5-Lies Game

After opening, you ask to play a game with them and make a bet (usually a drink). PUA: Ok, I'm going to ask you 5 questions. They goal is to lie to me. If I ask what color the sky is, you say green. got it? HB: Yep PUA: Ok, my 1st question is... (could be anything. where are we right now, what color is my shirt, i would use this time to neg and kino) HB: *Answer* PUA: Question 2.... HB: *Answer* PUA: Question 3.... HB: *Answer* PUA: See this isnt so hard. Ok, ummm, how many questions was that? HB: 3 PUA: I'll take a Goose Martini, extra dirty If she doesnt say "3" and figures out the trick and says like 9 or something, then you should say: PUA: Omg, have you played this before? HB: No PUA: I'll take a Goose Martini, extra dirty I have had a 100% success rate and it gives you the opportunity to isolate, by following her to the bar so she can buy you a drink. why don't you immediately start by saying: "Ok, do you understand the rules?" She will say yes and you get your drink immediately. BUT MESSES UP THE BUILD UP…

theory1 wrote:
I opened a set and it went great. After 10 mins or so I isolated my target (HB8). She was asking me questions and was totally into me, so I thought I would DHV, so I did style's 5 lies. She failed at #4, so I told her that she owed me a drink as we agreed before we started. I should have let it go but I did not, so I kept saying she was a poor sport and such. She eventually told me that I should buy her a drink... then she started to text message someone, ignoring me. I was thown off. Surely next time I will change the subject or just leave. Any suggestions PUAs? I was just thrown for a loop when she didn't follow through! My second question is what should I do next time I see her? She hangs out at the same clubs as I do.

->i think the objective isnt to get a drink out of it, more just to make them laugh. if they are super resistant, you can always just say that you've had too much anyway to DHV and avert making you look like your just in it for a drink. You should of taken it to the next level by taking her somewhere else for the drink. Regardless of who buys the drink you should tell her something like "hey, I know a great place" or "theres this new place I wanted to check out." If she's in a 2-set it would be a bit harder to convince her. DON'T take the friend along, she's only be a distraction. ->That was an unconscious shit test. Lets start with when she refused to buy you a drink. Believe it or not you were on the right track. One of two things should happen. Either she should have bought you a drink or you should have negged her for not buying you a drink. you definetly should not have ended up buying her a drink in this scenario. There a few situations when it is ok to buy a girl a drink. This is not one of them. When you callled her a bad sport that was on the right track however you should maintain a playfull mood. You should not actually express serious disappointment that she did not buy you a drink, but express playful disappointment with a smile. Say something else playful like, "uh, that is it, we are so breaking up" (works best if so establish the false playful relationship scenario before hand). When she is playing with her phone, if it is more than a few secs, it probably means that she is lost some interest in you. However, there is still an exact way to proceed. I assume almost everyone here has read the Game by style. Remember at the beginning when he is AFC at the Mystery Method Bootcamp. He is at a bar and got reasonably far with a girl. Then she starts talking to other guys and he sits there and takes it like a chump. Mystery grills him when he gets into the limo even though he number closed on her. He says that he should have turned his back to her/ started a conversation with someone else or said "I let you two be alone". Do that. Start a conversation with someone to your side, or say "It looks like your having fun with your little machine over there, I'll let you two be alone" then go to the bathroom or something. Remember Mystery's cat string theory. Dangle a ball of yarn infront of a cat and it has to have it. Place it infront of a cat, it has it, it doesn't want it anymore. It was clear that she had you like a cat had a string of yarn. So she lost some interest. Avoiding sitting there like a chump when she is texting will dangle yourself infront of her (metaphorically speaking). ->"Actually, on second thought, I've gotten enough drinks tonight. I'll tell you what, you can come join me at a house party my cousin and I are having
tomarrow, and we can see how good a drink you can make for me."

smasherrr wrote:
I gave this routine three tries and I don't like it. The girls were all really interested and tried hard not to lie. However, they all did either on the "what Q # is it" or on the "have you played this game before"

The problem with this game is that the girls all didn't like losing They just got annoyed with themselves that they fell for it, did not find it amusing or whatever. I had to quickly switch to some other routines to do some damage control. I really don't think those 3 girls didnt have a sense of humor of something; people just don't like "losing", in whatever context. Anyway I am not using this one anymore; I prefer things like The Cube where there is humor without someone having to "lose".

