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C.M. Steele
A Steele Riders MC Novel

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Mick and Morgan


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Mick and Morgan
“I’d die for you…”

As the “Princess” of the Steele Riders, Morgan Steele is untouchable. A

mere tattoo artist isn’t worthy of her, but Mick’s going to do whatever he can to
win her love.

Morgan wants her man and is going to do whatever she can to get Ewan
“Mick” McMann to claim her body and soul.

With the glitz of the Las Vegas lights and men fighting for dominance,
Mick can’t hold back any longer. They believe the only thing standing in their
way is the President of the Riders, but life has a way of shredding happiness.

When a part of Morgan’s recent past comes to collect on unfinished

business…Mick gets to prove his actions speak louder than words.


It’s my sixteenth birthday. I’m feeling like a princess, rocking my pretty

dress. It’s a gauzy pink gown that goes to my knees and flairs out. It’s everything
cute, but my older brother Garrett, or Boomer to his buddies, doesn’t approve.
He’s under the impression that I look like a woman. We’re having a massive
party at Boomer’s house with a bunch of my classmates along with some
members of my brother’s Motorcycle club. Boomer and my other older brother
Jackson created this town Steeleville. I attended the high school next town over.

They are my caregivers since our parents’ deaths. My brothers don’t

approve of my clothes unless I’m covered from head to toe, but today’s a special
occasion, so they’re not making too much of a stink about it. Many of my
classmates showed up as we have the party in my brother’s home because they
all think he’s gorgeous and the guys want to be on his good side since he’s one of
the biggest businessmen around.

“Your brother throws a wicked party. Too bad he won’t pass over the

“Tony, you know damn well that’s not going to happen.”

“Right, well if I’m a good boy will you go out on a date with me?” I
search around the room for a distraction. Tony’s a good-looking guy—hot—most
would say, but I’m not interested in him. He’s the typical jock, a player who
bangs anything that gives him the time of day. I’m not that kind of girl.

This is one of the many times I’m glad Boomer gave me that rule that
Jackson helps enforce. “Probably not. Boomer has made it very clear that I’m
not allowed to date until I finish high school. That’s almost two years from now.
Why don’t you hit on Suzy? She’s easy.” I drop off the last word because
standing next to my brother is a man wearing a Steele Riders patch. He’s truly
hot and sexy. His hair has a reddish tint to it, and I wonder if this is the elusive
Mick I’ve heard about but never met. I haven’t met most of the members
because I’m in school and Boomer and Jackson only meet up with their guys a
couple of times a month because they’re busy. I want to meet him now.

“Too easy. Been there done that. I’m out of here.” Good. I nod him off
because I don’t care for him. Hell, I forgot he was standing next to me. He’s
friends with my other friend and the only reason he was invited. I don’t take my
eyes off my brother and his friend. He cracks a smile, and I lose my breath for a
moment. As if he hears my audible gasp, he meets my eyes. He stares just for a
second before joining their conversation and taking a swig of his beer.

“Hey, beautiful. I came over to save you from the Tony, but he must have
seen me coming or maybe…he didn’t like to compete for your attention,”
Jackson says coyly. I give him a cocked brow. “He was hitting on me again, so
I’ve been staring at Boomer. Who’s that over there talking to him?” I ask him. I
say it with indifference, but that’s not the way I’m feeling inside. I’m a wreck
internally. I can feel a shiver creep up my body and I manage to tame it before
Jackson takes a look back at me.

“Oh, that’s right. You’ve never met, Mick. I forgot about that. Let me
introduce you to him. We’ve known him for the past three years, but he works a
lot for a tattoo shop in Dallas.”

“I’ve only met most of your crew the past few months anyway.”

“That’s because your young and we both don’t feel it’s right for you to be
around a bunch of older men who you’ve got nothing in common with. Many of
whom you know have been to war and back.”

“If you trust them, then why does it matter?” I ask, taking a drink of the
punch I made for the party.

“We don’t want you to catch feelings for a guy who’s too old for you.”

“Me? Catch feelings? Please. I barely like you.”

“Come on, you little shit. Let me introduce you to the tat master. He’ll be
starting his shop in town this week. It’s going to be across the street from the
bank.” We walk up to Boomer and Mick. I’m doing my best to remain calm, but
I want to run my hands all over his tats.

My brother wraps his arm around my shoulder and asks, “Hey, Morgan,
how are you enjoying your party?”

“It’s good. Thanks, Boomer.” I press my head against his chest briefly.
I’m doing my best to act nonchalant, but I come off bubbly I’m sure.

“Yeah, I came over here to introduce Mick to Morgan,” Jackson mentions,

tipping his head at Boomer.

“Shit, I forgot. My bad. Morgan this is Ewan McMann or as we call him


“Hi,” I say with a fake smile. I feel unprepared for how gorgeous Mick is
up close. It’s magnified a thousand times over.

I take a large guzzle of my beer. Fuck, I can’t believe that’s their baby
sister, Morgan. Who the fuck said she could grow up to be so damn gorgeous?
We’ve never met until now, but I’d seen pictures in Boomer’s phone. The girl in
the pictures didn’t have luscious curves and flawless skin and hair. Her brown
eyes have a light in them that is all new. I want to taste her glossy, plump lips.
I’m fucked. Boomer loves her, and I’m confident that one day I’m going to steal
her away. The dirty thoughts that cross my mind could land my ass in jail if I
acted on them. Boomer would murder me if I even hinted at my immediate
reaction. I’ve got to make my exit soon.

“Hello, Princess,” I say. “Happy Birthday.” I tip my head just enough, but
I don’t shake her hand. The urge to touch her soft skin is too much. Mentally,
I’ve already pictured her naked body against mine. Her long dark hair is curled
in a style where some of her sexy curls hang over her shoulder.

“Thanks,” she murmurs, sounding ever so sweet. Wow, we’re not that far
apart in age, but I’m over the legal threshold, and her ass is under it.

“My brother says you’re the tat master, is he just talking out his ass or are
you that good?” Her light brown eyes sparkle with flecks of green as she flirts
with me. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t look away.

“They believe I am, so I’ll take the praise of excellent businessmen.” This
is the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had. Taking a compliment is a
struggle because I’m doing my best to keep myself calm and collected.

“That’s cool. Excuse me, but I’ve got some friends who just walked in.
It’s nice to meet you, Mickey.”

She walks away before I can say shit to her. Another two boys come in,
and I’m pissed. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m thinking less than
appropriate way about a minor and about to beat up her potential suitors. Fuck,
did I just say suitors?

“Don’t mind the brat. I busted on her for checking you out, and she got
pissy. She’s in awe of all the riders. Although, you’re the closest in age. How old
are you by the way?” I try to ignore that she’s crushing on the rest of the guys.
It’s not hard for females to get worked up over them. They’re rough yet most
handsome bikers I’ve seen, and as someone who has tatted up a lot of them, it’s a
true statement.

“I’m twenty-one.” I’m almost twenty-two, but I don’t want to emphasize

the age gap between us.

“Shit, you’re still a baby. We should have checked his ID,” Boomer busts
my balls. It’s cool keep thinking I’m young. One day, I’ll be just perfect for the
princess. I stay a while longer shooting the breeze with all the guys. I have shit
to do. Getting everything ready for the shop is very important. I’m going solo
until I can find the right crew. I want to make it the best it can be. Before I
planned on doing that for myself, now, I have a future to prepare for, and a
princess to win.
Chapter 1


My mind has been on Morgan Steele all day as it always is. She leaves for
college in less than a week, and I’m letting her go against my better judgment.
There’s nothing I can do about it because she’s not technically mine. It’s four in
the afternoon when her brother and the president of the Steele Riders, Boomer
comes in. “Hey, brother. Are you ready to get this shit popping? The color’s
faded like a motherfucker.”

“Of course. I’ve got it all set up over here.” I take him in the back where
my tattoo room is and set up the bed for him to get situated. The tats on his back,
but it’s not too big of a piece that I’ll finish in an hour. He needs a touch-up on
an old tattoo, and I’m the only one he trusts.

I’ve owned Dirty Mick’s Tattoos for the past two years, and it’s been one
hell of a journey. Since the day I met my princess, I saved up almost enough to
pay off the shop while building up our future house. Of course, she’s none the
wiser about my feelings for her. And it has to stay that way for a little longer.

I’m in the middle of retouching one of Boomer’s old tattoos when he

mutters out, “Morgan’s going on a date tonight.” I lift the needle off his back
because I’m not mentally prepared for this. A burning ache fills my chest
instantly. I can feel my hand shake as the rage builds in me. A vision of some
little bastard running his hands down my fiery Morgan stirs in my brain. I do my
best to shake it off because I need answers. Patience is the key.

I don’t want to let on that I’m bothered by her with someone else. It
should be me. It should have always been me, but I can’t just yet. I wipe off the
ink, then get back to the next little section. Thank fuck I’m almost done. I don’t
think I can focus that long right now. It’s as if he purposefully knew I would lose
my cool, so he waited until the end. As innocuous and as calm as possible, I ask,

“Because she’s eighteen and as much as I want to say fuck no, she’s not a
little girl anymore.” Damn it, wasn’t he just saying she couldn’t date? I guess
that was about six months ago when she was still in high school.

“I still don’t think it’s a good idea,” I reply offhandedly. I might go to

prison tonight. I’ll be doing tats in jail for the next twenty-five. I wonder if it
would be considered a crime of passion?

“I don’t either. I have to let her grow up before she does something dumb
in college trying to act old and worldly. All it takes is one frat boy to ruin her
life.” He thrusts his free hand in his hair, trying to hold his temper together.

“I’m done,” I tell him, turning around and placing my equipment to the
side of me. It gives me a second to control my temper as I ask the question that
may set me off. “Who’s she going on a date with?” If it’s one of the Riders, shit’s
going to get ugly motherfucking fast.

He adjusts himself into a sitting position, then gruffly says, “He’s a

classmate of hers, Daniel Pennington. He comes from a good family who owns
the ranch in Cornerstone.” Yep, I heard of them. They are everything Boomer,
and Jackson would want for their little sister. Nothing about them rings hollow.
They aren’t bikers like us. We’re not a violent group, but even though Boomer
and Jackson ride, they don’t want their baby sister hanging off the back of a

“Where’s the piss ant taking her?” I ask with my back to him as I get the
wrapping and cream for his tat.

“To the movies, then a bonfire. It’s where all the kids their age are going
tonight,” he grumbles out, thoroughly annoyed.
“Is someone going to go with them?” I ask. As one of the Steele Riders,
it’s my job to watch over Morgan, so he doesn’t think anything of my question.

He shakes his head as I protect the fresh ink. “Nope, I promised I’d loosen
the yoke and give her some space for a night.”

I shut my mouth tightly, then relax and stand up as if nothing’s wrong.

“Okay. Well, I wonder what they’re going to see?”

“I don’t know.” I guess I’m done early today. Boomer cuts out after I’m
done putting the wrappings on his new tattoo.

As soon as he’s gone, I leave Demi and Asher to work on the last clients
of the night. They’ll close up for me. I need to go after her. She’s mine. I can’t
let someone else steal her away even though I can’t have her yet.

I don’t care what if it costs me my place in Steele Riders as Boomer’s

lieutenant. The main reason I haven’t claimed her ass is that she needs to grow.
At barely eighteen, I want her to be the woman she wants to be. Second, I still
owe another six months of payments before the shop is legally mine and only
mine. I’ve worked hard as fuck for the past six years to get a chance at my shop
and Boomer gave it to me two years ago under a contract to complete property
ownership. He could ruin it if I take his sister. I doubt that he would, but there’s a
chance. Still, she deserves for me to be able to give her everything. If I’m mired
in debt, she can’t be treated like the princess she is.

None of that matters if she finds someone else in the meantime. I’ve got to
do what I have to—short of fucking my kid into her as I dream of—to keep her
away from other guys. I jump on my Harley ride it over to the theater. I park it
toward the back of the parking lot. They get out of his pickup, and I’m about
twenty feet from them. I can’t let on that I’m right behind them, but I want to lay
him flat as he takes her hand. She reluctantly allows it for a minute before she
manages to slip her hand out like a good fucking girl.
She’s wearing a pair of khaki beige shorts that are a little too short for me
and a print tee with sparkly words on the front that I can’t make out. Her body
has filled out even more than she did before. Her breasts and hips are getting
ready for my baby. She’s too perfect. Her long brown hair hangs in a simple
ponytail. I can’t let someone else have her. I’ve stayed away from women before
I even met her.

They go in, and I follow behind but out of sight. I hear him ask for two
tickets to see the latest romance of the summer, “Open Hearts.” Nope, I’m not
okay with her seeing a romantic movie with him. I’m ready to interrupt, but
Morgan excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. It’s the perfect time for me to
lay it on thick with the little pencil dick.

“Danny boy,” I call out, stepping up to him I tilt my chin with intent. I’m
about half a foot taller than him and got him by about thirty pounds. None of that
matters because if he doesn’t keep his hands to himself, I’m going to find a
sweet spot to bury his body.

“Who are you?” he asks.

I have my patch on because I planned to take her out of here, but I’ve got
a better idea. Hiding my feelings but keeping dicks away from her is better than
just claiming her with a promise for more later. “Your newest problem,” I inform

He gets ticked and tries to come off hard. He’s a pussy. “What? Ah, don’t
tell me her brother sent you to follow us.”

I scoff, “No, he didn’t. I came on my own, and I’m warning you now, that
if you even touch Morgan while passing her the popcorn bucket, I’ll chop off
your nuts.” He swallows hard then glances toward the bathroom door and back
at me.

“Man, I’ll do what the fuck I please. I’m not going to let some old biker
low-life tell me what to do.”

I inch closer, standing over him with a deadly glare. “Boy, you’re a fool.
I’ll be watching, and if you tell Morgan I’m here, I’ll tell her brothers what you
just said. I’m letting you slide on that, but they won’t.” I step outside before
Morgan gets out of the bathroom.

As soon as they’re out of sight, I buy my ticket for the same movie.

“Hey, what brings you here?” Sammie asks. She’s the manager of the
theater now and happens to be Doc’s little sister. He’s one of the members and a
doctor who also runs his own practice here in town. He served with Boomer in
the Special Forces.

I nod toward the candy counter. She follows my gaze and understands
instantly. “Ah. Well, I’ll let you enjoy. Just don’t cause a scene. Okay?” She
hugs me and shakes her head.

“Sure thing.” I wink at her then duck out of sight. While they are at the
candy counter, I sneak inside, so she doesn’t see me.

The theater fills up pretty quick, but I hide in the very back, taking off my
vest, so she doesn’t see it by chance. I watch them the entire time. My eyes train
on the back of their heads. Several times I see him turn and look my way. When
his gaze finds mine, my expression is as cold as it gets. They don’t touch during
the movie, and neither of them attempts to get close.

I wait for them to leave the theater first before I exit. Keeping my
distance, I spy them getting into his truck. I don’t follow close behind because I
know where they’re going. The bonfire isn’t too far from the clubhouse. I drive
that way, but instead, I see them turn in the opposite direction, straight toward
her apartment. “What the fuck? She better not let him inside,” I snarl to myself.
The entire way there I’m growling and thinking of ways to dispose of this
fucker. I can’t see if he’s holding her hand unless I get closer to his vehicle. My
imagination runs fucking wild, and that’s not safe for any of us.

He pulls up to the curb outside her apartment building. They share a brief
conversation; then she gets out. There are no goodbye kisses. Thank fuck for
that. He drops her off, barely waiting for her to get inside the apartment entrance
before he drives away. Asshole. As much as I didn’t want him to touch her, I
didn’t appreciate him being a dick to her.

I wait until I’m sure she’s in bed, then ride around for an hour, trying to
clear my head. I check in on her again to make sure he didn’t return. He didn’t.

I ride to our house just a mile from the tattoo shop and remind myself that
she’s got some living and growing up to do. While she does that, I have to have
all my damn ducks in order.
Chapter 2


It’s been a week since I’ve arrived at school. It’s been two weeks since I
went on that terrible date with Daniel. I can’t believe he told me that it was a
mistake to take me out. Not that it mattered anyway because I love someone
else. I have since the first time I saw him. He doesn’t notice me though. I’m only
the sister of the president of the Steele Riders. I’m in love with Ewan “Mick”
McMann. We met officially two years ago, but I wasn’t even close to legal then.
And even though I’m technically an adult now, he treats me like he’s supposed
to…like a little sister.

