE FUCK were you thinking, asshole?” I growled at myself

in the bathroom mirror. I licked my lips and groaned at the taste
of Bridget still lingering there.
I needed to stay the hell away from her. The last thing we
needed was to be at war with the Hounds of Hellfire. My club
wasn’t exactly filled with boy scouts but Pierce’s guys played
dirty. Taking her as leverage was dangerous enough—there
would be no coming back from fucking her while she was here.
The solution was to keep Bridget busy and out of my sight. I
didn’t have any other choice but to hand her over to Cat to find
her something to do. I knew I should also find her another place
to sleep but it would only distract me even more, worrying about
her safety and obsessing over whose bed she was lying in. I’d
simply have to make use of the couch in my office. There were
plenty of beds that would welcome me, but I hadn’t been
interested in meaningless companionship for a long time and
after getting a feel and taste of Bridget…she was the only one I
I took a fortifying breath and opened the bathroom door.
Bridget was still sitting on the bed in her tiny tank top, but she’d
put back on her shorts. She looked up at me with confusion and
desire in her eyes, and it almost broke my resolve. She was
fucking gorgeous, and so tempting.
I shook my head to try and clear it as I stalked over to a worn,
wooden dresser by the door. I grabbed a fresh pair of boxers,
jeans, and a T-shirt. Then I snatched my cut from where it hung
on the wall and tossed it onto the bed.
“I’ll send someone with some fresh clothes for you,” I told
her gruffly. “You need to wear that when you leave this room. No
one will bother you as long as you wear my brand.” I made my
way to the bathroom without waiting for her response, but
paused in the doorway and looked at her. “What happened
before”—I ran a frustrated hand through my hair—“that shit
shouldn’t have happened. You may have been raised in this life,
princess, but you aren’t cut out for it. I’m too fucking old to be
making mistakes like getting involved with someone so young.”
Her blue eyes deepened as hurt filled them, but they also held
a stubborn glint that made me smile as I shut the bathroom
door. After sending a quick text to Cat to rustle up some clothes
for Bridget, I hopped in the shower and dressed for the day.
Our MC had its finger in a lot of businesses, but one of our
main sources of income was a shop that specialized in racing
bikes. We had a new shipment coming in, and that meant a shit
ton of stuff to do.
When I exited the bathroom, Bridget was standing by the
solitary window in the room, holding a bundle of clothes and
shifting restlessly on her feet.
“Get ready, then meet me in my office,” I ordered. I headed
for the door and noticed my vest still on the unmade bed. “And
don’t forget the cut.” Stepping into the hall, I blew out a heavy
breath as I closed the door behind me. My room was filled with
her delicious scent, and I practically ran away from it like a
cowardly bitch.
Scout was waiting for me in my office, and I scowled at the
knowing grin on his face. “Cat said she delivered clothes to the
little princess in your room this morning.”
“And?” I growled.
He shrugged. “Noticed your couch looks untouched. I’m
guessing that can’t be said for our captive anymore.”
“Keep your opinions to yourself and your mouth shut,
brother.” I dropped onto the seat behind my desk. “There a
reason you’re in my office? Or you just here to get your ass
thrown out?” He toned down his grin to a slight smirk, but I still
wanted to wipe it off his face with my fist.
“Delivery is confirmed for this afternoon. Got the boys lined
up for the run tomorrow too. You still planning on going?”
It was the perfect excuse to get away from Bridget. By the
time I got back, Pierce’s time would be up.
“No.” My hand balled into a fist as I mentally put a fucking
gun to my head. “I need to be here in case Pierce comes through
early.” It was a pitiful attempt to excuse my answer, but Scout
didn’t question it. I was the fucking president and didn’t need to
explain myself.
We went over the details for the run and were just finishing
up when a soft knock on my door interrupted our conversation.
“Yeah,” I snapped.
Bridget opened the door and slowly walked inside. When she
saw Scout, she straightened her spine and gave him a nod of
greeting before walking to a chair in front of my desk and taking
a seat. She’d donned my cut and something inside me calmed at
the sight.
“Princess,” he greeted her with a smirk.
She stiffened further and shocked me when she practically
growled, “My name is Bridget.”
Scout grinned and plopped down onto the chair beside her.
“How about I call you, Blue, because of those gorgeous
blue eyes?”
She cocked her head to the side and studied him for a
moment, then gave him a small smile in return. “Blue it is.”
I didn’t like the idea of him having a special nickname for her,
but calling him out on it would only show my developing
weakness for her.
“Yeah, Prez?”
“Get out.” My tone left no room for argument.
He stood and meandered to the open door. Cat appeared, and
he winked at her. “Kitty Cat,” he growled, and he smacked her
ass before continuing down the hall. Her lips tipped up into a
smile until she faced the room and noticed Bridget.
“Mac. What can I do for you?”
“I’m putting you in charge of Bridget,” I explained. “Show
her around, make sure she knows the places that are off limits,
and find her something to do while she’s here.”
“You want me to babysit the pampered princess?” she asked
in surprise and disgust. Bridget let out a cute little growl at the
nickname and I suppressed a smile.
“You questioning my orders, woman?” I stared hard at her,
leaving her without a doubt that I was serious and expected her
to do what she was told.
She threw another glance at Bridget, revulsion clear in her
eyes, then sighed and looked back at me. “No.” She stood and
motioned for Bridget to follow her. “Let’s go, kid.”
Bridget looked as though she wanted to say something to me,
but changed her mind and quietly trailed after Cat.
I tried to get my mind back on work, though it frequently
strayed to my blue-eyed beauty. Couldn’t help wondering what
she was doing and how she was adjusting. Then I’d lecture
myself for being a pansy ass and throw myself back into my
When my stomach growled, I grabbed food from the kitchen
and took it back to my office. Finally, my eyes grew tired and I
glanced at the clock on my desk to see that it was after two in the
morning. I trudged over to my couch and flopped down on it,
determined to catch some shut eye and stay away from the
woman currently occupying my bed. Instead, I tossed and turned
until I finally gave up and went upstairs. I silently undressed and
slipped into bed, pulling Bridget into my arms.
I woke with the sunrise and left before she knew I’d been
there. It would have to be enough—sleeping with her in
my arms.
Chapter Six

B ridget

WAKING up the second morning after Mac took me wasn’t nearly

as pleasurable as the first. Cat had kept me busy all day, and I’d
been exhausted when she’d finally released me from being her
slave-laborer after dinner clean-up. I’d tried to stay awake so I
could talk to him, in the hope that I’d be able to convince him to
let me spend my time with someone—anyone—other than Cat.
Preferably him. But I must have passed out before he’d turned in
for the night, and slept through him leaving since the bed was
now empty. I would have thought I’d spent the entire night
alone if it wasn’t for the indentation on the pillow next to me
and the slight hint of his scent on the sheets.
“I better see that man more today than I did yesterday,” I
mumbled to myself. “Or else I’ll have to kick my own butt for
cooperating in my own kidnapping.”
My muscles ached when I crawled out of bed and headed into
the bathroom to get ready for my day. Not that I needed to do a
lot since I was just going to be a hot and sweaty mess soon
because Cat clearly had it out for me. A fact that was proven to
me yet again when I walked into the kitchen and she turned from
the stove to glare at me.
“Did the spoiled princess get enough sleep? Would she like a
cup of coffee? Maybe a gourmet breakfast?”
I didn’t bother saying anything. I’d learned that lesson
yesterday. Cat couldn’t care less what I had to say or if she hurt
my feelings. She’d made her mind up about me, and nothing was
going to change it.
“Now that you’re finally up, get over here and stir
these eggs.”
I did as she asked—or ordered, really, since it wasn’t a
request—and took her place at the stove. There were at least two
dozen eggs in the pan, and Cat hurried over to the toaster to pull
out four slices of toast. She popped another four slices in,
buttered the ones that were done, and set them on top of an
already tall pile on a plate. It seemed like she was making
enough to feed a small army.
Scout strolled in and gave Cat a quick pat on her butt. “How’s
breakfast coming along, Kitty Cat?”
“Better now that the princess is finally up,” she grumbled.
“Well then, I’m glad Blue’s around to lend a hand in the
“Blue?” Cat echoed softly.
“Yeah, she needed a nickname and Blue seemed like the
obvious choice with those gorgeous eyes of hers,” Scout
If looks could kill, I’d have dropped dead on the spot after the
venomous scowl Cat shot my way. She smiled up at Scout when
he looked down at her, so he didn’t catch the look she gave me.
While he snagged a piece of toast before heading out the door,
she pulled a couple of baking sheets of bacon out of the oven.
“You make your bacon in the oven?”
My question earned me another glare and an eye-roll. “Yeah,
‘cause it’s less messy and easier to cook it in big batches that
way than in a pan.” She gave me a considering look, and then
her lips tilted up in a smug grin. “Although I guess that for the
short time you’re around, I don’t have to worry about making a
mess since I’ve got you to clean it up for me.”
Ignoring her effort to push my buttons yet again, I asked a
question that had been bugging me instead. “The old ladies in
my dad’s club don’t take care of even half the stuff that you do.
They hand most of it off to the girls who hang around for the
guys. Couldn’t you do the same and have them help you more
“It isn’t your job to question the way we do things around
here,” she spat at me. Then she slammed one of the empty
baking sheets into the sink and stalked towards me. When she
got close enough to reach me, she grabbed my upper arm and her
nails dug into my skin. “The Silver Saints aren’t anything like
the Hounds of Hellfire, and we never will be. Why in the hell
would we want to be when one of those motherfuckers put one of
our guys in a coma for standing up for a woman?”
“I didn’t—” My sentence broke off when she shook me.
“Of course you didn’t! How could you when sheltered
princesses don’t know what goes on in the real world?” She
swept her free hand in the air, waving around the kitchen. “Look
around. Your daddy isn’t here to protect you. Nobody is. Not
even Mac. You might be wearing his cut, but that’s only because
he doesn’t want the guys to take things too far with you. You’re a
commodity to him, nothing more. The lever he needed to pull to
get your dad to come to the bargaining table. Nothing less, and
sure as fuck nothing more. Not like it’ll be when he finds the
woman he wants to be his old lady and has her wear it. Assuming
she’ll even want the same one he put on your boney ass.”
I’d held firm through her whole rant—right up until the point
when she mentioned some other woman wearing Mac’s cut. My
mind filled with thoughts of someone else where I wanted to be.
In his bed. Making a life with him. I yanked my arm out of Cat’s
hold. Once I was free, I ran out of the kitchen, through the bar
area in front, and out the door.
If I hadn’t been so upset, I would have heard the familiar
rumble of engines as a group of motorcycles pulled in front of
the clubhouse. But instead, I stumbled down the steps and onto
the driveway with tears clouding my vision.
I heard Mac yell my name, and I stopped to rub at my eyes. He
sounded weird. Pissed...and scared, maybe? My head popped up,
and my heart raced in my chest when I saw two motorcycles
barreling towards me. Before I had the chance to move, strong
arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me out of harm’s way.
“Shit,” Mac grunted in my ear, squeezing me tight against his
chest before setting me back on my feet. “That was too fucking
close. What the hell were you thinking?” He shook me a little
and scowled fiercely when he let go and saw red fingerprints and
scratches on the arm Cat had grabbed in the kitchen. “Fuck, did I
do that?”
His pale green eyes filled with remorse. I reached up and
patted his chest softly. “No,” I reassured him. “My skin is
sensitive and marks easily, but this isn’t from you.”
The guilt bled out of his gaze and was replaced with fury.
“Someone dared to touch you? Who was it?”
I stared up at him and shook my head. “It’s nothing. Just the
way my skin is. Don’t worry about it.”
His fingers gripped the edges of his cut and pulled me into his
chest. “I’m the Prez. You’re wearing my patch. That means
you’re untouchable. But you’ve got marks on your arm, tears in
your eyes, and you almost got run down by one of my men. That
sure as fuck is something.”
I shook my head again. If I ever wanted any hope of a
relationship with Mac in the future, I’d have to find a way to
coexist with Cat. Things with her were bad enough, I didn’t want
to make them worse.
A frustrated growl rumbled up his chest, and I patted him
gently again. His gaze dropped to my hand and filled with
determination. Then he grabbed me around the waist, hoisted
me over his shoulder, and stalked into the clubhouse.
Chapter Seven

M ac

I WAS SO DONE with this shit. One day…I’d only lasted one day. I
knew it was pathetic but I was beyond caring at this point. My
body was vibrating with tension—first from fear as I watched
those bikes racing towards Bridget, then fury at the
motherfucker who marked her beautiful skin, and now I was
consumed by lust. Everything had come together and
combusted, blowing apart my good intentions.
Cat was standing in the doorway watching, her eyes wide, and
she had to jump out of the way so I wouldn’t run into her.
Bridget tugged on the back of my shirt, no doubt close to
where her face was currently hanging. “Um…where are we
going?” Her voice was hesitant, but with a thread of heated
I patted her ass and then used a firm hand to hold her steady
as I jogged up the stairs. “You know exactly what’s happening
here, Bridget,” I growled. “I’m done fighting this. Us. I fucking
need you.”
“Okay!” she squeaked. I chuckled as I barged through my
bedroom door and slammed it shut. Then I tossed her on the bed
and came down over her. Her soft body melted under mine, and I
Somehow this slip of a girl had tossed my world upside down
and then righted it, when I hadn’t even realized it had always
been crooked.
I lowered my head and sucked lightly on her bottom lip before
sealing our mouths together in a deep kiss. My tongue swept
inside, and I grunted in approval when hers timidly tangled
with mine.
“You taste like fucking heaven, baby,” I mumbled as I placed
hot, wet kisses along her jaw and down the long column of her
throat. She moaned and the sound shot through me, taking the
little blood I had left in my brain straight to my groin.
I pulled back, just a little, and took in the sight of her
sprawled on my bed, wearing my cut. A declaration that she was
mine. In that moment, I knew, I’d have to figure out another way
to bargain with Pierce. Bridget wasn’t going anywhere; I was
keeping her. Age be damned. Fuck the rivalry with her father.
Screw anything and everything that might keep me from her. I’d
steamroll over anything in my way.
Part of me wanted to take things sweet and slow for her, but I
was still amped up from almost seeing her mowed down and the
fury at the bruising and scratches on her arms.
I practically ripped the clothes from her body and then
quickly shucked my own. Fuck, but she was beautiful. All pale,
creamy skin, with a sprinkling of freckles that I couldn’t wait to
connect with my tongue. Rosy nipples puckered on her generous
tits, begging for my mouth. Her blue eyes were wide and glazed
with desire, while her flaming red hair was spread out around
her like a halo of fire.
Gathering her tight to me, I hissed out a breath at the
electricity that sizzled everywhere our naked skin touched. Her
hands caressed my face before delving into my hair and yanking
my face down so she could claim a deep kiss. I couldn’t help a
small chuckle at her attempt at being aggressive. It was cute as
fuck and yet, also incredibly sexy.
I shifted so my throbbing cock was nestled in the curls at the
juncture of her thighs. Her pussy was hot, and I slid through her
wetness as it coated the underside of my dick. I wanted so badly
to bury myself fast and hard inside her, but her obvious
innocence caused me to hesitate.
“Are you a virgin, baby?” I asked gruffly. I was pretty sure I
knew her answer but I asked anyway, to be certain. I wanted her
either way, but if some other motherfucker had touched my
woman, I would hunt him down and wipe her from his memory.
A sweet blush stole over her face, spreading down over her
chest. She nodded shyly and squirmed underneath me. “Don’t
move like that, Bridget,” I snapped. She froze, and I immediately
attempted to soften my tone. “I don’t want to lose control and
be too rough with you, baby.”
Her blush intensified and her eyes dropped to my chest,
staring intently at my ink. “What if I want you to lose control? To
be raw and real with me?”
Fucking hell. This woman was perfect. So innocent and
seemingly shy. But there was a wildcat hiding in there, I was sure
of it. It was going to become my mission in life to get her to open
up and be comfortable being herself.
“Gotta be gentle with you this first time. Don’t worry,
someone is going to lose control,”—I grinned—“it just won’t be
me.” I was determined and little cocky, completely confident in
my ability to hold back. I’d never given myself to a woman
completely. I’d never give up that level of control.
I didn’t wait for her to respond, instead I set about my goal
starting with her deliciously tempting nipples. I sucked each
peak in turn, lavishing them with my tongue and scraping them
gently through my teeth. Then I kissed my way down her body
until I was nestled between her thighs. “Been craving another
taste of this pussy. Haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.”
Since I would have to be careful when it came time to put my
cock in her, I allowed myself to go a little crazy with my mouth at
her core. I tongue-fucked her hard, reveling in her moans and
shivers. Then I pumped her with two fingers while I feasted on
her clit. It didn’t take long to drive her over the edge, and I
lapped up every bit of her juices as she screamed my name.
Part of me could have stayed there all day, making her come
over and over with my mouth and hand. But my cock was leaking
heavily and painfully hard.
I climbed back up and slid my cock through her drenched
pussy again, getting it good and wet, knowing her slickness
would make getting my large dick inside her a little easier.
Slowly, I eased the tip in and already her pussy began
squeezing. “Fuck, you’re tight,” I grunted. “Put your legs around
me, baby.” She did as she was told, and I slid in another inch. I
worked myself in slowly, allowing her to adjust to my size before
moving deeper. By the time I was fully seated inside her, I was
dripping with sweat from my efforts to hold back.
“Jared,” Bridget moaned as she writhed and her inner
muscles clenched.
I fucking lost it. I pulled out, almost all the way, and then
thrust in fast and hard until I was balls deep again. I felt
mindless with lust as I repeated the action, increasing in speed
and pounding my cock in her pussy. Her screams of pleasure fed
my need for her and I shoved her legs up so her knees went to
her chest. The new angle allowed me to slide in even deeper, and
I shouted at the overwhelming sensation.
I tried to keep a thread of sanity about me, to make sure I
wasn’t hurting her. But her hips bucked, meeting me thrust for
thrust, her mouth opened and her head was thrown back in
“I could live inside your pussy, baby.” I growled. “That’s
right, squeeze the fuck out of my cock. Take every fucking inch.”
“Yes! Jared. Yes!” she cried out.
I was close, I could feel the telling tingle in my spine. I leaned
down and sucked on her nipples as my fingers deftly found her
bundle of nerves and pushed her higher. Suddenly her whole
body tensed and she shattered with an ear-splitting scream.
My cock exploded with my release as my roar of surrender
practically shook the walls. I kept a steady rhythm, my cock
filling her so full of my come it was spilling from her womb. To
my shock, Bridget exploded once more and it set off another
small orgasm in me. I would have thought my dick was
thoroughly empty, but the ejaculations just kept on pulsing.
Finally, I began to soften as Bridget’s shudders subsided and
our heart rates slowed. Fucking A. I’d never experienced
anything like this, it was fucking intense.
I stared down at her gorgeous face in silence for a few
minutes. Her eyes were closed and her face was filled with
blissful contentment.
This had changed everything, and I had to make sure she was
completely aware. “Baby, look at me,” I gruffed. Her eyes
opened languidly, the blue orbs hazy with afterglow. “There’s no
turning back, Bridget,” I told her seriously. “This means you’re
mine. Do you understand that? I won’t be letting you go.”
Chapter Eight

