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Chapter 1
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The Virgin’s Guardian

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Chapter 1
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Also by Fiona Davenport
About the Author

One night.

One tiny lie.

It all comes back to bite me in the ass when my mysterious

stranger shows up as my new guardian.

F elicity

“C’mon, Felicity. You always say you’re going to come with us,
but you never actually do it.”
Of course I didn’t sneak out with Carrie to meet her friends. I
only had a few months to go until I aged out of the foster system,
and I didn’t want to do anything to rock the boat. Carrie wasn’t
able to understand my fear since she didn’t have to worry about
getting kicked out. My foster parents were her real parents—
something I hadn’t had since I was ten and mine had died in a
car crash. They’d both been only children of older parents, and
they’d left home when their families had wanted them to get an
abortion instead of having me way too young. With my parents
gone, there had been nobody to take me in.
After being bounced around to a few different foster homes—
a couple of which were decent, but one that wasn’t—I’d come to
live with Carrie’s family when I was thirteen. Ever since then, I’d
been on my best behavior, knowing that the safety I’d found
there could be ripped from me at any moment.
“Felicity!” Carrie snapped, stomping her foot. “Are you even
listening to me?”
“Yes,” I lied.
“Then get up, get dressed, and put some make-up on.”
“Carrie,” I groaned, burying my head in my pillow.
“I don’t want to hear it,” she snapped. “My parents are going
to be out super late tonight. They just left for dinner in
downtown Seattle, and they’re going to a late show with friends
afterwards. You don’t have any excuse not to come with me.
They’ll never even know we were gone.”
I rolled over and looked up at her. She was probably right.
Ever since she’d turned eighteen a month ago, they’d been a lot
more lenient. Plus, the last time they’d done dinner and a show
with friends, they hadn’t made it home until after two o’clock in
the morning. I’d been feeling a bit restless lately, so I decided to
take the risk since it seemed minimal. “Fine. I’ll go.”
“And you’ll let me pick out an outfit for you?” She blinked
down at me with puppy-dog eyes.
If I was going to break the rules, I’d might as well do it looking
my best. “Sure. Why not?”
It was a decision I came to regret an hour and a half later as I
tugged the bottom of my dress while also trying to prevent my
boobs from popping out of the top. “I cannot believe you talked
me into wearing this dress.”
She shrugged her shoulders. “It worked, didn’t it? We look
hot enough that they let us walk right in without asking for I.D.”
“Yeah,” I sighed, already wishing I’d just stayed home
instead. I felt horribly out of place, even surrounded by Carrie
and her friends. There were a lot more men than women in the
bar, and everyone else looked like they belonged there. Even if
we’d been twenty-one, we still would have been the youngest
people there. Not that it stopped guys from sending us drinks.
They were starting to pile up in on the table in front of me as I
sipped at a diet soft drink.
“Then stop complaining and enjoy yourself,” she told me
before she focused her attention back on her friends.
Their conversation drifted around me while I let my gaze
sweep across the room. I wasn’t paying much attention to what I
was seeing until I noticed a guy staring at me. An insanely hot
guy with hair so dark it looked almost black and eyes to match.
Eyes that were heated and locked on my face.
“Holy shit,” I breathed out. He was too far away to hear me,
but his lips tilted up in humor as if he had. The dark scruff on his
face didn’t hide the smile.
I quickly looked away, unsure of how to react. Boys hit on me
at school, but I’d never been tempted to do anything beyond
innocent flirting. But this was no boy—he was all man. And just
knowing he was watching me had me hot and bothered. I took a
sip of my drink before I peeked up again and found him still
staring at me. He was dressed in a three-piece suit that looked
like it had been designed for his body. It probably cost twenty
times more than the dress I was wearing. One that I’d had to
borrow from Carrie.
I might have been young, but I wasn’t dumb. I knew he was
way out of my league. So, I gave him a little shake of my head,
dragged my gaze away from him, and leaned over to whisper in
Carrie’s ear. “I’m not feeling very well. I’m heading to the
bathroom, and then I’m going to grab an Uber home.”
Her lack of empathy—and barely-there response—reminded
me that although we’d lived under the same roof for more than
four years, we weren’t sisters. We were hardly even friends. If we
had been, she would have insisted on coming with me, and I
wouldn’t have been alone when I walked out of the bathroom
and right into a hard chest. Strong arms wrapped around me,
and they didn’t let go once I was steady on my feet again. I knew
who they belonged to before I looked up.
“You can let go of me now,” I whispered.
“I could,” he agreed, his deep voice sending shivers down my
spine. “But I’m not going to.”
“That’s going to be awkward since I’m ready to leave.”
“Not awkward at all,” he corrected. “It sounds like
impeccable timing to me since I don’t have anything keeping
me here.”
He didn’t give me the opportunity to argue as he turned to
lead me towards the front door. His arm slid down until his hand
rested on my lower back.
“Alrighty then.”
He chuckled and pulled me closer, completely unimpressed
with my grumbling. When we stepped outside, he handed a
ticket to the valet. The hundred dollar bill I saw tucked under it
had me gasping. If I’d been the least bit unsure about how far
outside my league this guy was, that would have convinced me.
It would take me several babysitting gigs to make that much
“Do you need them to pull your car around, too?” he asked.
I lifted my cell out of my purse and wiggled it. “No, I was
going to Uber home.”
“Who brought you?” Those dark eyes of his flashed as he
studied me.
My connection with Carrie was complicated, so I stuck with
the simplest explanation. “One of the girls I was sitting with.”
The valet pulled up in a black, two-door car. I didn’t recognize
the make or model, but it looked like something out of a movie.
He left it running at the curb and opened the passenger
side door.
“Oh, I’m not—” I started to explain.
A strong hand urged me forward as a deep voice whispered in
my ear, “I’m more than happy to save you the hassle of waiting
for an Uber.”
“You never know who’s going to be behind the wheel of the
car they send.”
I swiveled on my heel, one hand on the frame of his car and
the other on his chest. “I don’t know you, either.”
“Fuck. You’re right,” he groaned, digging into his suit jacket
for his wallet. He flipped it open and pulled out his driver’s
license. “Here. Snap a picture of this and send it to your friend.”
I did as he suggested, but I stopped short of actually sending
the message. He’d calmed some of my fears by making the offer,
and I didn’t want to answer all the questions Carrie would have
for me if she knew I’d left with a guy. Peering more closely at his
ID, I noticed the date of birth. He wasn’t just a guy; he was a
thirty-seven-year-old man.
“Harrison Brooks, huh?” I asked once we were both settled in
the car, and he was pulling away from the curb. “The name fits
the car.”
“You think so? I guess I’ll take that as a compliment since I’m
more than fond of my Vanquish.” He quirked a dark eyebrow at
me. “What about your name? Does it fit all the beauty
that’s you?”
“Pardon me?”
His husky laughter filled the car, but it felt nice. Not like he
was making fun of me. “Your name, honey.”
“Felicity,” he repeated, and my name had never sounded so
good. “Perfect.”
“Thanks,” I whispered softly, my cheeks filling with heat.
“Which way am I headed?”
“Umm, hold on,” I stammered. I didn’t have my driver’s
license and wasn’t familiar with the route Carrie had taken. As I
was pulling my phone back out to pull up directions, my stomach
growled. Loudly.
“Hitting the bar when you haven’t eaten is never a good
idea.” He slowed the car and shot me another look. “Neither is
leaving by yourself. You need to be more careful.”
“I don’t usually go to bars.” The last thing I wanted to admit
to him was how old I really was, so I didn’t bother mentioning
the reason. “And I did eat dinner, just not a lot of it.”
His gaze swept downwards, lingering on my bare thighs below
the short hemline of my dress. “It better not be because you’re
on a diet. You don’t need it.”
“Not a diet. Just not my favorite dinner.” My foster mom
made something I pretty much hated, so I’d barely eaten.
“Let me feed you before I drop you off.”
“No, really. That’s not necessary.” My stomach growled
again, contradicting my words so I tried a different tactic. “You
won’t be able to find a restaurant open this late at night, and I
can’t picture you driving this car through a fast food drive-
He changed directions, doing a quick U-turn. “Challenge
accepted, honey. I can have a hot meal in front of you in less
than fifteen minutes.”

F elicity

He drove fast, but with enough confidence that I felt safe in the
passenger seat. I was so focused on watching him drive, that I
didn’t notice where he was taking me. Fifteen minutes later, I
was surprised to see him pull into a gated drive.
“Where are we?” I asked as he pushed a button on the visor
and the doors swung open to allow us through.
“My home.”
The two-story, sprawling, stone structure looked more like a
small hotel than a house. “The home goes with the name and
the car, too. But—”
He reached for my hand and swept his thumb back and forth
across my palm. “There’s nothing to be scared about, Felicity.
I’m not going to try anything except what I promised—a hot
meal so I don’t spend the night wondering if you went to bed
Being bounced around foster homes had made me a fairly
good judge of people, and I found myself trusting him. So, I let
him help me out of his car and lead me into his home. I tried not
to gawk too much as I followed him towards the back of the
house and into the kitchen. When he pulled out a stool at the
island counter, I sat on it and stared at him as he yanked off his
suit jacket and vest, rolling up his sleeves. He looked less
imposing that way. Younger. A little more approachable. But no
less hot than I’d thought him to be when I’d spotted him in
the bar.
He twisted his wrist and checked his watch. “I only have
about eight minutes left. Luckily for me, the chef was here this
afternoon and stocked the fridge up for the week.”
I shouldn’t have been shocked by his casual mention of a
chef, considering his house and car, but I was. Then he opened
one of the doors on his stainless-steel refrigerator, and my jaw
practically fell to the floor. It was jam packed with what seemed
like an endless supply of clear containers filled with every food
“Do you have any food allergies?”
“What’s your favorite—chicken, steak, pork, or seafood?”
“Steak. Definitely steak.”
He pulled two containers out, popped the lids off, and placed
them in the stainless-steel microwave. After setting the timer to
six minutes, he rested his forearms against the counter while he
faced me.
I wrinkled my nose. “Won’t nuking the steak ruin it?”
“Probably.” He reached out and ran a finger down my nose,
smoothing out the skin. “But it has a convection oven setting,
and that’s what I’m using.”
“Fancy,” I laughed.
“I like having the best.” He eyed me up and down, and I had a
feeling he included me in that assessment. It made me feel like a
fraud because there was no way he’d think that about me if he
knew I was a seventeen-year-old foster kid. I took a deep breath
to settle my nerves as he reached up to grab two wine glasses
and set them on the counter. “Red okay with you?”
“Could I have a water or diet soda instead? I’m not much of a
“Of course!” He flashed me a blinding smile. “If you’re not
big on bars and don’t like to drink, what brought you out
“My friend talked me into it.”
He set a tall glass filled with ice and a can of soda in front of
me. “You didn’t look like you were having much fun with your
“They’re more her friends than mine,” I admitted softly. I
tilted my head and offered him a small smile. “You were
watching me closely enough to notice I wasn’t having a
good time?”
“From the moment you walked in the door.”
“Wow.” It slipped out before I could stop it, and my cheeks
filled with heat. I was saved by the chime of the timer and shook
my head to try to clear it when he turned away to pull the
containers out of the oven. I moaned when I took my first bite;
the food tasted better than any other meal that I’d eaten before.
“Double wow.”
“Told you I could do better than fast food.”
“Way better.”
He watched me while I ate, those dark eyes following each
time my fork moved from my plate to my mouth. When I
finished what he’d served me, he pushed his half-eaten plate
my way.
“I couldn’t.”
“You can,” he insisted, taking my fork from my hand and
feeding me himself.
“I’m stuffed,” I sighed after another ten bites and a gulp of
my soda to wash it all down.
“You sure?”
“Yeah.” Even though I was full, I was tempted to say no
because having him feed me was incredibly sexy. I’d turned
down the wine and hadn’t had anything at the bar, but I still felt
drunk. Which meant I had nothing to blame for what I did next
except for the chemistry sizzling between us. Leaning forward, I
craned my neck and kissed Harrison’s cheek. “Thank you for
taking such good care of me tonight.”
The fork clattered when he dropped it on the plate. Then his
strong hands gently cradled my cheeks as he returned my kiss
with one of his own—only it wasn’t the soft peck I’d given him.
He captured my lips in a passionate kiss, his tongue tangling
with mine when I gasped in surprise.
“Fuck,” he groaned when he broke the kiss. “I shouldn’t be
doing this. You’re so goddamn young.”
If only he knew exactly how young, he’d run in the opposite
direction. I didn’t want that to happen, so I kept my mouth shut
and let him assume I was at least old enough to get into the bar
legally. I had enough serious stuff barreling my way in the real
world soon; I didn’t want anything to pop the bubble I was in
with him in that moment.
So, I didn’t let it. Instead, I reached up and gripped his head
to pull him down for another kiss. This time when he tore his
mouth away from mine, it wasn’t to tell me why we shouldn’t be
doing this. It was to lift me into his arms and carry me out of the
kitchen, up the stairs, and into a large bedroom. He tossed me
onto my back and crashed down on top of me. His warm fingers
crept up my thigh, traced over the side of my panties at my hip,
and worked their way under the material of the dress that was
bunched up around my waist.
“So fucking soft,” he murmured in my ear, licking around it
and making me shudder.
I tugged on his shirt, determined to have the chance to touch
him too. He let me drag it over his head, and I groaned when I
saw all those ridges. I wanted to trace each and every one of
them with my tongue. “Oh, my. You have abs for days.”
“And I bet your tits are absolutely perfect.” He shoved my
dress even higher. I should have been embarrassed since nobody
had ever seen my naked body except for me, but I was too turned
on to be shy.
“Ohmigosh,” I moaned when he sucked a nipple into his
mouth. I felt each tug of his lips deep in my core. My legs slid
together restlessly, as I tried to ease the unfamiliar ache
between them.
“Fuck, honey. I need more. I want your taste in my mouth.”
His hands slid down to my thighs and squeezed. I parted them,
my drenched panties the only thing between my drenched pussy
and his hungry gaze. They didn’t last long, though, before he
ripped them from my body. Then his head bent low and his
tongue swiped between my pussy lips, stroking upwards to circle
my clit.
“Harrison,” I gasped.
“Yeah?” His dark eyes lifted to look up at me.
“My pleasure, honey.” He proceeded to show me how much
satisfaction he took from licking me—and how much he could
give with just his tongue. He kept at me until I was writhing
beneath him. When he added a finger, working it into my pussy
while he circled my clit with his tongue, I flew over the edge. My
legs tightened around his head, and he licked me through my
climax. His finger continued to work me until he could add a
“You’re so damn tight. I can’t wait to feel your wet heat
wrapped around my cock.”
I let my legs fall open wider in invitation. But when I felt his
hard length at my entrance, I froze. Harrison felt it and stopped,
his dark eyes searching my face. “Tell me you want this as much
as I do, Felicity. I need to hear you say the words.”
“Yes, Harrison. I want you. I want this.” And I did. I might not
have any idea what I was going to do or where I was going to live
a few months from now, but I wanted to live in the moment and
grab the happiness I felt in his arms.
With his eyes locked on mine, he surged deep in one powerful
thrust. “Felicity,” he growled. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
I was biting my bottom lip, trying to stop the tears from
leaking out but it wasn’t working. They trailed down my cheeks
“Shit, honey. I’m so sorry. Shhh, it’s okay,” he murmured,
holding perfectly still.
I felt like my body was about to split apart, and the pain was
wreaking havoc on my emotions. “Are you mad at me?”
“Fuck no,” he reassured me. “Knowing I was the first man to
sink inside you wouldn’t have stopped me. I just would have
been a little more careful so it didn’t hurt you as much.”
“It’s already getting better.”
He swiveled his hips in a small circle. “Still okay?”
“Oh, yeah,” I moaned at the pleasure his movement sent
sparking through my body.
“Thank fuck cause just feeling your virgin pussy wrapped
tight around my cock has me almost ready to blow. I don’t want
to go yet. Not without you.”
He began to move inside me, slowly pumping his hips with
shallow thrusts. It felt like it went on forever at that steady pace
until I felt myself getting wetter and it got easier for him to drive
in and out. The tension started to build inside me, until my back
was bowed and my toes were digging into the mattress.
“Now, honey. Come for me,” he ordered, hammering deep
with his thumb pressed against my clit.
I splintered apart, screaming his name. He continued to
thrust into me, over and over again until his body stiffened
above mine and he groaned in my ear. We stayed wrapped
around each other, and I wished it could last forever. But
eventually Harrison drifted off to sleep, and I caught sight of the
clock on his nightstand. It was almost one o’clock. It was past
time for me to slip out of the fantasy Harrison had woven around
me and head back to my reality.