I hate him. I hate Mick. It's not his fault that I'm in love with him, but it
sucks so much that I’ve decided to do my best to hate him. It’s easier that way, or
so I force myself to believe that. I’ve been trying to get over him since my
birthday party. How is it possible to fall in love with someone with one look?
Foolishly, I believed that he was attracted to me, but it’s obvious he’s just taking
care of me on Boomer’s behalf.

I graduated and was fair game months ago, but he did nothing. In fact, he
missed my going away party. Boomer threw a big party for me at the clubhouse
with Sammie and Roxie there to celebrate with me along with all the members
and prospects of the Steele Riders. Mick was the only no-show. How fucking
lousy is that? The one person I wanted to see, couldn’t be bothered to show. He
flew to Ireland to visit his parents. They moved back a few years ago, and I
would love to have had a good bond with my parents, but that time had long
since passed and I could never go back. I miss him so much that school doesn’t
entice me one bit.

I’m sitting in the vast campus library where the two-dozen people in here
seem to be studying hard, but I can’t concentrate for the life of me. I have my
first quiz coming Monday, but I can’t think. I went to the library hoping that it
would force me to read the chapters without thoughts of Mick, but I’ve got no
such luck. I can’t even say how many times I’ve read the same paragraph. And
for all the gold in the world, I can’t remember what it’s about. I slam the book
closed a little louder than I should, catching a couple of glances of derision my
way. My bitchy ass wants to flip them off, but I smile weakly and shrug
apologetically. It’s my fault after all.

This week has sucked ass. My classes were a little boring, but that’s
because the first days of classes we’re all “Hi my name is, and I’m from…” The
second day went straight into the coursework. My brothers both called me to see
how it’s going. Jackson has called me twice a day. He seems genuinely
concerned for me. Not that Boomer isn’t, but Jackson’s worried about my
loneliness. I think he knows I have feelings for Ewan.

I quietly pack up and walk out of the library. It's almost closing time, and
my dorm is on the other side of campus, so I need to move my ass. The street
lights are the only thing keeping the area lit. All around I see shadowed
darkness, and immediately, I feel like it's a bad idea. But I'm too late to make a
call for a taxi.

Some movement to my side turns my gaze that way, but it’s the person
that comes behind me that is the real trouble. Dread coursed through me as I feel
the knife at my throat. "You better cooperate, bitch or you're a dead cunt,” some
guy snarls in my ear. I could feel his breath on me, and I shiver from the instant
disgust. I can’t go down like this. What was I thinking of coming here? Why
didn’t I listen to my brother?

I hold back the urge to cry because I won’t give them the satisfaction. I
don’t know what they want, but I sure as fuck can guess. I can either pray they
don’t kill me or I can go out fighting. I need a moment to try to break free, but
then I'm surrounded. They dragged me into an alley, and I know that nothing
good is going to come of this. My heart is pounding out of my chest, wishing
that I hadn't come here in the first place. I'm going to die in the middle of an
alley more than likely raped first.

Helplessly, tears well up in my eyes as I resign myself to my fate. Out of

nowhere, a small woman rushes into the alley. She grabs the guy who has me
and starts making some moves that I've never seen before. He lets me go,
dropping the large knife. That's when I go after the other guy; I knee him in the
nuts. He bowls over, and I kick him harder this time. I run and pick up the knife,
ready to stab anyone who comes near me. My gaze focuses on my rescuer, and
she has the one guy on the ground, kicking him in the ribs. With one more kick,
the guy is entirely laid out.

While both guys are stunned, we make our way out the alley. We run to
somewhere safe. It takes forever to get to the main street or at least it feels that
way. Once we get inside a restaurant, she calls the cops. She’s my hero, and I
don't even know her name.

“Thank you,” I sob.

“It's okay. It's going to be okay,” she comforts me, holding my hand and
rubbing it with her other hand. “I'm Crystal, you are?” We’re standing inside a
small café waiting for the cops. She gets me a cappuccino to go. The cops take
us down to the campus police station while a few officers patrol the area for the

“My name is Morgan,” I squeak out. I'm shaking as the police question us.

“There were two Hispanic men. Both were average height and size. One
was bald, and the other had short black hair. Neither had facial hair, but one had
tear drops under his eye.” I’m so grateful that she gives them a description of the
suspects because I’m shaken to the core, and I can’t think straight.
There's a slight cut on my neck. Nothing most would notice, but I know
my brother Boomer and Mick would be able to tell something was wrong. I can’t
tell them. I’ve gotten lucky, and I’m going to keep this to myself.

“Ma'am, do you have someone who can pick you up?” the officer asks me
after we finish the questioning. I just want to go to sleep.

“No, all of my family lives out of town.” I think about Mick again. He’s
the first one to come to my mind. He’d kill them in a heartbeat because no one
messes with one of the Steele Riders.

“It’s okay. I’m going to take care of you.” Crystal rubs my back, and I
can’t believe how amazingly kind she is. She saved me. If it weren’t for her, I’d
more than likely be dead.

She takes me back to her apartment. “I have a roommate. He’s not home
right now, but he’ll be home soon. I should go back to Steeleville.”

“Are you going to tell your family?”

I blanch at the thought of them finding out. “I have two brothers, and I’m
sure as hell not going to say anything to them. My brother Boomer especially.
He’s a fucking nut when it comes to my safety.”

We talk about her family who’s everything my family hadn’t been. We lost
our parents, and my brothers raised me. I don’t tell her that my brother’s the
leader of a motorcycle club. I don’t want to freak her out or make her think this
is some sort of retaliation or something. I know it’s not because my brothers and
the rest of the Steele Riders are on the up and up. Most of them are former
Special Forces. I invite her to visit. “Okay, well if you want, I could visit. I don’t
start my job for a couple of weeks. I can come back with you. I could stand to
use a vacation in a small town. This place can be too much at times.” She has a
smile on her face that doesn’t reach her eyes, then she adds, “Hell, I’m just
worried about you.”
“I’m going to be okay. You have to promise me you won’t tell my
brothers,” I harp.

“I won’t. It’s your business. I’ll leave it for you to tell your brothers.” I
hug her tight one last time before she packs a bag to come with me.
Chapter 3


I can’t believe she dropped out. Fuck yes. I know that her brothers are
disappointed, but I’m not. I gave her a chance to bloom like the pretty flower she
is, but sometimes you have to take what opportunities you’re given.

Leaving her to visit my parents had been intentional. I could have gone
the moment she left, but I was afraid I’d stop her. It’s like fate stepped up and
gave me a break. My parents tried to set me up with several “pretty” Irish girls,
but no one has my heart but Morgan. Finally, I admitted that I was in love. They
can’t wait for the call to return for the wedding. They handed down some of my
family heirlooms to give to Morgan. One was my grandmother’s ring. It had
been a treasure that had been passed down to me from my mother’s side.

Boomer’s in the shop getting another tat. He’s got a little stress to kick off
with Morgan quitting after a week. He’s worried because she has a new friend
hanging around. Plus, Morgan’s treating him like she treats me—acting like a
stubborn brat. I know she’s doing it to me because she wants me, and I’ve been
holding back. With Boomer, it’s got to be something else. I haven’t seen her, but
I can’t wait.

Two minutes after that thought, I get my first glimpse. I taper down my
excitement to see Morgan when I take in what she’s got on. This friend of hers is
unquestionably a bad influence in my eyes. She every man’s fantasy, except
she’s stumbling. Hell no. She’s drunk. I want to her take over my knee. I follow
Boomer out into the waiting area, and she narrows her eyes at me like I did
something wrong. Immediately, I see a mark on her neck. Fuck, she’s that drunk
that she hurt herself? I want to get closer, but Boomer is all over the both of
Then I see something happen. Boomer’s focused solely on the other
woman. I barely notice she has dark hair. All that matters to me is Morgan. She
stares at me again, and I see the heartache. Boomer is arguing with both of them,
but his focus is on the girl. I think they said her name is Crystal. I’m too focused
on my woman who is about to be sick as she pages through one of my tattoo
books. I step in her direction. Before I can get to her, Morgan lets us know she’s
wasted as she pukes all over it. Boomer helps her up and to the back bathroom
while I get some towels to clean her up. I can’t let her do this to herself. I feel
like it’s my fault. I don’t give two fucks about the book. I see the way she stares
at me. There’s no doubt in my mind or heart. I’m a total prick for not making
things the way they should be. I just need a little more time.

“Lass, what am I going to do with you?” I tease her, hoping to get her to

With her hands bracing herself on the sink, she gives me a deadly glare. I
don’t know what’s wrong with her, but I know for sure she’s pissed at me. “Oh
my God, I’m such a mess. I hate you, Ewan.” She swipes away my hands as I try
to help her. Then she tends to herself. I’m doing my best to control the need to
fix her problems. I know that she’s going to be in for a hell of a hangover.

I want to talk to her but right now is utterly pointless. Boomer tells me
he’s taking them home and well, I’ve got no choice, but to let them go. I lock up
my shop hoping that I’ll get to talk to her.


The next day, I stop by her apartment, but her friend says she’s passed out.
“I just need to check on her.”

“She’s hurting, Mick. Something about you has her messed up. If I were
you, I would fix it before it’s too late.” She pats my shoulder, and I see kindness
in her that’s genuine. I got the wrong impression from Boomer.
“You wouldn’t happen to know what I did wrong, do you?” I ask. Maybe
it’s something else. I wonder if she told her that she feels something for me.

She shrugs and shakes her head. “No, all I know is that she wanted to
curse you out.”

“Okay, thanks,” I say, walking into her bedroom. I open the door to find a
curled-up Morgan cradling her pillow. Kicking off my shoes, I take off my cut
and climb into bed beside her. She startles just long enough for me to whisper,
“Rest, my princess.”

“Ewan,” she moans, relaxing against my chest. Her ass presses up onto
my crotch, and I have to hold back because I know she’s hurting terribly. I lay
there for about three hours when I get a message that I need to get to the shop.
They are getting bombarded with customers.

“I love you, Morgan,” I whisper, placing a kiss on her shoulder, then

scooting away.
Chapter 4


It’s time for the clubhouse party a week later, and I’m anxious to see
Mick. I haven’t seen him more than in passing with everyone around. Crystal
told me that he stopped by after my big messy, drunken disaster. I thought it had
been just a dream. I can’t believe he came to see me. I probably was a total
smelly mess. He probably came by to chew me out for destroying his hard work,
but I was too sick for him to yell at.

“Morgan, I can’t go. I’m so pissed that he would do this to me.” Crystal’s
gate-crashing the party because my dickhead brother pulled a dumb move and
not tell her about the pre-planned party. She’s hurt, but I know Boomer wouldn’t
do anything intentionally to hurt her.

“I know my brother. There’s got to be a reason. I’m sure it’s because he

doesn’t want any of the guys to steal you away. He’s a bit crazy when it comes to

“How are you hanging in there? Are you sure you want to see him?”

“I’m not worried about my brother,” I toss out as we get ready.

She stops in front of me, grabs my shoulders, and glares at me with all
seriousness. “You know I’m not talking about him.” She’s become such a good
friend in a short time that I’m afraid things won’t work out between her and my
brother. Especially if my brother keeps making boneheaded moves.

“I’m afraid he’ll meet one of the bitches that show up.” I hate the feeling
that he’ll find someone. It hits me every time another woman comes around.

“Tons of other women will be there?” she asks me.

I shake my head as I check over my appearance. “Not really, but it helps
to have a little mixed company. The guys wouldn’t need a party if it were just
them. It would be just a regular gathering. They don’t hook up in the clubhouse.
It’s strictly forbidden.”

“Well, that’s one bonus, but he still lied to me.”

“Good, gut check his ass and walk around like a hot sexy chick you are in
front of his friends. He’ll lose his shit. It’ll be a perfect lesson learned.”

“Well let’s do this.” I’m not ready, but I use Crystal as my reason to get in
and see Mick. I can go even if Boomer doesn’t like me being around his guys
like that, but it’s a party. And I’ve learned my lesson with drinking. I’m not
touching that shit again.

Once we pull up, there’s no turning back. It’s cool because I want Mick to
react as well. I need him, and if he came to see me, it has to be more than just a
brotherly bond. I know it. I’ve got on a killer mini-skirt with an off the shoulder
green top. I know that my brother is going to go apeshit on me, but Crystal’s
going to distract him.

"You know he's going to be pissed when he sees what you're wearing,” he
says, tilting his head toward my revealing outfit.

"My brother is overprotective, Beast,” I complain, flipping my hair to the


"Yeah him, too," he mutters, stepping aside to let us pass. Boss gives her a
once over, appreciating her curves. I’m sure my plan is absolutely going to work
now. Boomer is going to lose his shit.

I smirk then make introductions. "This is my friend, Crystal. Crystal, this

is Beast and Boss." They both smile at Crystal suggestively, but I deliver the bad
news with a sugary sweet grin, "Oh fellas, I know she's fine, and all, but Boomer
will probably rip your balls off if you keep eyeing her. Just a fair warning."

"Oh shit. My bad," Beast stammers, then steps aside to let us in. There’s
another door to get inside, and one of my brother’s prospects holds it open for
us. I give him a wink and shake my head before he gets any ideas where
Crystal’s concerned.

Crystal clings to me as we step in, but then my fuckhead of a brother has

one of the bitches clinging to his arm. I know he’s not interested, but I can sense
tension and resignation pouring off Crystal. She lets go and heads straight to the
bar. I don’t follow because my brother is ready to kill and I’m at the top of his

I peruse the room to check out who’s here. I get to where Mick is standing
with a beer in his hands and his eyes trained on me. He’s the only one not
focused on my brother and his girl. I’ve never seen his eyes like that. Mick’s
insanely pissed off. I arch my brow at him, then walk over and sit down next to
Sammie and Doc. We talk about my plans, and I mention the coffee shop. Mick
tilts his head, and there’s something different in his eyes. He has a slight smile.
One of the prospects offers me a drink, and Mick shakes his head, but I ignore
his glare. “Can you grab me a coke?”

“Sure thing, Ms. Steele.” Mick doesn’t understand that my brother would
expect them to treat me special. The prospect is back in less than a minute. The
entire time, Mick’s eyes never leave me. He has dipped them downward,
admiring my legs, then lifting his gaze until he gets to my face. He stretches his
legs, and I can see a slight bulge because my eyes went directly to that spot.

My brother comes around with Crystal clasped tightly to his side. He

makes quick intros to everyone, and I do my best to hold back a laugh, but it
doesn’t work. “Morgan, I’ll deal with your ass in a minute,” he says, pointing his
finger at me. I smirk but brush it off.
They’re gone after a few minutes, and that’s when I head into the club
kitchen. No one’s in there, but I hear boots behind me. I shiver because I know
the sound of his cadence. Opening the fridge, I bend down and reach for the
lowest can of Pepsi in there, giving him a better view of my ass. And I hear him
groan before inching closer.
Chapter 5


I came in here because she and I need to talk. Then she’s got to walk
around in a skin-tight skirt that’s riding up her ass to reveal her red panties
underneath. Her thighs are smooth and sexy as fuck. I ache to slide my tongue
and hands up her legs until I hit her sweet spot. My mouth waters, and she’s
doing that shit on purpose. Her brother left, leaving us to straighten her ass out.
I’m taking her home.

I want to tattoo my name on her ass. “Property of Mick,” I whisper. She

flips around her tits bouncing. I storm up to her, crowding her against the open
fridge. “You did this shit on purpose.”

“What did I do?” she says with feigned innocence. Morgan’s too fucking
cute even when she's a little brat, but I don’t care. No one should see what
belongs to me. I run my hands through my short hair. I’m on edge, and this outfit
isn’t helping.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” I grunt out inches from her face with
my hands pressed onto the fridge. Her nostrils flare as she sniffs the air between
us. It’s full of energy and untested passion.

