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EN-Instruction sheet

ERC 101 kit

Installation Display / operation

yy Insert the ERC 101 in to the cabinet Press BRIEFLY to defrost
yy Attach the clips to each side of the ^
Press the button
ERC 101 5 seconds to ON/OFF
Press UP/DOWN to
^ adjust setpoint

The green def symbol is list Flasching

when in defrost mode Press any button to acknowlege
Technical highlights Input/output
Press: variable direct function defrost Press: tempearture setpoint
yy Pre-programmed - ready to use Sub function: BACK sub function: UP
yy Compressor protection against instable voltage DO ERC 101
yy High condensing temperature protection 1(o1) DO1: controller
Press: upper left button BACK
yy Compact design - total depth is only 46 mm 2 L UL: 16FLA 72LRA, to return to parameter group ^ Press and hold for 5 seconds
3 N to enter the menu
yy Real 16 A power relay - up to 2.5 HP compressors IEC: 16(16)A ^
To select: press the lower Press: UP/DOWN to scroll
yy Automatically controlled brightness of large-size LED display Input/ Cabinet Evapor. Conden. through the menu
left button (OK)
yy Fully compatible with flammable refrigerants (R290) Sensors Sensors Sensors Sensors
yy Moisture protection (housing & coating) S1
yy Advanced defrost algorithms S2 100-240VAc +/-10% 50/60Hz Press: variable direct functionON/OFF Press: tempearture setpoint
Sub function: OK sub function: DOWN
OT 55
Technical specifications 1 2 3 DO & Input/Sensors
Operation menu
100 V AC - 240 V AC 50-60 Hertz, automatic switch Press 5 sec both right buttons
Power supply to access the menu
mode power supply
Rated power Less than 0.5 W 1) Parameter groups
Dimensions mm ^
Danfoss NTC Air temperature probes ^
2 analogue inputs Danfoss NTC Condenser ^ Scroll through the
^ menu group
temperature probes (optional)

36.5 mm

28 mm
Output compressor 16 (16 A) EN60730; 16 (16 A) CQC; 71 mm
^ 30 mm
relay 16 A (16 A FLA / 72 A LRA) UL60730
LED display, 3 digits, decimal point and 47.25 mm Higher left button to exit
Display rear mounting
multi functionality icons, °C scale 78.25 mm 51.25 mm Lower left button to confirm
0 °C to 55 °C, 93% rH
conditions 2) Parameter name
Storage conditions -40 °C to 85 °C, 93% rH
Measurement range -40 °C to 85 °C ^ Scroll through the
^ parameters group
Front: IP65 / Rear: water and dust protection
Protection corresponds to IP31, accessibility of connectors limit
rear part rating to IP00
Higher left button to exit
Pollution degree III 3) Parameter value
Environmental (can be mounted inside a refrigerated cabinet), Lower left button to confirm
Resistance to heat
Category D (UL94-V0)
& fire
EMC category Category I
Compressor relay: The inputs are not galvanic separated and are connected directly to
Operating cycles more than 175,000 at full load ((16 A) 16 A) the mains supply! For that reason, door-switches, sensors as well as the cables must fulfil the reinforced
insulation requirements.
R290/R600a: EN/IEC 60079-15:2005,
Glow wire according to EN/IEC 60335-1,
Approvals IEC/EN 60730, UL60730, NSF, CQC, GOST R 60730 Safety info
Note: These approvals are only valid when using the Risk of electrocution!
accessories listed in this document For mounting: do not connect mains power until the controller is correctly mounted.
For unmounting: disconnect the power supply before unmounting.

