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A Steele Riders MC Series
C.M. Steele
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Chapter 1
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 6
Chapter 7
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Chapter 9
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Chapter 11
Chapter 12
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As the President of the Steele Riders Motorcycle Club, Garrett “Boomer”
Steele is used to people following his command. No questions asked. As a
former military man, he is dedicated, focused, and disciplined. Then in walks a
fiery little beauty and all that goes out the window. He will do all he can to keep
her as his. Even go to war to protect everything that belongs to him.
Crystal Miller’s just being the friend that Morgan needs when she runs
into a bare-chested Boomer. He’s cocky, loving, and bossy as hell. Even though
she’s one tough woman, she loves the way he needs to shield her from danger.
And there’s plenty of it.
When trouble comes calling, can they stand together and survive, or will a
big secret tear them apart?


5 years earlier
I dust off my pants after getting out of my work truck. Don’t know why
because I’m about to get a lot messier. I suppose it’s because normally I have to
meet with clients. This time, I am the client.
“Boomer, this looks like a fucking ghost town. Bro, we have our work cut
out for us,” my younger brother, Jackson says, tipping his sunglasses down to
examine the spread of Main Street.
“Think of it this way, next week it’ll be a blank canvas.” I plan to demo
the whole small town. According to the appraisers, this place wasn’t worth the
ten grand I paid for it unless I wanted to turn it into a huge farmland or factory. I
want this to be a place that’s perfect for us old retired soldiers to live. I might be
exaggerating since I’m just twenty-five, but I’ve lived a lot in the past eight
years. It’s been a roller coaster so far and now it’s time to plant some roots.
“I guess you’ve got a point there. Let’s check it out so I can draw up some
blueprints for you to approve.” My brother is now a hotshot architect with his
own firm in Dallas. At twenty-three he’s making a name for himself and doing it
with a smile.
Last week, I purchased this land for investment. Initially, I’d been looking
to start building a home, but this peaked my interest. In the long run, it would
cost quite a bit more than the ten stacks I paid for it, but then again, it could be a
lot more profitable. Either way, it’s all mine. I built my construction company
with my Special Forces money, now I’m reinvesting it into my town.
“Now that I’m looking at it, bro, there’s a lot of potential.” He brought a
legal pad on a leather-bound clipboard, all fancy like, to take notes. I don’t know
what he’s thinking up in that brilliant head of his, but I’m sure it will be
“I want it to have that old town feel with all the modern upgrades.”
“Gotcha.” He lowers his head and jots down a few more notes. The Texas
heat is testing us this morning. We both decided jeans and tees with our flannels
would be the best today, but it was getting hot quick. I watch him make notes
wondering if he’s been lifting more lately. My brother doesn’t seem like an
architect when he’s not in his three-piece suits, but instead as if he’s the one
jackhammering the concrete. It’s what I do for a living, so my build is pretty
“Jackson, have you been lifting more?”
“Yep, it helps me think.”
“Don’t think too much or your brain will be your weakest muscle soon. I
was starting to wonder if you put yourself up for the Strongman competition.”
“Fuck off. I’m not a gym rat,” he exclaims, returning to his notes. He isn’t
that big, but more than I remember him being. Maybe those suit slim you down.
I walk to the buildings, each already inspected and marked. We have a storm
coming in tomorrow and I’ve decided to hold off on the demoing until next
week. I’ve cleared most of my crew to work on this project and I’m hoping to
have the first businesses up and running come spring. We’re about sixty miles
south of Dallas and after we get established, I expect to find a growing
“Have you talked with any city project managers? There’s an integral
amount of planning involved.”
“Yes. Once you give me your blueprints, I’ll contact the company for the
electrical grid and get the ball rolling. It’s going to cost a fortune to get the
basics running, but I’m sure once we get that set, the other plans will fall into
“Okay, I’m just saying you’re under the county guidelines until everything
else can be implemented. You might as well get some help from them. They
would love to have a greater tax generating place filling their coffers.”
“I bet. I know we’re going to need a set of houses built, a five-floor
apartment building, a grocery store, and gas station to start. I want everything up
and running before we populate it.”
“What are the odds on the name, Boomer?” he asks, looking at the old
general store sign. Steeleville General Store.
“That’s why I picked it. No need for a name change.”
“Since this used to be an old steel mill town, there’s a large factory
building I had inspected. It’s on the edge of the land and sound. I was thinking
that’s where our club will be.”
“Fuck yeah, let’s check it out. I’ll question you on the way there about the
“Sure thing, bro,” I answer, walking back to my air-conditioned truck. The
drive is short since the land is just under ten square miles, so he won’t get to ask
many questions.
“Do you know how much is going to be used for farming?”
“That’s still up in the air. I can start with two hundred acres and if they
need more, I’m sure that’ll be no problem.”
“Most of this area was never really developed. There are a couple dozen
rowhouses I’m assuming for the steelworkers, but that’s about it. So, what
happened to the town? Why are you sure it’s financially viable?”
“The steel mill went out of business due to some shady dealings. Then a
small fire was set but didn’t develop because the person didn’t take all the
factors into account. It, of course, was later ruled as suspicious. The town’s sole
focus was the mill. Now we’ll have several ways to make this place boom.”
“If anyone can make something from nothing then turn it to gold, it’s
“Same to you, Jackson. We’re here,” I say, pulling into a large gated
parking lot that’s seen better days. The lot wasn’t paved, just a shitload of gravel,
so there were patches of weeds growing through it. And to the very back stands
the old factory. It’s two floors of fortified steel. This makes it the perfect place to
have our motorcycle club.
“The guys are going to flip when they see it all done. You did good, bro.”
Jackson and I unofficially started a club with some of my boys from Special
Forces. We called it the Steele Riders. Whenever we’d have a leave, we’d head
out on our bikes. Although Jackson had never been in the service, he rode with
us all the time. The nine of us became like brothers. Most were still in the
service. Having received a non-life-threatening injury, I retired.
We take a quick look around, letting Jackson get a feel for my ideas. I
think this place has so much potential and from the constant smile on his face, I
know he’s seeing it.
"I can't wait to get started,” he cheers, smiling at me like a little boy.
I nod because we’re going to make our dreams of more come true. "Me
either. Let's head out and grab a bite back in Dallas so we get some of those
plans underway."
"Good deal, Boomer."
Chapter 1

Present Day
"Hey guys, we're gone for the night," Demi says. "It looks great as
always," she adds, talking about my new tattoo that Mick is putting the final
touches on.
"Thanks," I mutter with my head resting on a pillow as he does part of my
flank. "Make sure to lock up, lass," Mick hollers, while still buzzing away on
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she throws out from the front. Rico, one of our men
and her brother walks her to her car. He's got some business back in Dallas as an
ATF agent. He's a bad ass like all my men, but we keep him out of anything
illegal since he's a narc. He and Law keep their hands clean, but they know we're
not quite legal. We haven't killed anyone since being out of the service, but we
did put a couple people in the hospital for disrespecting the town and women.
But if the time came to end someone I wouldn’t hesitate.
“Women,” we both grumble at the same time. My little sister is living in
town with me and I want to send her snarky bottom back to Dallas. I tense,
thinking about what she’s up to.
I try to relax so Mick can finish. I’m at his shop, Dirty Mick’s Tats. He’s
one of my lieutenants and a good friend. He’s got skills like no one else in the
business. With his ginger hair and deep green eyes, we call him the dirty Mick.
His real name is Ewan McMann. He’s even got a wee bit of an accent since
moving here as a child from Ireland. He’s our translator when Conor McGregor
comes on. Mick loves that cocky Irishman. I think he’s pretty bad ass myself, but
all my men are just as tough. No one belonging to the Steele Riders is a pussy.
We ride hard and take shit from no one.
He's working when he mutters, “Some lasses are at the door, but Demi’s
gone for the day.” He tips his head to the security monitor, then continues with
the shading in on the tat. “They should have been here ten minutes ago. The
shop’s closed for the night.”
“Shit, fuck em. Don’t let them in,” I toss out, relaxing on the bed, letting
him finish. “I don’t know what’s with you and not tatting females, but the shop is
closed anyway.”
“They bitch and squeal too much. Then again, some men are big arse
crybabies, too.” We both laugh, but I don’t think that’s it. Mick hasn’t tatted a
woman since he moved here about a year ago. He’s the only shop in this small
but growing and booming town. That’s why he hired Demi. She takes care of the
small population of females.
The doorbell buzzes again. I look up at the screen as he wipes off the last
bit of ink. It's my sister. What the fuck is she doing here? It’s late, and she’s
wearing something too damn short. Texas or not, her ass knows I don’t
appreciate her walking around dressed like that.
My men are going to start tailing her if she can’t act right. More and more
people have been moving into my town over the past six months. Our population
is almost large enough for self-governing. Right now, we abide by county rules
and our own. We have a sheriff and a few deputies, but as it picks up we’ll add to
it. With more people comes more trouble.
I know Morgan’s got a habit of fucking up lately, but this is going to set
me off. A week into college she dropped out. She returned here, talking back to
me and staying in her apartment. I told her ass that slacking off wasn't
acceptable, so she got her old job back at the grocery store. She doesn’t need the
money because I’m here for her, but I want her to learn responsibility. I don’t
know what’s with her, but she’s been different and hiding away. I wish we had
our parents to help me with her. I wanted her to find something she could love,
but how was she supposed to when she spent her time hiding away?
“What’s your sister doing here?” he asks like I have a damn clue.
I lean over and buzz her in, causing her to stumble through the door. It's
then that I spot a small woman behind her. She can't be more than five feet. I
snarl at Mick, "Clean me up. I've got to deal with my sister.”
He chuckles and I’m ready to pop him in the fucking mouth. "Chill, Pres,
it's not a crime to come in here." I cock a brow at him, letting him know that
defending her wouldn’t be good at the moment. I need to call Jackson on this
one. He’s off on business for the next two months, but at least he can talk to her.
I can kill a motherfucker with my bare hands, but I can’t get an eighteen-year-
old to fucking listen to me.
"It's ten at night and she's fucking shit faced." I'm getting more pissed by
the second especially at seeing Morgan's new bestie, Crystal. It has to be her
because Morgan doesn’t talk to other women here. She says it’s because
everyone wants me and looks for a way in through her.
She met Crystal in college, but their friendship is over now. Something
about the little thing with tiger-shaped eyes is throwing me off. My dick springs
to life in the most fucked up moment. I can't have that. She's probably barely
legal. I’m well on my way to losing my mind. Mick finishes in a rush. I jump up
and walk out before him. I need to straighten both the women out. I don’t even
give a fuck that I’m shirtless.
“What the fuck are you doing here, Morgan?” I scold, my hand clenching
at my sides. Looking at my unsteady sister, I grab her shoulders and move her to
one of the waiting area chairs. She falls easily to the seat because she can barely
“My sweet friend wants a tat. So, we figured nobody better than Mickey
here,” she slurs, pointing at my sexy little thing. I close my eyes and take a deep
breath before I lose my shit.
“It’s Mick,” I tell her. Morgan’s got a bad attitude. I turn to her friend
who’s staring at my chest, boldly running her eyes up and down my body. Fuck,
I never felt eye-fucked before, but I believe this little fiery miss managed to
screw me with just her gaze. “I’m Garrett Steele.”
“We call him Boomer,” Morgan giggles out, completely drunk. “Cause he
likes to blow shit up. Boom!” She pops her hands up in the air to mimic an
explosion. She’s totally going to regret this tomorrow.
“I’m Crystal,” my little beauty murmurs. She’s fucking stunning. Those
lips are plump like all the curves on her.
“I know,” I grumble.
“How?” she asks, arching those perfectly sculpted brows.
“You’re not someone I could forget.”
“Ooh, Boomer is going bonkers for my bestie,” Morgan pipes in.
“Be quiet. You’re in enough trouble and so is the person who gave you the
“Don’t be an ass to her, Gare. She’s not the one who did it,” Morgan
argues. I don’t care. She’s drunk; they both are, and anyone could take advantage
of them.
“Oh please. Like you never drank at eighteen. I’m sure you were living it
up,” Crystal says, tossing me an accusing glare. Damn, that mouth is going to get
her into trouble. She stepped into a trap she won’t be able to wiggle out of. I
grasp her chin, rougher than necessary, and she pulls away, unafraid. She should
be because I can see that look in her eyes. It’s the one that has her eager to jump
on my dick. Fuck, I’ll break her tiny body in two. Shit, the more I look at her the
more I like. Her tits are full and popping out of her black tank top. I return the
appraisal, intentionally staring at her pussy. I can see her thighs clench just
enough to tell me she’s getting wet. It only makes me angrier. She’s too fucking
young for me and the way she’s walking around I’m sure there’s a fucking army
of dicks looking to fill my spot.
“I was in Iraq at eighteen. Living it up isn’t what I’d call it.” She swallows
hard but doesn’t say a word. I know she feels this shit, too. I inch closer, forcing
her to take a step back. I roughly grasp her chin again, then inform her, “Tigress.
Pull back those claws before I take your ass over my knee and give you a taste of
my belt. This is my town. And everyone knows if they get her drunk there’ll be
hell to pay.” She pulls her face out of my hold, but she’s lost for words. Her eyes
return to me, showing she’s not intimidated. I like it.
I don’t know what the fuck is coming over me, but I’m horny, jealous as a
motherfucker, angry as hell, and ready to show her she’s going to be mine. I
forget all about Mick and Morgan in the room, my attention all for my sweet
little firecracker. “You’re going to be a handful, but I’ll tell you this right now.
You’re playing with fire. I’m going to warn you this one time only. If you come
at me with that attitude again, I’m going to show you what happens to a mouth
like that.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Tigress, you’ve got me in a bad spot. I’m giving you one chance to stay
away from me. Be wise about it.” I turn around and get my shirt from the back,
but don’t put it on. I need air, some beer, and a couple cold showers or a good
“Mick, I’m out. Morgan, Crystal, come now. You’re both going home,” I
order, standing at the front door.
“Listen, I don’t take orders from random strangers. Excuse me, but I came
to get a tat.” The attempt to move away only makes me laugh.
I give Mick a deadly glare that’s a warning and he knows it, before
adding, “Mick’s closed, and will be for good if he even considers it.”
“Who do you think you are?” I’m doing my best to not laugh. She’s a
tigress in kitten form. God, I want to be in her hard and fast and calm her ass
I cup her chin, softer this time and whisper, “Baby, welcome to
Steeleville. I own almost every place in this small town.”
“Is that supposed to make me fawn over you?” she eggs me on. Every
other single woman I’ve met can’t wait to try and hook up with me when they
learn who I am. I shake my head in disbelief, yet I’m pleasantly surprised.
“No, you challenged my right. It’s all mine, so I guess it’s my right.” She’s
mine too. I’ve decided that right here and now. I’ve been a very astute man and
it’s made me the success I am. The chemistry between us could explode like a
pallet of C4. There’s no way I can just let that go. I tried, but she’s refusing to
back down.
“You’re a dick.” She steps back and crosses her arms.
I nod because it’s true. “Yep. Now, I’m taking you home and you’ll keep
your ass there.”
“Why should I?”
“I’m not letting something happen to you because you’re walking around
town smashed.”
“I’m not drunk, she is.” Before I can say another thing, Morgan lets us
know she’s wasted as she pukes all over Mick’s tattoo book that she’s looking at.
I help her up and to the back bathroom. Mick’s grabbing towels to wipe her up.
He takes over for me, which surprises me since he saw her upchuck on his hard
“Lass, what am I going to do with you?” he asks her teasingly. He’s been
nice to her since they met.
She looks at him from her perch at the bathroom sink and if looks could
kill Mick would be dead. Why is she mad at him? If anything, he should be
ready to murder her. “Oh my God, I’m such a mess. I hate you, Ewan.” She
swipes away his hands and cleans up by herself.
“What the hell is that about?” I ask him. He turns, looking more confused
than me, and shrugs. “She’s drunk.”
“Take her home and I’ll clean up the rest,” he says and there goes the
upset I expected. We step into the main area where Crystal has already taken
care of most of it.
“Thanks, miss.”
“It’s the least I could do. I’ll take her home,” Crystal says. I eye Mick
because I don’t like the way he smiled at her. She’s mine and that’s that.
“No, I’ll take my sister home and you too.”
“Whatever.” Morgan comes out and saves Crystal from getting kissed for
that damn attitude. The ride home is quick, leaving me feeling bereft, but at least
I know they live in the same building. Morgan’s able to walk on her own and
waves me off.
“Goodnight, girls.” I wait for them to get inside before driving off. It
sucks that I have to leave, but I have shit to do in the morning. Being important
means time for myself is far and few between. But for Crystal, I’ll change that.
Chapter 2

I help Morgan to bed after giving her a few pills with a glass of water. She
has her reasons for drinking tonight, but I just stood by if she needed me. She got
beer balls and went to confront Ewan only to be stopped by her big brother and
her own upchuck reflex.
As soon as she’s set in her room, I walk to mine. I’m just visiting for a
few weeks before I head out to start my new job in Dallas, so Morgan gave me a
place to stay. We met at college, but I’d already graduated during the summer. I
happened to be picking up my transcripts and getting my last paycheck from my
old job when I saw her being attacked in the middle of an alley. If she doesn’t
tell her brother by the time I leave, I will. She wasn’t raped, thank God, but it
was close. Mace and years of Judo do wonders. We filed a police report, but the
guys fled before I could get a good look at them. I promised her I wouldn’t tell
her brother, but I’m here to make sure she’s okay.
I take off my clothes and hit the shower. I need it if for nothing else than
to get Boomer’s smell off me. It feels like his scent permeated my soul. And it
happens to be delicious. Why does her brother have to be so freaking good-
looking? Hot, successful, and manly.
After what I learned since I arrived, I know why she hasn’t told him shit
about the attack. That guy would put a bullet in someone. He has alpha male
written all over him. He stood there, shirtless with his broad shoulders and hard,
muscular chest on full display. His arms are covered in tats and I found it to be
so sexy. I never thought it was a good look on a guy, but Boomer breaks all the
rules I thought I had. Not that it mattered anyway. I never got further than second
base with a guy before and that was a huge ‘what the fuck’ moment. If a guy
nuts from just touching your breasts—walk away. In fact, run as quick as you
can. I’m seriously still shaking my head at my bad judgment on that one. Now, I
bet Boomer is nothing like that. He may be a dominating dick, but he nearly
made me come with just a touch. I know he warned me off, but it was more for
himself that seemed to last a whopping two minutes. I thought at any second, he
was going to toss me over his bare shoulder and haul me off to his cave to have
his way with me.
My body loves that idea so much that it takes like three whole freaking
seconds to come in the shower. My record time was twenty minutes, so this man
could save me batteries for sure. But I have to stay away from him. As much as I
want him, there are some things a girl can take and a guy that steals your soul
from the first second you meet is not one of them. I’m a tough, bad bitch most
days, but tonight I wanted to melt into a puddle of drool for Mr. Steele. Maybe
after a good night’s sleep the attraction won’t be there. Better yet, I won’t see
him for the duration of my stay.
Sleep comes easily after such an earth-shattering orgasm, but dreams
dance through my mind like a bunch of male strippers all featuring Boomer’s
fine ass grinding his cock on me. Fuck, I wake up covered in a light sweat and
head out for a glass of water. I check on Morgan, and she’s sound asleep. I lay
down again, dreaming of the growly, tatted badass.
Chapter 3


It’s Monday and I’m doing all I can to stay away from the little beauty. I
want her so bad that I fucked my hand three times since I dropped them off last
night. My day’s jammed packed because it always is.
I sat in on the sales meeting with the company I started the second I got
out of the service. Having been an explosives expert, it seemed like a quality
investment, within three years of working on demolitions I was able to afford to
buy this small ghost town and start the rebuild.
With only a population of sixteen hundred and twenty-something people,
we were too small to govern ourselves and were registered under the county
guidelines which was fine by me because I still ran this shit and didn’t care to be
a mayor or have some jackass politician fucking with the little slice of home I
built. Since we had our club, the small police force wasn’t really needed at first.
As more people moved in for jobs, the trouble started. It wasn’t the workers, but
their city kids that got bored at night. I hope it stays that way. Little punks were
easy to deal with. It’s the other problems I worry about when places become
We have only three schools in town, elementary, middle and a high
school. It’s all we need for the time being. As the town grows so will the
schools. Now that I’ve met Crystal, I have a feeling we’ll be adding to the
population in the near future. Within minutes, I decided that staying away from
her was going to be too hard. If I left her alone, someone else would snatch her
up and I know no one else could give her what I can. I had to make an excuse to
see her again. Maybe, I’ll visit my wayward sister and bitch her out. Her
behavior needs a makeover.
Mentally, I roll my eyes at least six times during this meeting, something I
rarely do. My time is precious, now more than ever. I end the meeting ten
minutes early because I have a list of things to do before I see Morgan.
I get a call from Wrench as I get to my next meeting. “We have a
“What is it?” A sense of dread creeps up my spine. Wrench doesn’t
contact me for small problems at the shop since it’s his business. He’s one of the
few who bought in with their own money. He built the shop and made it prosper
with very little help from me.
“There was a fire at the shop. Dude, I think it was intentionally set,” he
growls into the phone. I know he’s ready to put a bullet in someone’s head.
“Shit. Is everyone all right?” I ask, knowing I need to assess the situation
before acting.
“Yeah, no one was there. And the damage is minimal, but fuck that’s
going to set us back. I need to check the secret cameras and find out who was
“Did you call Law and Boss?”
“Yeah. They told me to call you after Law took the report and Boss filed
the insurance information. I’m not in the mood for this shit. Thank fuck we set
up the sprinklers in that section. I owe Morgan for that.” I can hear the relief in
his voice. Insurance works, but when you work hard for all you have, starting
over again can be painful as fuck.
“I’ll tell her. I’m sure she’ll be pleased her idea helped,” I joke. “Do you
need me to go over the footage with you?”
“If you got time. I need to make sure I don’t kill someone.” That’s exactly
what I thought. If he recognizes the bastard, he’s liable to kill the fucker. I’m
with him if that’s what he’s down to do if the guy planned on doing more than
that. Did he think Wrench was sleeping in the small apartment above the shop?
That’s something to consider when we find him.
“Give me twenty and I’ll be on my way.” I’m driving my truck today
because of all the running around I had to do. Some of the shit required my
hardhat and meeting materials. I guess seeing Crystal may be out of the question.
Once I arrive, I see Wrench holding some kid up by his collar.
“What the fuck is going on?” I dart to his side. Wrench isn’t the out of
control, irrationally angry type. He doesn’t say much, but when he’s pissed
people better run.
“Hey, this is the fucker that set my place on fire. He’s stupid as fuck for
lingering.” I’ve seen him around. He’s one of the workers at the restaurant in the
little strip mall.
“I didn’t mean it,” he exclaims, looking at me for help. He’s out of
fucking luck there.
“Fucker, you poured gasoline and set it on fire. That’s meaning to in my
fucking book,” Wrench mutters through clenched teeth. “Why?”
“I was paid to do it.”
“By who?”
“Some guys came through town and paid me.”
“I swear. I don’t know who they were, but they said either I do it or I’ll be
missing a sister. I waited until no one was around and did it where I saw the
sprinklers. I’m sorry.” The kid has to be sixteen, seventeen max, and he’s got
fear visibly rippling through him.
Wrench let go of his collar, sending the kid to the floor.
I lean over him, staring into his scared eyes, then give him a warning,
“You don’t say a word. We’ll be watching to see if they come back. When they
do, you get us. Understood?”
“Yes, sir,” he stammers, running from the building.
“Where was he?” I stare at the burnt part of the building. The damage
seems to be minimal, but it’s enough to ruin a bunch of auto parts.
“Lurking outside on a bicycle,” he mutters. His eyes are glued to where
the kid ran out.
“For real? Why?”
“Maybe he’s being truthful,” he admits. It’s a scary thing to know
someone is after you and have no idea who they are, but that’s how life goes in
war. This time if someone wants to bring one to us, we’ll be ready.
“Either way, we keep this under wraps. If he’s telling the truth, we have
some fuckers trying to start shit here. And his sister’s life is in danger. Or he’s
just a little shit who’ll get an ass beating later.”
“You’re right, Pres.”
“As always,” I acknowledge, cockily nodding my head. “I need to get
back to business. This day is getting motherfucking busier by the second. I want
a meeting tonight. All of us.”
“Okay. Midnight?”
“Works for me. I’m out. Call if you need me. Get more men patrolling
outside. I have a feeling that shit’s about to hit the fan.”
“I’ll be ready.” I walk out, laughing because he will be. I’ve got a few
things to handle, but there’s something I need to do first. I call Law.
“You talk to Wrench?” he asks as soon as he answers.
“Yes, I’m just leaving. We’ve got problems. I want someone keeping an
eye on my sister. I don’t trust whoever did this. Prospects need to be out in full
“Understood.” After more running around, I make my way to the place I
want to be.
Chapter 4