“Do you like it?” she says in a lustful hush. That’s a complicated question.
There’s the hell yes, and the fuck no.

“Do I like it? Your pussy is playing peek-a-boo every time you take a step,
and you wonder if I like it. I’d only love it if it weren’t on fucking display for
everyone else. I get you’re mad at me for some shit, but I’m not going to tolerate
this.” I point to what she’s got on. It’s fucking lethal to any swinging dick
because as soon as I see them eyeing her, they’re going find my tattoo needle in
their fucking balls.

“What are you going to do about it, Mickey?” She knows how to push me.
It’s as if she studied every possible way to make me react. I’ve never had this
pull to a woman before. I’ve never given chase. I’ve never been turned on by a
woman’s attitude. That all ended with her.

I tip her chin to look up at me. Her greenish-brown eyes fill with emotion.
It’s the one I crave, a look full of longing and curiosity. “It’s not Mickey. I’m not
a trainer or a fucking mouse. And to you, princess, it’s Ewan.”

“Ewan, don’t play with me.”

“I’m not playing, princess. I need time, and your ass needs to change.” I
grab the edge of her skirt and yank it down. “Come on. I’m taking you home.”

“Yours or mine?” she says saucily, jutting her chest out. It hits mine just
enough for her hard nipples to graze the patch on my vest. I want to throw her
over my shoulder.

“Yours. When you come to mine, you won’t be leaving.”

“Promises, promises. Now, if you’ll take me home before you get all
growly and irritated.” She rolls her eyes like I’m dragging my ass.

“Princess, I’m already there.” I take her around the back of the kitchen
and grab one of her aprons. Tugging her close to me, I wrap the apron around
her ass, so people can’t see her pussy that belongs to me. I lead her out of the
kitchen, and I announce that we’re leaving. “I’m taking the troublemaker home,
so Boomer doesn’t kill anyone in here.”

“Troublemaker, you need to keep from starting a war,” Doc says with a
smirk, tossing me a wink.

“I’ll do my best. Come on, Mick. I’ve got a bubble bath and book waiting
for me.” I groan while everyone shares an identical expression of shock. Jackson
cocks his brow, and I shake my head. I’ve told him that I want to talk to Boomer
about her before I go any further. I’m going to do my best to keep an eye on her
while simultaneously maintaining a distance. It’s going to be the death of me no

We drive to her apartment. As soon as she’s inside, I go back to my pickup

truck. It’s the best way to keep myself in check. I drive home, forgetting all
about going to the party. It doesn’t matter to me without Morgan. After an hour
of twiddling on my thumbs, I hop on my bike and ride over to her block. I watch
her apartment until she turns off the light, then I ride around until I’m too tired to
keep it up.
Chapter 6


I’m in the middle of baking a cake when my phone rings. I pick it up

when I see Mick’s name on it. “I’m on my way to get you,” Mick says as I
answer the phone. There’s a telltale sign of fear and anger in his voice.

“What’s going on?” I ask frantically.

“Princess, don’t worry. I’ll be there in two.”

“Tell me what’s going on,” I say when he arrives.

“Someone’s after Crystal and her family. Something to do with her

roommate. All I know is that you’re safer at Boomers.” I’m not worried about
me at all. Crystal’s the one I’m concerned about. She saved me, and I can never
repay her. I’m glad the Riders are on it, but I hope nothing happens to her.

I’m shaking as Mick arrives to scoop me up. “Don’t freak out. I’m not
going to let anything happen to you. Ever.” He cups my chin, stares deep into my
eyes. “I swear—I’d die for you Morgan,” he says; his voice laced with
conviction. A shiver runs through me because I believe him. I part my lips, and
the temptation is too much for either of us. His mouth comes down on mine. Our
first kiss. Before I fall into his arms, he pulls back, stealing our magic together.

“I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I thought it was very nice.”

“So did I, but the timing’s not right. I can’t take advantage of your fear.
Come. I need to get you to safety.”

“You can take advantage of me whenever you want, Ewan,” I whisper,

pressing my hand against his chest, then sliding it over his strong jaw. He turns
his face into my palm absorbing my touch then abruptly pulls it away.

“Woman. Enough.” He growls, kissing my forehead and taking my hand.

With his gun out, he scopes the area as we exit my apartment. I feel safe with
him. I always have. My mind is still a gushy mess. I should be looking out for
danger, but the only danger I feel is losing my heart to him. It’s his for the
taking, but I don’t know if he’ll ever claim me for his own. His loyalty to my
brother is stronger than his feelings for me.

He sets me in his truck, buckling me in as if I’m incapable of doing it

myself. After he hears the click, he gazes up at me. “You’re mine.” He closes the
door without anything else and jumps into the driver’s seat. Damn, he’s sexy as
hell. He has on a black and his cut with a pair of jeans that fit him so well. I
groan, then examine my surroundings so he doesn’t know that I’m lusting over

“I’ve got you, Morgan. You’re going to be safe.”

“I trust you, Mick. Let’s just get there.”

He doesn’t speak as we drive to my brother’s. Since it’s a small town, it

doesn’t take long to get there. The ride feels like forever because I’m scared. I
try to use his strength, but my fear isn’t for me. It’s for him. I can’t lose him even
though we’re not truly together. I can’t exist in a world where he doesn’t. His
eyes are focused everywhere, but I feel them land on me several times.

“Don’t worry, Morgan. Boomer’s going to be fine.”

“Oh no. I hadn’t thought about that. Goodness. Do you think they’ll come
after my brother?”

“Princess, he’s not going to let anything happen to him. He didn’t build
this town for him just to die.”
“I know that’s irrational chain of reasoning, but it works for me.” I hold
that thought in my head as we enter the gated entrance. Several of the guys that
didn’t go with are standing guard along with about ten prospects. Mick escorts
me inside where Crystal is waiting. She throws her arms around me in tears. I
hold my best friend and cry with her. We stay like this until my stomach growls.
It’s embarrassingly loud, but it makes her laugh.

“I’m always hungry,” I say, shrugging it off.

“Come, let's make some food for everyone while we wait,” Mick says,
taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen.

“Fuck, I hate seeing you cry,” he admits, wiping away the tears from my

“Well, there are lots of things I hate. Like a rumbling tummy. Now, let me
get to making lunch then so my personal music will stop.”

“Hey at least it’s only your stomach,” he jokes. I brush it off because
there’s no way I’m talking about farting in front of him. I might as well just die
right here. I dig in the fridge for the ingredients I need.

“Get to chopping some tomatoes, will ya,” I say, tossing two plum
tomatoes at him. I catch him off guard, but he doesn’t drop them. We both get to
work making a host of sub sandwiches. I turn my head slightly. And without
being noticed, watch him cut. His muscles are taut as he concentrates. I want to
laugh because it’s only two firm tomatoes.

“Am I doing it wrong?” he asks.

“No, actually your slices are evenly cut.”

“Then why are you staring at me.”

“Why else?”
“Girl, get to rinsing that lettuce,” he says swatting my ass. I start laughing
then jab him in the ribs. We’re laughing when Boomer comes in, and he’s not
looking too pleased about it. I know immediately that Mick’s right. He’ll lose
everything if he tells Boomer that he wants to be with me. Mick gives us some
privacy then Jackson walks in effectively ending any questions Boomer had
about Mick and me.

I’ve decided that we could use some cupcakes for dessert, so I get to
work. Gabe walks in to check on me while the guys have a meeting about what’s
going down. “What’s up, Gabe?”

“Just came to lend you a hand. Boomer told me to help since you’re
working your ass off while they deal with shit.”

“Thanks, I don’t need help, but if you want you can preheat the oven to
425 please.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says with a smile. Gabe’s good-looking and sweet, but
I’ve never been interested in him, and I get the feeling is mutual. But the beast
that walks through the door like a bat out of hell seems to have a different
Chapter 7


I head back to the kitchen to finish what we started I see one of the
prospects chatting her up, and I’m violently jealous. I could kill him because I
can tell he’s into her. After fighting off one dick, I’m not in the mood to fight off

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” I ask; they aren’t doing anything
wrong, but she’s mine. The thought of Gabe going after my woman is going to
drive me to murder. Gabe is smart enough to take a step back from her.

“I’m baking. What the fuck does it look like?” Morgan snaps out, rolling
her eyes. Man, I want to take her over my knee and spank that ass of hers. She’s
pushing me, and I’m going to slip up and take her before the timing’s right.

“I wasn’t talking to you, princess. So watch your mouth,” I warn her

stepping closer to the kitchen island.

“Make me.” I could silence her in lots of ways. Oh hell, she’s going to
make me nut in my pants if I think about what I want to do with her mouth. The
vision of her on her knees with her lips wrapped around my length have led to
many orgasms.

I whip my head toward Gabe and bark out, “Out now, Gabe. You keep
flirting with her. I’m going to tell Boomer.”

“Oh my God, you’re ridiculous, Mick. Fucking tattle-tale.” She narrows

her eyes at me, amping up her attitude.

She’s cute even though she’s aiming for tough. “You’ve got some frosting
on your face, princess.”
“Come lick it off,” she dares me.

My dick jumps again. She’s fucking with the wrong man. “When you
grow up, I’ll be licking a lot more than your face.” Her mouth parts in a shock
and delight. I know how much she wants me. That’s clear as day to me.

She looks so beautiful with a bit of frosting on her cheek. She brushes her
hair away with the back of her hand only smearing the frosting, blushing, and
ducking her head. I reach out wiping it from her face with my bandana.

"Morgan, you need to stay away from all these eager dicks."

"Seriously, dude. What is your problem? You act like I'm not old enough
to have a boyfriend. You're worse than my brother. You hound me, guarding me
24/7. I can't take it, Mick. I get you want to fuck me, and you’re too chickenshit
to make a move, so just leave me alone." I'm about to go off on her and tell her
that she needs to watch her mouth because I know she’s trying to test me. The
only thing separating us is the kitchen island. Before I can move around the
obstacle, Jackson walks into the room.

He pats my shoulder, then shakes his head. "Morgan quit your shit. We
gave you the space you wanted, but you came back. Deal with it. Stop giving
Mick a hard time for doing his job."

She blanches, and I can read her expression. Jackson caught what she said.
I’m hoping that he wasn’t listening in or I’m going to have my face rearranged
by them. I'm glad he came in before I pulled her into my arms and silenced her
mouth the way I want. Fuck, I'm lucky I'm standing in front of the island,
blocking my stiff cock.

“I’m safe in the kitchen. Mick scared Gabe away, too.”

“Come on, Mick. I want to talk to you about the tat I want to get.” We
leave the kitchen, but I don’t want to go. I need to spend as much time with her
as possible before she goes out with another fucker to spite me. “She’s going to
be fine. She’s just testing you. Give her the time she needs.” I whiten because
he’s undeniably aware. “Relax, I’ll keep your secret, just don’t let me hear you
talk about licking her again.” He shuddered then laughed before mentioning his
ideas for a cool tat.

“I think I need to have a beer.”

“Good idea, brother. I’ll go get us some, so you both have time to calm
down.” He laughs and walks back into Boomer’s kitchen. That woman is going
to give me a lot of grief, and I look forward to it.
Chapter 8


The door chimes and I look up from a design I’m working on for myself.
“Hey Jackson, what brings you in here?”

We shake hands, and he doesn’t miss the piece I’m drawing. “We’re going
to Vegas this weekend for Boomer and Crystal’s wedding and the MMA fight. I
wanted to see if you cared to come. I know you love MMA,” he remarks with a
smirk. “Morgan’s going to be there.”

“You know, I need to talk to Boomer about this. As much as I want to

wait, I hate staying away from Morgan. I hate knowing that I can’t see her as
often as I want.”

“Maybe you two can talk after the wedding. I don’t want anything to fuck
up Boomer’s good day and I sure as hell don’t want Morgan to miss the wedding
because she hates her brother.”

“No problem. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think Boomer will be that
pissed. Morgan’s old enough to meet a guy, get knocked up, and skip town.”

“The only guy she’s going to be with is me.”

“Dude, chill out. We leave tomorrow. I’ve already booked your ticket as
well. Meet us at the house to go.”

I hop on my bike at the end of the day and go for a ride.


I’m stuck on a flight between Jackson and the woman I love. She’s tried to
slide her hand into mine several times, especially when the flight attendants
come around. I laugh because she’s the only who has my attention. She’s had it
longer than she even understands.

“You want to go to the bathroom with me?”

“What the fuck, Morgan? I’m not sitting that far. I can hear you.”

“I’m just kidding, Jackson.” She pauses briefly before purposefully

adding, “Besides, that’s not the place I want to lose my virginity in.” I swallow
hard. I expected her to be innocent, but you never know. I’m doing my best to
keep my dick down, but it’s not working. Drop my sketch pad down onto my lap
to hide what I can. This woman is going to pay for that shit.

I focus on my designs for tattoos and ignore the woman at my side who is
doing her best to turn me on. I’d rather spend my time on her, but until we act on
this, I have to hold off.

“What are you working on?” she asks, leaning over my arm to check out
my drawings.

“A tat for a customer,” I mutter. It’s a lie, but she doesn’t need to know

“Do all your customers want a sexy lady on them?” I hear the jealousy in
her voice.

“Not as many as you think. Now, don’t you have a book to read or

“I have plans for the café to work on, but there’s not a lot of room for my

“Too bad the plane is crowded, or I’d sit in a different spot, princess.” I
get back to my drawings of her. I hold off on the face because sketches are of her
and I don’t want Jackson to see them.

Chapter 9


We settle in after eating at the hotel because tomorrow’s a big day. First is
the wedding then the fights. Crystal’s brothers both fight tonight. It’s pretty cool.
I know Ewan’s excited. He’s in a different suite with Doc who appears very into
Crystal’s sister. I wonder if it’s going to be more than that or he's just overly
flirtatious. Sophia is beautiful. I’m glad that Mick showed her no interest besides
the customary welcome.

We ready for the early morning ceremony and I selfishly hope Mick’s
eyes are focused on me. And they are. The moment he sees me, they hardly ever
leave. I have to look away to watch my brother marry Crystal, but every once in
a while, I steal a glance. Our eyes lock each time.

As soon as it ended, I walk arm in arm with my brother who smiles down
at me. “I have a feeling we’ll be attending another wedding soon.”

“You mean Doc and Sophie?” I ask, wondering if he’s going to bring up

He laughs as we head out into the main lobby area. “Yeah them too. Don’t
deny you’re in love with Mick. It can’t be more obvious.”

I look over and see Mick standing by the door like a guard watching—just
watching. “Nothing’s going to happen between us any time soon.”

He chuckles again. “I doubt that, but he’s a good guy, so you’ve got my
blessing for what it’s worth.” Jackson kisses my forehead before leading me over
to congratulate Boomer and Crystal.
“You are beautiful,” I tell Crystal hugging her close.

“Thank you. I think it’s because I’m so happy,” she squeals. I love that she
loves my brother so much. They’re perfect for each other.

“And because you’re perfection, my wife,” Boomer says, kissing her on

her lips before pulling me into a hug. He’s squeezing me tight while still holding
onto Crystal with his other arm.

“Well, we are out of here. We’ll all meet up at the fight.”

“Actually, we’ll be far away from you all, but have fun up-close, you
lucky punks,” I tell them. They’ve got ringside seats. We managed to get last
minute seats, but the excellent thing is I get to sit next to Ewan.

Chapter 10


We get into the locker room area where Crystal’s brothers are getting
ready. I want to protest and drag her away, but Boomer told her to come along.
Internally I’m burning with rage. The guys are still in tee shirts and their training
shorts. Mike winks at Morgan then smirks at me to piss me off. I used to be a fan
now I hope he gets knocked the fuck out.

“Fucker, don’t flirt with my sister. She’s not for you.” Damn right she’s
not. She’s mine.

“Says the guy with my sister. Now if you all would kindly get the fuck
out, so we can prep that would be fucking great,” Mike scoffs, kicking us out.

I’m glad to lead Morgan out of the room when he adds, “Morgan, you’re
more than welcome to stay.”

