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A Steele Riders MC Novel

C.M. Steele
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To my husband and best friend who tries to help me stay off the internet but
fails miserably. I love you to pieces.

My betas and online therapists: Thank you. You’ve pushed me through a big
hump and helping me to focus. You all rock.

And to my readers…without you all I wouldn’t be living the dream.

The second Penelope Banks stepped into his office, Jackson knew that she was
trouble. She could fight it if she wanted to, but the lust in those baby blues said all he
needed to know. Penny belonged to him. Now, all he had to do was claim her.

The second she stepped into Jackson Steele’s office, Penny knew he was trouble.
The man had everything in one look that could take down a hoard of women: sexy, pure,
raw appeal. If she was smart, she’d keep her distance. And she sure tried, but no one can
fight their forever.

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I tip my sunglasses and survey the property my brother just purchased for
damn pennies. I’m proud of him, but I feel like I’ve stepped into an old mining
town that’s in some John Wayne movie. “Boomer, this looks like a fucking ghost
town. Bro, we have our work cut out for us.” Truthfully, I’m shaking with
excitement inside, not that I’d show it. I’ve always been one to hold back my
feelings, but damn this is going to make me let loose a howl. My eyes adjust,
then I close my eyes and picture all this could be. The vision is fascinating.

“Think of it this way, next week it’ll be a blank canvas.” He smiles at me

because he knows that’s when Steeleville will become my project to work my
magic on. As an architect with my own company, I love planning and overseeing
some of the builds. The end result and the happiness with my customers is the
best part. This is so much more. This is ours.

“I guess you’ve got a point there. Let’s check it out so I can draw up
some blueprints for you to approve.” I look at the classic look of some of the old
building and see that maybe it could work. “Now that I’m looking at it, bro,
there’s a lot of potential.”
“I want it to have that old town feel with all the modern upgrades.”

“Gotcha.” I make some notes in my favorite leather-bound legal pad

binder. There’s so much we can do. I can see a strip mall of businesses that make
life a lot easier for people living so far away from the city.

I look up and see Boomer giving me a once-over with a cocked brow.

“Jackson, have you been lifting more?” he asks.

“Yep, it helps me think.” It does clear my head. It’s as if ideas form and
problems are resolved when I let the burn hit me at the gym.
“Don’t think too much or your brain will be your weakest muscle soon. I
was starting to wonder if you put yourself up for the Strongman competition.”
“Fuck off. I’m not a gym rat,” I complain. He’s ridiculous. He’s still
bigger than me. Changing the subject, I get back to the town issues and ask,
“Have you talked with any city project managers? There’s an integral amount of
planning involved.”

“Yes. Once you give me your blueprints, I’ll contact the company for the
electrical grid and get the ball rolling. It’s going to cost a fortune to get the
basics running, but I’m sure once we get that set, the other plans will fall into

“Okay, I’m just saying you’re under the county guidelines until
everything else can be implemented. You might as well get some help from
them. They would love to have a greater tax generating place filling their
coffers,” I scoff. It’s no damn joke. They’re going to take a cut of the earnings of
any sale of property. I don’t know the ramifications for permits to build
considering he’s the owner of the town itself, but I’m sure they have a stipulation
in that, too.

“I bet. I know we’re going to need a set of houses built, a five-floor

apartment building, a grocery store, and gas station to start. I want everything up
and running before we populate it.”

“What are the odds on the name, Boomer?” I ask, looking at the old
general store sign. Steeleville General Store.
“That’s why I picked it. No need for a name change,” he remarks,
nudging me on the shoulder. I roll my eyes and nod. It’s a bonus for sure.
“Since this used to be an old steel mill town, there’s a large factory
building I had inspected. It’s on the edge of the land and sound. I was thinking
that’s where our club will be.”
I’m grinning like a motherfucker. It’s what we need. When he first
mentioned the town to me, I thought of the criminal element that would want a
safety tax for staying away. If we handle our own problems besides a small law
enforcement, then we wouldn’t have shit to worry about. Besides, we had our
crew already set up. “Fuck yeah, let’s check it out. I’ll question you on the way
there about the rest.”
“Sure thing, bro,” Boomer answers. We head over to the truck, getting
out of this shitty heat that’s baking my skin.

“Do you know how much is going to be used for farming?” If we can be
self-sustaining, it might attract more people to the area. And it’s also a possible
revenue stream or tax write-off.

“That’s still up in the air. I can start with two hundred acres, and if they
need more, I’m sure that’ll be no problem.”
I look around as we drive and there’s not much. It looks as if Main Street
was the ticket. I wonder if it was all farmland. “Most of this area was never
really developed. There are a couple dozen rowhouses I’m assuming for the
steelworkers, but that’s about it. So, what happened to the town? Why are you
sure it’s financially viable?”

“The steel mill went out of business due to some shady dealings. Then a
small fire was set but didn’t develop because the person didn’t take all the
factors into account. It, of course, was later ruled as suspicious. The town’s sole
focus was the mill. Now we’ll have several ways to make this place boom.”
“If anyone can make something from nothing then turn it to gold, it’s
you.” We come from a pair of druggie parents that died when I was in high
school. Boomer went into the Military while I stayed home and tried to get an
education at a community college then finished up at UNT. We both had to take
responsibility for our little sister Morgan who’s still a teen. It’s been one hell of a
ride, but we love her.
“Same to you, Jackson. We’re here,”

“The guys are going to flip when they see it all done. You did good, bro,”
I say, clapping his back as we get out of the truck. We unofficially started a club
with some of Boomer’s buddies from the Special Forces.

I never joined, but when he was on leave, they would all come around
and ride on our bikes. It was a special treat when Boomer got me my first
motorcycle. I couldn’t afford it at the time, but he had connections from one of
the other riders who was a mechanic.

We take a quick look around. I’m examining all the possibilities, and I’m
loving the potential in the town. He’s right; most of this town is a blank canvas
for me to go buck wild on. I can’t get the shit eating grin off my face.

"I can't wait to get started,” I exclaim like a kid in a candy shop.

He nods at me, and I can see the swell of pride coming from my big
brother. "Me either. Let's head out and grab a bite back in Dallas, so we get some
of those plans underway."
"Good deal, Boomer,” I say, giving him a side hug before walking to the
truck. The town is going to be amazing.

Chapter 1
Five Years Later
I lean back in my office chair, my hands behind my head with my thumbs
moving up and down in my hair, feeling completely relaxed. The sun is shining,
and another successful project is in the books. I’ve been busy for months,
projects and plans one after the other. Finally, I have a moment of relative
relaxation. Next week my books are full of clients again for months.

This week I’ll be heading down to Steeleville to deal with club matters
and hang with the crew while Boomer gets his businesses back on track. For
months we’ve been dealing with attacks left and right from those wanting to
move in on our territory. My brother and I created the town. He owns the
majority of properties, but he has leased or sold some of them to the brothers in
our club. The Steele Riders formed because a group of ragtag former Special
Forces and their buddies rode out every time they could. It’s funny that I ride a
lot less than I did before the town was formed. I need to get on my bike more.

Things have been running smoothly for most of the time since we built
up the town, but like all good things, it must come to an end. There’s always
someone greedy enough to want what you have, trying all they can to take it. We
had to watch our backs, but the damage had been done. We won’t be caught off
guard again.

My phone buzzes, interrupting my thoughts. I sit back upright and pull it

up off my desk. Swiping the screen unlocked, I see it’s a text from my sister
Morgan. We’re having a BBQ for Ewan. Sunday.

I respond with a quick okay, then set the phone back on the desk and
resume my relaxed pose, smiling to myself. It’s good to have Mick, as I prefer to
call him, back to his old self. He gave us a scare of a lifetime, almost dying and
shit. My sister was a total wreck, but he saved her life in the process, something
my brother and I were forever grateful for. It was one of the most fucked up
times for us since our parents died. Now things are getting better and no sign of
trouble, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, cracking the ground under
My phone pings again, forcing me out of my damn comfort zone. “Fuck,
I can’t catch a moment of peace.” I check it, but this time it’s Boomer. Call me
as soon as you can.

Shit. I hope nothing else has gone wrong. I need a break. The stress of
worrying about my fam being killed has aged the fuck out of me. I’m not even
thirty, and I have grey hairs at my temples. I thought a wife and kids was
supposed to do that to you. And that’s a long way off. I’d actually have to find
interest in a chick long enough to want to fuck her.

I dial him up. “What’s up?” I ask a little hesitant.

“Hey, I need you to do me a solid,” he pleads.

“Of course, bro. What’s going on?” I’d do anything for him just like he
would do for me. He can always count on me. We’re a tight family since our
parents died, leaving Boomer and me to look after Morgan.

I hear a long sigh before he says, “Well, you know how I made a deal
with Penelope Banks for the storefront in the strip mall with added conditions?”
I had a feeling that deal was going to bite him in the ass.

“Yeah, I remember.” She’s supposed to open up a bakery in town.

Boomer said she seemed sweet, but her dad who had to be there too was a real

“Well, they had a small setback with the crew she contracted for the
build. They botched the job or some shit, then her father canned them.”
“Are you serious?” That’s not good. This is what happens when they
didn’t want to go with our suggestions. Boomer offered our services with the
contract, but they refused that addendum.

“I can have a crew build the frame up and shit, but I said you’d do the
design. Pro bono.” I can actually picture him cringing. I knew this break
wouldn’t last long.

“Well, the space isn’t huge, so I can do it. It’s not like I have to actually
build it myself, but I’ll need to meet with her this week.” It’s the only way I’ll
manage this project without bumping another project.

“I’m glad you said that because they should be at your office in about ten

“What the fuck? Thanks for the warning,” I complain. He’s never pulled
this stunt so there must be a good reason for it. I have a feeling that things are
getting harder to handle when you have a wife who you worry could be in
danger every damn day.

“Sorry. I’ve been behind schedule with all the bullshit, and her father
wanted to pull the contract because I didn’t get back to them in a timely
manner.” Fuck, I know he’s been going through a lot to get back on track with
his freaking empire. My brother is a one-man show. It’s about time he starts
getting rid of some control. Several of the Riders own businesses, but they lease
the buildings from Boomer. He should sell them as fast as possible. We turned a
ghost town into a growing community.
“That’s cool, but if they give me shit, they can go. We can find someone
else to open a shop. The town is doing fine without it” The intercom on my desk
buzzes, so I add, “I’ve gotta go. They’re probably here.”

I hang up and hit the button on my intercom. “Elise, what is it?” I ask
“Um. There are two people here to see you, but they’re not on your
calendar, and they say they have an appointment.” She sounds worried. I wonder
if Mr. Banks gave her a fucking attitude. Rich people sometimes forget that
they’re the ones coming for a service, and I have the right to refuse.

“Yes, a last-minute add-on. Please send them in.” I stand up and

straighten my tie, but leave my sleeves rolled as they are. I’m not in a suit jacket
because it’s too constraining for an artist, but I do dress the part of a professional
architect when necessary. Right now, it’s not necessary.

Elise opens the door, holding it open for them. First to enter is a woman
who needs to leave. Or better yet the guy with her needs to go. My entire body
radiates with a foreign feeling. A wild insatiable need to kiss her comes over me
that’s unexpected and unwelcomed. “Never mix business with pleasure,” I chant
internally. I tamper down all thoughts of throwing her against the wall, banging
her brains out, and give them a neutral expression.

“Hello, I’m Jackson Steele,” I say, reaching for Mr. Banks’ hand.

He gives me a very manly handshake with an intentionally punishing

grip. I wonder if that’s his intention to ward me off his daughter or he doesn’t
like to show weakness during meetings. “I’m Denver Banks, and this is my
daughter, your client, Penelope Banks.” Damn, did he catch my instant reaction
to her? I take her in as I pretend that she has no effect on me. Her long blonde
hair is in a high ponytail and not a single hair out of place. Her lips are plump,
but she’s pressing them tight together. I can’t tell if she’s nervous or not. Penny’s
eyes are a bright blue surrounded by a thin black eyeliner, accentuating the
vibrant color even more.

“Welcome, Ms. Banks. Please, come and take a seat,” I offer, stepping
over to the round meeting table I have just for such intimate meetings.
“So what kind of workup do you have in mind?” Mr. Banks asks me with
a friendly demeanor. He doesn’t seem to be as rough as I thought he would be.
“As it happens, I thought Ms. Banks would tell me what she likes.” I
direct my answer at him, but as I finish, I focus on her.

“Another one without a plan,” she scoffs. Holy fuck, who the hell does
she think she is?
I try to keep my cool and say, “Ms. Banks, as the client you should have
an idea of what it is you want. This is yours. It’s not like you can just redo the
entire thing when it doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would.”

“Well, aren’t you the best?” she adds with an air of disbelief and
condescension. “I mean that’s what your brother exclaimed.” She rolled her eyes
at me.

I take a calming breath, then explain, “I was still on the phone with him
when my secretary paged me.”

“Oh. Be nice, Penny,” he warns her, tapping his hand on hers.

“Daddy, I’m not in the mood for someone who is rude to me.” She rolls
her pretty blue eyes at me, heating my already confused body up. I want to kick
her out of here and fuck her at the same time.

“Ms. Banks, I’m doing my best to be pleasant. I didn’t create your

situation. My brother asked me for a favor. Do you want my assistance, or did
you want to look elsewhere? There’s plenty of open storefronts to purchase.” I’m
being a dick, but she’s giving me a look of pure disgust that I can’t handle. I
want to take her over my knee and spank her ass.
“No, we want your services, Mr. Steele,” her father interjects.

“Very well. Let me get the dimensions of the property, and I’ll be right
back.” Having all the information about the town’s buildings on my laptop, so I
can look up the bakery building number and jot down the measurements.

“Oh, I have it right here,” she says, pulling a pink folder out of her pink
leather messenger bag. From her pink tight Capri pantsuit, I can tell that she
really likes pink. Well, that saves me five minutes. I reach out and take it from
her. Our fingers touch, and immediately our eyes connect. She darts hers away
first, so then I jump out of my chair, grateful my slacks are hiding my cock down
my leg, then grab some tracing paper.
Chapter 2
He pops out of his chair to grab some of his tools, and I take him in from
head to toe. From his light brown eyes, that have a slight hint of green around
the edges of the iris, to the way his sleeves are rolled up to the middle of his
forearm has my mind running on nothing but adrenaline and panty-melting
desire. His strong jaw is covered in dark scruff that’s shaved perfectly neat, and
my fingers tingle with the need to run them over his face. I don’t even
understand what’s happening to me. It’s as if I’m sexually alive for the first time
and it’s all Jackson Steele’s fault. I clutch the fabric of my capri pants,
restraining the need to do something about this insane attraction. I turn to my
father to try to avoid the unique growing need for this almost complete stranger.

“Daddy, I think I’m going to need a place in Steeleville to live. I can’t see
me commuting every day at four in the morning.” I catch his shoulders tighten as
if he doesn’t like the sound of my voice or the direction of the conversation.

“That’s a great idea,” my father says with that subtle smirk on his face
that I know means he’s got something on his mind and is thinking about how to
get what he wants.
“I’m surprised you agreed so readily,” I interject, wondering what he’s up
to. He looks like a tough guy when he’s not in his suit, but he has been an
investment banker for three decades and a real softie at heart. He can be rough
when needed, but never with us. He married my mom shortly after she came to
him with her first paycheck looking to invest it. He’s been hopeless for her ever
since. My two older brothers are just as crazy as he is about their women and
me. If only the man I fall in love with would worship me like they do, I would be
forever a happy woman.
“That’s because I know it’s not safe to be constantly traveling when
you’re tired,” he reminds me. I’ve been in a couple of accidents over the years.
All of them being minor, but it still freaks him out. But that means he’s not
bothered by me living further away. I don’t know whether or not to be upset
about it, but I let it go because I feel Jackson’s eyes looking at me as if he’s
wondering what my dad is insinuating.
“That’s true,” Jackson adds with a mutter before coming back to sit down
next to us. “My company is here, so I live here too.” He starts working, but
seeing his hands move quickly and accurately over the paper is having the most
fucked up effect on me. I want to reach across the table and brush my hand along
his forearm.

“Excuse me, but where’s the bathroom?” I need a moment away from

“Just down past the reception area,” he adds, standing back up and
holding the door for me. I rush past him with a stone-cold expression. His
assistant isn’t at the desk which is good because I don’t know if I can handle
running into another human at the moment. As I head into the ladies’ room, I let
the cold exterior fall away. I walk over to the sink, placing my hands on the
edge, breathing deeply until I could get myself under control. “Why? Just why?”
I ask myself, hoping that I can act normal around Jackson. I look up into the
mirror and freak out to see his assistant walk from the stalls.
“Are you alright, Ms. Banks?”

“Yes, sorry. Feeling a little under the weather,” I mutter, turning on the
sink while she does the same to the one next to me. I can feel her eyes on me,
but I ignore it. I can’t handle the judgment I’m sure she’ll have written on her
face. I shake off my hands and grab a paper towel and dry off without more than
a brief smile and walk back to the room with the sensuous devil.

Chapter 3
She walks back into the room, and I watch a scowl come over her face.
What the fuck did I do to her? I do my best to ignore her and go back to work.
After sketching the overall measurements of the inner walls, I ask, “What do you
need for your bakery?”

“Well, of course, I’m going to need several ovens in the back as well as
several prep stations,” she tells me, looking at my sketch so far.

“And the front. A large counter? How long do you want that counter? Do
you want it to wrap around with tons of display cases?” I question, staring up
into her eyes.

“Oh sure. That’s where a big problem lies. This is the plan that they were
working on,” she remarks while digging in her bag. She hands over a shitty copy
of the blueprints. They are not very good, to begin with, but they’ve also been
written on and rewritten on.

“This is a jumbled mess.” Damn, they should have redone these. They’re
barely distinguishable.

“Well, it’s like he wasn’t listening to me.” I wonder if it’s because she’s
got an attitude problem, or he had his attention elsewhere. She isn’t dressed
provocatively and very unfriendly it seems, but she’s movie star beautiful. It’s
hard to deny her natural attraction. Either way, this guy sucked at his job.
A low rumbling growl radiates from Mr. Banks. “Yes, he had an
attraction to my daughter.” Bingo. “And staring at her ass was my last straw.” I
bit back the irrational urge to find this fucking architect and pound his head in. I
don’t know her, and she’s a pain in the ass, and I’ve only spent a handful of
minutes in her presence, but I can’t stand the thought of someone looking at her
in that way.
“Well, don’t worry. I’m a professional,” I remind him. I’ve dealt with
good-looking clients before. It’s not a big deal for me. Or at least that is what
I’m telling myself. I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as her. My heart is racing
just thinking about running my hand along her cheek.

“Good. Because I don’t want you to flirt with me,” she blurts out with a
little more attitude than necessary. I roll my eyes at her, avoiding a verbal
response. Someone had her panties twisted up her ass. She should have pulled
them out when she was in the bathroom.

We spend another twenty minutes going over the ideas she has. I’ll have
to get back to her with some samples before we go any further. I don’t want a
redo because the client is indecisive.

“Okay, this is all I need right now. I’ll call you if I have any questions. If
not, I’ll see you Friday at the storefront. I want to get a better feel, and we’ll go
over the final design options.”

“That doesn’t work for my schedule,” Mr. Banks says, looking into his
phone at his calendar.

“It’s okay, Daddy. I can handle this on my own.” Good, then maybe she
won’t be so damn fiery.
“Are you sure?” he asks gently. The seriousness in his face is scary. He
doesn’t let her function on her own, it seems. Damn, he hasn’t learned to cut the

“Yes, I’m sure,” she reiterates, staring at him until he relents.

“Okay, well, thank you for your time, Mr. Steele,” he says. I reach out
and shake his hand as I would any client. Then I stick out my hand for hers. The
second our hands connect, I know I fucked up. Our eyes meet, and a gasp leaves
her pouty, spoiled-brat lips. She feels the tension, too. Immediately, she thrusts
her hand out of mine with a scoffing level of disgust on her face before tossing
her head to the side with an aristocratic raise of her chin.

As soon as they’re down the elevator, I close up shop in the office, swing
my suit jacket over my shoulder and head out to my work truck. I need a ride
after all the shit I’ve suddenly got playing in my damn head. When I get to my
condo, I change my clothes, then get my Harley revved up and pull out onto the
road. I feel the purr of the twin cam motor and ride faster out of the city.
Chapter 4
I’m a hot mess as we walk to the car, shaking and lost in thought. As
soon as we reach his car, I grab for the door handle, but my father stops me from
getting in, then he asks, “Sweetheart, do you mind telling me what that was

“What was what about?” I ask, faking my obliviousness. I hoped he

wouldn’t notice my insane bad behavior inside there.

He gives that look only reserved for when we’re lying. “Penelope Banks,
are you going to lie to me? Are you interested in Jackson Steele?”

“No,” I screech out vehemently, a little too vehemently. Dang it, I need to
keep my cool.

My dad raises his brow, then he gives me a stern warning, “Please, don’t
let him hurt you. I will kill him. And it would be a pity since he seems like a
good man.”

I gasp and crossing my arms in denial. “I don’t want anything to do with

him. He was rude to me.” Goodness, that sounds whiny and petulant even in my
own head. What is wrong with me? I’m losing it. In a matter of seconds today, I
became the girl everyone claimed I was a …a spoiled snooty bitch.

He looks down at me, staring at me with incredulity. “Honey, if I was

him, I would have kicked both of us out. He put up with more than he should
have for a man who didn’t need our business.”