The doorbell rings and Morgan’s in the shower. She’s been lying around
all day nursing a hangover, so we didn’t do a damn thing. Which really sucked
because I hoped we would. I wanted to get Boomer out of my head. The man is
too fine for my own good. I want to run my hands through his slicked-back hair
and scruffy beard as he takes my body for his own. I make my way to the door in
a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Braless because fuck it, I’m not going anywhere.
No need to suffer for no reason. I open the door without checking who it is.
Instantly know I’m in trouble. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. And man,
does he seem angry.
“Do you normally answer the door dressed like that?” I look down at my
outfit. What’s his problem? He steps past me, then grabs the door, closing it
before turning the lock. He’s in a pair of blue jeans that hug his ass perfectly but
give his cock a little breathing room, even though I can clearly spot the outline
going down his left leg. Fuck, the man is hung. Then to make it even sexier, he’s
got a dark blue Kenneth Cole dress shirt on with the sleeves rolled up neatly to
reveal his strong, tatted forearms.
“Nope, usually ass naked. Do you always show up unannounced?” I
He tosses me a dirty scowl, but I just walk to the sofa and plop down,
tucking my feet under my body.
“I called my sister, Tigress,” he apprises me. “She didn’t answer. Where is
“Probably passed out.” I nod toward her bedroom letting him know she’s
in there.
“At this hour?”
“Well, she’s been nursing one hell of a hangover all day.”
“Yeah, that’s another thing I need to talk to her about. I don’t know what
the hell has gotten into her, but she needs to get her shit together.”
“Garrett, what are you doing here?” Morgan mutters with one eye open.
“I came to see how you’re doing. I can see you feel like shit. At least you
look like it.”
“Shut up. I’m hungry now. Did you order some food?”
“Yes, it should be coming. I ordered Chinese. The place isn’t great, but it’s
the only one here. I didn’t know what you wanted so I got some of everything.”
“Good, I’m starving, too,” Boomer says. He stares at me while he licks his
lips. I get up and leave the room because I need to catch my breath. The doorbell
rings and since I’m walking by, I head toward it. I take the cash from the nearby
side table, but as I’m about to open the door, Boomer wraps his arm around my
waist and lifts me out of the way.
“Hey,” I complain, kicking my feet in the air pointlessly.
He sets me on my feet, then says, “You don’t fucking answer the door like
that. I don’t need to kill the fucker standing there.” I give him a scowl then hand
him the money. He sets it on the table and pulls out his wallet. He opens the door
and pays the guy, blocking me from view. I walk away, saying “Fuck it,” under
my breath.
Going into the bedroom, I change my clothes. I put on a bra and different
tank top while keeping the same shorts. I want to be comfortable, but with him
here, I also want to look cute. I feel like a dumbass but do it anyway.
As soon as I step back into the living room, I don’t say a thing as I take
my seat. Boomer drops his plastic fork to his plate. Growling something
unintelligible as he picks it back up.
Morgan smiles at him but eats without saying a word.
It takes him a few minutes to break the silence. “Crystal, so what are your
plans? Are you going back to school?”
“Nope. I’m moving to Dallas in a couple weeks to start working.” He nods
after a moment of silence. A cold attitude comes over him and he doesn’t
continue with that line of questioning. It’s only eight by the time we’re done
eating and I’m ready to call it an early night. I’m thinking of heading to Dallas
early. I have a place there that I’ve been renting since I graduated, so there’s
really no need to invade Morgan’s space. I’m worried about her, but her brother
makes me feel things that scare me. And that doesn’t happen easily. I’m hard
when I need to be and that’s always been my way around men—until Boomer.
“I’m off to bed. I’ve got a headache,” I say, getting up off the couch.
“Thanks, Crystal. I’m sorry I ruined our plans today.”
“Don’t be. I could have gone out with some friends. I’m just glad you’re
feeling a little more you. Good night.”
“Good night, Tigress.” I wave him off and walk to my room. He’s more
than a girl can handle. He’s interested, which is obvious, but he’s acting all hot
and cold. Not that I want to be involved with him. Okay, I do, but he’s too much.
I need to be with a guy that’s less intense. Boomer has me all messed up.
Chapter 5

When Crystal left to go to bed, I wanted to creep in there and crawl into
bed with her. I don’t need to fuck her, I want to hold her. Instead, I help Morgan
clean up. I leave my sister’s with two prospects guarding the building. I’ve got
Church in a little while. After changing rides, I arrive at the club just before
midnight where every member is waiting.
“We have a problem. Wrench, tell them what’s going on,” I tell him.
Everyone waits for him to say something. His fists are clenched, knuckles
whitening by the second. “This morning, someone set a small fire at my shop. It
was intentional. I caught the pipsqueak who did it. It seems he was paid and
threatened to do it. He claims not to know who the people are, but they aren’t
from around here.”
“Do you have tabs on the shit?” Doc exclaims, slamming his hand on the
“Yes, he works at the pizza place in the strip mall.”
“Oh, you mean Derek?” Cowboy asks.
Wrench shakes his head, then shrugs. “I don’t know the little shit’s name.
He hung around after the fire. I saw him lurking and found out it was him.”
“Oh, well he’s normally a good kid. His dad is a ranch hand of mine. Do
you want me to tell him anything?”
“No, we want to keep this under wraps, Cowboy. If the kid’s telling the
truth, then his family is in danger. I don’t want to draw attention to the fact we
know,” I answer.
“Okay, Pres. What’s the plan then?” Boss asks, spinning his blade on the
table. It’s his habit like people who click their pens all day, but a fucking lot less
annoying. He’s a decade older than me and our former CO hence the reason we
call him Boss. He handles a lot of administrative work for us.
“I want eyes on the kid. I’ve already added protection for my sister. I
suggest we all do that for our families. We need the surveillance footage for the
strip mall. I want to know everyone who’s walked into that place over the past
“That’s going to take forever, but I’ll pull it and check out the new ones,”
Cyber says. He’s our tech guru and handles the ins and outs on the latest in
gadgets and weaponry.
“Do what you can. Once we have a clue who these people are the sooner
we can eliminate the threat,” I remind them. We always attack after assessing the
threat. It may not have always paid off, but it’s the smart thing to do.
We break for the night and head out. Our prospects are roaming the town
looking for anyone ready to cause trouble. I’m fucking exhausted. If one of these
bitch ass punks comes rolling through looking for a fight, it’s going to be the last
thing they find. I hop on my Harley and drive back to my house. It’s huge and
only about five minutes from the clubhouse. I head to the shower, letting the heat
hit my aching shoulder. Getting old is a motherfucker, but it doesn’t help that
some of the shrapnel got my ass there, ending my career in the service.
I slip on some boxers after drying off, then fall on the bed.
Chapter 6

I decided to take a day trip back to Dallas. Staying away seems like the
best thing to do. I text Morgan as soon as I get to my apartment to let her know
I’m safe.
Me: Here. Spending the day cleaning then hanging with friends. I’ll be
back tomorrow.
Morgan: Boomer is freaking flipping his lid that you left.
Me: What the fuck for?
Morgan: He thinks you’re not safe on your own.
Me: Well, I won’t be on my own for long. TTYL.
I laugh to myself thinking the man is controlling as fuck, but I left his
sleepy town so I’m no longer under his purview. I start with my kitchen that has
seen better days. It’s only been a week since I’ve been here, but it’s a total mess.
My roommate is a fucking slob. I really need to get my own place. At least
unlike the last one, Corey isn’t trying to steal my clothes. I love them, and no
one touches my babies. Corey’s into me, but I don’t want shit to do with him.
He’s the brother of a friend who just got married. I took over her share of the
rent. Luckily, he flirts and keeps walking. Never has he tried to push me. He’s
the kind that likes to play around too much.
Suddenly, I wonder what Boomer would think if he knew I had a male
roommate. Fuck, I need to stop thinking about him. He’s the brother of another
friend, just like Corey. My phone rings just as the front door opens.
Corey comes in and smiles at me, reaching my phone first. “Give it to
me,” I screech.
“Hello,” he answers. I can hear that voice. He’s got my number. Fucking
“This is her man,” he taunts Boomer. I close my eyes because I know
Boomer isn’t a guy to mess with. I hit him in the back of the knee, making him
nearly fall over, then snatch my phone from him.
“Boomer,” I answer.
“Tigress, you didn’t tell me you have a boyfriend,” he growls into the
“Well, you didn’t ask. Besides, I don’t. He’s my roommate.” I give Corey
a dirty look because he’s laughing his ass off.
“Roommate?” he asks. The growliness is still there, but not as rough. It
strikes me that he’s jealous.
“Yes, you’ve heard of them, right? You know when you don’t own a
whole freaking town, you have to make decisions,” I tell him.
“I’ll be there in an hour. Be ready.”
“What? I’m not going anywhere.”
“Tigress, I won’t let you spend the night with another man.” And that’s
when my body turns to mush. My pussy throbs and now I know resisting him is
Chapter 7

I’m ready to kill a motherfucker as I drive to Dallas. Morgan didn’t know
Crystal’s address, so I called Cyber and he gave it to me. The guy has the skills
needed to get things done. I didn’t see red until he said that they were fucking.
Not exactly, but it was close enough for me. I want to send him to the hospital. If
he gives me any shit, I will. I hop into my truck with three of my men following.
I was at the club, looking at footage from the pizza place when the prospect
called and said Morgan’s friend left. I drove to my sister’s only to learn that she
went back to Dallas. She texted Morgan as I stood there.
This woman is going to be the death of me. I want her more than I can
describe. She’s all I can think about. What should be a short drive feels like
forever. My temper heating up with every mile.
Tigress is asking to be nailed to the wall with my dick buried inside her. I
have lost all ability to let her go. I’m going to do my best to take it slow, but if
she pushes me to the max, I’m going to put my kid in her.
As soon as I get to her apartment building, I jump out and see Crystal
sitting on the step.
“Waiting for me, Tigress? That’s a good girl.”
“Shut up. Let’s go before I change my mind.” She stands, giving me a
scowl, but I only smile at her.
“Get her things,” I tell my guys who come up behind me.
“Yes, Pres.”
“Come, Tigress. Let’s get your pretty ass home where you belong,” I
order, grabbing her hand, taking her to my truck. As soon as she’s buckled in, I
walk around, get in, and drive. It takes everything in me to stop from kissing her.
I’m no fool, she’s afraid of me. Not because I’d ever physically hurt her, but that
I’d end this. She has no idea that I’ll never leave.
“So why didn’t you finish school?” I ask. I want to know what’s going on
with that pretty head of hers. Why is she living with a man instead of being in a
dorm with girls her age?
“What makes you think I didn’t?” she asks. I look at her, quirking my
brow then return my eyes to the road.
“You mean you graduated from college?”
“Yes, I actually met your sister while I was picking up my transcripts and
last paycheck from my old job. We’ve only known each other for about two
weeks. I decided I could use a little vacation before I started my new job.”
“Wow, so you’re not eighteen?”
“No, I’m twenty-two.” I take a deep sigh of relief. She’s mine. I take her
hand and bring it to my lips.
“Thank fuck.”
“How old are you?”
“I just turned thirty.”
“What the shit? You built an empire at thirty?”
“Yes, it’s been a labor of love. I’ve had a fuck ton of help from my
“How many members are in your club?”
“There are ten and about thirty prospects.”
“Prospects? Like the guys standing guard outside Morgan’s place.”
“Yes, they want in, but it takes a lot to be accepted.”
“Do you all kill people?”
“Not since we left the service, but if anyone fucks with my family and
town, we will.”
“Damn, Boomer. I know there’s something between us and I want more,
but can we take it slow?” That took the wind out of my sails fast as fuck, but if
that’s what she wants.
“Tigress, yes we can. But fuck if you’re not living with me.”
“Wow, that’s not slow at all.”
“It’s not, but I want you safe.”
“Why can’t I stay with Morgan?”
“How can we get to know each other if I can’t see you? I made an excuse
to visit Morgan. I work a lot, then I’ve got club business. Having you at my
home makes more sense.”
“Okay, but there’s something you need to know.” She rubs her hands
together, sliding them between her tightly closed thighs. I have a feeling it’s not
something I want to hear.
“What’s that?” I’m gripping the steering wheel until my knuckles whiten
as I wait for the thing that’s going to piss me off.
“I’m a virgin.” I nearly crash at those words. I pull off to the side. Fuck
me, I’m going to be her only one. The thought drives the possessiveness in me to
a new level.
“Did you just say you’re a virgin?” I ask, swallowing the lump in my
“I did. Don’t start asking questions.” She throws her hands up, stopping
me from talking. Shit, I don’t know what to say that won’t make me come off as
the total caveman I feel like. “I’m a virgin because I’m a bitch who wants
something better than teenage fumblings which were totally a waste of
“I get that. I promise when you’re ready, I’ll make sure you never regret
it.” Even as I say it, I know damn well it’s going to be hard as fuck to hold back.
I want to climb into her soul and possess every inch of her being.
“Thank you for understanding, Boomer.”
“Crystal, that’s not something I need to understand. It’s to be appreciated.
I hadn’t thought you would be. I’m a lot older, but most teens experiment. Even
at eighteen, I thought you had at least one partner. I respect it and I have to say
that as your guy, I fucking love it.”
She starts laughing, hard. “Of course you do.”
I smile as I pull up to my gate. Hitting the code, I enter and park in my
garage, feeling like I won the ultimate prize.
Chapter 8

His house is huge. Like he’s a single guy overcompensating for
something. “Wow, do you think it’s big enough?”
“Depends, Tigress.”
“On what?” I know I’m asking for it because he’s giving me a look full of
dirty thoughts.
“On how many babies we have.” I don’t say anything because I’m not
ready to surrender to the idea of forever with him. It scares me to think he could
leave me. Then what would I do?
“So, show me around.” It’s still sunny out, and yet all I can think about is
going to bed…with him. Damn, I’m the one who wants to slow down, and yet,
being near him sends naughty tinglings through me. What are we going to do for
the rest of the day?
“Yes, ma’am,” he says, bowing to me. He takes my hand and walks me
into the house. It’s freaking stark, empty as if new.
“How long have you lived here?”
“A couple years,” he remarks offhandedly, shrugging while walking
through his barren living room. There’s a large TV with a couch and small table.
That’s it. This place should be decked out.
“Never considered adding anything to it?” I question.
“I work a lot,” he adds, taking me into a bad ass steel and marble kitchen
with black wood cabinets. I’m in love.
“How much is a lot?” I ask, rubbing my hand along the island countertop.
“About ninety hours a week.”
I whip my body completely around to face him as he leans on the kitchen
sink. “Damn, wow, no one wonder you want me to stay here. The only time
we’ll see each other is when you get home before bed.”
He closes the distance, trapping me with his hands pressing onto the
island’s surface, his face inches from mine. “I’m going to make time for you, but
for now I need to go back in.”
“I’m surprised you came for me.”
“There was no way in hell I was leaving you with someone else. I don’t
give a fuck that he’s just a roommate. Living with a man other than me…well
that shit’s not going to happen.”
“You’re very territorial,” I accuse him.
He nods, then leans in running his nose down my neck. “That I am.” He
places a small kiss on my shoulder. I want one on my lips, but he backs away.
“Do you want to stay here or come with me?” he asks, grabbing my hand
and leading me upstairs to a spacious bedroom. There’s a large bank of windows
that face a huge yard with the same black metal fence that surrounds the
entrance. The grass is well-maintained, but that’s about it. The rest of the yard is
just as empty as the house. I close my eyes and I can swing set and little children
running around laughing.
“You like it,” he asks, sliding his arms around my waist and rests his chin
on my head. It feels so natural that I melt into it and slide my arms on top of his
as we stand there.
“I do.” I turn around in his arms and ask, “How long are you going to be?”
“A few hours. I’m meeting some potential buyers for a couple storefronts
we had built.”
“There’s still a lot of places to expand here.”
“I noticed, but I figured since the population’s small it wouldn’t need a lot
“People want more choices and jobs. Speaking of, what were you going to
Dallas for?”
“A substitute teacher position. I’m certified, but they are full and I didn’t
want to work too far from home, so I could only get the sub spot.”
“Fuck, we can always use more here. What grades do you teach?”
“Kindergarten through fifth.”
“That’s great. I can call the principal.”
“Please don’t pull any strings for me.”
“I’m not, Crystal. I’m calling because you want to teach, and we need
“Yes, but you’re who you are. Everyone will just do what you say. Merely
a suggestion to him and I’m getting the job.”
“Baby, I’m not going to bullshit you. They will do what I ask. But you
know once they find out you’re mine and anything you want will be given. How
about you get your files to submit and I’ll stay out of it. Hopefully, they’ll review
it before they find out you belong to me.”
“Oh, I have all that at the apartment.”
“Okay, hold on.” He steps away and pulls out his phone. “Hey, Rico, yeah.
Make sure you grab all her files. Oh yeah?” He turns to look at me but doesn’t
say anything. I wonder if they found anything or maybe Corey said something
stupid to get himself in trouble. I don’t care what happens to him. I’m kind of
glad he’s satisfied with waiting because Corey acted differently today. “Yep,
bring that too. Tonight, same time as yesterday. Yes, she’s at my house. Bring her
things here after you stop at the club. Thanks, brother.” He ends the call, then
turns to me. “I’m sorry, Tigress. I need to go.”
“Okay, I’ll find something to make for dinner.”
“If there’s nothing here, call for a pizza. Here,” he says. He drops a
hundred on the table, squeezes my hand and then rushes out the door. Fucking
bastard didn’t even kiss me goodbye.
Chapter 9