“Sorry, handsome, but you don’t want your face pounded in before the
fight. These guys are crazy.” Morgan pats my chest and tilts her head toward

“I think your brother wants to get his ass dropped. MMA fighter or not,
he’s pushing it, Tigress,” Boomer says as we walk out of the locker room.

“I’m sorry, but the testosterone is raging in there. The guys get a little too

“Whatever. Let’s just go to our seats already.” It was a pissing contest in

there. I don’t know if the fuck is seriously interested in Morgan, but he knew for
sure that I am and that shit’s going to get him killed.

“Enjoy the view from the rafters,” Boomer teases.

“For that, you should give us your seats.”

“Yeah, not happening. But nice try. Have fun in the nosebleeds. And
Mick, make sure no fuck touches her.” I nod and escort her in the other direction
where we have to head up to our seats. Doc and Sammie are meeting us up there.
Doc is pissed because Sophia is with her family and there aren’t enough seats for

Before we make it to the main seating entrance, I stop in the hallway

under a stairwell and turn her toward me. “Are you trying to drive me fucking
insane?” I ask her, letting a low growl escape. I’m trying to keep my composure,
but I’ve never been so jealous in my life. No one was even half naked, but those
fucks are bad ass, and well they’re not much different than me.

“What? I didn’t do anything,” she lies. Her eyes give her away.

“Morgan. I know what you want and trust me…soon you’re going to
regret asking for it.”

I want to kill every single man in this place. What Morgan’s got on is sexy
as fuck, and everyone is noticing. She’s in a tight top that is showing her midriff
every time she moves and a pair of tight jeans that hug her body. I’m growly and
ready to commit murder. I’ve never hated MMA before now. Today’s that damn
day. Both Crystal’s brothers have been huge stars in my eyes until they met
Morgan. They smile at her then give a wink, and that’s enough for me to lose my
shit. I’ll make sure that they know their place when no one was around. MMA
fighters or not, I’m not losing Morgan.

It’s just me and her up in this area since the whole group got separated. I
slide my hand on the small of her back, subtly letting anyone eyeing her know
she’s mine. I’m at my fucking breaking point. “Mickey boy, you’re risking a lot
by touching me.”

“You’re going to get fucking spanked for calling me that,” I whisper

harshly in her ear. She shivers and releasing a moan while rolling her ass
upward. I slide my hand onto it and squeeze. “Keep this shit up, and you’re
going to be pregnant by the end of the night.”

“My body is begging for your baby,” she whispers back. I stand there with
my mouth open in shock because my dick has all my brainpower at the moment.
I shake myself out of the vision of her begging for my kid, only to see her head
down toward the exit. As I make my way to her, I lose her for a split second in
the crowd. Some fat, drunk asshole steps in my way, shouting that he could take
me. He’s about to meet the ground when his friend pulls him back.

“Sorry, man. Beer balls,” his friend apologizes for the fuck. He’s lucky
there’s a shit load of security because I would have dropped his ass before he got
two words out.

I ignore it all because I have to find my woman. I step out into the
concession area. She’s easy to spot but thank fuck Doc and Sophia are standing
with her. Doc looks pissed when I get there.

“About time. Keep an eye on this one. All these fucks got eyes that need
to be blackened.” His words aren’t just for me. He’s pissed because Crystal’s
sister Sophia is attractive, and all the swinging dicks filled with testosterone are
not fucking blind. She’s not his, though. Morgan is mine, and I will kill a
motherfucker if they touch her.

“What the hell was that shit about?” I murmur angrily against her ear. I’m
so ticked off and hard at the same time. My cock pulses painfully digging into
my zipper. I want to toss her over my shoulder then head back to the hotel.
Forget the tat shop; I’ll fucking start my own somewhere else. Morgan’s all that
matters. I know it’ll cost me a lot because she’s supposed to be off-limits, but
she’s mine. I don’t care anymore. I’m not waiting. She’s sexy as hell, and
motherfuckers eye fuck her in my presence. That’s the proverbial last straw.
The fights seem to go on forever, but I text Boomer from Morgan’s phone.
Feeling like shit. Some asshat spilled beer on me. Calling it a night. Have fun.

He messages right back. Okay. Make sure Mick walks you up. Don’t care
if he misses the fight.

I’ll tell Mickey. Goodnight.

“What are you doing?”

“What I should have done months ago.” I take her hand, stuffing her
phone in my back pocket and lead her to our hotel. She squeals as I throw her
over my shoulder. I don’t set her on her feet until we’re in the elevator. I grab her
around her upper back with my fingertips skimming the edge of her breasts, then
flip her so her legs are straddling my hips and her back is up against the elevator
wall. I crush my mouth to hers. Morgan moans, tipping her head back as brush
my lips along her pulse. The elevator pings, stopping me from going farther. I
lift her away from the wall and carry her to my room.
Chapter 11


Being with Mick is everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’m doing my best to
stay calm. My pussy is throbbing insanely, and I can’t stop thrusting my hips
forward. “Quit that, princess, or it’ll be over before we get started.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, then grind on him again. His hand comes down on my
ass, making me squeak out. He sets me on my feet so that he can unlock the door
with the keycard. As soon as we’re inside, he scoops me back up and rushes to
the bed. I feel my back hit the bed as his lips come down on mine. He pushes his
hips down, rubbing his thick cock against my core. I meet his movements,
hoping to come, but he pulls his hips out of the way.

I grumble and pout, but it only makes him smile down at me. I love his
eyes. They shine brightly as if he’s looking deep within me and sees his

“I love you,” I utter, losing all pretense and letting my heart speak for me.

“I’m nothing without you. I love you, Morgan.” He brushes his lips to
mine, then he slides his mouth down my neck, his teeth scraping my pulse. I arch
my chest and rock my body against his. His hands move lovingly along my
sides, lifting my top. His thumbs brush over my breasts as he reveals my bra. I
close my eyes and absorb his touch. “Open them,” he orders. I do it as my pussy
clenches. His tone is harsh, demanding and when I look into his green eyes, I see
a feral beast. He cups both of them and tugs down my bra. “I want you to see
everything I’m going to do to you. I’m going to make you come all night. Can
you handle that, princess?” His hand snakes down between my legs, rubbing my
pussy through my jeans.
“Please, Ewan. I need to come now.” He sucks my nipple into his mouth,
and it’s all I need. I’m coming in my jeans. I cry out as my body shakes.

“Yes, and that’s just a sample. Now, I need to taste you.” His voice is
deeper, huskier. I shake slightly with nervousness. Every nerve in my body
electrified my soul, marking my body eternally his. Ewan tugs on my jeans after
unbuttoning them. I gasp when he rips them down my body, taking my panties
with them.

“Take off your bra,” he orders, after throwing my clothes on the floor. I do
what he says, then watch as he takes off his shirt. “Princess, you’re sexy as hell.”
He stands there with his eyes tracing every inch of my body.
Chapter 12


I have her naked, splayed across the bed for my eyes only, and I’m doing
my best to contain myself. I want to possess her in every way imaginable. I’ve
longed for this moment, but I have to go slow.

“I want to devour every ounce of sweetness from your pussy. Spread your
thighs wider, show me it all.” I climb between her legs, my face rubbing against
her mound to breathe her in. The scent of her sweet pussy is addictive. I grab her
inner thighs and part them wider, holding them open. I love the way she moans
as my tongue hits her sensitive clit. Fuck, she tastes incredible. She digs her
hands into my hair, tugging on it as I lick her faster, thrusting my tongue into her
pussy. My princess bucks her hips, then her juices coat mouth and chin as she
comes for me.

“That’s it, ride my face,” I groan out as she fucks my mouth. My cock is
dripping cum onto the bed. I need to be inside her and filling her with my seed.
If she’s pregnant, no one can tear us apart. I want to see her swell with my baby
and it’s going to happen.

I continue to eat her out, bringing her back to the edge. “I could eat your
pussy all day, but I need to be in you.” I suck her breast into my mouth as I line
up my cock at her soaking wet slit. I bite down, then pump my hips forward,
pushing through her virgin womb.

She tightens, then freezes, nearly forcing me out of her pussy. I lean down
and steal her breathy cry, kissing her passionately. “Sorry, Princess.”

“Wow, that stung like a bitch, but the feeling is better already,” she
whispers, wrapping her legs around my hips.
“I’ll make it up to you later,” I promise, wrapping my lips around hers. I
thrust into her, fucking every inch deep into her womb. Her pussy strokes my
cock as her walls clench. I’m doing my best to hold strong and not come too
soon. I want her with me. “Morgan, tell me what you need.”

“Harder,” she moans, clawing on my back. I grab her by her hair and slam
my mouth onto her as I fuck her deep and fast. “Fuck, I’m coming,” she screams
into my mouth. I bend down and suck on her breasts while dominating her with
my thrusts. I’ve lost all control to think straight as her pussy holds on to my cock
squeezing my load out of me. I roar out her name until I’ve emptied every last
drop into her tiny womb. I know I’ve done some damage. She’s going to need
some serious rest after this, but fuck, I’m still hard. I can feel my dick pulsing
inside of her as he readies for round two.

“Um…can we do that again?” she asks shyly while she flexes her pussy
around my shaft.

“Fuck yeah,” I agree vehemently, sliding in and out her tight womb.
Nothing but the sounds of our flesh play in my ears. I feel every bead of sweat
on our bodies as we grind together. I’m addicted, and I know it. I clasp our hands
together, then lift them over her head, digging deep into her with every fucking

Her cunt is so wet that I can feel it on my balls. I want to unload every
ounce of my cum into her womb. “That’s it. I can feel your pussy begging to be
taken rough. Damn, you’re creaming right now. I love you so damn much. Come
for me again, princess.”

I move both of her hands to one of mine, then creep my fingers down her
body, skimming her hard, sensitive nipples all the way down to her mound. I
press my thumb to her clit, massaging it as I take long steady strokes inside of
her. My mouth comes down on her breasts, taking turns sucking on her tender
flesh until she’s screaming my name. Like a call to action, I come from hearing
my name.

Totally wiped out, I fall to the side of her leaving my treasured warmth. I
snake my arm around her and pull her onto me. “Thank you,” I whisper.


It’s after two in the morning when I wake to find Morgan staring at me.
She’s beautiful and everything that’s amazing. I kiss her, then get off the bed.
After a quick bathroom break, I grab a little box from my duffle and sit on the
bed. She’s only using a sheet to cover up her sexy, thoroughly-fucked body. I
take her hand and pull her to my side.

“Ready again?” she asks, dropping the sheet. I close my eyes and take a
deep breath because I have to do this before I lose my nerve.

I hold her hand, then utter, “Marry me, Morgan.” I slide my

grandmother’s ring on her finger before she can say anything.

She looks down at it and her mouth parts so prettily, fucked up thoughts
come into my head and my dick jerks with anticipation. “Oh my goodness. It’s
beautiful, Ewan,” she exclaims.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.”

“Duh. You slid the ring on before I got to respond. Besides, I’ve wanted to
be your wife since my birthday party.” She threw her arms around me and
practically tackled me onto the bed. “Maybe we can sneak down and do it before
we go.”

“You were thinking the same thing I was.”

“But we don’t have a marriage license. We didn’t get one like Boomer and
Crystal did.”
“You didn’t…but I did.” I got up and went through my bag. All it needed
was her signature. “If you’d sign here, we can head over to the nearest chapel
whenever you’re ready.

She squeals out, “Give me an hour.”

She tries to get up, but I halt her movements, gripping her arms, then with
all seriousness, I urge, “What about your brothers?”

Her face twists with a concern. “Oh shit. They’re going to be pissed when
they find out.”

“Should we wait?” I ask her. I’ll go with her lead. I’ll do anything she

With a shake of her head and a scrunch of her pretty nose, she replies,
“No. Unless you wanted to have your parents here.”

“No, they can’t come for another month and fuck if I’m going to wait that
long. You could change your mind during that time.”

She jabs me in the chest with her pretty pink nails. “Buster, I don’t think
so. You’re just using it as an excuse to marry me right away.”

“Can you blame me?”

“Nope. Let’s get to it.” She hops off the bed completely naked. I’m hard
just watching her walk to the bathroom. She’s having a hard time moving
smoothly, I proudly think. I grab some things to wear and stuff them into a
duffle. I planned on wearing my family colors for a special occasion, and there’s
nothing more special than marrying Morgan. I’ll change once we get to the

“I have to stop down in my room to change,” she calls out from the
“Cool. I need to shower first.” I walk into the bathroom, giving her a wink
and smirk. “Care to join me?”

“Yes, please.” I close the bathroom door and let the fun begin.
Chapter 13


We sneak down to my room in the wee hours of the morning so that I can
get my dress. My body aches as we make it there. I’ve got a waddle that I hope
doesn’t show as I walk down the aisle. It looks like the time I learned to ride a
horse on Cowboy’s ranch.

My plan is to get ready at the chapel because I don’t want him to see me
in the dress until it’s time. It’ll jinx the marriage or, so they say. I don’t know if I
believe that. Marriages fall apart even with all the damn secrecy. He decided to
wait outside the door in case he accidentally saw the dress.

That turns out to be a big mistake. Someone’s waiting for me as I open my

room door. “Jackson,” I squeak out. “What are you doing in here?”

“What are you doing sneaking back into your room? Why don’t you just
come in Mick? I know you’re with her.”

Mick comes into the room with a pissed off grimace.

“I’m glad we went to your room instead,” I say as he comes to my side.

“Yes, me too,” Jackson mutters. “I came in because you left the fight
early. When I went to check in on you, you didn’t answer. Before you ask, I have
a key to your room since I’m the one who paid for it.”

“Listen, Jackson. I’m old enough to do what and who I want.”

“I’m not saying shit. You and Mick sneaking around isn’t a good idea.”

“Well…It won’t be for long.” I want to tell him we’re getting married
right now, but he’d freak out.
“No, it’s not. Are you two getting married right now?”

“What! Where would you get that idea?” I ask, trying to persuade him

“Mick, next time try being a little sneakier. I saw you at the license desk
today.” Shit. That sucks. No wedding for us.
Chapter 14


Tension fills the entire flight back to Texas. Or so it feels like that for me.
I can’t stand knowing that I claimed her as mine and not to tell the fucking
world. Not one part of me likes this deception. It’s as if somehow, I’ve made us a
dirty little secret. Maybe I should have told Boomer sooner. That way right now,
I’d have her as my wife without any fucking pretense. I do my best to sketch, but
everything comes up dark. Nothing like the designs I drew on the way to Vegas.
Granted this would be some dope shit for the fucking shop, it’s not the mood I
want to be in. I’d like to be buried deep inside of Morgan, then letting the world
know her pussy is mine.

As we get off the plane seemingly annoyed with me, she moves out of my
grasp. It pisses me off more. “Don’t fucking have an attitude.”

“Well, stop acting like I pissed in your cheerios.”

“Maybe if you didn’t want us to be nothing, but a fucking shame.”

“Ha. Rich, really rich coming from you.”

“You’re mine now. Officially, I don’t like pretending it’s not true.”

“Give me until tomorrow.”

“Hey, we’ll meet you at the truck,” Boomer calls out, taking his and
Crystal’s suitcases as we wait for ours.

“Why don’t you wait?” I ask.

“Because she has to pee,” Boomer whispers while Crystal does the telltale
“Hey, beautiful. Are you here alone?” I hear. I know the fucker isn’t
talking to Morgan. I turn my head and rage pumps through me.

“Um, no. I’m not.”

“Pity, baby, you have one killer body. And that ass—I love to see you bent
over for...” I’m in his face before he gets the last syllable out. My hand wraps
around his throat. I squeeze for a few seconds. I want to knock him the fuck out,
but that means my ass is going to jail. I’m standing in the center of the airport
luggage check. Security will have me on the ground, drop-kicked and tasered if I
tried. I let him go, and he stumbles back.
Chapter 15


“You can’t talk to him yet,” I argue, grabbing his arm as he makes his way
through the crowd at the clubhouse. We arrived today, and we’re having a
surprise reception for Boomer and Crystal. Sophia and I planned it out days
before the wedding. They loved it when they came in, but now Ewan is mad at

He whips around, scowling at me. He pulls me away from everyone and

over to the front door unseen because everyone’s huddled around the food buffet
table. “What? Why not?”