“Well, I’ll do my best to be civil to him.” He gives me a strange look

then backs away, holding the door open. “I’m not going to let him seduce me.
That’s not going to happen.” I hear him scoff.
As we drive off, I change the conversation before he continues with
Jackson. “So what are you getting mom for your anniversary?” It’s around the
corner, and I know it’s on his mind.

“I haven’t decided. The woman has everything and wants nothing,” he

complains. It’s true, though. My mother has everything she’s ever wanted.

“Have you thought about taking her on another trip?” I offer. They love
getting away just the two of them.
“We could. I’ll have to find a place she wants to go that we haven’t been
on. When you’re married for as long as we have, you run out of things to do that
are new.”
“So don’t go new. Just do something special—something that means a lot
to both of you.”

“I’ll definitely give it some thought. Maybe you should ask your mother.
She’s full of good ideas,” he remarks, nudging me with his elbow while still
focusing on the road.

“Why don’t you ask her?” I tease, knowing he wants the inside goods. He
glares at me, making me laugh even harder. “Fine, I’ll ask her sometime
“You’re a good daughter.”

I laugh a little, shaking my head. “Thanks. You’re a pretty awesome


“I need to go talk to your mother.” Yeah, “Talk,” is what he calls it, but
there’s very little talking involved.
“Okay, I need to change into something comfortable.” I want to get out of
this suit and put on a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt.

I run upstairs to my room and close my bedroom door, leaning back onto
the wooden surface and blowing out a hard breath. I’m grateful my dad didn’t
question me any more than he did. I couldn’t get out of that meeting fast enough
only to be challenged by him. This bakery is looking like a bad idea. I should get
out of it, but my father already makes me feel as if I can’t be an adult on my
own. It’s not his fault that he feels the need to protect me. He doesn’t mean to do
it, but I don’t believe he can help it.
I know I have problems. A temper is one of them, but my dyslexia has
been the other. To me, it’s the giant elephant in the room. If baking didn’t come
naturally, I’m not sure what I would do. At this point, I have nothing to fall back
on. I didn’t go to college, and I have no discernable skills.

My grades in school were average or worse because I had learning issues

that went unnoticed for a long time. The doctor blamed my parents’ busy lives
for the lack of awareness. Really, I think I just hid it from them. I would lie and
act like it was because I didn’t want to learn that I was screwing up, but since the
diagnosis, my dad’s been trying to make it up to me. I know he loves me; that’s
without question, but he feels that I need all the help in the world. Maybe I do,
but I can’t and won’t admit defeat. I just won’t. I need to focus on my goals to
get the bakery opened and make it a huge success.
What I need to do for sure is avoid, Jackson Steele. The second I stepped
into his office, I knew I was done. The color of his eyes hit me right away. They
were a light honey color and intense. It’s just one small feature of a stellar
looking man, but I was so attracted to them that I forced myself to look away.
The tension rolled off me throughout the entire meeting, and I projected it badly.
I didn’t mean to be a bitch to him. It’s my defense mechanism when it comes to
someone I know may hurt me. Normally, it’s why I don’t have friends. One bad
set of friends ruined it all for me. But I’m not interested in a friendship with
Jackson Steele; that emotion he evoked was so much more than can be
described. Every fiber of my being lit up with excitement and electricity. I could
have lit a city block with all the energy I was giving off.
I’m afraid our next encounter is going to be explosive.

“Ms. Banks, this is Jackson Steele, I have a question about the height of
the display coolers. Do you want them to be at five feet or will you be having
shorter employees and want them at four-point-five feet?”

“How the hell would I know if I’m going to hire someone short?” I lash

“Um, it’s just a damn question, Ms. Banks.”

Since we met, I can’t keep my dyslexia under control. The concentration

has suddenly disappeared and made me irritable. “You know, your brother
wasn’t this hard to work with,” I complain and accuse.

“I’ll be there Friday with the samples,” he said, hanging up on me.

Damn. I want to cancel the meeting, but then I’m afraid that Jackson will
tell me to shove it. The man really doesn’t like me. I can’t say I delight in his
disdain for me. I caused it, but it’s still a hard pill to swallow.
Chapter 5
And so it begins…

My chest burns as I stand outside her shop. A building rage and lust force
my fists to clench. I see her again for the second time in five days. Then again, it
was my foolish choice to schedule the meeting. I should have done everything
via email, but she’s a stubborn woman and probably won’t like something. The
longer this goes on, the harder it’ll be for me to manage my other projects.

The shop’s door is unlocked as if she’s open for business, but she’s
months away from that. She doesn’t even look up as if she doesn’t hear the damn
door. Her long blonde curls dangle down as she reads a book absentmindedly.
The notion that anyone could walk in here and harm her pisses off even more
than it should. The woman is a pain in my ass so big, that I can’t sit for hours. I
pace around like a lion on the attack. I can’t tell if it’s because I want to fuck her
or choke her ass. At least that’s what I tell myself why I need to see her again.

How can someone make you want them and the next second run as fast
as you can the other way? She tests my temper. I didn’t serve like my brothers
and many in the Steele Riders, but I’m a tough bastard. And Miss Penny Banks
takes away my balls. She’s got a sharp tongue that I want to be wrapped around
my cock. I’m so hard up that I’m ready to do battle with anyone that comes
between us.
“Good morning, Miss Piggy,” I say, entering the future bakery. I brought
a special tip jar for the bakery just for her. It’s a pink piggy bank. She narrows
her crystalline blues at it, then at me, finally shrugging it off.

“I’m sorry, you are again?” she snidely remarks with a sharp tone,
crossing her arms.
I place the ceramic bank on the counter. “The one who is supposed to
help you design this place, but you’re being difficult.”
“Oh, I remember, the other brother.” She rolls her eyes as if I’m the
problem. She’s had a bad attitude since we met, and I want to take her over my
knee, spank her ass to a pretty pink shade and then dip my fingers inside to test
how slick her pussy is.

“I’m the one and only, Jackson Steele, Penelope.”

“I think I prefer Miss Piggy.” She tosses her blonde hair off her shoulder,
and spins on her heels, strutting into the backroom. She’s far from looking like a
pig, but she pushes my buttons, and I knew it would piss her off. In fact, she’s
fucking gorgeous, sexy beyond belief, and keeps me hard. Despite her beauty,
she needs a makeover with that rich-bitch princess attitude she’s been giving me.

“Whatever. I have the layout for you.” She looked at the property with
Boomer, my brother. The one she apparently likes. Fuck does that burn more
than I wanted to admit. I’m his second in everything in life and not once has it
bothered me until her. She met him first, and she likes him. I wonder how much
she likes him. Well, I hate to break it to her, but he has a wife.

“Good, you can drop it off and go. I’ll contact you if I have any questions
or changes.”

I take a deep breath, then press my hands to the edge of the door. “Listen,
I’m going to look over this with you right now or not at all. I’m not in the
business of dealing with rich little daddy’s girls with bad attitudes,” I inform her.
I could have sent the shit by email instead of driving an hour out of my way. I
can’t believe she's so damn obstinate.
“Then go. I’ll find another architect.” It’s a long way off from being
built. Initially, they were going to use the framing that was already there, but a
bad case of termites wrecked a large chunk. The framing was redone, now she
has to decide the way she needs it laid out. And that’s why I’m here.

“Fine.” I storm out of the shop, then jump into my truck. I need to cool
my heels before I call my brother.

I can’t control my anger. I get out of the truck, then march back into her
shop to give her a piece of my mind. I walk up to the counter where she has her
notebook, writing something. She looks up at me with a flash of something I
don’t know followed by anger.
“Ready to give me those designs? Can’t pass up on my daddy’s money?”
she scoffs, with her hand on her hip.

“Unlike you, I don’t need his money, princess. And by the way, Missy.
You need to keep this fucker locked.”

“I saw you get out of the truck, you jerk. I’m not an idiot. Now, if you
would leave that would be great. You’ve already wasted more of my time for
nothing” I walk out of there and call up my brother immediately.

“What’s up, Jackson?” he asks while I hear a lot of noise in the

background. On top of owning most of this town, the President of the Steele
Riders, Boomer owns his own demolition company.

I know he’s busy, so I’ll be quick about it. “The woman you sold the
building for the bakery is a total pain in the ass. I’m not working with her
anymore. She can hire a basic architect.”

“What the fuck? I’ll deal with this,” he barks out. I can tell he’s pissed,
but it’s not his problem. I should have listened to my gut and stayed back home.

“No, you leave it alone; let her do her thing. I’ve got a shit fucking ton of
clients. I’m just sorry I agreed.”

“Yeah, sorry I asked you to do it. She’ll have to find someone else.” I can
tell he’s upset about it. Boomer has great taste in people and thought she would
be an awesome addition to the town.

“I’ll be back in Dallas.”

“We’re having a party on Sunday. Are you still coming?” Boomer asks,
wondering if I have too much of an attitude to be around people. He knows that I
can’t say no, but I better get my act together. His wife will be apoplectic if I
don’t come. She’s had him by the short hairs since they met a few months back.
“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be there.” He hangs up, and start my engine,
pulling out without looking at the damn bakery. I drive back to Dallas to get
some damn rest. I have to be back by Sunday for Mick’s barbeque. Fucking hell,
I wanted a week of rest, and I got a week of hell instead.
Chapter 6
Why oh, why?

I can’t keep this façade up. Thank goodness, I pushed him out of here. I
can’t take another moment alone with him. How can a man be that handsome
and that much of an ass? I suppose it’s easy when I do my best to make him
seem replaceable. I couldn’t stop myself. As I tried to focus on my work, I
couldn’t read half the words. It crushes me to have these setbacks, and he makes
it worse. If he found out, he would think even less of me and probably tell
Boomer who would cancel the lease on me, believing I’d fail. I may not read
correctly, but all my baking skills are ingrained in me. I’ve created my own
recipes for the classics, and a bunch of specialty items like my strawberry
lemonade cupcakes.

When he came back in, I almost lost my nerve. It’s hard to push him
away when I want him on me. It’s a new and scary feeling. One I’m not prepared
to deal with. Jackson Steele is as sexy as his name. I feel the damn heat pouring
off him as his eyes narrowed and aimed at me. I started a fight I know I can’t
win. My father did a lot to get me this shop, and I promised that I wouldn’t let
him down.
And I’ve just done that. Sending the best architect in the state away
because I have a hard time holding back the lust and desire for him is stupid and
I open up my laptop and start searching for architects. About two hours
later, the search comes up a dozen decent firms, but they’re booked out for the
next six months. Seriously, who takes that long to do the job?

I hear the door open, reminding me that I didn’t lock it after Jackson left.
In all honesty, I left it unlocked just in case he came around for a third time. I’m
a glutton for punishment, it seems. I step out from the backroom. The place isn’t
what I wanted, so I asked for an architect, and my dad worked it out so I could
have Jackson. I hope my dad doesn’t find out that I pushed Jackson away. He’s
going to be disappointed in me.

When I look at the front door, there’s a beautiful woman standing with
her hands folded over across her chest as she looks around the bare room. I arch
my brow. “Um…how can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Morgan McCann. You’re Penny Banks, right?” She steps
forward quickly, reaches out, and shakes my hand.

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, I know the bakery isn’t open yet, but I thought…maybe you could
make some treats for my party this weekend. We’re having a special
homecoming for my husband.” What do I say? Of course, this is a great
opportunity, but it’s hardly any notice. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you on
the spot, but I figured it would make for a good business opportunity. I wouldn’t
ask, but my baker in Dallas is down with the flu. I promise I’ll pay well for

“Okay, I suppose. How many are you serving?”

“I’d say about forty people to be on the safe side.”

“Anything in particular? A cake, cupcakes?”

“No, I’ll leave that to you. I can’t thank you enough. Here’s the address.
The party is at three on Sunday. If you need help getting there, I can have
someone help you.”
“No, I can manage just fine.”

“Here’s a down payment.” She drops two hundred dollars in my hand.

Then with a giant smile, she gives me a squeeze and hurries out of the shop
before I can ask her any other questions. This time I lock the door, then head to
the back. I only came here to meet with Jackson, but the man drives me insane.
That I can’t concentrate enough to get done what I need, and now I’ve taken on
an impromptu order.

I plan out the kinds of cupcakes I want to introduce for the people in
town, then hop in my SUV and drive back home to hit the grocery store. After an
hour of shopping, I have everything I need to whip up at least a hundred treats.

“Hey, sweetie, let me give you a hand,” my mom says, coming out to
take some of my bags. “What’s all of this for?”

I smile weakly, then confess. “I just took a last-minute order in

Steeleville for a party on Sunday.”

“Ooh. All day baking! I’m here if you need me.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“The guys are going to the gun range to play, and Enid will be coming by
with Bobby soon.”
“Good, I’ll make some baby treats. Okay, some things I have to make
today, but the rest can wait until tomorrow.”

“Wonderful. It’s been a while since we’ve baked together.” We both

unload the massive flour and sugar bags, four dozen eggs, and the other odds and
ends. I have enough to make two hundred, but I can’t help myself when I buy the
ingredients. That’s something I’ll need to be accurate about when it comes to the
bakery. I can’t be missing crucial ingredients.
“I know. It’s been like six months at least,” I say, looking for the aprons
under the cabinet.

“This is going to be so fun. Yay, I’m going to get the bowls,” she cheers.
I stand up, slipping the apron over my head and tying it around my waist.
“Speaking of fun, what are you planning for your anniversary?”
She sets the mixing bowls on the counter, then takes the other apron, and
looks away thinking before she says, “I don’t know; the man hasn’t decided. I
need you to whisper in his ear that I want to go antiquing.”

“Antiquing? Interesting.” That’s definitely something different, and

maybe they can find something they haven’t seen before or at least she doesn’t
own. The more I think about it, the more it sounds like fun.

“I’ve been watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars. I love the history
in it.”
“Well, I think antiquing in Europe would be pretty cool.”

“Ooh, that’s even better,” she exclaims, plugging in our Kitchen Aid
mixer while giving me an almost pleading toothy grin.

“I’ll be the little birdy.” I roll my eyes and smile, taking out my
measuring cups and add the flour for the first cupcake.
Chapter 7
It’s been two days since I’ve seen the bratty woman who messes with my
head, but today isn’t about her; today is for Mick. Yet, still, she’s in my mind.
She’s been there for days. I’ve been hoping that somehow, she’ll call me and ask
for my help again.

I pull into the clubhouse on my Harley for the party. It’s just getting
started with people all around. The prospects are acting as security for the get-
together. We have security taking turns in the security office.

I walk over to my sister who is being held tightly around the waist by
Mick. Now that their relationship is out in the open, I doubt he’ll ever hide his
desire to have her at his side. He’s good for her. I’ve known about their
relationship for a long time, and there’s no one better than him. “Jackson, you
made it.” She rushes into my arms, Mick letting her go reluctantly. She loosens
her tight grip, and that’s when I notice the eyes I can’t forget. She’s staring at me
over my sister’s shoulder. A look of shock and upset is written on my face.

She’s carrying a tray of treats out of a white Lexus SUV. Rico comes up
out of nowhere and takes them from her. “Excuse me,” I tell my sister. A new
dangerous feeling pours through me. I push through the crowd and snatch the
tray out of his hands. “Get away from her.” I set the tray on the table. Then I turn
to my blonde tormentor. “What are you doing here?”
“What does it look like?” she says, pointing to the tray I just set down,
thrusting her chest out at me.

“Trying to flirt with my crew?” I throw out. I’m being a dick, and I know

“What? You are ridiculous. I’ve been invited by Morgan.”

“My sister invited you?” I growl out, glancing back in my sister’s
direction. Fuck, she has no idea what she’s doing to me, and my sister is an
accomplice. I know I’m tripping about this, but I can’t shake the feeling of
claiming her. I don’t know why because I want to choke her at the same time.

“Your sister?” she questions, looking back and forth between us.

“You didn’t know that?” I cock my chin up, questioning her motives.
“No, I didn’t make the connection.” She’s nervous. I can see it clear as
day. Has she always been this way? I run my eyes down her body, taking in her
stance. It’s defensive, but I can’t get past how fucking sexy she looks. Her itty-
bitty shorts show off her perfectly shaped legs that I want wrapped around my

“Well, she is. What are you wearing?” I look her up and down, hating
that nagging feeling that this is more than a physical attraction.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? What does that have to do with
me dropping off treats?” She puts her finger in my chest. “You don’t work for
me anymore. I don’t need to tell you anything, anyways.”

“Yeah, you do,” I inform her sexy ass.

She tilts her head to the left and glares at me before snapping out, “Are
you crazy?”

“I might be getting there.” I feel like I’m losing my damn mind. The
more I see her, the easier it is to look past the bad attitude. Every second that I’m
around her, I want to kiss her and steal her away from everyone else. Fuck, I
don’t even want to share her treats with the crew here even though she brought
boxes and boxes of them. Yep, I’m crazy.
“What’s going on here?” Boomer asks, turning directly to my woman and
adding, “Miss Banks, I need to have a word with you.”
“Not right now, Garrett,” I snarl out at my brother. “Penny and I need to
have a talk.”
“No, we don’t. Mr. Steele, what is it that you needed?”

“If you’ll follow me, I’ll tell you.” He turns to me and adds, “Jackson
stay by Crystal. I don’t want anyone thinking she’s unprotected.” I nod and go
despite wanting to listen to what he has to say to her.
Chapter 8
“Ms. Banks, please have a seat.” I do so without hesitation while he goes
around and sits behind the large desk. I feel dwarfed in the chair.

I’m waiting for the anger, but instead, I get a soft question. “So, what’s

“Um, nothing’s wrong,” I stammer, playing with my hands while I stare

at them. I hear a soft chuckle which gets my attention. Boomer is intimidating in
a way that Jackson isn’t. As much as I’m uncomfortably attracted to Jackson,
I’m not scared of him. Boomer is the opposite. Maybe it’s because he runs a
well-known and growing biker gang or that he holds my business in the palm of
his large hand and can crush my dreams easily. Either way, I’m definitely out of
my element.

He leans forward on his elbows and says, “Don’t lie to me. My brother
isn’t a short-tempered man. You managed to piss him off enough to drop you as
a client.”
“He’s the one who called me Ms. Piggy,” I throw out there. Granted, I
deserved it, but he still gave me a shitty nickname.

Boomer jerks his head back. Then in a disbelieving voice, he asks,

“Really? Why would he do that?”
With the twist of my lips, I admit, “Because I was rude to him.”

“Again, Ms. Banks, why? My brother is normally a professional, and I

asked him if he could take you on as a favor to me, and you ruin that good
opportunity. Is it that you don’t want the business, and this is your way of getting
out of it or is there some other reason?”
“No, it’s not that. It’s just…”

He crosses his arms as he waits for me to respond, but I don’t know how
to tell him that just thinking about his brother has turned me into a woman I
don’t even know. I’ve been ridiculed and laughed at for my problems, but I’m
not intentionally trying to sabotage a good thing. I had no idea that I would be
rattled by Jackson. I hadn’t been rattled by the opposite sex since I was twelve.
And it was nothing in comparison. A schoolgirl crush on a boy in my class that
lasted until he cut my hair to be a jerk.

“Ms. Banks…” he implores. I can see that he’s truly concerned about this
whole thing. The intimidation factor seems to fall out the window.

I look into his eyes and confess, “He makes me uneasy.”

“I noticed. Do you find his attraction to you, unsettling?”

“Attraction?” I question? What is he talking about? The man thinks I’m a

total bitch, and I can’t fault the guy for that. It’s all I’ve ever been to him.

“Yes, attraction,” he reiterates, nodding his head at me.

“He’s not interested in me,” I inform him.

He rolls his eyes like he doesn’t buy that, but he’s only seen Jackson with
me this time. The other times I was beastly to him. “Okay, so then your attitude
has to do with your dyslexia, isn’t it?”
I gasp, clapping hands to my mouth. “How did you know?” I squeak out
past them.
“I don’t go in working with people without running a couple of checks. I
didn’t go into your medical records, but you and your father have a lot to do with
associations for dyslexia. It’s something I picked up on when we were going
over the paperwork. Your father kept repeating things in the documents when
you gave him a signal. The light taps of your pen on the spots you were confused
about. I didn’t correlate it right away, but after the third page, I realized you were
the one who has it. I hope I’m not offending you.”
“No…you’re not. It’s something I don’t like people knowing, but…”
Damn, I feel the need to cry, and I don’t want to embarrass myself with Jackson

“It’s a part of who you are. Everyone’s got their flaws, but that makes us
who we are. What I don’t get is why would you push Jackson away because of

“Well, of course, I’m embarrassed by it. Everyone that I went to school

with mocked me for it, saying my daddy’s money was the only reason I had
friends and that he paid for me to pass my classes. And well…now I don’t like
getting close to people.” I don’t go into the fact that I want Jackson to hate me. If
he hates me, then I can’t hope that he’ll ever want me. Boomer stands up and
walks around to his desk, pulling me into his arms for a hug. I’m shocked, but I
don’t pull away.

“It’s okay, but you like him, don’t you?” he whispers.

I hiss and practically screech it out, “I do, but I’m not the kind of girl
that’s looking for a fling.”

Just then Jackson bursts through the door with Crystal. Both of them
looking at us with wild eyes. We instantly pull apart, and I wipe my eyes. I
thought Crystal was going to kill me when she came toward. I know I’d be ready
to fight if I was pregnant and saw my man hugging another woman. It dawns on
me that if she heard that last part, I was going to get my ass kicked, but instead,
she wrapped her arms around me. “Were you being mean to her?” she asks,
turning her head to Boomer and scowling at him.
“No, I wasn’t.”