H arrison

My eyes slowly trudged open, and I frowned when I realized my

arms were empty.
“Felicity?” I called as my gaze swept the expanse of my room.
The wall across from the bed was made entirely of windows, also
containing two glass doors that led out to a large deck,
overlooking the forest behind my home. I’d been so focused on
Felicity last night that I had forgotten to lower the built-in
shades, and my room was flooded with light as the sun crested
over the tops of the trees.
When I received no answer, my brow furrowed even lower and
my chest tightened painfully. Had she left? I began to worry
about how and whether she got home safely as I threw off the
covers and stood up from the bed.
A glance at the sheets caused a slow burn to ignite in my
belly. There was a pink stain—proof that I’d been the first man
to explore Felicity’s sweet body.
And the last.
Whoa. That thought snuck up on me, but the moment I
considered it, the more I realized how true it was. I didn’t give a
fuck how young she was. It was obvious she wasn’t twenty-one,
but even if she was only eighteen, she’d sealed her fate when she
let me inside and allowed me to take her cherry.
A shiver coursed through me as memories of our night
flashed in my mind. I immediately hardened and when I glanced
down at my dick, I noticed the smear of blood on it as well. Fuck.
I’d taken her bare. I shook my head in disbelief. I’d never had sex
without a condom before her. Felicity had broken through all of
my barriers, wiping away any rational thoughts, leaving nothing
but an animalistic need to take her. The thought of breeding
her…it only fueled those urges.
I did a quick sweep of the master suite and kitchen to confirm
her absence before rushing to get ready for the day. I didn’t have
much to go on, but I wouldn’t rest until I’d found her and made
her mine forever.

“She’s where?” I roared, my hand clenching my cell phone hard.

I paced my office like a caged animal, every protective instinct in
me rushing to the surface.
The last several days had been Hell. The morning after we
made love, the security cameras at the front of my house showed
Felicity getting into an Uber at around one thirty. I was able to
get the license number and had a security friend of mine run the
plates. Then a shadier security friend hacked into the app and
got me Felicity’s last name.
Once I had it, I ran a background check on her, figuring it
would be the easiest way to find her. And, it satiated a small part
of my desire to know everything about her.
Name: Felicity Scott
Age: …
Fuck. Fucking motherfucker fuck!
She was fucking seventeen. Seventeen!
The rational part of me. The part that had made me billions as
a venture capitalist. The part that recognized how wrong it
should have felt for me to fuck her. It screamed for me to let her
go and walk away. The age of consent in our state was sixteen,
but she was still way too damn young for me. I was twenty damn
years older than her.
I spent four days trying to “do the right thing.” But, when I
laid in my bed and pictured her long and straight, glossy black
hair, her wide, violet eyes fringed with thick, sooty lashes, and
her pouty, red painted lips. When I remembered what it had felt
like to be on her—in her. My reasons for walking away became
cloudy and instead, the list of why I should go after her grew.
My intention to move on hadn’t stopped me from learning
everything I possibly could about her. From her birth to her
current circumstances in a foster home. She would be so much
better off with me. I would take care of her, love her, worship
her. And, what if she was pregnant? I would never abandon my
child or its mother.
Soon, I was picking up the phone to set the wheels in motion.
It was amazing what you could accomplish when you threw
money at the right people and had a team with a variety of…
interesting skills at your disposal.
For the moment, the best solution seemed to be gaining
guardianship over Felicity. Then in a few months, when she
turned eighteen, we could be together. Until then, I would care
for her, protect her, and keep her from any motherfucker who
might get it in his head to try and make her his.
Now, four days after starting the process, I was listening to
one of my “fix it” guys, Dixon, as he told me that Felicity had
been moved to a state facility the day after we’d met.
“What the fuck happened?” I shouted.
“Apparently, she was out past curfew and when her foster
parents found out, they turned her back over to the state. She
only has a few months left, so they stuck her in a group home.”
If Dixon had been standing in front of me, it’s likely he would
have found himself breathing from a tube for the near future. As
it was, my wall gained a new hole shaped like my fist.
“Why am I just finding this out now? She’s been there almost
a fucking week, Dixon!” My heart was beating a million miles a
minute. Some group homes were nothing like what you see in
the movies and on television. But, what scared the ever living
fuck out of me was that some of them were. I had no idea what
my girl’s life had been like while I was being an indecisive
“Give me the address,” I gritted through clenched teeth. I
jotted it down as he rattled it off and then grabbed my keys and
headed to the parking garage under my downtown office. “Get
everyone on this, Dixon. I’m not waiting any longer to get her, so
I want everything completed by tonight.”
I didn’t pay any attention to his sputtering as I clicked my
phone off. I’d reached my pale blue Jaguar, the fastest of my
seven cars, and after unlocking it, tossed the phone, my jacket,
and briefcase on the passenger seat. Once settled inside, I turned
over the engine and it purred, the tires barely screeching as I
careened out of my space and the parking garage.
My house was built on twenty acres of woods about twenty
minutes outside the city. It wasn’t far from the neighborhood
where Felicity had last lived. The home she’d been banished to
was another twenty minutes beyond that. I kicked the car into
high gear, breaking the speed limits to get to her. But, a glance at
the clock made me realize the home wasn’t where I would find
her. It was two in the afternoon. She’d be getting out of
school soon.
Another quick phone call, and I adjusted my course to the
local high school. I glided into a spot near the front entrance and
shut off the car. Stepping out into the balmy and unusually
sunny, spring air, I set my sunglasses on my nose, crossed my
arms over my chest, and settled against the car to wait.
At two thirty, a bell chimed and the doors flew open, students
spilling out in droves. I kept a close watch on the crowd, my body
tense with the anticipation of seeing my girl again, of holding
her in my arms, of kissing—no. Not yet. I frowned as I shifted
angles, making the erection I was sporting less obvious.
Then I saw her. Long legs encased in jeans that looked as
though she’d been poured into them. Her light pink blouse with
buttons up the front showed off the swell of her tits. My mouth
watered, the taste of her candy nipples still lingering in my
Shit. I lifted my gaze from the perusal of her body before I did
something stupid, like come in my damn pants.
Felicity stopped and hefted a backpack up over her covered
shoulder. Without sunglasses on her straight nose, her eyes were
bare and I could see the turmoil in them as she stared ahead. She
was watching the line of buses, then her head swung in another
direction. A van approached, and her entire countenance
Rage clawed at my chest. I was going to fucking kill whatever
or whoever had taken the light out of my sweet girl’s eyes. She
took a step towards the van just as I took one towards her.
“Felicity,” I called, my voice low.
She froze mid-stride for a moment. Then slowly, so slowly,
her head swung in my direction.

F elicity

I wasn’t sure who I was expecting to see after I heard my name

spoken in a low, masculine tone, but it definitely wasn’t
Harrison. The night I’d spent with him had been the best of my
life, but it had cost me. A lot. Pretty much everything.
“No,” I groaned, flashing a quick look at the van from the
group home to see how much time I had before it pulled up to
the curb. With the buses still idling at the curb, I had at least a
few minutes. It wasn’t a whole lot of time, but it would have to
do since I had to be on that van before it left...or else.
“You can’t be here,” I hissed at Harrison.
My anger didn’t seem to bother him as his dark eyes swept
over my body like he owned it. I felt my cheeks heat as my body
responded to that look. Damn my stupid hormones.
“You’re wrong,” he disagreed, prowling towards me. “I think
you’ll find that I can be anywhere I damn well want to be.”
“Maybe you can, but I can’t.” I turned my head and caught
sight of the van nearing the curb. The clock was ticking down
quickly. “We’re not all billionaires who only answer to
“No need to be bitter, honey. You’ll be one, too,” he retorted.
I shook my head, not understanding what he meant. I’d never be
a millionaire or billionaire, or whatever. I’d barely be able to
afford college, even with the state paying my tuition. But I didn’t
get a chance to tell him that before he confused me further…and
pissed me off. “You don’t need to answer to anyone but me.”
“You?” I sputtered, practically seeing red. “You’re not the
boss of me.”
It wasn’t the best comeback in the world. In fact, I wished I
could snatch it back out of thin air the second the words spilled
from my mouth. It made me sound even younger than I was—
and if he’d hunted me down at school, then odds were good that
Harrison had already figured out exactly how old that was. I felt
my cheeks grow warmer, but in embarrassment this time.
“Boss of you?” he chuckled, one corner of his mustache
kicking up in a smirk. “It’s not quite how I would have put it, but
it’ll do.”
He took my hands in his own. When I tried to yank them
away, his fingers tightened.
“What do you mean by that?” A horn beeped, and I turned to
see where the noise came from. The van from the group home
was at the curb, and the irritated look on the driver’s face made
it clear that he was the one who’d honked. “You know what?
Never mind. I don’t have time to deal with whatever this is. I
have to go.”
I frantically yanked on my hands again, and when that didn’t
work I tried to step away. It didn’t do any good because he
refused to let me go. “Not so fast.”
“I have to go,” I cried. “I’m already in enough trouble as it is.
If I’m not in that van when it pulls away, it will only get worse.” I
shuddered, thinking about the consequences at the group home
for breaking the rules.
“Whoever put that scared look in your eyes is going to fucking
pay,” Harrison growled tugging me forward and wrapping his
arms around me. He shot a glare towards the driver of the van.
His eyes were full of fury, and it was scary enough to make the
driver peel away from the curb.
“No!” I yelled, struggling against Harrison’s strong, warm
body as he guided me towards his car. “I’m not going anywhere
with you. I have to get...home.”
His eyes softened, filling with tenderness as he looked down
at me. “Of course you’re coming with me, Felicity. I’m your new
guardian, which means your home is with me.”
“Wha—” I gasped. I couldn’t think straight. I was stunned.
Completely and utterly floored. Shocked speechless.
“Get in the car, and I’ll explain everything.” He yanked the
door open and helped me in, bending low to buckle me in. Even
though I was beyond irritated with him, I still shivered as his
masculine scent hit my nostrils. I released a deep sigh, trying to
pull myself together while he rounded the front of the car and
climbed into the driver’s seat.
He didn’t say anything, didn’t even look my way as he started
the engine and drove out of the school parking lot. We both
remained silent during the ten-minute drive to his home. I was
busy trying to wrap my brain around his announcement. And
Harrison...he just kept his hand locked around mine like he
thought I was going to try to jump out of the car. A part of me
wanted to, there was no denying it. I was afraid to hear what he
had to say. Scared of my reaction to whatever it was—just like I
was frightened of how he made me feel.
But another side of me wanted to hold on tight and never let
go. It was the struggle between the two which kept me silent
right up until the point when he’d pulled up in front of his house
and helped me out of the car. “I never thought I’d be here
again,” I whispered, but not softly enough.
“You shouldn’t have left in the first place,” he chastised
“I had to,” I insisted as he led me inside.
“You had to sneak out of my home in the middle of the
night?” His eyes flashed with emotion. Oddly enough, it looked
they were filled more with pain than anger. “You left me alone in
my bed, thinking I’d wake up to you. That you were safe in my
home, right by my side. When in reality, you’d run off instead.”
“I’m sorry! It’s not like I knew how to handle the morning
after—” I trailed off, uncertain how to word it.
“After you became mine,” he filled in for me, his expression
softening a little.
It was a good thing he’d led me into the living room and got
me settled on the couch because my legs turned to jelly at his
raspy words. “Just because you took my virginity doesn’t make
me yours.”
He raised a single black eyebrow. “How about being named
your guardian today? Does that make you mine?”
“Why would you do something like this? You’re you”—I
gestured up and down his length as he stood over me—“It’s not
like you can’t easily get other women.” It hurt so much to say it
that my voice caught at the end. The idea of Harrison with
someone else hurt. So much. My mind should have been focused
on survival over the last week since I’d been kicked out by my
foster parents and placed in a group home. Instead, I couldn’t
get him out of my head. He was the reason for my sleepless
nights; not my new living arrangements.
“You left,” he answered simply, dropping down next to me.
“Anything could have happened to you, and I wouldn’t have
been there to protect you. That’s unacceptable to me.”
“It isn’t your job to do that!” It hadn’t been anyone’s job but
my own for too long.
His eyes glinted as his jaw firmed. “That’s where you’re
wrong, honey. You are mine, and that makes it my job to take
care of you, to make sure you’re happy, to provide you with
anything that will make you light up with your gorgeous smile.”
“Harrison,” I sighed, running my hands through my hair.
“Do you feel guilty for taking my virginity? Because you
shouldn’t. It was my decision to give it to you.”
“A gift I will always cherish. And you paid a steep price for
that choice.” A muscle in his jaw jumped, and his eyes were back
to burning with anger. “Kicked out by your foster parents and
put into a place you shouldn’t even know exists.”
“It’s not that bad.” I squeezed his leg without realizing I’d
reached out for him until my hand was already there. He didn’t
let me yank it back to my lap and pressed it against his thigh
with his palm. “There’s worse places I could have ended up.”
“Your place is here, with me, now. You don’t have to worry
about where you’ll live. Never again,” he vowed.
“You really did it? You convinced the state to put me in your
care?” It was almost impossible to believe. There was an insane
amount of red tape to cut through to qualify as a foster parent
and have a minor placed in your care.
“I did.” His dark stare burned with intensity.
I didn’t really know how to respond; it boggled my mind. I
shook my head. “But how did you even find me? Especially
“Especially since I thought you were older?” he interrupted.
There went my cheeks again, filling with heat. “Well, yeah.”
He reached out a hand and grasped my jaw firmly. “I’m a man
who’s used to getting what he wants, Felicity. I wanted to find
you. So I did.” The possessive look in his eyes made it clear that
what he wanted was me.
“And set yourself up as my guardian?”
He flashed me a smug grin, and his hand shifted to cup my
cheek. “It got you out of that group home and into mine,
didn’t it?”
“You do realize that a guardian shouldn’t lust after their
ward, right? If my case worker has even the slightest reason to
suspect something sexual going on between the two of us, she’ll
yank me out of here so fast your head will spin.” It was a lesson
I’d learned in the foster home before my last one, when one of
the other foster girls had fallen for our foster parent’s son. The
second their relationship had come to light, she was out and
placed in a new home in another town and they were forbidden
to have any contact with each other.

