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Faia BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 2019 Legislative Priorities and Issues 1) Funding fr crisis intervention traning ane facities 2} Fully fund backfllof commercial and residential cuts 3) Increase the minimum wage and create plan to adjust tolvable wage 4) Funding for courthouse security, maintenance, and improvements 5). Other issues affecting Johnson County a. Change lowa Code to Count absentee ballots by date received instead of date postmarked Collective bargaining rights, €-Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) 4, County attorney salary cap County home tle, spending, and local governance f.Decategorization programs £, Disclosure of sles prices of real estate Included in the sale of LLCs h arly Childhood iowa |. Election moderszation J. Emergency mesical services (EMS) as an essential sevice . Housing State offices at local taxpayer expense Lindependent boards operating under county authority 1m. lowa Public Erployees Retirement System 1 Local Public Health Services Grant (0. Maintain jurisciction of children in juvenile court P. Marijuana reform 4. Medical examiner «Mental health unding and chitéren’s mental health programs + Projet labor agreements {Recreation and conservation 1. Renewable energy Retroactive Medicaid Ww, State funding forthe State Medical Examiner and OC Criminalistis Laboratory x State Noxious Weed Law ve State tobacco te 2. Veterans 1 Jonnson County Board of Packet Pg 4) ae {As elected officials of Johnson County, the Board of Supervisors believes thet we are best abe to represent the interests of our constituents regarding matters of loal concern, We are accountable forthe use of property taxes, for the efficiency of ourserices, and te effectiveness of our programs. We uke legislator to honor Lowa's ong history of "home nue" and keep decision making 3 the local level whenever posible. In addition, the Board of Supe visors wants legislators to know that cuts to State funding and programming that assists our most winerable residents ultimately strains local budgets and results in higher property taxes because services of ast resort—law enforcement, js, hospitals, and emergency service providers—deal with people inci. 1) Funding for eis ntervertion training and facilities lohncon County and ni area partners have trained over 190 Iu enforcemant ad service providers incre intervention techniques. We ae also exploring how to provide facities and programs that help people with ‘mentalillness and substance abuse obtain treatment and avoid spending time inal orn the emergency foom. This is a unique, collaborative atfor that has a great deal of community suppor. Johnson County is taking the lead in spearheading this regional effort, Communities that have implemented similar programs have seen reductions in the numberof al nmates over time, as well asa reduction in lemergency room visits. While ong-term cost savings may be realized, these efforts requie inital resources to ‘develop facilties and programs. Johnson County is working to identify the most efficient means of funding this Important fort. ‘The means by which counties may generat revenue, whether by property taxes or user fees, ie strictly controled by State statute, We ask the legislature to define crisis intervention training and facilities as an ‘essential county purpose, thereby allowing counties to use the debt levy for capital needs and the supplemental levy for operational expenses. 2) Fully fund backfil of commercial and residential cuts Johnson County joins many other counties and cities with deep concerns about the overall impact of commercial property tax reform adopted inthe 2023 legislative session, A growing percentage ofthe cst of government has shifted to residential propertytax payers asa result of State action, This trend will continue and willbe compounded if the State fais te honor its commitments. We expect the State to honor their promise to ‘maintain thei 10-year backfill schedule to which they had agreed. We ask the legislature to dono more harm ‘0 local government. 3) Increase the minimum wage lowa's minimum wage is curerty $7.25 per hour. The State minimum wage has not been increased since 2008, Inthe meantime, fie of the si states bordering lowa have raised their minimum wage. Johnson County is the ‘most expensive pace tole inlowa, where a single person would have to earn $13.04 per hour just to afford necessary expenses of life. Low-wage workers have to work multiple jobs, ve In substandare housing, and rely fon public assistance to survive mn 2015, Johnson County enacted a minimum wage ordinance to address these issues n our area, Pursuant to ‘that ordinance, the minimum wage in Johnson County increased to $10.10 per hour on January 1, 2017 and to 1510.27 per hour on July 1, 2028 n 2036, four other counties azo enacted their wn ordinances. A least 10,000 low-wage workers in Johnson County benefitted from the minimum wage increase. n 2017, the legislature took away local control on this issue, which may hae resulted ina wage cut for many ofthese workers. ‘The Johnson County Board of supervisors asks the legislature to address the needs of low-income workers in ‘owa while also respecting the authority of local governments to address local coeitions. Johnson County urges i ik 2 Johnson County Board of Packot P55 legislators to: ‘+ Ralse the state-wide minimum wage to $10.27 + Provide indexing so that future increases are not dependent on legisatve action. “+ Restore local contralto local governments who are in a better position to respond to local economic conditions and constituent demands. 4), Funding for courthouse security, maintenance, and improvements ‘The State requtes countes to furnish and maintain a faity that serves the justice system and provides 3 workplace for State empoyees who work for the counts. Legislators are wel aware ofthe steps thatthe Board of Supervisors has taken to address the fact that Johnson County’ 116ear-od courthouse is woefully inadequate to meet the current needs of Johnson County. While additional spaces a serious need, the Boards faced with an even more critical lemma in just making the bullaing secure fr all who use, Including the State and County employees who work there every da. State law provides significant limitations onthe options avalable ‘to the Board to address these needs. There ae several things the legislature could do to addres these issues: + Under current aw, bands issued for public buildings are authoriaed as “essential county purpose” bonds if the cost ofthe building project does not exceed dollar amounts specified in the Cade of lowa, For Johnson County, the amount s 51.2 milion. Tis amounts inadequate to address the significant space, security, and safety needs of many of lowe’ histori courthouses. At aminimum, the statute should be amended so that ‘the maximum bonding aunt i nt als the cos ofthe projec, allowing counties to bond fora portion of ‘more expensive projects. Johnson County urges legislators to raise the capped amount of essential county purpose bonds to atleast $5 milion. ‘+ Johnson County would like the legislature to classify the costs of courthouse maintenance and upgrades ‘san “essential county purpose,” allowing counties to tax forthe costs within the General Supplemental Fund ofthe budget. ‘+ Weaskthe legislature to work with counties to explore and allow other options to meet the State mandate. ‘The State should adequately fund court services. '5)_ Other issues affecting Johnson County 2. Change lowa Code to Count absentee ballots by date received instead of date postmarked ‘The United states Poital Service does not deliver mall as quickly as It used to, which has the potential to isrupt voting by mal, Firstcass mal, which includes absentee ballots, no longer arrives at its destination within one to three diy, but instead takes two to five days or more. Additionally, there are issues with the postmarking of ballots. State law says absentee ballots must be malied no later than the day before the election tobe counted. For ballots that artve ater Election Day, the lw says officials can use either the postmark or an “inteligent mall barcode” to determine whether it was malled on time legible or ising Postmarks can lead to more ballots being discarded, even If they were mailed on time. The law needs to be ‘changed to count abcente ballots by the date they are recelved inthe Auditors Office instead of the date postmarked, »b. Collective bargaining rights ‘Our county employees provide top-notch services tothe people of Johnson County, often in difficult or even dangerous situations. Ther dedication and persistence shouldbe afforded the respec it deserves. The ‘Board of Supervisorscalls for the reversal of recent Chapter 20 changes and the fll restoration of collective bargaining ights to government employees. saci 3 Johnson County Bord of Packet Pa