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Nortce,--This Anthem may be sung without fee at Church Services, Organ Recitals, &c., which are absolutely free atkerwise fayment in aduance of One Shilling per performance must Be wade to the British “Agency General of the Sociéts des Auteurs &., de Afusigue, 19, Sackville Street, London, W. orto the . ‘Shcitté accredited Agencies throughout the British Empire.’ Annual Subcribers to the Société are exempted. . 0 DIVINE REDEEMER. . (ANTHEM) Words by ALFRED PHILLIPS. . Music by CH, GOUNOD, (1893.) Arranged from the Original Orchestral Score by LEIGH KINGSMILL. Molto moderato. tar me not a = SS a ye-ceive _ methoughun + rk “| E==|? 5 SSeS aa ie + ceive methoughun - turn me nob a = me ? wae Sse Sf ye- ecive —- mothoughun- wor - tum me nob a - . yu Qrghoctea Accompaniment may be had, price 7s. Ga.nett, Extra separate Instrumental Parts, 6d. each. 4 : 6 DIVINE REDEEMER. ae a —* t a t methoughwa-wor - thy, herr Thou = — —— t Nos. ashy Te Te =o ie ber oer Be we me, xe + delve me tho’ un-wor-thy,hearThou my ory, hear ores. aa ore Se me tho’ wo - = thy, hear SSS methoughin-wor - ‘thy, hear Thou my cry, hear =p 8 4 ——s ao 2: t ft Pp -Ee-$= x . ‘Thou my cry, be~ hold, Lord, my dis - tress... An-swerme from Thy Seo i. 2 is x x = ee eae. 3 aS —— st — ~ Thou my ery, be - oo ‘Lord, my dis + tress... ati. SS — is . i — = je Thou my-ery, be - hold, Tord, my cae ~ tres: 4 Sa dim. — =; a a Es aa Q DIVINE REDEEMER. 5 165. dim, ———4 ores. I ee Nee e ee ihmy deop an- guish. Let nobthe eword.... of vengeance “eres. = Sa an- guish, Let notthe sword... of vengennes pee i ort = Ppt = ee ee ee at rt = ea aD guish, inmy deep an-guish. Let not the sword... of vengeance e—o-e- z, OF = = bebe —p— ee a a rye ee ain FRI: = a Fes priyshewin my deop an-guish. Let potikeswordot ven » gence Gee — = = a == == pee eS to oe ea smite me, thougl ee ea qe be SSS == = sae fe ‘righteous Thinean- ger, Lord, "Shield me in dan - gitgqus Thine ane gon = hos a a = ea CZ a iS s—e_e 5 — a we emite me, thoughrighteous'Thinean-ger,0 Lord, Shield me in dan - ea feel ae Lord, Shield me in dan. = oN peu ee - pte ep Tord. Shieléme in dan = FE Vue ~ gard me, on ‘Thee, Lord, a-lone | ne. _— Cee. ares. f iS — or je, on ‘Thee, Lord, a- lone