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4 3 2 1 Score
(N/A) (N/A) (N/A) (N/A) (N/A)

Craftmanship 15 3 2 1 Score
The slogan is The slogan is The slogan is The slogan is
exceptionally attractive in terms acceptably distractingly
attractive in terms of neatness. Good attractive though it messy.
of neatness. Well construction and may be a bit
constructed and not not very messy. messy.

Creativity 15 3 2 1 Score
Slogan is Slogan is creative Slogan is creative The slogan does not
exceptionally and a good amount and some thought reflect any degree
creative. A lot of of thought was put was put into of creativity.
thought and effort into decorating it. decorating it.
was used to make
the banner.

Originality 10 3 2 1 Score
Exceptional use of Good use of new Average use of new No use of new ideas
new ideas and ideas and originality ideas and originality and originality to
originality to create to create slogan. to create slogan. create slogan.

Grammar 10 3 2 1 Score
There are no There is 1 There are 2 There are more
grammatical grammatical grammatical than 2 grammatical
mistakes on the mistake on the mistakes on the mistakes on the
poster. poster. poster. poster.