I don’t know why he’s in a rush to do this. It’s not like he didn’t get what
he wanted. I’m giving him the chance to keep this quiet. He’s making a big deal
out of this. It’s not like Boomer is going to be checking in on me. “I don’t want
you to lose everything for me.”

“Morgan, what part of you are my everything that you don’t understand.
You’re mine. I tried to hold it off, but I can’t wait. We’re in this together.”

“Damn it, Ewan,” I yell at him. “I don’t want to ruin their party.”

“Fine. We can talk outside.” He leads me outside where the air is perfect.
The guys are guarding the front gate, and he walks me over to his bike. “I’m
going to tell him. I’m not going to bed alone anymore.”

“We can sleep over all the time.”

“No, I don’t want secrets. I love you, Morgan and as they say, never wish
to be parted from you.”

“Fine, but at least wait until the party’s over.”

“I can do that.” He leans into me, wrapping an arm around my waist. We
share a brief kiss when all the of the sudden the sounds of gunfire open around
us. There’s a van entering the gate. We have no time to run or hide. Ewan throws
me on the ground and covers me with his own body. Panic sets in and I feel like
I need to learn to be stronger. “I love you, Morgan.” He pulls out his gun, stands
in front of me and fires back at the guys.

“I love you,” I say just as another guy shoots at Ewan. He falls right in
front of me. I rush over and grab his gun. I don’t know how to use it, but I fire it
at the guy who hit my man. It hits him, but it’s not a good shot. I fire again, but
the gun is empty. Another guy rushes up and hits me with the grip of the gun.
“Bitch, it’s time you pay up big this time. We’re going to enjoy tearing your
pussy and ass up before we dump your body off.” Realization hits me. It’s the
guy from the alley. I continue to fight, but they’re too strong for me. I’m
stunned, but I’m focused on my Mick, my Ewan, my love. God, I see him on the
ground with blood around him. They drag me off as I fight. Another blow to the
face and I’m losing consciousness. I hear more fire coming from the clubhouse.
The van starts moving and then we’re spinning. My head hits the side of the van,
and I’m out cold.

I wake up screaming for Mick. “Where's Mick? Please tell me he's okay.
This is all my fault,” I cry.

Boomer grimaces down at me with heartbreaking rage in his eyes.

“They're taking him to the hospital and Doc is working on him on the way.”

“He covered me to protect me.”

“Good, that's what he should have done. Now let's pray that he will make
it.” Boomer’s carrying me back to the clubhouse, and I feel so cold and
destroyed. I’m confused, but I need my man. Cyber tends to my wounds,
cleaning and bandaging them up. Boomer leaves me there with a kiss on my

Crystal pulls me into her arms as soon as Cyber takes me into the safe
room. My head is spinning, and I blurt out, “I need Ewan to live.” She holds me
tighter, whispering kind words to me.

“Crystal. It’s the guys from the alley,” I exclaim, pain, guilt, and fear
taking over me.

“Are you sure?” she asks, panicking as well. I’m sorry that I’ve dragged
her into all of this. I’ve managed to pull the entire club into it. Worst of all, I may
lose the love of my life. As much as I want to lie about it, we need to be safe. It
wasn’t as random of an attack as we thought it was.

“It’s them. They found me. I wish we’d told him before,” I tell her. It’s
harder to say the words out loud, knowing that everyone, especially Ewan could
die because of me.

“I know. I’m sorry. I should have, but…” Crystal’s in tears because

Boomer’s not going to be happy with her. It’s my fault with that too. It’s was my
business to tell them, and I talked her out of confessing. I understand that
everything that happened today rests at my feet.

I rub her arms and gaze into her eyes. “But you know, as I do, he would
have hunted them down and been killed or arrested.”

She upsettably shook her head, adding, “Yes, I can’t lose him. And now I
might. He’s going to leave me for keeping this from him.” I doubt that, but he’s
not going to be happy. Mostly his rage will be geared toward me after the panic
and fear die down. I hear the door open and feeling it’s my brother without even
peeking. I’m in so much trouble, but I can’t even care because nothing is worse
than losing Ewan.

“Morgan, how are you doing?” Boomer asks me as he sits Crystal in his

“I’m physically okay. I’m sorry. This is all my fault.” Jackson came into
the room along with Blade at the same time. “God, this is hard to talk about.”
Everyone is gathering around to find out what is going on and I feel the weight
of their anger on me.

Then Crystal sighs before continuing for me which I’m grateful. “The day
I met Morgan, it was chance. You wondered how we became friends. Well…”
she pauses.

Then I add, “She saved my life.”

“What?” Jackson roars, “And you’re just telling us this?” He doesn’t get
angry like Boomer and it makes me flinch. It’s always the quiet ones.

“Continue, please,” Boomer mutters with a firm jaw and teeth clenched.

I can tell he’s growing impatient. “I was walking back from the library,
checking out all the cool things there when I was pulled into an alley. They…” I
break down. It’s like reliving the moment all over again. The feel of them
touching me, the knife to my throat, and the fear I’d never see Ewan again.

“They started to attack her, sexually,” Crystal continues, seeing all the
men already understanding the situation.

“They didn’t get to, you know…” I attempt to explain. It seems the whole
room let out a collective sigh including Crystal.

“I’m sorry, Tigress.” Boomer’s rubbing her arms. I guess he was

squeezing her harder than I thought.

“If it wasn’t for Crystal coming over and kicking their asses. I don’t know
what they would have done. Obviously, they wanted me dead.” My eyes are
fixated on the door because the lingering fear is haunting me.
“That’s their ultimate goal, but I have a feeling these guys work for the
Colombian dealer whose name is still unverified. Cyber, get to work on tracing
the van,” Boomer says rapidly. His mind is working overtime.

Cyber has his phone out reading something when he adds, “Already on it,
Pres. I’ve got stolen plates. I’m looking into the location of the vehicle
registration. The VIN comes back to Brownsville, Texas.”

“Okay, well check all of Santos’s connections. If that fucker has ties there,
he’s going to have a serious problem. Now, let’s get to the hospital.” That
catches my attention. I jump up ready to go, forgetting about my injuries. I have
to know how Ewan is doing.

Many of the vehicles are damaged, but we take the few SUVs that aren’t.
When we arrive, they send us to the ER waiting area. I’m shaking, hoping that
they’re going to give us good news. Doc and Beast are sitting down, then meet
our gaze. I’m feeling weak because I see the sadness in their eyes. Boomer walks
up, and I follow right behind him. Doc says, “It doesn’t look good.” I faint on
the spot.
Chapter 16


Thirty-two days later

His parents returned to Ireland yesterday, but they would be back in a

couple of weeks after they had everything settled back home. Seeing Ewan lying
in a coma broke his mother’s heart. She could barely stand the sight of him in
bed. Hopefully, we would have good news once they returned. I hope for all that
is good that he comes back to us.

"Ewan, please come back to me. I love you so much I'm so sorry I wish I
could take everything back. You wouldn’t be in the hospital if it weren’t for me.
The attack was my fault. I can't go on without you," I beg, weeping into my
hands. I'm lost without him. I go around half existing. I feel hands on my
shoulders startling me. I turn around to see Boomer with his brow arched. With
his jaw taut and his body tense, I can tell he heard everything I said. His head
darts Ewan, who is laying on the bed, then back to me. He doesn't say a word for
what seems like minutes.

"How long have you two been together?" His voice is gentle when I was
expecting to hear anger.

It shocks me for an instant, then I gather myself. "Officially, the day of the
fight after Crystal's brother hit on me. I'm sorry."

He takes my hand and pulls me up from my chair, wrapping me up in his

giant hug. "Don't be sorry, Morgan. I had a feeling this has been coming. I'm
sorry that he's not waking up."

"Me, too." I cry against his chest. I wish things had been different. I wish
that I’d been honest from the start.
Chapter 17


I open my eyes to an empty room. I'm confused as hell, and there's a

burning pain in my chest. Everything around here just covered with flowers. Am
I dead? I hear a beeping sound, and with all the energy I can muster I turn my
head in that direction. It looks to be a hospital machine of some sort, but my
head is fuzzy. I’m in a hospital. It’s still dark, but I can see the tendrils of sun
starting to creep up the horizon. I reach my hand up over my face and brush
down to feel growing beard.

How long have I been here? I mentally ask myself. Suddenly I lift myself
up into a sitting position frantically looking around. “Where's Morgan?” I
question. I shout out around the room calling for her, calling for somebody to
give me answers. I’m tethered to the machines, and I want to rip them out. I need
to find my woman pray to God that she’s still alive. A team of people come
rushing into the room. I don't recognize any of them.

“Mr. McMann, we're glad to see that you're finally awake. But you need to
lie back down.”

“Where is she? Where is she? Where's Morgan? Where's my princess?” I

shout out to the faces in the room who seem to be nervous I'm damn near ready
to jump off the bed. I want answers.

“Calm down, sir. She should be coming soon. It's only going to be six in
the morning. She's here every day.” I breathe out a heavy sigh of relief. “Sorry,
but you need to lay back down. Trust me; she’s going to be thrilled to see you.
We need to examine you.” I relax and lay back against the pillows.

“Can you tell me what happened to me?”

“You were shot in the chest, nicking an artery that was almost fatal. If it
wasn’t for your doctor friend, you wouldn’t be here.” Damn, I’m thankful as
fuck for that. I just won the greatest prize only to be shot a day later. Fuck, my
world’s been upended, and I hope that I can fix it.

“I’ll remember to thank him. So tell me what’s the damage?”

“We’re testing your reflexes and such, but you seem to be moving all your
limbs easily. Walking will be hard, but there’s no damage to your spine.”

“That’s fucking great to hear. I feel shaky and shit. Is that permanent?”

“No, it’s more than likely because you haven’t used your muscles in just
over a month, and they’ll need strengthening.”

“That’s good to know since I own a tattoo shop. Shit, I forgot about the

“Don’t worry, sir. I overheard that your staff’s managing it,” one of the
nurses replies. I close my eyes and attempt to calm down. My heart’s popping
out of my chest in anticipation of seeing Morgan. After about ten minutes of
being poked and prodded, several leave me there.

“We’re going to take you for some testing. We want to see if there are any
other things to be concerned about.” They wheel my bed out of the room and
down several hallways. I don’t care about any of it as long as I can hold my love
Chapter 18


I arrive at the hospital with Boomer and Crystal by my side.

Understanding what Ewan means to me, they want to be as supportive as
possible. I can’t believe how wonderful Boomer’s being about this. Everything
we’ve done to stay away from each other and fight the truth had been for

As frequent visitors, they no longer give us temporary passes. There isn’t

a soul in this place that doesn’t recognize the three of us at this point. We get to
his floor, and I’m getting curious glances from everyone at the nurses’ station.
Panic sets in. “No, no,” I whisper, shaking my head. Boomer pushes Ewan’s
hospital room door open, and I fall out. My brother catches me before I lose my
mind. “No, no. He can’t be gone.” The bed is empty. Tears pour down my face
like the damn Niagara Falls. I can’t control them, and my heart’s dying inside. I
race around the room searching for his belongings. His things are still here, but
maybe he just passed. God, I feel like I’m going to die right here.

In the middle of my breakdown, the bathroom door opens, and with the
help of a male nurse, Ewan comes out. “Fuck, princess. Come here. I’m not
going to leave you.”

I rush into his waiting arms, but I’m slowed down by Boomer who
whispers in my ear, “Easy, Morgan the man is barely standing.”

I smile stupidly and walk into his arms. His mouth comes down mine hard
crushing my lips to his. I’ve waited forever for this. It’s everything Ewan, and
it’s minty fresh. “I’ve missed you,” I tell him.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I should have been more careful with you.” He’s
referring to the shooting, but he’s about to change his tune when he learns the

“I’m the one who’s sorry.” His eyes immediately find Boomer. He tenses
for a moment but then relaxes.

My brother smirks at him. “Sit down before you keel the fuck over and
die. We can talk about your ass being a pussy later.” I help Ewan back to bed. He
doesn’t lay down. Instead, he sits and takes my hand pulling me down to sit next
to him.

“Mick, I’m fucking grateful for what you did to protect my sister. I
understand your reasons were more than to loyalty to the club and me, but that
doesn’t change that you did all you could to save her.”

“Thanks, Boomer,” he says, sticking his hand out for a shake. I can see
there’s an understanding happening.

“You ever treat her bad; I’ll bury you.”

“Never. Morgan’s going to marry me as soon as we can. Life’s too fucking

short to waste another day.” He leans down and kisses my temple. I’m smiling
like a fool.

“Wait. You’re both getting ahead of yourselves. Mick needs to know it’s
my fault he’s in here.”

He eyes bore into mine. “Did you fucking shoot me, Morgan?” he asks.

“No,” I screech. “Of course not.”

Holding my hands in his, he adds, “Then it’s not your fault. I don’t give a
fuck if you think that. What happened wasn’t yours.”

“They came for me.”

“What the fuck?”

“Mick, they are the guys that attacked Morgan in college.”

“Attacked you in college?”

“Yes, that’s how Crystal and I met,” I tell him the truth, the whole truth
and wait for his punishment, but it doesn’t come. Instead, he pulls me onto his
lap as if he didn’t just wake up from a coma, then tips my chin to examine my
neck. There’s a slight scar from that night. “I wondered if you were lying about
that mark.” He sits me back down next to him and then addresses my brother,
“Please tell me you got these fuckers.”

“Only the ones who attacked us. We have a beat on where they’re at and
who their ringleader, but the operation is too big to attack on our own. The
rumors are they are infiltrating two towns over with tons of heroin and meth.
They’re trying to branch out, but we’re in the way. It’s the only reason they
could be coming for us. Santos has been doing some recon to make up for the
attempted abduction of my wife’s family.”

“Morgan’s being watched I presume,” Ewan snarls at my brother.

“Of course. Morgan’s my sister before she was your fiancée.”

“Yeah, sorry. It’s just been so damn hard learning that I’ve been out for a
month and everything has been out of control.”

“I get it, man. But you need to get better before we start dropping fuckers.
And you two need to get married soon just in case something happens to your
ass again.”

“I’m going to take Crystal to breakfast then back to the house to check on
shit. I’ve been dealing with a lot of business matters since you’ve been in a
coma. Demi and Ash are running the shop for now but under half the hours.”

“That’s cool. I appreciate it.” They say their goodbyes, leaving us alone.
As soon as that door closes, he’s on me, his hands thrust into my hair, and
his mouth is on mine. I moan as his tongue slides against my lips. I open for him,
letting him in. My hands run up his arms and into his hair. I’m so overwhelmed
that he’s alive that I can’t breathe. I pull back and try to catch my breath.
Chapter 19


One more week in the hospital did the trick; I’m going home today. All
my tests are clear. I had two days of physical therapy in the hospital. Now I’m
being turned over to Doc’s care and Morgan’s loving.

They bring a wheelchair for me which I don’t appreciate because I’m tired
of being considered weak, but it’s the hospital policy. Morgan holds my hand
while, Beast, Doc, Blade, and Law surround me and help me into the SUV.
Rico’s driving, and Blade hops into the front seat. Doc sits in back next to me
just in case. They’ve given me painkillers, so I’m not feeling shit at the moment
and kind of glad that they wheeled me out. By the time I get in the SUV, I’m
spaced out. Morgan holds my hand, and I pull her head to mine for a quick kiss.

“I love you, Princess. I can’t wait to get you naked in bed and riding me,”
I mutter against her lips. She gasps and pulls back. I smile at her and try to drag
her back into my arms.

“Ewan, we’re not alone.”

“Hey, guys…” Rico starts, but I need to mark my territory.

“Well, you all weren’t supposed to hear that. Close your ears. I’ve missed
my wife.” I pull her necklace from under her blouse. “You need to be wearing
your ring, Mrs. McMann.”
Chapter 20


Shit, he needs to go to sleep. Thankfully we’re almost to Boomer’s house.

It’s where we’re going to stay until he’s back in shape. I can’t believe he just
blew our secret.

“What the fuck is he talking about, Morgan?”

My eyes dart to the dashboard. I see the screen read Boomer. I give Rico a
snarling glare. “I tried to tell you he’s on the Bluetooth,” Rico informs us.