H arrison

Damn, she was cute. Such an alluring combination of innocence

and worldly maturity.
I ran my finger down her silky cheek, even as I felt my
expression harden. “Felicity, nothing and no one will ever take
you from me.” Unable to resist, I captured her chin once more
and held her face still as I leaned in to brush my mouth over
hers. “So sweet,” I groaned before pressing our lips together
harder. A small whimper escaped her lips, and my control frayed
at the edges. Releasing her face, I gripped her waist and lifted
her until she was straddling my lap.
She was shaking lightly, so I rubbed my hands up and down
her arms a few times before moving them to her back and
pulling her even closer. She gasped when she felt my hard as
fuck cock nestled against the heat of her pussy. I could feel her
pulse, even through the thick material of her jeans. My hips
bucked involuntarily and she cried out, her head dropping back
and her hands flew to my biceps, holding them tight.
“I want you more than anything, Felicity,” I growled as I
placed slow, wet kisses down the column of her neck. I made
quick work of the buttons on her blouse. Leaning back slightly, I
parted both sides of her shirt, exposing her small, pert tits
cupped in satiny pink fabric. Her panting made them bounce
slightly, and my mouth watered to taste their dark peaks.
Lowering the cups, her tits popped out but were held up by
the underwire, as though they were offering them up for my
feasting. I latched onto one nipple as my fingers toyed with the
other. Felicity moaned, and her hips began to undulate. I
released her with a pop and held her still. “I need to see you
come, honey,” I groaned raggedly. “But if you keep that up, I
won’t be able to stop myself from fucking you. Just the thought
of burying my cock in your tight little pussy is enough to make
me lose it.”
While my mouth lavished attention on her opposite breast, I
ripped open the snap to her jeans and tugged down her zipper
before plunging my hand in. “Are you wet for me, Felicity?” I
scraped her nipple with my teeth while I drew one finger up the
center of her pussy. “Fuck! You’re soaked.”
Lifting my head, I kissed her again, swallowing her cry as I
shoved two fingers inside her. “Ride my hand, honey.”
“Harrison,” she moaned. The sound of my name in her husky
voice had come leaking from my dick, making a fucking mess in
my pants. I didn’t care, my whole focus was on my girl. I was
desperate to see her get off again. I could already tell it was going
to become an addiction.
My fingers plunged in and out, my tongue doing the same,
driving her higher. Tearing my lips from hers, I went back to
work on her nipples so I could hear her cries of passion. Every
muscle in her body tightened for a half second before a scream
ripped from her throat. My name.
“Fuck!” I roared and for the first time since I was a teenager, I
came in my fucking pants.
I brought my hand out from between her legs and licked it
clean, moaning at the sweet taste. Then I rubbed her back in
gentle circles as she slumped against me, panting while she
“Harrison,” she whimpered. “We can’t do stuff like this. I—I
don’t want to be taken away.”
My chest warmed at the last of her words. I was elated to hear
her admit that she wanted to be with me. After placing a soft
kiss on the crown of her head, I whispered, “Trust me, honey.
Trust me to protect you.”
I felt her head move in a nod, and I fought the instinct to
celebrate by taking her to our room and fucking her all night
long. I sighed and kissed her temple. “I have the power and
money to do as I promised. However, it’s probably for the best if
we abstain until you’re eighteen.” I hated the words even as they
left my mouth.
Felicity leaned back, and her violet eyes were still misty with
remnants of her orgasm. “What happens after that?”
“Let’s get you settled,” I said, changing the subject since I
wanted to put that question off for as long as I could. I righted
her clothes and then helped her off of my lap and got us both to
our feet. Taking her hand, I led her through the house and up the
stairs. I hesitated at the door to my room but knew it would be
impossible to stay away from her if we slept in the same bed.
Taking a few more steps, I entered the next room. It had a
connecting door to the master and after Felicity was
permanently sleeping with me, I was going to turn it into a
“Put your things in here while I change, honey,” I told her.
“For now,” I added with a soft smile and a wink. Her cheeks
turned the most adorable shade of pink, and I had to fortify my
determination to leave her be for the time being. “How about I
take you to dinner? By the time we come back the rest of your
stuff will be here and you can get settled.”
“My stuff will be here?” she asked with surprise and
I nodded. “I have my guys picking it up and delivering it.” Her
mouth formed a little O, and her eyes widened. I knew she
wasn’t used to having any luxuries and I loved seeing the wonder
on her face and knowing I would be opening a whole new world
to her. One where she was safe, happy, and loved. Where she
could have anything she desired…as long as it wasn’t to
leave me.
I kissed her cheek and then quickly ducked into my room.
Stripping out of my suit, I grabbed a pair of jeans and a sweater
before going into the bathroom to clean myself up. Once I was
ready, I returned to find her waiting for me in the hall.
“What happens after I turn eighteen, Harrison?” She asked
again, her tone filled with trepidation. I longed to soothe it, but I
feared it was too soon to tell her the truth.
“Unless you want to be my dinner, I suggest we go eat.” She
opened her mouth, and I placed a finger over it to keep her quiet.
“We’ll have that discussion, just not right now. Okay?”
Her eyes were wary, but she nodded. I removed my finger and
took her hand, leading her to the garage. I helped her into the Jag
and chuckled when she batted my hands away as I tried to buckle
her in.
“Where would you like to go, honey?” I inquired as I pulled
out onto the road.
She shrugged and stared out her window. Reaching over, I
took her hand and settled it on my thigh. “Anywhere you want,
Her head slowly turned in my direction, and I saw a sparkle in
her eye that hadn’t been there before. “I really get to choose?”
I laughed and gave her hand a squeeze. “Tell me.”
A blush stole across her cheeks again, reminding me of how
pink she got all over when we made love, and I was suddenly
shifting in my seat to get comfortable around the steel between
my legs.
“Can we go to Pizza Hut?”
I glanced over at her, my eyebrows shooting up. “I give you
the choice to go anywhere, and you choose Pizza Hut?”
Her head ducked down, and I instantly felt like a complete
shit. “I haven’t had anything but frozen pizza since my parents
died. My foster families rarely took us out to eat and when they
did, it was always the dollar menu at McDonald’s.”
Glancing at the road behind me, I saw it was clear, so I pulled
over to the side. Then I lifted Felicity’s face with one finger and
smiled tenderly. “I was just surprised, honey. Not disappointed.
I think it’s a fantastic choice. Pizza Hut it is!”
A smile crept over her face, and it began to light up once
again. I didn’t think I would ever get used to how fucking
gorgeous she was.
By the time we finished up dinner, I was convinced that Pizza
Hut had been the worst decision EVER. Every time Felicity licked
sauce from her fingers and let out a little moan with a bite, I had
to quell the urge to drag her ass to the bathroom and put that
tongue to better use.
Finally, the torture ended, and we returned to the house. As
expected, Felicity’s few posessions and clothes were all in her
room. I frowned at the pathetically small grouping.
“Tomorrow, after school, we’re going shopping.”
Felicity was already going about putting everything away, but
my words had her stopping and turning to face me. “I don’t
know why you did this, Harrison. But, I’m truly grateful. Still”—
she shook her head emphatically—“I’m not going to take
advantage of your generosity. I’ll never be able to afford to pay
you back when I leave as it is.”
Her words ignited a fire in my chest, and I growled as I
prowled over to her and grabbed her arms. “My money is your
money, Felicity. And don’t even fucking think about leaving me.
Is that clear?”
Her head canted to the side, and she studied me speculatively.
“What happens after I turn eighteen, Harrison?”
I hadn’t wanted to answer that damn question yet, but maybe
it was the only way to get her to stop talking about leaving after
her birthday. “I put a ring on your finger and fuck my kid into
your belly.”
“You—uh, wait—what?!?” she shrieked.

F elicity

I was waiting for him to laugh it off. To act like what he’d said
was a joke of some kind. Teasing me about something like that
didn’t make any sense, but it was hard to believe that he was
thinking about our relationship—or whatever I should call it—in
terms of forever. He was a hot as heck billionaire who had all of
his crap together. And I, a foster kid with nothing to
her name.
But he didn’t look like he was joking. It was more like the
opposite. His dark eyes weren’t filled with humor. They were
intense. Heated. Determined. His fingers tightened on my arms
as he pulled me closer. “You heard me, Felicity. I have very
specific plans for how we’re going to celebrate your eighteenth
I gulped, unsure if the pounding of my heart was because I
wanted him to be serious or if it was a sign of how badly I was
freaking out over the idea. “Plans that involve me becoming
your wife?”
“And knocking you up.”
“I’m not sure that I’m ready to be a wife and mom!” I
He tilted my chin up with one long finger and winked at me.
“You’ll be ready when the time comes, honey.” I felt my brows
lift in surprise because he really seemed to believe that to be
true. “And I’ll be right by your side every step of the way.”
I wanted to believe him. I really did. But life had taught me
that people didn’t always stick around. Maybe, just maybe, he
would. But it had been one heck of a week and a half for me, with
lots of highs and lows. This morning, I was stuck in a group
home and didn’t know where I was going to live after my
birthday. Then Harrison showed up at my school and told me I
was living with him. Being around him every day in a mansion?
It was a no-brainer. But forever as man and wife? I needed some
time to wrap my head around the idea of that. Luckily, I had a
handy excuse for some alone time.
“Alrighty then,” I mumbled. “I guess we’ll see what happens
when the time comes. But for now, I have a crap ton of
homework to do. So I better get to it.”
I wiggled out of his hold, headed towards my bedroom, and
turned when I felt him following behind me. “How about you
save that ‘by your side’ stuff for something other than
homework? I’ve got that covered all by myself.”
His dark eyes searched my face before he smiled and nodded.
“Okay, I can do that. But only if you let me know when you need
help with anything.”
“Will do,” I agreed. Before I could turn back around, he
yanked me close and devoured my mouth until I could barely see
straight. When he let me go, I reached out to the wall to steady
myself. Once my legs felt like they could carry me again, I
hightailed it to my room where I hid out for the rest of the night.
Harrison let me get away with it, only stopping in when he was
headed to bed to give me a goodnight kiss. It was one heck of a
kiss, too. One I woke up still thinking about the next day. Right
up until the moment he gave me a good morning kiss, and I
become obsessed with that one instead.
I started and ended each day the same way the whole week.
Not that those were the only times I got kisses from Harrison,
though. He’d done a good job of keeping his hands off of me.
Well, okay, not really...but he’d kept his dick out of me, and
that’s what counted, right? But he never missed an opportunity
to kiss me senseless, and the moment we walked in the door
after he picked me up from school Friday afternoon was no
“Come here,” he rasped as he kicked the door closed behind
us and pulled me into his arms. “Fuck, I missed you.”
“I was only at school for seven hours,” I sighed as I tilted my
head up, offering him my lips for the kiss I knew I was going
to get.
He lowered his head and practically breathed his words into
my mouth. “Seven minutes or seven hours. It doesn’t matter. If
you’re gone, I feel the loss.”
My legs felt like jelly before the kiss even began. He made me
feel more than wanted, it was like I was necessary to him. It was
as though he understood how important it was for me to feel
needed before I had and went about giving it to me.
His hand sifted through my hair, fisted gently, and I went up
on my toes. Then he kissed me, wet and deep. Tongues tangling,
lips smashed together. And I kissed him back as hard as I could,
trying to show him how much his words meant to me. When he
released my lips, I blinked a few times to clear my vision as I
stared up at him.
“Set up at the kitchen counter and get an early start on your
homework. I want your undivided attention this weekend.”
He patted my ass when I walked past him, so I put a little
more wiggle into my hips as I crossed the room. A satisfied grin
spread across my lips when I heard his strangled groan, and I felt
a rush of feminine power. Being around Harrison was good for
me. Damn good, and a lot of it had nothing to do with the things
he could buy. It was him. The way he was with me. And the way
he made me feel, like this really could last forever.
Harrison had followed behind me and sat down to work beside
me. I was happy as I started my homework. Happier than I ever
remembered being before. Even the daunting task of statistics
homework wasn’t enough to get me down, and that class was
kicking my butt. I had to work hard just to keep a B in it.
“Who’s that?” I asked when the doorbell rang. I was only
half-listening to Harrison’s response while I tried to figure out
the answer to a particularly hard question. Then the bell rang
again, and his reply registered in my brain.
“My caseworker?” I hissed as I jumped out of my seat. “She’s
here? Now? Why didn’t you tell me she was coming?”
He pressed a gentle kiss against my forehead and gave my
shoulder a comforting squeeze. “Because I didn’t want you to
spend the whole week worrying about it when her visit is just a
He was right about the worrying part. I absolutely would have
done that. I could only hope he was also correct about her visit
only being a formality. I was on pins and needles as he opened
the door and welcomed her into his home—our home now. I had
a hard time focusing while I tried to not freak out, and most of
what was said didn’t register. Luckily, Harrison seemed to realize
how out of it I was and he took control of the situation. He got
me settled back at the kitchen counter while he gave her a tour
of the house. I didn’t get a single question done while they were
gone, but I pretended to look busy when I heard them get closer.
“This entire situation is completely unorthodox,” Ms. Jensen
My heart was pounding as I rose from my seat and crossed
through the kitchen to join them in the living room.
“It’s rare for us to place a female foster child in the home of a
single, male foster parent. I’m not sure how you managed to get
your background clearance check with the FBI and Washington
State Patrol done so quickly.” Her gaze swept across the room.
“But I can only assume it has something to do with your
“Does it matter?” Harrison spoke softly, but firmly. “You
can’t possibly think that Felicity would have been better off in
that group home than she is here.”
“I’m not saying that,” she huffed. I had to bite my lip to keep
myself from interrupting because that’s exactly what it had
sounded like to me. “Just because you’re wealthy, I’m not going
to let you off the hook when it comes to the rules. Felicity might
be turning eighteen soon, but until then she’s my responsibility
and I’m entrusting her care to you.”
Harrison’s eyes flared when she called me her responsibility,
but he kept his cool as he responded. “I wouldn’t expect any
kind of special treatment from you while I’m Felicity’s
“Good.” She nodded happily. “Then you won’t complain
when I ask you to start your ongoing training sooner rather than
later. You’re required to obtain thirty-six hours of it during the
first three years. Since I have my doubts about your pre-service
training, I think it would be best for you to get some of those
hours in before Felicity ages out of the system and leaves
your home.”
“I’ll make arrangements to start next week,” he assured her.
It wasn’t long before she left. Probably only another five
minutes, but it still felt like forever. I peered through the
decorative window next to the door, waiting until I saw her car
pull down the driveway. When the gates closed behind her, I
heaved a deep sigh of relief.
“Were you just saying that to make her shut up? Or are you
actually going to take one of those classes?” I asked, trying to
picture him sitting in one of them with all of the other foster
“Of course I’ll take the class. There’s no way in hell I’m going
to give her a reason to try to take you away from me. We only
have to bide our time for a couple more months. Then, you’ll
turn eighteen—”
“And I’ll fall off her books. She’ll be so busy with other kids
that she won’t worry about me.”
“Exactly,” he purred in satisfaction.
No wonder he was a billionaire. He was a bit of an evil genius,
after all.