B ridget

APPARENTLY, the third time was the charm when it came to my

stay with the Silver Saints because I found myself wrapped tight
in Mac’s arms after waking up. I was still exhausted, but
incredibly grateful to not have overslept and missed out on the
experience. Although we’d spent most of the previous day in
bed, we’d barely gotten any sleep—but I’d certainly gotten an
extremely thorough introduction into passion. Mac had wrung
orgasm after orgasm out of my body until we both collapsed.
Shifting in Mac’s arms, I felt the impact of how we’d spent that
time in muscles I hadn’t even known I had.
That didn’t stop me from reaching out to gently trace the
inked lines on his skin like I’d always wanted to do. Or from
rubbing my cheek against his beard, the rough glide reminding
me of all the places where my skin had beard burn. And it
certainly didn’t make me reconsider tugging the sheet lower
until his hard length popped free from where it had been tenting
the material. I peeked up at his face to find his eyes still closed
and his face relaxed. Trailing my fingers down his six-pack abs, I
slowly wiggled out of his arms. Then I rose up on my knees and
lowered my head to lick at the bead of moisture on the tip of his
cock. Mac’s low groan when my tongue stroked against his
heated flesh had my head jerking back up. His pale green eyes
were open, alert...and focused on me.
“You wake up hungry for me, baby?”
“Hungry?” I echoed.
My gaze followed the movement of his hand as he reached
down to grip his cock and stroke it. “You wanna wrap those lips
of yours around my cock the same way I’m starving for a taste of
your sweet little pussy?”
“Yes. Yes, I do.” I licked my lips, watching his hand move up
and down. I couldn’t tear my eyes away because it was
ridiculously sexy. Even after all the orgasms he’d given me, I was
more turned on than I’d ever been before. Watching what he was
doing made me more than hungry for him; that was for sure.
His free hand slid up my thigh, under the shirt I was wearing.
It was one of his, and it hit me mid-thigh. I’d pulled it on before
passing out, not bothering with panties, so his touch met
nothing but bare skin. “Then come sit on my face so we can both
get what we want.”
With a nudge on my hip, he guided me towards his shoulders.
Moving carefully, I straddled them with my pussy right over his
head. He shoved the shirt up and over my hips so I was fully
exposed to his gaze. The position made me feel vulnerable, and a
deep flush washed over my skin.
“Lower, baby. Settle that pretty pussy right over my mouth so
I can get my taste.”
I nearly moaned at the sensual command in his tone as I
inched my hips lower. My legs trembled at the first swipe of his
tongue, and I had to brace a hand on Mac’s thigh before I
collapsed on top of his body. He lapped at me, and my hips
chased his mouth as I lost all train of thought.
He gripped the base of his cock to aim it at my lips. “Don’t
forget you were going to get a taste too, baby. I want to feel those
lips wrapped around my cock while I fuck you with my tongue.”
“It’s your fault I forgot what I was doing,” I laughed. “You’re
too darn good at what you’re doing to me.”
“It’s a good thing you think so because I plan on eating this
pussy all the fucking time.”
“Oh my,” I sighed as he went back to it. Before I lost the
ability to do anything but scream in ecstasy, I lowered my head
to run my tongue around the crown of his cock. When I opened
my mouth wide over his length, his hips bucked upwards. He
was in control of both of our pleasure, with his mouth eating at
me while he fed me his cock. He kept one hand wrapped around
the base, and the other dug into my hip as he pulled me down so
his mouth could reach my clit. When his lips closed around it
and tugged, I exploded. Whimpering around a mouthful of cock, I
rode my orgasm out while he continued to pump in and out of
my mouth until he yanked me off and came on my chest in
When his cock stopped twitching, I flopped onto my back on
the mattress next to him. “We should wake up hungry more
often.” My stomach chose that moment to make a rumbling
noise, and Mac’s followed suit. I burst into a fit of giggles,
laughing even harder when his low chuckle echoed around me.
“I guess I’d better get up and hit the kitchen. Get us some
real food.”
“Stay in bed and rest. I’ll let Cat know that you aren’t up to
helping this morning.”
“I want to,” I reassured him. “Gotta feed my man since he
can’t survive—”
“On just your delicious pussy alone,” he finished for me with
a grin.
I shook my head and rolled my eyes, blushing as I hopped off
the mattress and headed into the bathroom to clean up. When I
came back out, Mac was gone. But he’d left a pair of jeans, one of
his shirts, and his cut for me on the bed. I pulled on the clothes
and went to the kitchen, coming up short when Cat flashed me a
genuine smile.
“Morning,” I greeted her cautiously, more than a little
weirded out by her reaction to me since it was the opposite of
how she’d been treating me ever since Mac had brought me here.
Then her eyes darted to the bruises and scratches she’d left on
me the day before, and I figured she was feeling guilty. “It looks
way worse than it should because I bruise easily.”
“You have every right to hate me since I’ve been a royal bitch
to you,” she started.
“I don’t hate you.” I moved closer, shaking my head. “I
mean, yeah, you were a total bitch. But I get it with how the
situation is between the Silver Saints and the Hounds of
“Which is exactly why I expected you to tell Mac that it was
my fault. All of it.”
“All of what?” Scout growled from behind me. I twirled
around and found him glaring at Cat.
“It’s nothing,” I interrupted.
“Didn’t sound like nothing to me,” he argued. “Is Blue right,
Kitty Cat?”
“No,” she whispered, her voice sounding uncertain and
lacking her usual confidence.
“One of you’d better tell me what the fuck is going on.”
“The bruises and scratches on Bridget’s arms are my fault,”
Cat blurted out.
Scout lifted one of my wrists to examine the marks on my
skin. “Mac was pissed as fuck about these.”
“Yeah,” I admitted softly.
“He didn’t know how they happened, though.”
“Because she didn’t tell,” Cat said. “Just like she didn’t say
anything about how I made her run outta here crying yesterday
when I ripped her to shreds.”
“Shit, Kitty Cat,” he groaned. “What the fuck were you
“That she was a pawn who didn’t deserve my respect. A
pampered princess who didn’t belong here, and I was stuck with
her until her father finally caves and gives Mac what he wants.”
“You’re my old lady. You know me. Would I ever give
someone a nickname if I didn’t think they deserved my
respect?” he asked.
Cat shook her head.
He jabbed a finger at the patch on Mac’s cut. “You, better
than any other woman around here, should know what it means
for Mac to give her that to wear.”
Cat cringed. “I know, which is why I never should have
told her—”
“It doesn’t matter what was said,” I interrupted again, but for
a different reason this time. I didn’t want to hear a repeat of the
insults she’d flung at me yesterday, especially the ones about
some other woman wearing Mac’s cut in the future. Not after
spending all day and night in his bed.
Scout gave me a considering look. “My woman and I don’t
keep secrets from each other.”
I gave him a disbelieving look because we both knew darn well
that with club business being what it was, there were things he
kept from her.
“Not with shit like this,” he growled.
“It’s girl stuff. None of your concern,” I insisted, putting a
little bit of haughtiness in my tone. “Besides which, it’s over and
done with so there’s nothing to worry about. Cat and I are good
with each other.”
He shifted his gaze to Cat. “You good with Blue now,
Kitty Cat?”
“Damn straight.” She nodded as she stepped to my side,
presenting a united front. “From now on, I’ve got Blue’s back
the same way she had mine.”
“Good,” Scout grunted. “That’s the way it should be since
you’re the VP’s old lady and she’s the Prez’s.”
The Prez’s old lady. Wow. Getting kidnapped by Mac really
was the best thing that’d ever happened to me.
Chapter Nine

M ac

I WANTED nothing more than to spend another day lost in

Bridget’s delicious body, but I had shit to do. Not the least of
which was coming up with a new plan. Pierce wasn’t getting his
daughter back, so I needed a new way to get ahold of the asshole
who’d beat up my guy.
Sitting at my desk, I forced myself to focus on some
paperwork until there was a soft knock at my door. “Yeah?” I
called. Looking up, I felt a smile spread across my lips as Bridget
came into the room with a tray full of food. Honestly, I was a
little worried my face was going to break, I hadn’t smiled this
much in years.
I leaned back in my chair as she scooted in front of me to set
the tray down, then grabbed her waist and hoisted her into my
lap. Her squeak of surprise melted into a moan when I buried my
face in her neck and nibbled on the soft flesh.
“I could get used to this,” I mumbled. “Having you for first
breakfast and then being served a second one by you while
wearing my cut”—she giggled and squirmed, causing my already
semi-hard cock to turn to steel—“If you don’t stop wiggling,
you’ll be my morning snack too.”
Grabbing her chin, I turned her head and captured her lips in
a deep, hungry kiss. Things were starting to heat up when my
door slammed open, bouncing off the wall. I scowled darkly at
Scout as he sauntered into the room. “You forget how to fucking
knock, Scout?”
Scout grinned unapologetically as Bridget scurried off my lap,
her face colored pink. “I was just leaving.”
I was tempted to tell Scout to fuck off and continue with
Bridget, but I had shit to discuss with him. I was going to need
his help figuring out how to handle the fucking mess I’d created
by claiming Bridget.
“Come back at lunch, baby,” I called before she shut the door
quietly behind her.
Scout sprawled in a chair across from me and raised a brow. “I
take it she’s gonna be a permanent fixture around here from
now on.”
“Damn straight,” I growled. “Anybody has a problem with
that, they can leave their cut and get the fuck out.”
“Whatever happed to ‘bros before hoes,’ man?” Scout
He was teasing, and I didn’t take the bait. “We aren’t in
second grade. Now, you ready to stop acting like it and get the
fuck to work?”
“How you gonna handle the Hounds of Hellfire?”
I scrubbed my hands down my face and grunted in
frustration. “No fucking clue.”
Just then, my phone rang and I grabbed it, barking, “Prez.”
“I’ve got your man,” Pierce snapped on the other end of the
line. “He’s willing to turn himself in to the police.”
“That’s not how we handle this shit,” I growled.
“Like I don’t fucking know that. But taking my baby girl was a
step too far, Mac. You give her back to me, and I’ll convince Gil
to deal with you rather than the police.”
Fuck. I was going to have to stall until I could figure out my
next step. I wasn’t going to let that motherfucking coward hide
behind bars rather than face me. “Fine.” Scout pushed a
handwritten note across the desk. I glanced down to see a date
and location. “At the Junction race on Saturday.”
“Saturday!” Pierce sputtered. “That’s way too fucking long
for my girl to be locked up with your people! You’ll break her!”
I almost laughed, but I didn’t want to give away any kind of
emotion in regards to Bridget. I couldn’t help a parting shot
though. “She’s stronger than you think, old man.” Then I hung
up. “And she’s mine.”
Our treasurer, Link, joined us just then and I gave Scout a look
to tell him to keep his mouth shut. Then the three of us got
down to club business.
It was after three when I glanced at the clock. Bridget hadn’t
come back at lunch. I frowned, worry creeping in. There were so
many ways for her to get into trouble or get hurt. Link left and I
stood to follow him but stopped when Scout said my name.
“I’m sure she’s with Cat, Mac. I need to talk to you for a
My brows raised at his tone. He sounded almost hesitant,
which was rare. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at
him, waiting.
“I walked in on a conversation between Bridget and Cat this
morning,” he started. He went on to explain everything about
Bridget’s bruises and what else had happened.
Fury burned in my gut, and I clenched my fists in an effort to
expend some of my energy so I wouldn’t blow the roof off with
my temper.
“She was way outta line, brother,” I growled.
Scout held up his hands in surrender. “She knows that,
believe me. But she owned up to her mistakes and I think you’ll
find she’ll have Bridget’s back from now on.”
I glared at him. “She fucking better. ‘Cause she’s on thin-
fucking ice with me. If Bridget so much as—”
“She’s good, Mac.” Scout’s eyes narrowed as he cut me off. “I
told you because we don’t keep secrets and shit, but you gotta
trust me to handle my woman. Besides that, you know Cat.
She’s good.”
I nodded, trying to let go of my anger. He was right, but I was
having a hard time accepting it with the red haze of anger that
came with the thought of Bridget being hurt, physically or
Scout took a step forward, his gray eyes probing mine. “Won’t
happen again. We good?”
I blew out a breath and nodded as I rounded the desk and
headed for the door. “Yeah.”
The first place I checked was the kitchen, but there were only
a couple of guys sitting around the long, wooden table, talking
and drinking. I headed to our room next but was waylaid by our
enforcer, Dax, as I jogged up the stairs.
“Yo. Cat took your lady shopping.”
I pivoted and descended the stairs before responding. “She
what? Where?”
Dax shrugged. “Fuck if I know. I’m just relaying a message
because Cat threatened to rip off my balls if I didn’t let you
know.” He turned and began to walk away, shaking his head.
“Don’t know when I turned into such a pussy that I ended up a
messenger boy instead of a bad ass fucking enforcer.”
The corners of my mouth edged up as I made my way out to
the garage to check on our latest order for custom bikes. We’d
have to keep this shit on a leash and make sure that it never got
around what suckers we were for our women.

“HI.” A soft, sweet voice brought my head up fast and I cursed as

my forehead slammed into the bike I was currently under.
“Are you okay?” Bridget’s frantic voice came closer as I slid
out from under the hog. She kneeled beside me, her blue eyes
filled with worry.
I was about to tell her I was fine but the words caught in my
throat as my eyes traveled over her. She was wearing a pink,
sleeveless top that had a V in the front, showing a hint of her
luscious cleavage. It clung to her in all the right places, and my
mouth began to water while my fingers itched to tug it down and
bare her gorgeous tits.
Her tiny, denim shorts that made her legs look a mile long,
and I had a feeling they cupped her pert little ass perfectly. She
glowed with confidence and smiled as she watched me ogle her.
“Where’s my cut?” I growled. It came out sounding grittier
than I’d intended, due to my suddenly lust-consumed state. Her
eyes filled with hurt, and I instantly wanted to slam my fist into
my own face. I should have complimented her first and not been
so harsh when I did finally say something. But damn, this
woman kept throwing me off balance.
“You look absolutely gorgeous, baby,” I told her as I ran a
finger down her velvety cheek. “But, I told you, you always gotta
be wearing my mark. It keeps you safe.”
Her smile returned, though somewhat timidly, and she
reached for a bag she’d set near her feet. “Sorry, I forgot to put it
back on.” She dug through the contents then pulled my leather
vest from the depths and quickly donned it.
“Now you look too fucking good, baby.” I grinned and her
cheeks dusted with pink as her smile grew. “Cat took you
shopping?” I growled playfully and dragged her into my lap to
kiss the fuck out of her. “I like seeing you in my clothes.”
She giggled and pulled back to gaze up at me. “As much as I
like wearing your clothes, they aren’t very practical for me since
you’re practically twice my size.” The pink in her cheeks spread
over her whole face and she ducked her head and mumbled
I put a finger under her chin and lifted her face. “Didn’t
understand that, baby.”
She cleared her throat and glanced away but forced her eyes
back to mine before speaking. “I—um—also got some stuff…you
know, just for you.” Then she gestured to a pink striped bag
hiding behind the one I’d seen next to her.
I jumped to my feet and tossed her over my shoulder, then
scooped up the bags and raced for the clubhouse, Bridget
giggling all the way.
Just as I entered, I almost ran into Dax. “Gotta talk, Prez.”
“Later,” I barked as I tried to move around him.
He grabbed my arm, and I spun around with a murderous
“Hospital called. Logan’s awake.”
Chapter Ten