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EN-Instruction sheet ERC 101 kit

Menu Parameters Cod Description Min Max Unit De- Menu Parameters Cod Description Min Max Unit De-
fault fault
Setpoint Stp Setpoint -50 80 C 2 Assignments Assignments of inputs and outputs
Thermostat tHE Thermostat settings S2 Application S2A Application to be controlled with Sensor nC Con - nc
C. (nC=Not Connected, Sco= Temp control,
Setpoint adjustment SPr Current setpoint adjustment value diF * SPr 0.0 1.0 - 0.0 EuA= Evap temp, Con=Cond temp {condenser
ratio cleaning})
Differential diF Thermostat differential 0.0 20.0 K 2.0 DO1 configuration o1C Relay output 1. compressor (CoP) CoP HeT - CoP
Air temperature tAD Air Temp Adjust 0.0 20.0 K 0 2. Heater HeT
adjust Password level1 PS1 Shop owner Most common parameters 0 999 - 0
Alarm ALA Alarm setting Password level2 PS2 Service technician all parameters with read 0 999 - 0
High temperature HAt Alarm is activated above this temperature -50.0 80.0 C 15.0 permission and possibility to change a
alarm (Celsius ) number of parameters
Low temperature LAt Alarm is activated below this temperature -50.0 80.0 C -50.0 Service Service
alarm (Celsius ) Voltage value uAC Current main power supply voltage 0 270 V AC -
Compressor CoP Compressor Setting Relay 1 counter rL1 Thousands of cycles of compressor relay since 0 999 1000 -
Min run time Crt Minimum time compressor must run 0-30 0 30 min 0 manufacture
minutes Interval counter int Compressor run time since last defrost 0 999 min -
Min Stop time CSt Minimum time compressor must idle 0-30 0 30 min 0 Defrost time counter dnt Duration of last defrost cycle [min] 0 999 min -
Firmware version Fir Danfoss software version number - - - -
Max OFF time Cot Maximum time compressor must idle 0-480 0 480 min 0
minutes Hardware version HAr Danfoss hardware version number - - - -
Error run time Ert Compressor run time if temperature sensor is 0 60 min 0
not working (0-60 minutes )
Error stop time ESt Compressor stop time if temperature sensor is 0 60 min 0 Problem solving
not working (0-60 minutes )
Minimum cut-in uLi When compressor is OFF: 0 270 V AC 0 Problem Probable cause Remedy
voltage lowest compressor start voltage (0-270 V)
Waiting for compressor delay timer Check CoP->CSt
Minimum cut-out uLo When compressor is ON: 0 270 V AC 0 Compressor does not start
voltage lowest operation voltage (0-270 V) Line voltage to compressor too low or too high Check CoP->uLi, uLo, uHi

Maximum voltage uHi When compressor is ON: 0 270 V AC 270 E01: Sensor "S1" defective Replace sensor
E01 or E02 is shown on display
highest operation voltage (0-270 V) E02: Sensor "S2" defective Replace sensor
Power ON delay Pod Delay in seconds between power ON & 0 300 Sec 180 Display alternates between "Con" and Condenser temperature exceeds the Clean condenser,
compressor being activated temperature temperature set in condenser settings menu Check Con->CAL, CbL
Defrost dEF Defrost Setting Display alternates between "Hi" and Temperature too high Check ALA->HAt
Defrost type dFt No: defrost function is disabled, no nat - nat temperature
nat: OFF-cycle defrost (natural defrost) Display alternates between "Lo" and Temperature too low Check ALA-> LAt
Terminating temp dtt Temp at which defrost stop 0 25 C 7 temperature
(evap temperature or cabinet temperature)
Def Min Interval dii The minimum time in hours between the start 0 96 hours 6
of each defrost cycle
Def Max Interval dAi The maximum time in hours between the 0 96 hours 7
start of each defrost cycle
Def Min time dit The minimum duration of a defrost cycle 0 240 min 10
in minutes
Def Max time dAt The maximum duration of a defrost cycle 0 480 min 30
in minutes
Condenser Con Condenser protection settings
Condenser Alarm CAL If condenser sensor exceeds this temperature, 0 85 C 75
Limit alarm is activated
Condens er Block CbL If this temperature is exceeded, compressor 0 85 C 85
Lim it will be stopped
Condenser OK limit CoL Temperature at which compressor may start 0 85 C 60
after a stop due to exceeding CbL
Condenser Low Temp CLL Temperature below which the compressor is -50 20 C -5
not allowed to start
Display diS Display setting
Lock-time After dLt Display lock time after defrost (0-60 min) 0 60 min 5

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