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Paul Justin M.


Rizal Course - Final Paper

1. How did Rizal use the Noli Me Tangere in giving light to the root cause of the problem of the
- Noli Me Tangere is a novel written by Jose Rizal during the colonization of the country by Spain
to describe perceived inequities of the Spanish Catholic priests and ruling government. He aims
to awaken the feeling of his countrymen. He describes the classical types on the country during
that era. He reveals also his excellent gift of observations. One of his primary reasons is to attack
especially the Dominicans and the Franciscans. Jose Rizal use Noli Me Tangere to give light to
the problem of the nation. By reading of this we informed with the social forces which fight each
other, thus preventing the realization of Rizal’s ambition for the Filipinos to regain their human
rights, especially human dignity, justice and freedom. He uses the novel for us Filipinos to open
our eyes to the reality. He also used the novel because he what to express everything about of
the word of God which friars used for them to benefit and corrupt people. It expresses sad
condition of the society, beliefs, hope, dreams and the cry of the Filipino people. In the novel it
expose all the corruption and abuses in the government, he describe the wrong works, violence,
brutality and suffering of the Filipinos due to slavery and poverty.

2. What were the key points Rizal put in El Filibusterismo to understand his ideology of
“Revolution”. Did it materialize at the end of the novel? Explain.
- Jose Rizal wrote El Filibusterismo after his experience the negative repercussions of his first
book, Noli Me Tangere. His initial account of the injustices within the Philippines angered those
who held political power, specifically the friars. This led to an increase in oppression towards his
family, who faced a lot of unnecessary persecution and legal attacks, and eventually, exile form
the Philippines. In summarizing some parts of the novel, we can understand the idea of
revolution when Crisostomo Ibarra is back and as Simoun by changing of the character’s name
we will understand the reason why did he change; and it because he wants revolution. Ibarra
left the Philippines and became a wealthy jeweler. He came back to the Philippines as Senor
Simoun, disuised with a beard. He seems to have long abandoned his once vision of ending the
absolutism of Spain with words and peace. He becomes hungry for revenge for all the
misfortune our country has suffered under the absolutism of the Spaniards. And near the end of
the novel, when, he discovers that his lovers, Maria Clara, died in convent, he becomes all the
more furious. Simoun is a friend of the Captain-General. He encourages the government to
make bad decisions and to abuse their power so that it would spark a revolution among the
3. What could be the relevance of studying the works of Jose Rizal in promoting Filipino
nationalism? Please cite some examples.
- Jose Rizal’s works was for the love for his family, love for others and love to someone. His works
is usually showing their love for the country. It promotes the Filipino nationalism. When we
analyze deeply the novel, poem or the other works of Rizal we will understand that he focusing
for the motherland, if not he focusing for the native in the motherland. One of the examples of
poem that addressed to the native Filipino. Hymn to Labor he wrote the poem to addressed to
the Filipino specifically to every individual the role and importance here in our society. His novel
Noli Me Tangere is one of the famous novels in the world. Personally, I did not understand at
first what the novel all about was because we only perform a song and we act only this novel
when we were in high school level. I attend the Opera of Noli Me Tangera but still I did not
understand what Rizal wants to give to us I just listen and clap. I understand only the novel
when we discussed it in simplest way. We simply discussed it and comparing it to the modern
society and because of this we understand what Rizal wants to tell in our society. I think when
all Filipino understand the concept Noli me tangere and the other works of Rizal, we will
understand the true concept of Nationalism. Sad to say, some Filipino and some official did not
know what are the real concept and the truth of being nationalist. I will not forget what my
professor told to us to become a nationalist. He simply said “do not pretend……Just be yourself”
simple words but deep explanation and meaning.