B ridget

“THANK FUCK,” Mac sighed as he set me on my feet before

swatting me on my ass, hard enough that I felt it but not so
much that it hurt. “Gimme a second, baby.”
“Okay, I’ll take these”—I grabbed the bags out of his hand,
shuffling the one with the lingerie I’d purchased to the back as I
blushed—“and meet you up in your room.”
“Ours, Bridget,” Mac corrected.
The guy who stopped us looked as confused as I felt.
“Huh?” I asked.
He lifted a hand and traced along my collarbone and down my
chest where his cut rested. “You’re wearing my mark, sleeping
in my bed. I’ve claimed you, baby. That makes my room
our room.”
“Oh! Right. Yeah,” I mumbled, trying to keep my cool when
all I wanted to do was jump for joy.
“Fucking adorable.” I peeked up to find him smiling down at
me with a knowing grin. “Take your shit up to our room while I
talk to Dax.”
I did as he asked, dumping my shopping bags on the bed
before heading into the bathroom to freshen up. My outing to
the mall with Cat brought a whole new meaning to the phrase
“shop ‘til you drop.” I’d been surprised by how well the VP’s old
lady knew her way around all the best stores. And then surprise
turned to shock when she’d dragged me into Victoria’s Secret to
help me pick out sexy stuff that was “guaranteed to bring Mac to
his knees,” as she’d put it.
I’d been a little uncomfortable at first, but she’d been so darn
excited to help me that I’d gone with it anyway. And once I’d
pictured Mac’s reaction to me in the scraps of black lace that
she’d shoved into my hands before pushing me into a changing
room, I’d become eager to try on all sorts of things I’d never
have considered before. When we’d left the store, I couldn’t wait
to get back to the Silver Saints compound so I could show Mac
everything I’d bought. Unfortunately, when I walked out of the
bathroom and saw the stony look on his face, I knew I was going
to have to wait before I’d have the chance to model it all for him.
“Shit, baby,” he groaned, pulling me into his strong arms. “If
this wasn’t so damn important, I’d fuck that look of
disappointment right off your face. But we’ve been waiting to be
able to talk to one of my guys who’s in the hospital, and one of
the prospects called to let me know that Logan’s finally awake.
I’ve gotta head to the hospital, and it can’t wait.”
I thought back to what I’d overheard when Mac called my dad
the day he’d taken me. “The one in the coma?”
“Because of something someone in the Hounds of Hellfire
did?” I whispered.
“One of those motherfuckers beat the shit out of my Road
Captain with a baseball bat because he didn’t like it when Logan
stepped in when he was roughing up a woman.”
“No,” I gasped in shock. I knew the guys in my dad’s club
weren’t model citizens, but I couldn’t picture one of them doing
that. Going after another guy with a baseball bat in a fit of rage?
Maybe. Knocking a woman around? No way. “Are you sure that’s
what happened? My dad would never put up with one of his guys
hitting a woman.”
“I’ve got zero doubt about it, Bridget. Neither does your dad.
He knows which of his men put Logan in the hospital, and he
hasn’t done jack shit to make it right.”
“No.” I shook my head, refusing to believe that was true. “My
dad wouldn’t do that.”
“I’m sorry, baby, but he did. I talked to him myself this
Ducking my head as my eyes filled with tears, Mac pulled me
into his arms. Although I didn’t know any details because it was
club business, I was aware that my dad did things that weren’t
legal. I had been ever since kindergarten when some of my
classmates’ parents didn’t want them to be my friend because of
who my dad was. It’d never really bothered me since I was well
loved by him. If other people wanted me to choose between
them and my dad, there was no contest. But that was before Mac.
I didn’t know what I’d do if I ever had to choose between the two
most important men in my life.
“C’mon. You’re coming to the hospital with me.”
“Are you sure?” I sniffled.
His arms tightened around me briefly, and then he set me
away. Looking down at me, he swiped his thumbs over my
cheeks to wipe away my tears. “I’m not gonna leave you alone
when you’re like this. I should have kept my damn mouth shut.
That shit is between your dad and me. Between the Hounds of
Hellfire and the Silver Saints. It doesn’t have anything to do
with you.”
“You kidnapped me because of it,” I reminded him.
“That was then. This is now.”
He must have considered the conversation closed because he
led me out the door and to his bike. As soon as I was settled
behind him, with the helmet he’d given me securely in place, we
roared away from the clubhouse with several of the guys
following behind us. It took us about fifteen minutes to make it
to the hospital, but it hadn’t been long enough for me to come to
terms with the idea that my dad was the bad guy in this
situation. So, I was quiet as Mac led the way upstairs to Logan’s
hospital room, his hand wrapped around mine to keep me close.
He only let go when we were through the door and he walked to
the side of the hospital bed. In it was a man with shaggy blond
hair and blue eyes on a heavily bruised face. One of his legs was
casted and in traction, and the arm on the opposite side was in a
sling. He gave me a curious look before switching his gaze to Mac
and offering him a sheepish grin.
“How long was I out?” he asked.
“About a week,” Mac answered.
“That’s what they told me.” Logan’s blue eyes slid my way
again. “But then I saw you holding hands like a sap, and I figured
it’d been long enough that hell froze over.”
I giggled at the joke, but Mac just glared at him. “Too early for
you to joke about being in a fucking coma, man. I was starting to
think you’d never wake up.”
“Sorry, Prez. I guess I’m still trying to wrap my head around
the fact that I got my ass beat so bad by a motherfucking Hound
of Hellfire that I missed an entire week of my life.”
I cringed at the reminder of my dad’s involvement in this
man ending up in the condition he was in, but neither man
seemed to notice and the other guys were behind me and
couldn’t see my face.
“But don’t worry, I’ll more than make up for lost time once I
get my hands on him.”
“Ahem,” Scout cleared his throat, stepping next to me and
jerking his head in my direction.
“Can you go get Logan some water, baby? I’m sure he’s
thirsty,” Mac asked.
I knew he was trying to get me out of the room, but with the
direction the conversation had turned I was glad for the
excuse. “Sure.”
“Make it ice chips, sweetheart,” Logan said. Mac growled at
him, moving so his view of me was blocked. “I didn’t mean
anything by it, Prez. Don’t know the girl’s name and didn’t know
what else to call her.”
“Blue,” Scout offered. “You can call her Blue.”
“Works for me,” Logan muttered. “I’m thirsty as fuck, but
the doc won’t let me have anything but ice chips. So if Blue could
grab me some, I’d be grateful.”
“Will do,” I called out as I hurried out of the room. The
nurses’ station was right around the corner, so it didn’t take me
long to get what Logan needed. When I made it back to his room,
the door was only cracked open about an inch but I could hear
the low murmur of male voices. I started to open my mouth to
make sure they knew I was there, but then what Mac was saying
hit me and I froze in my tracks.
“Pierce called this morning. He’s willing to make the trade.
Their guy for Bridget.”
“Damn, this situation is fucked since Bridget’s the chick you
looked like you were going to put me back in my coma for after I
called her sweetheart. What’d you tell him?” Logan asked.
“What the fuck did you think I said? I gave him the time and
place for the meet. This Saturday at the races.”
“No,” I mouthed, my eyes welling with tears. Swiveling on
my foot, I dropped the pitcher of ice as I ran quickly. I needed to
be alone. Needed to figure out what to think. One question kept
echoing in my mind. Had he been playing me the whole time?
Chapter Eleven

M ac

ALL EYES SWUNG to the partially open door when something

clattered and bounced off the linoleum floor. I only caught a
glimpse of Bridget’s expression before she took off, but it was
enough for me to see her blue eyes swimming with hurt.
Scout waved at the door. “Go, we got this.”
I nodded, already running into the hallway. “Bridget!” I
roared. I caught up to her just as she burst into the waiting room.
Snatching her wrist, I hauled her back up against me, lifting her
feet clear off the floor.
“Let me go!” she snapped, wiggling frantically.
“No.” My tone was hard as I spoke quietly into her ear. Just
the thought of losing her had me on edge. “I already told you,
you’re mine.” Her shoulders slumped but she settled a little so I
cautiously set her down.
The room was littered with my brothers and a few old ladies,
so I led Bridget back into the hallway and found a deserted
hospital room.
When I faced her, my heart pounded painfully at the sight of
tears streaming down her beautiful face. “Don’t ever run from
me, baby,” I growled. “You hear something you don’t like or
understand, you come to me. That’s how this is gonna work. Do I
make myself clear?”
She backed away and I stifled the urge to make a grab for her.
“What do you care? I’m just leverage.” Her back straightened
and she glared at me. “I’m not going to be your plaything until
you’ve found a better use for me.”
I closed the distance between us in one step and grasped her
face, forcing her to look up at me. “Don’t ever refer to yourself
as my plaything, baby, or I’ll be bending you over my knee.” I
took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. “My old lady, my
woman, and someday my wife; those describe what you are
to me.”
Her blue eyes went wide as saucers and her jaw dropped. I
couldn’t resist dipping my head and stealing a fast kiss.
“But…what about…?”
“I needed time to come up with another method to get what I
need from your dad, baby. Only agreed to stall him. You aren’t
going fucking anywhere without me.” I walked her backwards
until she was pressed against the wall. “Pretty sure I made it
very clear who you belong to the last couple of days. But, I’m
more than happy to remind you.”
I captured her lips in a deep kiss, my palms planted on either
side of her head. My hips grinded into her center, making it
abundantly clear what she did to me.
My hands slid into her hair, before continuing on and making
quick work of the front snap on her shorts. I shoved them down,
along with her panties, and hoisted her up with my hands under
her ass.
Spinning around, I stalked to the nearest bed and set her on
the edge before dropping to my knees between her legs. I inhaled
deeply. “Fuck, you smell good. Taste so fucking good.” Leaning
in, I blew on her wet pussy, before licking up her slit. Bridget
moaned and fell back onto her elbows, keeping herself elevated
just enough that she could watch me. “Good girl. Eyes on me.” I
smirked then focused on my task of making her come. My
tongue fucked her sweet pussy, my lips sucked hard at her clit,
but just as she approached the peak, I backed off.
She whimpered and shuddered, looking at me in disbelief.
“Tell me who you belong to, baby, and I’ll let you come.”
“You,” she breathed.
“Fuck yes,” I grunted. This time, when I drove her up, I
pushed her right over the edge, soaking in the sounds of her
passionate cries.
I surged to my feet and freed my cock, thrusting deep inside
her before she’d even recovered.
“Jared,” she gasped. “Yes!”
The sound of her sweet voice calling my name was like fuel on
the fire. I held her hips tight as I pounded inside her. I ripped her
shirt over her head and bending forward, my lips captured a
nipple. I sucked hard, causing her to buck against me.
It didn’t take long for her to explode again and I followed
behind her, shouting her name. Still holding her firmly, I
pressed our centers together, keeping it sealed so none of my
seed would leak out.
“Don’t ever forget you’re mine, Bridget,” I mumbled, my face
nestled between her tits. “Hopefully, you’ve already got my baby
in your belly to prove it. If not, gonna fuck you every chance I get
until you do.”
“Oh my gosh!” she gulped. “We haven’t been using
I lifted my head and glared at her. “Fuck no, we haven’t. And
we aren’t gonna start now.”
“You—you want me to have your baby?” she stuttered.
“Hell yes. Gonna have all my babies.” I grinned this time, my
smile growing wider when her face softened despite her obvious
attempt to look like a bad ass. It was already a futile effort,
considering she was still spread out on the bed with my dick
buried deep in her pussy.
“Just exactly how many babies are you expecting me
to have?”
I kissed her quickly before slowly pulling out. “As many as
you’re willing to give me.”
She practically melted and I laughed as I helped her redress
her boneless body. “Okay,” she sighed dreamily.
After we were both dressed, I took her hand and led her
towards the door but stopped when she tugged on my hand.
“What are we going to do about…that guy?” Her eyes had
turned sad, so I held back from reminding her the shithead she
was referring to was her Dad’s guy.
“I’ll handle it, baby. Trust me.”
Her hand tightened in mine and she nodded determinedly. “I
trust you.”
I smiled again and gave in to the instinct to kiss her. Then we
left the room and headed back to Logan, who was still talking
with Scout. Dax, Link, and a couple of other brothers had joined
in the discussion.
Holding Bridget with an arm around her waist, I made my way
over to Logan’s bed.
He craned his neck to look around me. “Sorry about what you
heard, Blue.” My eyebrows shot up at Logan’s apology. He
hadn’t done anything wrong. I almost laughed when I realized it
was simply the effect Bridget had on us all. Turned us into
fucking pussies.
She smiled and shrugged. “My fault for jumping to
conclusions. Besides, I understand why you’d still want Mac to
use me as leverage. I want that guy to pay too.”
Logan frowned and I figured he was about to correct her about
wanting to use her but she continued on, “Maybe you guys
should still use me.”
“The fuck!” I exploded. “You’re not leaving me. You need
another reminder, baby?” I growled.
“No,” she squeaked, her cheeks burning brightly with a deep
blush. “I just meant that we could use me as a sort of bait. You
kidnapped me once, may—”
“Not fucking happening, Bridget. So just forget that shit
right now.”
Logan interrupted, “We’ve got another idea, Prez. If Pierce
can get Gil—”
“Gil?” Bridget asked, her nose scrunching up like she smelled
something bad. “Figures it was him.”
I raised an eyebrow and waited for her to explain.
“He’s bad news. My dad always warned me to stay far away
from him. If he was with a girl, it was probably Lena. She’s been
his on again, off again for a few years.”
“If she was with the group. Think you could point her out to
us, baby?” I asked.
She nodded. “Sure. She’s really beautiful. Gil likes to show
her off, so when they are together, he usually brings her with
him wherever he goes.”
“We can get to Gil another way, Mac,” Logan said. “All I want
is to talk to Lena, away from him.”
“I can make that happen,” Bridget smiled confidently as she
spoke. “Bring Cat and I’ll have her ‘bump’ into Lena and spill
something. When she comes to the ladies room, I’ll be waiting to
talk to her.”
The idea of Bridget anywhere near any of the Hounds of
Hellfire had my fists clenching in rage. But, I knew we needed
her and anyone of my men would throw down their life to
protect her. I sighed and agreed to the new plan.

I ROARED Bridget’s name as I bucked up and came inside her

again. After I’d practically torn off her new lingerie, I’d taken her
up against the wall then she’d ridden me hard. She was so
fucking sexy.
Collapsing on my chest, she sighed contentedly. “Mac?” she
“Yeah, baby?”
“I…um, I know it’s fast but I…” she trailed off and buried her
face in my chest hair.
Fisting her hair, I tugged gently to lift her head. “Tell me you
love me, Bridget.” Her beautiful face flushed pink in the most
adorable way. “Tell me,” I demanded again.
“I love you.” She smiled shyly and her hopeful blue eyes
stared into mine.
“I love you too, baby.”
Bridget lit up like the fucking sun and I immediately needed
another taste of her sunshine.
Chapter Twelve

B ridget

“FUCK, I can’t believe I agreed to this plan,” Mac growled as he

killed the engine on his bike. We’d just pulled up at the side of
Knockers, one of the bars where the Hounds of Hellfire liked to
hangout when they weren’t at the clubhouse. With their scantily
clad waitresses and cheap drinks, Knockers was popular with
guys from other clubs too. It was considered neutral territory,
but shit sometimes went down when clubs were already at odds
with each other. Considering the current situation between my
dad’s club and the Silver Saints was volatile, I was hoping we’d
be able to get in, get to Lena quickly, and get out before anything
happened—and the only way that was going to happen was if
Mac didn’t show his face inside the bar.
“It’ll be fine,” I reassured him. “Out of everyone here, I’m in
the least amount of danger because your guys would never hurt
me and neither would my dad’s.”
“Promise me you won’t take your safety for granted in there,
baby. This whole fucking mess started because one of those
motherfuckers was beating on a woman.”
“Good point,” I mumbled, patting his chest. “But I’m just
going to duck inside and head straight to the restroom. Nobody
should even see me.”
“Just in case they do,” he said as he reached behind him into
the saddlebag. “I want you wearing this instead of my cut.”
He pulled out a black leather vest, much smaller than his.
Holding it up, he turned it around so I could see the back. Silver
Saints MC was stitched at the top, and the patch below it said
‘Property of Mac.’ I knew what a big statement this was, and my
eyes filled with tears. “Really?”
“Had it made just for you,” he confirmed as he tugged his cut
off my body and shrugged it on. “I love you. You love me.” He
claimed my mouth in a rough kiss and whispered the next words
against my lips. “Been fucking you bare, which means you might
already be carrying my baby. Want the whole damn world to
know you’re mine.”
“This’ll do it.” I smiled up at him after pulling the vest on.
He rubbed his thumb along my ring finger on my left hand.
“So will the ring I’m gonna put here soon.”
“Oh, wow,” I breathed out.
“So get your ass in there, do what’s gotta be done, and come
back out to me so we can get on with the rest of our lives.”
“Yes, sir,” I sassed back before turning on my heel and
marching into the bar. It was dark inside, which was a good thing
because it made it harder for the guys from the Hounds of
Hellfire to notice me. I spotted them, though. Four of them were
huddled together at a booth in the corner. A couple of pitchers of
beer sat in front of them, mostly empty. When I glanced over at
the bar, I spotted Lena. She was standing next to an empty stool,
her toe tapping while she waited on the bartender.
Locking eyes with Cat, who was with a couple of other women
at a table in the middle of the room, I jerked my chin in Lena’s
direction. Cat nodded, and I headed to the women’s restroom. As
the door swung shut, I heard a crashing sound and braced
because I knew that it meant Cat had done her job and Lena
would be right behind me.
“Bridget!” she gasped when she looked up from patting the
wet spot on her shirt and spotted me.
I moved swiftly, slipping around her to block the door.
“Hey, Lena.”
“What’re you doing here?” she asked, her eyes darting
around like she expected someone to jump out at us. “Your dad’s
been going crazy since the Silver Saints took you. Did you
escape? Do you need help?”
“I’m actually here to ask you the same question.”
She gave me a confused look. “I don’t understand. You were
the one who was kidnapped out of your own bed. Not me. Why
would I be the one who needed help?”
I lifted a finger and stroked it across the hint of a bruise on
her cheekbone that wasn’t quite covered by her makeup. Her
eyes dropped to the floor, and I wanted to kick Gil’s ass for
taking so much of her confidence away from her. My dad, too, for
letting him get away with it. But I was on a mission tonight, and I
needed to focus on what needed to be done. “There’s a guy in the
hospital who got a lot more than that from Gil who wants to talk
to you.”
Her head jerked up and tears spilled down her cheeks. “I feel
awful about what happened to him, but you know that I can’t go
and talk to him. Even without your dad being out for Silver Saint
blood, Gil would never be okay with that.”
“The choice is yours, Lena. Not theirs,” I insisted. “And it’s
about time you realized it. I get being scared. Being used to doing
what the guys say because it’s what being with a Hounds of
Hellfire means. But you deserve better than Gil.”
She shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “I’ve tried walking
away before, but somehow he’s always managed to talk me into
giving him another chance.”
“Maybe it’s finally time for you to leave him for good. Put a
stop to the crap he’s put you through and find someone who’s
better for you than he the guy who defended you and
ended up in a coma for it because Gil doesn’t care about fighting
fair. Not that it should be a surprise considering he also likes to
hit women.”
“Do you—” she broke off, shaking her head. “No, he couldn’t
“Do I what, Lena?”
She took a deep breath and met my eyes hesitantly. “Do you
really think that I could end up with a guy like the one who
helped me?”
“Yeah, I do.” I reached out and squeezed her hand. “And
maybe not just with a guy like him.”
“What do you mean?”
“Mac took me because he’d planned to do an exchange with
my dad—me for Gil. But things have changed since then, and
one of those things is that Logan woke up from his coma and
what he wants more than a chance to beat the shit out of Gil is
the opportunity to talk to you. So if you’re willing to leave here
with me now, the Silver Saints will let the matter drop with the
Hounds of Hellfire.”
“He’s really willing to give up on his revenge? For me?” she
“Yeah, wow. If I were in your shoes, it’d be a no brainer.
Dump Gil for real this time. You don’t even have to say a word to
him. Just walk out of this bar, head over to the hospital, and see
what kind of sparks fly between you and Logan. Even if nothing
comes of it, the Silver Saints will make sure you’re protected.”
Mac had made sure I knew that going into this, and it had only
made me love him even more.
“He was pretty hot,” she mumbled, blushing.
“Still is,” I agreed, but only because Mac wasn’t around to
hear me. “Even flat on his back and bruised the hell up.”
She nodded, a determined light filling her eyes. “I’ll do it.”
“Hot damn!” I heaved a sigh of relief as I tugged on her hand.
“Let’s get out of here before anyone comes looking for you and
finds me too.”
The entire thing had gone more smoothly than I’d expected,
but I got over-confident as we walked out of the bathroom and
forgot to peek out to see if anybody was in the hallway. We only
made it a few steps before I halted in my tracks. Lena bumped
into me from behind and placed a hand at my back to steady
herself. I glanced back at her when she gasped in surprise, and
found her gaping down at the patch on my back instead of at the
reason I’d stopped in the first place.
My head jerked forward again at the rasped out word.
“Daddy,” I whispered. He looked like he hadn’t slept the
whole time I’d been gone, and I felt guilty because it’d been
some of the best days of my life. I wanted to run forward and
throw myself into his arms, but my feet felt like they were glued
to the floor. It was a good thing, too, since I spotted Mac stalking
towards us looking like he was ready to rip someone’s head off.
“Oh, shit,” Lena whispered.
She got that right. My dad led an unconventional life and was
feared by many, but there had never been a moment of doubt in
my life that he loved me. Then again, I’d never tested his love in
the way I was about to do. God only knew how he was going to
react to finding out I’d become Mac’s old lady.
Chapter Thirteen

