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JULY 2010


This is to certify that this summer training report, is submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of Masters in Business Administration, is a bonafide work carried out by A. Beracah Padmini i under supervision and guidance in the Department of Management Studies, Michael Institute of Management, Madurai.

Signature of the Director

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Place: Madurai Date: .08.2010


I thank Ln. Dr. Stalin Arockiaraj, Chairman, St. Micheal Groups of Institutions, for his kind patronage in allowing me to carry out my training.

I express my sincere thanks to Dr. R. Bernard Shaw, Director, Michael Institute of Management, Madurai for providing me this opportunity and encouraging me to finish this training with grand success.

I am also thankful to my training co-ordinator Dr. P. Anbuoli, Lecturer, Michael Institute of Management, Madurai for his sincere advices, valuable information and his constant guidance right from the start of my training till the end.

I am very grateful to my guide Mrs. Rosary Kavitha, Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, for her support, continuous encouragement, valuable guidance and care throughout my project work.

I am much grateful to Mr. Andrew Pereira, Sr. Merchandiser, Celebrity Fashions, MEPZ / Special Economic Zone, Tambaram, Chennai, for getting me permission to carry on my training at Celebrity Fashions, for providing me necessary informations regarding the company and all his help to complete my training successfully.

Tambaram. Thiruvanchery. HR Manager. allowing me to interact with their employees and explaining about the various activities of the company too. Thiruvanchery. Christopher. Chennai.I extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Chennai and Ms. Celebrity Fashions. Celebrity Fashions. Krishnamoorthi. S. Celebrity Fashions. Welfare Officer. MEPZ / Special Economic Zone. Chellamal. HR Manager. Chennai. for providing me the necessary information. . Mr.

Madurai and this report is submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration. is a record of an original work done by me under the guidance of Mrs. Lecturer. BERACAH PADMINI. 53109631005 . Michael Institute of Management. Rosary Kavitha. No. Department of Management Studies.DECLARATION I hereby declare that this training report work submitted to Michael Institute of Management.A Reg.


It analyze various methodologies and training procedure adopted by the company to identify the training needs of its employees and thus based on these requirements.ABSTRACT: This training provides me an opportunity to understand the company’s training development strategies and the various training program launched by the company through an enriched environment and experts faculty to help them to achieve maximum growth and development . the training imparted to the employees in order to correct deficiencies and to further strengthen their strong points. .

sharpening of skills. but it’s knowing how to get there. It is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge. rules. skills. It’s not what you want in life. but it’s knowing how to take off . Training is activity leading to skilled behavior. concepts. It’s not how high you want to rise. It’s not where you want to go. and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. but it’s knowing how to reach it.INTRODUCTION TO TRAINING: The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge. or changing of attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of employees.

 Training can save the organisation money if the training helps the employee to become more efficient.  Training can be used to create positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviours and attitudes that are expected from the employee.  Training can be cost effective.BENEFITS OF TRAINING:  As the business world is continuously changing. organisations will need to provide their employees with training throughout their careers. It also demonstrates to the employee that they are valuable enough for the employer to invest in them and their development.  The other benefit of training is that it will keep your employees motivated. If they choose not to provide continuous training they will find it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. New skills and knowledge can help to reduce boredom. as it is cheaper to train existing employees compared to recruiting new employee with the skills you need. .

Consider the popular and often repeated quotation.IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING: The significance and value of training has long been recognized. “Give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. . Given today’s business climate and the exponential growth in technology with its effect on the economy and society at large. Teach a person to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This simple but profound saying is attributed to the wisdom of Confusius who lived in the 5th century BC. the need for training is more pronounced than ever.

. This set the foundations for the changes. artisans were inventing ways to become more productive. Opinion varies as to the exact date when it took place but place the First Industrial Revolution between 1750 and 1850. Fustian. iron founding and steam power. The three key drivers in these changes were textile manufacturing. and. were being eclipsed by Cotton which was becoming the most important textile. The geographical focus of Textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution was Greater Manchester and the small towns of the Pennines and southern Lancashire. This was usually on their own premises (such as weavers' cottages) – and goods were transported around the country by horse. Silk. Historians agree that the Industrial Revolution was one of the most important events in history. the manufacture of goods was performed on a limited scale by individual workers. or by river. and the second phase or Second Industrial Revolution between 1860 and 1900. in the early 1700s. and some contour following canals. Rivers navigations has been constructed. Prior to the 17th century.INDUSTRY PROFILE: The industrial revolution changed the nature of work and society. Wool.