“She’s fucking crying, asshole,” Jackson snaps getting in his brother’s

“No, he didn’t do anything,” I sob as Crystal, and I try to stop him from
punching Boomer.

“Then tell me what the fuck is going on,” Jackson asks. I can see the
tension all over him, but I just can’t handle it right now.

“I can’t.” I run out of the room, and out of the building to my truck. I
have to go home. I can’t do this. No one stops me because I act normal the
second I step outside. Once I’m out of their secured lot, I pull over and have a
good cry. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Jackson has messed up my world
and doesn’t even know why. I can’t let him know. Wiping away the tears, I head
back home.
Chapter 9
I whip my body around to stare down my brother. “What the hell,
Boomer? Tell me what the fuck that was about,” I snap off. I would run after her,
but I don’t know what the fuck to do. She’s crying and in my brother’s arms,
seeing red, full of jealousy and anger.

“Calm your ass down. Give her some time.”

“For what?” I argue. I don’t know what is going on.

“To get her shit together. I still want you to do the build with her,” he
tells me, running his hands through his hair. The stern warning in his voice does
little to calm my fucking burning need for answers. I’m not going anywhere until
I get answers and I know he has them.

“Why? I want to know the truth. I’m going out of my mind trying to
figure her out, and you’re hiding shit from me. You’re my brother.”

“I know. Close the door. What I say doesn’t leave this room.”

He pulls Crystal into his arms. “I love you, baby. You know that, right? I
definitely don’t think of her like that.”

“I know. Duh, I wouldn’t have consoled her otherwise. I would have

dropped her ass and punched you in the dick.”

“Okay. So, before we were rudely interrupted. I was learning something

very important.”

“What? You’re fucking killing me.” I say punching the wall, then
thrusting my hands in my hair.
“She likes you, Jackson. So much it’s fucking her up when it comes to
working. She’s pushing you away because she has dyslexia. And it seems
“You mean she can’t read right?” I kind of know what it is, but hell, I
have no clue what it means.

“Yeah, I don’t know how bad it is, but I’m guessing she has to
concentrate. When I met with her and her father to sign papers, I noticed he kept
reading the document aloud. I mentioned my observations, and she broke down.
I know it’s hard to focus when she sees you. But that was as far as I got before
you practically broke my damn door down.”

“Oh hell. Son of a bitch. I have to find her now. I’ve been such a bastard.
I didn’t mean to call her a spoiled bitch.”

“No, you need to apologize for sure, but she knows she’s pushed you

“It doesn’t matter. I have to find her.” I turn around and walk out the
door. I don’t care about anything else. Making things right is the only thing
running through me. When I get outside, I see she’s gone. Damn it, I jump on my
bike and ride out of the gates, ignoring the calls for my attention. All I care about
is Penny. Fuck, I feel like a total bastard. Damn, I play the way she treated me in
my head and see her attitude, but I still don’t get it.

Anger, frustration loom in my head, mostly at myself. There has to be a

reason she shielded herself from me. Somebody hurt her before, and I want to
know who. Speeding down the road, I look for her truck. It’s nowhere in sight.

I don’t have her home address programmed in my phone, but I do know

one place to check. I drive to the bakery. She’s not there. Damn it. I sit in my
bike before deciding to ride around to spot her anywhere.

The workweek passes, and she still refuses to respond to me. I don’t
blame her, but damn it something has to give. My phone rings and I pull it out
hoping it’s Penny, but it’s just my brother. “What’s going on?”

“Hey, I’m assuming you two haven’t made up yet, but I want you to do
me a favor, she went back to the old contractor on the project, and I don’t trust
her meeting this guy alone.”

“What the fuck? She’s meeting the guy alone? Where at?”
“Yeah. Her father called me this morning because he couldn’t talk any
sense into her. She wants it done yesterday, and I don’t blame her for that, but
it’s not smart. The cameras are up down the street, but that’s not good enough.
I’m probably crazy, but after the attack on my family, I just have a bad feeling.”

“Are they at the bakery?”

“Yeah, that’s what he said. I figured it would be better to send you

instead of one of the guys.”

“Damn right. I’m on my way now.” I don’t want any of those fuckers
around my woman. I’m only ten minutes away from the shop. I finished up my
last meeting at ten and made my way to Steeleville. I planned to go to her bakery
this morning anyway to reason with her because fuck if I can handle being away
from her.
Chapter 10
I’m already regretting this meeting. My father let him go because he’d
been too creepy, and it was the right call. Mr. Coleman jumped at my call
yesterday. I should have been suspicious with his enthusiasm since we just fired
him less than two weeks ago.

“Can you still do the project?” I ask, hoping that he’d change his mind
and leave. I needed to find my brass balls and give him shit like I did so easily
with Jackson.

“I can if you want to pay upfront and wait six weeks for the project.”

“What? More money and wait? I can’t wait that long. I want it done. We
still have the plans from last time,” I plead.

“You can settle this faster if you’re willing to pay for the service, today.”
Holy hell, did he just really suggest sex?

Why couldn’t I have just been nice to Jackson, or hell not run away like a
scared little girl? Oh, that’s right because from the moment I looked him up
online I was crushing hard. Then when we finally met, I became the worst
possible version of myself.

“Are you even listening to me? Fucking rich little daddy’s girls don’t
care about anyone else’s time. You have two choices, pay up or wait.”
“Actually, I heard you just fine, but I frankly don’t care for what you
have to say. As a professional, double checking is your job, not mine. I told you
what I wanted. I’m not a designer, or I would have done it myself. Hence me
hiring you. Now if you’re implying more than monetary payment you can get the
hell out of here right now.”
“You are probably easy as fuck. Girls like you only give it up to guys
with big bank accounts. I’ve got a big one for you.” He grabs his crotch with a
leering smirk.

“Mr. Coleman, you’re disgusting, and I want you to get out of here. Get

“You can’t let me go. You don’t have any options. Now stop playing and
pay up.”
“I just did.”

“You little bitch.” I felt the sting of the slap then his hands on my wrists,
dragging me toward the backroom. I hoped to hell this wasn’t going to happen. I
kick with my foot, but then he grabs me around the throat. Fuck. I choke
instantly, gasping, I reach for his thumbs and pull them backward. He howls, and
I see his hand come up again.

I didn’t get to feel his fists again because the door bursts open, and I see
Jackson Steele of all people filled with rage. He rushes Coleman who lets me go
and slams him to the ground. “Are you crazy? Get off me.”

“You haven’t seen crazy, you piece of shit.” Jackson punches him in the
face repeatedly before I decide to stop him.
“Jackson, please stop. You’ll kill him,” I plead.

He looks at me and then Coleman uses it to his defense, punching

Jackson in the jaw which catches him off balance and allows Coleman to get up,
kicking Jackson in the nuts. I move to Jackson to see if he’s okay, but then
Coleman makes his escape. Jackson and I share a brief gaze before he’s on his
feet, running out the front door to go after Coleman. I follow only to see
Coleman almost hit Jackson with his truck.
Jackson turns to me and says, “Inside now.” I do as he says as he leads
me back inside. I pick up my laptop that got tossed in the scuffle, then he looks
at me as he grabs my arms. “Are you okay?” He brushes my wrists with his
thumbs as he stares into my eyes.

“I…I am now.” I can’t stop myself and fall into his arms. He wraps me
up in his strong embrace as I let the moment overwhelm me. Tears stream down
my face as everything that has happened hits me at once.

“What the fuck?” my dad roars. I pull away from Jackson slowly.
“Daddy, it’s not what you think.”

“Mr. Banks, I’m just making sure Penny is okay.” He steps back just
enough for me to see my father looks panic-stricken. It’s then that I see the door
hanging off the hinges.

“I’m okay, daddy.”

“Excuse me. I need to make a call. You talk to your dad. I’ll be right

“What the hell is going on?”

“That contractor Coleman tried to attack me. Jackson came bursting

through the door and started beating him up.”

“Fuck, princess.” He pulls me in his arms, and I let go, sobbing

uncontrollably. I feel safe as I rest in my dad’s hold, but something is missing. It
feels so different than the way Jackson held me even though it was the exact
same way.
“I’m going to kill that fuck.”

His arms tighten around me before I pull back and look up into his eyes.
He’s torn between caring for me and going after Coleman who I’m sure is going
to be on the run very soon.
“Daddy, you aren’t going to do that. You’ll go to jail.”

“You let me worry about it.” I heard a tone I haven’t heard from him in a
very long time. He means business. Then he takes a step back to examine me.
“How are you?”

“I’m okay. Really, I can’t say if I would have been if Jackson didn’t stop
“I owe my brother big time,” Jackson says, walking up to us. “He told
me that Penny was meeting with the fuck you fired the first time. I didn’t trust
the guy, so I came down.” He looks at me and asks in the sweetest way possible,
“Are you okay, Penny?”
“Yes, I’m okay,” I reply unconvincingly.

“Penny. Are you sure? Doc is on his way anyway.”

“Oh no. I don’t need one,” I protest, giving him a fake smile as if I’m not
affected, but the pain in my face makes its presence known, and my smile falters.

“But I do,” Jackson says.

“He didn’t break anything on you, did he?” I reach for him touching his
bruised chin.

He gives me a crooked smile revealing a small dimple, then says, “No,


“Mr. Steele. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done,” my Dad
exclaims, interrupting the brief moment between us.

Jackson turns to him again and puts his hand up to stop my dad. “I’m just
glad I happened to be here.” That’s when I catch a glimpse of a gun tucked under
Jackson’s coat.

“You have a gun?” I ask him, staring into those relentlessly piercing eyes.
I’m not afraid of it, but I thought he would have used it on Coleman. In fact, I
should feel guilty about it, but I wanted him to shoot the bastard.
“It was in the truck. He’s lucky that it wasn’t on me.” He looks toward
the door with a clear scowl of pure hatred.

“It’s a fucking pity.” I hear loud noises outside, then three large men
enter the bakeshop.
“We’ll have this fixed soon, Jackson. How are you, bro?” A large guy I
don’t know says. He’s got to be like six-five and three hundred pounds of
muscle. He scans the room, looking for trouble then back at Jackson.

“I’m good, Blade.”

Another guy, a little smaller than Jackson comes into the room. He
addresses me, “Ms. Banks. I’m Dr. Joseph Simmons, everyone just calls me
Doc. Can you tell me where you were injured?”

“I’m fine,” I tell him.

“Penelope,” my dad grumbled.

I drop my shoulders and relent. “Okay. Can we go to the backroom


“Absolutely, Miss.”
Chapter 11
I want to follow Doc in there, but I know that I don’t have the right to see
her like that just yet. I trust Doc. Besides, I’ve got a lot of shit to handle and
thinking about her body won’t help the situation.
“Jackson,” Boomer calls my name from the door. Crystal is at his side,
clinging to him. “What the fuck happened, bro?” He threw his arms around me.

“I’m good, bro,” I explain what went down and everyone in room tensed

“He’s a fool to think he’s going to get away,” Cyber says. “I’ve already
loaded the footage from the cameras next door. He better pray that he leaves the
country before we find him.”

“Where’s Ms. Banks?” Boomer asks, looking around the room.

“Doc is checking her out.”

“Good, when he’s done with her, I want you to be looked at. That fucking
bruise is a good one.”

“I’m sorry about that Jackson,” Penny apologizes, walking toward me.

“It’s not your fault I took my eyes off of him.” I want her to know none
of this is her fault. I brush her cheek that has a small bruise forming. “I could kill
him for touching you.” In the back of my mind I’ve already envisioned twenty
ways of doing it, and when I get a hold of him, I will.

“Okay, well we’ll fix the door. I’m going to have to go to the work yard
and pull materials.”
“Um, can I have a word with you, Mr. Steele?” Boomer and I both look
at him. “Sorry, Jackson.”

“I’ll be right back,” I tell her.

We walk to the backroom, and before I can react, her father pulls me into
a hug. “Thank you. I can’t even tell you what it means to me. One day you’ll
understand. A daughter is a precious gift.”

“It was pure luck. I’m not going to let her worry about that shit ever
again. I’m going to take over the build.”

“Are you interested in my daughter, Mr. Steele?” He practically snarls at

me. The friendliness is gone.

“I am. That’s not saying that I’m rushing her on anything. I thought my
brother was mad for falling for his wife at first sight, but maybe there’s
something to that crazy shit. Fuck, I wanted to toss you both out of my office,
but damn I’m lost when it comes to her. I’d put up with that bad attitude if it
means I could see her again.”

“You hurt her, and I’ll destroy you,” he warns me, narrowing his eyes
and tapping his waistband.
“Hurting her would destroy me more than you could ever.” And I mean
that. Today, more than anything has solidified that for me.

“Now, don’t harass her. If she doesn’t want you, then stay away.”
I answer, “Understood.”

“I’m taking her home. Sorry, but you’re going to have to wait another
day to talk to her.”

He walks out, and I trail behind. I’ll give him that if that’s what she
wants. “If that’s what she wants,” I mutter.

“You’re learning quick.”

“Penny, let me take you home,” her father says, slipping his arm around
her shoulder.
“I can’t just leave everything is a mess. I don’t know what I’m going to
do. My laptop is ruined,” she exclaims, holding it in her arms. I feel like a dick. I
sure as fuck didn’t mean for that to happen.

“I’m sorry about that. I’ll get you a new one,” I say. It was probably
when I attacked him that it fell. “I really hope you didn’t lose anything important
on there.”

“No, most of my stuff is backed up in the cloud.”

“Well, let me know the specs, and I’ll get you one tomorrow then we can
set up a meeting to finish your bakery.”

“What? You don’t have to do that. I can find someone else.” Ah, she’s
cute. She thinks this was a suggestion.

“Sweetheart, I’m not trying to be a dick, but it’s not up for debate. I can
have this baby done in two weeks from top to bottom. Now go home and get
some rest. I’m sure this has been a fucked up enough day for you.”
“Thank you, Jackson.” She smiles at me, and my heart is fucking hers. I
know it, felt it mark me completely. I’ll do anything for her, anything.

“Good night, Sugar.” Her father leads her out of the building, and my
guys all say goodbye with a smile. As soon as they’re gone, I get the look from
every one of them fuckers.

“Don’t say shit. She’s mine, and I don’t want to hear a thing but fucking
“Congrats, bro. Now, when are we going to string this motherfucker up
from his balls?” Blade asks.

“Soon, I need eyes on him. I want it to happen right away. I want more
on the guy. Then we’ll bury him alive.”
“Come on, let’s go get a beer and check out the footage at the

I agree even though I should be getting back to Dallas and my condo

because I have a meeting in the office tomorrow. I guess it’s time for me to
finally move my company to Steeleville. I’ve hesitated because my business has
done well based in the city for so long, but I spend many days working via my
laptop, and I refuse to live without Penny anymore.
Chapter 12
My dad and I don’t talk in the car. It’s as if he knows I want to be alone
with my thoughts. I feel bad as we make the trip all the way back to Irving where
we live. I left my truck there, but I’m sure my father could give me a ride or one
of my brothers will. As soon as they find out, I’m sure none of them will give
me an inch of space. I love them, but I feel like being left alone.
“Daddy, can we leave this alone for the night?”

“I don’t think your mother is going to miss this on your face. You live
with us.”

“Well if she doesn’t see me, can we please hold off? I can’t talk about it

He nods, raising my hand to his mouth, kissing it. I love my dad. He’s the
hero all girls dream about when they think of prince charming, or so my mother
tells me. All my life, I’ve never seen her cry because of him. Of course, she had
cried on a few occasions when someone in our family died, or we got hurt, but
never by him.

Maybe it’s another reason I’ve waited for the one. At twenty-three, I’m
not only a virgin, but I haven’t really dated either. It doesn’t help that I have a
learning disability that made me the butt of jokes for years: typical blonde jokes,
daddy’s rich little girl jokes, and of course slut jokes. I had a rough go of high
school, but I hid it from my siblings. They would have killed anyone for picking
on me.

We pull up to our family estate, and I sneak through the garage into the
house while my father goes through the front door. I rush up to my bedroom, and
before I close it, I hear my mother say, “What’s the matter with Penny?”
“Nothing, just extremely tired. Come, my love something smells good,”
my dad says.
Their voices trail off as they go into the kitchen, but I don’t miss the little
giggle from my mother. I lock the door and close my eyes, resting against the
wooden surface. Suddenly, I remember the feel of Jackson’s arms around me.
How am I going to work around that man when I’m already frazzled by his
being alone?

A sigh escapes me as my frustration takes away from the joy. I push off
the door and walk into my bathroom, grateful that it’s in my bedroom. I know
that although my dad will keep my mom from coming to question and hug me
tightly, it doesn’t mean he won’t tell her. I turn on the bathroom light, and the
shock hits me harder than the slap did. Wow, I look terrible. I’m terrible at
wearing makeup. This is going to suck. How am I going to keep this a secret?
There’s no way I can go outside looking like a domestic violence victim. We
have some nosy ass people around town that would love to say something bad
about my dad or any one of us.

The tears stream down my face as I clutch onto the vanity. I feel eyes on
me, but I don’t look up. It’s probably just my mom.

“I knew you weren’t okay.”

I gasp and slam the door shut. What is Jackson doing in my bedroom? I
have to be hallucinating. I open it just an inch for a peek to see if I’m crazy, but I
can’t see him. Great. Now I know I’m going crazy.
“I promise I’m not here to hurt you, Penny.” Shit, he is here. I don’t
know if that is better than me being a nutcase. “Can you please come out?”
I open the door completely and see him standing by my dresser, turning
away from the pictures on my mirror. “Please tell me none of them are
“No, they aren’t. Cousins and brothers only.” I’m still struck that he’s
here…in my room. And damn he looks so good.
“Thanks, Sugar.”

“Oh shit, I said that out loud?”

He brushes my hair back with hand and whispers with intent, “Yes, but I
promise it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Let’s forget about the fake hatred
for me. I’m no longer buying it.” Geez, I think I might faint. What the hell is

“What’s happening? Well, I couldn’t rest not knowing if you were okay.”

“I’m okay.”
“Bullshit. Come here, Penny. I told your father that I wouldn’t push you,
but I find it hard to wait until tomorrow.”

“We can’t do that here. My parents are home.”

“Sugar, I’m going to try and let that go because I don’t want to know
how many boys snuck in when your parents weren’t home.”

“None,” I confess.

“Good, but that’s not what I was thinking. I want to know more about
you. I can see what happened to you today didn’t just roll off your shoulders, so
I’ll leave it for now. Talk to me, Penny.” He sticks out his hand, and I place mine
in his. He leads me to the window seat, and we sit there as the sun starts to set. I
hadn’t realized how early it was, but my mind was everywhere today.

“Um, what do you want to know?” I manage to squeak out as he rubs his
thumb in circles over my knuckles.
“What’s your favorite thing to bake?” His own bun in my own personal
oven. I dart my eyes to him, hoping that errant thought didn’t escape my head
out of my mouth.
“Cupcakes,” I blurted out nervously. Goodness, I’m losing my mind.
Why is he so perfect?

“Any particular kind?” he presses.

I think about it because I have so many favorites that I don’t know if I

could pick one. “Yes, I make a ‘cookies and cream’ cupcake with a chocolate
cream center and topped with a cookie crumb frosting.”

“Sounds delicious. I like chocolate.”

“Do you? I have a feeling I’m going to see you in the bakery a lot.”

“Oh yeah, and not just there.”

“Really.” I don’t know how to handle this. My knight in shining leather

came sweeping through, slaying my dragons for me. A girl’s dream guy.

“Yes, really. I’m not saying that you won’t have your space, but one day
you will be my wife, and we’ll be sharing a bed every night waking up to say
goodbye as we head off to work.”

“Wow, um…I don’t know what…to say,” I mutter.

“Right now, we’ll take it one step at a time. Okay. I’ll get the plans
together for the build, and we can go over it over dinner tomorrow. How does
that sound?”

“It sounds too good to be true.”

“A working dinner never has sounded this good, Penny.” I get up,
moving away from him. I want to stay there in his arms, but I’m afraid I may
never get enough. “I suppose it’s time I go,” he adds, rubbing his hands on his
jeans before standing up.
“You don’t have to leave right now. I just need a little space.”
“Actually, Penny, I do need to leave. I’d explain it to you, but you’re not
ready for it. Goodnight,” he says, brushing his lips against my temple before
walking out of my bedroom door without a second look.
Chapter 13
Leaving her last night had been harder than I thought. It was for the best
though because I was putting too much pressure on her. She needs time to
recover from the attack.
Last night, I rode so hard and fast that I got there before they did. The
beauty of owning a motorcycle. I shocked the shit out of her father when he saw
me in the kitchen. Of course, he gave me the same stern warning as earlier, but
his wife just smiled at me. I like both of them. They seem to be really good
people. Her father though, makes me wonder if there’s more to him than just a
banker in a suit. In fact, I’m sure there’s a shit load more he has hidden. The man
wasn’t just a banker.

Now with a cup of coffee in my hands, I look over the space for the

There’s not much to it. I saved all the mock-ups from the first attempt.
The front would be like any bakery. The back will be to the baker’s tastes. I want
to come up with a couple of layouts for her to look at. Shit, I need to pick a place
for us to have dinner. Where can I take her?

Just as I’m thinking it, my cell rings, and I set my coffee down on the
table without checking the number, I answer, “Hello,”

“Hi, Jackson,” Penny says cheerfully.

“Hey, beautiful. I was just going to call you.”

