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Questions to Canon

1. We need to be able to modify (when scanning, printing or copying) on the printer itself:
- B/W or Color
- Number of Copies
- Name of the Scanned job when sending the job if necessary

2. Not possible to scan checks because of the distance of the rolls I guess… How does Canon solve

3. Is it possible when scanning To Myself, send the scan job directly without having the need to
press next?

4. We still need to setup the mobile printing:

5. We need to setup scanner with the correct email account:

6. The printer sends the scanned Jobs not in order of being scanned but according to the size of
the job

7. How to reorder icons on the printer

a. We just need the items of Secure Print – Scan but also Fax and Copy included 8.

8. To be able to restrict jobs per user profile… We need to star creating the profiles… took some
notes about it