. 2005 and subsequently its name got changed to Celebrity Fashions Limited.COMPANY PROFILE Celebrity Fashions was incorporated on April 28. Pantaloons and Ebony. Globus. T-shirts. Lifestyle. 1988 as Celebrity Fashions Private Limited as a small 50 machine factory and with 72 people. • Successful launch of the brand “Indian Terrain” reserving the market demands for the past 6 years. manufacturing and selling of men’s garments. in Chennai. The company became a public limited company on September 12. It caters to the demand of leading international brands and also to the domestic market through its own brand ‘Indian Terrain’. The company is engaged in the business of designing. linens. The company also has its own national premier menswear brand. and rugged out door casuals. Celebrity Fashions today is one of India’s consummate garment exporters with the capability to manufacturing the largest number of trousers in the country. INDIAN TERRAIN • Indian Terrain includes a wide range of smart casual cotton work wear. Indian Terrain. creating a distinct image in the “I-inspired work wear segment” and now becoming the “league of global Indians” • Availability of the brand in 75 own outlets and 250 outlets within a short span of 3 years and leading at mega stores of Shoppers Stop.

. Vans. Indian Terrain and Spirit. As in October 2007 Celebrity Fashions had about 5000 sewing machines in operation including 14 etonised lines for the bottoms division and at that time have a capacity of 750. Celebrity has been acknowledged by Timberland for its corporate social responsibility initiatives with an award for the same. Its production divisions are backed by top technical and merchandising skills. Its clients include companies like Timberland. The company operates the domestic division through two brands. Indian Terrain is a leading men’s wear brand in the premium segment.000 tops per month.The company is engaged in manufacturing and selling of garments. Its facility has a 6 bed medical in-house facility with a full time medical team and an active crèche.000+ trousers per day. Needless to say the state of the art manufacturing facility is used for manufacturing. etc.000 trousers & 500. It quickly climbed up to the leader spot across MBO’s like Lifestyle and Hi-fashion stores. The infrastructure facility feed the Gerber cutters with an output of 50. Celebrity Fashions continuously upgrades its facilities to set new benchmarks in the garment manufacturing industry by always keeping to its quality and time commitments. Nautica. Dockers. Armani jeans. Its design studios support the divisions and make them world class sourcing partners. Gap. The geographical segments of the company are India and rest of the world.

Bio stone wash. Types of wash include: Softener wash. Crackle wash. With a highly skilled Technical Team that has the capabilities of developing concepts through to final product. Biowash. Close liaison with all suppliers of the company ensures that the latest technology and specialist technical knowledge is integrated to ensure as partners to achieve the final results its customers require. CELEBRITY PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE The Celebrity Product Development Centre aims to provide a full & comprehensive service to all internal and external customers. Stone wash. Trend analysis and Life style presentation. THE CELEBRITY STUDIO The best fashion forecasting and inherent characteristics of the “Celebrity Studio” headed by 2 managers and assisted by 4 designers. sand blasting. Caustic wash. grinding and viscouring. Viewing its design area as a business process. Garments are manufactured with a variety of performance finishes like wrinkle free and stain free. Silicon softener wash. Golf ball wash. spraying. It provides its clients with various design support – such as CADD – for plaids & prints. Enzyme wash. customers can have total confidence that their specific and individual requirements will be met. Acid wash.000 pieces per day. Rubber ball wash.It has a washing capacity of 35. Dark wash and Light wash (Denim) Stiffener wash. .

ladies blouses. being one among the best in the country • • • • • • • • Strongly capable for value creation Strong management team and motivated and efficient work force Experienced team with industry specific knowledge Strong infrastructure set-up Experience with Cost-plus engagement models Delivery capabilities Commitment to quality A de-risked Business model strong customer base .Celebrity with its studio strikes the necessary balance between clothing design and garment production. shirts. • • An almost even business mix between USA (55%) and Europe (45%) Own design and development cell with the clients relying on design inputs for their collections – new ideas in processing. jackets. THE POWER OF CELEBRITY • Wide product-mix including men’s shirts. boxers and ladies dress. bottoms. finishes and fabrics • • Long term business relationships with clients being one of partnership philosophy Enlightened the retail business with “Indian Terrain”.

corporate governance and work place practices. STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY • • • • • Developing and offering specialty and fashion products. • To integrate seamlessly the domestic brand and the international export business with the capacity to adapt itself to the demanding product specifications for both international markets and the branded domestic business. achieving greater economies of scale and tapping the world markets with its unique styling. • Continuous strive in maintaining high standards in business with top quality ethics. • To continuously upgrade and benchmark systems and processes to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction. higher integrity and great quality products and services making us a valuable partner. Full capacity utilization and enhancing the existing capacities. . effectively moving up in the value chain. Maximizing operating profits – reduction of overheads and financial costs. Moving in the value chain – horizontal and vertical integration.GOALS • To become a powerful apparel business set-up. • To maintain high standards of investors relations. Efficient sourcing strategy to get inputs at cost-effective rates.