I run out of the house, hating to leave, but if I stayed things would have
gotten more intense than she’s ready for. Besides, I’m ready to fuck a little punk
up. The bastard had a busted lip and apparently trashed the apartment. It makes
me wonder why she waited outside for me. Warm or not, she made it so that I
wouldn’t go inside.
I head to the strip mall on the other side of town, meeting the lawyer and
potential renter. “Hello, I’m Garrett Steele.”
“Hi, I’m Penny Banks.” I arch my brow at the name.
“I know. It’s something my parents thought was cute,” she smiles
coquettishly at me. I can’t tell if she’s being flirtatious or just a bubbly person. I
don’t care for women who do the former with me.
“Yes, well. Let’s go in and you can take a look around.”
“Mr. Steele, I’d like this to be a bakery.”
“Good, we don’t have one here. It’s definitely something we could use.” I
lead them into the empty building.
“We’ve looked up the deal if we move here. Why is it so generous?” her
lawyer asks.
“Because I want this town to prosper. The more businesses we get, and if
they thrive, more people will want to live here.”
“That’s sound advice,” an older man says, walking up to us.
“Daddy, you said I could do this by myself.” I look at the man. He’s huge
and under the cut of his fancy suit, several tats are visible.
“Yes, that was until I looked up the Steele brothers.”
“Wow, that’s insulting. What’s that supposed to mean, Mr. Banks?”
“It means you both look too buff and my girl is young and beautiful.”
“You’ve got nothing to worry about on my end. I can’t speak for my
brother, but I’ve got a woman and have no interest in anyone else.”
“That’s good. Now, let’s talk shop.” By the end of the meeting, I liked
them both. He’s a tough and cynical businessman, but he seems like a genuine
dude. We plan to sit down next week and sign the contracts. I have to get my
lawyer to handle the details.
I finally drive back to the house and get inside to see Jackson chatting
with Crystal. “What the fuck are you doing here?”
“Damn, bro. Chill out. I came down with Rico,” he says with a wink.
I walk up to my woman, possessively wanting to kiss her, but I’m not
going to make our first one out of jealousy.
“So, what the hell are you doing here?”
“I had to meet the lovely Crystal. Damn, you did good, brother.” He gives
her a sensuous smile and I want to drop him.
“Get the fuck out,” I growl.
“After he eats. Don’t be a jerk, Boomer,” she says, slapping my arm, then
walking into the kitchen in a pair of shorts and a very snug t-shirt. Once she
crosses that door, I punch Jackson in the gut.
“Keep your eyes off her.”
He grunts then gets up. “That’s fine, bro. But you didn’t say shit about my
hands. Suddenly, I’m blind.” He starts walking forward with his hands out and
eyes closed feeling around. I stick out a foot, letting him trip. “Asshole.”
I push open the kitchen door to see my wife-to-be looking sexy as fuck,
cooking in my kitchen. “Tigress, you look so damn fuckable.”
“I take it you missed me.” A slight blush covers her face as she tries to
focus on chopping carrots.
“I missed you like crazy.” I close the gap between us, pulling her up
against my body. I brush back a few hairs that fell around her face. “I need this.”
I lean down and take her mouth. It’s a soft kiss. I push for a little more, parting
her lips with my tongue. We both moan as hers dances with mine. Fuck, I can
feel the need take it farther, so I push away.
“That shit was hot,” Jackson says, leaning next to the kitchen door with
his arms loosely crossed.
“Damn, do I need to knock you the fuck out?” I snarl at him. I swear if he
wasn’t my real brother, I would have decked him already.
“Chill out, I’d like to get my food,” he says, throwing his arms up in
“Do you need any help, Tigress?” I ask, rubbing her arms.
“No, go relax and I’ll be done in ten minutes.”
“Fantastic,” I say, tipping her chin up and giving her a quick peck.
“Need a beer?” Jackson asks.
“Sure.” He grabs one and hands it over before taking another for himself.
“So how was the meeting with Ms. Banks?” he asks. I see that Crystal has
stopped chopping but then continues. I know where that pretty mind is going,
but I’m all business.
“It went well. Her lawyer and father were there too and wanted to oversee
the meeting.”
“What was it for? I mean, sorry. It’s not my business.” She goes back to
cutting, but I can’t have that. She deserves to know I’m all in on this.
I walk up to her, pressing my hand on the back of hers, halting the
chopping. I pull it away and turn her around to face me. “It was what we talked
about. She wants to rent the storefront and open a bakery.”
“You don’t already have one?” she asks, taking a bite of a carrot while
she’s cooking.
“No. It’s probably why she wanted to open in Steeleville. Sounds like
she’s done her homework, her dad too. He thought you’d be after her, Jackson.”
“Why would I?”
“Well, either of us. He saw our mugs online and got a bit worried. I
explained that I’m taken and you’re gay.”
“You fucking didn’t, did you?”
“No, but damn, you act like you’ve met the girl.”
“I haven’t, but you can’t ruin a guy’s chances, or he may just take yours.”
“Bro, don’t get cut.” I hold the knife, stabbing into the cutting board and
stare my brother down. He throws his hands up and backs away.
“I’m getting the plates. You two behave.”
“I will if he does,” I grumble.
She snatches the knife away and glares at me.
“Well, there’s plenty more where those came from,” I mutter. She tosses
me a look that says I’m pushing it. And all I want to do is to show her how
repentant I am. I’d like to kneel before her and part her thighs. Fuck, I’m getting
hard just standing here thinking about what I want to do to her.
“So, there’s just the three of you, right?”
“Yes, our parents OD’d a few years back. We’ve had custody of Morgan
“Well, mostly you raised her, Jack. I was working on my company full-
“That’s wonderful. She really loves you both.”
“What about your family?”
“My parents live and work in Tennessee. I have two older brothers, Daniel
Jr. and Mike, and one younger sister, Sophia. My brothers are MMA fighters and
twins. We’re all still single and my parents are hoping that changes soon. They
want grandbabies.”
“Well, we’ll be working on that,” I say, leaving her mouth gaping open.
God, I want to fucking slip my dick between those large lips. I moan at the
thought and out of the corner of my eye, see Jackson shaking his head. I focus
back on my plate which is empty. I’d been so engrossed in her that I didn’t even
realize I ate all my food.
“There’s a new crime show on Investigation Discovery, let’s watch it,”
Jackson says.
“Yay, I love that channel,” Crystal says. Shit, I hope she falls asleep soon
because we’re having a Church session in a couple hours.
Jackson sits on one end of the couch and we cozy up on the other. And
fuck if I don’t want to move. I’ve got my arm around her, letting her rest her
head on my chest. It feels right, except for my jackass brother. Well, I better get
used to it because one day we’ll have a house full of kids that will limit romantic
An hour later, I tap Jackson to see if she’s asleep. He gives me a nod. I
kiss the top of her head then slide out from under her. Once I’m standing, I scoop
her up and carry her to our bed. “What’s going on?” she murmurs, shocked
“You fell asleep. I’m taking you to bed.”
“Okay. Good night, Garrett,” she sleepily whispers as I cover her with the
blanket. I freeze. Hearing her say my name sends my chest pounding. I don’t
want to leave. Shit. I have to deal with her roommate. Things were thrown
around and broken glass was scattered. I need to have a few words with him and
teach him a lesson. She didn’t look injured at all, so I know he hadn’t touched
her. Maybe she lost her shit, but I don’t think that was true.
We get to work. I enter a special room meant for just such a moment,
Jackson is behind me and my crew falls in line after him. “What do we have
here?” They tied the fucker to a chair. I smile because it looks like he has more
than a busted lip, and I’m betting it came from the guys. I pull up a chair, spin it
around, and straddle the metal fucker. This guy and I need to have a few
important moments. See, he got close enough for my girl to pop him in the
mouth. Why is that?
“We’ve got a problem, Corey. It’s Corey, isn’t it?” I ask.
He has an air of confidence that pisses me off. As far as I know, he hasn’t
done anything to be buried for, but what he says determines how he gets out of
“What the hell is going on here? I didn’t do shit. She’s crazy,” he roars.
“Really? Is she the one who destroyed all that shit in the apartment?” I
ask, grabbing him by the hair when he doesn’t answer. I slam his head back. “I
asked you a fucking question.”
“Most of it. I threw some shit after she left. Whatever she said, it’s
“Watch your mouth,” Jackson warns him.
“That bitch is crazy.” I shut it for him with one punch to his face. I warned
“If you’re smart, you’ll shut the fuck up. If not, we’ll do it for you.”
“Fine.” I flick him in the forehead because really, I don’t feel like adding
to the body count so soon, plus, if there are cameras in that building, they saw
my people leave with him. I know Cyber will have taken care of it, but I’m
going to let the bitch go for now.
“Drop him off in the alley by his apartment.” I direct my next words to
him. “If you come anywhere near her again, I will kill you. Are we fucking
“Yeah,” he stammers. He’s pissed his pants and it could be because my
words mixed with Blade twisting his knife against the table right next to Corey
“I’ve got to go home to my woman. Make sure he’s good, Doc. I can’t
have his little bitch ass bleeding all over my ride.” The fact that I have someone
still surprises them. We didn’t talk about it because I’m not ready to share her
with anyone else. My time is already limited. I didn’t even want a chance for
them to steal her from me. It’s pathetic, but the way I feel about her changed me.
I didn’t mind being alone until I met her. Now there’s no going back. It’s only a
matter of getting her to stay.
When I get back to the house, the three prospects I had watching the
property told me there was no movement inside. After sending them off, I went
in to see my woman. I stop in the bathroom and wash up before taking off my
shirt and walking out with just my boxers on. Quietly, I sneak under the covers
and wrap my arms around her. She moans, nestling herself into me and I fall fast
Chapter 10

I wake up to the sound of him losing his temper. He yells at someone on
the phone and I sit up in bed, my shirt had ridden up and I realize what he saw.
Shit. I didn’t want him to. I bend my knees, lifting them to my chest, then rest
my arms and head on them. He’s running his hands through his hair, tugging as
he goes. He doesn’t see me until he turns to pace the floor. He pauses, not saying
a word. “I’ll call you back,” he mutters into the phone. His intense stare is hitting
me straight between my thighs. I’m no longer covered by the blanket and I
wonder if he can see how turned on I am.
He sets the phone on the dresser without taking his eyes off me. I’m
nervous because I know he’s mad. I don’t believe he’ll hurt me, but what if he
doesn’t want me anymore?
“You didn’t tell me everything. In fact, now that I think about it, you
didn’t tell me anything about what happened after I called you.”
“You didn’t ask. You were cocky, and I left with you.” His face alters to
hide a slight disappointment. He must feel like I had no choice but to go home
with him. I did though. I have enough money to rent a place, or I could’ve asked
Morgan if I stay with her again. It wasn’t as if I was leaving for good yesterday. I
just needed a break from the existence of Boomer.
“Well, now I’m asking. Tell me what happened.”
“That’s not asking, but seeing that you’re already pissed, I’ll tell you.” He
jerks his head like I struck him. Then moves slowly towards the bed, sitting next
to me.
“I’m not ever going to hurt you, Crystal. I’m mad, but at him, at myself,
not you. This is some serious shit.”
“After you called, I hung up and went into the bedroom. I started to get
my bags together. He called me out for a second. Nothing unusual about that.
You know, I never feared him before. Then well, I told him to give me a minute
because I was in my closet. He didn’t. He rushed into the room and slammed me
onto the bed. He tried to kiss me, and I bit his lip. That’s when he punched me in
my ribs. Then I beat his ass.
“You beat him?” I know I’m little and Corey is a giant half-muscle half-
fat motherfucker.
I smile sheepishly because I don’t want him to think I’m all butch and
stuff. I’m very girly, but don’t fuck with me. “Yes, I told you my brothers are
MMA fighters. They’ve been training for years. My sister and I as well. I wasn’t
going to let him hurt me.”
He lowers his head and presses it against my forehead. “I’m sorry, baby. I
should have been there to protect you.” I slide my hands off my knees and cup
his face. He’s so handsome and I know he has unnecessary guilt. As a man and
former soldier, he’s used to protecting others. I look into his hazel eyes, then kiss
him. It’s soft and tentative because I don’t know how to handle us just yet. He
growls and deepens it, wrapping his arms around me and lowering us down on
the pillows. He kisses me, long and hard. Losing control, our hands start
roaming over each other. His hand comes up my shirt, grazing the bruise. Unable
to stop myself, I flinch from the pain. And the moment is over. He pulls back,
fixing my shirt then stands up, running his hand through his hair.
“I’m sorry,” I stammer out. It sucks that he pulled away and the mood is
“For what, Tigress. You’re the one with the injuries I touched.”
“I’m sorry I flinched. I didn’t want you to stop.”
“It’s for the best. Trust me that when we go at it, I will not be holding
back. At. All.” He makes his point and I know he’s going to fuck me until I can’t
“I need to go to work, Crystal. If you want to run to the school and submit
the stuff, you can use one of the cars in the garage.”
“Oh, they didn’t bring mine down, did they?” It’s not a great car and it’s
ancient, but it’s the only one I have.
“Nope. You had the keys.”
“Besides, it’s a beater. We’ll sell it. And you can drive any here.” I roll my
eyes because even though he’s bossy and presumptuous, I like that he’s worried
about my safety, and it has broken down on me several times this year. I needed
to invest in a new one, but I wanted some job stability first. I get off the bed and
go downstairs where they left my belongings. I didn’t know where to tell them to
put it, so I made them leave it there. I need some clothes to wear. They did a
good job packing, but it bothers me that they were in my underwear drawer, and
it’s the least organized box. It’s like they just dumped the contents inside it.
“Is something wrong?”
“No, just wondering if they went through my underwear or not.”
“No, they were told not to touch a single pair or I’d bury them.”
“Best believe it. I have to get ready. I’ll be out of the shower in ten.” He
cuts out, darting up the stairs. I’m sorry to have missed the sight. I hear the
buzzer, and thankfully Jackson taught me how to use the little security system. I
can see it’s Morgan. I open the gate and she drives up with another woman I
don’t know. Instant jealousy hits because Boomer’s upstairs showering.
“Who is it?” he asks.
“Your sister and some other woman. So, you better keep your naked ass
“Don’t worry. You’re the only one I want to see my dick and I want it to
be soon,” he shouts before closing the bedroom door. I’m laughing too much as I
answer the door.
“Hey, girlie!” Morgan says as she walks in.
“Hey. I didn’t know you were coming over.” I feel completely
“Stop it. Girl, you look like it’s a bad thing to be with my brother. I’m not
tripping about it at all.” The other woman comes in and I have no idea who she
“Oh, sorry, let me introduce you to Blade’s sister Roxie. Roxie, this is my
new bestie and my soon-to-be sister.”
“What? It’s not like that.”
“The fuck it ain’t, Tigress,” Boomer says as he joins us, completely
dressed. Apparently, the shower was forgotten since his sister stopped over.
“Hey Morgan, Roxie. What brings you here this early?”
“Coffee and girl talk.”
“Well, Crystal is heading to the elementary school this morning.”
“Sure. We’ll go with you. Go get ready.”
“What are you up to?” he asks his sister.
“Nothing. Just want to hang with my friends.”
“Okay, but we still need to have a serious talk.”
“I know, I know.”
“Don’t give me attitude. I’m leaving, but don’t get my woman into
trouble. Or you’ll be moving in here.”
“Fine. Have a good day. Did you make coffee?”
“No, I’ll stop at the diner and pick up a cup.”
“We need a Dunkin in this town,” Morgan complains.
“Like seriously, that would be a brilliant idea. I mean shit, there’s enough
people to keep it operational.”
“Better yet, how about a coffee shop?” Boomer offers.
“Yes, especially since we won’t have to pay franchise fees or anything. I
could totally open one,” Morgan informs us.
“Lay out your plans for me. I still have a few buildings worth using for it,”
Boomer says.
“Are you serious, Garrett?” Morgan asks. There’s enthusiasm in her voice.
“Only if you are. I want you to be successful and happy, Morgan,” he
says, pulling her in for a hug.
“Oh, I’ll prove it to you,” she exclaims. Then Boomer’s phone goes off.
“Excuse me a minute, ladies.” He walks down the hall to his home office.
I took my own personal tour after he left yesterday.
“So…are you going to get ready? It’s better if you show up as early as
possible. They are preparing for the new school year so there are no kids until
next week. If we wait until they’re settled in maybe you can get an interview or
even just give them your info. They really need teachers in a bad way. I mean,
there’s only about six teaching kindergarten through fifth.”
“Wow, so it if I can’t get a job with them, then I must suck.”
“Ha. I think they’d except someone with a ‘C’ average at this point,”
Roxie says. She’s been almost completely quiet. I don’t know if it’s because
Morgan is a natural extrovert or Roxie doesn’t know me. I hope it’s not due to
her being interested in my man. We’d have a problem if that’s the case.
“Well, come on. I’m going to make coffee while you change.”
About an hour later, we make our way to Sam Houston Elementary. It’s a
large building for a small range of students, but I assume it’s because they are
planning on growing the school. As I get out of the car I'm a bundle of nerves.
This is a big deal and I want to make a great impression. It's bad enough that I
didn't schedule this appointment in advance so hopefully, they'll see me. I leave
the girls in the car and head towards the entrance. I don’t want anyone to
recognize Morgan. I’m not worried about them because at least four of Boomer’s
prospects followed in a large SUV.
There's a cute little receptionist who lets me in the building. She’s got gray
hair and it’s coifed into a nice tight bun. She’s probably in her mid to late forties
and I wonder if she’s related to one of the few people I’ve met already. Her
nameplate reads, Mrs. Patricia Daniels Main Office Receptionist.
“Hi, how can I help you?” she asks.
“Hello, I’m Crystal Miller and a fresh out of the box teacher. I'm
interested in a position and was told there may be some opportunities here. She
smiles widely before I even finish my short spiel.
“Have you brought your paperwork?”
“Yes, I have,” I reply with a matching grin. “Great. As it happens we are
looking for new teachers. Our classes are getting larger and there are not enough
teachers in the town. If you wait right here, I'll go speak with the principal.” She
gets up and leaves with my paperwork. I look around and the office has a very
friendly vibe. I smile as I think about the possibilities for the future. I know
because Boomer owns the whole town or at least half of it with his brother, that I
don’t need to work should we continue as more than whatever this is. But I’ve
always wanted to give back. My parents worked hard and did the same. My
mom’s a teacher and loves it. She’s retiring in the next few years, but I’ve
always wanted that life.
It’s only another minute before she comes back out. “Mr. Daniels will
come out shortly. He’s in the middle of a few things, but is very interested in
meeting with you, Ms. Miller.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Daniels.” She’s the wife of the principal. I nod, then
take a seat and admire the scenery. I turned off my phone before coming inside
because I didn’t want to give off the impression that I was attached to it.
“So, did you just move into the area?” Mrs. Daniels asks.
“Yes, I was supposed to only visit a friend for a few weeks, but then I
heard about a possible position. And well, if all things work out, I’ll move here
“That’s wonderful. I’m glad you decided to venture in.”
The door behind the receptionist opens and a tall, older man comes out.
He’s just as distinguished and good-looking as his wife.
“Hello, Ms. Miller. I’m Thomas Daniels. Please come in.” He leads me
into his office and I know immediately that he’s a little more than eager to have
me here.
I hate that I’m leaving the girls out in the car, but it’s for the best. After
about thirty minutes, I’ve got the job. It starts tomorrow as we prepare for the
first week. I can’t wait to share the news with Boomer. I step out of the building
with a smile as wide as my face. The girls are sitting on the hood of Morgan’s
car with grins of their own.
“Girl, did you get it?” Morgan asks, meeting me halfway.
“Yes, I did,” I squeal. We bounce around in a small circle. “I have to call
“Get it, girl. Maybe he’ll want to celebrate a little later,” she says, nodding
and winking. I’m surprised she’s not grossed out because it’s her brother.
I call and he picks up on the second ring. “Hey, Tigress, how did it go?”
“I got the job,” I squeak out.
“Congratulations. Does that mean you’re starting soon?”
“Yes, tomorrow actually. He ran a background check while we talked. You
weren’t kidding when you said they needed people. I’ll be teaching kindergarten
for now.”
“I’m so happy for you, baby.” I can hear a lot of machinery in the
“Where are you?” I ask.
“A demolition site in the next town over. I’ll be at the home office in
about four hours.”
“Okay, but I’m going to shopping for more work appropriate clothes. I
have some, but I feel like since I’m dealing with the younger kids, skirts and
pretty blouses aren’t the way to go. In fact, they recommended sneakers and
“Make sure the prospects stay with you. I don’t want you out of their
“It’s cool. I’ll be back to the house around the same time.”
“I can’t wait to see you.”
“Same here, Garrett.”
“Fuck, baby. You can’t call me by my name while I’m at work. I love
hearing you say it. I’m fucking hard as hell now.”
“Well, there better not be any bitches around. That thing is hard to hide.”
“No, just men. Be good for me.”
“I’ll try.” I end the call before he can scold me. “Did I hear shopping?”
Morgan cheers.
“Let’s go spend some money,” Roxie says. It’s one of the few things I’ve
heard from her.
I’m so tired by the time we get back in the car and I think the prospects
feel that way, too. “I need to get home and take off these damn heels.” I love my
shoes and these red backs are my favorite, but after so many hours a girl needs
rest. I can’t have Boomer seeing me walk around like a baby giraffe. All the way
home, Morgan talks about her plans for the coffee shop. She jotted them down
while they waited for me. They sound good and with a town of this size, I could
see it doing well. It won’t be a big money maker, but any helps. Besides, there
are moments when we all need coffee and we’re away from the house.
Morgan pulls up to the gate and it opens before she hits the code. I see
Boomer standing on the porch. He comes down as Morgan parks. “Help her get
all her shit. You have to be careful, Garrett. Your woman can shop.”
“And I bet you got twice as many for no reason.”
“You’d win that bet, sir,” she says. She’s bubbly and sweet. I hate that
someone tried to take that sunshine away from her. I wonder if she’ll ever tell
Boomer about it. She asked me privately today if I had. She seemed thrilled that
I didn’t and that scares me. I’m stuck in the middle and have a feeling one day
shit will hit the fan.
Chapter 11

We’re sitting on the couch with dinner in our laps. I put on some of her
crime shows to watch while we eat. This feels so good. I’ve got more paperwork
to deal with and we both have an early start tomorrow, so this is the only time we
get to spend together.
After we finish, she gets up and takes our plates to the kitchen. I follow
and help wash. We haven’t shared more than a few kisses, and I can’t help but
steal another. I pull her away from the sink and slide my hand into her hair while
holding her around the waist with the other. “I need dessert.” Our lips lock
briefly before she releases a sexy moan that hardens my dick more than it’s ever
been. I don’t know how much more I can take before I try to seduce my woman.
I want her ribs to heal a little first though. Thinking about it makes me angry and
I pull away.
“I’ve got a lot of work to do. You should head to bed.” I have to get my
shit together. Cyber’s coming over in an hour to find that fucker. I didn’t tell
them all I knew what happened to her, but they are ready for war. They went
back to the apartment and it was completely cleared out. That fucker wasted no
time getting lost. He’s going to track that fucker down, but I’m going to have to
wait to attack. According to Cyber, Corey’s sister is married to a big-time drug
dealer. He’ll be enough trouble without the added mess of a bunch of dealers
lurking around my town. I want that shit as far from here as possible.
“I didn’t get to ask, but do I have a separate room?” she asks.
“No. And don’t even consider it. You sleep where I do,” I tell her.
Instantly, my guard is up. I know she wants time, but the idea of being so close
and yet so far bothers me. I need to be able to hold her, protect her when she’s at
her most vulnerable.
“I didn’t. It’s just that we never discussed it and…never mind. I like
having you around as much as possible.”
I drag her back to me and kiss her hard. I needed that. She’s so damn
beautiful that I’ll never get enough. My mind, body, and soul are obsessed with
her. “I know. I miss you all the damn time.” I kiss her forehead then start some
shit. “You know, I like when you don’t argue with me.”
My Tigress gives me a look of promise. “Ha-ha. Enjoy it while you can
because I’m sure we’ll be arguing about something by morning.”
“Probably, now get to bed,” I tell her, patting her ass. I don’t know why
I’m riling her up. She’s feisty and if her ass is as tough as she was with that
bastard, I better watch out.
She whips her head around and arches her brow at me. Oh no, I guess
tomorrow isn’t going to wait. “I’m not tired.”
“Tough shit. You’ve got an early start and I don’t want you to be
“Dude, chill out. I’m going to read. Do what you got to do. I know you’ve
got some club stuff to deal with.”
“What makes you think that?”
“Boomer, you’ve got that look you had last night. I’m not getting involved
in anything unless you want to tell me, just don’t get killed or go to jail. And if
you touch another bitch, well, that well-endowed member of yours will be
missing,” she threatens. I laugh because I love how territorial she is.
“Don’t worry, baby. I’m not leaving this house and the only pussy I want
is yours. And if you keep talking about my cock, you’ll be meeting him much
“I’m ready when you are.”
My dick twitches in my jeans. I’m more than fucking ready, but I can’t
take her when I’m afraid I’ll hurt her. “Trust me. I’m ready but you aren’t. Those
wounds need to heal, and you need to reconcile yourself with the fact that once I
fuck you there’s no going back.”
“Yeah, that’s the whole virginity thing. I get it.”
“No, I mean. It’s you and me, baby—until they bury us.” She doesn’t say
anything, so I add, “Now, get on with your book and save the nasty parts in your
pretty head, then let me know all the ones you want me to do to you.” She
clenches her thighs then turns and runs from the room. And I’ve fucked myself
into another round of blue balls. I’m going to rub my dick right off very soon if I
don’t get in her.
I go into my office and handle a ton of paperwork waiting for my
approval. I’m glad that with every year more and more things are handled by
others. Every one of the Steele Riders owns their own business in town. That
saves me a motherfucking headache and spreads the wealth. We have enough in
a joint business that the revenue goes into a group account. If someone needs
extra cash, they can take it. My men are honest and work for their keep. It’s been
one hell of a run so far, now it’s time to start adding family to the mix. I plan on
knocking Crystal up every damn year with a kid if I can. I’ll be good and try to
keep her from having to take maternity leave, but you never know how things
will pan out.
My phone buzzes and it’s a text from Cyber. I head out and open the gate
for him. Once we get inside, he says, “Things are getting fishy.”
“Come, let’s talk in my office.” He nods and follows me. “So, what’s
going on?” I ask, taking a seat behind my desk.
“After we left, I saw a moving truck come twenty minutes later. This guy
has connections. The group of ten men moved everything in an hour. The
apartment hadn’t been ready to be boxed up when we dropped off the sick little
“He’s being protected by someone. I’m guessing it’s Santos.”
“It has to be. His family doesn’t have that kind of money to waste on that
fucker,” he says. He pulled all Corey Skinner’s records and those of his family.
They aren’t wealthy but somehow are living like kings.
“We’ll get him soon. We need to find a way in, but I’m not ready to risk
anyone’s life over it. I had a chance to kill the fucker. No one else needs to pay
for my fuck up.” I pour a glass of brandy and down it. I wave the bottle at Cyber,
but he declines. I get myself another instead. “We’ve been together for two
fucking days and I failed her on day one.”
“I can’t say that you did the wrong thing, but I’m not the one dealing with
that feeling. I know from what we knew he didn’t deserve to die.”
“You’re right, but now I do and he deserves to suffer. If he could hurt
someone he knows, what would he do to strangers? How many women has he
already attacked?”
“I don’t know, but I’m going to look and see if we can find anything on
“Thanks, Cyber.”
“I’m your guy, Pres. Take it easy and love her like a man should. Good
I walk him out with a promise. “I will.” As soon as he’s gone, I lock up
everything and climb the stairs to my woman. I open the door to see her holding
a hand towel to her nose. “What happened?” I ask, running to her side.
“I just got coldcocked by my Kindle.”
“What?” I look at the tablet on the nightstand.
“I started to doze off, losing my grip on the tablet. Then boom it kissed
my nose,” she says. I can’t hold back the deep laugh inside of me. Damn, it’s not
nice that she’s bleeding, but she got roughed up from a tablet.
“Stop laughing, you ass.”
“I’m sorry. I’m trying. I don’t mean to find it funny,” I choke out. She
swats at me with her free hand and I catch it and pull her to me. “I’m sorry, baby.
Let me see.” I take off the cloth and thankfully, she doesn’t look like she has a
black eye. “You still look beautiful even with the black eyes coming in.”
“What!” she screams, jumping up and running to the bathroom to look in
the mirror. I watch her from the edge of the bed, waiting for her to come get me.
She stands by the door and huffs with her hands on her hips. “You are a shit. I’m
going to bed.” She walks past me and climbs into bed, making sure to tug at the
covers. It’s fucking cute as hell. I strip down to my boxers and head to the
bathroom before returning. I turn off the light, then join my woman.
She’s pretending to be asleep, but I don’t care. I tug her back to my front
and hold her. “Good night, Tigress,” I whisper, kissing her neck. She cuddles
into me and we both fall asleep.
Chapter 12

