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Globe University - Minnesota School of Business – Broadview University – Broadview Entertainment Arts University

Introduction to Literature HU150

Course Addendum

Instructor Contact Information

Rob Westerlund
Contact anytime by email

Class Meetings
Spring 2016 Quarter
February 13 – March 24, 2017
Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m. – 9:50 p.m.
Room 214
This is a hybrid course meaning there are items due during class, outside of class, and as homework.
Outside of class items are noted in the schedule, at the end of this addendum, with the approximate time it will take to complete
and are due by Sunday at 11:59pm each week.

Evaluation Method

Evaluation Method
Writing Assignments 40%
Projects and/or Presentations 10%
Examinations, Tests, Quizzes 20%
In-Class Activities and/or Discussion Board 30%
Total Available = 100%

Mobile Devices and Technology in the Classroom

The management of personal mobile devices is a professional skill, and our classroom policy is meant to reflect what you are
likely to find in your future workplace. The use of mobile devices and other technologies in this classroom will be supported to
the extent that such use is relevant to the content and/or activities at hand. All students are expected to own a device that
provides access to their instructors, learning resources and CampusConnect. This device will be used as part of the learning
experience in class and online. Use of mobile devices is one way to actively participate in discussions and activities.

Attendance is monitored for all class sessions and is recorded as actual time attended or missed, measured in contact hours.
Students who are absent from any class 14 consecutive calendar days will be withdrawn from the course and possibly dismissed
from the school. Missing 20 percent of required contact hours in a course or courses may make it impossible to complete
required material and may result in failing the course(s).

If there is a circumstance that causes a student to miss class, it is the student’s responsibility to:
• Email the Instructor and/or call the front desk 608-216-9400.
• Check CampusConnect for posted class information or check with a classmate, so the student is fully prepared for the
next class.
There is no such thing as an “excused absence.” Students are responsible for finding out what was missed when absent.

At the Madison campus, a student may be administratively withdrawn from a 6-week course after one consecutive week of
absence UNLESS the following items are true:
• The student can provide documentation of mitigating circumstances that occurred during the week they were absent.
• The student has been in contact with administration and with the instructor during the week they were absent.

Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 9:50pm, Room 214 1

If the above two conditions are true, the student will not be administratively withdrawn from a course after 7 consecutive days.
However, the student must understand that it might prove difficult, perhaps impossible, to catch up after missing one full week
of a 6-week course.

Late Assignment Policy

• In-Class Work
In-class work, discussions, professionalism points, or other in-class assignments cannot be made up; regardless of the
reason the student missed class.

• Outside of Class Work

Outside of class work may include job shadowing, interviewing someone in your program field, watching videos,
listening to lectures, posting to discussion boards, etc. All outside of class work must be submitted in CampusConnect
by the respective due dates. Outside of class work counts as attendance for this course. Submitting an outside of class
item after its due date counts as an absence. All outside of class items are due by Sunday 11:59pm of the week in which
they are assigned. No late outside of class work will be accepted for points.

• Homework
All homework must be submitted by the respective due dates. Late homework will not receive full credit. Late
homework can be accepted with a penalty for up to one week from the original due date. Homework includes handouts,
papers, discussion posts, and assignments. The penalty is a points loss of 10% per day late.

• Presentations
Presentations must be completed on the day designated by the Instructor. A student may present early with
documentation of an extenuating circumstance that is sent directly to the Dean of Education. The Instructor does not
receive the documentation directly. Presentations may not be completed late for any reason.

Testing Policy
Students may take exams early without a penalty if they notify the Instructor in advance that they will miss a class period in
which an exam is scheduled. No make-ups will be offered for any test, quiz, midterm, or final without documentation of an
extenuating circumstance provided by the student directly to the Dean of Education, not to the Instructor. Make-ups with
documentation must be completed within one week of the missed exam date. The penalty is a points loss of 10% per day late.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Globe University – Madison fully complies with the American Disabilities Act. Please contact the Dean of Education for further

Other Course Policies

Unprofessional behavior includes inappropriate verbal, written, and/or electronic communication, including social
media, regarding students and/or employees of Globe University.

Cell Phones (refer to student handbook)

• All cell phones must be used for classroom activities only. Personal use of cell phone is limited to break time.
• Failure to adhere to this policy will be deemed as unprofessional behavior and disruptive class conduct. As a result, the
student may be dismissed from class, marked absent for remaining class time, and lose points for graded activities.
• If there is an emergency situation, students must advise the Instructor at the start of class. In which case, a cell phone
may be left on vibrate and the student may leave the room to take a call.

Classroom Conduct
Students are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. Refer to the student handbook for details. The behavior of a
student shall not under any circumstances disrupt the learning environment of the classroom. Consequences for disruptive or
unprofessional behavior will be addressed by the Instructor in conjunction with the Dean of Education.

Classroom Expectations
• Check student email account before class and at least 2 other times throughout the week.
• Arrive to class on time - tardiness is poor attendance and disruptive
• Come to class prepared, having completed readings
• Actively participate in class discussions or activities

Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 9:50pm, Room 214 2

• All conduct will be professional - Consider the classroom as a job.
• Come to class “aroma neutral”
• Seek help as soon as possible. The Academic Skills Center provides free tutoring.
• All tobacco products (cigarettes, ecigarettes, chew, etc.) must be consumed in the designated smoking area outside of
the building.

Field Trip/Guest Speaker

There may be a field trip and/or guest speaker in this course during the quarter. The classroom expectations apply during guest
speakers and field trips.

Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes cheating on tests or assignments, submitting work completed by others, using the same work to
fulfill requirements for multiple classes, or plagiarizing. Plagiarism is defined as committing literary theft by attempting to pass
off the ideas or words of another as one’s own without crediting the source (http://www.merriam- All completed work must be in the student’s own words and must cite the source of the idea
where applicable.

Results of an academic dishonesty finding:

• Any student who acts dishonestly will be required to meet with the Dean of Education and will be subject to the
following actions:
1. A grade of zero for the work in question
2. A failing grade for the course upon second offense
3. Expulsion from school upon third offense
• If a student wishes to appeal disciplinary actions such as these, he or she must follow the grievance policy found in the
handbook and in the school catalog.

Student Resource Center

Resource Center – (608) 216-9443
Resource Center Staffing – Adam Mackay
• Monday and Wednesday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
• Tuesday and Thursday: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Resource Center Hours
• Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-8:00pm
What can the Resource Center do for you?
• Tutoring: drop-in tutoring or scheduled one/one tutoring
• Print resources: books, newspapers, magazines etc.
• Academic E-resources: databases, books and magazines
• Study groups
• Time management, study skills, and other academic support
• Nonacademic resources
• Copy machine located in resource center

Writing Emphasis
Written communication is important to all disciplines and careers. Members of this class will strive to prepare written
documents that are appropriate to the course objectives and written at a college level with respect to organization, format,
grammar, and mechanics. Additionally, any informal writing, whether electronic or in print, will be written in a professional
manner. In recognition of strong writing skills, students are encouraged to keep writing samples for use in job searches and
their professional lives.

APA Formatting
This class uses APA formatting for research assignments. Your instructor will refer you to APA resources throughout the course
that will be helpful in learning more about this citation style.

Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 9:50pm, Room 214 3

Details of Assigned Course Materials

In-Class Assignments

• Examinations
• Examinations will be given at two times throughout the quarter as a Midterm Exam and a Final Exam. These
exams must be taken on the day assigned to gain full points; any make-up exams will immediately be lowered by
one letter grade. The exams may consist of essay questions, multiple choice questions, or short answer questions,
and you will be given fair warning to the chosen format in advance of each exam.
• In-Class Assignments
• In-Class Assignments will serve as both a learning exercise and an assessment of participation. As well as
displaying your knowledge of the material, participation points can be earned by those who ask questions.
• Presentations
• Presentations will require an in-depth analysis of the themes, topics, and discussions developed in class and
through your assigned readings. The assigned presentation will require you to show a firm understanding of the
given material. A specific outline of the presentation requirements will be given out during class, however do not
forget that you are expected to present yourself and the chosen material in a professional manner. The use of
PowerPoint or any other presentation supplement is encouraged, however please remember that these tools are
meant only to supplement a presentation and points will be taken off if relied upon too heavily.

Outside of Class Activities

• Discussion Board Posts

• Discussion Board Posts will require an articulate, thoughtful, and in-depth response to the provided question. The
question posed will be directly related to the task assigned.
• Assigned tasks can include: Readings, film clips, news article searches, podcasts, etc...

Homework Assignments

• Essay
• Your Essay is meant to test your knowledge of the given material. It will provide a chance for you to display your
unique writing talents. Your Essay must be completed in APA style, adhering to the following rules:
• Typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides
• 12 pt. font Times New Roman
• Include a Title Page and a Reference Page
• Journals and Reading Assignments
• Journals will be written in response to the required weekly Reading Assignments. The readings may consist of full
chapters or parts of multiple chapters (You will be given the exact pages during class). You may write your journals by
hand or use a word processor, but whichever way you choose please double space between lines

In-Class Assignments/
Participation (05) 100
Presentation 100
Midterm Exam 100
Final Exam 100
On-Line Discussion Posts (6) 300
Readings/Journals (6) 150
Essay 150
TOTAL 1000

Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 9:50pm, Room 214 4

Course Outline
Students will complete 80 hours of homework assignments outside of class during the quarter.
Course schedule and curriculum is subject to change at discretion of the Instructor.

Outside of Class
Date of Readings
Homework Assignments In-Class Activities / Assignments / Quizzes / Exams Assign
Class DUE Activities / Assignments / meets
Meeting by Class DUE on THIS date Quizzes / Competencies
DUE Sunday 11:59pm THIS obj #

- Syllabus Introduction - (2 hours) Complete Task in

Week 1 CampusConnect 123
Ch. 1 - Journal 1 (25)
02/14/17 - Class Expectations 46
- (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)
- In-Class Assignment (20)

TOPIC: FICTION - (2 hours) Complete Task in

Week 2 CampusConnect 123
Ch. 8 - Journal 2 (25)
02/21/17 - In-Class Assignment (20) 46
- (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)

- (2 hours) Complete Task in
Week 3 - In-Class Assignment (20) CampusConnect 123
Ch. 12 - Journal 3 (25)
02/28/17 46
- Midterm Exam (100) - (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)

- (2 hours) Complete Task in

- Journal 4 (25) TOPIC: POETRY
Week 4 CampusConnect 123
Ch. 16
03/7/17 46
- Rough Draft of Essay Due - In-Class Assignment (20)
- (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)

TOPIC: DRAMA - (2 hours) Complete Task in

- Journal 5 (25)
Week 5 CampusConnect 123
Ch. 24
03/14/17 - In-Class Assignment (20) 467
-Final Draft of Essay Due (150)
- (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)

- (2 hours) Complete Task in
- Journal 6 (25)
Week 6 CampusConnect 123
None - Presentation (100)
03/21/17 456
- (.5 hours) Discussion Board Post (50)
- Final Exam (100)

Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 9:50pm, Room 214 5

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