• Well-qualified and efficient Research and Development technicians for optimum productivity and quality. . • • Dedicated and committed workforce. making us the best in business. clothing not only maintain proper fit but also fit into fashions trends. Designs are consciously developed. • Constant up gradation of technology motorized by continuous reinvestment in our machinery and human resources.


S. Rama Rajagopal (Executive Director) • • • Is a post graduate in Economics from the university of Bangalore Has been on the Board of the Company since January.Surya Narayanan (Executive Director) • Is a graduate in Commerce and a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Worked for 8 years in Harita Finance Limited (TVS Group) • Has been associated with the Company since 1996 as GM.Finance and as Vice President in year 2000. 1994 Is Executive Director of the Company with effect from 1st October 2005 Mr.BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr.Venkatesh Rajagopal (Chairman and Managing Director) • • Is a post graduate in Economics and served as a IPS Officer for a decade Has been associated with the Company since Incorporation in 1988 as a Chairman and Managing Director and a promoter of the Company Mrs. .

P.S. Nidhi Reddy (Non – Executive Director) • Is a post graduate in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and post graduate in Business administration from XLRI .K. Mrs. • • Has been inducted on the Board with effect from 6th September 2006 Is Chief Executive Officer and an alternate director on the Board of Grundfos Pumps India Private Limited.Raman (Non – Executive Director) • Is a graduate in Commerce and a Lawyer with more than two decades of standing practice in Madras High Court and in Supreme Court.Executive Director) • Is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a post graduate degree in Business Management from XLRI. Mr. • • • Is a Advocate General of the High Court of Judicature at Madras Has been inducted on the Board with effect from 6th September 2006 Is director on the Board of M/s. N.Ranganath (Non .• Inducted on the Board as a director in the year 2001 and an Executive Director since 2004. Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd Mr.

Ranganath. Chairman Mr. Member Mr. N.K.S. Chairman Mr. P.Raman. N.Raman.K.Ranganath.Surya Narayanan.Rajagopal. Member Remuneration and Compensation Committee Mrs. Member Shareholders/Investors Grievance Committee Mr. P. Chairman Mr.• • Has been inducted on the Board with effect from 6th September 2006 Is a Vice President – Human resources for Mpower Software Services BOARD COMMITTEES Audit Committee Mr. Member Mr. S. V. Member .S.Surya Narayanan. Member Mr. Nidhi Reddy.S. P. S.Raman.

CUSTOMERS • • • • • • • • • • • LLBean inc Dilliard’s Vans The north face Timberland Eddie baver Croft & barrow Nautica American eagle outfitters Marlboro classics Kohl’s .


15502.16 17.31 13949.76 8594.63 58.77 44/26 Khaitan Wvg.89 292.03 1325/551 Swan Energy 1749.00 187/74 Koutons Retail 10466.16 8.85 14838.60 -0.83 73/41 Welspun India 13444.(Rs.75 151/41 Provogue India 3567.24 148.14 640/315 SKum.91 6413.90 37.48 19240.00 0.63 177/52 .40 5.27 13.84 15.50 -0.83 7619.82 272/158 Page Industries 3393.10 0. Mills 394.83 6.55 29675.43 11628.Million) 52-Week High/Low Jaybharat Textiles 4872.75 28/18 Raymond 13564.71 122.34 29.20 21915.71 9785.84 320.20 1.76 6581.02 170.73 11.00 764.10 -0.30 20.30 -1.47 6.25 22.40 88/38 Alok Inds 29769.35 -2.61 451/276 Arvind 23677.29 116/46 KPR Mill 7885.48 97623.Million) Current Price Change P/E Ratio (%) Market Cap.Natn.45 241.33 44.80 1250.Sales Company (Rs.73 6687.88 278/170 Bombay Dyeing 16427.56 579/225 Bombay Rayon 13424.00 265.00 843.55 -4.20 1.40 74.10 -3.28 81.16 15834.58 32.05 -0.45 255.75 0.80 567.

customer can have total confidence that their specific and individual requirement will be met. Types of Products • • • Shirt Trouser Pants SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Celebrity has been acknowledged by Timberland for its corporate social responsibility initiatives with an award for the same.PRODUCT PROFILE Celebrity Fashions Limited products development center aims to provide a full and comprehensive services to all internal and external customers with a highly skilled technical team that has the capabilities of developing concepts through to final products. Our facility has a 6 bed medical in-house facility with a full time medical team and an active crèche. . customer through to final product.