The day has been so long, but a lot of fun. Since I have the kindergarten
class, I get to decorate it the way I please. The teacher who moved up to first
grade gave me tons of supplies to make the room special. She’s a nice young
woman around my age.
I’m so exhausted, but I have to pick up some groceries. I have one of
Boomer’s minions following me around like a guard dog. I don’t know who he is
because they aren’t allowed to talk to me. The store is kind of busy, but it only
takes an hour to shop and get home.
“What’s your name?” I ask him.
“Sorry, ma’am. I can’t believe I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Richie,
but people call me Rico.”
“Well, hello Richie. Thank you for your help.”
“No problem, ma’am. I’ll be outside should you need me before the Pres
gets back.”
“I’m back. Go on home, Richie. Thanks again,” Boomer tells him, looking
all growling and grumpy.
“I didn’t hear the gate,” I tell him.
“That’s because I was working in my office. I wanted to see what he
would do if you were alone. He did as I expected, but I can’t believe he never
told you his name. Sometimes they take everything I say literally.” He rolls his
eyes and it’s kind of cute to see him so light even though he looks beastly. I want
more of this, but as he slides his arms around my waist, I hold back a cry. He
gives me a brief kiss then proceeds to put the groceries away while lifting his
phone to his ear. Holding it between his shoulder and head, he starts talking,
“Hey, can you come to the house? I need your expertise. Yes. Great. Thanks,
“What’s that about?” I ask as soon as he hangs up.
“I want you looked at. I need to make sure it’s nothing more than a bruise.
It could be just that, but I just need to be certain. I’ve never had to deal with this
kind of thing even when it came to Morgan. No one dared touch her and since
she was past the outdoor injury stage by the time we became her guardians, I had
no major hiccups.” I nod and turn to take out what I need to start dinner. Fuck,
I’m doing my best, keeping that secret, but I feel like it’s eating me alive.
“Thanks. I’m sure it’s fine, but if you think it’s for the best, I’m not going
to argue. The sooner this heals the better.” I work on dinner for ten minutes when
someone buzzes the gate. Boomer leaves to check it out then comes in two
minutes later with a man in black-rimmed glasses and bright green eyes that
shine through the lenses.
“Crystal, this is Doc. He’s the local physician that works at the clinic in
town.” He looks at Doc and adds, “Doc, this is my woman, Crystal.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Crystal. I can see why he’s kept you from all
of us. You’re lovely. Now, before he beats me, let’s check out your injuries.”
“The bed would be the best,” Boomer says, taking my hand and leading
me to our bedroom. I sit down and lift my shirt, just below my bra, revealing the
large purple and yellow bruise. Boomer’s hands are clenched tight and a low
growl comes from Doc.
“This may hurt, but I need to feel around,” he says. “Just relax.” He starts
running his hands over my ribs. I feel a lot of pain centering around the
“It’s not broken, but it is severely bruised. That will last a long time, but
it’ll be less painful in a couple days. I want you to take it easy. Any fun times
between you two, just watch not to touch it. It’s not going to make things worse,
but it’ll probably kill the mood. Well, unless you like pain during sex.”
“Nope,” I answer. I sure as fuck don’t.
“Well, then take it easy, but you’re going to be fine.” He gets up and
whispers to Boomer, “Once he’s found, I want my turn.” I try to hide that I
overheard him. Doc leaves shortly after that and Boomer does all he can to avoid
any questions about Corey and what’s going on. I missed a call from Connie,
Corey’s sister, asking if I’ve seen him. As soon as Boomer goes to work in his
office, I call her back.
“Hey, Connie.”
“Hey, nothing. How dare you sleep with my brother and accuse him of
“What are you talking about? I didn’t accuse him of shit and I sure as hell
never slept with him. I’m sporting some bruised ribs because he tried to force
me. Don’t call me anymore.” I end the call and toss it on the bed. I just can’t deal
with anything at the moment. I want to rest.
Chapter 13

Tonight’s the annual party. I’ve got a lot to do before I make it there. Work
moves slowly and I’m an hour late arriving. I should’ve canceled the fucker or
just brought Crystal with me. I know that going without her is going to get me in
serious trouble. I message my brother and he needs me to show up for some
business matters. And a stand of solidarity, so no one dares challenge us.
I haven't told Crystal about the gathering because I'm a fucking jealous
prick. I don't want anyone to see her. I plan on picking her up and taking her on a
date instead.
Jackson’s sitting on the edge of the large sofa, talking to Demi. He’s
considering his first tattoo. She’d go easier on him than Mick would. He’d bust
Jackson’s balls if he couldn’t deal with the pain.
“Hey, bro. I’m here. Can I get a word?”
“Sure thing.” He nods to Demi before standing up and walking over to the
back wall furthest from the door.
“What’s going on?”
“I’m out of here. I just came to see what you needed.”
“I need you to represent as the President. We’ve got several prospects who
are looking to be patched up, but I don’t know if I trust them. I want you to
“Fine, I’ll give you twenty, but then I’m out.”
“That’s all I ask.” I know it’s hard for him because he’s not as close to my
men as I am. And he’s not interested in bringing anyone into our circle. To him
trusting strangers is hard to do. I can’t blame him for that. Living in Dallas has
jaded him. One of the prospects brings us two beers and we talk and watch the
I get a fucked up feeling when a woman I've never seen before comes near
me. Many women are invited via word of mouth. Tons of bitches from Dallas
and surrounding towns will be stopping in. Even though I have no interest in
them and neither do most of my guys, we’re not looking for a sausage party.
There’s no fucking inside the clubhouse, so even if one of the bitches gets
someone to agree, she needs to take her ass elsewhere. I have rules and that’s
one. Unless she becomes his old lady then they sure as fuck are not screwing in
my place.
"Hello, handsome," she coos. I'm instantly revolted and remove the hand
that's made its way onto my arm. And that's when the door opens, and my
woman walks in. The stone-cold look of repulsion hits me in the chest. Then I
see what she's wearing and my pain morphs into a rage. Several of the men ogle
her and Blade makes a move to talk to her.
Chapter 14

It's Friday and I'm feeling like a fool. Boomer is having a club party but
hasn't mentioned it to me. I'm a little pissed and let it go because Morgan and I
are apparently crashing it, then I'm leaving his ass. Bitches will be there, yet I'm
supposed to stay home and be a good girl. I'm not getting played. I try not to cry
as I drive to her apartment. It takes about an hour and we look like strippers. I
love it because this is my fuck you to him. My heart hurts knowing he’s partying
with these women.
"What are we doing here?" I ask as she parks in front of the clubhouse.
My stomach rolls and I know it’s because of how I feel about him. I fell in love
when he pulled up to my doorstep in Dallas. Now, I’m about to lose it all.
"We're going to the club party, duh," Morgan informs me, adding an eye
roll for good measure before popping out of the car. I'm not in the mood to
compete with experienced hoes. I tug on the skirt after getting out. My tits jiggle
in my tight black top as Morgan tugs my arm. We have to walk through gravel
which my heels don't appreciate.
I see two large guys standing at the gate. The first has a buzz cut and clean
face. That hardly screams biker like Boomer’s appearance, but the guns on him
tell a different story. He's got arms larger than my thighs. The other one has a
thick head of hair, but his face has a little bit of scruff. The first guy shakes his
head at Morgan. "You know he's going to be pissed when he sees what you're
wearing,” he says, tilting his head towards her equally revealing outfit.
"My brother is overprotective, Beast,” she complains, flipping her hair to
the side.
"Yeah him, too," he mutters, stepping aside to let us pass. Morgan stops
and turns to the guys who noticed my outfit with appreciation. What I lack in
height, I make up for in curves. Tits and ass for days and I wasn’t naïve about it.
I may be innocent, but I wasn’t born yesterday.
"This is my friend, Crystal. Crystal, this is Beast and Boss." They both
smile at me suggestively, but Morgan delivers a sweet grin before saying, "Oh
fellas, I know she's fine and all, but Boomer will probably rip your balls off if
you keep eyeing her. Just a fair warning."
"Oh shit. My bad," Beast stammers. For a big soldier boy, he got nervous
about Boomer. I shake my head and follow Morgan to the main doors. She
knocks, and another big guy lets her in. I cling to her arm because I’m feeling a
sudden need to run. Boomer’s eyes hit my body immediately. I look to see him
talking to another guy with a Steele Riders vest on and a bubbly blonde bitch
trying to get his attention. He gives her a quick scowl that sends her moving
along. I want to rip her over-bleached hair out. I ignore him and walk to the bar
area with another muscle-bound man in an MC vest. This is what I expected.
Bitches all over him. He wants this. I can’t even deal with it. I need to make my
point then leave. I’m still planning to teach at the school, but there are other
places here to rent. I’m sure Morgan will let me stay until I can find one.
“Give me a shot please,” I tell him.
“Of water,” Boomer growls behind me. He crowds my space, his body
shielding me from everyone else while he places his hands on the bar.
“You can go back to your bimbo. I’m not here to be felt up by you.” I
emphasize the last two words which gets me in trouble. He leans in harder, his
cock pressing against my back.
“The fuck makes you think I’d let anyone else touch what belongs to me?”
he whispers into my ear before sucking on the lobe. My core clenches, making it
hard to stay unaffected. He turns his head and hollers, “If you don’t want to lose
your eyes, keep them off my woman.”
“I don’t belong to you,” I stammer, releasing a shiver. I’m so damn mad at
him and at the same time, I’m weak for his touch. It only increases my rage.
He leans in again, his warm breath grazing my neck. “Yes, you do. I
missed you so damn much, Tigress.”
“You didn’t seem to. In fact, you made it a point to exclude me from your
‘ho’ down,” I grit out, thinking about blondie whose cheap perfume I can smell
coming from his forearm.
“Are you talking about that cheap broad trying to get my attention? You
need to know something sweet little girl. I don’t deal with the chicks that come
into my clubhouse. Any bitch that makes it her goal to get with any biker who’ll
let her isn’t the kind of woman I want.” He spins me around, pressing my back
to the bar. “You, on the other hand, fucked up by coming here dressed like that.
That’s not how you went to work today.”
“What the hell do you care, Boomer?” I’m flushed as his hand moves to
my waist.
“This is why you can’t come here, dressed like this. The clubhouse has
rules and one is you don’t fuck in here. But I want to fuck you on every surface.”
“Is that your poor fucking excuse for not telling me?”
“No, Tigress. I’ve got no damn good excuse except that I want your
attention only for me. And there are too many dicks around.”
“I can’t do this, Boomer. I can’t be with you.” I try to move past him, but
he’s too strong. He cups my face and slams his mouth down on mine. Getting
ahold of myself, I thrust my hands into his hair, dragging his head down even
more. He grunts and lifts me onto the bar top, being careful to avoid my bruised
side. He pulls back enough to look into my eyes. I’m so damn short that even
sitting here, I’m at eye level with him.
“You know that’s not something I’m capable of agreeing to.”
“Well, I won’t be second to anyone. And you’ve shown me that I am. So,
let me go.”
“You’re not. If you came about five minutes earlier, you would’ve seen
me arrive. I only came to tell them I wasn’t staying. I hoped to take you on our
first real date, but work went late.”
“And I’m supposed to believe that shit?” I ask.
“Damn right.” He presses against me as he takes out his cell, then with a
couple clicks pulls up his text messages.
There’s a stream of them between Boomer and Jackson.
Jackson: Where the fuck are you?
Boomer: I’m still at the work yard.
Jackson: Dude, people are starting to show.
Boomer: Who gives a fuck? You’re there.
Jackson: You work too fucking hard.
Boomer: Tell me something I don’t know. I’m not staying by the way.
Jackson: Why not?
Boomer: Because I want to spend time with my woman.
Jackson: Can’t blame ya. She’s fine as fuck.
Boomer: I’m gonna bust your mouth when I see you.
Jackson: I’m just telling the truth.
Boomer: She’s mine.
They’re from forty-five minutes ago which makes me calm down.
He takes his phone and returns it to his pocket. “You know, once I’m in
you there’s no going back. Fuck, I already know there’s not for me,” he states, a
longing in his voice that sends a shiver of need through me. He slides his hands
further up my skirt, grabbing my ass under the material. His strong hands own
me and I’m trying to make sense of what he said, but all I can do is feel.
“Do you hear me?” Of course, I did, but I’m not sure I can believe that
he’s serious. He’s got a long way to prove it to me.
“I’m not deaf. You made that clear a minute ago,” I inform him.
“No, I mean it. I’m going to fucking spread you wide and make you come
before emptying my seed in you. You’re old enough to give me a family and you
will,” he grunts out, rubbing his hands over the top of my thighs now. I’m doing
my best to respond, but his mouth is on my neck and I can’t think about anything
else but carrying his babies.
My motherly instincts are screaming, but I still need to hold my own
because that’s who I am and always will be. This tough guy with powerful hands
will just have to deal with it. “I’m not giving you a baby anytime soon. I’m on
birth control, and I’ll stop when I want.”
“That’s fine, Tigress. At least we’ll get in a lot of practice. But soon, all
you’ll want are my babies,” he warns me. Fuck, my pussy clenches at the
“Whatever,” I mumble, completely ready to be possessed. I slam my
mouth to his this time. His hands roam all over me until I’m moaning and toss
my head back.
“We need to get out of here before I fuck you on the bar,” he says,
pressing his head to my chest. Instantly, I’m pissed, thinking of all the whores
who probably got the growly, manhandling treatment in here.
“Is that your habit?” I snipe.
“Tuck those claws in. I haven’t been with a woman in years, even before I
started the club and this town,” he says, and I want to believe him. It’s crazy and
my mother would tell me how nuts I am if she knew. But I’ve seen him over this
past week and there’s no sign of a woman in his house.
“Really? I call bullshit.” I can’t help myself. I’m young, not dumb.
“That’s the truth, baby. You won’t get a lie from me, ever.” He unbuttons
his shirt, taking it off and leaving him in an undershirt, then hands it to me. “Put
it on,” he orders.
“No,” I bite out, clenching my teeth.
He presses it to my chest. “Calm down before I spank your ass. You
remember one thing—around my men, I’m your king. When we’re alone, I’m
your servant. Now, put it on before I fucking punch every one of these fucks in
the jaw.” I slip it on without giving him any more grief. He kisses me hard,
binding me to him as if it’s sealing my fate. It doesn’t matter because as far as
I’m concerned, I’m his.
Chapter 15

I want to be in her this damn moment, but fuck if I’m going to make her
come with everyone in full view. I straighten her skirt, lowering it enough to
cover her ass, knowing she’s going to cause me to kill someone tonight.
“I’ll introduce you to everyone, then we’re leaving,” I say before she gets
“But this is your party,” she reminds me. Mine or not, my woman’s body
isn’t for public view. She has no idea I’m presently on a knife’s edge.
“Yes, and I’d planned to walk out when my woman strolled in looking like
a hot fucking stripper. I’m liable to kill a motherfucker if they see your fucking
pussy with that short skirt on.” My guys are staring in shock. They’re eyeing me
like I’ve fucking lost my head. They all know about her, but most haven’t met
her yet. I’m walking around growly and pissed. There are rules and they know
I’m not breaking them from the look on my face. Morgan lets out a giggle.
“Morgan, I’ll deal with your ass in a minute,” I say, pointing at her. She
dressed my future wife like a hooker on purpose. She can wear that shit in the
house if it makes her feel beautiful, but the thought of anyone else eyeing her
goods will bring out the killer in me. Morgan needs to go home and change, too.
My boys are all around and there are about thirty damn prospects who would
love to be with someone as beautiful as these two. It’s hard to miss that my little
sister’s a woman. And although they said they wouldn’t touch her, I doubt they
would need a lot of convincing. I don’t even want them to picture her anyway
but wholesome.
“Crystal, you remember Mick. This is Ash and his sister, Demi. She also
works at the shop, so if your ass is insistent on getting my name tatted on you,
she’ll do it.”
“Cocky bastard,” she mutters with her teeth clenched and her smile wide.
Jackson takes her hand and brings it to his lips, kissing the back of her
palm while training his eyes to mine. I’m going to kill him. “Hello, beautiful. It’s
good to see you again.” He wags his brows at her. I’m ready to pummel him and
she knows it. She looks between us as I eye my brother. He’s about to get his ass
beat and seeing the fucking smile on his pretty face, I know he doesn’t care.
“Don’t get your ass beat,” I threaten, cracking my knuckles before sliding
my hand back around her waist. I pull her close and step away from my brother.
“This is Cowboy, Wrench, and Law. I know you met Beast and Boss at the
door.” I’m done with intros. Fuck it. I’m feeling too wild to think straight.
“We’re gone.”
“You, I’ll talk to later,” I warn my sister. She shrugs because she knows
I’m too busy with Crystal to say anything right now. “You all better keep an eye
on her.” My men know better, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them.
I pull Crystal back to my front and tell her to walk. I don’t want them to
see her ass in this skirt. Shit, I’m so pissed I can’t think straight. My Tahoe is
here along with my bike, and I decide we aren’t taking my bike because I don’t
think I could ride steady after wanting to fuck her. Maybe when I get it out of my
system we’ll ride together. I ignore everyone outside bullshitting because I’m
still not fit to talk.
“Man, you are being rude. Several people said bye and you didn’t say
“Woman, I’m doing my best to not fuck you where we land.”
“I can tell,” she remarks, backing her ass up against my hard cock. I bite
back the moan and open the passenger door. She’s too short to get in without
putting her pussy and asshole on display. I lift her up and get her into her seat.
“Buckle up,” I order with my voice as gravelly as the ground we walked
across. I stride around the back of the vehicle to give myself a little cover to
adjust my cock. I’m so rock hard that I struggle to get in easily. Thank fuck, I’m
not on my Harley.
“So, where are you taking me?”
“To our place, Crystal, where I’m going to spend the night showing you
what I think of those clothes.” She clenches her thighs together, digging the idea
that I’m going to be parting them very soon. I pull onto the road and drive
toward my house. It’s only five minutes away and one of the largest properties in
the area. I had it built last year because living in one of the apartments on Main
Street began to feel uncomfortable. For a long time, men were mostly the only
people here, but with more women moving into town now, they’re starting to
look for a man to fulfill their needs. Now that I’m taken, maybe they’ll stop
eyeing me wherever I go.
Chapter 16