H arrison

I pulled a plastic container from the refrigerator and set it on the

counter. The amount of food my chef prepared and left for me
was dwindling lately. Felicity liked to cook, and I was more than
happy to indulge her. Even if her food wasn’t absolutely
delicious, which it was, I would have suffered through it just to
see her smile.
However, my chef made one hell of a quiche and Felicity loved
it. Lately, she hadn’t been able to get enough of it, so I’d had
plenty of extra made.
I’d been relieved when Felicity started eating more, putting a
little meat on her bones. She’d been malnourished at her
previous residences, and it made me feel murderous. But, I
focused on the fact that she was with me now. And, fuck, the
new curves she was sporting were hot as hell. Her tits were a
little bigger, her hips a little rounder, and her ass was just
begging me to smack it while I fucked her from behind.
Thoughts like that were keeping me on edge and in a constant
state of hardness. Waiting eight more weeks until her birthday
was going to be a special kind of hell.
I adjusted myself in my pants and shook my head, trying to
clear the fog of lust. Concentrating on breakfast helped to take
my mind off it. I put the egg dish in the oven and poured Felicity
a glass of milk. Glancing at the clock, I was surprised to see she
was running a little behind her morning schedule. Felicity hated
being late and was usually at least ten minutes early to
Just then, she trudged into the kitchen and I frowned at the
paleness of her skin. She climbed onto a stool at the large island.
I rounded the granite barrier and turned her so I could stand
between her legs. Cupping her cheeks, I searched her face as I
asked, “Honey? Are you all right?” I was relieved she didn’t
appear to be running a fever, but she still looked ill.
“Just feeling a little off this morning,” she whispered, closing
her eyes and leaning her left cheek into my hand. The oven
beeped, indicating her breakfast was done.
“Are you sure?” She nodded, and I reluctantly let her go to
walk over to the double oven in the wall near the back sink. I
grabbed a pair of black pot holders and removed the quiche,
setting it on the counter. I watched her carefully as I set a slice
on a plate and pushed it towards her.
She smiled. “Thanks.” Lifting the fork I’d set out for her, she
took a bite. I was just about to serve myself when she slammed a
hand over her mouth and bolted from the room.
I ran after her, finding her in the hall bathroom just as she
dropped to her knees and tossed the contents of her stomach.
I pulled her hair away from her face and rubbed her back as
she heaved a few more times. When it appeared she was done, I
gathered her into my arms, lifted her as I stood, and settled her
onto the counter. After snatching a cloth from a nearby shelf, I
ran it under cool water and swiped it gently all over face and the
back of her neck.
“I’m taking you to the doctor,” I told her as I handed her
small cup of water to rinse her mouth.
“No, I’m fine. Really,” she argued weakly. “I already feel
better. I probably just ate something that wasn’t good last
My brows furrowed in frustration. We’d eaten out but hadn’t
had the same meal, so it was possible she was right. Still, it
didn’t sit well with me. “We’ll let the doctor be the judge
of that.”
Felicity placed a hand on my forearm and looked at me
pleadingly. “No, Harrison. Please. I don’t want to draw any
attention to myself. If you take me to the doctor, Ms. Jenson is
bound to use it as leverage to cause problems.”
She cupped my face, the way I’d done to her earlier. “I’m
feeling much better, really.”
I sighed, not happy with the situation, but giving in because I
hated to upset her further. “Fine. But, if it persists, I’m taking
you to the doctor.”
I had to admit, her color had returned and it made me feel a
little better about the decision. Helping her off the counter, I
brushed my lips over her forehead, pleased that it was no longer
clammy. “Why don’t you go brush your teeth and grab your
stuff, honey? I’ll make you some toast, and you can eat it in the
car on the way to school.”
She smiled brightly and nodded before hopping off the
After three more days of this, in which she somehow
convinced me to hold off going to the doctor, I started to suspect
it was something neither of us had considered.
I stopped by a drug store on my way to pick her up from
school. Then when we arrived home, I handed her the bag. “Will
you do me a favor and take this, honey?” I asked.
She looked into the bag, and her face paled. “I’m not
pregnant,” she denied with an emphatic shake of her head.
I smiled softly at her and lifted her chin so I could see her
face. “Just humor me, honey. Okay?”
Honestly, I had no doubt she was pregnant. While I knew it
presented challenges at this stage in our relationship, I was over
the fucking moon.
Felicity backed up, and her eyebrows descended over her
violet eyes which were dancing around nervously. “Um…I…”
she spun around and dashed up the stairs. I couldn’t help
grinning proudly as I sauntered up after her. It looked like I’d
knocked her up the first time we’d fucked.
Three minutes and change later, Felicity was staring open
mouthed at the white stick flashing “pregnant” in the little
My eyes swept over her body, lingering on her stomach. I
couldn’t fucking wait to see her round and plump with our baby.
The image brought my cock roaring to life, and I shuddered at
the wave of lust that crashed over me.
I made a valiant effort to rein in my desire, but it was no use.
Knowing I’d knocked up my woman, seeing her sexy body
already changing, I couldn’t fight the need to claim her
once more.
Lunging forward, I swept her into my embrace and crashed
my mouth down over hers. Her hands immediately circled my
neck and when I boosted her up with my hands under her ass,
her legs locked around my hips. “You have no idea how fucking
sexy it is to know you have my seed growing deep inside you,
honey,” I growled once I’d torn my lips from hers. I was about to
lay her on the bed but paused and then switched directions. I
needed to have her in our bed.
I kissed her with all the passion building inside me as I
stumbled from this bedroom into the one next door. When I
reached my destination, I slowly lowered her down onto
her back.
“Harrison,” she panted. “We shouldn’t—oh my gosh!” she
gasped as I tore her shirt down the center, exposing her
heaving tits.
“We absolutely should,” I snarled as my hands cupped her
breasts, and I leaned down to take her mouth once again. My
tongue tangled and twisted with hers as I shoved down her bra
and played with her taut nipples. She moaned and arched her
back, crying out when I tweaked them hard.
“So fucking responsive.” I straightened up and tried to
undress her slowly, but I was feeling the desperation and ended
up tearing her panties when they were the last barrier in the way
of her gorgeous body. I stood back and admired the sight in front
of me as I quickly undressed.
Once I was naked, I climbed onto the bed and covered her
body with my own. “Fuck,” I groaned when I lowered onto her,
and our skin sizzled as it touched. After another deep, wet,
tongue-thrusting kiss, I began to work my way down, kissing
and licking every inch I encountered. I spent some time on her
nipples, working her into a frenzy, then continued on but
stopped when I reached her belly.
The kisses I placed there were reverent. “I can’t wait to see
you swollen and full with my baby, honey,” I breathed. My hips
pressed into the bed, trying to gain some relief from the building
pressure in my groin.
Finally, I ended my exploration of her body as I settled
between her legs, my mouth hovering over her glistening pussy.
I could feel the heat from her sex bathing my face as I leaned
down to lick up the center. “So wet,” I mumbled. “So sweet.”
“Harrison?” Facility’s voice was thick with desire, but it was
also tinged with trepidation. I lifted my head and gazed into her
purple depths.
“Do you trust me?” She nodded immediately and my cock
jumped, dragging a ragged groan from my chest. I loved that
she’d instinctively put her trust in me. “I’ll take care of you,
honey. Just feel and let yourself go.”
I held her stare as I returned to her pussy and began to lick
and bite her nether lips, then plunged my tongue inside her like I
would be doing with my cock later. She was breathing erratically,
and her hips started to buck up into my mouth spurring me on. I
carefully avoided her clit until she was crying and begging for me
to let her come.
“What do you want, honey?” I growled.
“Please let me come!”
“Tell me how, Felicity,” I urged. I’d been dreaming of hearing
dirty talk fall from her pouty lips. “Tell me exactly what you
want me to do.” My tongue circled her clit again, avoiding the
stiff nub.
“Suck—um—suck on my clit,” she whispered hesitantly.
“Good girl.” I did as she asked and she splintered apart at my
fist deep pull. I kept up my ministrations until her shudders
started to lessen. Then I crawled up her body, leaving lingering
kisses along my path.
“That was amazing,” she whimpered.
“I love watching you come in my mouth, honey. Tasting the
flood of your juices.” Her body started to vibrate. It was clear
that she enjoyed when I said filthy things to her, and I had no
fucking strength left to hold back.
“Now I want to see you come with my cock buried deep inside
your pussy.” Her legs stiffened for half a second before falling
completely open. “Do you like the thought of that, my dirty girl?’
I purred as I rubbed my tip through her folds. “You want me to
fuck you hard or sweet?”
Her lips pinched, and her flushed skin pinkened even further.
“Hard,” she whispered.
“What, honey?”
She cleared her throat, and her eyes glinted with
determination. It was sexy as fuck. “Hard. I want you to fuck
me hard.”
“I’ll always give you anything that is within my power to give
you, Felicity. You only need to ask.”
With one smooth thrust, I planted myself balls deep into her
pussy. I felt my tip bump her cervix even as her walls squeezed
the fuck out of my cock. I snatched her wrists and shoved them
above her head until I could wrap them around the wooden
spindles of my mahogany headboard. “Hold tight, honey.”
She grasped them, her knuckles whitening with the effort.
Then I glided my hands down her arms, over her shoulders, and
on to cup her tits. Massaging them, my hips began to move
slowly in and out, in and out. I kissed her fiercely as I plucked
and twisted her nipples until she was writhing beneath me.
Dragging my hands over her skin, I got to her thighs and
lifted her legs to my shoulders as I got to my knees. Then I
palmed her ass and held it firmly as I began to speed up my
thrusts until I was pounding in and out.
Felicity cried out with every drive, her hips coming up to meet
each one. My spine started to tingle, and the muscles in my groin
tightened. I was losing the battle to hold out. Reaching between
us, I circled her clit with my index finger a few times, then
pinched it hard as I slammed in one last time. She screamed, and
I roared her name as my orgasm barreled through me like a
freight train. I started pumping again as jets of come filled her
pussy, working us both all the way through until we dissolved
into a heap of tangled arms and legs.

F elicity

A week after seeing the positive result on the pregnancy test, I

was starting to come to terms with the fact that I was carrying
Harrison’s baby. When he’d told me that I’d be ready when the
time came, I’d assumed it wouldn’t be right away. Heck, even
he’d thought it wouldn’t be until my birthday. But life has a way
of throwing curve balls at you. Luckily, I was starting to think we
were going to knock this one out of the park. As a team, with
Harrison by my side, just like he’d said he would be. He’d even
given up on sleeping separately and moved me into his room. I
hadn’t bothered to argue since it was really what I wanted, too.
The only time we weren’t together was when I was in school.
That’s when I had to pull my shit together and make it through
the day all on my own. Some days were easier than others, and
this was one of the worst because my nausea suddenly decided
not to be an early morning problem anymore. As I walked into
the cafeteria for lunch, the scent of whatever the heck they were
trying to pass off as decent food hit my nose. That was all it took
to set my stomach off.
I swiveled on my heel and ran for the closest restroom. I
didn’t pay attention to who else was in there as I scurried into an
empty stall, slammed the door shut, and dropped to my knees.
While I emptied my stomach, I cringed at the thought of all the
germs surrounding me. The floor, the toilet made me
retch even harder. I was beyond empty when I shakily got to my
feet again. I waited a minute or two after I flushed, to make sure
I was done, before I pushed the door open and rushed towards
the sinks. I couldn’t wait to wash my hands and face. I almost
moaned in relief when I squirted several pumps of soap onto my
hands and lathered them up. I was so happy to feel clean again
that I didn’t notice the person standing three sinks down from
me until she stomped over and stuck her nose in my business.
“Did you just puke?” Carrie asked.
I met her eyes in the mirror and nodded, and quickly looked
back down when they narrowed suspiciously. “You look
“New outfit,” I mumbled, hoping she would accept the weak
explanation and move on.
“No, it’s not the clothes,” she drawled. “Although they’re
nicer than anything else I’ve ever seen you in before.”
Dang it. Carrie could be like a dog with a bone when she was
curious about something. I really didn’t need her asking too
many questions, which meant I’d better give her enough
information so she’d leave me alone.
“Yeah, they moved me out of the group home, and the new
place is really big on making sure I’ve got everything I need.”
“I bet, since it also comes with a guy who picks you up in an
assortment of expensive cars,” she snarked. “Did my little miss
goodie two-shoes foster sister go out and find herself a sugar
Crap. I straightened my spine as I turned to face her. “Don’t
be ridiculous, Carrie.” I resented her characterization of my
relationship with Harrison.
“It’s only ridiculous if it isn’t true,” she sing-songed. “What
was it? Did the group home scare you so much that you finally
decided to give up the V-card and buy yourself a place to live
once you turn eighteen and don’t have anywhere else to go?”
I felt my face heat at the reference to my V-card and cursed
the fact that I blushed so easily when Carrie’s eyebrows flew
upward. “Holy shit, Felicity! I was only joking, but that’s exactly
what you did, isn’t it?”
“No, what you were doing was being a bitch,” I muttered.
“You aren’t denying it, though,” she pointed out. “Which
means it’s totally true. You aren’t a virgin anymore.”
“I don’t want to talk about this with you, and there’s
absolutely no reason why I should. I’m not your foster sister
anymore because your parents kicked me out of your home for
doing something you’ve done a million times before.”
“Yeah, but I was smart enough not to get caught.” Her eyes
drifted to my chest, over to the bathroom stall I’d exited, and
back to my face again. The calculating gleam in her eye scared
the crap out of me. “And I was also smart enough to not get
knocked up. But not ended up pregnant the first time
you dropped your panties, didn’t you?”
“Shut up, Carrie,” I hissed. “You don’t know what you’re
talking about.”
“Oh, I think I do.” She rubbed her hands together like she
was excited. “This is...perfect. I can’t wait until the parental
units come home from work, and I get to share this juicy piece of
news with them. They’ll feel vindicated in their decision, which
will make them happy. And we both know that when my parents
are happy, they’re much more generous and lenient with me.”
“You can’t!” I cried. If she told her parents, they’d call my
case worker and that would be the beginning of the end for
Harrison and me.
“Sure I can, and there isn’t a single thing you can do to
stop me.”
“I’ll lose everything,” I tried to reason with her.
She lifted a shoulder like she couldn’t care less about the
trouble her actions would make for me. It shouldn’t have come
as a surprise, considering the things she’d pulled in the past, but
somehow it still did. “Not my problem.”
She twirled around and was gone before I caught my breath
from the impact her words had on me. My hands were shaky as I
dug in my backpack for my cell phone. “Crap,” I mumbled as I
fumbled with it. It was a new one, with all the bells and whistles
because Harrison insisted I deserved the best. As much as I loved
it when he gave it to me, I missed my old one right now when
every second counted. I finally managed to pull up his number
and lifted the phone to my ear. I didn’t have to wait long. It only
took one ring before Harrison picked up.
“Felicity? What’s wrong?” He sounded as frantic as I felt. I
rarely called him from school since cell phones weren’t allowed.
“I got sick.”
He didn’t let me finish telling him what was going on. “Hold
tight. I’ll be right there.”
“No. I mean, yes, please come get me. But that’s not the main
reason I called.”
“It’s not?”
I heard the ding of an elevator in the background and realized
he’d raced out of his office before I’d even said a word. It made
my heart melt and settled some of my nerves. “Carrie, the
daughter of the foster parents who kicked me out of their home
the morning after we met—”
He interrupted me again with a growl. “I know who Carrie is,
honey. And I know exactly who her parents are, too.”
“Good because then you’ll understand why I’m so freaked out
when I tell you that Carrie caught me puking in the bathroom.
She guessed that I’m pregnant. And she said she’s going to tell
her parents as soon as they get home from work tonight.”
“Fuck,” he groaned.
“What should I do, Harrison?” I whispered, squeezing my
eyes shut as I tried not to sob.
I heard the roar of an engine, which meant he’d made it to the
parking garage and was that much closer to getting here. “Take a
deep breath and trust me when I say it will all be okay.”
“But how?” I cried.
“You leave that to me, honey. I’ll figure out a way to make
sure that this won’t cause any problems for us. You and our baby
are my number one priority, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep
you safe,” he promised.
“You guys are mine, too,” I whispered, finally admitting to
myself how important Harrison had become to me.
“You what?” Harrison asked. “I couldn’t quite hear that.”
I looked up and remembered where I was standing. A high
school bathroom had to be the least romantic place in the world,
but I didn’t want to wait. “You and our baby are my number one
priority, too.”
It wasn’t quite the L word, but it’d have to do for now.
“I know we are, honey.” His voice softened. “And that’s why
you’ll do the most important thing you can for me right now.
You’ll stay calm. It’s not good for you or the baby for you to be
upset. Pull yourself together and head to the nurse’s office. It
won’t be long before I’m there to pick you up.”
“Okay. If that’s what you need me to do, then that’s exactly
what I’ll do. See you soon.” It wasn’t going to be easy, but I’d
manage. I was young, but I was Harrison’s woman and I wanted
to show him that I could hold up my side of our relationship.