“What does he mean, little sister?” Boomer growls through the speakers.

“We got married in Vegas,” I stammer out.

“When was this?”

“In the middle of the night after we…”

“Never fucking mind. You need to learn to start fucking telling the truth.
And you fucking Mick are lucky you’re barely hanging on. Get to the house, and
we can talk.”

Ewan is sleeping with a smile on his face, resting his head on my chest.
The man is in so much trouble when he sees Boomer. I close my eyes as we
make our way to the house and remember the morning before we left. We
celebrated our impromptu wedding most thoroughly.

I enter the chapel ready to walk to the altar arm and arm with my brother
Jackson. He leads the way to the love of my life. I gasp when I see what Ewan
has on. He’s wearing a kilt. Where was he hiding that? This man is all surprises.
I stare at Ewan because he has the sexiest legs. Instantly I wonder if he's gone
traditionally commando. I want to lift it up and feel around. I’m glad he’s got
that satchel thing in the front because I probably wouldn’t be able to concentrate
on anything else. My thighs ache still and yet I want his massive cock in me
again. I almost feel terrible that I'm having raunchy thoughts and Jackson
standing right beside me. His kilt is dark green with black and red plaid lines.
The color of his kilt makes his green eyes shine brighter than ever. He smiles
cockily at me, and it adds a sexy look to the whole ensemble. Heavens, I love this
man with everything I am. Even without my other brother here, this feels right…
absolutely wonderful. “Congratulations. Treat her well, or you’ll have to answer
to all of us,” Jackson warns before he hands me over to Ewan and the service
begins. Ewan takes my hand, and I have no second thoughts. I want him for the
rest of my life.

“I love you,” he whispers in my ear. The ceremony ends faster than I

expected. And now I’m Mrs. Morgan McMann.

The slowing down of the truck shakes me out of my memory. I wonder

how Boomer’s going to take it when he finds out that Jackson came with us.
Selfishly, I didn’t tell Boomer because I was afraid he’d stop us or make us wait.
When we pull up to the house, I nudge Ewan awake. “Come on sleeping beauty.
You need to rest before my brother loses his temper.” Boomer came down the
stairs to lend a hand.

“I’m up, and ready if he’s feeling that pissed. I’m sorry I upset you,
Morgan. I didn’t mean to spill the beans. I love you so fucking much,” he says,
finishing it with a kiss that steals my breath away.

“Come on, get out before I get fucking sick,” Boomer orders, holding the
door open for me.

“Sorry,” I reply, hopping out of the backseat. Mick scoots out behind me
instead of going the way Doc did. He presses his hand to the small of my back
and stands tall in front of my brother.

“What the fuck! If you even make her cry, I’ll beat your fucking ass.”

“Boomer, I’d die for her, nothing you could do would stop me from loving
and protecting her.”

“Well…no fucking in my house. Got it. Wait until you go back to your
place. The only people getting laid in here is my old lady and me.”

“Got it,” I cheer, hugging my brother tightly. “Thank you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that shit when he was knocked out?”

“I was afraid he’d forget or even not want me after he learned the truth.”

“Morgan, I’m not ever letting you go.”

“Good, let’s get inside before we become sitting ducks.”

“Are you worried they’ll attack the house,” Ewan asks.

“No, but you never can be too sure. One of our own betrayed us. Evan had
been working with those bastards.

“Evan? Seriously?” I could see where his mind is going. Evan rushed past
us just before the van burst through the gates.

“Yes. And Evan paid the price when he came after our women.”

“What?” Shit, another thing he’s just learning.

“Garrett, can’t we save it for later. Mick needs to be resting not getting
freaking pissed,” Crystal urges my brother.

“I suppose you’re right. Mick’s going to need to get his ass right because a
lot is happening, and I can’t have him slacking around. Morgan’s still got to
work on opening her shop. She’s going to need support.”
“Oh yeah, the coffee shop,”

“You didn’t miss much. I put everything on hold. I didn’t feel in the spirit
of starting my future without you.”

I walk with Ewan up to my bedroom and help him undress to lay down. I
grab the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head. He smiles at me with eyes that
speak volumes. “Fuck, this is not how I planned on getting naked with you. I ran
my hand over his heart where my name rests. The wound and surgical repairs
didn’t damage his sign of love for me.

The door opens, and my brother growls, “What did I just say?”

“Damn if you think this is sex, brother, you’re doing it wrong.”

“I’m fucking around; I know you’re not screwing. I wanted to have a

word with Mick—alone.” I arch my brow because I don’t trust he won’t fight.
“Calm down brat. This conversation isn’t about you two.”

“Fine. I’m going to get something to drink. I’ll be back.”

Chapter 21


I’m standing here with my shirt off with my dick still semi-hard. I was at
full staff before he barged in. He doesn’t lower his eyes more than to my scar
and tattoo of his sister’s name.

“How long have you had that tattoo?” he questions, determining how
pissed he should be with me.

“Since that day she went out with that fuck. Demi had just finished it
before you walked in,” I admit. It had been more than painful to hear, but I
couldn’t let on that my soul was being destroyed that day.

He shrugs and smirks, running his hand over his face. “I get why you
didn’t tell me, but I already had you pegged for it. I knew you were a little too
concerned with Morgan. It’s why I told you about her date. She told me she went
on it, but that the fuck wasn’t interested in seeing her again. So I’m betting you
had something to do with that.”

“I followed them there and warned his ass if he so much as touched her
hand, I’d bury him.”

“You caused your own problems, you know? You could have just told me
that you were in love with my sister. I would have at least stopped her from
going out with him in the first place. In fact, I pushed her into it.”

“You what?”

“You heard me. When you didn’t act, I figured that you didn’t want
Morgan. Then she left, and you didn’t stop her.”

“I wanted her to have a choice. It wasn’t easy to let her go, but I tried.”
He smirks at me and shakes his head. After taking a deep breath, he says,
“Well, I did too, and she chose you. Mick, you’re my brother. I love you, man.
Take care of her for me.”

“I will. I promise. I’d do anything for Morgan.”

“I see. You willingly sacrificed your life for hers. There’s nothing else you
need to prove. Here. This is for you,” he says, handing me a tri-folded piece of

“What’s this?”

“Open it, fucker.” I unfold the paper and fall back to sit on the bed. It’s the
deed to the building.

“Damn, I thought you’d pull the deal from me.”

“Why? If anything, you need to provide for Morgan. You can’t do that shit
if I send you on the street. Besides, I had that prepared the day after you were
shot. Even if you hadn’t been in love with my sister or anything. You did
something I could never repay you for.”

“Thanks, bro.” I stand up and give him a manly hug.

“Remember that you’ve got a treasure. Get some rest. You look like shit.”

“Fucking thanks.” He walks out of the room, and I fall back onto the bed,
laying my head on the pillows. I smile up at the ceiling. All I need now is for
Morgan to have my baby and the world will be everything I dreamed it would
be. I close my eyes, thinking I’ll rest them until she comes back, but I fall into a
deep sleep. When I wake, it’s dark out and Morgan’s nowhere to be found in the
room. I’m freaking out, hoping this isn’t some wild dream. The deed is still
laying on the nightstand. “It’s not a dream.” I get up and go to the bathroom. I
start peeing when I catch the mirror. With her eyes closed, Morgan’s resting in a
bath of bubbles.
“I’m finished, princess.” She opens her eyes with a smile. “Sorry, I didn’t
know you were in here.” The sink has a tap touch; I hit it with my elbow, then
wash my hands before turning back to my woman.

“It’s okay. I thought maybe you would want your privacy.”

“Nothing’s private for us anymore.” I reach my hand in the water and

snatch up a palmful of bubbles and blow them at her. Sitting on the edge of the
tub, I snake my hand through the water in search of her sweetness. My fingers
reach its treasure. I cup her, my thumb rubbing her little clit. “Have you missed
this, wife?”

“Yes,” she squeaks out, flexing her hips up.

“Shh. Your brother said no sex. I think he’s been generous already.”

“They went to the club, husband.” With those words, I thrust my fingers
into her pussy. She clenches around them, coming instantly. “Yes, Ewan. Yes,
Ewan.” She goes to her knees, revealing her breasts. Her hands reach up and cup
my face, kissing me with her longing that has on hold for a month. “Don’t ever
leave me again.”

“Never again,” I promise, resting with our foreheads touching. “Are you

“Yes, I only came in here to relax. But only you can make me this

“Only and always.” I stand up and grab a towel. My stitches have healed
naturally on their own, but the doc wants me to take it easy. Fuck, I’m going
have her ride me hard pretty soon. In fact, I think we have to visit my place
tomorrow just the two of us to pick up some clothes. The water drips down her
body as she steps out of the tub. I’m doing my best to hold myself together. The
bubbles slide over her flat stomach down to her mound.
“I need a shower.”

“Do you want help?” she asks, her smile twisted into a wicked grin.

“Nope. I’ve got to keep my hands to myself. Tomorrow we’re going to our
house where I plan to fuck you so hard and deep we’ll make our baby.” She bites
her lip, then wraps the towel tightly around herself, but the towel doesn’t entirely
hide something on her ass that looks eerily like a fucking tattoo.

“What’s on your ass?” I challenge. She tugs on the towel to keep me from
lifting it up, but that’s futile. I pull it away and see what she’s sporting on her
ass. I’m doing my best not to come, but I want to spray that motherfucker and
really mark my territory.

“Um…do you like it?”

“Like it? It depends on who put it there. The answer better be Demi.”

“Of course it is. Like I’d let another man see me like that.” I bend down
behind her and see how perfect it is. “Property of Mick,” like I’ve always
pictured. I hold onto her hips and kiss her tattoo. I can tell it’s new, but I’m not
sure how long she’s had this on.

“When did you stamp yourself mine?” I ask, sliding my fingers along her
folds; she’s soaked. I have to have her on my tongue. Kneeling on the floor, I tilt
my head and slip my tongue into her pussy. She moans, parting her thighs and
gripping the bathroom counter. I’m doing my best to control myself and not fuck
her right where we are. She tips her ass backward letting me get my entire mouth
around her pretty pink cunt. I suck on her clit, and my wife comes undone. She
quickly covers her mouth. She rides out her orgasm on my face, giving me all
her sweet cream. I stand up and suck on her pulse. “You didn’t answer me,” I

“Um…four days ago. I would have done it sooner, but I was afraid that
you would have left me being the reason you were shot.”

“None of this shit was your fault. I swear, I wish I could have been the one
to kill those bastards. Those minions of a massive drug kingpin were after your
brother and the Riders. You were a prize to steal. And I protect what’s mine.
You’re my prize alone.” I rub my cock along the seam of her ass. After two
passes, I nut, spraying all of it over the tattoo. Now it’s time for a quick shower
and to bed.
Chapter 22


We have men around town looking out for any of the Colombian’s
associates, but they’ve ghosted on us. Mick is driving us to his house or rather
our house now. I can’t wait. I want my lover to take me. Last night was terrific,
but I need to feel his hard, thick cock deep inside, claiming every inch of me and
making me come over and over. I do my best to stay calm, but my thighs clench
as I feel my panties soak through.

“Princess, calm down over there. It’s not safe for me to pull over on the
side of the road.” I bite my lip, trying to get myself together, but I’m ready to
suck him off as he drives. I’ve heard of it, and I could enjoy taking control of my
husband, but we’ve already played chicken with life this year. I close my eyes,
but all it does in send the vision into my head. His cock is perfect; I remember
the way it feels between my lips—smooth yet firm. It glides effortlessly down
my throat just like his cum. I want him, and it’s hard to hide. “How wet is my
pussy right now?”

I whip my head toward him and lean my hand over his hard cock, then
whisper, “Soaked. I want you, Ewan. I need to have you inside me.

He growls and moves my hand. “Fuck, we’re three minutes out, then I’m
going to set you on your knees, so you can show me how much you want my
cock. I see the way you bite your lips. You want me to fuck your mouth?” I
clench my thighs together because I’m flooded already. He slides his hand from
its perch on my thigh, lifting my dress up to my vee. I cry out as his fingers
strum over my drenched panties. Fuck, I shouldn’t have even worn them.
“Yes, Ewan. I want you to own me.” I rock my hips around, letting his
fingers slip under my panties. He takes over and pumps two fingers into me.
Mick has my body ready to come. Then he pulls them away. I gasp and nearly
cry. He raises them to his lips and sucks off every drop. He quickly grasps his
hand around my neck and tugs me to him, kissing me and letting me taste

“We’re here,” he says calmly, turning off the engine and hopping out. I’m
sitting with my dress hiked up and a hot mess when he opens the door. “Come,
Mrs. McMann.”

“Was going to…” he cuts off my words with a kiss and carries me out of
the truck and up the stairs. He shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s futile to argue with
the man.

“You will in a minute. I don’t want any eyes on you. I don’t want anyone
see you come. It’s only for me.” Once he hits the alarms, we’re in the door, and
he locks it back up. When he turns around, I’m on my knees, looking up at him
with parted lips. He bites his, groans, then tips my chin for a kiss. He undoes his
badass family crest belt and tosses it on the floor. I reach up and brush my hand
over his length as he unbuttons his jeans. After sliding them down past his
thighs, I pull his cock from his boxers. The head is dark and covered with his
pre-cum. I run my thumb over it, making him shudder. He leans against the door
as I swallow the tip. We both moan, and I take him down deeper, slowly gliding
my mouth over his length. He’s so big that I can’t fit him all down my throat.
But like a good wife, I try. He growls, thrusting his hands into my hair, taking
over. I want him to come as much as I want to come. He takes his dick away too
soon, but he has me in his arms carrying me to the sofa. With me on all fours,
my hands on the armrest. He comes up behind me. I think he’s going to slide in
and pound away, but he flips my dress over my back. I feel his tongue slip
between my folds. A gasp escapes as he fucks me with his tongue and then he
presses his fingers inside me. I can’t take much more. His other hand cups my
ass cheek spreading me wider and when I feel his tongue at my ass, I cream. I
come so hard that my world shakes.
Chapter 23


My sanity is gone. I have to fuck her everywhere. I stand up leaving her

laying on the edge of the sofa while I take off my pants and boots. I’m buck
naked while my hand slides between her pussy soaking it and working my way
to her ass. I press one finger inside, and my wife pumps her ass out searching for
more. “Hold on, Princess. I need to come in your perfect little cunt first. Then
I’ll claim that fat, tight ass next. I promise.” She gives me some more cream as I
rub the head against her pussy. I slide my cock into her entrance. It’s like nothing
I’ve ever felt before. My wife is my home. I lean down and whisper, “You’re
going to be fucked good.” I thrust into her, but I have to see her face. I pull out
and flip her over. I help her out of the dress and toss it on the floor. It’s in my
way, keeping me from her sexy body. Her breasts are wrapped up in a lacy candy
red bra that tempts me to fuck her tits, but that’s got to wait. I need to get my
wife pregnant. Taking my place back deep inside her heat, I tug down on her bra.
I bend down and suck on her hard, dark colored nipples. Her body arches and I
grasp her hip, pump once roughly into her. “You’re so beautiful. I want to watch
you come again.”

“I don’t think I can,” she moans. I feel her walls clenching, gripping me
greedily. She wants more.

“Yes, you can.” I take her lips, kissing her until we’re breathless. Our
bodies rock together on the sofa. My cock is so deep in her that I’m sure I’m
going to put a kid in her womb. Her cries grow louder as I pick up my strokes.

“More, Ewan,” she begs. I feel her walls sucking me in and then squeeze
as she comes. I join her, spraying her womb with my seed.
“I pull out my cock and rub it against her asshole which is relaxed, she
clenches a bit as the tip slips past the entrance, but I run my tongue along her
pulse, then bite down. Her hands go to my back, hungrily dragging me down to
her. I kiss her swollen lips, and she moans as I push past her tight ring, claiming
her ass.

“Mick, it feels too damn good. Don’t stop,” she passionately mutters.

“What happened to Ewan?”

“He left. Dirty Mick took his place. Fuck, don’t stop, you hung bastard.”

“Morgan, I’m going to empty my balls in your ass. You want that?”