“Well, I did it first,” she points out playfully. “Anyways, I’m calling
because I was wondering if you wanted to have our working dinner here.”

“Are you baking me a dessert?” I question greedily. Fuck, she could be

my dessert.
“If you’re a good boy,” she teases and my cock throbs in my shorts.

With a grunt, I respond, “Damn, I’ll give it a try. It sounds good. What

“Five-thirty.” Her voice is as sweet as she is. I don’t know how she’s still
single, but fuck if I’m not grateful for it. I can’t wait to see her. I look at my
watch and see it’s only ten in the morning. Hell, five-thirty is an eternity away
from now. I want to hear her sweetness up close and maybe get a taste of her
lips. I’m getting carried away.

I take a deep breath and say, “Great. It’ll give me enough time to get a lot
of work done.” It’s not like it will take me that long, but I don’t want to make it
obvious how damn eager I am to see her.

“You work on Saturday, too?” she asks.

“Well, I’m finishing up some other projects and going over your plans for
the bakery,” I remind her. It’s good that she is thinking about dinner and not
work because in truth work is the last thing I want to do with her right now.
“Ugh. Jackson, I’m really sorry about our first meetings.”

“Don’t. Let’s leave that shit in the past. How are you doing today?” I
hope that she’s a little better than last night. I can’t ask her to forget that it ever
happened, but I’d like her to never cry again. That shit destroyed me last night.
The way she clung to the edge of the sink like it was her only support made me
more determined to protect and worship this woman.

“Good. My mother and I had a long talk after you left last night,” she

“Oh yeah, anything about me?” I’m sure her mother probably warned her
about me. She seemed kind and sweet, but like any mother, you have to worry
that a man is going to hurt their baby girl. Fuck, I’d murder any bastard that hurt
our daughter. I don’t even have kids, but I’m already picturing a couple of
blonde princesses running around in the backyard with her hair waving in the
wind like a superhero cape. What the hell has happened to me since I met her?

“Yes, but that’s not any of your business, Mr. Steele. So, on that note…
I’ll see you at five-thirty.” I laugh as she gets playfully tough.

“Can’t wait, sugar.”

For the next three hours I layout several options on my drafting table,
then add them to the computer, printing out a clean set of choices for her to look
at and mark up. The grumble in my stomach reminds me that I need to eat. Just
as I’m about to fry up some homemade burgers on my grill on my back porch,
my phone rings.

“What’s up, bro?” I ask Boomer.

“Okay, relax, but what I’m going to tell you is going to piss you off.”

I take a deep motherfucking breath then drop the burgers on the grill. I’m
going to need to eat if I’m going to be fucking angry. “What is it, Boomer?”
“Coleman was fired yesterday before he even went to see Penny. His
motives were clear to cause her harm." My blood boils on the spot. I take a few
more deep breaths because my vision is blinded with rage. “We know he’s fled
his home. He’s not anywhere to be found. It seems that he left his family and
split. I’m guessing he drove to the border.”

It’s then that I have an epiphany. If he’s fled, then he’s not my problem
today. Getting Penny to be mine is my problem. “Fuck it,” I respond.
“What the fuck, bro?” Boomer’s indignant.

“Boomer, I’m about to eat some of the patties that Morgan made me.
Then I’m going to get ready to see Penny. From now on, Penny won’t be out of
my sight. I don’t want any more details because I’m afraid I’ll hunt him down
tonight. I have to win her trust and everything in between. That fuck is on the
run, so I want Cyber to track him down electronically. Until then, I’ll deal with
keeping Penny safe. Have the guys ready to build the shop by Thursday at the
latest. I want everything up and running for her as soon as humanly possible.”

“Understood, bro. Remember, kidnapping her is against the law.”

“She’s mine. There’s no kidnapping, just going to be a fuck ton of


“Good thing you can work from home.”

“Yes, it is. I still have to do some rearranging with my schedule, but for
now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to eat.”

“So am I,” he moans.

“What are you having?”

“None of your business.” I laugh out hard. Fucker is talking about his

“One day I’ll have my own piece of sweetness.”

“Remember, don’t forget the fingers. Bye.” He hung up, and I nearly
dropped my burger between the damn grates from laughing. Asshole.
Chapter 14
I think I’ve changed my clothes six times since I finished the cupcakes. I
start to run to my closet and slip on the pile of clothes on the floor. My bedroom
door opens just as I’m doing the dang splits on the floor.
“Wow, I didn’t know you could still do that,” my brother teases, coming
into the room and closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing here, Justin?” I can’t believe he’s here. I try to stand
up with a hint of dignity, but it’s too late, I tore my pants over my ass. He helps
me up, then goes into my closet.

“Here, this will look perfect, Pen.” He hands me a snug pink dress I
bought a year ago, but I haven’t had a reason to wear. “I’m taking my wife out
tonight. Mom and Dad are watching Bobby.” He has great tastes in clothes. His
wife lets him buy her clothes for her birthday. We all do.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” I say, walking into the closet for a quick
change. As the only daughter, my dad had a walk-in closet built for me. My
mother and I love our clothes. And dad accommodates our need for more of

“Well that’s because you’ve been getting ready for your Sir Galahad,” he
jokes through the door.
“Shut up,” I spit out, stepping out for his take. His eyes widen, and his
mouth makes an O shape.

“Damn, you look great. I think dad may need to bust out a gun or two for
this guy.”

“You’re silly,” I remark and turn to the mirror. Holy shit. He’s right. If it
wasn’t for the bruise, I would look stunning. Now I know why I didn’t wear it.
My dad is going to freak out. “I just came to see if you’re okay. Dad told me.
And warned me to keep my nose clean.”

“Yeah, it’s not good if one of Irving’s finest committed felonious


“Actually, it would be considered a homicide, but I doubt a motherfucker

would blame me.”
My dad knocks on the door, comes in, then freezes. “Jackson’s here. And
wow, you look incredible. I have a feeling I’m going to have a wedding to rush
very soon.”
I roll my eyes at both of them. “You’re both ridiculous.”

I brush my long waves with my fingers, creating the look I’m going for
and turn to the door. “Hey beautiful, are you planning to go country? Where are
your shoes?”

“Oh dang.” I run into the closet and grab a pair of black heels that tie at
my ankle and have a sexy point in the front.
“Damn, she picked the ball kickers. We better warn him,” Justin says
with a laugh.

“Nope. Let him. The bastard is going to steal my princess away.” I walk
in front of them down the main stairs, and there he is with a beer to his lips,
slowly lowering the bottle. His mouth practically drops while I’m counting the
steps one at a time, trying not to fall. He’s so handsome in his black suit and
shirt. His pink tie matches my dress. He bites on his lower lip as he gives me a
look I’ll remember forever.
“Holy shit, Dad. You weren’t kidding. Next week looks good for me,”
Justin adds with a deep chuckle.
“Shut it, Justin,” I bite out between my gritted teeth.

As I reach the bottom step, he’s standing the with his hand out for mine.
“Wow, pink is your color, sugar,” he says, bringing it to his mouth. I’m glad I’m
holding onto the banister because I’m about to melt into a puddle right here. I
see a flash and see my mother is taking pictures.

“Mom, this isn’t a prom date,” Justin adds, chuckling like the dickhead
that he is. I’m glad he’s the only one of my brothers here. The other two
wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise.

“Leave me alone. She’s never had a prom date.” I blush brighter than my
dress. How could she say something like that to him? Why won’t the floor just
open up and swallow me whole?

“Damn, mom, that’s cold. Burning her in front of her guy like that.”
Justin turns to Jackson and says, “Justin Banks, brother and Irving County
Sheriff.” Jackson smirks and shakes his hand.

“Good to meet you. And it just means that I have to take Penny out for a
night of dancing. I’m sure they have that kind of thing in Dallas.”

“There is. We go every month,” Mrs. Banks says.

“Nice. How would you like that, Penny?” I feel my panties soak and I
wonder if anyone can tell. The man’s voice is smooth and manly.

“I have two left feet.” I practically trip over myself all the time.
“Well, then we’ll have to practice together,” he whispers, staring down at
me with a smile
“Come on now before you all make me throw up.” Justin is making
gagging sounds behind Jackson’s back.

“Aren’t you leaving?” I snip at my brother, turning my scowl on him

“Yes, we are. It was nice to meet you, Jackson,” my sister-in-law Enid
says before dragging Justin by his tie. “Thank you for keeping Bobby for the

“I’m telling ya. I have a vacation next week, so if you’re getting married,
it would be a really good time.”

“I’m all for that,” Jackson says, smiling at me.

“I’m not,” dad grumbles, shaking his head and walking Justin and Enid
to the door.

“I am,” I whisper to myself. I catch a gasp from Jackson.

“Don’t say things you don’t mean, sugar.”

“How about we sit down for dinner before it gets cold.” He leads the way
to the kitchen holding the door for mom. It’s so cute. Then I remember they’re
babysitting. “Where is Bobby at?”

My mom points to the other room, then says, “Justin laid him down in
the play yard when they came in. He should be waking soon. Enid said that he’s
been sleeping since they pulled out of their driveway.”
Chapter 15
We sit down at the dining table. The Banks sit next to each other and
Penny, and I sit next to each other. Before we’re all the way seated, Mr. Banks
starts the conversation. “So, Jackson, I’ve been really nosy and reading up about
you online.”

“It’s amazing how you can find out a lot about someone from the

“There’s not much about you on there,” Mr. Banks adds begrudgingly. I
can see in his eyes, he’s looked deeper through other means. This man is careful
and secretive.

“Besides my company and Steeleville, there isn’t much to interest

people. I’m not some celebrity thankfully.”
“I didn’t find a Facebook or Instagram profile. There’s barely a LinkedIn
for you.”

“I feel my SEO search for the business on Google is enough to bring in

clientele. I’m not big on personal information online. People know too much and
then look for more.”

“Penny said this was a working dinner. Did you bring any materials with
you?” he questions me again.
“I did. Let me get my case and bring it over here.”

“No, wait until we’re done eating, please. I’d rather…” Penny says, but I
finish speaking for her. “Whatever you want, Penny.” I raise her hand to my lips,
stealing another kiss when I really want her mouth on mine. I’m going to before
the night is over.
We make it through dinner without any more talk of me, but I learned
that my Penny is absolutely sweet and spoiled to the core. It’s cool because I
plan to keep her that way. Well, not that sweet at least.

“Men, why don’t you go into the living room and we’ll bring out dessert?
Do you like coffee or do you want something stronger?”

“I’ll have some coffee, please. Black is fine.” I follow Mr. Banks out to
the living room.
“While we have a minute alone. Is there anything else that you know on
this fucker?” The look on his face tells me that I’m not going to get away
without giving up what I know.
“I didn’t learn a lot because I was too pissed and would have gone
hunting down the bastard myself. I want Penny protected at all times.”

“Do you know where he is?” he asks after taking a large drink from his

“No, he’s fled his family and was fired on Friday from the company.”

“What?” he roars, standing up in a rage just as the ladies come into the
room. Penny nearly drops the tray of desserts but steadies herself.

Her father moves to her side and apologizes, “Sorry, didn’t mean to
frighten you, princess.”
“It’s okay. Is everything okay?” She looks at her father then looks at me,
then quickly back to him. I don’t know what to say, but her father takes over.
“Nothing for you to worry about. Come sit down.” He takes the tray of
coffee from his wife and Penny holds her tray of cupcakes in front of me. Fuck,
they smell and look fabulous, but what catches my attention is the dab of crème
that’s on her chest just above her left breast. I lick my lips, wanting to help clean
it off with my tongue, but instead, I grab the cupcake with the indented frosting.
I’m fucking so hard up, I swipe my tongue across the crème.

“This cupcake is amazing.” She sees the intent in my eyes and releases a
barely audible sigh.

“Thank you, Jackson.”

“I want one.” Her mother reaches and takes one for her and one for her
dad who is handing us our coffees.

“Now that everyone has their coffee and cupcakes, how about we go over
the paperwork you brought?” her dad asks.

“Sure.” I set down my cupcake onto the table next to my coffee and pull
out the layouts. “I have five options. If you have anything you want to change or
mix and match let me know.” Everyone takes turns looking at the plans while I
just focus on her. I can feel her father’s eyes on me, but I’m not changing my
mind about her or anything that concerns our future.

After about five minutes, Penny says, “I like this one the best. It’s similar
to the kitchen here, but twice as big and a lot more ovens.”

“Is there anything that you want to change?” She didn’t sound like she
absolutely loved it.

“I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of telling me what you want, sugar. This is
going to be your business. You need it to fit your needs the most efficient and
comfortable way possible.”
“Well, I’m just worried about the electric,” she stumbles out, picking at
the edge of her cupcake nervously. I watch her for a moment. I’m lost with the
way she suddenly shifted from a confident, sweet creature to this fearful worry
about not jumping on my command. I look at her father, and he has a look of
questioning in his eyes too. I’m guessing it wasn’t him that made her feel small.
Instead of asking about her behavior, I direct my question to the issue of
the electrical work. “What about it? It’s not fully installed in the building, and
we can connect it any way we need.”

“It’s just that he said…” she falters.

I reach over and gently press my thumb to her chin, lifting her gaze to
mine. Speaking softly, I tell her, “Penny, just ignore what he said to you. He was
a damn foolish bastard. And he was lying.”
“I feel so stupid,” she responds so damn defeatedly, pulling her face out
of my grasp. I have a feeling she’s been told she was stupid more than a time or
“No, Penny. You’re not stupid,” her father threw out faster than I could. I
got an odd vibe from that adding to my assumption. A rage builds in me as I
think about who could have made her feel like that. I’m so damn pissed, but I
don’t want her to believe she has anything to do with it. This is more than what
happened yesterday. She reminds me of a skittish mare on Cowboy’s ranch.
She’s been whipped by her last owner and took a lot of love and reassurance to
make her relax. I’ve got that all for Penny. Now to figure out how to make it
work is another story. Who put that hurt into her pretty eyes?

“Your father’s right.”

“No, you don’t even know me, Jackson. I’m going to bed if you’ll all
excuse me. I want this one. That’s it. Goodnight.” She gets up quickly and runs
up the stairs. Her father places a hand on my chest stopping me.

“Let her go. She needs to be alone.” I want to see her again before I
leave, but I won’t push her. I won’t be the one to make her cry.

Chapter 16
It’s been three days since I’ve seen Jackson. It’s not his fault, but I miss
him like crazy. Maybe my outburst was too much for him. My dad has been on
me everywhere I go. If I’m not home with him and my mom, he has someone
watching me. Once I arrived in Steeleville, several Riders came by to take turns
guarding me. I have a feeling I’m missing something that my father neglected to
tell me.

I’m at the bakery today because the builders are coming in to work and I
wanted to have a chance to see Jackson again. I want to see him look at me like I
held the key to his world. I felt it that night, and it made me even more
frightened to let him know I’m broken.

For my entire life, people have mocked me or pitied me. Even with years
of practice and concentration techniques, when I’m stressed I lose my focus.
None more so then when I see Jackson. I have to tell him the truth if I ever see
him again. He told my dad that he would be around, so that’s why I’m here. He
hasn’t come in yet, and it’s already noon. I stare out the window, feeling foolish.
I notice the bar across the street just opened up, maybe I could get a drink to
calm my racing nerves. It’s called Panheads. I don’t know what that means, but
from the logo, it looks like an engine. “I’m going across the street to the bar.”

“Wait, I’ll walk you over there,” Blade says. He’s a Steele Rider like half
the guys here including Boomer and Jackson. He’s been on babysitting duty. He
has been sitting in the corner eyeing every one of the workers to make sure they
gave me my space. Now, he opens the front door and escorts me to the bar. With
a hand on the small of my back, he uses his other hand to open the bar door. It’s
dark inside, and the two employees are the only ones here.
“Hey Blade, what’s up?” The man behind the bar says. He’s older than
most of the others I’ve met, but he’s handsome, too. He’s what you would call a
silver fox. They shake hands and greet each other.

I sit on the barstool nearest me and take in the place. The first thing I
notice are several Panhead tee shirts for sale. I laugh at the one that says, “If you
can read this then the Bitch fell off.”

“Boss, Ms. Banks would like a drink,” Blade tells the older man.
“Well hello, Ms. Banks. What can I get for your pretty little self,” the
older man says.

“Boss, careful. Jackson might rip your heart out for flirting with her,”
Blade warns.

I scoff and roll my eyes. “What’s Jackson got to say?”

“Every damn thing,” Jackson growls. The light from the door illuminates
his figure, giving off a very angry appearance. Damn, he looks hot as fuck, but
I’m feeling really petty right now. I haven’t seen him in days.

Ignoring him, I turn back to the bartender and answer him, “I’d like a
vodka and lemonade.”

“Sure thing, Miss,” he says, winking at me.

“It’s Penny,” I inform him as Jackson pulls up a seat next to me at the

I feel him nod to the bartender. “A beer.” Who am I kidding I can feel
everything about him. The way his breath catches when I flip my hair.

“Here you go,” the young female bartender says, sliding my drink toward
me. The older man passes the beer to Jackson. I’m still focused on how pretty
she is. A pang of jealousy strikes me. With a head of thick black hair braided
loosely and hanging over her shoulder she reminds me of those sketches of
Disney princesses in goth colors, the Elsa version. She has light eyes despite the
dark hair, but her skin is completely light like mine, almost translucent. Her
brows, in fact, her entire makeup looks flawless. I feel so out of place, then she
smiles at me then to Jackson.

The older man says, “This is Mary, my new hire.” It’s then I realized that
Jackson asked about her. Fuck if that doesn’t gut me. I mean we’re not a couple
or anything, but maybe the flirting was just that.

“And off fucking limits,” a snarl comes from the door. Damn what is it
with men coming in here all growly and one at a time. This guy is massive,
much larger than Jackson. He has a suit on, but it must take a lot of material to
fit over his body. Like he must be a mobster’s henchmen or something. I can see
the tats peeking at the edge of sleeves.

“Beast, beer?”
“Yes, my sweet felony.” She narrows her eyes at him, but then a blush
steals over her face. I’m guessing she’s barely legal or something, but it’s clear
that there’s something hot going on between them as he stares at her.


“Oh shit, I thought you forgot my name since you haven’t used it in
He turns both our stools to face each other and leans down, whispering in
my ear, “Oh, I’ve had your name on my tongue and my mind more times than I
have the decency to admit. Have you whispered my name in the darkness of
your bedroom or while you’re in the shower, sugar? Because I sure as fuck
pictured you like that. With your hand between your legs, panting my name as
you imagine my face sandwiched between your thighs feasts on your sweet
pussy.” I gasp, heat racing up and down my body like a freaking wave. I turn
back to my drink, needing it to get a hold of my nerves. “Finish your drink. We
have a lot to talk about.”

“You’re three days too late for that,” I scoff. I won’t be played, and he’s
done this before.

“The fuck I am. I had important shit to do, and you needed to get a hold
of all of this. If it wasn’t for your father telling me what is best for you, I would
have taken you with me and never brought you back.”
“Best for me? I’m a grown woman.” Even as I say it, I know that’s not
quite true. I’ve been wholly dependent on my parents. If the bakery does well,
that’ll be my first step into adulthood.

“I’m not going to have this conversation with an audience.”

“And I’m supposed to trust you alone.” I clasp my hand to my mouth. He

hasn’t done anything for me to make me feel that way. I might be upset and
jealous, but I didn’t mean to say that. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

“No, it’s okay. There are things I wouldn’t trust me about and being alone
with me may be one of them. Because I promise that I want to taste your sweet
sugar until you’re coming for me and I’m filling your tight womb with my cum.”
“Wow…um…you’re something else,” I stammer out as he runs the back
of his hand down my cheek, slightly touching my hyper-awake flesh. I shiver
and move into his hand, he turns it and cups my jaw.

“Yes, I am. And you’re something special, Penny. Now come on let’s go
because I don’t want our first kiss to be in a bar. And not in front of others.”

He takes my hand and pulls me off my seat, slamming me against his

broad, strong chest. Heat, desire, longing drag my eyes to his, and I want to kiss
him more than he can even fathom. A light breath escapes my lips when he
stares at them, licking his own lips.

“Penny, have you ever been on a motorcycle?”

“No,” I respond with excitement. I’m going to ride on the back of his
bike. I do an internal squeal, then check my clothes, and I’m grateful I’m not
wearing a dress. I don’t want anyone accidentally seeing my ass.

“Are you okay with riding on it with me?”

“Yes, I’m not afraid.”

“Good. Come on.” He takes my hand, and I forget that I should be pissed
at him. He leads me outside, scanning the area for signs of trouble.

Unable to shake my curiosity, I ask, “Are you all going to tell me about
why I feel like I should be wearing a bulletproof vest?”

“You don’t need a bulletproof vest, but we’re worried that Coleman may
come back to get revenge.” I blanche, but I expected that too. They act like he
isn’t on the run, but I already found that out from my mom.

“Fine, Mr. Steele. Time for my first ride,” I demand, walking toward a
Harley parked in front of the bakery. “Is this your bad boy?”

“Yes, it is, sugar, are you ready to ride?”

“Yep.” He gets on the bike, then reaches for my arm and helps me
straddle his back. I’m actually terrified, but I want to be with him, so I’ll do
anything to spend time with him, including getting on a motorcycle. He starts the
bike, but I’m nervously pressing my face on his spine while my arms slip around
his waist.
“It’s going to be okay, Penny. I’ve been riding for years. Hold on tight,
sugar.” I tighten my arms around him when he revs the engine. The vibration is
strange to me, but I ignore it because, with Jackson here, I feel safe. “Just don’t
let go of me,” he adds. He pulls out of the spot and rides down the road quickly.
I squeeze my eyes shut, my heart races, and clench my thighs.