H arrison

After hanging up with Felicity, I pressed the Bluetooth button on

my steering wheel and called my head of security.
“Frank, I need you to send the files on Felicity’s last foster
family to my email,” I commanded when he answered. “Then dig
up anything we might have missed. Particularly anything I can
use as leverage.”
“Will do, boss,” he responded, followed by a click, ending
the call.
I reached Felicity’s school and swung into the empty space
nearest to the entrance. I dashed inside and straight to the front
office where I showed my ID so they could confirm my guardian
status before sending me to the nurse’s office.
It took everything in me not to scoop her up into my arms
when I arrived. But, I knew I needed to keep an appropriate
distance until we were well away from the premises. The school
reported to the county foster program regularly. Especially the
Calmly, I strode into the office. Felicity jumped to her feet and
rushed towards me. At the last second, she thought better of it
and stopped short in front of me.
“Thanks for coming to get me. I”—she glanced at the woman
sitting behind a desk off to the side, watching us with avid
interest—“I think I may have food poisoning from the—um—
shrimp we ate last night.”
“Not a problem.” The woman’s eyes were staring at me far
too intently. When they swept up and down my body, I glared at
her, causing her to turn away and busy herself with paperwork
on her desk. “Let’s go.”
Felicity and I walked out to my sleek, black Mercedes, and I
got her settled before loping around to the driver’s side. Once
inside, I started the car and grabbed her hand as I pulled out of
the parking lot.
“How are you feeling, honey?” I glanced over at her and gave
her hand a squeeze when I saw the worry in her deep violet
pools. “Trust me, Felicity.”
She nodded and straightened her head so she was staring out
the front. “I do. It’s just…I can’t help it. I’m still scared.”
I sped up a little, anxious to get her home. When we arrived, I
went around the car, unbuckled her, and lifted her into my arms.
I carried her to our room and laid her on the bed. I grabbed a
shirt from the long dressers on the back wall, then helped her
take off her school clothes and change.
“Get some rest, honey,” I urged as I tucked her in. “I’m going
to do some work. Call me on the house intercom if you need
I brushed some of her long, dark hair away from her face and
softly kissed her lips. It was interrupted when she yawned and
smiled at me sheepishly. “Sorry.”
I chuckled and kissed her again. “Rest.”
My office was on the first floor at the back of the house. I was
hesitant to be so far from her, but she’d fallen asleep by the time
I reached the bedroom door. The house was wired with a speaker
and panel in every room, so I knew she could reach me if she
needed me. I made my way downstairs to my office and dropped
into the expensive, black leather chair behind my antique, cherry
wood desk.
Clicking my mouse, I contemplated my next move as my
computer woke up. The files I asked for were in my email, and I
began sifting through them. The ring of my cell phone startled
me, but I answered quickly when I saw it was the security
extension from my office building.
“Tell me you found something,” I said in lieu of a greeting.
My man launched into an explanation that both satisfied and
enraged me. I had the leverage I needed, but I was pissed as fuck
at how close it could have come to hurting Felicity.
I let her sleep for a few hours as I made some calls and studied
the information so I was one hundred percent familiar with the
facts and wouldn’t be ambushed with anything when I
confronted Carrie’s parents.
A soft knock on my door brought my head up, and my cock
sprung to attention at the sight of my girl standing in the
doorway in nothing but my shirt looking sexy and sleep rumpled.
I held out my hand and she eagerly came over, climbing into
my lap. “Better?” I asked, brushing my lips against her temple.
I didn’t doubt it because her skin wasn’t as pale, and the dark
smudges beneath her eyes had disappeared. “Fuck, honey. Your
trust in me.” I coughed to clear the lump in my throat. “You
have no idea what it means to me that you were able to fall
asleep knowing I’d take care of everything.”
“And you have no idea what it feels like to know that it’s okay
to sleep. That I have you to watch over me. Protect me.”
“Always,” I swore. “I love you, and I’m fucking honored to be
able to take care of you and our babies.”
Her eyes filled with tears, but her lips twisted up in a huge
smile. “You love me?”
“More than anything.”
“I love you, too,” she whispered.
Joy slammed into me at her admission, followed quickly by
the need to be inside her. I lifted her chin with a single finger
and captured her lips in a fierce kiss. Her small hands slid
around my middle and she hugged me tightly, pressing her tits
into my chest. I swiftly shifted her until she was straddling me,
her legs dangling on either side of me and the juncture of her
thighs cocooning my growing erection.
Everything about Felicity pushed the limits of my control. I
couldn’t get enough of her. With my mouth still devouring hers,
I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, then fisted the
center of her panties and ripped it away.
Gripping her hips, I tore my mouth away and raggedly
commanded, “Ride me, honey.” Then I lined myself up and
slammed her down.
Her head flew back and she screamed, her hands plunging
into my hair as she started to buck wildly on top of me.
“Fuck! That’s right, honey. Harder,” I groaned. “You’re so
fucking tight.”
“Yes!” she shouted when I whipped her shirt over her head
and latched onto one of her sensitive nipples. “Harrison! Oh ah
ah! Fuck!”
Her words caused me to snap. I slammed her down once more
as I thrust up and planted myself deep. My orgasm blasted
through me, and I filled her womb with what seemed like an
endless amount of come.
The moment the heat flooded her, she screamed my name
and fell apart in my arms, coming with me.

“I need to go out for a little while, but when I get back, we’ll
make dinner and watch a movie,” I told Felicity as I walked into
the kitchen.
After we’d cleaned ourselves up earlier, she’d changed and set
herself up at the island where she normally did her school work.
It was after five, which meant the people I needed to see should
be home. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled brightly. “That
sounds like heaven.”
I couldn’t help grinning and giving her a hard, quick kiss. I
knew if I lingered, I’d end up fucking her on the counter…or the
floor…or up against the wall—and I needed to leave.
On my way to the garage, I stopped in my office to grab a file.
Fifteen minutes later, I was pulling up in front of a deceptively
normal-looking, suburban house in an upscale neighborhood.
I grabbed the papers and stalked up to the entrance, then
knocked firmly on the door.
A young, blonde girl opened it and when she saw me, her eyes
widened in shock. “What are you—” She started to shut the door
in my face but I slammed my hand against it, keeping it open
and stepping inside.
“We need to have a chat, Carrie. Why don’t you get your
parents, and I’ll wait here?”
Her mouth opened and closed a few times before she spun on
her heel and stomped down a hallway. It didn’t take long for a
middle-aged couple to come from where she’d disappeared to
meet me in the entryway. Evan and Maria Jenkins. Carrie’s
parents and Felicity’s former caretakers. Both looked slightly
haggard, though they hid it fairly well with blank expressions
and expensive clothes.
“What the fuck do you want?” Evan snarled.
“You’re the degenerate defiling poor little Felicity, aren’t
you?” Maria cried dramatically.
“Don’t.” My tone was harsh and commanding, causing her to
step back slightly, and her husband to shuffle nervously on his
feet. “Don’t even say her name.”
“I don’t think you’re in any position to tell us what to do, Mr.
Brooks.” Maria tried for a haughty tone, but her eyes shifted
“Oh, I think I am.” I handed Evan the folder and stood
silently as he opened it. He flipped through the items contained
in it, and his eyes grew wider with each one.
“How did you—you can’t—this is outrageous!”
I raised an eyebrow and folded my arms, glaring at the sad
excuse for a “family” in front of me.
“Those are pictures of you with a well-known drug lord in the
next town over, are they not?”
Maria sputtered, but I didn’t wait for her to come up with an
answer. “I believe the next set is of you selling some of your
stash to a couple down the street.”
They glanced uneasily at each other, and I plowed on. “This is
how it’s going to be,” I growled. “If you so much as utter
Felicity’s name to anyone, or speak one word to her social
worker, I’ll have your asses thrown in jail. Is that clear?” They
nodded simultaneously. “That goes for your trashy little
daughter, too. You’d better make sure she understands that the
rules apply to her, too. And that if she so much as looks at her
wrong at school, there will be consequences.” More frantic nods.
“And since you know who I am, you know I have the money and
resources to keep close tabs on you. So, don’t try and fuck with
me because I will bury you.”
I didn’t wait for their response, I simply pivoted and left,
slamming the door behind me. Now that I’d taken care of that
problem, I expected smooth sailing for Felicity and me over the
next seven weeks. And then, once her case worker was
completely out of the picture, I had a birthday party/wedding to
look forward to.

F elicity

Three weeks ago, I graduated from high school. The next day,
Harrison and I went on vacation to Hawaii for a quick trip as part
of my graduation present. It seemed extravagant to me since we
could only stay for four days, but Harrison had insisted that an
occasion as important as my graduation called for a proper
celebration. And ever since I mentioned that I’d never been
outside of the state of Washington, he was determined to take
me to as many places as possible before my pregnancy prevented
me from traveling.
One week ago, I turned eighteen. Harrison had, in fact, put a
ring on my finger—an engagement ring with a ridiculously large
diamond that you could probably see from outer space. I cried
when I saw it, and then laughed when he reminded me that he’d
already completed the other half of his promise to me since I was
pregnant. Then he flew me in a helicopter to Portland for dinner,
adding Oregon to my list of states I’d visited.
Today...I was getting married. I’d expected Harrison to drag
me to the courthouse on my birthday, and I’d cried some more
when he told me he was willing to wait—an extra week—just
because he wanted another day to spoil me each year. Not that
he really needed the excuse. He spoiled me every day.
It was a good thing we hadn’t waited any longer because a
little baby bump had made an appearance just yesterday. Since
the dress I’d picked out for the ceremony was a mermaid fit, it
didn’t hide anything. Not that there was much to hide yet—but I
kind of loved that I knew that tiny flare of my belly was there on
our special day.
I looked over my shoulder at the sharp knock on our bedroom
door. “Ready, honey?” Harrison asked, poking his head into the
doorway after he opened it.
It was more than gratifying to see the heat build in his eyes as
he got his first look at me in my dress. The groom wasn’t
supposed to see his bride before the wedding, but since I didn’t
have anyone to walk me down the aisle Harrison had insisted on
throwing tradition out the window so he could do it himself.
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” His voice was raspy and oh-so-close
to the tone he used when he talked dirty to me.
“If you aren’t careful, I’m going to have to change my panties
before you take me downstairs,” I warned him.
He smirked at me, stepped all the way into the room, and
closed the door behind him. I took a few steps backwards as he
stalked towards me.
“Stop,” I squeaked, holding my hands up. “Don’t you dare
come any closer.”
“Is that any way for a bride to talk to her groom?” he teased.
“Yes, it is when the groom looks like he’s about to toss her on
the ground and have his way with her...before the ceremony.”
“Give me the benefit of the doubt, honey.” He tried looking
innocent but failed miserably. Even if he’d succeeded, the
impression wouldn’t have lasted long anyway—not with what he
had to say next. “I’d take you from behind, against the wall. That
way, I’d limit the damage to your dress, hair, and makeup.”
A giggle bubbled up my throat as I shook my head. “As much
as I’d like to say yes, my dress wouldn’t survive that no matter
how careful you were. So there’s no way you’re getting this dress
over my hips until after the ceremony.”
“You’re seriously underestimating your very-soon-to-be
husband’s skills,” he murmured, snagging my hands in his as he
nudged me towards the nearest wall.
As difficult as it had been for me to get the dress on earlier, it
was easy for him to work it up my hips after he turned me
around and pressed my hands against the wall. “Harrison,” I
gasped when he shifted my white lace panties to the side and
sunk two fingers inside me.
“You still want me to stop? You want me to leave your pussy
wet and needy all through the ceremony?” he breathed into my
ear, his body caging me in.
“No,” I panted, swiveling my hips to arch back against him.
“Don’t stop.”
His free hand trailed down my back on its way to the zipper of
his custom tailored tuxedo pants. He freed his cock and pressed
it against my ass. His other hand continued to work my pussy,
and I whimpered when his fingers left me.
“Shh, honey. I’ve got you,” he whispered, running his hard
length against my wetness and then shifting his hips to drive
inside of me. Hard.
“Yes,” I hissed.
“This is going to be fast,” he warned. “We’ve got guests
waiting for us downstairs, and I’d hate to wrinkle your dress.”
I laughed, amazed at the sound considering the position I was
in, but it didn’t last long as he went about driving me to a quick
orgasm. The naughtiness of knowing we were going to be late for
our own wedding because we couldn’t resist a quickie helped
push me over the edge, with Harrison following a few thrusts
“I can’t tell you how much I fucking love knowing that you’re
going to walk down the aisle with my come inside your pussy and
my baby in your belly.”
After he helped me clean up and get my dress back in place,
that’s exactly what I did.
Continue reading for a bonus, holiday story!