We get to the house and I’m ready to strip naked and let him have his way.
We’ve had a week to get to know each other and I want him more than I can say.
After reading his texts, I know he’s not playing me. He’s just an idiot.
He jumps out of the truck and runs around the front to help me out. I’ve
never been in this big beast, but I know it’s one of his work trucks. “I can walk.”
“You can, but right now, I don’t want to put you down. We have the whole
weekend to spend together and fuck if I can’t wait to touch you.”
“We have Monday, too. It’s Labor Day. School doesn’t start until
“I still have to work, but I’m only going in for half a day. The rest is going
to be spent inside you,” he promises, kissing me again.
He doesn't hesitate and takes me straight to the bedroom. With a light toss,
I land on the bed. He follows me down, his mouth crashing on mine. Moans
escape me as his hands roam my thighs, going back to where they were at the
club. My panties are completely soaked. I need him this instant like I need to
breathe. He grabs my hips, squeezing them roughly with his hard, calloused
hands. Every inch of me feels alive and needy. I tug on his shirt, lifting it over
his head before throwing it on the floor. A low growl emanates from deep in his
chest as I run my fingers through every ripple of muscle I can. "I need you
naked," he grunts. Immediately my hands are pinned above my head with one of
his. His mouth is on my neck and his left hand slips between my legs. He moves
his head, nudging my top down with his chin. One of my breasts pops out and he
wastes no time wrapping his lips around my hard peak. I'm a mess and doing all
I can to search for relief.
"Calm down, Tigress," he says looking at me with those sexy eyes and
knowing smile.
“I need you, Garrett. Please.”
“That's it, baby. I want to hear all your pleading cries. I want to hear you
call my name while I make you come. Who do you belong to?” he asks,
thrusting his hips into my core.
“You, Garrett.” He lets go of my wrists, running the back of his hand
down my arm, slowly and deliberately, making me shiver.
“The way you say my name is so fucking sexy. I don’t want you to call me
Boomer anymore.”
“Are you sure?” I whisper, looking up at him. He nods, then proceeds to
kiss his way downward. Suddenly, with his body straddling mine, he grabs the
top of my blouse and tears it off me, ripping it completely in half. I gasp in
surprise, but he looks down at me with a so what expression. “You’ll never get to
wear that again,” he grunts, lowering his head and taking my nipple into his
mouth. I arch and clench my thighs. He pushes them apart and rests his legs
between them as he kisses me. My hands move all over his large body. I can’t
believe this is happening. I want him naked too, doing things to me until I’m
falling apart.
“I’m going to take every inch of you and make it mine, permanently.
Every orgasm will belong to me, every moan for my ears alone. I’m going to
fuck my kid into you. Birth control or not, I’ll do my damnedest to fill you up
with every drop of cum.”
I’m nearly on the verge of coming already. He moves, sliding between my
legs, taking my panties off delicately as if treasuring the reveal. “Perfection,” he
whispers, licking his lips before dropping his head. I feel his breath tickle my clit
before his tongue touches it. I jump, shocked by the new feelings, but he holds
me down and continues to eat me out. Every lick and thrust makes it so hard to
stay still. He growls, throwing my legs over his shoulders, working my clit with
his thumb while thrusting his tongue and one finger into my pussy. He growls,
“Fuck, I could eat you up all night.” And he does, for the next two orgasms. I’m
panting, barely hanging on. I’ve never come like that before. He takes off the
rest of his clothes, then hops on the bed. His large cock bobs while he moves
back between my legs. I breathe in and relax, it’s going to hurt, but I want it
more than anything else.
He rubs the head along my drenched entrance, beads of cum leaving a
stringy trail on my mound. I spontaneously reach down and wipe it with my
finger, then lick it off. I can’t wait for my turn to satisfy him. “Fuck, Tigress, you
can milk me with those lips another time.” He doesn’t warn me before he pushes
his cock inside. I feel the pressure and stretching from his entrance, but
surprisingly the pain isn’t as bad as I expected. He leans back, sitting on his
calves with his cock almost all the way out of me. I rest on my elbows and watch
as he slides into me again. His length is covered in my juices and I can see how
hard he is. I’m clenching around his dick. The sounds of his moans cause my
pussy to throb. I can’t believe another orgasm is around the corner. He drops
down, resting his palms on the sides of my shoulders then begins his penetrating
assault on my womb, thrusting his huge cock as deep as possible. I wrap my legs
around his waist and hold on for the ride. My walls are pulsating and the
moment he kisses me, it’s all over. I come, screaming his name while he shouts
out mine.
He falls onto me, but he’s supporting most of his weight. I slide my arms
around his shoulders then into his hair. “Wow, that was incredible,” I whisper
against his lips before he closes the distance and kisses me roughly and
Chapter 17

I hate having to leave her ass in bed, completely naked, but it’s Monday,
and I have a lot of work to do. The hardest part of re-establishing this town is the
number of hours I put in to keep it functioning. It’s a freaking bank holiday, but I
still have to go in. Every few months, I’ll hire more people for each place. With
a population of five thousand, a lot of jobs are filled and the need for more
positions continues to grow. Today, I have to go to the grocery store to meet with
the managers. I wonder if Crystal wants to go with me. I jump in the shower,
washing away her scent, which pisses me off. I want to feel her on me all damn
day. But it’s time for work, and I don’t want anyone to smell her. She’s mine and
only mine. When I get out she’s missing in action. Wrapped only in my towel, I
run around looking for her.
“Crystal,” I call out. I have a fucked up feeling she ducked out on me.
“Wow, relax Boomer. Damn, that is a sexy sight I could get used to,” she
says, holding a cup of coffee in her hand while pausing to ogle me. My dick
jerks under the towel and there’s no doubt she saw it. It’s got a mind of its own
right now. Staring at her in one of my shirts that barely hits mid-thigh, I’m hard
as hell.
“I thought you left,” I admit, unafraid of the truth.
“Considering I have no urge to go out in a storm, I’ll pass.” She points to
the front window. She’s right; it’s raining. “Do you want some coffee?” she asks.
“Sure. I’ll get dressed and be down in ten minutes.”
She goes to walk back, then stops me. “What do you want in it?”
“Black with two teaspoons of sugar, please,” I tell her.
The grocery store is packed when I get there, but Mitchell sees me right
away. “Good morning, Mr. Steele. We can have our meeting in the back so you
can see if everything is to your liking,” he states, his nervous persona around me
is a little annoying. I know I’m intimidating and well, I and my club own all
these places, but I’ve never given him the impression I’d fire him. "Yeah you
know, Mitchell, I'm just trying to make sure it’s running smoothly."
"Actually, it really is. Our profits are up and we can hire three more
employees and still stay above the red," he answers enthusiastically as we make
our way toward the back room. "That's great to hear. Any problems?"
"Not any per se, but I've noticed some suspicious characters around here
lately,” he says in a whisper.
"You ain't talking about me, are you?" Wrench asks, standing behind me.
Mitchell jumps out of his damn skin and I’m laughing like an ass. Wrench fixes
the forklifts here when I need it. He’s the owner of the one mechanic shop in
town. His crew is varied and build custom bikes for us as well. I’ve known him
since I first joined Special Forces. We worked as a team and he’s one of the
founding members of the town and club.
"Hey, Wrench, what brings you in here right now?” I look at my watch
and it’s only nine in the morning. He’s usually busy in the shop. And with the
fire last week, I wonder if something else happened. “Looking for the future
Mrs. West?”
“What?” He didn’t leave the shop for anything but more work. This is
something new. Maybe he found the one like I did and is going to haul her ass
out of here.
“My mother asked me to pick up some things from the store. I know it’s
because her ass wants me to find someone. She thinks I swing the other way. I
tried to argue with the woman that when I find her, I’ll know, but you know she’s
hard of hearing.”
“I hear just fine, young man,” she says, standing behind him.
“You know, what’s the point of sending me to the store when you show up
“Boy, I told you to forget it, Greg gave me a ride.” Her sight is slipping,
so she doesn’t drive on sunny days or at night. We help her out, but she can be a
handful. Greg is her neighbor and one of the prospects. He wants in. He may get
there, but it’s not something we just let happen. They have to prove their worth.
“Well, I’ll drive you back after I pay for your groceries.”
“Nonsense, Greg will take me. You can walk with me though. I never get
to see you.” He cocks his brow at her because they see each other almost every
“Fine. Boomer, the rides you requested will be ready on Friday.”
“Thanks.” He leaves with his mom who gives me a kiss on the cheek. I
turn back to Mitchell and lead him through the stockroom doors. “Sorry about
that. What were you saying about these people?” I ask. It’s not something I could
forget. The Riders were the suspicious characters around here. Everyone else
lives like modern day, Mayberry residents.
“They look like the city folks that deal and use drugs.”
“Oh really? Is it the style of clothes, or did you see something going on
here?” I wonder if these were the guys that had threatened that Derek kid who
started the fire. I kind of hope they are one in the same. Because if not, that
means we have more trouble coming around.
“I didn’t see a transaction, but they were up to no good.”
“I’ll have Law look into it with his deputies. I hope it’s not hard drugs.” I
don’t want any illegal drugs around, but we have a major heroin ring not too far
from here. And if they come in here and spread their junk this town will
crumble. I’m not willing to allow that to happen. Cyber can pull the security
footage later. I don’t want anyone else in on our assumptions.
“I thought you should know. I don’t know who they are or if they’re just
passing through.”
“Thanks for the heads up. If you see them again call me and I’ll deal with
it.” We continue going over some of the information. Just because I own the
place doesn’t mean I deal with all the numbers and shit. I leave that to the
accountants and managers. If there’s any issue they contact me. I’m more
concerned about the viability. With the population growing, we need to make
sure it’s all running smoothly.
“Thanks for taking the time for me today, Mitchell. I’m off to my next
meeting. Take in a few applications. I’m sure someone could use a job around
“I will. Have a good day, sir.” I walk out and head to the local movie
theater. It’s not large, but it saves time to go there. When I enter, my next
manager, Sammie is waiting for me. She’s been working here for two years and
has done an excellent job of making it a success. She’s Doc’s little sister. Doc’s
constantly reminding me that Sammie isn’t welcome at our parties. We don’t get
out of hand, but hell if he wants anyone hitting on her. He’s liable to send
someone to the hospital. That’s the way I am with Morgan, but I’m the Pres.
People know better.
I call Cyber. “Hey, can you pull the store footage this week? Some punks
have been in there and I want to know if Derek can ID them.”
“Sure thing. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can,” he says. I can tell he’s
distracted while talking to me. It’s normally that way because he’s on his
computer working at the same time. He’s the definition of a multitasker.
“I’m taking Crystal to the clubhouse. She needs a proper tour,” I inform
him. He’s got his own section of the clubhouse where he works on his tech shit.
“Are we still meeting today?” he asks, typing away.
“Yes, I want everyone there by six. I’m having dinner brought in.”
“Fucking hell yeah. I’m starving. I’ve been working on the footage for the
pizza place and it’s not going well. By the way, Corey hasn’t been seen by
anyone. And his sister called your girl. I don’t know if she told you, but they
tried to trace her location.”
“What? How?”
“It’s not that hard, but they still can get it. They were trying to pinpoint it,
but all they have to do is hack into the system and pull the cell tower info.”
“Well, if they try to come after her, they’ll be met by a shitload of lead.” I
end the call as I pull into my property. Crystal is sitting on the porch looking
pretty in a pair of jeans and a pink hoodie. She smiles at me and I can’t help but
return it. Before I know it, she runs down the stairs and jumps into my arms. She
wraps her legs around my waist and kisses me.
“Fuck, Tigress. I could get used to this homecoming.”
“I love what you did!” she says, kissing my face. I hadn’t done anything
but screw her and go to work.
“What did I do, baby?”
“You paid for my family to come visit.” Fuck, I didn’t do that.
“Are you sure?” The excitement’s gone and I’m hurrying her into the
My phone rings at the same time. “Cyber, what’s going on?”
“Airline tickets were paid by Santos for Crystal’s parents and sister.”
“Are you shitting me?”
“When do they arrive?”
“In an hour in Dallas.”
“Okay. Get a team here to watch her. I’ll meet them at the airport with
Beast.” I hang up and run in the house to put on a suit. Beast being a lawyer, he’s
always wearing one.
“Garrett, what’s going on?” I put up a finger for her to give me a moment
as I call him.
“Beast, meet me at the airport with a sign that says, “Mr. and Mrs. Miller
and Sophia.”
“Okay, what’s going down?”
“Santos is waiting to kidnap Crystal’s family.”
“I’ll be there.”
Crystal starts falling apart. “I’m going with you.”
“No, you’re not. I promise we’ll come back with them, but it’s not safe.
And I’m not going to risk it.” I slip on a suit as fast as I can. I had the jacket and
shirt on so that saved me time, but I had to put boots on and nice slacks. Two
truckloads show up as I come down the stairs. It’s Doc, Blade, Mick, Law,
Wrench, and a host of prospects.
“I’ve got to go, baby.”
“Cyber filled us in. I’m going with you,” Doc says. “You might need me.”
“Let’s ride. We have less than an hour to get there and to the proper spot.”
I turn to my woman and kiss her hard. Then pull away. “Protect her.” They nod,
and we head out.
The drive takes about forty minutes. In this traffic, fifty. The guns are
already in place, but I’ve got other shit hidden in certain compartments. We get
there and Beast is waiting in the baggage section. He winks, flipping the sign.
We look around for anyone that’s there to pick up the Millers. Then I see the
guys. They have a similar sign, but they don’t know I’m here. I know she hasn’t
told them about me, but I know about all of them. I see the daughter coming out
first. I step up and greet her, so they can’t see her. She’s short like Crystal but
blonde with blue eyes. “Hello, I’m Garrett Steele. Follow me please.”
“Where’s Crystal?”
“Do me a favor and be quiet for two minutes.”
The crowd is large enough that they don’t notice them. We leave without
their luggage because Beast will grab it along with his own driver. Doc is
waiting in the driver seat. “What’s going on?” They ask, getting into the car.
My phone rings. “Hey,” I say.
“I’ve got the bags. They’re still looking around for them.”
“Good, get out of there before they see you,” I say before ending the call.
“What’s going on?” Mr. Miller roars. I turn and give him a be quiet look.
“Relax. You were going to be abducted by someone that has it in for
Crystal and me. They don’t know you left with us. We need to get you to safety
“How do we know you aren’t kidnapping us?” I want to tell him because I
was planning to spend my afternoon buried balls deep in his daughter.
“Hold the fuck up.” I take my phone and call Crystal, hitting the speaker
“Garrett, what’s happening?” she asks frantically.
“I’ve got your parents and sister. We’re on our way home.”
“Thank God. Please be safe.”
“Say, hi, Tigress,” I tell her.
“Mom, Dad, Soph, I’m so sorry,” she sobs.
“It’s okay, baby girl. We’ll see you soon.”
“Tigress, stay inside. And stay away from the tablet.”
“Fuck you, ass.”
“I love you, too.” I hang up, hoping there’s no awkward silence. I love her
and that’s without a doubt. Whether she’s there with me, it doesn’t matter. We’re
in this together.
“Doc, go past our exit to the other one and go around. I want more
protection. They may be waiting just in case,” I tell him, looking through the
mirrors. “Yeah,” I say when Beast calls.
“They are onto you. I’ve got some of the prospects meeting us at the club.
Jackson’s riding in, too, but man, they’re ready for war.”
“All that matters is keeping my woman safe. Where’s Morgan?”
“Mick’s got her. She’s at your place, too,” Jackson says.
“Good. They’ve fucked with the wrong people.”
“They sure have, Pres.”
“We’re on it, bro,” Jackson says, which means Beast had it on speaker.
We’re less than a mile from the club on the edge of my city limits. These
bastards fucked up because they’re in my territory now.
My men are ready, but that doesn’t stop Santos’s men. A car speeds up
behind us and starts shooting into our car.
“Duck,” I shout. The family does, and I lower my passenger window,
firing back, hitting their tires. I also shoot the driver in the head. They roll and
crash into a wooded ditch. It’s the same guys from the airport. Then another car
comes speeding up, but it’s Beast and Jackson.
We pull into the club garage. “Is everyone okay?”
“Yes,” they say together.
Then Mrs. Miller says, “You’re not though.” It took me a second to feel
the blood dripping down my arm.
“Fuck,” I say.
“Let me look at it,” Doc says as he pulls an emergency kit out that we
keep inside the garage. “It’s only a graze. You’ll be all right after I get you
“I need to get to her.”
“It can wait, soldier. You damn well know, you’re no good to her if they
come again. Use your head.”
“Fuck you, Doc. Fix me already.” He jabs a syringe into my arm several
times, numbing the area. “That stings. Just stitch me up.”
“Calm down. I’ll be done in a minute.”
“Can you tell us why they’re after you?”
“Her roommate tried to hurt her, and we beat his ass. His sister is married
to a dealer.”
“That bitch. I hate her. I told Crystal she’s not a good person,” Sophia
“Well, then you’re a good judge of character. I’m Dr. Joseph Simmons,”
he says, taking her hand and bringing it to his mouth.
“Hey, can you finish my arm?”
He wipes it off. “There.”
He puts the kit away and tosses the blood-soaked gauze in the trash.
“Now, while we wait for the coast to clear, do you all want something to drink?”
Doc adds. He directs all his attention to Crystal’s sister. Her parents are eyeing
him like this motherfucker is bold as hell.
“Jackson, what’s going on?”
“It’s all clear. Wrench and Boss are with us. The area is secure. I think we
need to triple the security.” We’ve never had a problem like this before. Our
town hasn’t had a serious crime in the five years since we established it. We have
cameras and secure gates with bulletproof paneling on our vehicles.
“We’ll discuss a plan later. Fuck. I can’t believe they came after us for that
pussy. I should have killed him when I had the chance. I’m on my way home.” I
need to get to my woman and hold her.
“You can stay here or come with me. Beast will bring your luggage later.
Doc, take them in one of the other trucks. This one needs to go to Wrench’s
shop. I’m taking my bike.” I leave them there because seeing Crystal before they
take away her attention is a must. The drive is short and I enter my gate and see
guys standing on the outside of it. I nod at them. Shit just got real today and that
won’t happen again. Santos has started something he shouldn’t have.
I park and run straight into the house. Crystal throws herself into my arms.
“You’re back, Garrett,” she sobs, placing kisses on my neck.
“I am, baby. You can’t get rid of me that easily,” I whisper, closing my lips
around hers. I walk us up to our bedroom without giving a fuck who is there. I’m
not going to fuck her like I want, but I need to be alone with her.
“Where are my parents?” she asks, realizing she hadn’t seen them.
“I came ahead. Doc’s bringing them. I needed to see you.” I brush the
back of my hand down her cheek. “I’m sorry about all this.”
“Don’t be sorry. That shit came after me and I destroyed his ego.”
“No, baby, we beat his ass,” I confess.
“He deserved it, if not more…” she mutters the last bit.
“When I get a hold of him, he’ll get it,” I promise. I’m going to end this
fucker. I lay on my back and pull her on top of me.
She gasps. “Oh no, have you been shot?” she asks, seeing the bandage on
my arm.
“Just a flesh wound.” She presses her head against my chest as I rub her
“Where is she?” I hear.
“Your parents are here.” She gets up. “Rest, Garrett, please.”
“Too much shit to do. Remember, Tigress, I need to lead.” I get up and
kiss her before we go back downstairs. Her mom runs up to her, holding her
close. I watch as most of my men break away from the personal moment. Good
for them. I’m looking around and I don’t see Morgan.
“Where’s my sister?”
“In the kitchen,” Blade says. The others start strolling into the house. I go
into the kitchen and find something I don’t need to. Mick and Morgan cooking
together and laughing.
“What the fuck is going on?” A lone tear drips down my sister’s face. I
wrap my arms around her.
“I’ll leave you alone,” Mick says, walking out of the kitchen.
“Don’t try to get out of helping me,” she shouts at him. “I’m so happy
you’re all right, bro.” She presses her face into my chest. I rub her back, placing
a kiss on her forehead as I comfort her. Jackson comes into the room and asks,
“What the fuck am I, chop liver?”
“Yes, did you get it all taken care of?”
“You know we did. Is this what actual war feels like? Because I’m ready.”
“It’s not, but it will be. They started it, but we’re going to finish it.”
Chapter 18

“Sweetheart, care to explain what’s going on?” my dad asks as he holds
my mother close. I took them to a room down the hall where they can sleep and
we can have a private family moment. They were shot at today. That’s not
something they’re used to. “When we got the message you needed us to come
down we didn’t know you had a man and that he’s a thug.”
“Garrett’s not a thug. He’s a hardworking man who doesn’t take shit from
anyone,” I argue. He’s mine and he’s good to me.
“I like him,” Sophia pipes in. “And I’m so glad you’re okay,” she adds,
squeezing me in a big hug. I grunt and flinch with my side freaking still hurting.
“What’s wrong with you?” she questions, looking down at my side. She
tries to lift my shirt, but I stop her.
“I’ll kill him if he hurt you,” my dad rages, letting go of his hold on my
mom. He’s clenching his fists, ready to rip Garrett’s head off.
I give my dad a hug, then pull away as I stare into his eyes and tell him the
truth. “No, he didn’t at all. This mess is because of Corey. I should have just
gotten an apartment by myself.”
“What happened?” My dad grills me for the next ten minutes. When he
learns about what Corey did, and I even show them the remnants of my bruised
ribs, he threatens to kill him with his own hands.
“That’s why your guy said he should have killed him when he had the
chance,” he growls out. I’ve never seen my dad mad like this. The last time was
when some jackass started teasing me about being short with big tits. I punched
the kid in his face. We had a big parent-teacher meeting at the school about it. At
the end of the day, my dad reminded me that there were always lousy people out
there and to stay strong. That’s what I did this time. Only the punch wasn’t
enough. They want my blood and that of my family’s.
“What about my brothers?” I had forgotten about them and they could be
in danger, too.
Dad informs me, “They’re training in Vegas for the Pay-Per-View fight
this weekend.”
“Oh no, I totally forgot about it.” I scrunch my brows because I won’t be
able to go.
“Don’t worry, Tigress. We’ll go and get married while we’re there,”
Garrett remarks, entering the room and coming to stand by my side.
“I have to work.” I ignore the whole marriage thing. It’s not that I don’t
want to be tied to this beastly teddy bear, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.
“Yes, you do, but not on the weekends. I don’t mean to sound like a dick,
but you’re working with kindergarteners. They’re either going to play or you’ll
read to them.”
“Oh, my goodness. I forgot about your new job.”
“They gave me that age because I’m new and don’t have to plan as much.
So, yes, I can go as long as I get back in time.”
“I’ll get you there. I can’t miss work either.”
“What do you do for a living?” Dad challenges.
“I, along with my brother, own most of this town. Welcome to
“Wait, are you telling me you own the whole town?”
“Not anymore. As the need for more businesses in the area come about I
rent out the property. If they want to buy it they can.”
“Wow,” my mom mouths.
“That’s why I don’t want any trouble in my town.”
“And the guys with the biker jackets? They’re your friends?”
“I’m the President of the Steele Riders. Every one of these men are close
friends who have been to war with me or friends and family of them.”
“Do you normally have high-speed gun chases?”
“Actually, I can say this was my first. I get that you’re concerned about
your daughter, but I won’t let anything happen to her. In fact, tomorrow, at least
several of my men will be at the school. I doubt they’ll be looking for a fight.
They may realize one lousy fucking beating isn’t worth losing their men. If
Santos comes for us, I’ll finish him, too. I’m still waiting for that little pussy to
make his location known. If I’d killed his ass the first time, we wouldn’t have
this because they wouldn’t know which of his enemies got him.”
“I want them dead as well. They came after my family.” My dad stands
strong and hard in front of Garrett, emphasizing his anger.
Garrett nods, but I can see he doesn’t want my father involved. “I
understand, but sir, I don’t want a war with anyone and I’d hate to get you
“If Sophia hadn’t texted Crystal, they would have gotten us,” Dad tells
Garrett. “They involved me the moment they attacked us.”
There’s a knock at the door. Garrett opens it to see Blade.
“What’s up?”
“Hey, Pres. I’m going to pick up some food at the store. No offense, but
there’s not enough in your house for all of us,” Blade says.
“I ordered from the diner for the club. We’ll have to pick it up in twenty
minutes.” Garrett tells him.
“That’s cool. We’ll head there now.” It’s obvious he’s ready to eat now.
These guys are huge. I’m sure they want to fire up the grills and barbeque some
fat ass steaks.
“Take several guys with you,” Garrett orders. “The danger isn’t over yet.”
“Sure thing, Pres.” He turns around and jets out.
About three hours later, Garrett has them all gone from the house. My
parents, Sophia, and Morgan are staying until things clear up. Cyber, who seems
pretty cool, arranges more security. Many of the men added additional security
to the gates as well, making the fencing bulletproof. They’re headed to the club
to do the same thing. Garrett’s leaving right now to see how it’s going.
“I’ll only be gone for a little while. When I come back, I plan to hold you
until we both have to get up.”
“I’ll be waiting,” I reply, waving him off as he hustles down the stairs and
onto his bike.
“Now that he’s gone, let’s talk wedding. We only have a few days to get
things together.”
“He was only joking,” I tell my mom.
“Baby girl, that man wasn’t joking.”