“Yes, I’m going to come. Shit, fuck me like your dirty little slut.” I grab
her hair and tug her head back, sucking on her neck. “Do you like getting fucked
in your ass, little girl. Do you want to come knowing I’m doing nasty shit to
your innocent body? I can feel how much you like it.” I press my hand between
us, teasing her clit. I’m about to come again, and I need her with me.

“Yes, I’m coming, Mick.” She clenches up, and I nearly pass out as I fill
her ass with my load. We’re both a sweaty mess as I pull out of her ass.

“We need a shower.”

“Yes, we do,” she whispers, closing her sleepy eyes. I’m so damn in love
and tired as fuck.
Chapter 24


Mick’s been out of the hospital for a week. His parents spent the last two
days with us, but they left back to Ireland because they own a farm and don’t
have many people to manage it properly. They have been so worried about Mick
and wanted us to go to Ireland. I know I’ll love it, but who knows when we’ll
have time.

Between the planning and building of my café, the tattoo shop, and
moving from my apartment to his house, we’ve been busy. The Riders moved all
my things into the house, refusing to let Mick touch shit, but I had to direct

I’ve been calling him Mick a lot more. Every time I say it my pussy
clenches. We have fucked in every part of the house, and I can’t get enough. It’s
like his dick needs to be in me all the time. We haven’t gone anal again, but
damn, I can’t wait for it. I know it’s only because I was so far gone in the throes
of passion to be scared of his fucking python in his pants. Seriously, I have to
bust out a ruler one day. It’s got to be close to a foot.

I’m standing in the middle of my new store fantasizing about my

husband’s thick cock. He’s at the shop getting paperwork in order and organizing
his schedule. He can’t do tattoos that take more than two hours yet, but he’s
taking in small ones. I’m meeting with the interior designer from a company my
brother recommended.

There’s a knock on the door, and I spin around to see a tall guy about my
age. “Miss. Steele, hello. I’m Jamie Erickson.”

“Hello,” I stammer. Not because I’m interested, but I don’t think Mick
knows Jamie is a guy. “Actually, my name is Morgan McMann.”

“What? The documents all refer to you as Ms. Steele.”

“Yes, well, that was when I first started the project. I’ve recently gotten

“Okay. I’ll make the change. Let’s go over your plans.”

“I like the setup as it is, but it’s the colors and décor. I want this place to
look inviting, sleek but not too modern.”

“I understand. So usually browns and greens are the themes. They are
relaxing, but I’m thinking a light blue with a dark hardwood all around.”

The door suddenly slams open, and we both pop our heads up from the
little binder he brought to see my husband standing there with his fist clenched.

“Jamie, don’t mind my husband. He doesn’t bite anyone but me.” I wink
at my husband which quells just a hint of anger. “Ewan, this is the interior
designer Jackson sent over.”

“Really, hmm. Well, how long is this meeting going to take?”

“As long as it needs to,” I inform him. He grabs a chair and takes a seat.
“Don’t you have a shop to run?”

“Nope, just working on the books.” He crosses his arms. “Continue.”

“Well, Jamie, I do like that idea. What else.”

“I’m thinking you want it to feel like you’re sitting in an open kitchen
with the sunlight coming in. Close your eyes and think about what you would
like to see. What would you want on the walls? I’m thinking some framed
foliage, sketches, or something that draws people’s eyes.” I close my eyes and do
just that. I smile to myself because I can picture penciled sketches of classic
images like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I hear a groan come from my husband and
I open my eyes to see them both staring at me.

Mick is on his feet and now so is Mr. Erickson, except it’s not by choice.
My husband who has recently gotten out of the hospital has Erickson with one
arm twisted behind his back. “Jamie, boy, I think this meeting is over,” Mick
mutters, pinning Erickson’s face to the table on top of all his materials.

“Um, yes, sir.” Mick releases him with a little shove. I see him
stammering and gathering his things in a mad rush. Jamie’s face is tomato red.
As soon as he’s out of the door, Mick locks it, lowering the shades on the door
and picture window. He pivots around to stare at me, shaking his head.

He takes his phone out of his pocket and dials a number all the while
keeping his eyes on me. “Hey, fuckhead. Brother or not, if you ever send a
swinging dick to be alone with my wife ever again, I’ll bust your face.”

“Yes, well. Jamie is a fucking dude, who has a hard-on for Morgan. He’s
lucky I let the fucker live.” He ends the call and sits the phone on the table.

“What the hell did I miss?” I ask because I’m feeling clueless. He was
cool, and all the sudden shit got crazy, and my husband turned caveman.

“He’s lucky; I get it. You’re fucking sexy. So damn sexy you don’t even
know it.” I blush. “You got that guy hard as fuck, he saw what I did—a woman
with passion, hungry for something.”

“I wasn’t thinking dirty.”

“No, you don’t have to. Your pleasure shone through you. And I can’t
have that. Jamie boy’s lucky that I’m too fucking horny to kill him. Stand up,
Mrs. McMann.”


“Did I stutter?” he asks. I get up and stand in front of him. He grabs hold
of my waist and lifts me up, carrying me to the unfinished countertop. It’s
smooth but still needs the marble top. Grasping the hem of my dress, he pushes
it up, then roughly cups my sex. I’m shaking with need instantly. I love the way
his green eyes have darkened. He nips at my lip, sucking it into his mouth before
kissing me. “You’re mine, Morgan. This…” he grunts, thrusting a finger under
my pantie and into my pussy, “belongs to me.”

“Yes, it does,” I agree. My eyes cross, and I toss my head back, planting
my hand on the counter. He lets go, then drags my panties off of me. I don’t
know what’s coming, but I know it’ll be both of us screaming soon. He spins the
chair around and sits on it. With his hands firmly planted on my thighs, he
spreads them wider. His nose brushes up into my curls; then he runs his tongue
along my seam.

“My pussy,” he growls against my heated cunt. I’m done. He sucks my

clit between his teeth, and I come. He doesn’t stop after I come down, he eats me
like a damn banquet. I’m so close again when he lifts me off the counter and
flips me onto my stomach. I hear his zipper, and I brace my hands on the edge.
“Wife, I’m going to leave your pussy and thighs coated with my cum until we
shower tonight. I want any swinging dick to know you’re mine.” I feel his thick
head at my entrance, and I’m already clenching up. “Hold tight.” He enters,
stroking deep inside. I cry out as he hit my womb over and over again. There’s
something I need to talk to him about, but it’s going to have to wait. “Fuck, your
pussy is so damn tight. I’m going to come. Come with me, wife,” he demands
just as I feel his hand spank my ass. And like that, I come on his cock. I feel
every single one of his pulses. Damn, I hope my brothers don’t show up. He
pulls out and quickly slides my underwear back up my legs, cupping my pussy
and holding his cum inside me.

He spins me around and kisses me with the passion of a man in love. “I

love you, Ewan, only you,” I murmur.
“I love you to obsession, Morgan. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“No, I’m wonderful.” I watch him as he zippers up his pants putting away
that deliciously thick cock of his. Damn, my man is so hot. It’s October, and I
feel another heatwave kicking in.

“I need some air, Ewan.”

“Fuck, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just hot in here. Can we go for a walk or do you need to go

“I’m all yours, princess.”

“Okay.” He grabs a bottle of water for both of us from the sliding cooler I
have already set up. Taking my hand, we leave the café and lock up. I drink
down the entire bottle before we get ten feet.

“Baby, something’s not right,” he insists. Since we’re not keeping secrets,
I have to tell him, but I’m not sure how.

I rub his forearm, trying to calm down the panic in his eyes. “Everything’s
fine. I’m having a hot flash or something.”

“Aren’t those for older women?” he questions.

“Yes—and for pregnant women as well.” His eyes widen, and he stops us
from moving forward. We’re in front of the tattoo shop coincidentally, and I can
see Demi and Ash staring at us.

“What? Morgan, are we having a baby?” he hollers, grinning from ear to

ear. I love how happy he is.

“Yes, I had it confirmed this morning with Crystal’s doctor.”

“Wait, so you’re like a week or are we talking about our first night.”
“Our first night.”

“I could have left you fatherless.”

“But you didn’t.”

“Damn, I was rough with you right now.”

“Don’t start that. I talked to the doctor about sex. She said as long as I’m
not bleeding or beaten, I’m good. I told her we’re newlyweds.” I twinkle my
eyes at him.

“Oh, so you’re okay?” he asks wrapping his arms tighter around me. I
love the feel of his hands touching me ever so gently and yet thoroughly
dominating my body.

“Yes, as long as you are.”

“I’m fucking more than okay. I’ve been wanting to put my baby in you
long before I should’ve been thinking that shit.”

“Well, now you did the job,” I say with a big ass grin that stretches to my

“I think it’s time to celebrate.”

“Don’t you have work to do?”

“Shit, but tomorrow the shop is closed, and we’re going to celebrate.”

“Naked in bed?” I ask.

“That sounds like a great way to celebrate our soon-to-be family.”

“Fine. I’m going back to the café. I have some paperwork to do, and I
have to email the interior design firm and ask for a replacement because my
husband is a caveman.”
“Damn right.”

“Well, then caveman walk me back to work.”

“Yes, ma’am.”
Chapter 25


It’s been a month since we found out about the baby. The women are
eager to set up their nurseries, but they have to wait for us to take them to Dallas.
Boomer and I have both been busy trying to get our shit together from the damn
bastards. I would love to get my hands on all the other fuckers in their

Morgan’s at home waiting for me to finish up. I’m worried about her
being there, but last time I called, Blade made a run around the perimeter. We
haven’t had any trouble since the attack that almost ended my life, but we’re still
on the lookout. I don’t trust the prospects at the house with her, so only my
brothers are allowed to check in on her.

“Demi, you can head out if you want.”

“I’m just cleaning up. How are you feeling? Today you looked a little

“Yeah, it’s harder than I thought it would be. You know I need more arm
strength, but they got the weights so low that I feel it’s not going the way I want

“Take your time, Mick. You’ve got your business, and you have both Ash
and me to help anytime.”

“Thanks, Demi.”

“Who’s waiting for you?”

“Rico is out there. Goodnight. Ride safe.” I lock up about ten minutes
later, slip on my vest, and hop on my Harley. Today’s the first time I’ve ridden in
months. Maybe that’s why my ass is exhausted. I’m beat when I pull through the
gates. When I go inside, Morgan’s sleeping on the sofa. Fuck, I’m torn between
loving that she’s waiting for me and that my poor wife shouldn’t wait up for me.
I bend down and pick her up in my arms.

“Ewan, welcome home,” she murmurs sleepily, curling up against my


“Thank you, princess. Let’s get you to bed.” As I carry her, her robe falls
open and my wife has on a skimpy nightgown that goes just to the top of her
thighs. Fuck, my dick is stiff, and I’m certainly not that big of an asshole to wake
her up. I tuck her in bed, kiss her cheek then head to the bathroom to clean up.
We haven’t made love in two days, and I wonder if my woman needs some
loving. She’s been going through some rough morning sickness, so I’ve been
going to work without our morning romp as she calls it. I’ll try to fuck her nice
and thorough before I leave to the shop tomorrow. I don’t want her to feel like
I’m neglecting her.
Chapter 26


I’m crying again. Shit. I have to stop this before Mick sees. I miss him,
and my hormones demand that Mick make it right. I wipe away the tears, but
I’m too late.

“Morgan, baby. I’m sorry. Did it hurt?” I’ve controlled most of the
vomiting, but I feel lonely.

“I’m fine, Ewan. Aren’t you getting ready to leave?”

“No, I’m taking half a day.”

“A half day?”

“Yes, my wife wore the sexiest nightgown to bed, and I didn’t get to
admire it as much as I would’ve liked.” A smile spreads across my face; then the
tears start again.

“I’m sorry, Ewan. It’s these damn mood swings. One second, I’m happy,
then bitchy, or in tears. I can’t even tell you how much the smell of your
deodorant makes me horny.”

“Really,” he says wagging his brows.

“Yes, but it’s not funny. This baby is turning me into a basket case.” I
throw my hands up and walk past him and into our bedroom. “Look at me. I’m a
mess,” I complain.

“Morgan, you’re not a mess. I’m about to mess you all up though. You are
fine as fuck. I need to enter your sweet changing body and ease that fear you
have growing.” He grabs his cock through his boxers, rubbing it while staring
straight at me. The feral look he wears sends a direct shot to my core. My
nipples harden through the silky, pale pink nightie. His eyes move to them,
sticking his tongue out and gliding it over his lips.

I back up slowly toward the bed. Mick nods in approval, stalking toward
me. I bite my lip as my knees hit the bed, I fall onto our plush mattress, then
shamelessly part my thighs. His eyes latch on to the sight of my bared pussy.

“Mrs. McMann, laying like that is an invitation that I can’t refuse,” he


“I’m so glad you could accept my invitation, Mick.” He growls and

pounces on the bed, his face ends up between my thighs. His hands grasp my ass
cheeks, pulling my pussy to his mouth, hungrily eating away. I throw my hands
over my head and squeeze the pillows.

“Princess, do you like that? Do you want more?” he asks, pumping two
fingers inside while working over my clit with his tongue. I’m shaking and
rocking my hips. His grip gets tighter, holding me in place. “So more it is,” he
vows against my mound. His fingers slide out and go into my back entrance. I
come instantly, thrusting my hands into his hair, rolling my hips, and riding the
fuck out of his face. I release him, and he climbs up my body, kicking off his
boxers. His hard cock bobs between us, the tip glistening for me. I want him any
way I can. I’m still so damn horny; I’m already kissing the edge of another

He closes his lips around the silk covering my breast and slams into me. “I
missed being in you,” he whispers, kissing his way up my neck. His lips reach
mine, and it’s powerful. I can taste myself on him and know how much he
enjoys eating my pussy. Fuck, I moan into his mouth as I feel the tingling
sensation of another orgasm tear through me.
Chapter 27


I hop on my bike and ride over to the clubhouse. I haven’t been here since
that day. A part of it was out of fear, and the other because I had more important
things to do, but it’s time for church. Crystal and Morgan are at our house,
making a cake. It’s my birthday, but all I want to do is spend it in bed with my
sexy wife. The wind is a little biting, so I lift up my bandana to my nose. Fuck,
it’s a chilly October. I should have worn more than my vest and tee. No more
pretty dresses for the wife. It’s too damn cold for that shit. She’s going to be
pissed with me, but she’s got the baby to think about fuck if I could handle her
getting sick. It tears at my gut when she’s throwing up. Several of the prospects
are standing outside the new gate; it’s been reinforced and upgraded with the
latest technology. I enter my personal code to get in, and they open. Cyber has
been working on a fuck load of safety measures since that day, and that’s what
this meeting is about.

I park my ride next to the others, tightening my grip on my gun. A shiver

runs down my spine as I step into the clubhouse.

“Hey, Mick. It’s good to see you,” Beast calls out, wrapping his arm
around my shoulder. “How have you been, brother?”

“Hanging in there.”

“Yeah, well it’s cool that you and the princess are finally together.”

“Thanks. But don’t call her that. She’s mine.” I’m practically in his face. I
don’t know why, but it’s not cool.

He throws his hands up in surrender, and I back up a bit. “Sorry, Mrs.

McMann or is it, Morgan?”
“Either of those are fine,” I grumble.

“Come on. We’ve got to talk shop.” He leads the way back to our meeting

A round of applause goes around the room. “Damn, it’s good to see you,”
Cowboy adds.

“Happy Birthday, Man.” Boomer comes up and pulls me into a hug. “Did
you think we forgot?”

“Obviously since you fuckers have me here instead of home with my


“Don’t get your ass kicked. She’s still my sister.”

“And mine too,” Jackson adds.

Doc passes me a beer then Cyber begins. “Okay, men. Here’s what we’ve
managed to add: Wrench has upgraded our bikes to have bulletproof gas tanks.
All our devices are equipped with tracking info of my personal making. The rest
of the supplies to put up fenced reinforcements for the houses have arrived. Only
Boomer, Doc, Beast, and the Clubhouse have them so far. The shipment had
failed the testing phase, so it was sent back for Mick’s and Cowboy’s homes.
Everyone else lives in apartments, and they all have reinforced doors and
security locks already installed.