M ac

THE MINUTE I spied Pierce making his way towards the back of
the bar, I hustled after him. There was a chance that he would
end up in the bathroom before Lena and Bridget came out, but I
wasn’t holding my breath. It was clear the minute he saw her
because he stopped suddenly, his whole body going stiff.
Bridget took a step towards her father but halted in her tracks
when her eyes slid over his shoulder and met mine. Her hands
went to the edges of her vest and she unconsciously tugged the
leather tighter around her. If I hadn’t been so pissed off at
everything going to shit now, I would have smiled.
“Um, Daddy…” she trailed off hesitantly.
“Let’s go, Princess.” He reached out and grabbed her arm,
making my vision go red. I didn’t like anyone touching my
woman and I didn’t know if Pierce was truly a threat to her or
not, which made it even worse.
“Don’t fucking touch her,” I growled before shoving him back
and stepping in front of her.
Pierce’s face started to turn purple with rage. “I brought you
Gil, now give me my daughter, Mac. We had a deal.”
I shook my head and gently pushed Bridget back behind me
when I felt her try to peek around. “Deal is off. Gil can take his
chances with the cops and Bridget goes home with me.”
“You agreed—” Pierce started, but I cut him off.
“Gil has Bridget to thank. She talked my man into another
“Bridget has nothing to do with club business, she can’t
change our deal,” he said through a clenched jaw.
Slowly, I dragged Bridget around to my front, making sure she
was facing me and pulling her hair forward so her back was
unmistakably visible.
Pierce gasped and stumbled backwards. “What the fuck?” he
“Bridget has everything to do with my club’s business,” I
snarled. “As the president’s old lady and as my soon to be wife,
she’s involved in whatever the hell I say she is.”
“You can’t force her to—”
“He isn’t forcing me, Daddy.” Bridget was the one cutting
him off this time. She’d pushed lightly against my chest until I
gave her a smidgen of room and then turned to face her father.
“I love Mac and I’m choosing to stay at his side”—she squared
her shoulders and straightened her back—“Besides, if anyone
needs to learn a lesson about forcing women, it’s the Hounds of
“Now you listen here, Bridget Pierce—”
I whistled loudly and made a “round ‘em up” motion with my
hand. Signaling to my guys who were waiting, unseen, just
beyond the hallway. With one last glare at Pierce, I snapped, “I
won’t keep Bridget away from you, but if you want to see her or
our children, you’ll do it at the Silver Saints compound.” With
that, I spun around, keeping a firm hold on my woman so she
was protected in front of me and we marched down the hall to
the back entrance.
Bridget dug in her heels to get me to stop before I stepped
outside and peered around me. “Lena?” she called. I glanced
back to see the woman plastered up against the wall, looking like
a deer in headlights. That’s when I noticed two of my brothers
restraining a man. He was cursing and trying to get free and
come forward, scaring the shit out of Lena.
Scout brushed past them and swiftly walked over to Lena, he
leaned down and whispered something to her and her whole
body slumped. Then he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and
guided her in my direction.
Together, the four of us exited the building and made our way
to the side where we’d parked our bikes. Cat strolled around
from the front and gave me a chin lift before meeting Scout at
his hog.
Cat had ridden her own bike at Bridget’s suggestion and as
soon as I saw her gesture to Lena to get on, I understood why.
Lena had allowed Scout to lead her out of the building, but it was
likely she wouldn’t be very comfortable riding behind him.
My woman was fucking brilliant and gorgeous.

BRIDGET HELD Lena’s arm and walked quietly with her down the
white-washed hallways of the hospital. Occasionally, Lena would
whisper something and Bridget would either nod or shake her
head. Finally, she pulled Lena to a stop outside Logan’s room.
“I don’t know if I should go in,” Lena said, glancing warily at
the door. “Are you sure he isn’t mad at me? It’s my fault
he’s here.”
Bridget squeezed Lena’s arm reassuringly. “I promise he
wants to talk to you. And, I’m positive that it wasn’t because
he’s mad.” Bridget smirked. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he uses
your guilt to ask you for a sponge bath though…”
I threw my head back and laughed drawing the attention of
both women. A sweet pink tinge appeared on Bridget’s cheeks
and I wanted nothing more than to return to the room we’d
christened earlier. But, I knew Bridget didn’t want Lena to face
Logan alone, so I sighed and pushed the door open.
He was sitting up, a definite improvement from the last time
we’d been here. The bruises and swelling on his face were also
going down, though it would be a while before anyone would be
commenting about his “pretty” face. Something we all loved to
do to get a rise out of him.
When he spied our extra visitor, his face lit up and he pushed
away the small tray of food in front of him.
“You bring me someone special to kiss away my pain, Blue?”
he asked with a lopsided grin.
Lena’s eyes widened as she took in his appearance and her
eyes filled with tears. That was my cue to get the fuck outta
“I’ll be right outside when you’re ready to go, baby,” I
whispered to Bridget before beating a hasty retreat.
Twenty minutes later, both women walked into the hall.
Bridget was grinning ear to ear, and Lena was blushing like a
virgin on prom night. I didn’t ask for details, just grabbed ahold
of my girl and headed home.

B ridget

STARING at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I cringed. I was

still in my pajamas. My hair was months overdue for a cut. I
looked like I hadn’t slept in forever. And I didn’t have the energy
to do more than run a brush through my hair and put on some lip
I felt like a mess, and it wasn’t entirely due to my lack of
sleep. It was because my dad was coming to the compound for
the first time since Mac had thrown down the gauntlet almost
eleven months ago in the hallway at Knockers. I’d talked to him
on the phone and even met him out for meals a couple of times
when I’d managed to sweet-talk Mac into it, but my dad hadn’t
seen fit to come visit me here yet. Until today...when Mac didn’t
give him any other choice.
My dad wanted to meet his new granddaughter, and it wasn’t
going to happen anywhere else other than the Silver Saints
compound. It had taken him seven weeks—and lot of texts with
ridiculously adorable photos of Molly—to finally concede the
fact that Mac wasn’t going to budge on this. Now that the day
was finally here, I was freaking out.
“You almost ready?” Strong arms wrapped around me, and I
lifted my gaze to meet Mac’s eyes in the mirror. He rubbed his
chin against my neck, his beard scraping against my tender skin
and leaving goosebumps in its wake.
“I just need to change out of my pajamas. Other than that, I
think this is about as good as its going to get today,” I sighed.
He turned my head to the side to capture my lips in a deep
kiss that left me wanting more when he pulled away. “That’s
bullshit. You need me to show you how fucking gorgeous
you are?”
“Maybe,” I breathed out. “But it’s going to have to wait
because we don’t have enough time right now.”
“And that’s bullshit, too.” He gripped my hips and flipped me
around before setting me on the countertop. “Molly isn’t
He yanked my sleep shorts and panties down my legs. “Your
dad isn’t here yet.”
Sinking a finger inside me, he growled, “You’re already wet
for me.”
“After that kiss, of course I am.”
His finger continued to work me as he used his other hand to
unbuckle his belt, unsnap his jeans, slide the zipper down, and
pull out his cock. “And I’m always hard for you.”
I widened my legs so he could step between them. His hands
moved to my hips, and he lined himself up at my entrance.
“Sounds like the perfect time to me.”
“Hurry,” I panted as he slid his cock inside me. I wasn’t
worried about how long we’d take; I just wanted to feel him
move inside me and make me come. Gripping his shoulders and
wrapping my legs around his hips, I held on tight while he
pounded into me.
“You’re more gorgeous today than you were when I found you
sleeping in your bed when I came to take you.” He swiveled his
hips, his cock dragging over my G-spot and making me clench
around his hard length. “You were so damn hot that I knew I was
fucked before you even opened your eyes.”
“And look at us now.”
His gaze dropped down, and he leaned back a little to watch
his cock slide in and out of my body. “Come for me, baby. I
wanna see your pussy squeeze me until I blow.”
I slid my hand between us and flicked at my clit, making a
growl creep up his chest. Each glide of his cock brought me
closer to the edge, until I was suddenly flying over it and taking
him with me. I slumped back against the mirror, panting for
breath as he pulled out and cleaned me off with a washcloth.
“Hurry up, baby.” He bent down to give me a kiss. Then he
picked me up and set me on my feet, tucking himself back in and
zipping up his pants. “We’d better get down there before hell
freezes over and the Hounds of Hellfire President steps foot on
Silver Saints soil.”
I would have laughed, except it really did feel like hell was
about to freeze over. I hurriedly changed my clothes while he
lifted Molly out of the basinet we kept beside our bed. Her
nursery was only one door down, but neither of us were ready for
her to sleep in another room yet. I had no idea how he’d
managed to have what was basically an entire house added to the
back of the clubhouse in less than nine months, and I didn’t
really care. I was too busy being grateful that it was ready in time
for me to decorate the nursery before I gave birth, even though
we mostly used it like a big closet for Molly’s stuff for now.
“It’ll be okay,” I reassured him as I smiled at the picture my
tough biker made with our tiny baby girl in his arms. “Molly will
melt all the ice, just like she does your heart.”

WE HAVE MORE in store for you from the Silver Saint MC, but in
the meantime…continue on for a free bonus read, Pursuit!


Brandon DeLuca’s relentless pursuit of Carly O’Reilly after she

flees New York isn’t really due to the orders of his mafia boss
cousin. The feisty redhead is his, and he’s done trying to pretend
otherwise. Now that he’s admitted the truth to himself, he just
needs to convince her to put her life in his hands—and her body
in his bed.

Please note: Brandon & Carly’s romance is a three part story, but
there are no relationship cliffhangers.

B randon

I SAT in my car and stared at the quiet, unassuming house across

the little residential street. It was dark, the inhabitants out for
the night or already in bed. I happened to know it was the latter.
After a couple of months of searching, I’d finally caught up to my
target and I wasn’t about to let her get away again.
Still, I continued to sit there and watch, taking no action. I
told myself I was simply being cautious; I didn’t need any more
trouble. But, Nic had asked me to keep her safe. I was obligated.
It was my job. It was complete and utter bullshit, that’s what
it was.
The phone I was holding up to my ear began ringing, and I
waited until the recipient picked up.
“Brandon?” Nic answered, his question implied.
“I found her.”
“Great. I’ll send—”
“No!” I snapped, cutting him off and shocking the fuck out of
myself. “She’s mine.”
Chapter One

B randon

MY BEST FRIEND and cousin Nic, who also happened to be the new
head of the Deluca crime family, was silent for a moment. Just
the thought that he might disagree with me had possessive fury
bubbling to the surface.
“Your call,” he said with an odd inflection in his voice. Relief
flowed through me until I realized … he sounded weird because
he was trying not to laugh.
“What the fuck, Nic?” I growled.
The laughter burst free, and I heard a female voice
admonishing him. Thank you, Anna, I thought, figuring it was
his new bride. He said something back, but it was muffled, his
hand clearly over the receiver. She yelped and he laughed harder.
I mentally banged my head against the steering wheel. I didn’t
want to know.
“Gianna says it’s rude for me to say ‘I told you so,’ so I’ll just
say, good luck, man.”
I hung up to the sound of more laughter. Jackass. Nic had
seen the sparks flying between me and Carly early on. She’d
been our inside source in the New York City Irish mob and when
things got dicey, Nic asked me to make sure she stayed safe. The
moment I saw her tall, lithe body, her long, lush red hair,
emerald eyes, and creamy skin, I was doomed to walk around
with a constant erection. It was impossible to deny; she was
fucking gorgeous. She was also a major pain in the ass. Her
stubborn streak was a mile wide, almost rivaling my own.
Following orders wasn’t a talent of hers, and I tried to convince
myself the package wasn’t worth the trouble. Yeah, I was in
complete denial.
The night stretched out before me, dark and silent, but my
mind and body were having a shouting match. Then my heart
decided to join the game and with two against one, my mind
never stood a chance.
Not wanting to alert her, I kept my car parked where it was
and climbed out, shutting the door soundlessly behind me. She’d
been raised in the mob and had learned a lot of useful skills;
some by design through training, and some through necessity.
She clearly knew how to run. Even so, the fact that she’d been
able to stay one step ahead of me, someone known for their
tracking skills, was a hit to my ego. Until I cut off
communication with everyone and went dark. No one knew my
moves, which meant there was no way for anyone to alert her.
I went through every trick in my arsenal to unbury where she
was hiding. Within a week, it paid off and there I was, circling
the house where I knew she was holed up, looking for a weak
entrance point. It was locked up tight. Good girl. Only, there has
never been a lock I’ve come across that I couldn’t pick. I chose
the back door since it only had one deadbolt and while it was
under a motion-activated alarm; the door itself wasn’t
connected to the security system.
I’d cased the house. I knew the alarm system and was well
aware of its blind spots, allowing me to sidle up to the door and
go to work. It only took me fifteen minutes before I was slowly
cracking the door open. I only had three to four inches of room
to slide my arm in and shut off the alarm panel. Any wider and it
would set off the motion sensors. Carefully, I reached in and set
a special little gadget on the security panel. Thirty seconds later,
it shorted out and the whole system powered down.
I slipped inside and shut the door, making sure to reengage
the deadbolt. It was only a one-bedroom house, so I didn’t have
to search very hard. Finding the bedroom door open, I stood
there, taking in the scene before me. Carly was on her stomach,
sprawled out on the bed with the covers kicked away, showing
off her spectacular ass in tiny, pink panties. The T-shirt she was
wearing had ridden up and revealed the smooth skin and toned
muscle of her back.
I’d finally admitted to myself that she was mine, so I took my
time, like I had never allowed myself before, and admired her
beautiful body. Her long red hair was splayed over the pillow,
begging for my hands to run through it. My cock was hard and
aching, ready for me to claim my woman. I gave in to what it
wanted, since the caveman inside me demanded the same thing.
After removing my shoes, I silently approached the bed,
stripping as I went. Since it was Carly, and I knew better, I
removed the gun from under her pillow, putting it in my bag.
She was bound to be pissed when she realized she’d slept
through my breaking and entering, removing her gun, and
getting into bed with her.
I debated whether to leave my boxers on but decided against
it, knowing there was no way I could get into bed with Carly and
not seduce her. Lying down next to her, I winced at a slight
twinge of pain in my leg when I lifted it off the floor. It reminded
me that she’d earned herself a spanking.
The night she ran, she’d come to warn me about her father’s
nefarious plans. I could admit, in my desperate bid to fight my
attraction to her, I may have said something that could have
been construed as me accusing her of not being loyal to the
DeLucas. Seeing her outraged and riled up was hot as fuck, and I
wasn’t able to control myself anymore. I’d kissed the ever-
loving fuck out of her. It was such a sudden action that she
didn’t have time to react and her body melted into mine.
Unfortunately, rational thought caught up with her and she
shoved out of my arms. I’d let her go, giving her some space to
process what had just happened, and preparing myself to
apologize. Until I realized she’d taken my gun from the back
waistband of my pants. I knew it was stupid to wear it there, but
I’d wanted it hidden, yet easily accessible when I answered
my door.
A few seconds later, we were startled by a noise heard through
the open window by my back door. It was immediately followed
by a gunshot and a searing pain in my leg. The woman had
fucking shot me. Despite the pain and blood, I’d raced to my
back door, pointing back at her and growling, “Don’t move.”
Grabbing a backup piece from a drawer in the kitchen, I’d taken
the safety off and was about to open the door when I heard a
voice shout my name. Glancing back, I saw Enzo, one of Nic’s
hitters—yet another cousin because we are Italian, after all
—rushing in.
“It was that little shit, Darby,” he snarled.
Shit. Carly’s brother was a little weasel and he would surely
run right back to Daddy and tell him he’d seen Carly with me.
Most likely, he saw me kiss her. Enzo didn’t know about Carly’s
actions as our “inside woman,” and I knew I’d have to come up
with a damn good explanation. I’d turned to face Carly, only to
find she’d cleared out.
“Motherfucker!” I was going to wring her pretty little neck. I
would have run after her, but Enzo swore and shouted at the guy
with him to come inside.
“You’ve been fucking shot, Bran. Why didn’t you say
The truth was, in the adrenaline high, I’d forgotten all about
it. They took me to a place where our family doctor could patch
me up, then I took off after her. The injury had created just
enough of a window for Carly to get completely off my radar. I
still didn’t know how she’d done it. She was good, but I was
I sighed and settled onto the bed. It hardly mattered now. Her
face was turned toward me, soft and sweet in sleep. It was an
expression I’d never seen there before. When she looked at me,
she was usually scowling. Rolling onto my side, I propped up on
an elbow and leaned over. I brushed her hair off of her cheek and
softly kissed her pale skin. I continued with my kisses all over
her face before ending at her lips. I brushed my mouth over hers
and paused when she sighed and shifted. I leaned back and
waited for her to wake up, but she seemed to fall back into her
dreams. This time, when I kissed her lips, she moaned. Moaned
my motherfucking name.
If that wasn’t an invitation, I didn’t know what was.
Chapter Two

