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1/3/2019 Sun Media Group Mail - T J Plourde

Pamela Harnden <>

TJ Plourde
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Pamela Harnden <> Mon, Dec 24,2018 at 10:04 AM
To: Todd LeRoy <>

Good morning Todd,
The Sun Journal has received a tip that Spruce Mountain High School Principal TJ Plourde was fired Friday. Can you
please confirm or deny the tip for me?
Thank you,
Pam Harnden, Staff Writer
Sun Media Group
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207-578-4500 (C) <> Mon, Dec 24,2018 at 1:11 PM
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To: Pamela Harnden <>

Hi Pam,

I am traveling, so I just got your message. Here is what is going on:

The entire process in which we now find ourselves was initiated with our student's welfare as paramount. Mr. Plourde
was not fired. The plan has been to reduce the administrative team by one position and utilize the cost savings to bring
additional help and resources to our district's students. The original plan was to wait to implement this plan, but decided
to move the timetable up a little to begin the process of transforming two schools, the middle and high schools, into one
school, a secondary school. We currently have approximately 700 students in our middle/high school and the need for
additional student and staff resources district-wide outweighs the need for two principals in the one middle/high school
complex. Additionally, I believe we have the expertise and talent in our current administrative team to make this plan not
only successful, but to bring about significant improvements in student learning and achievement.

It is the district's intent to work with Mr. Plourde, assisting him in any way to find a new position, as we believe, if he takes
the experience he has accrued here in RSU 73, he has the opportunity to be a highly successful administrator. I
personally will provide him with a positive reference and letter of recommendation and will be more than happy to work
with Mr. Plourde in this process. Mr. Plourde is a hard working man who is well liked. and it is not our intent to cause him
difficulties in his professional career, but simply to increase student and staff opportunities. Mr. Plourde will continue to be
compensated during the process of finding a new challenge and a new district. It is never easy to make change,
particularly when it involves people and families, but again, my primary responsibility lies with the student's best interest.
I realize there are some who will not like the change, but I ask you to give it a little time. I personally guarantee you will
see positive change.

Our staff has been finding the transition from the traditional educational format to a standards/proficiency-based
educational system challenging. We have asked them to make significant changes without providing them the
professional development and training necessary to be successful in their efforts. We have an incredibly strong staff, but
you cannot expect them to soar with their wings restricted. Over the past few years, RSU 73 has made significant budget
decreases, leaving us short of funding in many important areas, so we have had to try to be creative in how we assure we
meet the needs and demands of our students. Honestly, this has not gone well, but not for lack of effort.

The new administrative team will look a bit different. Kevin Harrington, currently the primary school principal will be
assuming the secondary school leadership. In my time here I have seen Mr. Harrington in action, and I believe him to be
a true leader. Is he perfect? No, but no one is. Mr. Harrington has shown me he is a man who shares the district vision
and is working to make it a reality. He has done an outstanding job at the primary school and with his secondary
principalship experience, I am confident he will have a tremendously positive impact on the secondary students and staff.
Several highly positive outcomes are expected; first, the staff at both the middle and high schools will become one staff,
working and teaming as one coherent unit, making sure student learning outcomes are aligned and balanced through all
their time in grades 6-12 ( this truly is a wonderful opportunity to make sure everyone is working together and we develop
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1/3/2019 Sun Media Group Mail - T J Plourde

into a highly efficient family); second, we will have a single main office, allowing all those working in the office to have
access to all kids and the assistant administrator at both the middle and high school will be able to provide more efficient
services for a broader group of students; third, there will be a single guidance and counseling office, again allowing our
limited staff to form a larger team and meet student needs more efficiently, and finally, by combining the staffs we hope to
be able to offer students more choice and opportunity in classes and learning opportunities.

Mr. Albert will be assuming the role of primary school principal. Mr. Albert has been an administrator with RSU 73 for 19
years and we appreciate all he has done for us. He clearly is an asset to the district. I considered moving him into the 6-
12 position, but believe the role requires a new and fresh start for all those involved. I also felt it would be good for him to
have new challenges and hope that this move will prove an excellent opportunity for Mr. Albert and the primary school
staff and students.

I think that about covers it. I will be flying south soon and unavailable for several hours. I will look for any questions you
may have as soon as I am able.

Thank you, Pam,


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