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2019 Legislative Program


Fully take over county Maintain 100% reimbursement for Use a portion of the $225 Ensure a fair and level
implementation costs and delink million appropriation for plan playing field for all main street
Medicaid costs and provide
from the property tax cap. development & implementation
mandate relief. businesses and retailers.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs Environment

• Support a statewide dairy supplemental price system, • Support educational initiatives related to recycling.
promote consumption of milk in schools, and fund local • Provide state assistance for localities affected by
agricultural assistance. increases in recycling costs.
• Increase state support for Cornell Cooperative Extensions. • Invest in testing and treating for emerging contaminants:
Cannabis Legalization PFOA/PFAS, 1-4 dioxane, and HABs.
• Provide counties with resources for public education and • Create an industry supported paint stewardship program.
and technical assistance to manage the societal impact to • Support a statewide solution to mitigate the
public health, public safety, criminal justice, consumer environmental impact of single-use plastic bags
protection, and economic development, among others.
• Expand the NYS Returnable Container Act (“Bottle
Children with Special Needs Bill”) to include more glass containers, such as liquor,
• Improve the Early Intervention Program by addressing the wine, and iced tea bottles.
lack of providers in many areas • Continue to relieve taxpayers from costs of e-waste
• Require providers to maximize third party reimbursement disposal.
prior to seeking payment from counties and the state. Gaming
• Expand Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) to include • Resolve the gaming compact dispute with the Seneca
children with special needs. Nation and hold counties harmless through state
payments in the interim.
Community Colleges
• Increase state FTE support to community colleges. • If sports gaming is permitted in NYS, equitably share
some of this revenue to all New York counties.
• Provide full reimbursement for community college
chargebacks for 4 and 6 year degrees at the Fashion Human Services
Institute of Technology (FIT). • Make permanent housing the central focus of preventing
homelessness, while developing a more effective
Economic Development emergency shelter model.
• Support investments in shovel ready/market ready sites.
• Provide temporary training locations closer to home for
• Authorize Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) to county child welfare workers.
provide loans and grants.
• Prioritize and expand broadband and cellular Judiciary
coverage to unserved and underserved communities. • Fund state-mandated salary increases for district
• Consolidate federal and state primary elections or provide • Lower judgement interest rates.
state funding for duplicative primaries.
• Fully fund counties for early voting if implemented.


2019 Legislative Program
Local Finance & Tax Relief Public Employee Relations
• Increase county retention of revenues derived from • Repeal the NYS Scaffold Law, or reform it to
county DMV operations. include a pure standard of comparative negligence.
• Reimburse counties 100% of all costs of a cashless bail • Grant county home rule authority to allow for the
system. establishment of countywide EMS related districts.
• Provide permanent and meaningful mandate relief.
• Ensure local home rule bills—like sales tax—are acted
Public Health & Mental Heath
on quickly, provide longer extension periods, and • Provide for a 50-50 state and local share for counties
eventually make them permanent. investigating unattended deaths.

• Eliminate the sales tax exemption for energy service • Support Article 6 programs by raising the base grant
companies. and increasing state reimbursement to local health
• Ensure a level playing field between existing taxi and
livery companies and TNCs like Uber and Lyft • Establish permanent jail-based substance use disorder
treatments and transition services programs in all county
• Eliminate the use of “dark store theory” as a way to correctional facilities.
lower property tax assessments.
Public Infrastructure & Transportation
Shared Services
• Make it easier for local governments to create health • Authorize use of successful wildlife management at
insurance consortiums. airports.

• Continue state matching funds for savings generated • Reauthorize a new round of funding for the Competition
through the countywide shared services initiative. to Revitalize Upstate Airports.

• Adjust property tax cap provisions that work against • Increase CHIPS funding and continue to fully fund
local shared services and functional consolidations. PAVE NY and a new round of BRIDGE NY.

• Ease court consolidation procedures. • Increase the CHIPS bidding threshold to give municipalities
flexibility to bid out or perform in-house projects.
• Use a portion of $225 million appropriation for plan
development and implementation. • Authorize use of design-build contracts for localities.

Medicaid Public Safety

• Reimburse counties detaining state parole violators at
• Ensure no new costs are shifted to counties as the
local correctional facilities for over 10 days.
state continues to realign Medicaid administrative
functions. • Enhance counties’ share of statewide 9-1-1 surcharge to
support public safety answering points.
• Provide more incentives and assistance to counties
to supply personal care aides and related workers to • Release the interoperable emergency communication
eligible recipients. funds in a more timely manner.
• Increase the State income tax credits for volunteer
Property Tax Reduction firefighters and EMS workers.
• Enact “No New Unfunded Mandates” legislation and • Allocate funding for a school resource officer in every
cap current state mandated costs at a rate that does not school district throughout NYS.
exceed the state-imposed property tax cap.
Veteran Services
• Restore support for State Veteran Benefit Advisors.
• Expand Veteran Treatment/Diversion Courts.