C arly


couldn’t seem to get him out of my head. He’d been seared into
my brain from the moment his lips crashed down on mine. Or
more likely, from when I saw him for the first time. Brandon
DeLuca was a man most women would find impossible to forget.
At six-foot-three with an athletic, muscular frame, he made me
feel downright tiny next to him. His dark, tousled hair made my
fingers twitch with the need to touch. The thick, long lashes,
surrounding brown eyes so dark they almost looked black,
evoked a ridiculous amount of envy.
I’d mentally undressed every inch of his swarthy skin more
times than I could count. But, I hadn’t taken it any further. It
was the worst possible timing for me to be attracted to anyone,
let alone a DeLuca. Even though I’d caught a hint of attraction in
his eyes, he hadn’t acted on it either. Not until the night my
already precarious position was blown to smithereens, and I’d
had to run.
I tried pushing him out of my mind, but he haunted my
dreams every single night. There was no escape from him,
probably because part of me wanted him near instead of
hundreds of miles away. A very particular part of me, if the
pulsing sensation in my pussy was any indication.
“Brandon,” I moaned.
My hand slid across the rumpled sheets and slipped into my
pink panties to ease the need my dream had caused, yet again.
Only this time, I didn’t even make it to my clit before fingers
wrapped tightly around my wrist and stopped my progress. The
tiny bite of pain made my eyes pop open, and I found myself
staring straight into the chocolate brown orbs I’d just been
dreaming about.
“Fuck!” I gasped, pushing up with my free hand until I was on
my knees.
“Sounds like an excellent suggestion to me,” Brandon
To me, too, but I wasn’t about to admit to it. “How in the hell
did you get in here?” I asked, yanking on my hand in an attempt
to get him to release it.
He didn’t let go, his hold tightening until I stopped. My chest
heaved, drawing his attention to my tits. My nipples beaded
under his gaze, poking against the thin shirt I’d worn to bed.
Brandon froze, staring with such intensity. I gripped the sheet in
my free hand and pulled it up to my chest.
“Your hands are going to get you into all sorts of trouble
tonight, kitten.”
“Kitten?” I sputtered in indignation, even though hearing
Brandon call me a cute nickname made my heart melt a little.
“You hiss and claw at me like an angry kitten would,” he
explained, his hand coming up to cup my cheek. “And I caught
your hand touching what I consider to be mine, only to be
followed up by you using the other one to cover up more of
what’s mine.”
“If I want to touch myself,” I purred, dropping the sheet to
trail my hand down my body. “I damn well will.”
“The fuck you will,” he roared.
The crazy bastard grabbed my wrist and yanked it above my
head as he shoved me onto my back. He lifted my other arm,
crossing them together to hold them down with one hand. I tried
to buck him off me, but his heavy body pinned me to the bed.
“Brandon,” I growled.
“That’s right. Brandon,” he bit out. “I’m the one you come to
if you want an orgasm.”
“What?” I shook my head, certain I wasn’t hearing him right.
“Why in the world would I do that? The last time I saw you, you
accused me of double-crossing the DeLucas.”
“Yeah, I acted like an asshat,” he admitted. “But I figure I’ve
already paid for my mistake since you shot me.”
“Shit,” I muttered. “I did you a favor, shooting you the way I
did. My brother had you in his sights, and if I hadn’t acted, he
would have aimed for your head. It’s what our father taught us to
do. At least I went for your leg.”
“It’s a lucky thing for both of us you didn’t hit anything
vital.” He ground his hips into mine, and I felt the heat of his
hard length as it slid against my panties. “Then again, I’d just
have to figure out other ways to keep you satisfied if you had.”
He lifted my shirt up, and his mouth took possession of one
of my puckered nipples. My hips bucked upwards, and his hand
slid down to hold me in place while he licked and sucked at my
tits. Each tug of his lips sent a shock of feeling straight to my
core, making me writhe in need underneath him. He whipped
my shirt over my head, giving him better access.
“Brandon,” I moaned, trying to squeeze my thighs together
to gain enough friction to set me off.
He didn’t move from between my legs, so I couldn’t find the
pressure I needed. But, he seemed to know what I was looking
for because his hand moved down my belly to cup my pussy. I
squirmed, widening my legs and his hand dipped inside my
panties. His fingers glided between my wet folds, and I arched
up. When he slipped a finger into my pussy, I almost wept with
need. I was already on the edge of an orgasm, and it exploded
when his thumb swept over my clit.
“Brandon!” I screamed, convulsing around his finger as he
continued to nip and suck at my nipples.
“That’s right, kitten. It’s my name you’ll call each and every
time you come from now on,” he growled against my skin,
licking his way down my belly while he tore my panties from
my body.
He yanked my knees over his shoulders and his tongue was on
my pussy before I’d had the chance to come down from my
orgasm. The flick of his tongue against my clit triggered another,
making me scream his name again.
“One more,” he ordered, pinching my clit between his thumb
and forefinger as he thrust his tongue into my pussy.
I gave him exactly what he wanted, screaming as I came
again. By the time my heart stopped racing and I could see
straight, Brandon was right above me. “I can’t wait to feel this
tight, little pussy wrapped around my cock.”
I felt him nudge my opening and blurted out a warning. “I’m
a virgin.”
He froze, his eyes widening in surprise. “Fuck!” he hissed.
He dropped his head against mine, and I tried to prepare
myself for his anger and disappointment. I felt his chest expand
as he took a deep breath, and my vision blurred. Great, now I was
mortified and crying. What a fucking perfect combination. I
squeezed my eyes shut, trying to stem the flow and block out
whatever was about to happen.
“Oh, kitten.” The whisper-soft sound of adoration in
Brandon’s tone had my eyes popping open. If anything, his eyes
were even more heated at my admission.
“You’re not angry?”
“Hell, no! I’m thrilled as fuck to know I’m going to be the
first and only man to have you.”
I wasn’t sure what to think of the possessive gleam in his eyes
or the way he used the word ‘only.’ Considering how he’d acted
around me since we met and what he’d accused me of, it was
enough to give a girl whiplash. “I know it’s weird, me still being
a virgin. But if you knew the way I grew up, you’d understand.”
He twisted, rolling onto his back and pulling me onto his
chest. His dick was rock hard and digging into my stomach, but
he acted like it wasn’t bothering him. “Then tell me so I’ll
understand. And while you’re at it, explain why an O’Reilly was
willing to help the DeLucas.”
“It’s a long story,” I sighed.
“We’ve got all night.”
I must have been delirious from the orgasms because I found
myself closing my eyes and resting my head against his chest
while I told him things I’d only admitted to one other person,
and that was out of sheer desperation. “My da isn’t a good man.
Back when my ma was alive and I was a little girl, I thought he
hung the moon. Then she died, and I realized he was only
pretending for her sake. For what it’s worth, he loved her. He
really did.”
I rubbed my cheek against his hot skin, thinking about how
I’d dreamt of finding a man who looked at me the way my da had
looked at my ma. “Once she was gone, it was as though
something broke inside of him. The darkness he’d tried to
overcome for her consumed him. He didn’t care about anyone—
not even his kids. The only thing that mattered to him was
money and power. And if we interfered with his goals in any way,
we paid dearly.”
I gulped, thinking of hours spent locked in a dark closet as
punishment for one infraction or another. I still had an aversion
to small spaces. I didn’t think I’d ever overcome it. “As I grew
older, I realized he was willing to do almost anything to get what
he wanted. Drugs, guns, human trafficking. It was all the same
to him. A means to an end. And then I learned that’s all I was to
him, too.”
“What’d he do to you?” Brandon growled.
“It turned out he hadn’t guarded my virtue all those years to
protect me. He just wanted a virgin daughter to barter off for
even more power.”
“Motherfucker,” he hissed. “That’s why you came to Nic?”
“Yeah, a fat lot of good it did for me, since my own father
wants me dead for being a traitor to the family.”
“It did a lot of good, Carly.”
“Like what?” I asked.
“It brought you to me.” His arms tightened around me. “I
swear to fuck I’ll keep you safe from him.”
“I don’t want to go back, Brandon. I’m so tired of it all.”
Really, I was just plain old tired, as my wide yawn proved.
“Then sleep, kitten. We’ll worry about it in the morning.”
I’d shot him in the leg, made him chase me across several
states, left him with a case of blue balls after he gave me the
most amazing orgasms ever… and he responded by holding me
in his arms while I slept soundly for the first time in my entire
life, secure in his embrace.
Chapter Three

B randon

PAT O’REILLY WAS a dead man walking. While listening to Carly

tell me about her childhood, I felt the rage boiling just under the
surface. He had treated his own child no better than an animal
and then planned to auction her off to the most powerful bidder.
I was already planning each little way I would torture him before
letting him die.
Carly snuggled deeper into my embrace, and I closed my eyes,
reveling in the peace I was finding in her arms. I hadn’t expected
her to be such a balm to my tarnished soul. Every protective
instinct in me had roared to life and I knew I would do whatever
it took to keep her safe. I was keeping her, period.
It was tempting to stay in this little house and hide away from
the world. I could easily imagine spending hours worshiping
Carly’s incredible body. I couldn’t believe it when she told me
she was a virgin. I discovered the caveman inside me that I had
no idea existed there. I mentally beat on my chest and yelled to
everyone that this woman was mine. Would only ever be mine.
I’d never been casual about sex, and I knew she was my
forever, so, it surprised me when I pulled out before taking her
virginity last night. I’ve never wanted a woman so fucking much
in my life, but something held me back. With all of the shit she’d
dealt with in her life, I knew this could and should be one thing
that is special. And, it wouldn’t be in some random bed, in an
unknown house, while on the run. Despite the painful
encouragement I was getting from my rock hard cock.
In fact, it was time to get back to reality. I kissed her head and
nuzzled my nose in her long red hair, inhaling the delicious scent
of coconut. “Carly,” I said quietly, with a light kiss to her
forehead. “Kitten, it’s time to get up.”
She mumbled something incoherent and stretched, throwing
her leg across mine, brushing my erection. I groaned in response
to the sparks of pleasure the simple movement had caused. Carly
stilled, instantly alert, every muscle tensed and ready for fight or
I didn’t know which she would settle on so I flipped us over,
caging her underneath me. When she saw it was me, there was a
mixture of relief and fury. Really? Back to that again, are we?
“Retract your claws, kitten. We don’t have time for you to fight
with me about who you belong to. Accept it and move forward,
because we have a lot of other shit to deal with right now.”
“Be—belong to?” she sputtered incredulously.
I sighed, so done with this. “Yes, babe. You’re mine. We’ve
covered this. Now, no kicking or punching me when I let you up.
Get your sweet ass moving so we can get on the road.”
“Fine,” she said through clenched teeth as she glared at me. I
nodded and slowly moved off of her, wary and protecting my
important parts. Once she was free, her hand flew under her
pillow, her face a mask of shock when she realized her gun was
no longer there.
“No shooting me either, kitten,” I scolded with a shake of my
head. She continued to scowl at me, but there was a glimmer of
respect in her dark green eyes. I smiled and winked, prompting
her to roll her eyes and slip out of bed.
When she faced me, hands on hips and anger coloring her
features, it was clear she’d forgotten she was completely naked.
Her tits weren’t big, but they were the perfect fit for my palms
and mouth. She was long and lean with a sexy flare of hips, and
though I couldn’t see it right then, I knew she had a spectacular
ass. She looked so unbelievably sexy, I leaked a little come on the
bed. The sheet was covering me, but it didn’t hide the ever-
rising tent I was making.
She glanced down and gasped, grabbed the sheet and wrapped
it around her body, which subsequently bared my whole body for
her viewing pleasure. I laid back, hands behind my head and
smugly let her look her fill. Her eyes were glued to my cock as it
stood up, proudly saluting her. Her pink tongue peeked out to
lick her lips and come oozed down my shaft.
“It’s all yours, kitty cat. I’m yours every bit as much as you
are mine.” Her eyes darted up to meet my gaze, and she seemed
to snap herself out of whatever fog she’d been in.
“I’m not going back, Brandon. No matter how distracting you
are,” she declared, gesturing at my cock with a wave of her hand.
“There is a fucking price on my head. Yours too, so you should
stay away also, if you know what’s good for you.”
I narrowed my eyes. “Where did my courageous kitten go?” I
challenged her. “Seems to me, you’re using up all of your mettle
fighting me, instead of the son of a bitch coming after you.”
Her shoulders straightened and her eyes spit daggers at me.
“I’m not a coward, jackass. I’m smart.”
“I never said you were a coward, babe,” I soothed. “I was
simply suggesting you redirect your energy.”
She seemed mollified by my explanation, but her
determination didn’t waver. “The only way I’ll go back is if that
bastard is six feet under.”
Standing from the other side of the bed, I walked around the
edge until I was standing right in front of her. “How about a
compromise, kitten? You come back with me now and I swear on
my life, I will protect you. And, we’ll make sure you’re free from
Pat O’Reilly.”
She hesitated, clearly wavering on her decision. I crowded
into her space and clasped her face between my hands before
leaning down to kiss her plump lips. “Do you trust me?” I asked
softly, lowering my hands to her waist.
“Yes.” She gasped after her abrupt answer and slapped a
hand over her mouth disbelievingly. I was sure she could see the
smug satisfaction in the smile that formed on my face. She
removed her hand and her nose scrunched up adorably when her
look turned annoyed. “I don’t know why, but yes, I trust you.”
I kissed the tip of her nose and muttered, “Great, now get
ready to go.” She opened her mouth, more than likely to argue
with me, so I kissed the fuck out of her. I had to tear myself away
before I dragged her to the ground and buried myself inside her.
Turning her, I gently pushed her in the direction of the
bathroom with a smack on her butt to get her moving. “You’ve
got twenty minutes.” She shook her head but didn’t fight me
and disappeared to take a shower. I seriously considered joining
her, but I knew not only would I break my vow to make her first
time special, but I wouldn’t be able to stop and we’d get out of
there much later than I planned.
To my pleasant surprise, she was ready in less than fifteen
minutes. Stepping from the steamy bathroom, her face scrubbed
clear of makeup, dressed in jean shorts and a white tank top. Her
gorgeous hair, damp and hanging down around her, drying into
natural curls. I had a flashback to the sight of matching curls,
neatly trimmed between her legs. With a tight smile, I strolled
into the bathroom and took an arctic shower.
When I emerged, she was completely packed and ready to go.
She knew how to travel quick and light, something I admired,
but was irritated she’d ever had to learn.
She was powering down a cell phone and my brow furrowed.
“Calling someone?” I growled in irritation.
“Messages,” she answered shortly. She held out her hand,
palm up, and looked at me expectantly. “My gun.” It was a
statement, not a question, but I shook my head.
“Not until I’m convinced you won’t be aiming it at me,
kitten.” She made a sound of aggravation and spun around,
marching for the front door. So fucking cute.
She was waiting at the bottom of the porch steps as I shut and
locked the door. Which made me curious. “Who is Mac
Thomas?” It was the name on the mortgage for the little house.
She shrugged casually. “Friend of a friend of a friend.” I
frowned, not happy with her answer, or her overly nonchalant
attitude. Before I could delve into it, she asked, “What do you
want to do for wheels? I took the bus here from the next town
over where I ditched my um—borrowed car.”
I tried not to laugh, but damn, I really did love everything
about this woman. The thought didn’t stagger me like I would
have expected. I guessed my mind was simply accepting what my
heart had already known.
There was a reason I’d had to chase her. She was well
equipped with the knowledge to go on the run, as well as a
talented thief, an excellent markswoman, and sexy as fuck. I was
definitely going to have my hands full. A very appealing idea.
“That’s my rental, right there.” I pointed to the non-
descript, dark blue SUV across the street.
“A rental?” she scoffed and shook her head. “Amateur.”
I rolled my eyes. “Says the kitten in the house I was able to
track her to,” I drawled, enjoying the sight of her cheeks
becoming a little pink. “Do you really think I don’t have the
contacts for completely clean alternate identities? This car is
buried so deep, the devil himself couldn’t connect it to me.”
“Touché,” she replied before setting off for the car.
Once our bags were in the car and we’d both settled in our
seat, I started the drive home. She was holed up in a tiny town in
Maine, and we had around an eight-hour drive. I grilled her on
everything she knew for a couple of hours, making sure I knew
as much as she did about the situation. Every detail I wasn’t
aware of was a potential threat.
Eventually, she fell asleep and I was pleased to see her getting
more rest. The purple hue I’d seen under her eyes that morning
indicated how little rest she’d been getting. I hated to wake her,
but we switched out vehicles in Mount Vernon.
She was quiet for the rest of the relatively short drive, but
when I pulled up in front of my apartment, she shook her head
and gave me an address in the Bronx. “If you’ll take me, I’d
appreciate it. It’s been a long couple of weeks and I’d rather not
have to traipse up there on the train.”
I raised an eyebrow. “And, why exactly would I be taking you
“I’ll stay there for now. I know it’s safe.”
I gritted my teeth, deciding which ludicrous idea I was going
to approach first. “Let’s get something straight, right now,
Carly. You are not to go anywhere without me or the handful of
Nic’s men I will allow to protect you if I need to be away from
you. As I cannot protect you if you aren’t with me, your sexy ass
will be living in my house.”
She tried to speak, but I railroaded right over her objections.
“This is not a democracy, babe. When it comes to your safety, I
am in charge. This is not up for debate.” I turned fully to face
her, my eyes narrowing in suspicion. “Not that it truly matters
since you won’t be stepping foot in that place, but how do you
know it’s safe?”
“A friend of a fri—”
“Of a friend of a friend,” I finished for her dryly. “This Mac
Thomas guy again?” My tone was low with warning.
“Sort of,” she hedged.
“Carly,” I ground out, my gut telling me that I was going to
hate her answer, which fueled my ire. “I swear to St.
Bonaventure, if you do not tell me the truth right now, I’ll take
you to bed and drive you to the peak of orgasm over and over
again. But, I won’t let you come until you’re begging for release
and ready to tell me anything I want to know.”
Chapter Four