“Relax, Penny. I’m never going to let anything happen to you.” He pulls
my hand and brings it to his mouth while we ride. I’m scared at first, but I calm
down. Once we get out of the Main area and onto the open road, we pass a few
houses until we reach a flat patch of land. and then he pulls up to a large black
gate. It’s similar to our family’s gate, and we pull in, the gates closing behind us.
He drives up to the front porch and parks. Once he turned off the engine, he says,
“Sugar, remember ninety-seven, eleven, fourteen. Repeat it.”
“Ninety-seven, fourteen, eleven,” I repeat. He helps me off the bike.

“No, ninety-seven, eleven, fourteen,” I say it right the next time, then it
strikes me that’s my birthday just mixed up.

“Um…is that my birthday?” I ask in disbelief. I can’t believe it’s a


He shrugs his shoulders guiltily. “What can I say? It’s my favorite day.
Speaking of, it’s coming soon. We need to celebrate it soon.”

“Um, where are we?” I ask, trying to ignore the idea that he wants to
celebrate my birthday. That’s implying that he wants to be special to me. My
heart is jumping just thinking about the possibility of more. More? I laugh at
myself because anything would be more since we have never even kissed.

“Home,” he answers, leaning down with his hands and grasping onto my
biceps. Jackson lowers his head as I raise mine up, meeting in our first kiss. It’s
short, sweet, but it feels like so much more.
“Home?” I ask breathily, gazing up into his beautiful face. I’m lost for
him, and he could break me.

“Yes, home. Our home. I know your brother was joking about the whole
getting married in a week, but I wasn’t. I’m not saying that we have to rush a
wedding even this month, but I know where we’re going with our relationship.
Marriage and babies are what I want with you. I know you want that, too. I’m
right, aren’t I?”
“Um…” I take a small step back afraid of what he’s truly saying because
that’s what I’ve dreamed of, and that’s just too good to be true.
“Tell me if I’m wrong.” He rubs his hand down my arms.

“No, you’re not wrong. It’s just there’s so much you don’t know about

“Are you talking about your dyslexia?”

“What? You know?”

“Yes, Boomer told me. I know it’s a big deal for you. I get it, but it’s not
for me. I tried to read up on it, but I figured that it would be better to ask you
how it works for you.”
“I’ve learned to focus with techniques. For the most part, I’m okay, but
things get messy around you. I can’t focus.”

“I hate to say it, but I’m glad. I sure as fuck can’t think straight when
you’re around. All I want to do is taste these lips over and over, then drag mine
all over your body.”

“I want that too. I want you more than I can say.”

“Then come inside our home, Penny.” He takes my hand, and we run up
the steps to a wrap-around porch and a large swing.
“How long have you lived here?”

“I haven’t lived here. I built it about a year ago. I wasn’t sure why
because I have a condo near my office in Dallas. When I stay in Steeleville, it’s
either with my brother or at the clubhouse. A few of us work in Dallas, but most
of the crew is moving down with their perspective careers. Now, I found my
reason to stay.” He pins me to the front door and claims my mouth again. I slip
my hands under the collar of his leather jacket and into his hair. I rock my hips
against his jeans and that large ridge at his hips holy hell he’s packing. I rub a
little harder, looking for more. A growl comes from his chest, and he pulls back
enough to reach for the keys. I’m still clinging on him.
As soon as we’re inside, I’m up in his arms with legs wrapped around his
waist. He carries me backward, closing the door and locking it with a free arm. I
kick off my shoes because I only have one thing in mind. I want him naked and
deep inside of me, making love to me. I can’t stop kissing him as he climbs the
stairs. I may be a virgin, but my lust is overruling all other senses.

“Fuck, sugar, you’re going to make me come,” he growls, taking me into

a bedroom and dropping me on the bed with Jackson coming down on top of me,
slipping his tongue inside my mouth until I’m begging for more. “You’ll get
more. I’m going to give you everything.”
Chapter 17
I stand up and pull off my shirt. Her eyes are lusting over my chest and
fuck is it causing my dick to throb against my jeans. I need to be in her, but I
want to savor this moment. The image of her panting and begging for me is the
fucking sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I kick off my shoes, then climb back on the
bed. I don’t want this to be over, but I want Penny to scream my name before I
fill her up. Reaching for the hem of her blouse, I lift it up her creamy skin until
she’s laying there in her white, satiny bra that barely covers her nipples. I can see
the dusky pink tips peeking out of the top. Unable to stop the need, I drag the
cups down and kiss one at a time before sucking one into my mouth. She moans
with her back bowing. My hand runs up and down her side before cupping her
ass and thrusting her hips up to meet mine.

I pull away from her breasts, and she cries out, “Jackson, please don’t

“I’m not, but I need us completely naked. I have to feel every inch of you
before I give you every inch of me.” I grab at the waistband of her yoga pants,
dragging them down her smooth thighs. Fuck, she’s so tiny, I feel like I’m going
to break her. She manages to slip her bra off, tossing it on the floor beside the
bed. My cock presses so hard against my zipper that I’m struggling to get the
fucker down. After a quick adjustment, I get my pants and boxer-briefs off,
tugging my socks off with them. Standing in front of her completely naked, I rub
my shaft up to the tip, stroking it with the beads of cum as lube. She watches,
lips parted, fucking up my head as I envision slipping the head past her sweet,
pink lips only to feel her tongue on me.
A growl comes from my chest, and I can’t wait any longer, I
unceremoniously pull her legs to the edge of the bed then drop to my knees and
press my face into her sweet little pussy. From the first lap of my tongue on her
wet slit, I’m hooked. She’s like a sugary watermelon, and I need to quench my
sudden thirst with every taste.

Her hips rise, pumping into my face while her arms stretch out and her
hands clench the edge of the bed. I brush my thumb around her pussy lips before
pressing it against her puffy clit. She bucks her hips and thrusts her hands into
my hair and comes on my face. I pump two fingers in her fucking tight cunt,
stretching it as best as I can as she continues to come for me. I feel her little gift
to me that I suspected would be there. Rising to my feet, I move her to the
middle of the bed and position myself between her legs with my aching cock
resting on her mound.

“Kiss me, Penny. I want you to taste how fucking sweet you are.” I crush
my mouth to hers for a rough deep kiss, then I graze my lips down her neck,
tasting her lightly damp skin. Even her sweat is fucking hot. I suck on her
perfect, plentiful tits until she starts grinding her hips on me again. Stroking my
cock between us, I lean back and line up with her entrance, then dropping back
down onto my elbows, I thrust into her depths tearing her innocence and
catching her scream in a kiss.
“I’m sorry that I had to hurt you, but I’ll never do it again.”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” I test her by moving in and out while
watching her expression. As she relaxes, I reach down between us and rub her

“You’re mine, Penny. Fuck, I’m so damn close to coming, knowing that
I’m your one and only.” I roll my hips, grinding into her pussy. She bites her
bottom lip while her nails dig into my biceps. “I’m doing all I can, but I have to
come, sugar.” I thrust once more, bellowing her name, “Penny,” then coming
deep in her womb, marking her pussy and leaving my baby in there. I bend down
and kiss her face all over, lingering on her lips.
My cock hasn’t gone down, but as I try to pull out Penny clenches around
my cock. “Sugar, if you don’t let go, I’m going to fuck you again, this time
harder and fast until we’re both coming.”

“Please, Jackson, fuck me again.” I thrust into her, and we go at it until

she’s crying my name, and I’m almost blacking out from my orgasm.

Three hours later we wake up from a sex coma, and I sit up on the edge
of the bed.

She covers herself up as if she’s embarrassed that I can see her body.
Like we didn’t just make love two times. “Stop it,” she complains.

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking at me.”

“Not going to happen. I like the way you look. I’m sure you could tell.”
She gives me a sweet blush. “Well, baby, I think that you’re perfect even though
I planned to fatten you up, particularly around the middle.” I rub her belly.

“What? You don’t mean what I think you mean?”

“Well, unless you’re on birth control, I’m pretty sure what we just did
was very unprotected.” Her eyes widen like the idea just hit her. “Damn, the
sight of you round as fuck, letting everyone know that you’re mine. I want you
right now.”

She turns her head to hide her face, but I didn’t miss the instant lust at the
idea of taking me deep. I grab hold of her chin and make her look at me. “You
are mine. That’s not something I want you to ever forget. And if you want to ride
me, I’m all for it. Don’t ever be shy about wanting my cock. It’s all for you.”

“Jackson,” she protests.

“Don’t be embarrassed.”

“I can’t help it. I’m not used to this.”

“Well, you better get used to it. I can’t believe that you saved yourself all
this time. Fuck, I’m grateful that you gave it to me, Pen.” The man in me is
doing fist pumps in my head.

“I didn’t mean to,” she stammers, instantly cooling my happiness.

I cup her chin and look deeply into her eyes. “Baby, don’t tell me that
you didn’t mean for this to happen. I can’t handle that shit. I thought our
misunderstanding was over and put to rest.” This was meant to be for sure.

“No, I mean that I didn’t mean to keep it forever. It’s just well…I don’t
trust people.”

“And you trust me.” Fuck, I feel a relief come over me, my body relaxes
just a bit knowing that I’ve made her feel she can count on me.

“You knew the truth for over a week now. Instead of making fun of me,
you wanted me.”

“Fuck, I want to crush every single person who ever hurt you. I swear to
God if there’s an ex that needs his head busted in, I’ll take care of it.”

“I’m okay, but as you say, you’re mine. And right now, I feel like another
ride.” She climbs on top of me, pushing back onto the bed, and I help her slide
down my cock and start all over again. Damn, I’m a lucky bastard.
Chapter 18
We have been inseparable for two whole days until this morning that is,
but it’s for a good reason. He has work to get back to, and I have to get my shit
together to move in with him. He demanded that I move in with him, so he could
protect me from Coleman. He refused to spend a day without me, and well,
neither could I. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I whisper, packing up my
bedroom with my mom. “I can’t believe daddy isn’t trying to stop me.”

“That’s because he knows two things…You are in love with each other,
and if anyone can take care of you, it’s Jackson.”

“You think he loves me? He hasn’t said it,” I tell her.

“Honey, a man doesn’t uproot his life, his business, and move you into
his home because he wants to get his rocks off. He can do that without even
trying, right?” I blush but don’t answer because she’s right. Jackson didn’t have
to promise me a future, and I would let him take me over and over again. “See.
It’s not that simple, is it? He wants it all, but he gave you the space we thought
you needed.”

“He didn’t ask me if I needed the space.”

“Honey, you ran away from him. He wanted to bust down your door and
hold you, but he knew that you had more going on. He did the right thing. In
those days, he gave you time to miss him. You did, didn’t you?”
“Yes, and so you saw what life could be without him.”

“I don’t want to live without him.” It’s funny because I’ve been pushing
him away, afraid of getting hurt, when the whole time it hurt me to have that
distance. Now more than ever I’m afraid of losing him.
“Then you see what we see. I married your father, feeling the same
insecurity from the quickness and newness of the relationship, but I knew in my
heart that I was just waiting for the other shoe to fall. After all these years, I love
him more than I ever thought possible.”

“Thank you, my love.”

“Daddy,” I gasp, hoping he didn’t hear all of that.

“Your own nutcase is downstairs with his crew to get your things.
Remember, if anything ever happens you can come back. I don’t care when or
why. We love you, and I’ll kill him if he hurts you.” He smiles twistedly, then
kisses my forehead.
“Penny,” Jackson whispers from the door.

“Ah, there he is. I knew it wouldn’t take long,” my dad exclaims.

“Well, my guys aren’t allowed in here, so Boomer and I will move the
things down to them.” My dad nods like this is some sort of normal thing not to
let the movers take things from the room.

“Cavemen, I tell ya,” I mutter.

“Damn right, I don’t want anyone in your private space.”

I roll my eyes which has Jackson scowling at me. It would be faster if

each of their guys came up and grabbed a box or two, but they are being
pigheaded about it. “It’s not that much stuff. I mean I have one bedroom, and
I’m guessing we’re not taking the furniture, right?”
“Not unless you want to pass it down to one of our daughters eventually.”

“Okay, we’ll leave it.”

“It’s really bare in here. Mr. and Mrs. Banks, can I have a word with
Penny alone?”
“Sure. No funny stuff,” my dad reminds Jackson.


As soon as my parents close the door behind them, Jackson has his arms
wrapped around me and his lips on mine. “I’ve missed you,” he says as he pulls

“I did too,” I pant, kissing him again. “Will it always be like this? We’ve
only been apart for five hours,” I ask, pressing my head against his chest.

He loosens his hold slightly, then with his thumb, he nudges my chin up
to look at him. “I hope so. I hope there never comes a day where we won’t miss
each other like this.” His mouth comes down on mine, sucking my bottom lip
and then slipping his tongue inside. I moan while he growls then he hurriedly
pulls back. Sounding winded, he asks, “Are you ready?”

“Yes. I’m going to miss my room, but at my age, it’s about time I let go
of my childhood room.”

He pulls me in close again as we kiss once more, whispering between

breaths, “Well, good because we need to start on filling our own home with

“Mm. That sounds so good,” I purr, rubbing my mound on his thigh and
running my hands through his hair.

He chokes out, “I promise I’m going to fuck my kid into you as soon as
we get home, okay. But you need to quit it. I’m sure that I’m already pushing
your father to the ends of his patience.”

“Fine. Let me finish this box, and I’ll be all done. This is the last of it.”
“Good,” he growls, stealing one more kiss before stepping outside the
door and nods.

Boomer comes in the room. “Hey, Penny,” he mutters. “What do you

want to take first?”
“Where are the heavy boxes, sugar?” Jackson asks.

“Next to the door. All the rest are my clothes.”

“This is it? We’ll be done in fifteen minutes tops.” He and Jackson take
the boxes outside of the room and down the stairs. I hear them coming right back
as I start sealing this last box of shoes. I lift it up to bring to them, and I catch a
snarl from Boomer who sees me first. “No, you don’t touch.”

“Penny, why don’t you go hang with your mom for a little bit longer?”

“Good idea, since you all won’t let me help.”

“That’s why I brought all the muscle.” Jackson steals one more kiss
before tapping my ass. I skip down the steps to see Blade and several other of
the prospects.

“You do the most for the crew,” I say.

“I do a lot because I’m not a nine-to-fiver like these guys. I’m a

bladesmith, and they won’t see me for a week at a time when I’m in the mass
production stage of my knives.”
“Yeah, like he’s not going to be around all next week,” Boomer says,
coming down the stairs with a box.
“Well, thank you either way,” I reply to them and walk toward the
kitchen. I open it and close it really quick. Damn, they couldn’t even wait for me
to leave before they got it on. I didn’t need to see that.

“What’s wrong, Penny?” Jackson asks, with a box in his hand at the
bottom of the steps. I approach as he hands it off to one of the prospects.
“My parents are busy celebrating my departure,” I tease. He looks over
me at the door and starts smiling.
“That’s going to be us one day. We’re going to be booting our kids out
the door so I can do you wherever I please.”
“Um…sounds nice, but we’re already kicking them out before they’re
even in.”

“I like to plan as you know.” We finish up and leave the house. I leave
my keys on the front key tray and lock the door behind me. Once we’re on the
road, I send a text to my parents that we’ll do dinner later in the week.
Chapter 19
I’m doing my best to hold back the laugh. Her parents called back
wondering why they didn’t say goodbye, but they sounded so damn guilty. I
want to be that in love and horny after thirty years. Penny is making faces all the
way home, and I wonder how much she saw.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask, rubbing my fingers over her palm.

“I can’t wait to get home. I want to take a shower,” she hums out.

“Sounds good to me,” I growl, showering with her works wonders for

“How was work?”

“Good, I told my assistant what is going on. She’s fine because her
husband wants her to quit. She’s starting to show, and he doesn’t like her
working hard.”

“That’s nice.”

“What, Penny? Do you want me to tell you not to work at the bakery
when you’re pregnant?”

“No, it’s not that. I mean, I wouldn’t put it past you, but it’s my baby. I
can’t wait for it to open, so I’m not looking forward to taking time off
immediately. I need at least two employees I think before I can take any days

“Well, let me know. I’m sure there’s someone in town looking for a job
that the guys would know about.”
“Okay, they would know a little more than I would about possible hires. I
guess I should get on it soon. I want to open the bakery before Halloween. Now
that you moved mountains to get most of it done asap.”
“Ooh, spooky, fall treats. Are you one of the people that love pumpkin

“Guilty. I have several treats that I have been working on. That according
to my sister-in-law will kill in the shop.”
“I’ll gladly be a taste tester. I like sweets.”

“You need to be working and not sampling all the goodies. When is your
office going to be done?” I picked a spot two buildings down the street from her
shop that was already built for office space.

“They are finishing the paint today. The furniture move is in two days, so
then I can start working there next Monday.”

“Good, I’m hoping I can do the grand opening that following


“Perfect,” I say, raising her hand to my lips. We pull into my home, and I
help the guys in with her things while she goes upstairs to tell them where to put

“Hey, remember we’re having a big feast at the clubhouse tomorrow

night,” my brother tells me as he’s about to split.
“Oh, do you need some desserts?” Penny asks from the closet door where
she’s already unpacking. Fuck, she’s so sexy when she’s happy.
“We’re not going to turn them down,” Boomer says, waving us off before
he cuts out. I can secure the house from here. So as soon as they step out to their
trucks, I lock up the front door. I turn to my woman who is standing there
looking at me like a little doe.

“Now, what did you want, sugar?”

“I need a shower.”

“Not right now,” I growl, stalking closer to my beautiful woman. She

looks like a wild animal trapped, and I laugh when she has nowhere to go. I slide
the box off the chaise, letting it fall to the floor. “You’ve backed yourself into a
corner, my pretty Penny. Then again, I’m thinking that was your goal.” She’s
panting, her eyes giving away her secrets. “Come here.” She shakes her head as
if she wants to challenge me. I can see her hard nipples through her tee shirt and
useless bra.

“I’m dirty.”

“That you are. Now Ms. Banks get your pretty ass over here. I want you
here and now because I want to filthy you up before we shower together.” She
grabs the back of the chaise, staring at me with a longing that makes the animal
in me insane. I step around to her, taking a seat on the cushy piece, then I pull
her into my arms with my hands on her ass, and lifting her up onto my lap. She
straddles me, and I know my woman is full of shit. Her pussy is soaking through
her clothes. My woman is so horny she’s ready for me. I stand her in front of me,
then peel her shorts and panties right off her. I reach for my zipper on my jeans,
but Penny does it for me. I groan when she slowly strokes me through my jeans.
The feel of her tiny, slender hands over my cock is pulling me to the edge. I’ve
been ready to ride her all damn day. I push down my jeans to my knees, wasting
no time to take them all the way off. With her hands on my shoulders, she
straddles and slides down my thick cock. Her wet heat covers my length in
pleasurable torment. She’s so tight, I nearly come.

“Damn, Jackson,” she moans. Her hands slide into my hair, tugging on it,
tilting my head, and taking my mouth. We take our time, riding tenderly, easing
her pussy to my size. I grab the hem of her top, lifting it off over her hair and
onto the floor somewhere. I don’t give a fuck because I need her tits. I tug down
her bra and slip my tongue over her breast, sucking on her flesh before taking
her nipple in my mouth, causing her to cry out.

“Fuck, yeah,” I grunt out, licking around her pink berry before moving
over to other. Her back arches as I suck harder, moving back and forth between
her sexy globes. I grab her hips and pick up the pace. “That’s it, baby. I want you
to come for me. I want to feel your sticky cum on my cock before I give you my
seed. You want that don’t you? You want me to give you every drop of me. Tell
me how bad you want to come and how much you need me deep inside of you.”

“Yes, please, Jackson, please. I’m so close.” I spank her on her ass,
lifting her off of me, and onto the chaise. As soon as her back hits the cushion,
I’m buried deep inside, thrusting into her womb, ready to mark her pussy all
over again. Her legs wrap around my waist, while I fuck her. “I’m coming,” she
cries out, biting on my shoulder. Damn, the way she comes undone destroys all
control. I can feel her release coating down my shaft as she clenches her sweet
cunt. I pump into her one last time, hitting her deep and freezing there, shooting
jets of cum where it belongs. Our mouths connect in a rough and breathless kiss.
“Wow, ready for our shower,” I ask, rocking my constantly hard cock
into her.

“Mm…” she moans with closed eyes and a sleepy smile. I reluctantly
pull out, kicking off the rest of my clothes and shoes. Then I take my worn out,
Penny and carry her to the bathroom.

“Penny, it’s time to make you all shiny again.” We shower together, and
although we don’t fuck in the water, I left my mark all over her skin, working
her into a needy frenzy for my cock. By the time we hit the bed, I’m on top of
her claiming her all over.
Chapter 20
I have all the treats baked for dessert, and I’m really nervous. I know that
I’m an amazing baker, but it’s still scary presenting it to new people and have to
see them again. They’ve had my treats, but I left before they had time to react.
And tonight’s dinner at the clubhouse with a bunch of bikers and their family is a
big deal.
I run upstairs to get dressed because this is a big deal. I’m meeting
everyone in the crew. I’ve only met a dozen of them, and it usually was in
passing. Of course, I was looking good except when the fuck messed up my

I find a note on the mirror. When you’re ready, meet me in my office. I

smile and finish getting pretty. I’m wearing a pair of dark jeans with my boots on
and a long sleeve loose, a light pink blouse that hangs off one shoulder. After
spending an hour curling my hair, it falls into the perfect waves. I finish up my
look with a little mascara and lip gloss that stays for sixteen hours. Now, I’m
I open his door, and he’s standing there looking fucking sexy as hell as he
looks up from a file on his desk. He closes it without taking his eyes off of me.
Walking around the desk, he rushes to me, and I find myself being kissed until
neither of us can breathe and have to break apart.
“Well, talk about a greeting,” I say breathlessly as my pussy soaks my

“I’ve been waiting in here for an hour,” he whines as if he couldn’t find

me and claim what he wants from me. Damn, I’m so worked up, if he even
touches me down there, I might come.
“Why? You could have found me.”