Holly Lane hadn’t planned to take a trip on Santa’s lap this

year, but her best friend talks her into it anyway. Only it
isn’t a what that she’s wishing for this year… it’s a who.
But what are the odds that Santa can fit Jacob Marley in her

Warning: Some of the best gifts come in small packages.

Which is a good thing since this sweet & sexy novella is
short… but not as short as the blurb!

H olly

“I’m so glad I was able to drag you out of the house,” Harley
exhaled, plopping down onto a chair and slurping at her
smoothie. “It’s been way too long since we last had H’s united
time. I miss you.”
We lifted our pinky fingers and locked them together, just like
we’d been doing ever since we’d come up with the silly nickname
back in kindergarten almost thirteen years ago. She was so right;
it had been way too long.
“I miss you, too,” I whispered. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a
recluse lately.”
“Hey.” She reached for my hand. “It’s not like I don’t
understand why. I just wish you’d let me be there for you,
especially at this time of year when I know you’re missing her
more than ever.”
I sighed and laid my head on her shoulder. This was going to
be my first Christmas by myself. It had always been just my
mom and me, the two of us versus the world, and Christmas was
our special time. After I graduated high school, my mom finally
started dating. She met Lucian Kane, an awesome guy, and I’d
been ecstatic for her. But Lucian was from Florida, only in
Connecticut for a summer. After he proposed, she moved there
to live with him. She asked me to go with her, but I couldn’t
bring myself to leave my home.
We were planning to spend the holidays all together, but
storms had been blowing through Connecticut for four days
straight. My small town practically barricaded by snow. Their
flights had been delayed, and then cancelled because the airports
had finally shut down yesterday morning.
Thanksgiving was one thing, but Christmas—I wasn’t sure
how I was going to celebrate without my family. My plan had
been to hole up in my house and watch movies all weekend long.
I was in a degree program for business and graphic art and had a
summer project I could work on. Even though it was basically
done. The degree was really a formality, though, I’d been
working from home as a graphic artist for a year before I was
done with high school. And, I had a ton of work to catch up on.
But then Harley had barged in, ranting and raving about how it
was Christmas Eve and we hadn’t done any shopping together
like we did every year. Before I knew it, I was bundled up and
headed to the mall with her. It was the first time in too long
since I’d truly enjoyed myself. I was lucky to have a friend like
her in my life.
“Your mom wouldn’t want you moping around on her favorite
I laughed. “My mom really does love the holidays.”
“Obviously, since she named you Holly,” she teased, trying to
lighten the mood.
I followed her lead, not wanting to spoil what had been a great
morning on a day I had expected to suck beyond belief. “Hey, it’s
better than your dad loving his motorcycle so much that your
parents named you Harley.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she drawled. “Like I haven’t heard that
from you before.”
“Only about a million times.”
“You know what else I’ve heard about a million times?” she
asked, jumping up and dragging me to my feet. “Ho—”
“Ho! Ho!” the mall Santa finished off for her as we neared the
North Pole display in the middle of the mall.
“Oh, no!” I tugged on my arm, trying to back away from her.
“C’mon! It’ll be fun,” she insisted, refusing to let me go.
“We’re too old to go sit on Santa’s lap,” I protested. “Even if I
wanted to, which I don’t, they’re not going to let us do it.”
“Sure they will.” Harley pointed towards the female elf
managing the line. “Kayla will make sure we get in.”
“Crap,” I muttered, recognizing one of Harley’s friends from
high school. They’d been on the cheerleading squad together for
years, which meant Harley was right—it didn’t matter that we
were a good ten years older than the biggest kid in line, they
weren’t going to turn us away.
With the sympathetic gleam in Kayla’s eyes as she looked
from Harley to me, there would be no way for me to get out of
this gracefully. Forcing a smile onto my face, I made small talk
until it was our turn. Harley went first, eliciting a giggle from me
when she started to sing “Santa Baby” as she settled herself on
Santa’s lap. By the time she hopped off, there was a blush
staining his cheeks and I was giggling so hard I almost couldn’t
make my way up to where he was sitting.
“It’s your turn now. No excuses.” Kayla nudged me forwards.
“Alright, I’m going,” I huffed.
“Sorry about this,” I mumbled.
“No apologies needed. Your friend there was the most
entertaining visitor I’ve had all season.”
“I’m sure she was. She’s quite the handful.”
“You can say that again,” he agreed, his eyes darting over to
where she stood for a moment.
I peered more closely at his face and realized the mall Santa
wasn’t quite as old as I’d originally thought. And he definitely
wasn’t as soft and round as the padding made him seem, if the
bunched muscles of his thigh were any indication. I had a feeling
there was a hot guy under that suit, one who was interested in
my best friend.
Interesting. Maybe our little visit to Santa was more about her
than me.
“What are you wishing for this Christmas?”
Santa’s question drew me out of my thoughts about him and
Harley. My mind blanked for a moment. I couldn’t think of a
single thing I wanted this year. Well, except for one thing…
“My Christmas wish isn’t a what. It’s a who,” I whispered.
“Me, too,” he admitted softly, right before Harley helped me
off his lap and wrapped her arms around me.
“Oh, Holly. I’m so sorry for pushing you into this. Of course
your Christmas wish is to be with your mom.”
Maybe it should have been, but it wasn’t. The person I found
myself wishing for was quite a surprise. It was someone else’s
face that instantly came to mind. A boy I’d tried not to think too
much about over the past few years. The only boy I’d ever dated,
back in my freshmen year of high school.
My face, along with my whole body, heated at my thoughts of
him. Unfortunately, Harley’s eagle eyes didn’t miss a thing.
“What’s up with the blush?” she asked, tugging me away
from the North Pole display.
I thought I was going to get lucky, and that she was going to
let me get away with it. Of course, I was wrong.
“Spill it, Holly. Why were you blushing like that?”
“Because for some stupid reason, the first thing that popped
into my head when your Santa-boyfriend asked me what I
wanted for Christmas was Jacob.”
“Jacob Marley?” she gasped.
“What other Jacob would it be?” I grumbled.
“But you haven’t mentioned him in, what? Three years?”
“Three years, three months and two days.”
“Holy crap,” she breathed.
Yeah, it was kind of shocking to realize I’d mentally kept
track of the days all this time. Harley had been the one I’d spilled
my heart out to when Jacob’s family had moved all the way
across the country to Oregon at the end of my freshman, and his
junior, year. We’d only been dating for a few months, but my
young heart had been sure he was the one for me.
Like most high school sweethearts who were separated, it
didn’t withstand the distance and we lost touch. Young love was
real, but it still didn’t bind the way a mature heart would. I’d
never gotten over him, though. Never dated another boy. Never
so much as kissed anyone else in all the years since. With my
mom so far away, it seemed like all I had was time lately. Lots
and lots of free time on my hands. And apparently that extra
time had led to thoughts about Jacob Marley. The one who’d
gotten away. And the one I wanted for Christmas… if only
holiday wishes really did come true.
But they didn’t. If they did, I wouldn’t be headed home to an
empty house on Christmas Eve. My mom would be there, Jacob
would never have moved and we’d have been together the last
three holidays.
“It doesn’t feel right, dropping you off like this,” Harley
grumbled as she pulled into my driveway. “My mom and dad
have asked me a million times why you aren’t spending the
night with us tonight.”
I looked up at the house I’d spent my entire childhood in.
There were so many happy memories we’d made in it. My mom
was disappointed when I didn’t move with her, she and Lucian
were worried about leaving me on my own. Lucian surprised us
both by paying off my childhood home and giving it to me as a
gift. He made sure I could live in it for however long I’d like
because it was mine, free and clear. It was the one place in the
world where I felt like I belonged. Where the sadness of missing
my mom didn’t seem quite so bad since I was surrounded by her
and such wonderful memories there. “Tell them thank you, but I
feel like I need to be here tonight. I’m going to read a steamy
holiday romance and maybe get a little tipsy on some eggnog.
Well, maybe not tipsy since my mom isn’t here to add the
“Okay.” Her lips twitched but she heaved a huge sigh, making
it clear she wished my answer was different. “But if you change
your mind, you know where to find me.”
“You’re going to call and check up on me as soon as you get
home, aren’t you?”
“Of course I am!”
“Just remember,” I warned as I stepped out of her car and
leaned inside to wag a finger at her. “The more often you call,
the more chances I’ll get to ask you about Santa.”
“Shit.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “There isn’t much
to tell.”
I tilted my head and raised my eyebrows at her. “Uh-huh.
And Peter Pan was one of Santa’s elves.”
“Fine. Every time you ask me about him, I’ll just have to ask
you about Jacob. And harass you about why you’re such a chicken
and haven’t tried to look him up,” she said, and one-upped me
on the threats.
“You’re impossible,” I grumbled. Mostly irritated because she
was right. I was a chicken. I’d thought of looking him up since I
graduated, but the thought of finding out that he wasn’t single
kept me from going through with it.

H olly

Setting a plate of cookies on the little table by the fireplace, a

wave of loneliness swept over me. It was a Christmas Eve
tradition I’d shared with my mom from before I could even
remember. With her gone, it was a little bittersweet. In one of
the many photo albums she’d made of my childhood, there was a
picture of me as a soon-to-be one year old reaching out in an
attempt to grab one of the frosted, cut-out cookies. Then when I
was almost two, she’d snapped a shot of me sprinkling colored
sugar onto a cookie that was almost as big as my head and
shaped like the man I was decorating it for. Santa deserved the
best of the best, after all. Or at least that’s what I’d thought all
those years we’d put cookies out for him.
“Not so much this year, though, after putting Jacob on my
mind,” I grumbled to myself as I yanked one of the cookies off
the plate and shoved it in my mouth. The big guy in the red suit
messed with my head, so it only seemed fair to steal one of his
And a little bit of his milk, too. I gulped it down and smiled to
myself, thinking about how I’d caught my mom doing the same
thing when I was nine—only she’d grimaced because she hated
milk. But she drank it anyway. When I’d asked her about it a few
years later, she’d explained that someone had to drink it. I’d
suggested that pouring it down the sink would have worked just
as well, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She’d insisted I would have
been able to tell by the lack of lip marks on the cup that nobody
had drunk from it. Looking down at the rim of the cup in my
hands, I saw a half-moon of milk left behind by my lips and
laughed to myself. “She was right. I probably would have noticed
if she had just poured it down the sink.”
Then again, she usually was… even when it came to Jacob and
me. She’d warned me that young love was fragile and as much as
it seemed we were meant to be together at the time, our futures
were far from certain. Especially with our age difference. I was
older for my grade, about to turn sixteen, but Jacob would be a
senior, and then while I still had two years of high school, he
would be going off to college. Life happened, and I thought I had
found a way to move on.
Only, my Christmas Eve was filled with thoughts of Jacob,
making me realize I wasn’t as over him as I believed. I guessed it
wasn’t any surprise that when I finally went to bed, I was
bombarded by dreams of him all night long. When he’d first left,
I’d dreamed of him each and every night, reliving all the
moments we’d shared together when I slept. Eventually, the
dreams came further and further apart until I barely had them at
all. But I made up for it on Christmas Eve, as they came fast and
The first one was more a memory than a dream. It was well
worth remembering—the first time Jacob hit “second base”
with me.
We were sitting on the couch in my living room, watching a
movie while my mom had run out to the grocery store. A scary
one. I hated them, but Jacob loved ‘em. Or at least, he loved how
I reacted when I was startled. I literally crawled onto his lap,
freaked out, even though I knew it was all pretend.
“I can’t believe I agreed to watch this!”
“My evil plan worked,” he rasped in my ear. “I’ve got you
right where I want you, Holly Berry.”
I giggled at the nickname. “Oh you do—“
He took advantage of my mouth being open and sealed his
lips over mine, shutting me up with a deep kiss. His tongue
licked into my mouth, slowly tangling with mine. My hands went
to his hair and slid through it, tugging when he wrapped his
arms around me and moved me until he had me on my back on
the couch. His mouth swallowed my surprised gasp as his hand
slid under my shirt, all the way up until he was cupping my
breast over my lace bra.
I moaned, “Jacob—”
“You feel even better than I imagined. Soft here.” He kneaded
it with gentle squeezes. “But not here.” His fingers slipped
under the lace and went straight for my pebbled nipple, rolling
and tugging it.
I lay there, squirming beneath him as he lifted my shirt
higher and then lowered his head down to my chest, his heated
blue eyes scanning my face to make sure I was okay with what he
was doing.
“Please,” I whispered, not even sure what I was asking for,
but somehow knowing he needed the reassurance that I was
right there with him the whole way.
His mouth surrounded my nipple, making my back arch
upwards when I felt the wet heat against my skin.
“Oh, no,” I moaned, my gaze darting frantically to the door at
the sound of my mom’s car in the driveway. In a flash, Jacob had
my bra back in place, my shirt shoved down and me cuddled up
next to him like nothing earth-shattering had just happened.
Only it had… and I’d never forgotten.
As the night progressed, so did my dreams. Each one racier
than the last. More memories, intermingled with fantasies.
Some parts so familiar because of how many times I’d pictured
them in my mind over the years. But they felt new. Exciting. And
oh so real.
“Let me make you come, Holly. I’ve been thinking about it for
days. Weeks. Months, even.”
When his hand pushed between my legs, they fell open and
made room for him. My body was so aroused, I didn’t have it in
me to feel an ounce of shame or self-consciousness.
“You’re so wet for me.” His gaze slid down my body to where
his fingers drifted against me. “Soft,” he groaned. “And pink.”
It was strangely arousing, knowing he was looking at me
down there while I was watching his every reaction. Then he slid
one finger carefully into me, and my eyes fluttered shut.
“So damn tight.” He pulled his finger out and thrust it gently
back into me as far as it would go. My back arched as I clenched
around him. “Because you’ve never let anyone else slide their
finger into you like this, have you?”
I shook my head, swallowing hard.
“That’s right, Holly. This pussy is mine, just like every inch of
you is all mine. Nobody else gets to touch you. Only me.”
He pulled out and pushed back into me with two fingers this
time, making me moan in need.
“Nobody else gets to see you like this. To hear the sounds you
make when you come. Only me.”
“Only you,” I breathed out, my hips circling shamelessly onto
his thrusting fingers. I’d never felt like this before in my life.
Having him touch me was infinitely better than what I’d done on
my own while thinking about him in bed late at night.
“Damn straight,” he growled.
He twisted his wrist, changing the thrust of his fingers, and
my eyes popped open. I found him staring down at me, his face
flushed with lust. For me. I’d done that to him, just by
responding to his touch.
“Please, Jacob. I need…” I didn’t really know what I needed. I
felt like I was hanging over a ledge, my body drawn tight and my
walls rippling around his stroking fingers.
“What do you need, baby? Whatever it is, I’ll give it to you.”
“More,” I panted.
“Then more is what you’ll get.” The pad of his thumb rubbed
my clitoris in gentle circles. Everything tightened in my core, the
tension building as he massaged my clit and pushed his fingers
in and out in a steady, unhurried rhythm.
“So close,” I whimpered.
“Give it to me, Holly. Let me see you fly apart for me.”
My climax hit me as my hips pumped onto his hand. Any hint
of shyness had long since flown out the window. My gaze was
locked on his blue eyes, fascinated by the masculine triumph
that flared in them.
Then his gaze switched from my face to the spot between my
legs where his fingers still played. I didn’t have enough time to
register the wicked gleam in his eyes before his head dropped
low and he thrust his tongue inside me as I convulsed
against him.
“Ohmigod,” I cried out, my fingers tangling in his hair. My
pussy fluttered and clenched, trying to pull his tongue deeper.
He groaned against me, and the vibrations made my climax go
on and on. He didn’t let up, spurred on by my moans and
whimpers. He lapped and nibbled at my throbbing clit until I
quickened again, two fingers pushing inside me. Thrusting.
Stroking. Making me sensitive, it was all I could do to not thrash
against the invasion.
“No more,” I cried out, my head tossing from side to side. “I
can’t take it.”
“You can,” he insisted. “And you will because you need to so I
can fit inside your tight pussy.”
I nodded my head weakly, knowing he was right and wanting
to feel him inside me like that so much.
“That’s my girl,” he breathed against my wet skin. His
fingers twisted and turned, opening me for him. He hit a
particularly sensitive spot, and my hips raised up as another
orgasm pulsed through my body, just as devastating as the one
before it.
He lifted up, his hands urgent as he yanked me down to the
center of the bed. I was pinned underneath him, his forearms on
either side of me. His eyes were so dark, they looked almost
midnight blue. His cheeks were flushed red and his chin was wet
—from me. From the second orgasm he’d thrust upon me to
make sure I was ready for this. For him. And I was. Beyond ready.
“Jacob, please. Take me. I need you.”
“Holly,” he rasped out my name as he lined his hard length
up with my opening and…
“Noooo,” I whimpered, dragged from my dream just as I was
getting to the good part. There was a pounding noise at the door,
and it must have been what had woken me up. A quick glance out
the front window showed the sun was starting to rise and snow
was steadily falling. I groaned when my eyes darted to the clock
on the wall. Even the prospect of a white Christmas wouldn’t
save Harley from my wrath at eight o’clock in the morning.
“I’m going to kill her,” I grumbled, marching to the door.
There was only one person I knew who would have the nerve to
pull me from my bed—well, my couch really, since I’d stumbled
downstairs in the middle of the night to crash there since I
wasn’t having a restful night—and being my best friend wasn’t
going to save her from waking me up right when I was finally
going to dream about what it felt like to have Jacob sink deep
inside me. Even after hundreds of dreams about him, I’d never
managed to reach that point, and I was pissed to have it stolen
away from me. Being a virgin in both real life and my dream life
Flinging the door open, I opened my mouth to start my tirade
at Harley, but it wasn’t her I found standing there and a startled
yelp slipped from my lips instead. It was the only sound I was
capable of making since I was stunned silent. Wondering if I was
still dreaming, I pinched myself. The sting of pain was welcome
because it meant this wasn’t a dream… it was Christmas
morning and Jacob Marley was standing on my doorstep.
He was several inches taller than the last time I’d seen him,
at least six feet tall now. His body was still all lean, sinewy
muscles. His blond hair was a shade or two darker, his eyes the
exact same bright blue I recalled. He smiled and sexy dimples
dug deep into his cheeks. He was my Jacob, only better. Maybe
holiday wishes really did come true after all.