Yeah, that was my response. In my defense, I really didn’t

know what to say. Hell, I didn’t even know if he’d just
threatened me or promised me a good time. My mind went with
the threat theory, but my body was another story. If my damp
panties were any indication, I was more than up for some of his
sensual torture. Either way, this wasn’t a conversation I wanted
to have while sitting in his car on the street.
“Can you hold that thought until we’re in your apartment?”
“As long as you understand I’m likely to take every moment I
wait for an answer out of your hide,” he grumbled, climbing out
of the car.
I giggled, literally, like a schoolgirl, while he walked around to
open my door. Somehow, I knew he wouldn’t lay a hand on me to
cause pain, not after the sick look he’d had on his face when I
described my childhood. I also didn’t have any doubt that he’d
find a way to make me pay with pleasure. I should probably be
afraid of the fact that I was actually looking forward to his
efforts, but I was starting to get used to the way he made me feel
things I’d never experienced before. It was addictive, this rush of
emotion I felt whenever he was around. So was seeing the smirk
he flashed my way as he helped me out of the car.
“How can I be frustrated as fuck one minute and want to
laugh right along with you the next?”
His question was a deep purr in my ear which made my
laughter die in my throat while I shivered at the goosebumps he
caused instead. “It’s good to know I’m not the only one acting
completely out of character.”
He tugged my hand, leading me into his building and down a
small hallway. “Or maybe this is exactly how we’re supposed to
be—you and I are better people because we found each other.”
Seriously, how the hell was I supposed to protect my heart
from a hot as fuck guy who said shit like that? It was impossible
not to melt while my panties spontaneously combusted.
“Brandon,” I sighed.
“Carly,” he breathed, his lips swooping down to claim mine
as he stopped in front of the door on the left.
His kiss fogged my brain, and I didn’t notice him unlocking
the door until he ushered me inside. How the hell he managed
that while kissing the fuck out of me was a mystery. The man
had serious skills, that was a fact. I didn’t have the chance to
properly appreciate his apartment. I caught glimpses of black
leather furniture, gleaming chrome accents, and dark wood
touches as he ravaged my mouth again while shuffling me into
his bedroom. Or at least, what I assumed was his bedroom
because of the king-sized bed with the masculine comforter that
he picked me up and tossed me onto.
“Oh, I don’t think so,” I gasped, crawling off the mattress and
stalking towards him. “You want me to tell you about Mac
Thomas and my connection to him, right?”
“Whatever connection,”—he practically spit out the word
—“you had with this Mac guy is over. Done. Finito.”
“You’re even sexier than usual when you’re jealous and
speaking Italian.”
“I’d be very careful about pushing my buttons right now,
kitten,” he growled, reaching for my hand to press it against his
hardened length. “I’m barely holding on by a thread as it is.”
“Aww, poor baby,” I cooed, cupping him and squeezing. “You
gave me all those orgasms without taking anything for
“You don’t know how hard it was to not take you, but you
deserve better than to lose your virginity in some random bed
while on the run from your father.”
“I think I have some idea how hard it was.” I gave him a
squeeze for emphasis before dropping down to my knees.
“You don’t have to do this.” His voice was hoarse, his eyes
darkening a shade as he gazed down at me.
“But what if I want to?” I asked. “Maybe even need to get a
taste of you?”
“Damn, kitten. You drive a hard bargain.” He stroked a finger
down my cheek, running it across my lips. “If you need a taste of
me, that’s what you’ll get.”
I watched, rapt, as he unzipped his pants and tugged his hard
cock out. His hand stroked up and down the shaft, working it
lazily. His breathing picked up, coming in short pants through
his lips. I licked mine, hungry for him.
“Open,” he ordered, running the head of his cock over my
bottom lip. I parted them, my tongue darting out to lick away the
drop of pre-come beaded on the tip.
“Mmm,” I moaned, opening my mouth wide as he slowly
plunged inside. My hands slid upwards, along the back of his legs
to grip his thighs and pull him forward.
“Damn, kitten! Your mouth feels so fucking good wrapped
around my cock.”
I sucked him into my mouth as far as I could go until I
bumped against the fist he still had wrapped around the base. I
licked the ridges of his length as I released him. “More,” I
His fingers unwrapped from his cock and quickly tangled in
my hair, gathering it up at the back of my head. Peeking up at
him, I wanted to smirk at seeing how the cords of his neck were
strained, his eyes riveted on my mouth. I licked the slit at the
tip, slowly trailing it down his length, lapping at him. This time,
without his hand to block me, I kept going until he brushed the
back of my throat. It tightened around him reflexively as I tried
not to gag.
“Relax your jaw,” he murmured, pulling back and thrusting
back in even farther. His fingers dug into my scalp as he took
control, withdrawing and driving forward at a leisurely pace.
“You can take it deep for me, can’t you?”
I wasn’t sure how deep I could take it because I’d never done
this before, but I wanted to make this good for him. To blow his
mind. My lips curved up in a little smile at the thought of
blowing his mind with a blow job.
“I see the laughter in your eyes,” he rasped. “I guess I’d
better make sure I have all of your attention.”
He surged forward, holding me in place as he pumped his hips
in short jabs. He let out a low moan of pleasure, fucking my
mouth even as he swelled within it. He was getting closer, and
the knowledge urged me on. I lapped and sucked at his length,
feeling him start to twitch and pulse.
“I’m gonna come,” he warned, starting to pull out.
“No,” I protested, wrapping my lips around him and gripping
the back of his thighs so he couldn’t get away from me. I sucked
harder, my cheeks hollowing out, and then his erection jerked.
His hot come poured down my throat, his hips still pumping and
his husky cries of completion ringing in my ears.
When he pulled away, his chest was heaving and his dark eyes
were heavy-lidded. He bent down, dragging me up his body and
claiming my lips in another kiss. I blushed wildly at the thought
of him tasting himself on my lips, making him chuckle darkly.
“I’ll take your mouth any damn time I want, kitten. It’s mine.
Just like you’ll learn to take mine no matter what I’ve been doing
with it.” His fingers slipped down my belly to glide across my
pussy lips. I felt the heat of his touch, as though my clothing
wasn’t between us.
“Whatever you say,” I mumbled, still a little embarrassed.
“Damn straight.”
He helped me to my feet, and I playfully slapped at his chest
while he tucked himself back into his pants.
“My blowjob doesn’t seem to have mellowed you out
very much.”
“It took the edge off, but I don’t think I’ll be mellow until I’ve
had you at least a hundred times, babe. Maybe a thousand.”
“A thousand sounds like an awful lot,” I teased.
“Not when you consider I’m never letting you go,” he
quipped, making my heart flutter again. “Now tell me, who is
Mac Thomas and what does he mean to you?”
Crap, I’d only delayed the inevitable, and I didn’t think he was
going to like my answer much. “Mac Thomas is one of Thomas
McKinnon’s aliases.”
“Fuck!” he barked out, beginning to pace. “McKinnon is part
of your father’s organization, Carly. Please tell me you aren’t
naive enough to have kept in touch with someone who’s
connected to the very man who’s been hunting you.”
“I’m not dumb,” I hissed, straightening my spine and
crossing my arms over my chest while I glared at him. “Tommy
would never do anything to hurt me. He’s risked a lot to protect
me and he’s one of the only other men I’ve ever trusted in my
entire life.”
Chapter Five

B randon

I STOPPED PACING and gripped Carly’s biceps, backing her up

against the wall and crowding her. “Used to be, kitten. As of
now, I am the only man you trust.” I paused for a minute,
thinking about her situation. “You can also trust Nic.” I would
lay down my life for Nic, and I knew he would do the same, just
as we would for each other’s families. But, it eased my tension
knowing I didn’t have to worry about him trying to steal my
Carly shook her head, her long mane of red hair brushing
against her tits with the movement. She was so damn beautiful. I
didn’t care what McKinnon had done for her, who he’d been to
her, as of now, he wouldn’t be anywhere near her.
“Tommy is the reason I was able to run, Bran. He’s been my
best friend since I was eight. He took punishment from
protecting me from my dad and brother more times than I care
to think about. His father is as big of a monster as mine.”
I gripped her chin, forcing her to pay complete attention. “I
don’t give a fuck, Carly. I can appreciate that he played a role in
keeping you safe until we found each other, but now you’re
mine. And, I protect what’s mine.” I squeezed her chin a little
harder, but made sure I wasn’t causing her pain. “You know my
reputation, Carly. No one touches what’s mine. And that
includes Thomas fucking McKinnon. Do you understand”
She stared at me, wide-eyed, unblinking, and for a moment, I
worried I’d gone too far and made her afraid of me. I wasn’t in
the habit of hiding who I was like Nic. I couldn’t be. Being the
enforcer, and his number two, people had to know me because I
needed them to fear me. Even so, for the first time, I considered
whether I should have tempered my hard edges a bit.
Then she blinked. Fuck. Her lids raised and her green eyes
were full of fire, burning with desire. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I backed
up, my hands clenching and unclenching into fists, as I
reminded myself to take it slow. To make things special. My cock
was pissed at me for the decision and my zipper cut into the skin
as he pressed against it, trying to get free.
I cleared my throat and glanced at the partially open door to
the bedroom. “Come to the kitchen, babe,” I said, sidling toward
the door. “We can talk while I make you some dinner.” Then, I
turned and practically ran from the room before I threw her on
the bed and fucked her until we both collapsed into a
sexual coma.
For an apartment in a New York City, prewar building, mine
was quite large. The kitchen and main room were one big space,
and the back wall had two picture windows, facing a private
courtyard. I’d chosen the apartment for the back and the
kitchen. I loved to cook, it was something I’d done with my
mother since I was a child. Nic used to give me shit about it until
he tasted my food. Shut his ass up real quick.
I pulled out everything I needed to make chicken parmigiana,
grateful that I’d had the foresight to send a text to one of the
guys to make sure the kitchen was fully stocked for our return.
My eyes swept the room, the cogs in my mind spinning as I
thought about how it would look to Carly. I owned the whole
building, but since I lived alone, I hadn’t felt the need to expand
my apartment. Now that I was moving Carly in with me, and
knowing I’d be marrying her and knocking her up shortly, I
started thinking about combining the two first floor apartments
when the neighbors lease was up.
Carly wandered in after around fifteen minutes. “Smells
great,” she said, making her way to the window near the kitchen
area and staring out warily.
“Carly, c’mere,” I encouraged. She turned around and walked
over, straight into the arm I’d held open for her. I pulled her
close and kissed her temple. “You’re safe, kitten,” I reassured
her. “I’m here, and I’ve got guys watching the building.” I felt
her shoulders droop slightly as she relaxed. Kissing her temple
again, I held a spoon of the sauce I was stirring to her mouth.
She put her mouth around it and just like that, I was hard as fuck
“Damn, Brandon. It’s so good,” she moaned. Special, I
reminded myself as I guided her to a chair at the kitchen table,
saying a prayer to the Virgin Mary. Seemed appropriate
considering the circumstances.
“Tell me about how you know Nic and why you decided to
help him.” Nic had told me some, but I wanted to hear the full
story from Carly.
“What do you want to know?” she asked guardedly.
I frowned at her. “All of it. Start from the beginning.”
She sighed and put an elbow on the table, resting her chin in
her hand, watching me as I moved around preparing the food.
“You know about my childhood, mostly. I was home schooled,
for lack of a better term,” she spit acidly. “So, I didn’t have a lot
of friends, only the kids of my father’s”—she made air quotes
—“‘trusted’ men. However, he still made sure I went to Sunday
school, needing to keep up appearances and all. We couldn’t
have Father Gannon damning him to Hell,” she sneered, rolling
her eyes. “As though he doesn’t already have a personally
engraved throne at the devil’s side.”
I put the breaded chicken and French bread in the oven and
sat at the table with her. Picking up the clenched fist in her lap, I
pulled her fingers apart and began to massage her hand.
She sighed, her eyes closing in bliss. “Wow, who knew a
simple hand massage could cause such comfort?” she said with
I smiled. “My mother used to do it for me and my brothers
when we were sick.”
Carly’s eyes softened and the sides of her lips turned up.
“That’s really sweet.”
“I’m a sweet guy,” I quipped, earning myself an eye roll and a
“Anyway, I met a girl who had an Italian father and an Irish
mother. Meagan’s mother was considered a traitor and disowned
by her family, but she still brought her daughter to Father
Gannon’s Sunday school classes. As we got older, we got creative
in keeping in touch and stayed friends.” Carly cast her eyes
down and dropped her other hand to the table, drawing circles
with her finger. I gave her hand a deliberate squeeze to remind
her I was with her and urge her to continue.
Meagan was Enzo’s cousin, but her father worked with Nic’s
uncle Antonio in one of our legit businesses, and I didn’t know
either of them well.
“One day, I don’t even remember what I did, I pissed off my
da and he beat the shit out of me.” She flinched, and I realized
I’d gripped her hand hard and immediately gentled my touch.
“He locked me in the basement of our house, but Tommy had
taught me to pick a lock, so my da had no idea I often slipped out
of the cellar door. I couldn’t go anywhere, but stepping into the
open and the fresh air kept me from going insane.”
She suddenly withdrew her hand from mine and stood, pacing
to the window, but I could tell she wasn’t seeing anything
beyond the glass.
“I don’t—I don’t like dark, small spaces,” she admitted with
a shudder. “I was sitting at the top of the stairs when I heard
yelling through an open window a few floors up. My da was
arguing with another man. They were fighting over the price of a
new shipment.” She turned and faced me, her eyes full of rage.
“A shipment of girls.”
Nic had told me the O’Reillys were moving into the slave
trade, but I hadn’t realized the information had come from
Carly. A pang of regret hit me for the way I’d, kind of, accused
her of betraying us. It was in the past though, and we were
moving forward.
“I wanted to tell Tommy, but I knew him too well. He would
have tried to save the day and gotten himself killed. But, I
needed to tell someone. So, the next time I met Meagan at the
market, I confessed it all to her. She begged me to let her tell
Nic. She swore he would help, that I could trust him.”
She shook her head ruefully. “It took her some time to
convince me. No matter how awful my family is, I was raised to
believe the DeLucas were the enemy. That they were as evil as
mine.” She looked up at me, her eyes pleading for
understanding. A lump formed in my throat as it hit me how
much guilt she was carrying. I stood and went to her, pulling her
into my arms, and kissing her head.
“There were no good choices, Carly. No one can blame you for
the path you chose.”
She sighed and buried her head in my shirt, sniffling.
Knowing Carly, I was sure she was mortified to be shedding tears
in front of me, so I ignored them, despite my desire to wipe them
away and comfort her.
“Eventually, my guilt overrode my fear and I agreed to have
Meagan set up a meeting with Nic. I told my father I was going to
confession and met Nic at the church. As soon as she introduced
us, I asked her to leave. I’m not sure she would have if not for
Nic. I don’t know what he said to her, but she agreed to leave. He
was smart enough to know I didn’t want her involved or for any
of this to trace back to her. She still has no idea. I agreed to help
Nic take my family down, and he agreed to protect me. My father
thinks he rules with an iron fist and he believed I would never
betray him. It helped that he thinks women are no better than
chattel. So he didn’t bother to hide things from me.” She
shrugged and looked up at me with watery eyes. “After our—um
—incident, I went to Tommy and told him I needed to
I refused to be grateful to that bastard for keeping my girl
safe. If I ever met him, I was pretty sure I’d kick his ass. Instead,
I focused on how fucking proud I was of Carly. So much so, I had
no words. With nothing to say, I lifted her chin and softly
kissed her.
Chapter Six

C arly

SWEET KISSES, the best home-cooked meal I’d ever eaten, and a
night spent cuddling—Bran certainly was the king of the
unexpected. He was so different from what I’d assumed based on
what I’d heard about him and how he’d behaved when he was
watching over me for Nic.
The steely enforcer with a killer reputation had a soft side he
didn’t seem afraid to show me. Then again, he wasn’t scared to
reveal his hard edges either. Surprisingly enough, the
combination seemed to be my kryptonite. When he grabbed my
face the way he had, I should have been pissed way the hell off.
Instead, it had sent a spark of desire straight to my core. If he
hadn’t walked away, I’m not sure if I would have been able to
resist ripping his clothes off and jumping him. I wasn’t
convinced it was for the best that I hadn’t, since the chemistry
between us was sizzling hot and impossible to ignore. Even the
knowledge that I was walking into a meeting with Nic DeLuca to
talk about the situation with my da wasn’t dimming it in the
least bit.
I couldn’t help but think that it would have taken the edge off
a little if we’d gone with the heat of the moment and seen what
happened next. Then again, I wasn’t sure walking into this
meeting sore from losing my virginity to the DeLuca enforcer
would have been the smart thing to do.
Fun as hell? Sure.
Wise? Not in the least.
Coming back to town when my da was out to kill me wasn’t
exactly the smartest thing I’d ever done either. Brandon had a
way of convincing me to do stuff I never would have agreed to
without his influence. Case in point, meeting with Nic DeLuca at
one of his warehouses when I’d been in town for less than half a
day, and it was sure to be one of the places my da had on his
radar for possible clues as to my whereabouts. I should have
known Brandon had it covered, though.
“Climb in the back and lay flat on the floor between the
seats,” he instructed when we were about a mile out from the
“Seriously?” I grumbled as I unclicked my seatbelt.
“Don’t give me any lip. When it comes to your safety, my
word is law.”
I didn’t respond until I was settled on the floor of the car,
staring up at the ceiling. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. This isn’t a
democracy. But, what about all the other times you think your
word is law?”
“I didn’t say your safety was the only situation where it
applies.” His voice was a low rumble that sent shivers up my
spine. “It just happened to be why I mentioned it at this
particular point in time, when you need to follow my orders
without question.”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, kitten. Because I’m most
definitely going to be the boss when I fuck you too.”
“We’ll just see about that,” I muttered.
“If you keep up with all the sass, you will see, and sooner than
I’d planned,” he threatened, taking a sharp turn that jolted me
“Holy shit.”
“And be warned, I’m not sure you’ll be able to walk straight
once I’m done with you.” His response was gruff and almost
drowned out by the sound of a garage door going up, but I still
didn’t miss the sensual promise in his tone.
I couldn’t deny I was in over my head when his threat
sounded like a good time. But hey, walking was overrated, right?
Except for when he helped me out of the car and led me down a
hallway to Nic’s office. Not being able to walk in this particular
instance would have been embarrassing as hell.
“Carly,” Nic greeted me, standing when we walked into his
I stepped forward to shake his hand and was surprised when
he lifted it to his mouth to place a kiss on the top of my hand.
Only when I noticed the humor in his eyes at Brandon’s reaction
—a low growl and yanking me back into his body—did I
understand what he was up to. But considering the bombshell I’d
unknowingly dropped on his now-wife when I hadn’t realized
she was unaware of Nic being a mafia boss, I couldn’t really
blame him for messing with us. Especially, since the first thing
he had to handle after he returned home from his honeymoon
was a meeting with me to discuss what to do about my da.
“I’m glad to see things worked out so well with your queen,” I
said, lifting my chin towards the huge framed photo of him and
his new wife on their wedding day hanging on the center of the
wall to the left.
“No thanks to your father,” he answered grimly.
“Yet another reason why he needs to die. And fast, before he
causes any more trouble.”
“I can’t really argue with your logic, but the death of your
father will cause a major void in the O’Reilly family and that
wouldn’t be good for my city.”
It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do considering who
Nic DeLuca was, but I snorted at the obviousness of his
statement. “I hope that doesn’t mean you aren’t willing to do it
because he”—I aimed my thumb towards Brandon—“promised
to protect me and break me free of my da. The only way to do
that is to put him six feet under.”
“Blood thirsty little thing, aren’t you?” Nic chuckled,
glancing over at Brandon. “Are you sure you want to keep her?”
My back straightened in outrage, more at the implication that
Brandon shouldn’t want to keep me than the idea that he could
just decide he was going to. Brandon slid his hand up my back
and wrapped it around my neck, practically shackling me in
place. It was a macho move, but I found comfort in his show of
possession and relaxed into his hold.
“Quit messing around,” Brandon growled. “You knew she
was mine before I was willing to admit it.”
“That I did,” Nic murmured with a smug grin before turning
his attention my way again. “When you first came to me, I
offered to eliminate your father and you refused to believe it was
the best way to proceed. What’s changed since then?”
My breath caught in my throat as I tried to fight against the
tears that welled in my eyes. I’d learned long ago that my da
didn’t really love me, but it didn’t stop the pain of knowing how
very little I meant to him. “Killing my da would only halt things
in his organization temporarily. I wanted to blow it the fuck up.
But, now he knows about my betrayal. Chances are, I’ll end up in
his next shipment of girls.”
Brandon’s fingers dug into the skin of my neck, hard enough I
wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with bruises. “No fucking
way,” he hissed, turning my head until I was staring into his
eyes. “I knew he was after you, but I can’t believe he would sell
his own daughter into slave trade.”
“He likes to play his cards close to the vest as much as he
can,” I explained. “I wouldn’t even know about it, except Tommy
overheard my da on the phone with one of his guys when I
disappeared. Apparently, he was royally pissed that his ditzy
little girl was able to outsmart him. Da told the guy I’d be worth
the trade and ‘kept in line’ with a firm hand, or find myself
saying Hail Marys on my way to hell.”
“Motherfucker,” Nic growled.
I laughed without any humor. “Oh, and let’s not forget how
valuable I am, being a virgin and all.” In any other situation, I
might have felt uncomfortable discussing my sexual experience,
or lack thereof, with Nic Deluca, but I didn’t have the luxury of
being squeamish.
“There’s no fucking way that’s gonna happen.” Brandon’s
voice was deceptively soft. “No one will lay a fucking hand
on you."
“What’s with us and falling for virgins?” Nic murmured,
shaking his head, as though disappointed. The possessive look in
his eyes and half-smile on his face said otherwise. His attention
returned to us. “If she isn’t a virgin any longer, that may negate
his plans to sell her to the highest bidder,” he said, displaying
the level of cunning and ruthlessness that had gained him a
fearsome reputation as the head of the DeLuca family. “I’m sure
I can depend on you to take care of that little problem,
right Bran?”
“Shut the fuck up before I shut you up myself.”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Nic chuckled. “Unfortunately,
I’m sure Pat will decide his only other choice is to kill her.”
Brandon practically snarled at Nic, who held up his hand to
indicate that he wasn’t done. “Which is all the more reason to
agree with Carly. Pat O’Reilly needs to be taken out.”
“After he’s spent a few hours in my company,” Brandon
muttered with grim determination. There was an air of deadly
intent in his words. He clearly wanted my da to suffer, and I was
surprised when I didn’t feel a single ounce of compassion for the
man who’d fathered me. Truth was, I wanted him to suffer, to
pay for his sins in this life and the next.
Nic nodded. “How you handle it is up to you.” He looked at
Brandon meaningfully. “I’d also suggest you marry her sooner
rather than later. It would solidify your place in her life, and
you’ll be thankful for it later when she takes over.”
Marry me? Take over? What the fuck? I didn’t know which to
respond to first. I decided the whole—I mentally cringed—
marriage thing could wait and be dealt with when I was alone
with Brandon.
“Takes over?” I repeated. He couldn’t possibly mean… “What
am I taking over?”
“You’re going to be the new head of the O’Reillys, Carly.”
I reached out blindly to grab Brandon’s free hand and squeeze
it. “What? No! That’s impossible!” Being with Brandon meant
being a part of this life, and I accepted that. I didn’t want
anything to do with my family’s organization though. “No one
would follow me, they are all loyal to my da.”
“Anything’s possible with the DeLucas behind you,” he
informed me with unwavering confidence. “We’ll make sure
your father eats a bullet, and soon. In return, you’re going to
step into his shoes and fill the void he’ll leave behind, keeping
my town safe from the assholes who might otherwise think it’s
the perfect opportunity to grab power.”
Chapter Seven