“No, we don’t have time for what I want to do to you, but there’s
something I want you to wear.” He reaches down to the desk and grabs a large
box. I open it and see it’s a biker jacket. It says Property of Jackson with the
Steele Riders’ logo in the center. “I don’t expect you to wear it all the time, but I
don’t like the idea of you not having it.”

“I love it.” I pull it out of the box and slip it on. When I look back at him,
he’s down on one knee.

“I love you, Penny. I know that everything we have here means that you
want to spend the rest of our lives together, but I want to make it official. And
you my sweet beauty deserve to be asked. Will you marry me, Penelope Banks?”

“Yes, of course. Yes,” I cry, tears immediately stream down my face. He

slides a pink diamond on my finger, and I break down even more. He knows it’s
my favorite color. I love that he went out of his way to get it.

“Please don’t cry. I don’t like that shit.”

“I’m happy, Jackson,” I try to explain, but he’s still staring at me like he’s
scared. I decide that I know what will work. I throw my arms around his neck,
clasping onto his hair and pulling his mouth to mine. He growls and lifts me up
into his arms, pushing me toward the door. He carries me to the living room and
stops. He sets me on my feet, earning a scowl from me. I felt how hard he was
for me.

“We don’t have time.” He looks at his Movado and says, “We’re already
late, but I couldn’t leave not letting everyone know you belong to me. Trust me
when I say I want to eat you out all night while you come on my tongue then let
me bury my big fat cock into your sweetness until I fill your womb all night

“Fine, then help me get the desserts, and we can go,” I huff, spinning on
my heel and heading into the kitchen. He’s hot on my heels. I stop abruptly just
to have him run into me.
“You’re asking for it, little girl.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Depends on whether you want to walk around all night with my cum
between your thighs or not.”

“I thought you said we didn’t have time.”

“We don’t, so it’s going to be fast,” he grunts out as he tugs at his jeans. I
do the same to mine sliding them down, but he stops me and bends me over the
counter. “We don’t have time.” His fingers slip between my thighs, stroking my
pussy from front to back, repeatedly. “Fuck, you’re soaked. Is my future wife
ready to be claimed?”

“Yes, please,” I beg, shivering with need as I pop my ass back up in the
air, he stands behind me, replacing his fingers with the head of his cock, slowly
rubbing along my clit. I’m shaking because I’m already on edge. “Please,
He leans forward with his cock just inside my entrance, then he whispers
in my ear, “Tell me what I want to hear.”

“I love you, Jackson. I love you so much,” I confess. He slams into me,
burying his cock so deep inside that I have to catch my breath.
“Marry me,” he utters along my pulse.
“Yes,” I moan.

“When, Penny?” He asks, sucking on my neck, tipping my chin to take

my lips.

“Tomorrow,” I whimper as he pumps in and out, thrusting faster and

“Fuck, I’m going to come in your womb. Are you ready to give me my
child? I can’t wait to see you swell with my kid. No one will doubt you’re mine.
Come for me, Penny.” He grabs my hair, pulling as he fucks me.

“Yes, yes. I’m coming.”

“It’s so fucking sexy to see you wearing my patch. You belong to me. I’ll
love and treasure you forever,’ he roars. I can feel his cum shoot deep into me as
I nearly black out.

He helps me fix my clothes before tucking himself away. We both went

to wash up before heading out. When I got out of the bathroom, I see my man
has added his vest to his plain white tee. Damn the man could wear anything and
look sexy as hell. I almost wish I was on the back of his bike tonight.

“Stop eyeing me like that girl. I’ve got to get some food into you, and
these sweet-smelling deserts don’t count.” He takes the three boxes of desserts in
his arms. “Lock up, please.” I hit the code as we close up and open the trunk of
my SUV for him. I have a special rack to protect them, so we’re taking my

“I’m driving.”
“You told me that already,” I grumble. “Men.”

“Sorry, sugar, but I just want you to be safe. If some shit goes down, I
want you to be protected.” I kind of forgot about the threat from Coleman.

“Okay.” For the rest of the short drive, I can’t take my eyes off the side
mirror. I swear there was a car following us, but it dipped off right before we got
a block away from the clubhouse. The gates open and there are several guys
standing guard. The rest of the lot is full of bikes and trucks, but no one is
We get out and go around to the back of the truck. I have the open and
close button on the bottom of the trunk which makes things so much easier when
my hands are full. “Are you ready?” he asks, taking my mouth in a hungry kiss
before grabbing the boxes of treats.

“Absolutely.” Terrified, but I’ll keep that to myself. I have to remember

that I’m Jackson’s woman and no one in there can intimidate me. “Um…you
didn’t tell them about…”

“Coleman? All of them know about it.”

“No…about…the other thing.”

“Are you worried any of those fucks in there are going to judge you
because you have a reading issue?” I nod. “Don’t. No one in there knows. And
even if they did, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not something you chose,

“Of course not.”

“Well then, it’s not your fault. Just be the normal and sweet woman I fell
in love with.”
“Thanks, Jackson. It’s just these people are family to you.”

“Yes, and now they’ve all been bumped down behind you and any kids
we have. Come on. My brother’s standing at the door waiting.”
“What’s up, Boomer? Couldn’t wait for desserts?”

“Nope, you were taking so long, we thought something happened. Now

come on, the crew needs a formal introduction to Ms. Banks.”

“To the future Mrs. Jackson Steele,” Jackson corrects him.

“Wow, congratulations.” Boomer hugs Jackson in one of the those tight,
but half open guy hugs. You know like they are afraid their junk will bump into
each other. Boomer pulls away and then wraps his arms around me in a big hug,
getting a growl from his brother. I giggle then he lets me go. “How you like it,

“He’s just mad whenever Crystal’s nice to me,” Jackson exclaims,

scowling at his brother.

I have three brothers with wives. I call bullshit on that, but before I can
say so, Boomer argues, “You flirt with my wife.”
“Not anymore. Besides, I only do it to piss you off.” I knew it. They all
do it to each other to best the other. And when the one found their woman, the
other would do the same. I just laugh it off.
“Sometimes you men can be real boys,” Crystal says, walking up to us.
You can’t tell, but she’s pregnant. Jackson says that they got together in August
or something like that and moved like lightning fast in their relationship—even
faster than Jackson and I. “Holy shit,” she squeals the second she spots the rock
on my finger. “Yay!” She hugs me, too, making me blush in embarrassment. I
haven’t gotten along with many other females. I definitely haven’t had any close
friends. They at times seemed more vicious than the guys.

“Come on, I don’t want to be standing out here so open,” Boomer states,
looking around.

“Of course,” Jackson adds, taking the boxes while Boomer lags behind
us, letting all of us go in first. Are they really that worried about Coleman? I
can’t believe just one guy is that much of a danger, especially for these big
We step into the low-lit main room. Several long tables are set up on the
sidewall with food, and a couple of small tables with sofas are in the center. It
reminds me of a massive living room where everyone is just hanging out.
Everyone’s eyes gravitate toward us. I recognize, Blade, Doc, Beast, and Boss,
but I don’t know the rest.

“I’m going to take Penny to meet the girls,” Crystal says, hooking her
arm around me. She’s got her own jean jacket with her patch on it. There are
three ladies standing off to the side when Morgan is pulled back into her
husband’s arms and kissed senseless in front of everyone. A cheer erupts as well
as a couple laughs.

“Damn, Mick, you know that her brothers are right here.”
“She’s my wife, so they can fuck themselves.” Crystal shakes her head at

“OMG. I’m so glad we finally get to hang out properly. I’m sorry I forgot
to tell you Jackson was my brother before. I know he gave you shit at the party. I
could kick his ass for it too.”

“Jackson groveled enough. And I don’t doubt you’ll try to beat him. He’s
told me a lot about you.”

“Uh oh,” Mick says. She gut-checks him with her elbow, but he’s ready
for it, and her move barely hits him.
“I’m Sammie. I’m Doc’s sister.” She sticks her hand out, and we shake.
“I manage the movie theater, so if things ever get settled, maybe you can drag
Jackson along to a movie.

A cute girl with a black and maroon pixie haircut sticks out her hand.
“And you know my brother, Blade. I’m Roxie.” I shake hers as well.

“It’s so nice to meet all of you. Both your brothers are pretty awesome,” I
confess to Roxie and Sammie.
“Don’t let Jackson hear you say that. He may be ready to kick some
asses,” Roxie warns me.

“Whose ass am I kicking?” he grunts, sliding up behind me. I release an

inescapable moan, feeling his strength wrapped around me.
“I said I think Doc and Blade are awesome.”

“Yeah, you keep those thoughts up, I’m going to kick their asses,” he
teases. I swat his arm, but he just squeezes me tighter. “You’re mine.”

“That I am.”
“Go play with the boys, us girls need to talk. We have a wedding to get
together.” Morgan shoos away Mick after he steals one more kiss. “And take him
with you,” she adds. Jackson grumbles and goes with.

We all chat about this, but like I tell them right off the bat is that my
mother is going to want to be involved as well. “That’s great. I can’t wait to meet

“Yeah, maybe we can meet with her soon because I know my brother
isn’t going to wait.”

“Right, I’m sure of it. But with the drug cartel lurking, I don’t know how
much they are going to let us roam without their men watching us,” Crystal adds.
What cartel?

My mouth gapes open, and I’m struck by the realization that Coleman
isn’t the reason these guys are going batshit crazy over my protection. They have
a much bigger threat ready to attack. They must be the people who attacked
Mick. I didn’t get a full detailed account, but I heard that he was shot.
“Shit, I’m guessing you didn’t know,” Morgan whispers, looking at me
“No, I didn’t. I assumed the protection was for the jackass that attacked

“Don’t worry. The guys won’t let anything happen to us.”

“I’m not worried, but I wished he would have told me. It seems like an
important thing to tell me.”
“True. Kick his ass later,” Morgan adds punching her fist. I laugh, she’s a
feisty little thing.

“Maybe I will. Either way, let’s forget about it. I want to have a fun
Chapter 21
Today’s the grand opening of the bakery, and it’s just two days from
Halloween. I love my girl, and she’s excited about her big day. The shop came
together faster than she expected, and we had everything installed the day after
all the paint dried. I can’t wait to buy something from Miss Penny’s Cupcakes
and Sweets. Then I want to have a taste of the baker’s personal sweets made just
for me.

I go to the door, and there’s a long line outside the door. I walk around
back and sneak in with my own keys and code. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“I came to wish you luck, sugar. Did you think I’d be anywhere but

“I’m nervous, Jackson,” she says, biting the edge of her bottom lip. I pull
her to me, spinning her around and taking off her apron. I wrap my arms around
her waist with my hands splayed over her mound. “Jackson,” she moans.

“Are you nervous now?” I whisper against her ear. A shiver runs through
her, and a sigh escapes her as I lower my fingers, dipping under her skirt. “Tell
me, my sweet Penny.”

“No,” she whimpers.

“Do you want to come?” I bite her lobe. She nods, nearly crying out, but
I pull back. The door to the back opens, and her new assistant comes in.

“Woah, did I walk into something? I can come back.” Roxie throws her
hands up. I shouldn’t have started shit with Penny. I know this isn’t the time or
the place to fuck. I just can’t keep my hands off of her.

“No, Roxie, you can come in,” I say, kissing Penny’s cheek.
She scowls at me. “Don’t you have to go to work, Jackson?” she asks
I smirk at her, loving how cute she looked with that heated pout. “No,
baby. I’m here for the next hour at least. I’m so proud of you. The line is around
the corner.”

“Let’s do this,” Roxie says, looking at her watch.

“Yes, let’s do this.” Penny smiles and steps out into the storefront.

She turns the closed sign to open and unlocks the door. Both of us step
outside, while Roxie holds the door open. “Welcome everyone to Miss Penny’s
Cupcakes and Sweets. Please come in.” the crowd cheers and follows us inside.
Penny moves behind the counter and directs everyone to the several mini
cupcakes she has on display for tasting.

Moans and orders are taking place all around the shop as people take
turns tasting then ordering. Within the hour, the crowd has dispersed, and most
of the treats have sold out. “Wow, girl, you’re going to have to make a fuck ton

“Well, it won’t always be that way. This is the first day. All these people
came at once,” Penny argues. And she’s probably right, but who knows. She
could make the whole town diabetic with her confectioner’s gift.
“Sugar, you did amazing. I knew you would. The prospects will be close
by, but it’s time for me to go. I fucking love you, Penny.” I pull her in and kiss
her when someone opens the door.

“Can’t keep your hands off my daughter in public?”

“Mr. Banks, good morning,” I mutter, pulling away from Penny.

“I’ve got to get to work. Remember I’m only two doors down.” I kiss her
once more, but this one is just on the cheek, then I make my way to my new
office. I miss her already, but I need to get my own office running. I barely make
it there, when Cyber calls. “What’s going on?”
“We got movement on the cartel again. They’ve made their presence
known in the next town over in a big way.” I listen as he explains. The town isn’t
as small as ours, and they have their own group of enforcers. This was their
warning to us that to keep our eyes peeled for anything shady moving in. With
all of us running the town, most of these fucks can’t actually move in, but they
sure as fuck can cause trouble.

“We need to keep an eye out on this, but they’ve already learned not to
mess with us.”

“I’ve already got the cameras facing the roads out of town. If these
bastards drive through again, we will notice. Some of the prospects are taking
turns looking at them every other hour.”
“Good. I’ll talk to my brother. Maybe we need to meet with some people
in Paxton.”

“Okay, Jackson. I need to get back to the clubhouse to receive the

electronics I ordered.”

“Call me if you need me.” My next meeting takes me until after

lunchtime to finish. Once I get out, I walk around to check on Penny.
The shop has only one customer that Roxie’s handling. “She’s in the
back,” she says while ringing up the guy. I walk around back, and my sweet
Penny is bent over an oven. Fuck me, I’m glad no one is allowed back here
except Roxie. She spins around to say, “Roxie, are you ready for your…Jackson.
I thought you were Roxie. What are you doing here?”

“It’s one thirty. I wanted to see if you ate yet.”

“Yes, I did about five minutes ago while these were baking.”
“Good,” I take her into my arms. “I’ve missed you, Penny. How are you
“I’ve missed you too, but it’s been so busy, I barely had time to process it
all.” We share a few brief kisses before I head back to my office. I’ll be picking
her up at five. She needs to find more employees because she’s been at work
since fucking five in the morning. I know she’s beat and in need of a hot bath.

I close up my office and walk back to the shop, entering from the back
because the front is locked up. When I get in there, Roxie, Penny, and Blade are
washing up around the kitchen. “Sorry, Jackson we’re almost done. Prepping for
tomorrow took longer than expected with our last-minute rush of customers.”

“No, sugar. I’m here to help.”

“It’ll only be another five minutes.”

“Blade, why don’t you take Roxie home? I’ll help Pen finish up.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, you all busted your asses today. I should help her.” They left out
the back, and I lock up after them. “What do you need for me to do?”

“Can you dry those trays?” she asks, twisting her lips to the side. She’s
washing some dishes.
“Sure.” She hands me the towel, and I get to work. She keeps stealing
glances my way, and I wonder if I’m doing it wrong, or something, but then I
watch her lick her lips. She keeps that up I’m going to fuck her right here.
Chapter 22
He looks sexy as hell, wiping down the display trays. I need to get this
cleaned up so we can get out of here, but I can’t help myself. He’s so freaking
hot the way his sleeves are rolled up, showing me those flexing forearms. I lick
my lips, but when I lift my eyes to his face, I know I’ve been caught. With a
smirk, he drops the towel on the counter and stalks toward me. I bite my lip and
set the bowl back in the sanitizer.

“What’s up?” I inquire, stepping around the large counter that still has a
piping bag full of strawberry lying on it. I forgot about that one. This man sure
knows how to distract me. He doesn’t stop when my back hits the counter.
Instead, he keeps coming until he’s an inch from me.

“What’s up? What’s up is my hard cock. You know that it’s all your fault,
I’m stiff as fuck.”

“I didn’t do anything,” I deny, trying to hold back my guilty smile.

“You don’t have to do anything but look at me with those gorgeous blue
eyes and pouty lips, parted just enough to tell me what’s on your mind.” I have
on a cute, cotton candy pink mid-sleeve dress that does little to hid how hard my
nipples are. He doesn’t miss them and runs his fingers in circles around my
hardened flesh. “It looks like you like what you see as well, my sweet Penny,” he
whispers against my lips before kissing me. I’m dizzy with need for him. My
hands work on the buttons of his dress shirt without hesitation. I shouldn’t be
doing this in my kitchen, but all I can think about is how good it would feel to
have him fuck me against the cold steel. He lets me pull it off his body and
throw it on the floor. Then his hands move to my legs, sliding them up, raising
my dress and cupping my ass. With a hard squeeze of my cheeks, I yelp
pleasantly. Jackson drags it off me until I’m standing in front of him in just my
matching heather grey bra and panties. A growl comes from deep in his chest,
then he scoops his arm around my waist and sits me on the counter. The cool
metal against my thighs only sends heat straight to my soaked pussy. He leans in
with his hands straddling my thighs and kisses me. “You make a man so damn
He slides his hands over my hips and grabs the hem of my panties,
dragging them down as I lift my ass up to help. “Fuck, you’re soaked for me,” he
growls, rubbing my pussy then slipping in. I nod and moan. “Good because I’m
really fucking hungry.” His eyes noticed the piping bag I left out. He picks it up
and squeezes some on his fingers that were just inside of me and brings them to
his mouth. “Umm, strawberry pussy, my new favorite,” he sighs, nudging my
thighs apart with his. His mouth crashes down on mine in a rough, quick kiss
that leaves me panting for more. Grinning he drops down to his knees and
slowly squeezes a thin line of frosting along one thigh, then runs his tongue
across it, licking up every bit. He repeats with the other until he reaches my core.
With a growl, he pumps a little swirl on my pussy lips then lets the bag fall. His
mouth covers my core eating the sweet treat off me while sliding his talented
tongue up and down my slit. Jackson cups my thighs with his strong hands and
pulls my pussy closer to him, eating me out like a beast. I love it, and it’s not
long before I’m coming all over his face. He doesn’t stop until I’m worked up

When he stands, I can see his cock pressed taut against his zipper. He
unleashes his thick length that’s wet with his pre-cum. He rubs it against my
sensitive folds several times before slamming into me. His mouth is on mine, his
hands dragging down my bra, and his hips are thrusting into mine. I wrap my
legs around his waist and let him fuck me hard on the steel surface. He plucks at
my nipple while his other hand grips my ass. I have my hands pressed on the
surface, leaning back, so I can watch him fuck me. “You’re mine, Penny. I can’t
get enough of you. Come for me. I need to flood your sweet pussy with my kid. I
want to see you round with my kid. Fuck, that’s right, clench your tight cunt
around me.”

“Fuck, Jackson give me your baby,” I scream, coming on his cock. He

grunts and comes with me. “Wow, where did that come from,” I say, covering
my mouth.

“From the dirty woman, I know who lives inside my pretty Penny.” He
pulls me in for another kiss then slips out of me and tucking himself back before
helping me off the counter.

I slip on my panties, feeling the stickiness on my inner thighs. I need a

shower. Ooh, maybe we can take a shower together. Damn, I’m working myself
up all over again. I need to shake the filthy thoughts from my head, so I ask,
“Did you see what is out in front?”
“Yes, a new piggy bank,” he grumbles.

“Why the grumbling?”

“I only did that to be a dick.”

“I know, but it’s for tips. A customer asked about tips one day, and well, I
thought it was a good idea. None of us need the money, so I’m going to donate it
to charity when it’s full.”

“Fuck, you are so damn perfect, but let’s get this place cleaned up before
we get some code violation.”

I gasp because reality hits me again that we probably broke a hundred

rules. I’m going to have to sterilize everything. “I can’t believe we just had sex
in my kitchen.”

“Better believe it, sugar. We have one at home I plan to fuck you on as
well,” he smirks, stealing a kiss before heading to the bathroom.
After an hour we have the place clean as if brand new, then we go home
for a nice hot bath and some good loving. I could so get used to this.
Chapter 23
Halloween came and went in a flash with Thanksgiving around the
corner. The bakery did tremendously well in sales and the next three weeks were
filled with a bunch of pumpkin spice or pie orders for turkey day. She did
manage to hire three teens to work on the weekends for a few hours each. The
shop never stays open past five. Every day after work, I treat my woman to a
relaxing bath followed three orgasms until she falls asleep.

It’s a nice Saturday, and we’re getting married. The wedding is taking
place on the Banks estate. It’s large and away from possible threats. All our
prospects act as security along with the crew of men Mr. Banks hired. We don’t
want any problems. None of those things matter to me. My pretty Penny who
made our wedding cake is going to marry me. For all that I am, I hadn’t thought
about how much this moment would mean to me. Fuck, Boomer was right. Love
is all fucking consuming, and I need it—I need her.