Chapter 19

I’ve been on edge all day, it’s been one of the longest of my life. The
Millers are staying until we leave for Vegas. Every time I turn around, I’m
calling Crystal or one of my guys. We haven't heard from Santos or his men.
After our meeting last night, the fellas and I questioned if Santos was already
snooping through our town trying to start shit before I even met Crystal. Cyber
managed to pull up some of the footage from the grocery store. The little punks
look like they walked straight out of the Gangland show. All our buildings are
secured overnight. The guys worked all day and finally crashed at the clubhouse.
I can't wait to pick up my girl from the school. Her mom is making us dinner and
we’re having a not so unexpected guest tonight. After the show he put on in my
garage, I knew where Doc was headed. Mr. Miller didn't seem to mind him that
much. And I sensed a new level of respect from him on my end. I get that the
violence and danger that he saw isn't something he wants his daughter around
and I'm hoping after we deal with these fuckers we won't have any more
problems. One of my last stops before picking up my girl is the jewelry store.
I’m not there long when I see the perfect ring for her. A nice three-carat diamond
would do for my Tigress. I even made her special cut for the club that I had to
get from the tailor’s. She is the future wife of the president after all. She deserves
nothing but the best. I look at my watch and realize I have to get on the road in
fifteen minutes. Fuck, I'm out of time.
“Hey, Pres. I found out some shit on Santos,” Cyber informs me with
crazy energy.
“What's going on?” I need everything I can get on that fucker, so I can end
this bullshit.
“He claims he’s not the one who put the call out to scoop up her family. It
was that little fuck and his druggie dad. Santos wants to meet.” I laugh at that
“And I’m supposed to believe the fucker? His men just tried to kill my
family. Now he wants to meet,” I scoff. “Get the fuck out of here with that
fucking bitch shit.”
“The message says he doesn't want war with you.”
“How did they send it?” I ask. I have a feeling how they did, but it galls
me to think they contacted my woman.
“They didn’t; I forwarded all texts or calls to your old lady from Santos or
his wife straight to mine.”
“That was a smart thing to do. I don’t want them even calling her for shit.
Clear the line, and I'll talk to him as I'm driving, okay?"
"Got you. I'll set up the call and dial it in."
Two minutes pass and my phone goes off. “Hello,” I answer. Since the ID
comes up blank on my screen, I know he blocked his number too. He’s a known
drug dealer. Anything on him and he’s toast.
“Steele. This is Gabriel Santos. We have a major problem between us I’d
like to resolve.”
“I’ve got a problem solver for you, Santos. You came after me and mine.”
“I did no such thing. I don’t know what that little pendejo did that you
beat his ass, but I’m sure he deserved it. If he wasn’t my wife’s brother, I might
kill him myself. Basta, I still might, nada mas.”
“He tried to rape my woman. He hurt her and had I known then, he’d
already be dead.”
“That’s not tolerated in my world, Mr. Steele. Even putas who sell
themselves aren’t to be forced into shit they don’t want. I cannot tell you where
he is, but I will say should he go around using my money to start shit, he’ll be
lying in a ditch. My wife will just have to be consoled by me.”
“Do we have an understanding, Santos?” I ask. I want this over with.
“Si, I don’t want anything to do with the baboso. See him, kill him. He’s a
weak link and so is his bitch ass father.”
“If any of your men come at us again, we won’t hesitate. My men only
want him.”
“Perfecto. I will keep them away from your town. But you need to know
that someone else is looking to enter the area.”
“Yeah, I’ve already started seeing the signs.”
“You didn’t hear it from me, but they are from Colombia and looking for
more gringos to get hooked on the cocaína and heroin.”
“Trying to take out your competition?”
“No. My shit’s legal. I’m a pinche marijuana wholesaler these days. The
US making it legal has limited the risk.”
“Stay out of my hair and we won’t have a problem.”
“Agreed, adios, Mr. Steele.”
“Good-bye, Santos.” I hit the button on the back of the steering wheel,
ending the call. Now onto my mission to pick up my future wife. The men and I
will go to church tonight.
As I pull up to the school, I give her a call. “Baby, I’m here. I’ll meet you
at the door.”
“Okay, I’m getting my things.” My men are standing their ground as I
approach. I send them on their way because I don’t need their help. I’m taking
Santos at his word. He doesn’t want a war because my men have been soldiers
and they will destroy his people.
She comes out a minute later giving me a large smile. I pull her into my
arms and kiss her. I’ve missed her so much. I don’t know if I can pull away long
enough to get her in the truck.
“I’ve missed you.”
“Take me home, Garrett.”
“Tigress, calm that down. Your parents are at our house. If we go there,
I’ll have to wait until everyone is asleep.”
“That’s a pity because I need you.”
“Come on. We need to go before you get fired for fucking on school
property.” I drag her to the truck, holding in my need to lift her over my lap and
fuck her in the cab.
Chapter 20

Holy shit, this night refuses to end. I want Garrett on me, in me, and
possessing me, but people around here just won’t go to bed. I look at the clock
and mentally scream. It’s only seven-thirty. What the hell? “Is the clock
broken?” I blurt out. Cringing because that’s not something I meant to say.
“No,” Garrett answers, looking at his watch.
“Sorry, I guess I’m more tired than I thought.”
“Go to bed, sweetheart. There’s no need to entertain us. Besides, we’re
planning to do the same soon.”
Our bedroom is on the opposite side of the one my parents are using and a
floor above. As soon as we get there, I’m tearing at Garrett’s clothes. “Damn,
Tigress, I really thought you were tired.”
“Stop talking. I want it now.” I lift his shirt off him. He chuckles until I
cup his cock through his jeans. The laughter is gone, and my beast is here with
me. His eyes are dark and devious as he eyes me, while he shakes his head and
smirks. I find myself off my feet and carried into the bathroom. He sets me on
the counter while he starts the shower. I stare at his tattoos. He comes back to
me, nestling his body between my legs, then gives me a peck on my lips. Garrett
grabs the hem of my shirt and lifts it over my breasts. He leaves it there for a
moment, so he can admire my chest. His mouth wraps around my nipple,
sucking it through the material of my bra, then letting it go with a little pop. I’m
lucky I’m sitting because I feel weak from his touch.
I press my hands to his bare chest, making him growl. He leans me back,
placing my hands on the counter for support, while he moves to take off my
pants. Something about the way he’s controlling me makes me crave more. He
stands back up and in one motion takes me hard. He pumps into me as I thrust
my hips up. We fuck fast and rough. His mouth crashes onto mine as we both
come. He doesn’t pull out as he takes me into the shower. His cock is still hard
and deep within me. The warm spray only heats up my desire even more and
he’s with me. He slams me against the shower wall and fucks me slower this
time. His mouth is sucking on my neck, he bites my shoulder, then teases my
nipples. We rock back and forth until we’re completely undone. I could live like
this. He helps me wash up, scrubbing me from head to toe, then I return the
favor, taking him into my mouth. I can’t help it. Something about the smooth yet
hard feel calls to me. I want to please him. He slowly fucks my mouth, but
decides to stop before he comes, then releases his load all over my chest, rubbing
it in and marking his territory. I wash it off as he steps out of the shower. “You’re
not going to help me wash again?”
“No woman, the water’s getting cold and that mouth of your is a wicked
temptress. I’ll be waiting for you. Hurry up.” I watch him dry off then step into
our bedroom. He returns as I grab a towel and helps me dry off before sliding
one of his shirts over my head.
It’s a Steele Demolition shirt. “That’s sexy.”
“I love my name on you. Fuck, it’s getting me hard all over again.” Then I
think about how fun it would be to sneak around and have sex wherever we land.
He’s turned me into a freak in such a short time.
“I’m too tired to even brush my hair.”
“I’ve got it,” he offers. We sit on the edge of the bed and I hope he doesn’t
pull my hair out. He doesn’t. In fact, he’s nothing but gentle, then he does a
braid. I saw Fifty Shades and I wonder if he’s done this with other women. Of all
the things we’ve done this to me seems so much more personal all of a sudden.
“Color me surprised. I didn’t know you could braid hair,” I remark,
hoping he’ll elaborate.
“Well, you know about my parents. I had to help take care of Morgan. She
loved her hair in a braid when she was little. My mother made me learn so she
wouldn’t have to do it anymore.” He kisses my forehead, then adds, “I’ve never
done that before for any other woman.” I blush because I’m embarrassed at how
jealous I am. There are few firsts with him. It’s nice to know that I’m the only
partner he did that with.
He rolls back the covers, then lays down. “Come hither, woman. It’s time
for you to rest. We have a big day tomorrow.” I snuggle my head into his chest
and fall asleep quicker than I thought possible. I’m a very happy woman.
Chapter 21

My woman falls asleep in my arms after being thoroughly fucked and
loved. I’m glad she’s not that loud or her parents might have heard us. Or maybe
it’s just the way it felt. Every time we’re together it’s so animalistic that I lose all
sense of calm. I’m wild and she comes along with me.
“I’ll be back,” I whisper into her ear. She murmurs a quiet, “I love you,”
and now I don’t want to get up. But I have to because Church is a must. I’m out
of the house in ten minutes, everything locked up tight and secure. I can get
there faster on my bike, but it’s late and I don’t want to wake Crystal or her
I use the new codes that Cyber gave me and pull into my spot. Everyone’s
in the main chill area having a drink. “Hey, the family man has finally made it.”
“Fuck off, bro,” I tell Jackson. “Okay, let’s go in the room because there’s
a lot to talk about and I want your input.”
We walk in and everyone takes their seats but me. “Here’s the thing. I got
a call from Santos today. I’ve made a compromise in good faith with him. He
doesn’t want anything to pop off any more than we do. It seems that he wants
that bastard knocked off and wants no part of his problems. He says the only
reason he doesn’t do it himself is because of his wife. Speaking of, I’m getting
The boys roar, hooting and hollering like fools. I raise my hand and they
silence their asses up. “Thanks. We’re getting married in Vegas this weekend. I
picked up her cut this morning. She’s the first old lady in the group.” They cheer
again. “Now that I got that out of my system, back to Santos. He asked that we
squash this. He’s ticked off about the loss of men, but it’s not our fault, so he’s
not looking for any retaliation. However, if we attack any of his guys other than
the fuck and his dad, we’ll be at war. Any opinions, questions?”
“Do you think he’s telling the truth?”
“Yes. He was eager to make the deal which means he’s not looking for
more trouble. On the other hand, he did inform me that there’s a Colombian drug
trafficking organization searching for new users and they’ve been in our area.”
“So, you think the shop was them?”
“I think so. He didn’t give names, and I didn’t ask. I don’t want to owe the
guy any favors. Cyber can you look into it and find out who’s a major drug
dealer from Colombia. More than likely they have records to back up the
“Can do. That’s something I can probably narrow down by afternoon.”
“Anything I need to be made aware of?” It’s always something I ask.
When we first started the club, it was necessary. Now, my men will tell me
anything I need to know.
“Are we lessening the security?”
“I don’t really want prospects around my wife, but I think keeping a
couple on and rotating would be good.”
“Now, my sister has talked about opening a coffee shop in the area. I will
be backing her, but I’ll need you all to help if you can with the build. She needs
to do something and apparently, college wasn’t for her.”
“It wasn’t for most of us,” Mick says. I’m getting the feeling he’s
interested in my sister.
“Is that it, men?” I ask, wanting to get out of here, so I can go home and
hold my woman. When they nod, I call out, “Amen,” and the men repeat it,
signaling the end of another session.
“Boomer,” Doc says, walking up to me as everyone else files out.
“Yeah, what’s up, Doc?” I ask. I can see the way he’s nervously rocking
on his heels.
“How’s Sophia?” he blurts out.
I smile because he’s a mess and I get it having recently been there. “She’s
good. What’s really on your mind?”
“Nothing. Just wondering if she’s comfortable being in the house.”
“You act like she’s used to living outside. Why don’t you come out and
say it? You want to protect her, and hate doing it from a distance. I feel you,” I
tell him. Doc agrees with me given the current climate. “She’s safe at the house.
You can visit when you have time. Now, I’ve got to go.” I clap him on the back
and leave for the night.
Even with Santos’s promise, relief doesn’t hit me. There’s tons of danger.
We have drug dealers looking to start some shit. While one threat is out of the
way, another is lurking, waiting to attack. Since we have no idea who they are or
where they’re at, we can’t hunt them down. We’ll have to wait until they return.
It’s fucked up, but they’ll be coming around soon. I’ve got no doubt about that
I leave the area, keeping aware of my surroundings. It pisses me off that
I’m looking over my shoulder in my town. Fuck that noise. This is going to end.
I need to dig a little deeper. We’re still waiting to run all the backgrounds on the
people who stopped at the pizza place over the past two weeks. With the attack
on Crystal and the abduction attempt on the Millers, we’ve put our focus on
those searches. Now it’s time to up our game.
Chapter 22

He’s gone again. I wake up and know he’s at the club. He’s dealing with
matters I’m not allowed to be involved in and I get it. I’ve never been so
frightened. I stand to use the washroom, then find that he’s home when I return. I
run up to him and jump into his arms.
“That’s the kind of welcome I love to see,” he remarks, squeezing my ass.
I can’t get enough of this man. “I missed you, too,” he laughs as I kiss his neck.
“Make love to me, Garrett,” I tell him. He doesn’t hesitate and carries me
to bed. Taking my nightgown off and tossing it to the side. I don’t have any
panties on and he growls when he notices.
“I figured why bother.” He smiles sinisterly, taking off his shirt, then
drops down between my thighs.
“Lie back and be quiet. If you cry out, I’m going to have to stop,” he
warns me. He’s challenging me, and I don’t think I’m up to it. His mouth latches
onto my pussy and I jump as he sucks on my clit. I’m doing all I can not to
scream, but he slips a finger in each hole. I’m about to come instantly. He stops
and shakes his head. “I warned you. Now I need to give you something to be
quiet.” He stands and takes off his tightly stretched jeans right in that sexy place.
His cock pops free, already coated with some cum. I naturally part my mouth as
he straddles me, sliding his cock between my breasts. He does this, letting his
cock hit my lips in the process. One thrust forward I suck in the tip and he
freezes, releasing a deep, guttural moan.
He stops me and pulls back, then with one thrust shoves his cock into me.
I gasp, and his mouth comes down on mine. “We can’t be too loud,” he mutters,
rutting into me. We come together, our mouths capturing our cries. After our
momentous high, I feel the touch of metal to my finger. I lift my hand to see a
stunning diamond ring.
“Marry me?”
“Yes,” I cry, kissing him frantically. I stare at the ring for a moment longer
before he moves to his back and tugs me on top of him. My heart is so full that
sleep comes easy.
Chapter 23

I miss her like fucking crazy. I had to work late, so Crystal’s being picked
up by Law. No one better to give you a ride home than our local sheriff. I
haven’t given her the cut I had made yet. I don’t know if she’ll like it, but I’ll
find out soon. She’s very particular about her clothes, so the way I had it done
should be pretty for her.
My truck phone rings, “Hello?”
“Hey, this is Mr. Miller.” Shit, what can he want?
“How can I help you, sir?” I ask, driving to the house.
“I wanted to know if you had any information on that little shit yet?” he
whispers. I wonder where the women are. That would be the only reason I can
see him doing that.
“Not yet. My guys are working on it. The second we do, I’ll let you
know,” I placate him. I don’t want anyone else involved. The more people
aware, the greater the risk of discovery.
“I want in on it. I’m not kidding. I don’t want my wife or daughters to
know, but I want to kill him. You may be taking my place as her protector, but
she’s my little girl and he crossed the line.” He sold me on it. I see only red, just
considering what could happen. That’s his daughter. One day, I’ll be a dad and
I’ll gut a motherfucker for trying to hurt my girl.
“Understood. This is just between us,” I reassure him.
“You haven’t said anything to your sons, right?” I know they’ll need to
know something, but the finer details need to be left out. I’ll be meeting them
Friday night. They can grill me then.
I pull up to the house as soon as I get off the phone with her dad. Crystal
runs down the stairs to greet me and although I love it, it’s not safe. The fucktard
is still out there, and so are the potential drug dealers that have been prowling
my neck of the woods. That’s another thing I need more information on the
surveillance of. Cyber will let me know, but unfortunately, it’s just a waiting
game, then trying to name them. It’s fine and dandy if we find them, but it won’t
be enough because we’ll need to know who they are. And the cameras are good,
but they can’t reach around to focus on their faces.
“I missed you, too, baby.”
“Sorry, I just love this,” she squeals. It takes me a second to realize she’s
wearing the cut. It says Property of Boomer. Underneath that is Tigress.
“Shit, I forgot to hide it,” I’d been in a hurry this morning and forgot I left
it in the truck they used to take her to and from work.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to presume. I guess I should have waited
until you were ready to give it to me. I forget it means more than just a present.”
She tenses and lets go of my waist. I put her legs right back.
“No woman, if I had a chance, you would have had it the same night we
met. You have no idea how much I want the world to know you’re mine. I just
got it yesterday from the tailor and I didn’t know when to give it to you. I didn’t
want you to think it’s only because we’re getting married. You’re mine and I
want everyone to know it. I want to punch any guy that looks at you, but since
they should always respect your ass, I can’t have them ignoring you.”
“You are so wonderful. Even if you are a bit of a caveman.”
“I’m a complete caveman. Just because I don’t say it, doesn’t mean I’m
not thinking it. My men have been warned to treat you like they would their
mothers. Any deviation will get them popped in the mouth.”
“Yep, caveman. I love you,” she concedes.
“Good, now let’s go inside. We may not have a problem with Santos
himself, but that little bitch is still out and about.”
“Sorry, I guess since the place is fortified, I didn’t even consider anything
could happen.”
“No, don’t be sorry. It’s my job to make sure you feel safe.” I close my
lips around hers, kissing her as I carry her up the front steps and in the house. I
let her go because I’m not trying to piss off her father.
“We’re almost done cooking. I have to set the table,” she says, turning
around and sauntering away. Then I see how fucking sexy the cut looks.
Thoughts of her wearing just that as I take her from behind run through my
mind. Property of Boomer for sure.
“I’m going to wash up,” I tell her.
“Okay,” she calls out, walking into the kitchen. I run upstairs and clean
up. I worked hands-on with a lot of explosives today. What I need to do is get a
hold of my firecracker. I want to set her off over and over again. Damn, I have to
get her parents out of my house. We leave tomorrow for Vegas. We haven’t
publicized it to keep them from attacking the house.
My guys will still be doing rotations and monitoring it though. I barely get
down to the kitchen when my phone rings. “What’s up, Blade?”
“We have a lovely little present for you at the clubhouse. In fact, there’s
two of them. They were planning to surprise you first. Gabe spotted them in
town and called us. Do you want us to get started or should we celebrate as
“As one. I’ll be there in forty-five minutes. I’m about to sit down for
dinner. Chill out and we’ll have another session soon.”
“Works for me. You know, letting it breathe makes it better,” he adds,
chuckling on the other end. I finish the call, then turn to see my girl with her
hands on her hips.
“So, you need to go with the guys? They want you to play pool?” she
asks, her eyes smiling at me. That’s not what I was expecting from her.
“That’s exactly what I need to do, but I want dinner with my family first,”
I answer, pulling her into my arms.
“Good, kiss me before my dad walks in.” I do just that but then there’s a
“Oh hi, Daddy. You know Garrett’s going to the clubhouse after dinner to
knock some balls around. You want to go with?” she asks with a smirk. My
woman is just too much. I need to marry her right away.
He looks right at me and knows what she’s referring to. “When I was a
young guy, I used to play a lot.”
“Great. So, let’s eat. I didn’t spend all this time watching mom cook for it
to get cold.” I shake my head and follow her in.
We all sit down in the kitchen because I don’t have a table. “You know,
Garrett dear, you need to get a dining room set. You have this massive home and
we’re all huddled in the kitchen.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’m waiting for Crystal to pick one out. I want her to
decorate as she pleases,” I remark, then lift Crystal’s hand to my lips and kiss it.
Her mom and sister gush over it.
“He’s full of it. He just never had time to decorate so he’s leaving it to
“It’s better than him hiring some greedy interior broad who’ll try to take
your place,” Sophia tells her.
“No one could. I made a spot in my life for her. I hadn’t thought about
finding anyone before then. She’s given me hope for a future that I didn’t even
know I wanted.”
“Boomer, can you stop? I’m trying to eat,” her father says.
“Dan, you can be a real ass. At least the guy loves her. You know, he
could be a total douche and she’d still worship his every move. I personally
think it’s sweet.”
“Woman, you’ll get it when I return.”
“Promises, promises.”
“Yes, sugar. I’m going to show you,” he says. And like that both Crystal
and her mom are now blushing terribly.
“I don’t know which of you is worse,” Sophia grumbles.
“That cute doctor is going to change your tune.” Sophia blushes and like a
fucking chick, I want to text the fool and let him know.
“You touched my daughter,” Dan says, not asking. He decks Corey in the
face. Then turns to Corey’s father and says, “You came after me and my family.”
He drops his knee on the guys nuts, squishing them to the chair. The older
druggie screams out like a little pussy. “You are a little bitch.”
Blade comes around, twirling a four-inch finger blade. His knife work is
second to none. He even has his own bladesmithing forge. He goes to work,
nicking the father. Corey’s mine though. He tried to take what belonged to me.
“Corey, we have a serious problem. Well, it’s more like you do, but not for
long.” I punch him in the ribs and hearing the sound of his bones cracking thrills
me to no fucking end. I do it again to the other side. He howls in pain, leaning
over in the chair. I wrench him back with my hands in his fucking hair. I have a
gun aimed to the side of his head. “You’re a dead fucker. Do you have anything
to say?”
“You’ll be joining me very soon,” he wheezes out.
“Don’t count on it,” I say, pulling the trigger. Racking up bodies isn’t my
intention. After leaving the military, I thought my killing days were behind me. I
should feel something akin to fear, but there’s nothing except relief. My woman
and every other one is safe from this motherfucker. I walk over to the other side
of the room. I lift his father’s head, and it seems he bled out. Oh motherfucking
“We’ll clean up,” Blade says.
I nod then turn to Crystal’s dad. “Dan, fancy a game of pool?” I ask
“Why yes, I do.” We wash up first then roll into the main room. The next
few hours are spent getting to know my apparently bad ass father-in-law. He
served in the Marines for ten years before meeting his wife.
The guys come back and tell me everything is taken care of. I nod, then
Dan and I finish our game before heading to the house. Tomorrow we fly out.
We’re getting married Saturday morning at a chapel. It’s great to have so many
people on top of it. Morgan, Sophia, and her mom, all helped Crystal put the
wedding together. All I had to do is pack a suit and clothes for the night. We
have the fight around eight, assuming the others go well. Both brothers are
fighting for titles and are undefeated. They’re in different classes to prevent a
match between them. They won’t fight each other, not even for a huge profit. I
can’t wait to meet them. This should be fun. Two fucking big motherfuckers
with short tempers. I’m not the kind to tolerate any shit, but since they’re
Crystal’s brothers, I might have to back down. Nah, fuck that. She’s mine and
they better get fucking used to it.
Chapter 24

