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Stage/Time Aims Procedures Material Interaction

Warm-up To get students The T greets the Ss and asks them how they are. Then he tells the Blackboard, T-Ss-T-Ss
5` ready for the Ss how he has come. chalk
lesson by drawing The teacher asks the Ss how they spent their weekends.
their attention

To present the Teacher starts by writing the some words in the black board then
blackboard T-Ss
language that he asks the students what they understand by the words such as
students will need these: Exercise Ss-T
Lead- in in order to carry Tour guide
10` out the reading Tourist
activities quite Witch doctor
well After having heard the Ss the T asks them to say the words clearly
and then he provides examples whereby the words are used.
Tour guide a guide who leads others in a journey around a
particular place. Look at the picture in your textbook.
Tourist a person who travels for pleasure Eg: he or she travels to
know different places, zoo, beaches, rivers, etc
Witch doctor a person who is believed to heal through magical
power. Eg have you have gone to see a witch doctor?

Get students to T tells the students that they should read the text silently, for this
skim the text and activity they only have three minutes
answer some Afterwards the T has the Ss answering the following guiding
guiding questions questions

1 what and who is the text about?

2 what is janet`s job?
3 janet is taking the tourists to four places. True or false? Justify.
4 People perform special ceremonies in the Ligonha River. True
or false? justify.
While reading
15` Ss answer these guiding questions and the T intervenes in the
Get students to Now T invites students to read for detailed information. T asks
scan the text and students what they need to be careful about while reading and
Textbooks T-Ss-Ss-T
then do the answering the questions.
activities The Ss concern is to answer the comprehension questions found and Exercise
in their textbook on page 65. They have to carry out the activity in
1 Comprehension questions?
1 what does Janet do?
2 where do the tourist come from?
3 what is the name of the community where Janet works?
5 what animals can you find in Ligonha River?
6 are the animals found in the river dangerous?
7 who is Dr Mpapanha?
8 Did the tourists consult the witch doctor?

To give feedback Then, after all, the T gives feedback to the Ss.and after this
to the students and activity he will be telling the students the importance of reading
suggest possible for comprehension.

Allow Ss to use This reading lesson could possibly be followed up by speaking.

the knowledge The teacher instructs the students to be in groups of four students
Follow up taken in through and then choose three places of their community and simulate
15` the text by taking their partners to visit them. They shouldn’t forget to make
Integrating it into comments about the places they visit.
a new skill. For example, on our left, Custodio we have Zimpeto market,
here you can buy cheap mangoes, bananas, tomatoes... then in
front of us there is the stadium. Where all Mozambicans come
and watch football, there is also a swimming pool. If you want
Custodio, we can swim now
T goes round the class to help where necessary. Then he asks the
groups to perform before the class..
Afterwards the T gives final considerations.
School: Josina Secondary School Duration: 45’ Date: 21st June 2018
Grade: 8 Method: individual work and pair work Topic: Reading

Teacher: Rafael Alfredo Madime Focus: (skill)

Material: chalk, board, duster and textbook

Class description

This classroom is composed of 40 students whose ages are around 12-13. They’re somehow false beginners and are good at prediction. They are
typically noisy students, thus the teacher should be attentive to call students attention when necessary. They like when teacher gives example using
their names. There are many students who have shown large interest in learning English, namely Paula, Felizarda, Mario… The lesson starts at
10:30 a.m. and students are obviously so tired after physics lessons.

Main aim: By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

Improve their reading skills as they manipulate the text.

Subsidiary aims: Personal aim:

To develop reading for comprehension skills To elicit students into keen reading

I am going to try to manage the time. To improve my writing skills on the board

To learn vocabulary related to reading

Timetable fit

Students were given three types of tenses (present simple, present continuous and past simple) and these last two weeks we dealt with different
types of adverbs (adverbs of time, place and manner), last class they had studied pat continuous tense, the tenses mentioned will be found in the
reading text and will enable them to comprehend the text

Assumption I assume that students have an idea of what reading skill is; therefore they will easily tackle today’s lesson. And I also believe they
are capable to to read for gist, scan the text, which will be relevant for comprehension and as a point of fact this will lead into a speaking activity.

Anticipated problem Possible solution

Students do not like to Most of the examples the teacher
contribute, sometimes they is going to give will probably
dislike even to agree or include students’ names. At least
disagree with the teacher. they will be motivated to say