“Are you ready?” Boomer asks, staring at me with a nervous smile.

“Of course, I am.” I’m itching to go hunt her down and bring her to me.

“You look like you’re about to run,” he clarifies himself.

I twist my head to the left and purse my lips, feeling offended by his
suggestion. “Yeah to run and get her. Bro, this happened so fast, but it feels so
“Congratulations. You’re lucky to find someone like her. She’s a sweet

“Thanks, Boomer. Damn, it feels like an eternity.”

“Stop looking at the doors. There’s no trouble. The place is covered from
every possible entrance and angle. Relax. It’s going to start soon, and you’ll be a
married man.”
The music starts, and he adds, “See.”

When her maids come in, I get more impatient. And then her music
plays. I see her father’s shoulder first which only adds to my need to see her. She
appears in a gown that matches her beauty. It’s a strapless gown that flows out
from the hips with that gauzy like material. She’s perfection and soon to be
mine. Penny raises her head to look at me, sending my heart into overdrive. I
lurch forward ready to claim my bride. Boomer’s arm coming out is the only
thing to stop me.

“Calm your tits, bro. She’ll be here in a minute. Her dad looks like he’ll
jack your ass up.”

“The fucker is a beast, isn’t he?”

“And a motherfucking former CIA special agent,” Boomer mutters. We

learned that about a week ago. The man was a crazy fucker, but my eyes are
focused on my bride who is looking at me.

“I’m trusting you with her,” her father says as they come upon us.

“Thank you, sir.” He kisses her cheek, then gently places her hand in

“You are perfect,” I whisper as we turn and face the minister. The
ceremony passes quickly, and then I’m given the privilege of kissing my wife. I
slide my arms around her, one hand cupping her neck the other squeezing her to
“I love you, Mrs. Steele,” I whisper before closing the small distance
between us and claiming her lips. I pull back just to look into her eyes. “I love
you, Penny. Thank you for being mine.” I kiss her once more before the guest
cheer and clap for us.
“Thank you for loving me, Jackson…and our baby,” she whispers in my
ear before turning to the crowd, and the music begins for our exit.

“Did you say? Did you say?” I stammer like a damn fool. I’m too happy
to even think straight.

“Yes, come on. We can’t mess up the exit.” She giggles as we make it
down the aisle. I’m sure the pictures will show me looking stunned and my wife
laughing at me.

Once we get down the aisle to all the cameras, I turn to face the crowd
and say, “We’re having a baby.” The crowd goes wild, then I scoop up my bride
and carry her to the reception to the applause. I can’t wait until we can celebrate
Chapter 24
I wake up to Jackson’s head resting next to my belly. “I love you, little
baby. I don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl as long as you come out healthy.
You’re mine. I can’t wait until we meet, and I get to hold you in my arms.”
“Is this the way we’re going to wake up every morning?”

“No, I just wanted to say hello to my baby. I have to leave early. I’m
meeting a client in Paxton this morning, and I’m already pushing the meeting

“Okay, well, I’m going into the bakery then.” I’ve been taking every
other day off because of the baby and daily doses of morning sickness, making
the smell of cinnamon unbearable. I was able to find two professional bakers to
help most days even when I was working. It made things easier to focus. Roxie
moved to the back to handle the paperwork which she was great at.

“Why? You don’t need to go in today.”

“I know, but I like to know how everything is going.”

“Fine, but I’ll have one of the guys take you there. I don’t want to leave
you unprotected.”
“I’ll call Blade.”

“Okay. Give me one more kiss then I have to go.”

“Fine, if I must.”
“Hush woman.” He leans over me, making sure to not apply pressure to
my tiny belly, then he kisses me senseless. I sigh and drop back onto the pillow. I
laugh when he kisses me down my body, giving extra kisses to my pussy.
“I’ve got to leave, woman. Keep your tempting ass covered until I
“Yes, Jackson. Get going because I have to pee.” He laughs then leaves
the bedroom. I rush to the bathroom, then come out and get ready to head to the
bakery. I sent a message to Blade who said he was on his way. Now to get some
orange juice because I’m thirsty. Once I’m finished with it and washing out the
glass, Blade is waiting for me at the door. All of the crew have access to the
main gate, but that’s as far as they get, and they have personal codes per person,
so Jackson knows who came into the house. It was installed before we met, but
I’m sure it makes him feel a lot better about who’s coming over. After all that
happened with the attack on the clubhouse, Mick and the women, they amped up
the security.

I open the front door, and he gives me a smile. “I’m ready. Thanks for
taking me.”

“No problem. I know how fucking crazy Jackson can be when it comes
to you. Besides, it’s no hardship to go down there.”

“Hmm…Is that because of my new baker, Madeline or my new counter

girl, Jules?”

“Um. I’m not interested in anyone.” I roll my eyes and go around to the
passenger side of the truck and climb in. He can play dumb, but his interest has
been noted by not just me. If Jackson didn’t get the same vibe as Roxie and me,
he sure as hell wouldn’t let him constantly hang around because that would mean
he was attracted to me.

As we pull out, I won’t stop staring at him. “I swear I’m not interested in
“Okay,” I remark indifferently. He can lie to himself all he wants.

“I’m not.”
“I said okay.” Again, I have the same tone.

He’s grumbling to himself which nearly gets me to crack up, but I keep
my cool. We make it to the bakery without another word, but that’s when things
go horribly wrong. A man we don’t recognize pulls out a gun on me. He’s
Hispanic, so I’m betting he’s one of the cartel people they had trouble with. It
doesn’t matter because I’m standing with a gun inches from my stomach.

Blade exits the truck, and the thug turns the gun on him, but that’s a bad
move. Blade is a trained knife guy. And he doesn’t need a gun in a gun fight.
With a slight look in my direction, I get his meaning and gasp, fainting away.
The brief distraction is just enough for Blade to throw a small knife into the
man’s arm thigh. He’s on the gunman in a second with six other Riders
following behind.

“Church,” Blade orders. I know what that means the girls told me what
happened when they found the bad guys who attacked them. It wasn’t pretty.
“Let’s get you inside,” Blade says while Cyber and Gabe come in, too.

“What’s going on?” Jules cries out, and all my suspicions are correct.
Blade stares at her like he wants to hold her and shield from the ugliness of life.

“Just a fool looking to rob us. Please don’t worry about it, Ms. Walker.”
Roxie gives me a knowing look, and I nod, walking around the counter. My
body is shaking so much that as I reach the end of it, my hand misses and I fall
onto the floor. Cyber is at my side, helping me up, but the shaking isn’t getting
any better.
“Fuck, she’s in shock. We need to get Doc.”
“No, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. Call Doc, and I’ll call my brother,” Boomer announces.
I don’t know when he got here.
“Please don’t call Jackson.”

“The hell if I’m not calling him. Relax. It’s for the best. He’s going to be
pissed if we don’t.”

Boomer stands there, watching the window as he makes the call.

“Jackson, we have a problem. Come back home right now. Someone tried to
attack Penny.” I can hear Jackson roar out something on the other end. “Calm
down. Doc is on his way here. She’s not injured, just shaken up. Drive safe and
get here. We’ll be at the clubhouse.” I get up and take a seat from the small
corner table. Roxie brings me a bottle of water which I drink fast not realizing
how thirsty I was.

“Sure.” Boomer turns and hands the phone to me.

I can hear Jackson breathing heavy. “Baby, I’m on my way. Fucking shit.
Tell me you’re okay.”

“I am. I am,” I choke out, hoping that he can’t hear the fear in my voice.
A feeling of betrayal hits me, and I know that having Jackson out of town was an
intentional move by those after me. Why me? Just because we’re married, or
could Coleman be a part of it? No, he couldn’t afford it. He ran off with just
enough money to live good but not great.

“I’m coming, my love. I’ll be there soon, Penny.”

“Please just drive safe,” I beg.

“Of course. Love you.” He hangs up, and Doc comes in ten minutes later,
breathing hard and in his white work coat.

“I’m fine, Doc.” I’m not shaking anymore. “I promise.”

“Let me take a look and then I’ll be the judge of that.” He takes my vitals
and declares them to be a little high, but that’s because of the scare I had. “Rest,
and no stress.”
“What about the baby?” I ask.

“Unless you feel some pain in your stomach or bleeding you should be

“Sugar,” Jackson calls out, rushing through the door. He lifts me up from
my seat and holds me close. I do my best not to show my fear. It’s hard, but I
can’t let him know how messed up I feel.
“I’m better, Jackson. I’m better. Let’s not make a scene people are
coming.” I notice a couple of women crossing the street.

“Okay, let’s get you out of here and somewhere safe.”

“Rox, I want you to close up early. Blade will stay with you until you do.
Then you ladies will come to the clubhouse with him.” Jackson leads me out to
his truck while I hear them explain to the women that I slipped, and they needed
to make sure I was okay since I was pregnant.

“I need a loving man like that,” one of the women says.

Jackson helps me inside, buckling my seatbelt for me, then he steals a

kiss. “I love you, Penny.”

I don’t get to respond before he closes the door and runs around the front.
He hops into the truck with a smile. “I’m sorry about making you come all the
way back.”
“Baby, no. Don’t be sorry. I was set up to leave you alone. Fucking
bastards are smarter than we gave them credit for. But we won’t underestimate
them again. They’ve fucked with the wrong people.”
My phone rings, and it’s my mother. “It’s my mom.”

“It’s okay, baby. Take it.”

“Hey, Mom,” I say, answering while looking out the window.

“What’s going on? I heard your father yelling something about Jackson
before going to his gun safe. He hasn’t told me what’s going on, but I’m starting
to worry.”

“It’s okay. I need to have a chat with my husband because he has a big
mouth. Everything is okay. I promise,” I reassure. I’m going to kill him. He
called my father. “I’ll call you in a little while. I’m on my way to the clubhouse
with Jackson right now.”

“He hasn’t done anything to hurt you, has he?”

“Of course not.”

“I didn’t think so, but you really don’t know if a man can flip.”

“Turn off the crime shows, Mom. Everything is fine. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

I hit the end call and turn to Jackson with a death glare. “You told my
father?” I question angrily.

“Yes, he needed to know. Do you know what he’d do to me if he found

out afterward? If you think he’s going to stay out of this whole thing with the
cartel and the bullshit that happened to you today, you’re sorely mistaken,
sweetheart. I love you, and I’ll do all I can to protect you.” I cross my arms in a
huff. I know he’s right, but I don’t need to have my family worry. My mom
sounded petrified and concerned that Jackson had abused me. That’s not
something I ever want in her head.

“Sugar, please. Don’t be mad. I’m doing what’s best. This will all be over
before you know it. Then I’m going to take you home and love you hard all
night. We can visit your mother tomorrow.”

“I have to be at the bakery tomorrow,” I remind him.

“You’re only there from five to noon. We can go after that.”


“Yes.” He lifts my hand to his lips, kissing it and giving me that crooked
smile that brings one to my face every time.
Chapter 25
I’m feeling dangerous as fuck right now. This bastard needs to die. What
the fuck did they think they were going to get by coming here and attempting to
kill my woman. Fuck, I’m grateful we practiced what to do if she was in one of
those situations, but it would be fucking perfect if she didn’t get into a situation
like that ever.
“Jackson, calm down you’re going to break the steering wheel like that
and then we’re going to crash.”

“Sorry, Penny. I’m fucking losing it. Someone dared to even hint at
taking you away from me.”

“I know. I know.”

“No, Sugar, you don’t even understand that I can’t even exist without
you,” I implore. She’s everything to me. I need to keep her safe and happy like I
need my next breath. I fell hard and fast, nothing can change my love for her. It
scares me that I could lose her, that I almost did. That fear is only going to send
my rage into overdrive.

“Me either. Please be careful.”

“Oh baby, I’m going to be careful. He, on the other hand, may have
wished Blade killed him.” I’m going to treat this fucker to the worst pain

“I need you to be around for our baby. So, don’t do anything dumb.”

“I won’t,” I reply, pulling into the gate at the clubhouse. Several of the
guys are already waiting, and the rest follow in behind my truck. Boomer is
probably anxious as fuck to get Crystal as soon as school is out. There are four
guys that rotate in looking after the school area. Blade and a prospect are still at
the shop, but I’d say Blade already got his shot on this fucker. Damn, I owe him
big time.

My truck is surrounded as I jump out to get my woman. They are

protecting us until I get her inside. I don’t think they plan to strike today, but you
can never be too sure.

Once I take her inside, my sister pulls her into her arms. “Let’s go into
the kitchen until the guys finish.”

I slip my hand around my wife and drag her to me for one more kiss. “I’ll
be coming to get you soon.”
Leaving her even briefly is hard, but I need answers. I storm into the
small room where the fucking bastard is tied to a chair. “You better start talking.”

“Chinga tu madre,” he spits out. I slip on some latex gloves, then lean
down and press my thumb into his wound. “Ahh,” he screams.

I lean down in his face and calmly ask, “What did you fucking say to
“I…I…” he stammers.

“Who the fuck are you and why were you trying to kill my wife?”
“I wasn’t trying to kill her. We wanted her alive for a heavy ransom,” he

I cock my gun, pressing it to his temple, then bite out. “We who?”

“My family,” he admits, pissing himself. That’s not the answer I was
expecting. I thought for sure he would say the cartel. He could be lying to me.
“Because her brother killed mine last year.” Wait this isn’t some cartel
shit. Fuck, I need to get Law in on this. I don’t want him to come up missing
then his people come looking. That shit would have been in public record.
“Let’s get him over to Law. I want him locked up. Doc, treat this fucker.”

“Are you seriously gonna let this fucker get away like that?” Cyber

“This bastard’s family may call the cops, and then they’ll look at us
straight away.”

“Understood.” Boomer nods at me, and we leave Doc and two prospects
to treat him while Law is called in.

“You did the right thing. We don’t need heat from another district on our
end. The cartel is one thing, but if her brother was involved in a police shooting,
it means state officials know too much to go unnoticed.”

“Exactly, I need to ask Penny about it.”

I rush to the other room, only slowing down when I enter it. “Sugar, I
have to ask you a question. Did you brother get involved in a shooting last

She tilts her head and squints, nodding. “Yes, he was shot but killed the
guy who opened fire on him.”
I bend down and kiss her quickly. I have to get back to the piece of shit.
“Okay. Just needed to make sure.”

“Why? What’s going on?” she asks, jumping to her feet.

Begrudgingly, I admit, “That guy was here for revenge on him.”

“Son of a bitch,” exclaims Mr. Banks who walks in with Blade. “The
bastard nearly kills my boy, and they want revenge because the shit got what he
deserved?” He’s fuming with his sleeves rolled up and a gun holstered on his
“I know. I know, but we can’t kill the fucker. We’re going to have him
taken to jail then let the state police handle.”

“He’s going to say that you held him captive. We’ve only been here
twenty minutes, and he’s being seen by a doctor so they can have no complaints.
The ambulance from the town over would take twenty plus minutes to get there
and back.”
“Good point. How are you my pumpkin?” he asks, pulling her into his

“I’m fine, Dad. Just a little shaken up earlier, but I’m all better now,” she
reassures him even though the little crack in her voice tells us otherwise.

“Hey, what’s going on here? You’ve got somebody who needs to be


“Yes, he’s in there. Doc is stitching his bitch ass up after he tried to
kidnap Penny and hold her for ransom.”

“And you’re letting him live?”

“He’s got ties to a police shooting that involved her brother. They’ll
know to come looking here if he disappears.”

“Well, let me read him his rights and book him,” he says with a huff, then
heads into the enclosed room.

“We’re going to need to file a report,” I tell her.

“I figured as much. We should do it now because I have to work
tomorrow. But hey, there’s one good thing that came out of this. The cartel
people are not involved.”
“Way to look on the Brightside, pumpkin,” her father says. “Do you both
want to come to dinner tonight? I’m going to need to have a talk with Justin
about this.”

“Would you like that, sugar?” I ask her.

“Yes, I would. I’m already starting to get hungry.”

“Good, because I think I gave your mother a big scare,” her father

Penny gives a little giggle before adding, “Yes, you did. She called me
thinking Jackson did something to me the way you were snarling and running
back and forth.”

“I love that woman.” He laughs.

“Let’s go home. We’ll go to the station before we drive to your house,” I

tell Mr. Banks.

“Take care of her.” He kisses her forehead and shakes my hand before

We’re about to walk out when Law comes out with the bastard with his
hands cuffed behind his back. “You’re going to pay for your brother, puta.” Then
before I knew it, Penny stepped up between me and the bastard and junk
punched him.
“You’re going to be someone’s puta in prison,” she replies with a
singsong voice. “Better get ready to open that mouth and bend over, asshole.”
When Law drags him away, I turn to Penny and cock my brow up.
“What? I’m tired of being the fucking victim. Today was the last straw. I was
afraid of the vitriol tossed my way by people, and now, I won’t take that
anymore. I’m about to be a mother. If I can’t defend myself how can I defend my
“Wow, I’m not upset, sugar. I know you have that attitude in you. I’m
shocked that you brought it, but I’m not mad. Just be careful. I don’t want you
stressing out. Now let’s go home, and I’ll feed you.” I lead her out and into the
truck, then we made our way home for some lunch and some loving before
heading over to the police station.
Chapter 26
We’re having a massive Thanksgiving at the clubhouse with all of the
Riders and the prospects. Penny, Crystal, Morgan, and Roxie are doing to the
cooking. Four turkeys two hams and a shit load of sides.
“Do you need help, sugar?” I ask, coming into the kitchen after getting
off the phone with my brother who’s been sent away while Crystal cooks.

“No,” she says, biting her lip. We have a double oven at home, she’s
working her ass off making the desserts. I love that she’s so into being a part of
the Riders. Having grown up a princess in pink, she’s gotten used to the
roughness of the people around her. She loves it except for the whole having a
bodyguard when I’m not around. She’s getting used to it though.

Beast filed charges against Manuel Espinosa, the fuck who tried to
kidnap my wife or so he claims. His drinking buddy, who lured me into Paxton,
was also charged as an accomplice and quickly spilled his guts. I’m so fucking
grateful that it is mostly behind us. It’s a pretty slam-dunk case. The security
tape outside the bakery is more than enough evidence.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I could do for you?” I ask, dipping my
finger in the homemade whip cream and rubbing it on her lips before stealing a
kiss. She moans against my mouth with her pussy pressed forward on my jean
covered cock.

“No, I’m sure there is something you can help me with, but that’ll just
make us late.”

“I don’t give a fuck about that,” I growl, kissing her again on her soft
lips, tasting a bit of the pumpkin she’s been cooking with. Fuck, my dick is
throbbing in my jeans to claim her pussy. Suddenly, she pushes me back. “Sit,”
she commands, and I follow. Penny drops to her knees in front of me, parting my
legs, and working my cock out of its confines. Her mouth opens into a perfect
little circle before she slips her tongue out and rolls it over the tip of my pulsing
cock. She swallows the head and moves her way down and back up again, taking
me in deeper every time until she starts to gag. Fuck, that turns me on so damn
“Damn, I love having your mouth around my dick.” I grab her hair at the
base of her ponytail and take control of the pace. The way she moans and sucks
me off, I bet if I reach down her pussy is going to be primed for me to take her
hard and fast. I give her another five seconds on my cock before I lift her off and
flip her onto her stomach over the table, slipping a kitchen towel as a cushion for
her. She rests on her elbows while I bend down and slide her panties off. Her
pussy’s drenched for me, and I take my fill until I can’t take it anymore and I
slam my cock into her.

I lean over her back, kissing her shoulder and say, “As much as I love
watching you suck me off. I love having your tiny pussy swallow my cock up.”
She clenches around me, knowing damn well, she loves it, too. “Give me a kiss,”
I demand, leaning down as she turns her head, moaning against my lips.
Fuck, I could kiss her all damn day. My dick agrees with me. I pull back
and cup her hips fucking my long hard cock into her. I watch it slide in and out,
coated with her sweetness. I spank her once on her round ass, causing her to cry
out and come.
“I’m coming Jackson,” she cries, sending me into a frenzied need. I
pound into her three more times then empty my load in her.

After we clean up in our bathroom, she leaves to finish the food.

Muttering to myself, I say, “I’m guessing that’s why Crystal kicked Boomer out
of the kitchen.”
I look at my phone with a text from Blade. Stop fucking and get here.
The rest of us are hungry.
I send back, On our way. Then I hunt down my wife and help finish up
so we can get out of here.

I can’t take the smile from my face for the rest of the night. I’ve got a shit
ton to be thankful for.
Chapter 27
There’s a slight bulge around my navel; signs that our baby is growing.
Although, it can be all the food I’ve eaten since Thanksgiving. I can’t believe it’s
almost Christmas and I’m two months pregnant and married to the hottest
architect who turns me on with a look. In fact, I think I require some of his
expertise. I would love to have his tongue between my thighs licking me into a
screaming orgasm.

“Penny, Penelope,” my mother shouts, snapping me out of my daydream.

I forgot we’re in the middle of Target in Dallas. Wow. I’ve got to talk to the
doctor about these hormones. They’re going bananas. Bananas…long thick…
bananas. Damn it, concentrate. “Yes, Mom?”

“The brain always gets fuzzy when pregnant. I was asking what you
think of this for your father.” My brain isn’t fuzzy right now. It’s vivid and
hormone driven.