Celebrity Fashions is proud of it's commitment to worker welfare .

. the actual fabric consumption is worked out at the CAD dept based on the color and size ratio and the fabric is ordered. labels. threads etc… Additional cost Washing. This study is done by the IE. embroidery etc… RAW MATERIAL ORDERING Fabric ordering for bulk Once the costing is finalised and the buyer places the order. zipper. SAM (Standard Allocated Minutes) This is nothing but the time taken to make 1 garment. Fabric cost Based on the quality of the fabric the appropriate fabric mill is chosen and the best price is worked out. printing.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT PROCESS FLOW COSTING CONSUMPTION FABRIC The pattern is made at the CAD dept based on the tech sheets / specifications received from the buyer and the fabric required to make 1 garment is calculated. Based on this the making cost is worked out. Trim cost Cost of all the trims used in the garment like buttons.

Trims ordering for bulk Similarly the required trims are also ordered. FIT APPROVAL Fit sample Sample is made using actual quality of fabric with closest available trims. Trims Similarly once the trims are in house. magazine release etc . RAW MATERIAL CHECKING Fabrics Once the fabric is brought into the warehouse. it’s checked for quality. ADDITIONAL SAMPLE Business Promotion Samples Special samples are made for advertisement. This process gets repeated incase the buyer is not satisfied nor needs any change.. shrinkage etc. quantity etc. it is checked for quality. This is sent to the buyer for fitting and construction approval. Once it passes the required standard its then move to the cutting dept for cutting. quantity. Pre Production Sample (PPS) A sample is made is the actual fabric in the actual color with all actual trims and sent to the buyer for final approval before proceeding into bulk. color.

GPT SAMPLE Garment package testing A garment is made with actual fabric and trim and tested for the physical and safety parameters. In this meeting all the technical and commercial aspects are discussed so that there is no issue during production. SIZE SET Factory (Internal Review) The final approved pattern is graded to all the required sizes and 2 or 3 garments are made in each size and the measurements are verified against the buyers’ requirement. . PPM Pre production meeting A file is made by the merchandising team which is reviewed by the tech team and handed over to the factory with the final approved sample. PRODUCTION START UP MEETING For technician review This meeting is conducted by the respective buyer's QA with the factory personal to reconfirm all aspects are as per the buyer requirement.

PACKING Price tickets. specs etc before moving into bulk production. FINISHING At this stage. trimming. Then segregated destination wise and packed into cartons. BULK PRODUCTION start WASHING In case of wash program. hang tags. ironing etc are done.PILOT RUN 1st lot production Based on the order qty 500 -1000 pcs are made and checked for quality. SHIPMENT The packed goods are offered to the external QA (Buyer’s QA) for auditing. . Buttoning. poly bags etc are fixed. And then it’s shipped out.


Most of the workers are from illiterate background so its difficult to handle them They do not accept any change easily. • • • • • • • • • .LEARNINGS • I have learnt about the various departments in the company I got an overall understanding about the company’s activities and functions I learnt the duties of various department managers I have got a good exposure in an international company The recruitment procedures that they followed were new to me. Frequent absenteeism was a major problem. Besides positive learning. I also understood the limitations in the company. They advertised in front of churches and other institutions too.


CONCLUSIONS In conclusion. As a result of the training now I am more confident to enter the employment world and build my future career. The whole training period was very interesting. All of this valuable experience and knowledge that I have gained were acquired through work observation. . Through this training I was able to gain new insights and more comprehensive understanding about the real industry working condition and practice. there were many things that I have experience and learned during this one month of my Industrial Training at Celebrity Fashions. I strongly feel that this is also the best way to prepare students in facing the real life working conditions. instructive and challenging. Itt also has provided me the opportunities to develop and improve my soft and functional skills. interaction with colleagues and superiors in the company. Chennai.

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