B randon

CARLY LOOKED SHELL-SHOCKED, and though she was putting on a

strong front, I could see she was on the precipice of falling apart.
Using the hand on her neck, I tucked her in close to my side. It
was a testament to her emotional state that she allowed herself
to be vulnerable in front anyone, much less Nic.
“Let’s put this discussion on hold while we concentrate on
tracking down her dad,” I suggested.
Nic studied Carly for a moment and seemed to come to the
same conclusion. She needed time to process. He looked to me.
“You know it has to be this way.” I jerked my head in the
affirmative. “I’ll let you deal with helping her understand that.”
Lifting my chin in farewell, I started to guide Carly from the
office when Nic called my name. I stopped and glanced back over
my shoulder with a raised brow.
“You’ll take care of the other…?” He trailed off, well aware I
knew what he was referring to. I glared at him, the thought of
him even thinking about my woman and sex, no matter how
platonic and well intentioned, pissed me the fuck off. Not to
mention, our relationship was nobody else’s business.
Understanding my expression, he held up his hands in
surrender, but the smirk on his face still made me want to
rearrange it into a grimace of pain. I pushed my violent
intentions away, knowing my focus needed to remain on Carly,
and took her home.
She was quiet on the short drive back to the house. I circled
the block twice, then found a spot on the street to parallel park
but waited to get out until I saw Paul, one of my guys, give the all
clear from his vehicle across the street. Carly started to open her
door, but I held her back with my hand on her bicep.
She looked at me with surprise, then narrowed her eyes
suspiciously. “I know you’ll protect me Bran, but I’m not an
infant, I can open my own damn door.”
I slowly perused her body, my eyes lingering on her chest and
lips, before meeting her gaze. “Trust me, kitten. There is no
possibility of me mistaking you for anything other than a
woman.” She was fighting to keep her indignation, but the spark
in her green eyes and the subtle flush of her skin, told me how
my words truly affected her. “Also, my mother taught all of her
boys to respect women, so how about you let me be the
gentleman my mother raised me to be?”
Her jaw dropped a little in surprise and she simply nodded. I
got out and rounded the car, opening the door and helping her
out. She watched me with a bit of wonder, and I laughed. “You’re
looking at me like I’m the main attraction at the zoo.”
She blushed and dropped her eyes to the ground. “I thought
that was just something they did in the movies.”
It really hit me then, the extent to which Carly’s life had been
a volatile mix of being sheltered and seeing and experiencing
things most people were never exposed to. Things she shouldn’t
have had to endure.
I cradled her face in my hands, lifting her head so I could see
into her eyes. “Don’t hide from me, and don’t ever be
embarrassed, kitten. It’s my job to show you what it’s like to be
loved and respected. Your history just means the bar is set really
low.” She chuckled, and I kissed her before saying, “Lucky for
me, it means I’ll blow your mind.” I winked at her, and she
laughed as I tucked her into my side once again and headed to
the front door.
When we entered the apartment, she stiffened and stepped
away from me, causing me to glance around with alarm. I didn’t
see anything except Carly marching into the living room, and
then turning to face me. She was suddenly enraged, and it
reminded me of the last time she stood before me in this state.
Except, she had been very, very naked.
I always wanted her, my body primed and ready. But, at that
moment, I was half a breath away from backing her up to the
wall and fucking her like an animal. Special, stronzo. I took a
deep breath, hoping to calm the lust hurdling through my body. I
didn’t care if taking her was beneficial to our plan. I was still
determined to wait until it was the right time. I ignored my dick,
who was putting up an argument that it was already the
right time.
I sighed and walked over to the couch, sitting and resting the
ankle of one leg over the opposite knee. “Something on your
mind, kitten?” I asked casually. I hid a smile when my tone got
her even more riled up. She was fucking magnificent when she
was like that.
“Why didn’t you correct Nic when he assumed we were
getting married?” she cried.
Just like that, my demeanor shifted from aroused and amused
to deadly calm. “There was nothing to correct, Carly. We are
getting married,” I explained, my tone brooking no argument.
Carly gasped. “You don’t get to just decide we are getting
married! What if I don’t want to?”
I stood and prowled in her direction, vibrating with anger at
her insinuation that she might not marry me. This was not
something up for debate.
She stepped back, her eyes turning wary as I approached. I
crowded her into the wall and caged her between my forearms,
resting against the wall on either side of her head. Lowering my
head so my face was centimeters from hers, I growled, “Listen to
me, kitten. Because I don’t want to have to repeat myself. You
are mine, I know it and so do you. But I need to make sure the
rest of the fucking world knows it, too. So, you’ll be wearing my
ring, sharing my last name, and carrying our baby in your belly,
as soon as fucking possible. Is that clear?”
Her eyes had widened and her jaw had dropped lower with
every sentence. I took advantage of her speechlessness and open
mouth, covering it with my own and plunging my tongue inside.
I immediately groaned at her sweet taste, it spurred my hunger
to eat her delicious pussy.
She moaned and her tongue tangled with mine, her arms
going around my neck, holding my lips down to hers. Slanting
my head, I deepened the kiss, taking complete control and
dominating her mouth. My arms found their way to her ass and I
palmed the round cheeks, grasping them and lifting her so her
legs flew around my waist. Shoving her back into the wall, I
ground my erection into her sex, her moan fueling my passion.
The thought of special was a distant memory, except for one
tiny sliver that beat through the haze, keeping me from taking
her right then and there. Keeping a firm hold on her, I
maneuvered through the apartment until we reached my
bedroom. Stopping by the side of the bed, I disengaged her legs
and slid her down my body, letting her feel every inch of what
she did to me.
The zipper of my jeans was digging into my dick, probably
leaving teeth marks. My hands traveled up from her hips, under
the hem of her T-shirt to cup her tits. They filled my palms
perfectly, and I could feel her hard nipples through the silky
fabric of her bra. Breaking apart, I gripped the hem of her shirt
and drew it up over her head and tossed it away. Popping the
clasp on her bra, it joined her shirt on the ground. One of my
hands clasped her around the back of the neck, holding her in
place. I put my other hand under her tit, palm flat on her
ribcage, the globe resting between my thumb and forefinger.
Pushing my hand up, I lifted one pink nipple up to my mouth
and latched onto it.
She moaned and arched her back, my hand on her neck
pulling her back even farther, so I could widen my mouth over
the breast and suck as much in as possible as my tongue swirled
around the hardened peak. When she was in the position I
wanted, I let go of her neck and ran my hand down until it
reached her other mound and twisted and plucked her nipple as
my mouth tortured the other. She cried out and her hips bucked
into mine, forcing me to let go of her nipple with a pop.
I moved my hips back in order to clear my head a little, not
wanting it to be over before I’d barely started. She mewled in
protest, but it melted into a sigh when I took the opposite nipple
into my mouth. I could smell her arousal, and it was driving me
Returning to her mouth, I kissed her as my hands deftly
unfastened her black cargo pants, slipping them over her hips
and letting them fall to the ground. Ripping my lips from hers, I
stared into her eyes as we both panted, gulping for air. Shifting
her body, I silently encouraged her to step out of her pants, and
then I kicked them away.
Grabbing the back collar of my shirt, I tore it over my head
and it joined the growing pile. My hands went back to her tits
and played with her nipples as I instructed her, “Take me out,
kitten.” She licked her lips and my cock, already on the verge of
exploding, leaked semen. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Carly.”
Her face flushed with pleasure at my compliment, and I made
a mental note to make sure I did it often. I was sure she hadn’t
heard many growing up.
She unzipped my jeans, and I blew out a breath as some of the
pressure relieved. A smirk graced her face when she saw I was
riding commando. Easy access, babe. Reaching in, she wrapped
her fingers around my dick, as far as they would go. She pumped
my long length once before slowly removing it. Her hand slid
over the tip and I hissed, equally from pleasure and pain. My
cock was practically purple, the skin stretched tight, and the
angry head leaking steadily.
I could see the exact moment her intention to drop to her
knees crossed her face. But, this was all about her, so I picked
her up and tossed her into the center of my big bed, shucking my
pants and crawling on top of her. I rested the weight of my lower
half on her, pressing my cock against her panty covered pussy. I
rocked back and forth a few times, straining for control as she
Rearing back up to sit on my heels, I stared at the sight of her
soaked panties, my tongue darting out to wet my dry lips. I
needed to taste her. After sliding her underwear down, I pushed
her knees back to her chest, then pressed them open wide.
Coming down to my stomach, I admired her pussy with its neatly
trimmed red hair and glistening folds. I licked them up and
down, then in between them. “Fucking drenched for me, aren’t
you, kitten? Let’s see just how wet your pretty little pussy can
get,” I growled with a dark chuckle.
I flipped a hand upside down, pressing it onto her stomach.
With two fingers, I spread her lower lips apart, and slid my
forearm back so the skin was taut and her clitoris emerged from
under its hood. My mouth watered, wanting to attack the little
bud, but I knew this would go easier for her with a slow build.
She dove her hands into my hair, gripping and pulling. The
sting on my scalp shot sensations straight to my dick and I
pressed into the bed, trying to relieve some of the pressure so
I’d last.
Flattening my tongue, I licked her from top to bottom, over
and over. Occasionally, stiffening my tongue and plunging it
inside her, making her hips buck and a cry of pleasure was
wrenched from her chest. Lifting my eyes, I watched her tits
bounce as she ground into my mouth. Pulling back, I gritted out,
“Play with your nipples, kitten. Just like I would.” Her hands slid
from my hair, up her torso to cup her tits. It was hot as fuck and I
almost came, right then and there.
“Squeeze them, babe, twist and pull. Good girl,” I praised as
she followed my instruction. I watched the erotic visual as I
increased my efforts in eating her pussy. She shifted to press her
heels into the bed, her pelvis gyrating and thrusting up to meet
my mouth.
“Oh, oh! Yes, Brandon! Yes!”
Her cries became screams and my mouth filled with her
juices. I drank them down greedily as I used a finger to penetrate
her. I finger fucked her with one, then added another, stretching
her, preparing her for what I’d soon be doing with my cock.
Using a “come hither” motion, I rubbed her g-spot and sucked
her little bundle of nerves into my mouth.
“Brandon!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, her head thrown
back in ecstasy as she tensed, then seemed to splinter apart. I
was caught in a red haze of lust, causing me to lose control from
watching her come and I knew she’d handle the breach of my
cock easier during an orgasm. Both of those factors had me
surging up, throwing her legs over my shoulders, and thrusting
ten inches deep inside her.
“Fuck!” I shouted. Her pussy was so snug; I felt the resistance
as it tried to stretch around my cock. But, she was so wet, I was
able to slide right in. “Damn, kitten. Shit, you’re fucking tight.”
The pain only penetrated her fog for a second, because I
pressed her body into the bed, pinched her clit, and started
driving into her fast and hard, hurtling her toward another
orgasm before she’d even come down from the first one. The
walls of her pussy were pulsing, squeezing my cock, desperately
trying to keep me from pulling out.
She exploded a second time, and I slowed down a little, letting
her catch her breath before I made her do it all the fuck over
again. After a minute, she glanced down at where we were joined
and her face registered shock when she realized I was still hard.
“I can’t,” she whined.
“You will,” I grunted. “Or you’ll earn yourself a spanking so
your ass and your pussy will both remind you who owns you
“But … I—” I didn’t let her finish, just brought my hand
down onto her left ass cheek, the sound ringing in the air. She
was already so sensitive, she immediately screamed, her back
arching, her pussy strangling me.
“Fuck, kitten. That was so hot,” I muttered, picking up speed.
I spanked her other side and she crested up to the peak, almost
ready to come again. Pulling out, I slapped her pussy, and then
thrust back in as she tumbled into an orgasm. “Yes! Come on my
cock, babe. You feel so fucking good.”
I lost it then, driving into her with abandon, only coherent
enough to make sure her cries indicated she was coming with
me. “One more, kitten. Come with me this time.” Her head
began thrashing around in denial. “You’re going to come again,
kitten!” I barked. “Fuck yes! That’s right, kitten. Get your cream
all over my cock.”
Her writhing, her hands on my biceps, her nails biting into
my skin, the chant of my name falling from her lips. It sent me
into a tailspin, and I slammed into her three more times before
we both reached heaven together. I came so hard I was seeing
stars and my come filled her up, so much I could feel it seeping
from her pussy.
Finally, replete, I fell to my back, rolling her over with me so
she lay on top while I remained inside her. Still fucking hard. Her
breath evened out and she fell asleep, practically passed out on
my chest. I shifted her to lie more comfortably and felt the liquid
dripping down my cock.
Fuck! I’d forgotten a condom. I sighed, this was sure to be a
Chapter Eight

C arly

WAKING up with Brandon wrapped around me was something

that could quickly become an addiction. Even with my body
aching in places I hadn’t known could be sore, I felt better than I
had in, well, forever. Lifting up on an elbow, I shifted so I could
check to see if he was still sleeping. The sight of his peaceful
face, softened in sleep, made me sigh faintly. He was so damn
gorgeous, I wanted to lay there staring at him for hours.
Unfortunately, my bladder had other plans, forcing me to slide
out from his hold and creep from the bed. Movement intensified
my aches, so I grabbed my purse on my way to the bathroom and
shut the door softly behind me.
Plopping down onto the toilet, I dug through my bag in search
of some ibuprofen. When my fingers touched my burner phone, I
realized it had been longer than usual since I’d powered it up to
check for messages from Tommy. I turned it back on while I
opened the bottle of pills that had been buried underneath it.
Setting both items on the counter, I dropped my purse to the
floor so I could wipe. It was a damn good thing I didn’t still have
the phone in my hand because it would have ended up in the
toilet bowl when I realized I had dried come on my inner thighs.
“Fuck!” I hissed, wracking my brain to come up with a
memory of Brandon using a condom the night before. It was
futile, though, because the proof was right there on my legs,
plain as day—he hadn’t wrapped up his monster cock before
shoving it inside me.
“Fuckity fuck fuck fuck,” I chanted, grabbing the phone to
pull up the calendar app to count back days to my last period. I
repeated the action three times without the result changing
before my head dropped in my hands.
“Thirteen,” I sighed. “Of course it had to be thirteen.”
Smack dab in the middle of my cycle, right when I was most
likely to get pregnant. Awesome. And the ringing of my cell
phone was even more awesome.
“Shit, fuck, damn,” I muttered, stabbing my finger on the
green button before the sound woke Brandon up. I wasn’t exactly
ready to face him yet.
“Where the fuck are you, Carly?”
Oh, great. Tommy already sounded pissed the hell off at me.
This conversation was going to go so well—not.
“At Brandon DeLuca’s apartment.”
“You’re gonna have to repeat that for me because I must have
heard you wrong. You couldn’t have possibly said what I think
you did because that would mean not only did you come back to
town after I told you your da is out for your blood, but that you
decided it would be a good idea to leave your safety in the hands
of a guy you motherfucking shot!”
“I’m pretty sure he’s forgiven me for that since he’s talking
about us getting married.” I figured the ‘and might have already
knocked me up’ part was better left unsaid.
“Fuck, Carly. You’ve got to be kidding me. How the hell did
you let yourself get mixed up with Brandon DeLuca, of all
people? The man’s a stone-cold killer.”
“The same could be said about you, Tommy,” I reminded him
gently. I hated to do it, but as much as I loved my friend, I wasn’t
about to let him judge Brandon by his reputation alone.
“But we both know I’d never hurt you.”
“Neither would Brandon.”
Shit! I’d been so focused on my conversation that I hadn’t
heard Brandon enter the bathroom. I only realized he was there
when he yanked the phone from my hand.
“Who the fuck is this?” he growled into it.
Oh shit. Brandon was going to hate the answer to his
question. This was bad. No, correction, it was more like national
catastrophe level on a scale of amazing to horrible.
“Thomas McKinnon? How convenient. I’ve been wanting to
talk to you.”
Yup, I’d called it right because Brandon looked like he was a
nuclear explosion in the making. His voice was deceptively soft
because his dark eyes were narrowed and lit with fury. His
cheeks were flushed red, and his lips were pursed. The way his
muscles were coiled tight made it seem as though he was ready
to jump through the phone to attack Tommy. And considering
the bomb I’d just dropped on my childhood friend, I figured he’d
have a fight on his hands if he did.
Brandon stalked out of the room, taking the phone with him.
I cleaned up as quickly as I could and followed after him.
Snagging the shirt he’d worn the day before, I pulled it over my
head and padded into the kitchen, where I found him making
coffee and snarling at Tommy over the phone.
“I don’t give a flying fuck who you’ve been to her in the past,
or how helpful your information is when it comes to finding Pat.
Carly is mine now. I don’t know you, don’t trust you. There isn’t
a chance in hell I’m gonna let some guy I don’t trust anywhere
near my woman.”
I rushed forward and tried to tug the phone from his hands,
determined to stop this conversation in its tracks. Brandon
wasn’t having any of it, though. He shackled both of my hands in
one of his own and held me in place while he continued to talk to
“Yeah, if your tip results in his capture, I might consider
letting you see her.”
I huffed up at him, narrowing my eyes. Brandon just shook
his head and smiled at me like I was being cute or something.
“Don’t bother using this number again. You need something,
you call me.” He rattled off his number and disconnected the call
without saying goodbye. Hopefully, Tommy had gotten all the
digits right because Brandon dropped my phone on the ground,
grabbed a pot from the rack above the kitchen island, and
smashed it.
“I can’t believe you did that!” Actually, I kind of could, but I
wasn’t about to admit it to him.
He shrugged his shoulders. “You didn’t need it anymore.”
“But what if I need to call someone?”
“Use mine.”
“What if someone needs to call me?”
“You and I both know McKinnon was the only one who had
that number. Now he has mine.” Stupid logic.
“But—” I sputtered. I wasn’t sure what I was even going to
say next. It didn’t matter anyway because Brandon didn’t give
me the chance. He picked me up and set me on the counter,
stepping between my legs and pulling me tight against his body.
“If McKinnon is on the up and up, you won’t need to use a
burner again anyway because your dad will be out of the
All thoughts of Brandon’s high-handedness and lack of
condom usage flew out the window. I knew Tommy was
trustworthy, which meant my da’s days were numbered.