We land at McCarran airport and the men stay close to us. Doc, Mick and
Doc’s sister, Sammie, came too. Doc didn’t want to leave her alone with the shit
going down. She seems like a really nice chick. Garrett hasn’t let go of my hand
since we landed. I’m not sure if he’s worried they followed us here, or that I’m
going to pull a runaway bride type thing. I’m ready to marry him, so he’s got
nothing to worry about. Mick and Doc walk behind us for our protection. We
hop into a limo my brothers sent for us. They’re waiting to meet Garrett. I had a
long talk with them while Garrett did his “pool game.” They grilled me as Mike
ran a search on Garrett. By the end of the conversation, they were happy to meet
my future husband.
We arrive at the Grand where Daniel and Mike are in their suite. They
don’t want to come down because of the crowds that’ll mob them. Garrett’s
holding me by the waist, refusing to separate from me for a moment. I love it. I
lean into him as the elevator closes. My big, strong biker whispers in my ear so
gently that I crave him. “I love you, Tigress.”
“My Garrett, I love you so much.” He bends down and kisses me. We
deepen it and then the door opens to my two brothers staring at us. Garrett
doesn’t quickly pull away. Instead, he smiles at me then turns it on the guys.
“Hello, Daniel and Mike. I’m Garrett Steele,” he greets them after we step
“Mr. Steele, we’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Good. Likewise. I’ve seen you fight on several occasions as well,” he
says, reaching out with one hand while holding onto me. “It’s a pleasure to meet
the both of you.”
“Come inside.”
“So, the wedding is tomorrow morning, are you ready?”
“I am. Then again, Crystal has left me out of everything except picking
my suit.”
“Ha. That sounds about right.”
The doorbell rings and it must be the rest of the family. They were going
to drop all their things off in our suites. “Everyone’s here,” Daniel exclaims
coming back into the main room with the others.
We have a large group of people, but in truth, all I want is to get married
to Garrett and being alone. The hours pass so fast as we all lounge about eating
and talking. My brothers have to eat properly for their fights, plus, they were
heading to bed early. I’m sleeping in my sister’s room for the night. I hate it, but
it’s tradition.
I missed Garrett all night. I could hardly sleep. Sophia did her best, but I
wanted my man. It’s strange that we had to sleep apart. He left several times
since we’ve been together, but it was only for a few hours. It’s six in the morning
and I’m getting ready before everyone wakes up. My longing for Garrett has
grown to a breaking point. Morgan comes into the bathroom while I’m in the
shower. We’ve become more than great friends and I know something’s up.
“What’s up, Morgan?” I ask her, turning off the tap and grabbing my
“Nothing, girl. It’s your day and you’re marrying my amazing big brother.
Let’s get started before Garrett comes banging down the door. You know, I don’t
think he’ll be able to resist.” She starts brushing her teeth when there’s knock at
the door. “Oh no. Don’t you dare go to the door,” she garbles with her mouth
full. A bunch of dirty jokes pop into my head, but I let them go.
“Tigress,” Garrett shouts through the door. I come out of the bathroom
after slipping my robe on. I tie the belt as mom comes out of her room.
“Leave her alone. You can’t see her,” my mother says, rubbing her eyes.
“I just need to talk to her.”
I walk over to the door, leaning against it. “Mr. Steele, is something
“Baby, tell me you’re still marrying me.”
“Of course, I am. What makes you think otherwise?” I ask.
“I had a bad dream. I just need to know you love me,” he growls against
the door.
I laugh softly at the ridiculousness of his needing reassurance. “I do, silly
man. I’m going to meet you in three hours.” Suddenly, fear strikes me. What if
he’s subconsciously having doubts? “Are you having second thoughts?”
“The only damn second thoughts I’ve had are not getting married last
night through one of those drive-thru wedding chapels.”
“Me, too,” I sigh, leaning against the door. “Me, too.”
“Good, now, your breakfast should be up soon. I can’t wait to see you,
Tigress.” I can hear his footsteps as he moves away from the door. He has the
suite we’ll be spending the night in after my brothers’ big fights.
Three hours later, I'm standing in the dressing room of the chapel feeling
like a princess. Morgan did a great job on my hair and my mom worked miracles
to get my dress down to the hotel when we arrived. I can't even believe how this
is all happening. I guess this is the marriage capital of the world. We’re
surrounded by friends and family. It's beautiful. My dad comes in the room.
"Princess, it's time.” A smile spreads across his face. It warms my soul and eases
the nerves I didn’t know I had.
“How do I look?”
“Perfect. Boomer is going to have a hard time waiting at the altar, so we
better get a move on,” he jokes. I won’t put it past Garrett to pick me up and
carry me if I go too slow.
“Girl, you look so pretty. We’ll see you out there,” Sophia cheers, walking
out with our mother. Morgan fixes my veil before giving me a kiss on the cheek
and running out the door behind the other two. The music begins, and I can’t
stop smiling as we inch towards the grand doors. They open, and I see him. I
notice nothing else except my man, my Boomer, my Garrett, waiting for me.
He’s rocking side to side, looking anxious. I want to put my hands on his
handsome, scruffy face, and take away all his tension.
My dad leads the way and on cue, Garrett comes forward. Jackson and
Doc grab his arms and my dad shakes his head at him.
As we reach my man, he grabs the hem of his tux, clenching the material.
He gives the officiant a look that says move along. My father hands me over to
the man I know will love and protect me. He doesn’t hold my hand like he
should but puts his hand around my waist instead. It’s a territorial move and I’m
not sure why.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” He
doesn’t hesitate to tighten his hold on me. One hand slides into my hair and the
other is still on my waist with at least two fingers dangerously on the edge of my
ass. I moan as his mouth comes down on mine. Our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.
Steele surpasses decency. I thrust my hands into his hair, tugging and moaning.
A couple chuckles reach my ears eventually and I realize that I’m in his arms
with my legs wrapped around his waist, grinding on him. I’m completely
mortified and yet so turned on. Instead of setting me down, he adjusts me to be
cradled in his arms and carries me off. We’re not having a reception because the
guys are fighting tonight. We’ll celebrate with them later.
Chapter 25

I know I’m a fucking caveman, but hell if I give two fucks. I carry her to
the limo and tuck her in. I slide in beside her then lift her onto my lap. My dick
is so fucking stiff I’m bound to come if she gives me one more of those sexy
moans. “Mrs. Steele, are you ready to come for me?” I ask, sliding her dress up
and squeeze her thighs with my fingers. I want to be in her.
“Only if we come together,” she moans against my ear before sucking it
between her teeth. I’m clenching my own, hoping to get myself under control.
She grabs my belt and works to get my cock free. I help her straddle my thighs,
then lower her warm pussy down my length. I’m about to come already. Her
tight cunt sucks me into her depths. Gaining some semblance of control, I grab
her face and kiss my wife hard. She begins to bounce up and down, riding me
and every bump sends me deeper. “Fuck, you look so sexy.” I tug down the top
of her gown, releasing her breasts. I suck her hard peak, then move to the other.
I’m holding onto her hips, pumping into her. Her walls close around my length,
pulsating around me as she shouts my name. My orgasm rips right through me
filling her little womb. I’ve just come, but I’m still hard as fuck. I rock into her
knowing she’s not ready to get off again, but I’m going to push my cum deep
into her, hoping it takes root.
“You know, I’ll keep trying to knock you up, Crystal, even with the birth
“Please give me your baby,” she begs. I can tell she’s serious. She rests
her head on my chest and falls into a relaxed and spent state. Five more minutes
and we’re in front of our hotel. We fix ourselves, then knock on the divider to let
him know the coast is clear and he can open the door. Crystal’s face is bright as a
tomato, but instead of letting her embarrassment get to her, she grabs my hard
cock the second three hooker looking types walk into the hotel.
We’re in our room within minutes and I’m tearing off her dress. I don’t
care if she planned on saving it. She can send it to our tailor and have it fixed. In
fact, it’ll be a memento to the time after we got married. She’s got that sexy lacy
contraption you see in the movies. My dirty little wife isn’t wearing panties with
the suspender looking things. I don’t know how to take them off, but since her
pretty, little cunt is completely accessible, who cares. I walk us to the bed with
her legs around my waist then lower her onto the surface long enough to get my
cock out. I line up my dick with her soaked pussy and claim my bride again. “I
can’t wait. You’re mine, Mrs. Steele, mine.”
“That I am,” she grunts out as I slam into her womb repeatedly. I’m wild
with desire for her and always will be. The things she does to me with just a
smile or even that upturned brow are unbelievable. I want to live inside her.
Thoughts of taking her while riding my bike hit me, making it hard to avoid
coming. “Tigress, I’m going to have you ride me on my Harley one day. I want
to feel you come with the vibration on your pussy as I dominate you.”
“Fuck, I’m coming, Garrett,” she screams, choking my cock with her tight
heat. I can’t hold on anymore and come deep inside her, streams of cum painting
her pulsating walls. I hope one day my baby will be growing in there. Damn, I
need to get her to change her mind about the birth control. The picture of her
round with my kid is a primeval need.
“Do you want to shower, eat, or nap?”
“Nap, definitely, nap.”
“Okay, sexy, get under the covers.” She does and I strip down to my
boxers and hop in with her. We don’t have all night because of the fights, but
that’s cool. A little nap will go a long way. And it doesn’t take more than a few
minutes before we pass out.
Chapter 26


Our day has been so perfect. Now it’s almost time for the fights. I’ve
packed my special cut. I’m going to wear it because my man needs to know I’m
only his. Tonight, there’s going to be tons of sweaty, shirtless men. It’s never
affected me before, but I know my husband will choke the life out of one of
these guys if they speak to me.
I won’t let the ring girls get to me because I know that he loves me and
can’t keep his hands off my body. I’ve got nothing to fear from these broads.
He tightens his hold on my waist as we walk into the arena. “You’re
mine,” Garrett grunts against my ear.
“I think I’ve made it clear.”
“Yes, and you look sexy in that leather cut, Tigress.”
We’re all in our seats, but not sitting in the same place, unfortunately,
because of it being sold out. Mick and Morgan are up further back. It seems like
forever before Mike makes his appearance. Garrett keeps me occupied with
random kisses and touches. I know he’s letting everyone know that he’s crazy
about me, but it’s making me horny and irritable. We have two big fights to sit
through. He’s about six-two and two-twenty. I start shouting and cheering for
my brother. His opponent notices and turns and winks at me. Garrett’s ready to
go after him, but I whisper, “Let Mike handle it. He’s trying to piss him off.”
Then the fighter says something to Mike. The bell rings and they circle each
other until the guy runs at Mike. He must have thought Mike’s some punk
because Mike had him pinned to the ground with a rear naked choke. Before we
know it, the shit talking ass has passed out. Mike wins and we cheer him on. He
jumps on the top of the ring, straddling it and throwing his arms up in
celebration. We stand as he comes out with his new belt. It’s an amazing night.
“What did he say to you?”
“Nothing that I’ll say aloud, especially with your husband standing here.”
“I know he did it to get a rise out of you, but if he approaches her, I’ll
make sure it’s the last thing he does,” Garrett informs Mike with a viciousness to
his words that leaves no mistake or misinterpretation. Knowing Garrett and his
men, he’s as serious as it gets.
Mike goes back to get evaluated and cool down as we wait for the next
fight and that’s Danny’s title match. Mike’s going to come back and watch of
course. Assuming Danny makes it last that long. He’s been known to end fights
in the first round. This one is different though because he’s facing another
undefeated fighter, Diego “The Tank” Otero. I’ve seen him a couple times and
the talk up to this fight has been brutal. I’m so glad that Garrett didn’t see it.
There was a lot of screwing sisters type of talk and guys ragging on each other.
This fight is as personal as it gets, but I hope that Garrett can contain himself.
He grabs me and sits me on his lap as they announce the other guy. He
looks my way and I know Garrett’s aware. The guy hides the hint of fear in his
eyes because the cameras are on him. “Are you going to scare everyone?”
“Baby, if I’d been with you when that fuck was trash talking your brother,
he’d already be a dead man. Now, this is the only warning he gets. I don’t give
two fucks if this is the name of the game. You’re mine and that must be
respected. You must be. I know your brother is going to lay this guy out. If not,
he may just come up missing one day.”
“Garrett?” I challenge.
“I’m kidding around. He’s not worth it. The police would be all over it.”
We stand as my brother’s music begins and he walks out. I don’t like that my
brothers do this for a living because it’s so dangerous, but since they rarely get
busted up, I suppose it’s okay.
As soon as Danny’s in the ring, Garrett pulls me back on his lap. Danny is
pinned against the cage, something that’s never happened before, but then he
does some crazy shit and has the guy pinned instead and is throwing some
elbows. “Night, night,” I shout as The Tank is asleep. Danny’s declared the
winner and of course does the customary riding the cage that they all seem to do.
I wonder if that hurts their nuts, but I’m guessing not.
“Fuck, that looks like it hurts,” Garrett grunts.
“I was thinking the same thing. But after everything else, I suppose it’s not
a big deal.”
“You even thinking about another man’s nuts is off limits, woman. You’re
lucky he’s your brother.”
“Oh hush, you were thinking about them, too,” I toss out laughing.
“Well, he must not have any. Let’s go and celebrate. Then I can show you
mine—up close and personal,” he growls in my ear. It’s going to be a memorable
Chapter 27

Blade picks us up at the airport then drives us home before taking Morgan
to her apartment, then he’s going to drop off the rest. Once we get inside, I have
her pinned to the door, my mouth on hers. I want her for my own in our house
without a single distraction. I love this woman and she’s mine to keep for the rest
of our lives. My hands dip under her top, feeling her skin littered with
goosebumps from my touch. I slide down her body, taking her yoga pants with
me. I press my face forward, smelling my favorite scent. I nudge her thighs apart
with my arms. I need her to come for me. I want to christen our home now as a
married couple.
“Garrett,” she screams when I suck her clit between my lips. Her head hits
the door and her hands thrust into my hair, rocking her hips. “Shit, I’m going to
come,” she pants. I want us to come together, so I pull out my cock with one
hand and stand. Gripping her ass, I lift her and slide her down my length. We
both release a groan as I stretch her tight heat. She’s so damn tiny, and I feel like
my dick is in a vise. The way she clenches around me, nearly causes me to black
out from the pleasure shooting straight to my sack. I pump up into her, shaking
our door with every thrust.
“Mine. Only mine,” I grunt. I kiss her hard, biting her lip, crushing our
mouths, and claiming her tongue. I pull away from her lips, needing to get
myself under control. “Come for me, wife. Show me how much you love to feel
me deep in your tiny pussy.” I’m getting turned on by my own words, but so is
she. I reach up and tug on her ponytail, revealing her neck. My mouth attacks her
pulse, kissing and sucking until she cries out. Coming on my cock, while
wringing out my own cum into her.
“I love you, Garrett,” she moans as her head falls forward onto my chest. I
kiss the crown of her head and repeatedly tell her how much I love her. She’s
everything to me. My phone goes off, but my pants are down to my fucking
ankles. I don’t want to be out of her, but it’s more than likely important. I pull
out of her warmth, but I watch as my seed slowly slides down her thighs. I take
one hand and cup her pussy, not letting any more of my baby making juice leave
her womb. I want that shit to stick. I answer the phone, my eyes trained to my
wife’s face.
“Hey, can you meet us at the club? There’s something important we need
to discuss. It’s going to be awhile so bring the Missus.”
“We’ll be on our way in a few minutes,” I say, dipping my fingers into her
cunt. Letting her know that even though I have business to attend to, she’s my
priority. She’s shaking and biting her lip.
“Don’t rush. It’s not too important, but I need you both here,” Doc says.
This is probably about Sophia. I think he’s going to pursue her. I’m not in a rush,
Crystal needs to come again for me. I let my phone fall onto my pants then
continue to finger fuck my wife until she’s clenching around my fingers and
screaming my name.
It takes her a minute to calm down. Then I finally let go and pull up my
pants. “Go wash up. We have to go to the clubhouse.
It's the first time I have her on my Harley. I never realized how great this
would feel. I'm trying not to get hard as we ride to the club. “Oh my goodness,”
she squeals, holding on to me even tighter. Her warm pussy grinding against my
back doesn't help my stiffness at all. I'm going to end up breaking my cardinal
rule for the club but fuck it, it's my place. I've got my spare bedroom in there and
I'm going to fuck my wife until we're both too tired to get up. I’m glad she’s with
me because the thought of spending time away from her is too much to bear. We
only have a few hours before morning and then it’s back to work.
I regret that she’s a teacher now, but it doesn’t matter because I still have
to work too. I’m a fucking multimillionaire even with all the money the town has
cost me, but I want it to be a success and a place for my wife and kids.
I pull into our gravel parking lot. Turning off the engine, I get off the bike
then pick up my woman. We walk inside and to our chagrin, there's a massive
crowd cheering our names and shouting congratulations. They threw a huge
party in our honor. And that little shit of a sister of mine is standing front and
center. “You sneaky little devil,” Crystal says.
“I guess we're going to have to wait,” I whisper in her ear.
“Who says so big boy? I say you give me a full tour.”
“In a little bit, baby.” The party is going for about fifteen minutes before
all hell breaks loose. Before we know what's going on the sounds of gunfire
come from outside and screams can be heard. I'm wondering who the hell has a
woman outside. I look and don't see my sister anywhere. Fuck, Morgan.
“Get them inside,” I tell Evan, one of the prospects. He leads Crystal,
Sammy, and Demi into the secured area, locking them all in with him. We run
out with our guns an open fire on the men shooting our way, while several guys
in a van manage to get inside our guarded entrance. I don't want them all to die; I
want to know how they got into my place. I see them toss my sister into the back
of the van. The devil in me is on the edge. Our men shoot at the wheels sending
the vehicle to spin out. We all charge forward. I pull the van doors wide open
and see my sister bleeding and unconscious. There’s a guy with a gun trained on
me, but I don’t hesitate and blast him in the head. I go around to the front and
bust the head open of the first guy I see. I take the second guy and drag him out.
“Bring this fucker to the room,” I order my men.
I scan the area for Doc, but he’s leaning over Mick, who is on the ground
bleeding heavily. I can’t even believe what I’m seeing. I carry my sister out of
the van and toward the clubhouse while Doc and Beast continue to work on
Mick. “We’re taking him to the hospital. It’ll take too long for a medic to get
here.” A prospect brings Doc’s medical bag and they load Mick into the back of
my Ford 350. The rest work on disposing of the van and the four dead bodies.
They tried to mess with my family and red is all I see. From what I can see of
her injuries Morgan hasn't been shot. She wakes up screaming for Mick.
“Where's Mick? Please tell me he's okay. This is all my fault,” she sobs.
“They're taking him to the hospital and Doc is working on him on the
“He covered me to protect me.”
“Good, that's what he should have done. Now let's pray that he will make
it.” I need to know who these bastards are and deal with all of them. I can see the
scratches on her and I'm assuming that's from Mick covering her on the gravel.
I'm trying to hold it together because I almost lost my baby sister. Nothing is
going to save that fucker inside that room. Cyber, who has some medical
training, gets the kit out and cleans Morgan's scratches then helps her into the
room with the other girls. All my men join me while the prospects clean up.
The guy is already bleeding from a gunshot wound, but he needs more
though. I want him to bleed the fuck out. I want answers first. “Who the fuck
sent you here?” I roar, grabbing him by the throat.
“I'm not talking to you.” This fucker really has a death wish. I grab a
baseball bat, my favorite hobby when I can play, and take it to his knee. He
howls like a weak little bitch.
“Now, who the fuck sent you?”
“We're here to get the girl,” he remarks.
“What girl?” I snarl. Mentioning either of the women would get him
He smiles at me defiantly. “Your sister, of course. We didn't get her the
last time, so we came for her again. Too bad she has too much protection around
The only thing that crosses my mind is that Santos broke the truce.
“The last time? You work for Santos?” I ask him, holding his head up by
his hair.
“No. Maybe you should ask your little whore you married about us.” I
punch him in his nuts, making the little shit barf. I step out of the way because
that’s fucking gross as hell, but my rage is beyond measure at this moment.
Screw this, I've had enough. I put the gun to his bastard’s head and pull
the trigger. “Another one bites the dust,” I mutter, walking out of the room. Now
it's time to get answers from my sister. Something’s going on and she and my
wife know about it. I get a sick feeling that they’ve been lying to me. I don’t
know how to handle this.
I get to the door where they’re at with the key to unlock the door when I
hear Morgan tell Crystal, “It’s them. They found me. I wish we’d told him
“I know. I’m sorry. I should have, but…”
“But you know he would have hunted them down and been killed or
“Yes, I can’t lose him. And now I might. He’s going to leave me for
keeping this from him.” I hear my wife crying hard and it breaks my heart. I
know she lied, but it’s not going to stop me from loving her. I burst through the
door and wrap my arms around her, then take her seat and settle her in my lap.
“Morgan, how are you doing?”
“I’m physically okay. I’m sorry. This is all my fault.” Jackson came into
the room along with Blade at the same time. “God, this is hard to talk about.”
She looks to Crystal for support. Then Crystal sighs before continuing for her,
“The day I met Morgan, it was chance. You wondered how we became friends.
Well…” she pauses, and Morgan adds, “She saved my life.”
“What?” Jackson roars, “And you’re just telling us this?”
“Continue please,” I say. I don’t care who tells me as long as one of them
tells me how my wife saved my little sister.
“I was walking back from the library, checking out all the cool things
there when I was pulled into an alley. They…” she starts crying and can’t carry
on. Instantly all us men look at her and know what she’s going to say next.
“They started to attack her, sexually.”
“They didn’t get to, you know…” she illustrates. I breathe a sigh of relief
and so does Crystal. I accidentally held her a little too tight in my frustration.
“I’m sorry, Tigress.”
“If it wasn’t for Crystal coming over and kicking their asses. I don’t know
what they would have done. Obviously, they wanted me dead.”
“That’s their ultimate goal, but I have a feeling these guys work for the
Colombian dealer whose name is still unverified. Cyber, get to work on tracing
the van.”
“Already on it, Pres. I’ve got stolen plates. I’m looking into the location of
the vehicle registration. The VIN comes back to Brownsville, Texas.”
“Okay, well check all of Santos’s connections. If that fucker has ties there
he’s going to have a serious problem. Now, let’s get to the hospital.” Morgan’s
eyes widen, and she jumps up ready to go. I know she’s worried about Mick. The
trouble isn’t her fault. I have a feeling the attack on her had more to do with her
being a Steele heiress rather than a beautiful girl. Up until the incident I didn’t
have any issues with anyone since I left the service.
We take three trucks that weren’t hit with bullets. Several of the bikes
have been damaged, but thankfully none of the gas tanks were hit. Cowboy,
Jackson, some prospects, and a few others work on getting this place fixed for
tighter security. When we arrive, they send us to the ER waiting area. Doc and
Beast are sitting down looking torn up. I walk up to them and Doc says, “It
doesn’t look good.” Morgan faints on the spot. Beast manages to reach out and
catch her before it’s too late. “Fuck, I’m such a dick.”
“Let’s get her in to see a doctor,” a nurse says, rushing up to us. Crystal
walks with her and the nurse through the ER area and into triage. I’m not
allowed in there because she’s going to be fully examined.
“What the hell are we going to do with these bastards?”
“I want to find them all. Cyber is still working on tracking these fuckers
down. Their IDs are fake along with the plates. VIN takes it to southern Texas.”
“We’ll get them. I’m sure they are going to come back and we’ll be
ready,” Beast says.
“That we will.”
Chapter 28

