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 Punchy was right.

It was crazy for me to think Santa would choose


 Oh! Why’d I have to go and get my hopes up like that?

 Then again, what makes Nick so special?

 Just because his name happens to be “Nick”? A Candy cane by

any other name would taste as sweet. What’s wrong with “Jolly

Old Saint Henchy”?

 That has a nice ring to it too, doesn’t it? I’m the hardest working

elf in Santa’s workshop, and no one loves Christmas more than


 But Santa thinks this guy is the greatest thing since sliced fruit

cake. This guy doesn’t know the first thing about being Santa

Claus. If he gets the reins to the sleigh, he’ll single handedly

destroy Christmas!
 I can’t let that happen! I have to show Santa he’s wrong about

Nick. Once I have him out of the way, Santa will realize he should

have picked me in the first place.

 Nicky boy, you just messed with the wrong elf!