MY DA’S arrogance was ultimately his downfall. He’d never once

considered the possibility that one of his trusted men would
betray him to the DeLucas, not even after his own daughter had
done so. The hunt took only a day after the tip from Tommy. My
da had been moving from safe-house to safe-house within the
city, never straying far from home. He knew Nic was putting all
of his considerable resources behind the search, but even that
wasn’t enough to make my da leave town. The stubborn ass
thought he was invincible.
Hell, he’d had me convinced he couldn’t be defeated, as well.
I had stayed under his control and miserable because of it. All
that time wasted when I could have been living life, happy and
whole. No more. Pat O’Reilly’s hold over me was going to end
tonight. And so was his certainty that he couldn’t be taken down
by anyone. He was about to learn his fall had come about because
of a mere woman—me.
My grip on Brandon’s hand tightened, making him stop in his
tracks as we stood outside the door which led from Nic’s offices
to the warehouse in the back of his building. My head shot up,
and I watched as his expression morphed from looking like his
face had been carved from stone to the gentleness I was growing
accustomed to seeing. A softness he allowed only when it was
directed at me, which made me appreciate it even more.
“You don’t have to go in there,” he reminded me. “Even
though he doesn’t deserve the title, he’s your father. If it’s
gonna hurt you to see him like this, I’d rather you didn’t. Let me
take care of him for you.”
I beamed up at him, smiling wide enough that I seemed to
startle Bran with my reaction to his offer. But, as absurd as it
sounded considering the circumstances, some of the heaviness
in my heart lifted—and it was all due to this man. His love had
set me free from the chains my da had wrapped around me, even
more so than my running had done… and he hadn’t even used
those three little words yet.
“I’ll be fine,” I reassured him. “As long as I have you by my
side, I can handle anything.”
An odd mixture of male satisfaction, pride, and hunger flared
in his eyes. I didn’t get to appreciate it for long because he
wrapped his arms around my back and lifted me up as he lowered
his head to claim my mouth in a deep kiss. His lips crashed
against mine, our tongues tangling with each other as he held
me suspended in the air. I didn’t know how long it lasted, but by
the time he set me back on my feet, my lips felt bruised and I
was out of breath. Raising a hand to my mouth, I giggled.
“Not exactly the reaction I was hoping to get, kitten,” he
growled, smiling down at me.
“Can’t help it,” I gasped. “Knowing I’m about to walk in
there, where my da is tied to a chair—probably after having been
roughed up a bit already—with my lips swollen from your
“I don’t see what’s so funny about that,” he grumbled. “If I
had my way, this is a look you’d wear every minute of the day.”
“I’m just appreciating the poetic justice of the moment,” I
explained. “You make me happy, something every father should
want for his daughter. Not mine, though. He’s more than proven
he couldn’t care less about my happiness. Seeing me like this
when he learns I had a hand in his capture? It’s icing on the
fucking cake.”
“Then let’s get this done. The sooner it’s over, the faster I can
get you back in my bed and demonstrate how wrong that old
saying goes—you really can have your cake and eat it too.”
The hunger in his eyes left me without any doubt that my
pussy was the cake he planned to eat. I walked into a DeLuca
warehouse with Brandon’s hand wrapped protectively around
mine, my cheeks flushed and lips swollen…and my panties wet.
It was inappropriate as hell, but well worth it when my da’s eyes
bugged out at the sight of me.
I couldn’t understand what he was saying behind the gag
stuffed in his mouth, but it was probably for the best since I
recognized his look of fury. It’s one I’d seen enough times
growing up. I slowed my pace, giving him a little time to simmer
down, and waited for the purple color to recede from his face
before I pulled my hand from Brandon’s grasp and approached
my da. They’d made sure he wasn’t a risk to me before I entered
the room, tying his hands behind his back and each of his ankles
to a chair leg. When I stopped before him, I lifted my chin to one
of Nic’s guys and he promptly removed the gag.
“Hey, Da,” I murmured in an awkward greeting, because
really, what was the etiquette for situations like this?
“I cahn’t believe me own dahtter would betray me loik dis,”
he muttered. “Yah’ve signed me death warrant, girlie.”
“It’s not like you gave me any other choice, Da. You betrayed
me first. I know what you had planned for me. Does ‘keeping me
in line with a firm hand’ sound familiar? Or how about me
‘finding myself sayin’ Hail Marys on my way to hell’?”
He didn’t bother denying he’d said those things or defending
himself. He just sat there staring at me, and I didn’t like the
crafty light that entered his eyes. It made me think maybe he
had another card up his sleeve. It was about damn time I
delivered the final blow, before he understood there was no way
out of this mess for him except for in a body bag. Nic had given
me the perfect weapon, too, when he’d asked me to take my da’s
spot as head of the family. Although it had sounded crazy when
he’d suggested it, Brandon had been pretty damn convincing
when he brought it up again later. I hadn’t been fully convinced
it was the best plan—for me or my family—but looking down
upon my da while he was strapped to a chair and completely
helpless gave me a new perspective. I sure as shit could do a
better job than he’d done, especially with Brandon at my side.
“Besides which, your death warrant is exactly what I need so I
can step into your shoes.”
“Yer a fecking riot, girlie. Dere’s na way in hell ya can step
intah me shoes. De O’Reillys’ll never be led by a woomahn.”
“Oh yeah?” I murmured. “It’s too bad you won’t be around to
watch it because that’s exactly what’s going to happen when
you’re gone. Maybe the devil will let you take a peek at me as the
O’Reilly boss while you burn in hell. I bet it’d be the perfect way
to torture you, wouldn’t it?”
The purple crept into his cheeks again as he sputtered. There
wasn’t anything he had to say that I wanted to hear, so I yanked
the gag back into place and leaned down to whisper in his ear.
“The O’Reillys are going to be led by a woman. Me. And the first
thing I’m going to do is move our family out of the slave trade.
Then we’re going to get out of drugs, too. The best part is
knowing there isn’t a damn thing you’ll be able to do about it
except roll over in your grave.”
The way I taunted my da right before he met his maker might
make me a bitch, but I could live with that. In fact, it was
probably for the best since I was about to step into his shoes.
Chapter Nine

B randon

I DIDN’T HIDE who I was, what I was. I owned it. But, taking a life
brings with it a measure of darkness, no matter the reason.
Revenge, justice, or even mercy, they each inflict you with a scar
you can’t ever erase.
I was riddled with these dark marks, blackness swirled in my
soul, and it’s something I had long ago accepted. It’s who I was.
But Carly? She flooded my darkness with light, she was
unblemished, and I knew right then, I’d do everything I could to
make sure she always would be.
Carly had steel in her backbone and possessed the qualities
necessary to become a feared leader, one with intelligence, a
required level of ruthlessness, while still retaining compassion
and a sense of where the line between grey and black was. She
wouldn’t have a problem leading the O’Reillys, and having blood
on her hands would increase respect and her level of credibility.
She threw her father one last look of disgust, then turned to
me and held out her hand. I knew she wanted her gun, I’d
brought it specifically so she could end him if she chose to. She
could, and would do it, but I wasn’t going to let her.
“Everybody out,” I commanded, folding my arms across my
chest and glaring at them until they shuffled out. Nic raised a
questioning eyebrow, silently asking if I wanted him to stay, and
I nodded. I was going to need his help.
“Brandon.” Carly shook her hand impatiently.
“Wait until we’re alone, kitten,” I coaxed.
She frowned at me, but dropped her hand obediently and
watched the door until the last man was gone and it shut
behind him.
Turning back, she looked at me expectantly. I reached out and
snagged her arm, pulling her into my embrace. “I’d like some
time alone with him, kitten. Can you give me that?”
She looked like she wanted to argue, but she glanced at the
son of a bitch, and when her eyes returned to mine, there was a
spark of understanding. My desire to protect her extended to
past hurts and I needed to make him pay. I didn’t confess to the
fact that I would be the one to end his life, though. I knew she
would fight me for it.
“Okay,” she agreed. “But save the last bullet for me.”
I didn’t respond, gently pushing her in the direction of a room
on the opposite side of the warehouse from where all of the men
had exited. Once she was out of earshot, I faced Nic.
“Keep her away, but make sure no one sees her. As far as
anyone else knows, Carly did the deed.” He nodded and followed
after her.
When Nic first decided the situation would be best resolved
with Carly stepping into her father’s shoes, I wanted to tell him
no fucking way. It went against all of my instincts to allow her to
have a permanent target on her back. However, my woman was
strong, determined, and stubborn as fuck. I couldn’t argue the
fact that she would be able to earn her place and with our
backing, we would be able to control the rapidly deteriorating
structure of the O’Reillys. It was a volatile situation, and if she
didn’t take the helm quickly, it was likely to implode and we’d be
left with a shit storm to clean up.
As long as this was the road we were on, I would do everything
I could to support her and protect her. And, that meant doing the
dirty work. The families would give Carly the credit, but she
wouldn’t carry the stains on her hands, and if the cops ever
decided to come after her, it would be my prints on the weapons,
my DNA on the bodies.
I meandered over to Pat, who sat in his chair trying to look
brave and unconcerned. Too bad his eyes gave away the truth, he
was scared shitless.
“You know, O’Reilly,” I spat, “I’d love nothing more than to
spend months putting you through everything Carly endured at
your hands. Unfortunately, we haven’t got that kind of time, so
we are going to have to go for the condensed version.” My arm
swung back and my fist smashed into his face with a satisfying
crunch. He screamed as his broken nose streamed blood, but the
sound was muffled by the gag.
“All the years you beat the shit out of her, and there was no
one to hear her scream, no one to stop you, or help her.” My
words served to add gasoline to the rage inside me. The next
punch broke his jaw and his chair flipped back, crashing to the
ground. “Let’s see,” I mused, rubbing at my thin beard. “Ah,
yes.” I strolled over to a tall cabinet where I kept all of my …
tools. I snatched another scrap of fabric and additional rope.
I righted his chair and used the fabric to blindfold him. Then I
slowly wound the extra rope around him. “How about every time
you threw her into a dark, tight space. No way to move, only fear
paralyzing her. I imagine it became harder and harder to
breathe. Like it is for you, right now.” He was wheezing as the
rope tightened around his chest, constricting his ability to take a
deep breath.
Returning to my cabinet, I grabbed a few items and brought
them to the table beside him. “I don’t have time to starve you, so
I’ll have to settle for imitating the sharp pains of hunger.” I
picked up a six-inch knife and stabbed it right into his large,
fleshy gut. It was a fatal wound, but it was a slow bleed, leaving
me plenty of time. Even more so, since I left the blade in and
moved on.
I spent the next hour torturing him in retaliation for all of the
suffering Carly had endured growing up. I removed his gag and
his screams of agony were music to my ears, each one
metaphorically washing away some of her pain. I also extracted
the names of his contacts in human trafficking and the location
of the next auction.
At last, I took off the blindfold, carelessly listening to his
blubbering as he begged for his life. Removing Carly’s pistol
from the holster under my jacket, I pointed it in the center of his
forehead, staring into the soulless bastard’s green eyes. “Did she
beg for you to stop, motherfucker?” I taunted. The tiniest flicker
of guilt in his eyes told me all I needed to know.
The crack of the gunshot rang out in the silence of the
After a minute, Carly came tearing into the room, stopping
dead in her tracks when she spotted the hole in her father’s
forehead. Her eyes darted to mine, a shadow of betrayal lurking
in their depths.
Nic walked in behind her at a more sedate pace, unsurmised
at the scene before him. “I’ll give you two a few minutes, then
send in some guys to clean up.”
“You’ll start spreading the word?” I confirmed.
“Yes, it’ll be common knowledge in our circles by tomorrow
I nodded but growled when he stepped toward Carly and
squeezed her arm in an expression of comfort. She threw me a
dirty look while Nic just chuckled and crossed the room to the
other door. When it clicked shut, I set the gun on the table and
calmly waited for the explosion.
“What in under fuck, Brandon?!” she shrieked, the odd turn
of phrase showing a bit of her Irish roots. “You agreed to let me
finish this!”
I met her gaze with a raised brow. “Did I?”
I had her there and she sputtered for a moment then
snapped, “It was implied!”
“Don’t you, kitten, me, you bloody shite!” Seeing her dad and
being so riled up was dredging up some of the slang she grew up
around and it was so fucking cute, I had to fight a smile. “Was
this your end game? Seduce me and worm your way in so you
could take over and your organization would simply
absorb mine?”
Any humor I felt was immediately gone. “Do not ever
question or trivialize my love for you, Carly,” I growled as I
stalked over to her, grabbing her arms and looking straight into
her eyes. “I didn’t do it to undermine you so I could manipulate
my way into being in charge. I have no problem being the man
beside the woman, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do everything I
can to protect you, and that includes your heart, mind,
and soul.”
Her face softened, and I could practically feel the anger
“Even now, Nic is spreading the word that you were the one to
put a bullet in him and you intend to take his place. No one but
you, me, and Nic will ever know it wasn’t your finger on the
trigger. Is that clear?”
She nodded, took a deep breath, and slid her arms around my
waist, resting her head on my chest. “Thank you.” I wrapped her
up in my embrace and kissed her forehead.
“Anything for you, kitten.”

I CLIMBED out of the black Town Car and reached my hand in to

help Carly. Lacing my fingers through hers, I gave her hand a
squeeze. “Are you ready, kitten?”
She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then shook her
head. “No. But, it’s not like I have a choice.”
By using contacts and calling in some favors, Nic and I were
able to get the funeral for Carly’s father arranged in three days.
It also helped that her priest, Father Gannon, was almost as
happy to see Pat on a marble slab as we were.
Carly worked tirelessly and I helped with what I could, but I
also had to get back to my own job. We had a couple of
shipments coming in and we were still in a tense holding pattern
with the O’Reilly’s until Carly took over. Which meant we
needed to oversee transit with more men, and I had to attend
some meetings to negotiate for new merchandise, both legal
and…otherwise. They were my contacts and would only deal
with me.
By the time I fell into bed, I was exhausted and I’d fallen
asleep with my girl wrapped up in my arms, only to wake a
couple of hours later as she got up to start her day. I was
suffering from a serious case of blue balls and I couldn’t wait for
this fucking day to be over. The only bright spot was knowing I’d
be seeing Pat O’Reilly in a box.
We walked into the church and I was so fucking proud of my
woman. She held herself like a queen, showing no weakness but
for her grip on my hand, which only I was aware of. We paused
briefly when we came upon Nic and his wife, Anna. He stood and
kissed Carly’s cheek, before shaking my hand. It was the first
step in solidifying the backing of the DeLucas.
Sliding into the “family pew,” she leaned back and brushed
some imaginary lint from her perfectly pressed black, linen
pants. Her black blouse was sheer, with a silky camisole
underneath. Chunky gold jewelry, her gorgeous red hair in a bun,
and striking makeup all painted the perfect picture. She didn’t
have to pretend to mourn, it wasn’t a secret that there was no
love lost between father and daughter. In all honesty, I wouldn’t
have been surprised if the majority of attendees were there to
make sure the son of a bitch was really dead.
A wicked smile stole over my face as I pictured a Charade
scenario where mourners walked up to the casket and stabbed,
shot, suffocated, whatever they could think of, to prove he was
truly on his way to hell.
Carly pinched my thigh and I scowled at her, rubbing the
offended skin. “Behave,” she whispered. I shrugged and zoned
out as Father Gannon began the service. It wasn’t long. How
could it be? No one was going to stand and extoll the virtues of
that evil man.
There was an “Irish wake” being held at the largest O’Reilly
pub, though they skipped the tradition of laying out the body. It
was mostly an excuse to get drunk. But, everyone knew there
was an even more important purpose. They gathered to find out
if the rumors were true.
When we walked into the pub, all talking and raucous
laughter ceased. Even the musicians fell silent. They waited and
watched us as we made our way to the bar. The bartender pushed
two shots of whiskey toward us. Carly lifted hers into the air,
waiting for the rest of the room to follow suit. “Sláinte!” she
called out and tossed the shot back. The sentiment, basically “to
your health” was rumbled through the crowd as they repeated it
before they drank.
The bartender refilled her glass and she held it up a second
time. “It’s a common toast, ‘may you be in heaven two hours
before the devil knows you’re dead.’ But the devil has been
waiting to collect my father’s soul for some time now.” There
were some snorts of laughter around the room. She waited for
silence, then continued, “So rather than wish him an afterlife he
cannot have, I say ‘Go maire sibh bhur saol nua,’ and ‘Sliocht
sleachta ar shliocht bhur sleachta’.” There was more laughter as
she tossed back the second shot and the words echoed about the
room. “Take this day to celebrate or mourn, whichever you wish,
the life of Pat O’Reilly.” Her voice became deadly. “Tomorrow, is
a new day and your allegiance lies with me, or the next Irish
wake we attend will be yours.”
“Sláinte!” she called again and took one more swallow of
whiskey. The response was wary, but they followed her example.
She turned toward the bar, dismissing them and after a few
minutes, the room filled with music and conversation
once more.
I was so fucking turned on, I almost threw her over my
shoulder and dragged her to the back to fuck her in the darkest
available corner. I faced the bar to hide my condition and drank
my own shot, taking the minute to try and think about anything
but how fucking hot my woman was, especially when she
showed her strength.
I felt my dick start to soften a little and blew out a breath of
relief. Carly was staring down at her glass of amber liquid,
almost studying it. I knew her better than anyone and I could see
she was barely holding it together. Placing one of my hands atop
of hers, I leaned in and whispered, “I’m so fucking proud of you,
kitten. Remember, you’re not doing this alone.” She met my
gaze and smiled, clearly feeling the intended comfort. “What
were those toasts?” I asked. I only barely knew Irish tradition.
“Sláinte” was definitely the extent of my Gaelic knowledge.
She laughed and smiled ruefully. “May you enjoy your new
life and blessings on your posterity.”
I laughed with her for a minute before leaning down and
stealing a lingering kiss.
“Who the feck are you? Get your fecking lips off of my

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