“We haven’t seen or heard from any of those fuckers. I’ve tried to get the
bead on Cortez, but he has ghosted because he’s wanted by the US government
and his own for numerous crimes including murder. Of course, we know that
fucker is capable of it all. If we find him first, the police won’t need to look for
him. But it may be the reason his men are laying low.”

“Are we going to hunt any of them down yet?” I ask. I want revenge and
peace. Knowing these fuckers are out there puts me on edge. Morgan’s
everything to me and keeping her safe and happy are my reasons for existing.

“Not yet. They’ve almost disbanded. We are into Evan’s contacts, but his
main source is the one I already put a bullet in.”

“Okay, so Morgan’s shop opens next month, and we’re going to have a
detail on the place.”

“You know it, brother,” Boomer tells me. “Now, look at the new
surveillance, security room. Then we can head back to the house.”

“Yeah, I already hate leaving Morgan alone for a long time.”

“Don’t worry; I sent Gabe to patrol.”

“What?” I roar.

“Just fucking with you. Cowboy and Wrench are patrolling.”

“Good. I swear to fucking God, it’s like you all want me to kill a
motherfucker.” We walk to the back of the clubhouse where there’s a small
office. When I go in, I see a completely different room than I remember. There
are at least twenty monitors and a fuck load of other equipment. I look at the
screens, and I see the café.”

It gives me a hint of comfort, but at the same time, I know there’s always
a chance someone will come for my woman.

“We’ve got her well protected. Stop thinking about it.”

“I know she’s your sister, but it’s different. Can you imagine losing

“Never. I couldn’t live without her,” Boomer answers, looking distraught

over a simple question.

“Exactly, I worship her. I fell in love before I understood it.”

“Then let’s go get some of that cake if our pregnant wives haven’t dipped
into it.”

A group of us ride over to the house. Doc, Rico, and Beast and half a
dozen of the prospects stay at the clubhouse to drink. We enter the house to see
the girls holding the cake out, and they all begin singing.

I blow out the candle, then kiss my wife. Boomer takes the cake before it
falls and leads everyone into the kitchen. He understands I need a moment alone.
“I love you, Morgan.”

“I love you, too. Happy birthday, husband.”

“It’ll be a happier birthday as soon as we get rid of all of them,” I whisper,

cupping her ass and rubbing my cock against her pussy.

“Then let them eat cake,” she squeals, stealing a stroke of my bulge before
dashing into the kitchen with a fit of giggles.

“Happy birthday to me,” I mutter to myself, hurrying after my wife.

Chapter 28

Today’s the coffee shop’s grand opening. After our little mix-up with the
designer, everything else fell into place. We got the build done, and now I’m six
months pregnant and starting a new adventure.

“Welcome to At A Sip, everyone. Please come in,” I greet the small line of
friends and family here for the opening.

Ewan holds my hand as we walk in. I kept the colors that the guy and I
talked about because even though he was perving on me, it was a great concept.
I have four employees at the moment. Two who have experience in coffee shops.

By the end of the day, we’re closing up the shop, and Ewan comes in to
escort me home. With his shop just across the street, it makes for quick get-
togethers. We got to test out several surfaces in the shop before the build was
complete. Now, with aching, swollen feet, the only surface I want is my bed.

He carries me to the truck like I’m as light as a feather. “Congratulations

on your first successful day. Now let’s get you into bed.”


Everything is wonderful. A week goes by, and the coffee shop is booming.
People love the two options of sitting and enjoying a large cup of coffee in a cute
mug or taking coffee on the run. I’m exhausted, but what I really need is a super
good dicking to get some sleep. He’s been doing his best not to fuck me too
much since I’ve been tired, but a girl needs to be owned as my tat says.

“What the hell are you wearing?” All of his clients left, but he’s working
in the back, cleaning up. I’ve sent the other employees home and changed into a
tank top that shows way too much cleavage. And a skirt that’s barely covering
my ass. I knew he’d be put out.

“What’s the problem?”

“What’s the problem? That outfit is way too fucking small. It’s like you’re
asking to be fucked hard.” I blush and dip my head. He grabs my chin and lifts it
until my eyes meet his. “So you miss me, deep and hard inside of you?” I nod.

“Princess. You could have just said so. I don’t want anyone seeing you in
this half of an outfit.”

“Nobody is around.”

“Sweetheart, there are cameras on the street that Cyber and the rest of the
members. I’m going to swat your ass. You’re lucky, Demi and Ash left already.”
Oops. I didn’t know that.

He walks past me, locking up and lowering the blinds. He takes me in the
back and over to his chair. “Bend over,” he orders. I’m instantly gushing. His
voice is hard and gritty. I stare at him, my mouth watering at the way his muscles
show through his tee. “I said to bend the fuck over, Morgan. You want to be
fucked. You’re going to get fucked.” I bend over placing my hands on the
shoulder rests. He lifts up my skirt. I feel the sting of his hand on my ass before I
hear the sound. “You’re pushing me. Your fucking panties are barely-there, too.”
He slides them to the side, thrusting two fingers into my sopping wet cunt. I’m
shaking because I’m so damn close. I hear the sound of him undoing his belt and
then his zipper. I brace myself, and he’s deep inside of me in one stroke.

“Aah,” I moan. He cups my breasts, pinching my overly sensitive nipples.

His strong body leans over me, rutting into me, our flesh slapping and echoing
around the empty shop. “Oh God,” I cry out.

“Try again, Princess.”

“Mick, give it to me.” His hands move all over me, first gripping my hips
and fucking me onto the chair, then one reaches my clit and the other tugs on my

“Never wear something like this again. I’ll have to fucking poke every one
of the guys’ eyes out,” he warns me, sucking on my pulse. His teeth scrape me,
and I know he’s leaving a mark on me. “Maybe you’ll learn to not bring out the
caveman in me.”

“Why…would…I when it feels…so good?” I stammer out.

“Because next time I won’t let you come.”


“Whatever, Princess. You’re mine and only mine. Only I get to see you
this exposed. Now come.” He slaps my pussy, and I come violently. He lifts one
of my legs onto the chair and goes hard on me until he’s draining his load into

Peppering kisses on my shoulder, he whispers, “I hope I wasn’t too rough

with you.”

“Never my lover. Thank you.”

“Thank you.” We straighten our clothes, but he throws his patch on me. “I
know you don’t like the style, but your ass shouldn’t have come out dressed like

“I could use a sexy leather coat with a patch.” I have one that my brothers
made me, but I don’t wear it. I love his vest because it’s his.

“Fuck yeah. I’ll have it made for you, Princess.”

We get to the house, and after a quick dinner and bath, he helps me to bed,
curling up next to me. His phone goes off at two in the morning. I’m surprised,
but I don’t move. I’m too tired. He answers it groggily. “What’s up, Boomer?”

“What the fuck! No that’s bullshit. You’re fucking with me. He can’t be
dead. No, I’m on my way. Okay, I want my house on lockdown,” he answers in
an angry hush.

He jumps out of bed and starts running around getting ready. Motorcycles
are outside. “Sleep, princess. It’s time for church. I fucking love you.” He gives
me a soft kiss on my sleepy face.

He’s gone before I can process what he said. Did he say someone was

Three months later


“What the fuck are you looking at?” I ask the dick checking out my wife.

“Um…” he stutters, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Answer the damn question before I drop you,” I demand, stepping in his

He composes himself. “I’m Dr. Sean Monroe.” I looked at the guy in front
of me. He looks like a nerd: a tall, lanky, geek with glasses.

“You’re the doctor? Aren’t you a little young?”

“I’m in my first year of practice.” He’s a damn puppy and thinks my wife
is supposed to deal with a subpar doc.

“And you think you’re worthy enough to examine my wife.”

This set off the skinny dude. “I’m the only one, sir. Unless you want your
wife to give birth unassisted, now isn’t the time to argue.” The pipsqueak is
right. We’re in the middle of a fucking storm. This happened on the side of the
road for Crystal and Boomer during tornadic weather. Shit. I suppose this fuck
will have to do.

“Come over here, Ewan. I need you,” she sobs from the bed. Her belly
grew a lot over the past months, and she can barely breathe most days. I’m
fucking torn in getting her pregnant again. I don’t like seeing her in pain, then
again, I love seeing her round with my baby.

I walk over to my wife’s side. “What is it, my princess?”

She growls at me, grabbing my shirt and dragging me closer. With a
violent expression and gritted teeth, she warns me, “Don’t fuck with the doctor.”
Holy fuck, I nod and accept that he’s going to deliver our baby. My wife looks
like she could kill me. “I love you,” she sighs.

“What the motherfuck…?”

“Mr. McMann, welcome to birthing 101,” a nurse says with a laugh. She’s
checked her vitals several times since we got here two hours ago. Margie’s her
name, and she’s been nice to us. “Dr. Monroe, I can see how open she is, or do
you want to?”

They all look to me for an answer. My wife wants this over, and I’m being
a selfish prick. “Let him do his job,” I mutter. I’m overruled by the wife who’s
smiling at me sweetly. The devil has left her for a moment, but damn I thought
they were joking about keep your balls away from her reach. I sit down at an
angle next to my wife and stroke her hair.

“Are you in a lot of pain?”

“Nottttt…yesss…” she cries out, gripping the guardrail.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, placing my hand over hers. My wife looks up at

me, and there’s a fake smile on her face. She’s trying her best to be strong, but I
know it’s painful. I can feel her grip on the rail and glad it’s not on mine, or I’ll
never be able to tattoo again.

“Mrs. McMann, when it’s over let me know. I’ll wait until the pain

A single tear comes down her face, and I want to take the pain for her. A
second later, she relaxes. The doctor’s got his hand up her business and I try to
think about the fact that he’s a professional doing his job. He’s feeling around,
pulls his hand out; I can see some blood on them. I start to worry when he says,
“I felt the baby’s head. You’re fully dilated. We’ll be ready to push on your next

I kiss her brow and tell her how much she means to me, “You’re my
world, Morgan. I wish I could take the pain for you. I can’t begin to tell you how
much I need you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She grabs my hand, kissing it then the pain comes. She
screams as the doctor tells her to push.

“Okay, stop,” the doc orders.

The nurse wipes Morgan’s head, and says, “Take a breather. The baby’s
head is out.” The other two nurses who have been setting up the baby stuff in the
back of the room have moved alongside the doc.

The doc looks up from my wife’s bits and calmly says, “You’re doing
great. With the next big contraction, we’re going to push with everything you
got. The shoulders are the hard part.”

With another push, my son is born. Fuck, no wonder she was in a world of
pain. After cutting the cord and cleaning him off, they brought him to us. He
weighed over ten pounds.

“He’s perfect. I want more.” My eyes widen, and I look down at my wife
like she’s fucking nuts. After that, she wants more? Without a doubt, women are
definitely the stronger sex.
Ten years later


“Connor, get over here. Your mom is working,” I tell my son as my wife
rings up a customer who’s staring at her a little too friendly.

“But Dad, he’s looking at her the way you do.”

“I know. And Daddy’s going to handle it.” I get up from my perch at the
corner table in the shop. I spotted the fuck from the security cameras entering the
shop and had a sick feeling he’d be trouble. Luckily the line had been long. It
gave me time to test my instincts, and unfortunately, I was right. I don’t like her
to feel uneasy, and this guy has lunkhead written all over him.

Morgan’s eyes catch mine, and she shakes her head. She doesn’t like when
I get too crazy, but I’m not blind, and my oldest has learned the same thing. He
must be new to the area, or he’s a dumb prick. I stand up behind him and yep,
he’s both.

“You’re too beautiful to be with someone other than me.” I cross my arms
and listen for a moment.

“That’s the lousiest line I’ve ever heard. I have four kids and a husband
who will bury you somewhere if you don’t take your coffee and go.”

“Fuck him,” he says leaning forward.

“She does.” He spins around to look at me. He’s larger like Boomer and
Beast, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m crazy as fuck, especially when it comes to my
wife. “Now if you didn’t hear her correctly, I can show you what I do to
jackasses who even look at my woman.”

“I’ll mop the floor with you.” People who are sitting nearby move because
they already know me. The whole fucking town knows me. I don’t have my
patch on, so he doesn’t know what everyone else does. You don’t fuck with the
Steele Riders or their wives.

I pretend to punch at him, so he’ll react. He does precisely that and lowers
his shoulder, allowing me to grip the back of his neck. I slam his fucking head
into the counter so fast he doesn’t get an opportunity to get out of my hold. He’s
got a muscled-out neck, but I’ve been working with my hands for almost two
decades. I have the strength to tighten my grip. What a fucking idiot. I knee him
in the face and drag his ass out of Morgan’s coffee shop.

“Dude, you fucked up. I’m going to call the cops.”

“Good, every place in this town is under surveillance. I have you on tape
harassing my wife. Don’t fucking come back here again.”

Damn it; I’m pissed. Can’t have a beautiful Saturday in town anymore.
This place is a mini city these days, and some of the fuckers don’t have manners.
I go back in, and my wife is shaking her head and cleaning the table I threw him
into. I growl to myself because she looks hot as fuck bent slightly over with baby
number five growing round in her belly. I walk up to her and take the cloth.
“Hey, princess, I tried not to cause a scene.”

“Shit, Mick, your wife is lucky to have someone protecting her like that,”
Mrs. Jones chimes in from two tables over. The little old lady is best friends with
Wrench’s mother, and I’m sure in an hour the whole town will be talking about

“She’s right. I am lucky,” Morgan says with her voice sweeter than
cupcakes. I could do her right here on the spot. I’m so damn hard.

“I’m the lucky one. Tell your employees you’re leaving. Connor’s going
to stay with Uncle Garrett where the rest of the kids already are.” I need be alone
with my woman for the next three hours. I’m going to remind her that I’m crazy
for her and no one else can steal her from me.
Twenty years of passion


“Connor, Diana, come on. We’re going to be late,” I call up the stairs.
Connor’s home for the weekend just for this occasion. I’m so nervous—more
nervous than I was the first time. Ian, Declan, and Michael are already at the
church with their father. His parents are there waiting impatiently for this

“Wow, Mom, you look pretty,” Diana says. “Just like a princess.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. You are lovely in your gown.”

“I feel like Belle momma. Do you think I’ll meet Gaston or the Beast?”

“Well, you have a long time for that.”

“According to the time period, I will only have seven more years,” Diana

“Sweetheart, in seven years you still won’t be old enough to date.”

“Well, then no sense falling in love tonight.”

“Dad is going to have his hands filled with that one,” Connor says,
coming down the stairs. “I can’t believe Dad is only letting me escort you to the
church. You need to be surrounded by armed guards. You are movie star

“Your father is a jealous man. Having all the men in the house when he’s
not around never sits well with him.”

“Yeah he is, but he should have sent the Riders to come ride along.”

“He did. They’re outside waiting.” I roll my eyes because the security
could never be tight enough. I move the curtains to the side so that he can see.
He laughs because they’re on their rides with their tuxes and their patches over

“Wow, I’m going to miss this place. I promise to come back as often as I

“I know you will. You’re a good young man, Connor. Now please do me
the honor of taking me to your father.” Diana follows behind as Connor leads me
to the waiting limo.

We get to the church, and Connor winks, then in steps Boomer to take his
place. “I missed this opportunity the first time. I’m not missing it again.” My
brother kisses my cheek, and the music begins.

The doors open and there he is. The man of my existence, my reason for
all the joy in the past twenty years. He’s wearing a dark green blazer with a
white shirt, matching green bowtie, and his dark green kilt with his family colors
in the stripes. My eyes immediately go to his pelt in the front. I know he’s gone
commando this time because he’s traditional like that.

“Come on, we’re in a church,” Boomer grumbles.

“Hey, I’m sure Crystal’s watching your butt as we walk up the aisle with
the same thoughts.”


“Treat her right, or you’ll have to deal with her on your own. She’s crazy.
Just a warning,” Boomer says, winking to Ewan as he places my hand in his.

“Thanks for the heads up, but I’ll take my chances.”

I stand there holding the hand of the man who promised me forever and
here he wanted to do it all over again. I’m the lucky one.

The End

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