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Do you want to become an agent of

Oriental Insurance?
Ever since the formation of the Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority (IRDA) and the opening of the insurance
sector there has been a tremendous growth in the market for both
life insurance and non-life insurance. New norms have been
introduced for licensing of agents and rates of commission have also
increased exponentially.

There is a lot of earning potential in this field and if you don’t mind a
little hard work, Oriental welcomes you to join its family.
Requirements as per IRDA for licensing of Insurance Agents are

1. Qualifications: ---The applicant should possess the minimum

qualification of a pass in 12th Standard or equivalent examination
conducted by any recognised Board/Institution, where the applicant
resides in a place with a population of five thousand or more as per
the last census, and a pass in 10th Standard or equivalent
examination from a recognised Board/ Institution if the applicant
resides in any other place.

2. Practical Training . --- (1) The applicant will have to complete

100 hours training in general insurance from an approved institution.
This will be 150 hours for agents seeking a licence for both life and
general insurance.

The requirement for training is 50 hours in case the applicant

possesses any of the following qualifications:

Associate/Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai;

Associate/Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
New Delhi;
Associate/Fellow of the Institute of Costs and Works Accountants of
India, Calcutta;
Associate/Fellow of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India,
New Delhi;
Associate/Fellow of the Actuarial Society of India, Mumbai;
Master of Business Administration of any Institution / University
recognised by any State Government or the Central Government; or
Professional qualification in marketing from any Institution /
University recognised by any State Government or the Central

For such agents seeking life and general insurance (composite)

licence the training period will be 70 hours.

3. Examination : After completion of practical training the applicant

has to pass a prerecruitment examination which is conducted by the
Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai.

(Full details available on the IRDA website ‘’ )

If you meet the minimum qualifications please visit the office of our
company nearest to you (Divisional Office/Branch Office/Regional
Office). The addresses of our offices are available on this website.

Please approach the Officer In-charge and give him an application on

plain paper. After a preliminary scrutiny and brief interaction with you
the concerned officer would proceed with your application based on
your suitability. Training would be arranged by the office at a nominal
charge. The fees for the licence is fixed by IRDA (currently Rs.250/-).