“I think he doesn’t need any silly ties, but you know he loves them.”
“Yes, he does. The man was destroyed when I didn’t buy him one last

“I think it’s sweet. I hope that Jackson and I have romantic traditions like
“I’m sure you will. After all, you’re just getting started on your journey.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I’m looking through the logos and slogan type tees
when I see one that has a Harley Davidson logo on it. An idea comes to mind.
And I make a mental note to stop at the bar on the way home.

“I’m ready to get out of here. I need a nap. It’s been a long day, and I still
have to drive back home.”
“Actually, Jackson said he was picking you up. Did you forget?” my
mom says.

My brain is totally frazzled. How could I forget that he’s going to pick
me up? “Ah shit, I did. Oh well. I’ll get it tomorrow before I go to lunch.”

“What did you need to get?” she asks me.

“Jackson’s present,” I remark offhandedly.

She rubs her hands together too enthusiastically for me. “Ooh, I want to

I blush right away. “Um…no it’s private.”

“Oh okay.” She smirks and pushes her cart while I’ve got mine. Gabe is
with me for protection just in case. We make it out of the store and back to my
parents to see Jackson pulling into the driveway. I practically jump out of the car
to get to him.

“I missed you, too,” he laughs, sliding his strong arms around my waist
under my coat. Then he steals my mouth, kissing me breathlessly. “Damn, I
really missed you. Are you ready to go home? I want to watch a movie and hold
you in my arms tonight.”
“Sure. Let me say goodbye.” I go over to my mom who’s just meeting
my dad on the steps for their own little exchange.

“Sorry, but I’ve got to home.” I give both of my parents a hug one at a
time. “Thanks for the fun day out, sweetheart.”

“I love you,” I say, walking away with Jackson.

“Hey, baby, did you have fun?”
“Yes, I did. It’s been a tiring day, though. I’m cold and tired.” He tightens
his arm around me then opens the door for me and helps me in. As soon as I’m
buckled in, he smiles and kisses me before hopping around to his seat. The drive
back I fall asleep in the car only to wake up when Jackson carries me into the

“Sleep, Penny. I’ll get dinner started. You’ve had a very long day.” He
kisses my cheek and tucks me in so sweetly that I sigh and go back to sleep.
Chapter 28
It’s Christmas Eve, and so far, the town has been quiet. I’m picking up
my beautiful wife who decided that last minute pies were a good idea for people
in the town. Shit, we had people from the two towns that surround Steeleville
come for her pies. Blade and Gabe stayed in the corner of the shop just in case
someone came in to start shit, but nothing happened.
“Hey, sugar, are you ready?”

“Yes, I am. It’s funny, but I’m out of pies for the Christmas Day dinner at
the clubhouse.”

“Well, we can bake some tomorrow. I’ll be your assistant. I’ll even wear
an apron.”

“Just an apron,” she asks, winking at me with a smile on her impish face.

“I’m afraid we’ll have a repeat, my deliciously sweet wife.”

“Well of course.”

“Then I’m all yours, but tonight we have to go to your parents.” She does
a quick change and a clean up in the back bathroom before we lock up and leave
for the night. Her parents’ pies were picked up by her brother Aaron this
morning. He’s a nice guy who’s a lawyer in Dallas. A bit of a bore in my
opinion, but the guy loves his family as much as Justin and Edward.

“I can’t wait until the kids open their presents from us. They’re going to
love them.”

“They will I guess but Bobby is the oldest, so I doubt they will tell you.”
“No, but their toothless grins will. I can’t wait for our baby to celebrate
our first Christmas.”

“Soon, sugar. Soon.” By the time we get to Dallas the first snow of the
winter coats the ground. It doesn’t snow in Steeleville, so I guess this is a nice
little winter treat. I can do without snow and the cold all year long, but we’re not
always that lucky having lived in Dallas all our lives.

I help her out of the car and then grab the presents. Aaron comes out to
lend a hand. “It’s slippery,” he says, grabbing onto Penny. “Can’t have you fall.”
“Thank you.” When we walk in everyone greets us so happily. I hug my
mother-in-law then move to the tree to set the gifts down. We have a fucking lot
for these kids. I’m excited even though I won’t admit it.
“Hey, Jackson, can I have a word with you?” Justin asks, leaning in so
that no one else would hear.

“Sure.” I walk over to Penny and kiss her cheek. I’ll be back in a minute.
She nods and carries on talking with Enid.

“First, I want to say I’m sorry about all that’s happened. I know you
would do anything to protect Penny, but I never meant to put her in any danger.
All this time I’ve been worried that he or his gang would come after Enid and
Bobby. I didn’t think he’d be bold enough to come after my sister.”
“Shit, I didn’t think about them coming after your wife and son. Do you
need someone to keep a better eye on them while you’re at work and stuff? I can
send someone out to help with that.”

“I’m over here trying to thank you for protecting my sister and take a
yelling for what happened in the first place, and you’re offering help.”
“Fuck, you’re a police officer. Your line of work is dangerous, but you
help the public too. What happened to penny was terrible, and I hope they don’t
ever try again because I will slaughter every single one of them and turn them
into chum for the sharks in the Gulf.”
“I didn’t hear that, but I’m with you if it comes to that. There’s no way
I’d let these fuckers think they can come at my family.”

“That’s the way I’m feeling. I wouldn’t have let it go the first time if the
fuck wasn’t immediately attached to you. In our town, every one of the main
Riders has been deputized, so they are licensed to kill anyone attacking us, but
we won’t let most of it go to trial.”
“That makes it legal enough if you do arrest people,” he remarks with a
chuckle. “Your men wouldn’t be allowed to act as officers in my county though.”

“I know, but they can carry.”

“If you could get your men to patrol around when I’m on duty.”

“I can. I have that started the day after tomorrow. Now that that’s settled
let’s celebrate. I’m starving.”

The rest of the night goes smoothly. And on our way home, I thought
about who could handle the basic patrol. I hope it won’t be needed, but I need
someone who could handle the matter.

“What’s going on, Jackson? You’re awfully quiet.”

“I’m sorry, Penny. I’m just thinking about work,” I lie. I don’t want her
to worry about Enid and Bobby. They’ll be fine really. I doubt they will go for
them but being cautious is more important.

“Well, I’m thinking of going to bed,” she murmurs, squeezing my hand

and leaning her head back against the seat with a sigh. The rest of the ride, she
slowly dozes off and on.

As soon as we get inside, I lock up and lead her to the bedroom. “I’m
going to shower really quick.”
“Okay, I’m going to get ready for bed.”

I change and lay down in my boxers then turn on the television and off
the lights. When Penny shuts off the shower, I pull the blankets down so she can
get in, but the second she appears, I know my delectable wife has no intentions
of going to sleep.

She stands in the light of the bathroom, and I’m done for. Her long
blonde hair is in a braid over her shoulder, and she’s wearing a Panheads tee
shirt, pulling it down over her pussy.

“Let go of the shirt, wife,” I order, and she complies easily, releasing it
and showing me her light blonde curls on her pussy. Damn, I groan when she
bites her lip.

“Are you ready for bed?” she asks with a wicked smile.

“Not quite, but I know what I’m ready for.” I wag my finger silently
summoning her to me. She saunters over to me with every ounce of lust in her
body. I slide my boxers off in a hurry. My cock stands straight up, beads of cum
soaking the tip. Her eyes go directly there, but if she sucks me off right now, I
won’t last a minute. I’m so hard up for her. It’s been a whole damn day since
I’ve been buried deep inside of her. I pat the bed beside me, but she shakes her

“No?” I question.
“No, you have to earn this ride,” she says, slipping her fingers between
her thighs and into her slit and stroking herself. I grab my cock and run my
hands up and down my shaft. She sits on the window seat parting her thighs. “I
need you to eat my pussy, Jackson.” Fuck, I’m going to come like that. She’s
never told me to come get her pretty little pussy. I usually just take her cunt
between my lips and suck on her clit until she comes all over my tongue. I jump
up off the bed and rush to her dropping to my knees and shoving her thigh wide
before slipping my tongue inside. She cries out, thrusting her hands into my hair
and pumping her hips up for more. I growl, pushing two fingers into her pussy
soaking them then lowering them to circle the rim of her asshole where I’m
going tonight.

She’s been hinting at it for weeks, and now I’m going for it. I slip one
into her, feeling her clench around. “Relax, I want to prepare you for my cock.
I’m fucking that pretty ass of yours until we both pass out.”

“Damn it, Jackson I’m coming.” She cries out, screaming again and
again. I thrust another finger into her ass after soaking my finger in her pulsing
pussy. She moans again, but I need to get in her.

“Turn around,” I order. My voice is deeper than normal. I’m so fucking

ready to fuck. She leans her hand on the edge of the window seat and gets on all
fours. Fucking hell, she didn’t put this on. “If you see this the Bitch fell off.”
“I’m not falling off tonight, sugar.” It’s like a motherfucking challenge. I
thrust my cock into her pussy for three strokes before pulling out and plunging
past her first ring in her ass. “Breathe, baby.” Once she relaxes, I push deeper,
claiming her ass. We both remain still until she pops her ass back at me. Then
it’s game on. I pump forward with my hands on her hips, fucking her harder and
faster. I reach around and stroke her clit and dip my fingers inside, fucking her
both ways.

She cries out, her body tightening around me as she comes. Fuck, I can’t
hold back and come in her ass. Both of us are breathing heavily, but I need to
take care of her. I just drilled her pregnant body wildly. “Are you okay? Did I
hurt you?” I ask, pulling out of her and carrying her to the bathroom.

“Only when you first went in. Everything else was perfect,” she moans,
dragging my face to hers for a kiss.
“Let me run you a bath.”
“A fast shower is all I have the energy for,” she murmurs with her eyelids
I turn it on and test it before saying, “Fine, let me carry you in.”
Hurriedly, I wash my wife while she relaxes in the spray. This shouldn’t be such
a turn on, but the way she’s letting me care for her hits me in the chest. “I love
you so damn much, Penny,” I declare as I dry her off.

“I’m so grateful you do. I don’t know what I’d do if you hadn’t fought
for us.”

“That was never an option. You had me wrapped around your delicate
finger. Now, my beautiful wife, time for bed.”
A lifetime of this will never be enough.
Chapter 29
We pull up to the clubhouse and Penny can’t stop smiling. She’s ready
for everyone to try her new cupcakes. They are fucking amazing. I better hit the
gym more because her sweets and my desk job are going to make me fat.
I help her out of the truck but not before checking around for any
fuckheads lurking. I have a feeling it’s not over yet with Cortes and his men, or
with the gang from Paxton. Either way, I’ll do everything I can to protect her. We
heard that Cortes was staying away for the time being because we were coming
for him, but his little mafiosos were tearing through Arizona.

“Come,” I take her hand, Rico and Boss are holding the door and looking
to help. “Sugar, go inside, and we’ll get the rest of the treats.”

“Okay, but don’t drop them,” she implores with her eyes wide.
“I won’t.” She goes inside with Boss leading the way.

“Now that I got you alone. I want to talk to you.”

“We’re doing a deep cover thing, that I’ll be joining next week. It’s in a
competing cartel to Cortes. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be gone for a
while, and the crew won’t be filled in by me until I walk through the clubhouse
doors. I’ve told Boomer, but since you’re the second in command, I thought you
needed to know.”
“Fuck, I don’t know what to say. Other than, it’s fucking dangerous. It’s
not smart. Not smart at all.”

“We have an epidemic in this country. It can’t be destroyed from the

outside. We need a handle on the inside.”
“Fine. But brother, you better come back in one motherfucking piece and
“They don’t get the best of us Riders. Come on before your pretty wife
comes out here looking for her cupcakes.”

“Yeah, she’s going to think we dropped them.”

He claps me on the back and adds, “Or ate them.”

We get inside and there she is, coming toward us. “I thought you two
were causing trouble with my cupcakes.” She snatched the ones from my hands.
“You two are going to give me a stroke. She turns around immediately trips on
the edge of a chair, falling and sending the cute cupcake holder to the ground. I
wrap my arms around her, stopping her from hitting the damn floor.

“Oh no, the cupcakes.”

“Fuck the cupcakes, Sugar, you could have hurt yourself.”

Cowboy picks up the dropped container and opens the lid. “Don’t worry
your pretty little head. Some are a little smudged, but they smell incredible.” He
takes them over to the table then snatches one. “Payment for saving them,” he

“Holy shit. These are fantastic.” And like a fucking dinner bell ringing or
fresh blood around sharks, a feeding frenzy begins. They don’t touch the dinner.
Dessert comes first.
“Don’t you all want some food first.”

“Shush. With that talk you aren’t going to get any of these,” Crystal
warns me.

“It’s okay. I had four while they were cooling,” I tease them.
It’s a buffet style set up, and the guys let the ladies get theirs first.
Although, Crystal and Morgan made their men plates because they love them.
Penny’s making her plate, but she freezes then sets it down. And bolts out of the
room. Damn. I rush to her followed by Roxie and Doc.
“I’m fine,” she mutters from the bathroom.

“Pen, do you need anything?”

“No. I’m coming out right now.” She comes out wiping her face.
“Was there something that upset your stomach,” Doc asks, pressing his
hand to her forehead.

“Yes, it was the stuffing. Apparently, the baby doesn’t like it.”

“I’ll move it,” Roxie says, heading back to the food table.

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“I’m fine, Jackson.” She grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze. “Really, I

“Okay, let’s get something in you.”

“Always thinking about sex.”

“Baby, you’re the one with the dirty mind. I was talking about food.”

“Oops. Another side effect of this pregnancy.”

“That’s one side effect, I can get used to.” I lead her back out to the table,
and everyone has taken a seat, leaving a space for the both of us. And I noticed
the people who wanted stuffing moved to the other end.

“Thank you, but you didn’t have to do that, Crystal.”

“Girl, last week I had Boomer change his shaving cream because the
smell made me throw up. We all understand, and if they don’t they can suck it,”
she snaps at the guys around the room then pats Penny’s hand. I shake my damn
head and lead Penny over to the food table to get our plates.
“Merry Christmas everyone,” Boss cheers. Then a chorus of holiday
greetings ring through the night.
Everything is perfect…a little too perfect. I have a feeling like something
terrible is going to happen very soon.
Jackson and I are just coming home from a long day at the bakery. It’s St.
Patrick’s Day tomorrow, so I was preparing all the green treats. At five months
pregnant, I feel pretty healthy and agile. Most of the morning sickness is gone,
and I don’t have any more problems with smells either. According to Morgan’s
and Crystal’s need to pee all the time as they get farther along in their
pregnancies, I have a feeling that is soon to come. It’s fantastic that all three of
us sisters are going to have our babies around the same time. I hope the cousins
will be close. I have a medium-sized extended family, but we aren’t close like
the Riders seem to be, and most of them aren’t even related.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks, grabbing my hand and grazing
his lips against it while still focusing on the road. Damn, he’s so sexy.

I smile even though he can’t see it because I’m too happy to even explain
it. “Just about how all of our kids are going to be born around the same time.”

“Yes, baby. It’s going to be fun.”

“I wonder if we have more kids that will be the same ages.” Both of us
want a big family. I think he just likes knowing that I’m carrying his baby. He
goes all caveman every time he looks at me lately.

He nods. “It’s a huge possibility. If my brother has any say in it, Crystal’s
going to be pregnant all the time. Just like I plan to keep you.”
“I can get on board with that.”

“Good, wife. We have a lot of practicing to do tomorrow. All day I’m

going to have you in bed, coming over and over until your sweet little pussy
can’t take another orgasm.” I squeeze my legs together, eager to get home and
feel him between them.

“Stop it. I’m getting worked up here,” I complain, swatting his arm, then
relaxing back on my seat.

“That’s what I want. I want you ready to come on my fucking tongue the
second I get you through the door.” Fuck, I’m going to come hard if he keeps
this up.
We’re pulling to the house when his phone rings. The caller ID on the
dash comes up Boomer. “What’s up, bro?”

“I need you to come to the clubhouse. Now.”

“What’s going on?”

“I can’t talk about it over the phone.”

“Penny’s with me.”

“Bring her. I need to talk to you then we need to go to Church.”

“Understood.” He turns around to head to the clubhouse, but parks on the
side of the road. “I’m sorry, Penny. You know Boomer wouldn’t call me if it
wasn’t important.”

“I know. Don’t worry. You can make it up to me later.”

“I will. I promise. You know I love having your thighs crushing my


“Damn right.” We drive to the clubhouse and head inside. Boomer jumps
up on his feet while leaving Crystal who’s asleep on the sofa. “Sorry, Penny, but
I need to talk to Jackson alone.”

“That’s fine. I can rest here.” Jackson kisses me hard before going into
the back room together. I go through my phone, playing on it then I see what this
is all about.
On my homepage news feed, reads: Undercover DEA Agent Killed by
It doesn’t give any personal details of the agent, but I have the strangest
feeling this is why Boomer called Jackson in.

“Rico,” I sigh. I didn’t know him very well, but he was one hell of a
good guy. For another five minutes, I search the internet for more information,
but it’s just as vague as the rest.
The door opens, and Jackson comes out first. “Is it true?” I ask, holding
my phone up to him. He takes my phone, reading the one article. He nods then
pulls me into his arms. I rub his back and whisper, “I’m sorry, Jackson.”
He steps back, ducking his chin into his neck and looking down at me
then asks, “Thank you, baby. Are you okay? Do you want to go lay down?”

“At the house?” I wondered.

“No here,” he whispers. rubs my belly. “I’m sorry. I know you like your
pillow.” I have a baby body pillow that I love. Normally, I lay on Jackson, but
when I roll in my sleep, it cradles me.
I slide my hands up under his suit jacket, caress his chest. “I’m fine.
Really. I’m just worried about you.”

“I’ll be okay. We have to tell the crew, but for the time being, security is
going to get really heavy around you ladies.”
“I understand, but some of the people around here might be
“Tough shit for them. People in this town know damn well we run this
place. They should be used to seeing all of the Riders and the prospects hanging
around anyway.”

“I’m not going to argue with you, but if it fucks with my business, we’re
going to be talking.”
He smiles at me and shakes his head. “There’s the girl I met half a year

“What? Bitchy?” I inquire, smirking up at him.

He returns a grin, but then gets serious and says, “Well, I wasn’t going to
say that…but I would say direct.”

“In that case, I’m going to take my ass directly to the kitchen. I’m going
to see what we have to make. It’s getting late, and we’re going to need to eat.”
The clubhouse has a walk-in freezer and cooler because many of the guys come
here to hang out and have their meetings here.

“Let me know if you need any help, sugar.”

“I’m okay. Just take it easy.” I leave him there and quietly cry in the
Six years later…
So much has changed since I met Penny. Every one of the original Riders
is married with kids. It’s insane how Steeleville has changed, too. It’s grown to
double its population. Most of the businesses are owned by Steele Riders
members or their family. We still have kept the small town feel and won’t be
accepting any new residents since there are no new homes or apartment
buildings created. Penny and I are thriving with her bakery and my architecture
firm despite both of us refusing to work more than forty hours a week.

Our kids need our love and time. Penny’s past issues that framed her
future brought out the fears in her. Her dyslexia has gotten better since we’ve
been married, but she’ll never break away from it. So she worries that it’ll pass
on to the kids. Only the two oldest are of reading age, and so far, they are rock-
starring it. They even read at a higher level than they should. Our daughter is too
young to read at two, but only time will tell.

“Daddy,” Junior hollers, running up to me as he gets out of school.

“Daddy. I got a sticker,” he cheers. On his shirt, there’s a gold star.

“Hey, buddy.” I pick him up and hug him close. “So what amazing thing
did you do today?”

“I wrote my name perfectly on the lines,” he remarks, lifting his chin

proudly. He’s in Kindergarten, so this is a huge accomplishment.
“Congrats. We need to tell your mother.”

“Ooh, can we go to the bakery?”

“Yes, buddy, but first we need to pick up your brother and sister from
daycare.” On days when Penny has to work, and I have to work at the office, the
kids stay in daycare until I pick up Junior. At three and a half and two years old,
the kids are too wild for the bakery. I tried to have them in my office, but they
had fun drawing on my sketches. It was best that we brought them to the local
daycare. It was a well-secured place with prospects watching at all times and
security cameras everywhere.
We go and pick them up, then head over to pick up their mommy. She
needs to take it easy. Baby number four is already on the way; in the next two
weeks, we should be having another little boy. I’m thinking Penny is done after
this one. She wanted more than one daughter, but at this point, the odds aren’t in
her favor.

“Are we going to see grandma and grandpa this weekend?”

“Yes, we are.”

The kids cheer, “Grandma!” Like most kids, they are spoiled rotten by
their grandparents. I get the kids out of the car, carrying little Daisy while Junior
holds his brother Dylan’s hand. They walk into the shop ahead of me.

“Momma,” they exclaim, running toward the counter. She comes around
it and smiles at them then up at me. Suddenly her face contorts, a groan escapes
her pretty pink lips, and then a gush of water hits the floor.

“Looks like you’re going to Grandma’s sooner.”

“Oh no,” Penny cries out.

I’m on the phone right away to Doc to meet us at the Steeleville hospital
that we had built for our residents. Her staff goes around cleaning up the mess
and closing the shop while we got her things together.

As soon as we made it to the hospital, my in-laws were on their way to

pick up the kids from Penny’s assistant Lia who lived upstairs from the bakery.

“I love you, sugar,” I whisper, kissing her forehead before she begins
pushing out our little man.
“I love you, too,” she whimpers, squeezing my hand as the contraction
tears through her.
After almost an hour of pushing, our youngest son was born. I hold
James in my arms and grateful for the love of my life who made this all possible.