The men have been running back and forth between our place and the
clubhouse. They’ve implemented a ton of technology to protect all of us. I have
a new necklace that tracks me. The same thing with Morgan, although she’s
moved in with us. Mick is still in the hospital in a coma. Demi has taken over the
shop until he wakes up. The doctors have hope that he’s going to pull through,
but two weeks later and he’s still not with us.
“Crystal,” Morgan calls out from the kitchen.
“Coming,” I shout back. I walk in and am surprised to see one of the
prospects has a knife to her.
“Well, it took a long time to get to both of you and now, we’re going to
leave through the front and act as if nothing’s wrong. Your man is at work,
leaving you here with us.” Evan and Keith are two prospects and I thought they
were the most trustworthy. They’ve been behind this the whole time. I’m trying
to hold myself together. This can’t be happening. My phone is in the other room.
And I don’t have the ability to strike him before they hurt Morgan, so I comply.
Keith jabs a gun into my side and I feel nauseous. My stomach is doing
flips from fear and the fact that I found out I’m pregnant this morning. I didn’t
get a chance to tell him yet. We get downstairs when Beast shows up. “Tell him
you’re going shopping,” Keith hurriedly whispers to me.
“Hi, Beast, Morgan and I are going to the store. I need creamer.”
“Okay, I’m glad I like my coffee black.” He walks away, and I know he’s
onto the situation. He doesn’t like his coffee that and he took me to the store
yesterday. Since he arrived there’s a little distance between us and our captors.
It’s their mistake because I attack, kicking the one near Morgan in the back of
the leg and then she knees him in the face as he falls to the ground. Keith tries to
aim the gun at me, but I kick it and Beast comes up and pulls the trigger before
anyone can move. Then he moves to Evan and laughs. “You are going to wish
you’re the one I killed first.” Beast kicks him straight in the face, then takes his
phone and calls Garrett. “Pres, we have a serious problem at the house. The
women are safe, but we’ve got someone to deal with and another to clean up.”
“I’m on my way. Let me talk to Crystal.” I heard him, so I stick out my
hand. Beast gives it to me and I step away from both men on the ground. I’m
afraid to get too close.
“Garrett, I need you.”
“I’m on my way, Tigress. Stay strong for me.” I nod as if he can see me,
then hand over the phone and fall into Morgan’s arms. I need my Garrett. I’ve
never been so scared before. It’s not just me anymore. We have a baby on the
It’s not long before I hear a roar of motorcycles. Evan’s still knocked out
when Garrett and the others pull in. I stare at him as he turns off the engine then
rushes to me. I throw myself into his arms. I need him. Morgan goes to Jackson
for comfort. It takes a while for me to calm down. Garrett takes me into the
house and sets us down on the couch. “I love you, Crystal. Tell me you’re okay.”
“I am now that you’re here.” I place my head on his chest until I feel calm
enough to speak. “Beast was amazing. He picked up on my lie and knew we
needed help.”
“You were amazing. You were quick thinking although I wish you
wouldn’t fight armed men. You’re trying to give me a heart attack.”
“I know, but I couldn’t let him take us. And he gave us the little bit of
room to act,” I argue. “Garrett, there’s something I need to tell you.”
“What is it, Mrs. Steele?”
“I’m pregnant.”
“What?” he blurts out. Even though he’s clearly shocked by it, he’s happy
as hell. His hand rests on my flat abs. “I can’t believe it. I thought you were on
birth control.”
“I haven’t taken it since our first night. You said I’d want your babies. I
do, my husband.”
“Thank fuck, I’ve been hoping that you would.” He tenses suddenly, and I
wonder why. I look up and his face is full of anger.
“What’s wrong?”
“They tried to take you both from me.”
“But they didn’t.”
“Because I sent Beast over to do a test on the property.”
“Boomer, sorry to interrupt, but lunch is ready,” Morgan utters. Garrett
sets me down on the couch, then goes up to his sister and wraps her up in his
arms. “Don’t, Garrett, I led Crystal in the kitchen where they were waiting.”
“They would’ve made you anyway. Or have just shot you and came for
me. Doing what they said, saved us both.,” I tell her.
“She’s right, Morgan,” he reassures her. I know she had no choice. Lately,
life has been cruel to her. She received a surprise this morning. Her heart’s
breaking and it’s nothing short of a miracle that we got out of there today.
Chapter 29

He’s going to die as soon as he gives me more information. They came
after my family, infiltrated my crew, and betrayed my trust. Nothing short of
death will do. Each and every traitor will pay along with their associates. I hop
on my bike after the guys cleaned up the mess and took Evan to the holding cell,
waiting for my arrival. He’s going to meet his maker very soon. Only members
are watching over my women. Cowboy has taken the shift at the house with
Blade. I trust them both. Doc came over and checked on the girls and gave them
a good bill of health. Other than shock and Crystal’s pregnancy, they were going
to be fine. Crystal fell asleep in my arms after eating and is resting in our
bedroom. Morgan’s working on her plans for the coffee shop. I’m proud of the
steps she’s made to get it ready to open.
My temper isn’t safe for riding my Harley, but I can’t stop myself. I need
to get my hands on Evan. He betrayed his potential brothers and our family. I
make it to the club and the guys are all standing outside like something’s wrong.
“What the fuck? Are you ready to do this shit or what?”
“He’s dead,” Jackson blurts out nervously.
“What the hell do you mean he’s dead?” I snap off.
“He had a fucking cyanide pill and popped it. We searched for weapons,
but missed the little tab.”
“We’re just fucking with you, Pres. He’s waiting for you to do all you can.
He did have a cyanide tab on him though, but we took it.”
“I’m going to kick all your asses.”
“Hey, we just didn’t want you to kill the fucker before you got the info.
You came in ready to slit his throat without a word.”
“What the fuck would you do? My wife, sister, and baby were almost
“Wow, congrats, Boomer. That was fucking fast,” Boss cheers, clapping
my back
“Let’s celebrate after this bastard is done with. He’s going to give me what
I want.” I storm into the club, ready for action. It’s silent except for a chair being
moved slightly. He’s nervous as he should be. He sealed his fate the second he
chose to come after my family.
I slam the door open, letting it crash loudly against the wall. “Well, well,
well. What do we have here? Evan, it seems you’ve crossed a motherfucking
line that can’t be taken back.”
“I should have done it sooner when I had them all trapped in that room. It
would have been perfect. I would have been promoted in the ranks so fast.”
“Who do you work for?” I ask. I don’t even want to think about what
could have happened if he’d acted on it. The idea that we all could have lost all
our women in the club. All our sisters and my wife. It scares me to fucking
death. And that fear infuriates me to the point of blind rage.
“Cortes,” he says just as I knock his teeth out. That’s all I need. The name
has been circling our information, but we didn’t have proof. I take my gun and
shoot him in the nuts first. I want him to suffer.
“Bye, Evan,” I mutter, walking out of the room without looking back. I go
to the bar and pour myself a drink.
“Time to clean up?” Cowboy asks, standing beside me and helping
himself to a drink.
“No, I only shot him in the nuts. I feel like he should feel his life slowly
slip by. My woman is pregnant and feared for our baby the whole time. Maybe
he dies, maybe he doesn’t, but I’ll check him out in about fifteen minutes.”
“Did he give you anything?”
“Cortes,” I say, tossing back another shot.
“Oh, Rodrigo Cortes. That’s one of the few who I thought it would be. It’s
surprising how many foreign drug lords control the scene in the US.”
“Tell me about it. We’ve got a name now we can start taking our payback.
I want Cortes dead. Nothing less will do. We’ve done nothing to this guy. He’s
after me for no damn reason. He better go into hiding. Or he’s going to wish he
The guys come into the clubhouse after bullshitting outside for a while.
“Let’s go to Church fellas.” They nod and walk into our meeting area after
getting some beers. Once in there, we call the guys at my house and the hospital,
so they can listen in. “Brothers, I’ve got the name and we’ve got a lot of work to
do. I want everyone on all the dealers for Cortes. I don’t know how large their
operation is, but we’ve killed seven of them.”
“We’re not attacking, right? We’re planning only?”
“Yes, Beast. I don’t want to deal with this forever. Several of his guys are
going to be lurking around. We have the people in the grocery store. Only two of
them were the ones that showed up here a couple weeks ago. Law, I’d say that
you need to have your deputies on alert. Trouble is already here.”
“I will. Should we pick up a couple more deputies? Since we’re so small
we don’t have to get it approved by the county.”
“That works for me. Another thing, let’s keep an eye on those who look
like they’re high. They’ll have the connections to the drugs. I want to know
who’s dealing in our town.”
“I’m on it, Boomer. How about some random drug busts?”
“That’s good. Getting some of them to roll on their dealers will help us.”
“Boomer, I’ll draw up charges when you tell me.” Beast won’t lie, but
he’s not going to let small charges go. He’s the best lawyer I’ve ever seen. He
hasn’t lost a case and yet, most of us have never heard him speak more so argue.
“I got that, Boomer. Don’t worry. I’ve got you.” My men know how
serious it is and I didn’t even get to what Evan said.
“Brothers, we’ve let the wolves in. I don’t want you to knock all our
prospects. I’m sure they’re good people, but Evan said some shit that fucked me
up. He’s the one who was alone with the girls during the attack. He was locked
alone with the girls.”
Jackson gets up from the table without a word. We follow him out because
we know where he’s going. He slams the door open and our guest lifts his head
just a bit. “You’re done.” He pulls the trigger, shooting Evan in the crown of his
“Now, let’s deal with him because I have to get the fuck out of here. I’ve
got somewhere to be,” Jackson orders.
“Go get her,” Cowboy roots.
“Maybe you should get cleaned up.”
“Damn it,” he grumbles, looking down at his clothes. “Boomer, I’m going
to your place.” I nod because we’re brothers, so what’s mine is his. Well, except
my girl, that’s a no go. Everything else I’ll hook him up when he needs it and
vice versa.
“I’m about to head back now.”
“I’ve got this if the others can give me a hand,” Cowboy tells the rest of
the guys.
“Thank you,” I tell them.
“Take care, Boomer. We’ve still got to celebrate the future of the
“Yes, we do. Let’s hope it’s a boy.” We laugh because we don’t need a
“Damn right,” Law says. I’ve got to see my wife and kiss her until she
wakes up and lets me love her. I jump on my bike and drive back to the house.
I’ve got so much work to do, but these fuckers and their need to come after my
family is messing with my work schedule. I’m able to do a lot of business
remotely, but I do have many meetings in the next few weeks that can’t be
offsite. And I need to set up Crystal with the female doctor in town. She works at
the same office as Doc, but she’s a gynecologist. She’s been here for a year. With
the town booming, people didn’t want to travel over half an hour away for a
doctor, especially pregnant women. I hear she’s nice, but I’ve never met her. I
hope she’s also capable. Crystal will get the best, even if I have to hire a doctor
to come into town to check on her. I won’t let her suffer at the hands of someone
I turn off the engine, then run up to the house. Blade opens the door for
me. “She’s sleeping on the sofa, Pres.”
“Sofa?” I question.
“Yes, she’s been waiting anxiously for you.” I walk in and she’s curled up
with a blanket on her. I sit on the edge of the cushion, rubbing her back.
“Baby, I’m home.” She mumbles softly at that, rolling to her back before
waking up all the way. Her smile widens, and she sits up, throwing her arms
around me.
“Garrett,” she squeals, hugging me tightly. “I’m so happy you’re back. I
had a nightmare that they attacked you.” She’s shaking and kissing me.
“I’m here, Tigress. I’m not going to let anyone take me away from you.” I
kiss her hard, lifting her onto my lap so she’s straddling me. I ground her pussy
on my bulge, forgetting that we have a house full of people.
“We’re going to leave you two alone. Morgan wants to go to the hospital
and visit Mick.”
“Okay, keep her safe,” I tell them. They nod and head out. She’s been
visiting Mick every day, hoping he’ll wake up. She can’t forgive herself for this.
But none of that matters at the moment, I’ve got a wife that needs thorough
“Are you tired, Mrs. Steele?”
“Well, then, we’re going to have fun until you’ve come for me at least
three times. We have to celebrate me getting the job done and knocking you up.”
“You act like it was a goal.”
“It was, and I can’t wait for you to be round with the evidence of my baby
for everyone to see.” I carry my Tigress upstairs and spend the next three hours
eating her out, fucking her hard and deep, then nice and slow. The stress of the
day has disappeared. I wrap my arms around her and hold her until she slips into
a long, satisfied sleep. I look at the clock and it’s past midnight. Already Sunday.
At least we have one more day before real life takes over.
Chapter 30
A month has gone by since the attack on my clubhouse. Video
surveillance has given us a few more of their men, but they flee town before we
can get to them. I know that they’re in the next town over, looking to start some
shit. We can’t block off the entire town from these fucks, but I’ve decided that
our town is going to put in some state of the art, traffic cams at the entry points
of our town. At least if shit starts to pop off again, we’ll have somewhere to
“Garrett, let’s watch a movie,” Crystal suggests. She’s been neglected with
everything that’s been going on. I’ve had to leave her side more times than I can
“What do you want to watch, Tigress.”
“I want to watch something funny. How about a Hot Fuzz?”
“What movie is that?”
“I’ve never seen it, but I hear it’s good. It’s about a by the book cop going
to a small town in the UK. But things aren’t as they seem. That’s all I know, but
it’s got the same people in from Shaun of the Dead and I love that movie.”
“I’ve never seen either of them.”
Her mouth drops in shock. “Wow, really? You are missing out.”
“I’ve been busting my ass for years. I probably haven’t seen a lot of
“Oh, Garrett. I suppose you’re going to be catching up. I love movies.”
“As long as they’re with you, I’ll watch them.”
“I’m so excited,” she squeals.
“Then put one of them on, woman.” I swat her ass and head to the kitchen.
“Want some popcorn?”
“Yes, sir,” she replies, bouncing onto the sofa. I go over and steal a kiss
before going I’m just about to put the popcorn in the microwave when my phone
goes off. Fuck, it’s Cyber.
“What’s going on?”
“Cortes has left the country. I’m sure he’ll be back, but I think this is way
of trying to distract us from coming after him.”
“That’s fine. Let him go. If any of his men come into our town, we’ll deal
with them,” I reply with a bit of ire in building in my chest.
“Really, you want to let him go?”
“Look at it this way. Like a hydra, you cut off the head of a criminal
organization, another will be there to take his place. But if we take out the
middle man things are still centralized, then we minimize his group slowly.”
“True. I get it, Pres.”
“Okay. I’ve got movie night with my wife. So unless an emergency, don’t
“Will do. Have fun, you lucky bas…” I end the call, laughing. The timer
goes off and I pull it out carefully. Dumping it into a bowl, I grab our drinks, and
hurry to the living room.
“Are you ready, baby?”
“Yes, sir. Let’s do this.”
Four hours later, and I finished both movies. Sleeping beauty passed out
half way through the second movie. She’s right. These are too good ones. I can’t
wait for another peaceful night.
Now if the Cortes crew would kindly die or go away, I can have many
more nights like this. I kiss my wife goodnight after securing the house. Life is

Eight months later…
I’m doing all I can to stay calm. Garrett’s on his way back from a job site,
but this baby wants to come out now. Blade is driving me to the hospital with
two prospects following behind in another truck and Doc is sitting in back with
me, wiping my head and taking my vitals. I feel like I have to push. I’m not
going to make it to Dallas. I cry out. This baby is coming. “Doc, please, you
have to check. I don’t care what Garrett says. I think the baby’s coming out.” My
water broke at the house.
He takes a brief peek at my parts, then slips on some gloves. I feel the
pressure. “Call Boomer. She’s not going to make it to the hospital in this traffic.
He should be only five minutes from us.” It’s storming hard and the sky is dark.
Even with the rain, the heat is at its peak. It’s over a hundred. Doc has no choice
but to open the door, so he can get me in the right position.
“Pres, we’re on Williams Road. Get here as soon as you can. She’s in
labor now.” Blade must’ve called Garrett.
“Fuck, just make sure she’s okay. I’ll be there soon. Only Doc checks on
her,” he says over the speaker. I cry out and laugh at the same time. “Tigress, I’ll
be there soon. Please hang in there.” I hear the panic and I’m not in the least
concerned about Doc’s hands on my body. I feel like I’m being torn in two and
it’s happening fast.
“Okay,” I squeak out. “Drive safe. Shit,” I grunt.
Five minutes later, I see Garrett’s truck pull up on the other side of the
road. He jumps out and opens the door near my head. “Good, you’ve made it in
time. Let her rest her back on your body,” Doc mutters. “Your son has got a full
head of hair.”
“Shit, Garrett,” I sob hard. I rest my head on his chest. He kisses my
sweaty brow.
“I love you, Crystal. I’m sorry I almost missed this.”
“Oh, hell. Crystal, I need to move your legs,” Doc informs me. He lifts
one over the back row and the other on the front. “I want to make sure he’s got
room to come out. Now, on the next contraction, I want you to give me a hard
and long push.”
I’m doing all I can to keep it together. This is all my fault. Garrett wanted
us to stay at Jackson’s place just in case, now we’re here having a baby on the
side of a road. “I’m sorry,” I tell him, hoping nothing happens to our son.
Anything could go wrong delivering a baby in the middle of a road. The
contraction rips through me and I push hard. “Good, the head’s completely out.
Take a breather and the next one, I’m going to need a big push. The shoulders
are the worst part.”
“Oh hell. Are you fucking kidding me?” I hiss, panting hard. Garrett’s
doing his best to comfort me, but I’m sure he’s ticked that we’re not at the
hospital. I feel a little calm then it hits me. A huge contraction forces its way
through me, and I push painfully. A wailing cry tears through the small space
and my son has arrived.
“Wow, you’ve got one big boy.” He lays him on my chest. I look down at
my boy and shed tears of joy. He’s massive and healthy looking. “I’m going to
do my best to clean you up, but we need to get you to the hospital.”
“Okay. I’m going to drive. Blade take my truck and meet us there.”
“Boss, we’ve got to go to the hospital in the next town over. There’s a
lockdown. A microburst has hit the road into Dallas.”
“Okay, damn. I want the best. Doc, we’re building a hospital in town. We
have the space for a medium one. I’m not going to risk this again. And I plan on
knocking my wife up many times to come.”
“Don’t even think about it, Garrett. You aren’t getting near my womb
anytime soon.”
“I know, baby, but soon you’ll want my babies again.”
He’s right. As painful as it is, I’d do it all over again.
Seventeen Years Later…
My son's nuttier than I am. At seventeen years old, he swears he's found
the one. Problem is she's only fourteen and Beast's daughter. He's crazy and
ready to settle down as soon as he takes over the club. He's already running daily
operations at the demo company. He's brilliant like his mother and ambitious like
I was. Crystal has taught him to fight. His uncles have all added to his skills.
Some days, I’m not sure he wants to be in the family businesses in town, but he
definitely wants to run the MC as the future president.
“Will, you need to get a hold of yourself.”
“I do, Dad, every damn night. I know she’s not old enough for me, but I’ll
be waiting for her to grow up. I don’t care. I want her, and I will have her. I’ve
had a crush on her since I was little, but now, things are different. She knows
how I feel. One day she’ll feel the same way, I’m sure of it. For now, I’m off to
college and I’ll be back for Christmas.”
“You’ve got it all thought out don’t you.”
“That I do, Dad, that I do.”
“What’s going on in here?” Crystal asks, walking into my office. God,
she’s so beautiful. All these years together and I can’t wait to get her alone and
naked. She’s got her leather on, reminding me that we’re supposed to go out for
a ride.
“Nothing, just guy talk, Tigress.”
“Yeah, just guy talk, mom,” Will parrots. We named him William Garrett
Steele after the fact that he was born on Williams Road.
“Okay, well enough of that. If you don’t take me for a ride I’m going to
take my own bike out.” She can’t ride on her own, and she knows that I can’t
handle her trying again. About six years after Will was born, she was finally not
pregnant and I took her for a lesson. During her first run, she made it a hundred
feet before she got scared and fell. I rushed her to the hospital. She only had
some scrapes and bruises, but I swore never again. If she rides, it’s on my bike.
That night we slowly made love out of fear and made our baby girl. Our only
princess, Cora. We now have six kids: five boys, and one girl. I’m still trying to
knock her up all the time.
“Have fun. But remember, no sex in the clubhouse,” Will yells out. It’s my
rule and I’m the only one to break it.
“Boy, get inside and start packing. I need the room. I’m hoping to give
you another sibling,” I tease, leaving the room with Crystal for our long filthy
Nine months later, Crystal and I welcome our seventh and final child. We
know, within hours of her birth, Dylan Steele is going to give us the most
trouble; I’m sure of it. Crystal blames it on the ride, but I’d gladly do it again. In
fact, I just might in say six more weeks.

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