J acob

Holly Lane.
The girl of my dreams, both literally and figuratively.
I was finally standing in front of her after the longest three
years, three months, and three days of my life.
When my dad got a new job and we moved to Oregon, it tore
me up to leave Holly. But, I’d only had a year left of high school,
so I figured I would move back to Connecticut after graduation.
My senior year was hectic with academics and sports. So much
so, that we didn’t have much time to reconnect and by the end of
the year, we had drifted completely apart. The irony was, I had
kept busy so I couldn’t dwell too much on missing her.
I was offered a scholarship to Princeton and one of my first
thoughts was the very close proximity to Holly. The thing was,
while I was starting my freshman year of college, Holly still had
two years of high school left. Even as close as I would be, it would
be far enough that dating me would eat up her time. I knew she
would put me first, and that meant missing out on all the
activities and time with friends that make high school fun.
On top of that, I was entering into an intense program that
would allow me to graduate within three years, instead of four.
I’d taken credits my senior year that had given me the
opportunity to test out of some of my GenEds, but it was still
going to be grueling work to get all of my coursework done in the
timeframe I wanted. What kind of relationship would we have if I
had no time for her? I risked hurting her and pushing her away,
permanently damaging us.
In the end, I’d decided that we both needed to focus on our
own paths for a time. If either or both of us moved on, then we
weren’t meant to be. Though, I didn’t see that happening in my
future. No woman had ever been worth a second glance since the
moment I first laid eyes on Holly. I’d decided that when she
graduated, if we were both still single, I’d take it as a sign and
finally claim her as mine permanently.
I studied hard to finish my degree early and it kept my mind
occupied. For the most part. I still dreamt of her often, reliving
the short time we had together. Dating anyone else never even
crossed my mind. Holly was my first girlfriend, my first kiss, my
first everything, and every day it became more clear that she
would also be my last. Finally, two years were up and I’d been
completely convinced that there would never be anyone but
Holly for me, and vice versa.
There were a lot of things to set in place before I could go to
her. First and foremost, I’d called Janet, her mom, and asked for
her help, as well as her permission to marry Holly. To my
surprise, she’d shrieked in delight and gushed over how happy it
made her that we would be together. Apparently, she had hoped
for all those years that we would reconnect because she had seen
something special between us.
We’d even cooked up excuses for her to cancel coming to visit
Holly for Christmas so that I could be alone with her. The
weather had been a stroke of luck.
I’d paced my hotel room for most of the night, anxious for
Christmas morning to arrive. When the clock read seven thirty
in the morning, I couldn’t wait any longer. I’d loaded my car,
making sure the special items I’d brought were easily accessible,
then drove to the woman who held my heart in her hands.
Fat, white snowflakes had been drifting down, forcing me to
drive slower, particularly since the plows hadn’t been by yet.
Holly would be loving it, though, and that thought alone brought
a smile to my face and an appreciation for the scenery, rather
than being frustrated at the crawling pace I’d had to keep.
At last, I’d pulled into the driveway of a cute, white, bungalow
house. It was decked out in garlands and lights, the lawn
sporting a life size, jolly Santa in his sleigh and all of his
reindeer. I couldn’t help chuckling. Holly always lamented at
how much her mother loved Christmas but the truth was, Holly
adored the holiday too.
I’d zipped up my coat and wound a scarf around my neck
before opening my door. Crystals of snow dusted my hair and
shoulders in seconds, and I’d jogged around to the trunk
knowing I’d be soaking wet in minutes if I didn’t hurry.
Shifting things around, I’d finally spied the gold rope of the
bag I was looking for. I’d pulled out the swath of red velvet and
checked to make sure it wasn’t missing anything. After closing
the trunk, I’d rushed carefully up the path to the front door,
which thankfully, had an awning.
For a couple of minutes, I had simply stood there and took
deep breaths to calm my racing heart. Anticipation got the best
of me and I’d knocked firmly on the door.
Now, I was staring at a vision, even more perfect than any of
my dreams or memories. Holly was adorably mussed, clearly
having just woken up. Her shoulder length, chocolatey-brown
hair was a little wild and when she’d opened the door, her
matching brown eyes were heavy lidded but spitting fire. Then
she’d seen me and they’d widened with shock as her plump,
pink lips opened from her jaw dropping. That mouth had been
the star of many, many fantasies. I shifted the bag in front of me
My eyes swept hungrily over all of her. It was obvious that
she’d been asleep and forgotten that she was only wearing an
overly large T-shirt that said Santa, Don’t judge me, Bro and
knee socks covered in tiny reindeer. She hadn’t gotten any taller
than the five foot two she’d been the last time I saw her. But, her
curves had filled out and my hands suddenly ached to be filled
with them, causing me to tighten my grip on the ropes of my
bag. She was so fucking gorgeous.
“Hello, Holly Berry,” I greeted softly. I reached out and gently
closed her mouth with a finger under her chin.
“How—but—what are you—l can’t believe—” she stuttered.
A smile stretched across my face at how damn cute she was.
“I’m here to deliver your Christmas presents,” I drawled with
a wink. “Just think of me as your own personal Santa Claus.”
She still stood there, unmoving and staring at me. I laughed.
“I’m not a spectre, baby. I’m real. Are you going to let me in?”
Her head bobbed, and she stepped back to hold the door open for
me to pass through.
Spying the half eaten plate of cookies on the mantle and the
empty glass of milk, I laughed again. Holly had told me stories
about that tradition, it was one I intended for us to continue with
our children.
I hadn’t laughed or felt that happy in a long time, and I was
practically vibrating with energy. The front door clicked shut and
I turned towards it. Holly watched me, a slightly sheepish look
crossing her face when she glanced at the plate. “You’re never
too old to put out cookies for Santa,” I smirked. She laughed and
Looking at her, so beautiful and bright, I was filled with
renewed determination. Holly was mine, I wasn’t going to budge
on that fact, but I was hoping she would choose us on her own. I
held out my hand and waited.
After only a moment’s hesitation, she laid her warm palm on
mine and my fingers immediately closed around her hand.
Holding it firmly, I led her to the couch and sat before taking
ahold of her luscious hips and guiding her down to sit on my lap.
“How are you here?” she breathed, finally speaking a full
sentence. “I feel like you aren’t real—I wished for you and…”
she trailed off, and her cheeks dusted with pink.
I pointed at myself with my thumb. “Santa, remember?”
She giggled and batted at my hand playfully. “Seriously,
“You don’t believe me?” I asked with mock offense.
“I don’t,” she sniffed haughtily.
“What evidence do you need besides your senses?”
She frowned prettily. “I don’t know.”
“Why do you doubt your senses?”
“Because little things affect them. You invade my dreams at
the simplest sight or smell. So, tell me, how do I know I’m not
dreaming?” She blushed even harder, and I could tell she had a
solution in mind but was too shy to say it.
If her dreams had been anything like mine, I would bet I was
thinking of the same thing and it made me hard as a fucking
rock. It was impossible to hide from her, given her lack of
clothing and the fact that she was sitting on my lap. Her blush
turned to a full flush and she squirmed, her eyes becoming
impossibly dark as they filled with desire. I groaned and let my
head fall back on the couch, then took deep breaths to try and
regain some control. Later. We would most definitely be getting
to that later. Patience, Jacob.
Lifting my head back up, I stilled her with my hands on her
hips. “Let’s just go with it for now, but I promise to prove it to
you soon.”
She cocked her head to the side and studied me curiously,
then shrugged. “Okay.” She started to move off of my lap and I
tightened my grip, my fingers digging into her flesh.
“I like you right where you are, Holly Berry,” I growled. She
raised an eyebrow but didn’t continue her attempts to move. I
kissed the tip of her nose, wishing it was her mouth. I knew if
my lips were on hers I wouldn’t be able to stop.
I’d dropped the bag on the ground at my feet and leaned
around Holly to fetch it and put it next to us. Pulling out the first
brightly wrapped package, I placed it in front of her. I was a little
nervous about this gift. It truly bared me to her and made me
Holly’s eyes twinkled as she tore at the ribbon and wrapping
paper. Underneath was a brown, leather-bound journal.
“A journal?” she asked, giving me an odd look.
“Look inside,” I encouraged. She untied the twine that held it
closed, opened it and gasped.
The inscription on the first page said:

Memories of Holly Lane ____________

In my heart, always.
---Jacob Marley

“I don’t understand,” she admitted quietly.

Rubbing slow circles over her back, I explained, “Over the
years, anytime something made me think of you, or I found
myself wanting to tell you something, I wrote it down. It started
with this journal. The chocolate-brown leather reminded me so
much of your eyes. I bought it and wrote down that thought on
the first page.”
She flipped through to the end and glanced up at me in
surprise. “It’s full?”
I nodded. “I thought of you a lot. I have two more completely
filled as well.”
Her eyes misted and she looked away, blinking rapidly. With a
little sniff, she turned back to me, confusion written on her face.
“If you wanted me so much, why did you stay away?”

J acob

Her voice was small as she asked the question and it squeezed
my heart painfully.
“There were things we both needed to do, Holly Berry,” I
hurried to explain. “And, I think deep down, you know that.”
She didn’t confirm or deny it, only gave me a thoughtful
expression and gestured for me to continue. “I busted my ass for
the last three years and three months, putting everything I had
into school and”—I grinned victoriously. This felt so good to say
—“I finished my courses a couple of weeks ago. I have to do an
internship and won’t officially graduate until the spring, but for
the most part, I’m done.”
Holly’s face lit up and she smiled brightly, pulling me into a
tight hug. “Holy crap, Jacob! That’s amazing, congratulations!
I’m so proud of you!”
“Thanks, baby. I wanted to wait to be with you until I could
truly be with you. It was motivation enough to get done as fast as
She was practically glowing when she let me go and sat
straight. Hope was written all over her face when she asked,
“What does that mean for us? You do want there to be an us,
I cupped her face in my hands and steeled myself against the
onslaught of desire I was about to slam into. Placing a soft kiss
on her lips, I held fast to my control, even as my cock swelled so
big I was a little worried it would burst. I mentally high-fived
myself when I managed to pull back without deepening the kiss.
“How about I answer that with your next present?”
“I get more presents?” she asked excitedly. It was
unbelievably cute and my heart filled with love for her, warming
me all over. Some of the heat may also have been due to the fire
raging in my belly.
Fishing out a specific gift, I handed her a small box with a
glittery silver bow. She lifted the lid and peered inside before
lifting the item out. A glass heart dangled on a string from her
fingertips. The words Our First Christmas and the date were
etched in the center.
Holly seemed to turn boneless and she melted into me,
resting against my chest with a contented sigh. “I love it,” she
whispered. My arms closed around her, and I kissed the top of
her head.
“I love you,” I answered without thinking.
She stiffened in my embrace, even her chest stopped its
rhythmic rise from breathing. Then she exhaled slowly. “You
love me?”
“Of course I do, baby,” I murmured. She went boneless again.
After a minute of silence, I demanded, “Now, tell me you love
me too.”
“What makes you so sure—” I pushed her away, just enough
that I could cut her words off with my mouth crushing down
on hers.
Without breaking the kiss, I took everything from her hands
and put it on the table next to us. I put my bag on the ground
again, and then deftly maneuvered us so that Holly was trapped
below me on the couch.
I wanted her so fucking bad, my cock was pulsing hard,
making me a little dizzy. My tongue plunged into her mouth and
we tangled together, tasting and teasing. “Fuck,” I groaned
when we finally broke apart to breathe. “You feel a million times
more amazing than I remember.” One hand slid underneath her
shirt, over her ribcage, and up to cup one of her full tits. The
other hand went around her to palm an ass cheek. “Soft here,” I
murmured, giving both a squeeze. She moaned and writhed
restlessly. The fingers on the hand on her breast closed around
her peaked nipple and the others slipped into her panties and
went straight to her clit. I pinched both and growled, “But
not here.”
“Jacob!” Holly cried out, her back arching and her hips
bucking. I almost came right then from her reaction and the feel
of her center pressing into mine.
My fingers started to circle both buds, staying just far enough
away to torture her a little. “So wet. I remember how my fingers
used to slide through this pussy. All the while I wondered if you
were slick enough to take my cock.”
She whimpered and squirmed, trying to shift so that I would
touch her in the right places and give her relief. I tisked and drew
bigger circles. “Noooo,” she moaned. “I need you.”
I passed the pads of my fingers over the tips lightly, the
sound of her cry causing my dick to start leaking come furiously.
“Tell me you love me and I’ll give you what you want, baby.”
“I love you, Jacob.”
I groaned as the words washed over me, my cock no longer
able to withstand anything, exploding in my pants. I kissed her
deeply as I pressed on her nipple and clit, then pinched them,
setting off a small orgasm. It would be enough to give her some
relief, but still leave her wanting.
“Fuck,” I grimaced. “I can’t believe I came in my pants. If I
can’t control it now, how the fuck will I have enough stamina the
first time my cock is gloved in your tight little pussy. It’s not like
I have anything to compare it to.”
Holly’s eyes flew to mine and a smile began to grow. “You
don’t? You’re a—I mean, you waited for me?”
I rolled my eyes and pulled my hand from her panties. “Of
course I did, Holly Berry. I wouldn’t let another woman touch
what was yours.” Lifting my fingers to my mouth, I hesitated
and looked back down at her sternly. “I won’t love you any less,
but I really fucking hope your cherry is still mine.” She nodded,
and I sighed happily before licking my fingers clean. “Mmmmm,
you taste amazing. I need to have my mouth on you.” I dipped
my fingers inside her again before bringing them back to my
mouth and sucking her arousal off of them.
But, before I put my face or cock in her pussy, there was
something I wanted. I got up onto my knees, and straddled her,
then whipped her shirt over her head before she knew what was
happening. “So fucking sexy,” I said raggedly. Her generous tits
were round and mouthwatering, topped with dark pink nipples.
I’d seen her tits before, but those belonged to a teenager, these
belonged to a woman.
Her arms moved to cover her chest and I caught them swiftly,
holding them apart. “Don’t hide from me, Holly Berry,” I
purred. “I don’t see a single inch of you that isn’t perfection.”
Her arms went limp, and I let them fall to her sides. Her cheeks
were a sweet shade of pink, but she didn’t try to cover up again.
I reached down to retrieve the last two gifts from the bag and
then sat back on my heels. I set one on her chest, in the valley
between her tits, and grinned. “Makes me want to wrap you up
like a present, just so I can open it.”
“Something to look forward to later?’” she asked cheekily.
“Fuck, yes!” I tweaked her nipple and she laughed, smacking
my hand away. She started to grab the box on her chest, but I
took her hand. “Not yet, this one first.”
I took the small box and scooted back, helping her sit up
because this gift was a little bigger and weighed more. She took
the package and set it in her lap before opening it. Inside was a
porcelain plate that said Santa’s Cookies, a milk jug that said
Santa’s Milk, and a small bowl that said Reindeer Treats.
Holly’s dark eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. “It’s so
I kissed the tip of her nose and told her, “I know the cookies
and milk are a big tradition for you and I want to continue it with
our own children.”
“Our children?”
I gestured to the plate. “I guess that depends on your
Confused, Holly frowned and looked back down at the plate.
Her eyebrows lifted and she gasped, her hand covering her
mouth. The center of the plate was a chalk board for kids to write
a message to Santa. It currently said Will You Marry Me?
I put the remaining box on the plate. She glanced up at me
with tears in her eyes and then ripped open the gift. Inside was a
platinum band, adorned with a two carat, round diamond, and on
either side it was flanked by a cluster of three tiny round rubies
and an emerald shaped like a leaf. It was cheesy, but I didn’t
care. When I thought about my ring on her finger, it was all I
could see.
“Jacob,” she sniffled, “I love it.” Her eyes lifted to mine and
they were filled with happiness, soothing the worry that had
popped up with her tears.
“So?” I asked eagerly.
She jumped to her feet and set the dishes aside, then climbed
back on the couch and straddled me. Her arms encircled my neck
and she squeezed me to her. “Yes!” she yelled. “I’m going to
marry Jacob Marley!”
I laughed and hugged her close, then set her back so I could
slip the ring onto her finger. “This,” I whispered, tenderly
kissing my ring on her finger. “This is what I was waiting for.”
Holding her firmly, I stood and walked with her to the back of
the house. She directed me to her old room, which she had
thankfully updated with a queen size bed instead of her old twin.
I laid her down on the mattress, and then drew her panties
down her legs so she was completely naked. “I wanted to wait to
make love to you until you were wearing my ring.” I shed my
clothes and leaned over to cage her between my arms. “Now
you’re going to be mine in every way, Holly. I’m going to pop
your sweet little cherry and make you come so hard you see
stars.” I began to kiss my way down her body and mumbled,
“First, I need to make sure you’re ready for me.”
I placed a kiss over her pubic bone, and then stood and walked
around to the end of the bed. Grabbing her ankles, I dragged her
to me until her ass was almost hanging off, then knelt between
them and put a leg on each of my shoulders.
“Damn, you smell good,” I groaned, practically burying my
nose in her smoothly waxed pussy. “So pink and wet. Do you
want my tongue inside you, baby? Will you give me more cream
to lick and taste?” Talking dirty had always made Holly squirm,
and it was definitely turning her on. Just from talking, she was
gushing out sweet liquid and I enthusiastically lapped it up. It
fueled my lust too, and I was dripping with my need. I reached
down to squeeze the base of my dick, trying to relieve some of
the building pressure.
I put my hands under her ass and lifted her pussy to my face,
putting it at the right angle so I could take the whole thing in my
mouth and suck. Then I swirled my tongue around before
plunging it inside her.
“Ah! Ah! Jacob! Yes!” she cried out, her hips starting to buck
rhythmically, chasing her orgasm. I fed on her sex, eating her
like a starving man until she screamed my name and her body
I gentled my ministrations until she calmed, but didn’t give
her time to rest before pushing a single digit inside her. “Fuck!
You’re so tight,” I growled. Shit. I was going to need to work her,
make sure she stretched to fit my considerable girth. I latched
onto her clit again and started plunging my finger in and out.
“No, Jacob,” she whined. “I can’t—oh! Oh my gosh!”
“You have to, baby. To make sure you can take my cock.” I
inserted a second finger and glided a hand up her body to play
with one of her nipples. Her cries escalated and I added a third.
She was still gripping my fingers like a fucking vice, but I was
pretty sure that if she came again, she’d be ready for me.
I pushed her higher and she began to chant, “Yes! Ah! Ah!
Jacob!” It was hot as fuck and my dick was big and hard, the skin
stretched tight and the head purple and leaking thick, creamy
liquid. I needed to get in her soon.
I curled my fingers to rub the sensitive spot inside her and bit
on her clit. She flew apart and as she was lost to her orgasm, I
shifted her back to the center of the bed and came down over the
top of her. I guided the head of my cock to her entrance and
pushed in just a little. Her walls clamped down, and I took
several deep breaths in an effort to keep from blowing my load
that very second.
Holly’s arms gripped my shoulders, her nails digging into the
skin, and her legs closed around my hips. “You’re so big,
stretching me.”
I paused. “Am I hurting you?”
She shook her head frantically. “It feels good, like I’m full. I
love the idea of being full of you.”
“That is so fucking hot, Holly. You’re going to make me come
before I’m ready,” I growled. I pushed in until I felt the barrier
between me and heaven. “I love that you never let anyone near
this pussy but me. Are you ready for me to take your sweet
cherry, baby?”
“Yes!” Her hips pressed up, snapping my restraint, and I
plunged in fast and hard. She cried out and I stilled, every part of
me rejecting the idea that I hurt her. Except maybe my cock, he
didn’t really give a fuck.
“Are you okay?”
She panted for a few moments, then shifted experimentally
before nodding. “Yeah, the pain is almost gone. I think—I want
you to move.”
“Whatever you want, baby. That’s what you’ll get.”
I pulled out and sunk back in with a ragged moan. “You’re so
fucking hot, so tight.” I looked down as I pulled out again and
growled in satisfaction at our mixed arousal tinged with pink.
“Seeing you all over me, with the evidence that I’m the one who
took your cherry. I own you. Right, baby?”
“Yes,” she cried out. “I’m yours!”
“That’s right, Holly. This pussy is mine, just like every inch of
you is all mine. Nobody else gets to touch you. Only me.”
Holly froze and her head lifted, her brown eyes staring at me
wildly. “What did you say?”
I frowned. “You better not be rethinking your decision,
Holly.” I punctuated my point with a deep, hard thrust.
“No,” she moaned, her head dropping back. “I just, I dreamt
—never mind. Just fuck me harder, Jacob.”
Well, shit. Hearing my girl get filthy blew my mind to
smithereens, and there seemed to be no room for anything
besides getting my girl off and burying myself so deep, we
couldn’t possibly be anything other than one.
Together, we approached the cliff and went soaring off. I
roared her name as I slammed into her one last time and let go of
everything. My cock pulsed with each spurt of come filling her,
marking her as mine forever.
“I love you,” Holly whispered.
“I love you too, Holly Berry,” I panted with a lingering kiss on
her lips. “Without you, I would be doomed to wander the world

H olly

“C’mon. Hurry up!” I nudged Jacob in the back, too excited to

move slowly. I’d been looking forward to this moment ever since
I’d seen those two pink lines on a little white stick—on
Christmas morning exactly one year after I’d found Jacob
standing on my front porch… one week before our first wedding
My mom had surprised us with a New Year’s Day ceremony,
something she’d set into motion the same day Jacob had called
to ask for her permission to propose to me. She’d been so excited
that she’d called his parents and convinced them to come down
for New Year’s Eve. We’d all gone out for a fancy dinner,
celebrating the countdown and our engagement at the
same time.
When we woke up the next morning, and my mom sat us
down at the kitchen table and said she’d needed to talk to us
about something important, I’d blushed clear to my roots and
squeezed Jacob’s hand tightly, thinking we hadn’t been as quiet
the night before as I’d thought. With a teasing glint in her eye,
my mom had told us that she wanted us to start our new year out
the right way—as man and wife… especially if we were sleeping
together already. So yeah, we definitely hadn’t been as quiet as
I’d hoped. But really, who could blame us? We had a lot of time
to make up for!
As Jacob, four-month-old baby Joy, and I approached the
North Pole display in the middle of the mall, I couldn’t help but
think back to the impossible feat my mom had somehow
managed to pull off—our wedding ceremony, right here in this
very same spot. Jacob and I had exchanged our vows with the
winter wonderland surrounding us, him in his tuxedo with a
deep red bowtie and me in a flowing white dress, holding a
bouquet accented with seasonal flourishes like cedar boughs and
brunia berries.
It had been better than I’d ever hoped and dreamed, just like
every moment with Jacob was. Except maybe this one, but only
because it was taking us too long to reach Santa.
“Patience, baby,” Jacob rasped in my ear before parking the
stroller off to the side and lifting Joy out of it.
“You know I don’t have any.”
“I promise to reward you for it later.”
Standing there with our beautiful baby girl in the crook of his
arm and his heated blue eyes smiling down at me, he looked
sexier than ever. He was an amazing husband, and a great daddy
to Joy. He loved to spoil his girls, as he loved to call us. Hence
this trip to the mall on the first day Santa was open for pictures.
“It’s a deal,” I breathed out, lifting up on my toes to give him
a quick kiss. Then I fussed with Joy’s Santa tutu, tunic and
leggings, twisting them back into place since she’d been
squirming around in the stroller during our walk through the
mall. Once her outfit was put to rights, I ran my hand lightly over
her wisps of blond hair and leaned over to kiss her chubby
cheeks because I just couldn’t resist them for long. When I lifted
my head again, her bright blue eyes were locked on my face as
she giggled. My heart soared at hearing the best sound in the
whole, wide world.
“I’m surprised you didn’t put her in the dress your
mom sent.”
I knew exactly which dress he was talking about. It was made
from red sparkle velvet and had white, fake fur trim at the hem
and sleeves, along with a white bow at the waist. It was very
Santa inspired and would be perfect for a picture with the big
guy. “That’s for next time.”
“Next time?” He looked down at me oddly. “But she won’t fit
in it for more than another month or so.”
“Exactly!” I chirped. “Just think of how many more times I’ll
be able to bring her to see Santa between now and then.”
“I should have known,” he fake grumbled, the laughter in his
eyes giving away how little he minded several trips to the mall to
satisfy my need for pictures of Joy.
Before long, he was placing her on Santa’s lap. As we hovered
to the side, I tugged him lower to whisper in his ear. “Two years
ago, my wish to Santa for you came true. One year ago, our wish
for a baby brought us Joy.” I pulled his hand down and placed it
over my belly. “This year, I think I’m going to wish for no
morning sickness, since I already took a test this morning and it
was positive.”


“Merry Christmas, Holly Berry,” I whispered, nuzzling my wife’s

nose with my own.
“Mmmmmm, Merry Christmas,” she returned as she
stretched and sighed. “Go back to sleep. The kids will be up—”
“Santa came!!!”
Three sets of small feet thundered through the house and
burst through our bedroom door.
“It’s Christmas!” yelled Joy.
“Wake up! Santa came!” shouted Nicholas.
“Presents! Santa!” squealed Ivy as they all piled up onto
our bed.
Holly dissolved into giggles, and we peppered each of them
with kisses and hugs. I laughed at their excitement, but we
weren’t a complete family yet. I hopped out of bed and swiftly
walked to the room next door. December was awake, sitting in
her crib and waiting patiently. She was our little thinker, always
calm and observing everything around her. Her big blue eyes
stared up at me, sparkling with delight. I lifted her into my arms
and she clapped her hands on my cheeks. “Da!”
“Merry Christmas, baby girl.” I started walking back to the
master bedroom and raised her up to blow a raspberry on her
little tummy. Her giggles drew everyone’s attention as we
returned, and they shouted greetings to their little sister. Holly
held out her arms and I placed December in them, where she
received morning kisses from her mommy.
All the kids snuggled up next to Holly, and I stood there in
awe. This was my family. How had I gotten so damn lucky?
Every year when Christmas came around, it reminded me of
all the miracles in my life.
Later, Holly and I sat on the couch laughing and watching the
children open their presents. Christmas carols tinkled in the
background, and the lights twinkled on the tree.
“No!” December yelled excitedly from her perch on the floor.
I looked around to see what was upsetting her, but she started
crawling towards the large picture window in the room. “No!
No!” she pointed outside.
Holly laughed and got to her feet, walked over and scooped
our baby into her arms. “That’s right, December. Snow!”
All the kids exclaimed and ran over to the window, jumping
up and down with exuberant enthusiasm.
“Looks like sledding has been added to today’s activities,” I
“God bless us, every one!” Nicholas crowed.
I couldn’t imagine what else I could possibly be blessed with. I
moved to stand behind my wife, slipping my arms around her
and nuzzling my nose in her neck. “Merry Christmas, baby.”

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