Remind me to give it to you later. It sounds like a routine with a lot of versatility to it. I think it sounds like a great routine to hold in reserve for a girl who asks you to buy her a drink. I especially like using "Do you think I'm cute" as question #3. close your eyes and open your hand. someones taping on my shoulder. let's find out. the last girl I banged. I think you'll come off higher value for showing that you play fair (especially since the game and the rules were yours!) This routine sounds like killer fun.. forget that chick. You could change the stakes if you want to use it frequently. Moral of the story: if she doesn't pay up ditch her IMMEDIATELY. one of my all time favorite stories. On that 10%. and I just simply said dissappointly. I don't know.You "Uh. "Hey.Her "Yeah. At that point. hold her by the hand and kiss her. you have an opening to distract yourself so that "What question was that?" is totally organic. I got something for ya. TEASE GAME What to say in comfort stage: "Wow. Plenty of other girls. and should work 90% of the time. the girl claims that she actually has played the game before. how does your boyfriend put up with you?" .You (plant the seed) "Sure.Her "Well. Hell. like your holding up a 'peace' sign). and a cold beer is greeting me I knew I had girl." . you really hit it off with them? . was beating this extremely stuck-up Trust Fund Princess. bought the drink. Just come back with. you have to man up and buy her a drink. so where's my present?" . we used to be SO close. so you owe her a drink.You And now for the tease routine: "Hey." What to say when she starts acting up: "Wow.You "Um. But now we've fallen apart (uncross your fingers. F her. It gave me a GREAT opener the rest of the night. (cross your fingers) It's like we were hugging. Either way she answers.Her "Well. and she realized that SHE was going to actually have to buy me a drink. I don't have a boyfriend." .WRONG!! Dude. Conversely. and a ended up w/ a few #'s b/c of it." (smile) . My inclination is also to say that if the girl wins the game. Let's play a little game and the loser has to buy the winner a drink. "I thought you were cooler than that" and walked a way.You After she complies. "I have a better idea." . she's a complete basket case selfish control freak.You . that's probably for the best!" – You What to say at the hook point: "Have you ever met someone that you just feel so comfortable around? You know. so don't go around telling everybody I'm giving away free shit!" – You What to say at the Kasey (kiss close): "What is the first thing you would say after you kissed me?" .I've never met a person like that. this game is the ultimate complaince test.Her Time passes. and then made a bee line out of the bar. who are ammused by this gamit. nobody likes a welcher. 3 mins later. she when into completely silent bitch mode. go figure)." .You "I totally know what you mean!" . "But that was only for you. though. Nobody likes a welcher. Like somebody else said earlier.". and F-closed her that night." I'm kind of curious to know how some of you might respond if after answering "no" to question #5. immediately refused to pay up (she also "saw" a ginormus cube.Her "Okay.. and when it came time to pay. Now I guess you just wanna hold hands." .

Anyone who has seen me "sarge" in real life knows that I specialize in extremly fast escelations that lead to sex. You get the idea. or other lame things.. Trying to prove that your high value is very low value.) Granted. Anything else I do is simply iceing on the cake. All you have to do is realize that your the fucking man and that there is no reason for her to not be attracted to you. An example of a basic direct opener I sometimes use is "hey. style and other non-verbal cues are all more important than any lines you will say! People on here focus so much on what top say and when to say it that they forget all about these things. high fives. I have manly desires and im not afraid to let them be known. Simply put though. calibration is your friend. run and get a friend for me.ect. I dont go hardcore right from the start but I do amp it up fast and hard! How do I do this? . run to the bar for me. . she will feel it too. . My spelling sucks. is the VERY BASICS of what I do and it works extremly well. In the following post im going to describe. I wont be going over how I escelate so fasr because its a little too advanced for most people that haven't been in the "game" for a long while. she will have fun! Here is a little secret for you: If shes having fun with you. Whay do I say to continue and not to start? While alot of people will tell you that you have to wait until a certian point before you can sexually escelate im going to tell you right now. I am not a social robot. A beta male hides his intentions (opinion openers. she will feel horny. You feel nervious. WHY I have nothing here to sell you today. I fucking love sexual tension! 5) Have Fun. WHO My online Handle in Warped Mindless. Keep the descussion civilized! ***I wrote all of this out as a stream of conciousness post.. My game is not very outter game focused at all. Remember this rule and keep it in mind. I have made several post here on this forum and on other forums under a different name. teasing a girl only makes you vibe with her even more. Also. Truthfully. I have been a dating coach and have taught and improved many mens lifes dramatically.. go look it up. . One thing I would like to mention here is a common misconception in the community about the relation of teasing (being playful. Between MMA and my recent comeback to playing professional poker. 1) 100% Belief.) and rapport. Im eye fuckign the girl from the very start! This is powerful when done perfectly. the extreme basics of the method I have used and continue to use to date and fuck some of the hottest women this planet has to offer. in some detail. you dont have to do a damn thing to make the girl attracted to you. Body language. That being said. Many people believe that teasing a girl is a wear to break rapport. Huges.Sexual Tension. gimmicks. Im a very strong believer in inner game. I'm horny and feeling sexual so guess what. boob kino. Also. in a nutshell. and I was highly distracted while typing . you can do alot of stuff "wrong" and you will still be able to close her.The Golden Rule. dont try to DHV yourself.Sexual Eye Contact.she will start feeling that way too. Fix yourself so you dont have to worry about using lame gimmicks... Connect with the girl and create rapport. WHAT Below is the basic outline of my method. Emotions: Spiking her emotions is almost always a good thing. I recently have taken a break from coaching to persue other dreams in my life. If you feel horny. . many of the big names we all hear about constantly. Investment/Compliance: All thorugh my interaction with a chick. your really fucking cute!" I'm a man as as such. I have a post on this forum detealing why worrying about value doesnt matter. energy. smelling the neck.. We'll touch back on this later. my grammer isn't all the good. and at times. I hope you learned alot from this post and if you have any questions just ask in this forum and I'll try to reply in a timely fashion. Only low value men have to try and prove themselves by telling DHV stories. Energy/Vibe. This is probably the most important step in my method! If your having fun. Ive been in the community for several years nows and during that time I have met. This is pretty self explanitory. ect.The Golden Rule: She feels what you feel..The beautiful thing is. 4) Continue to escelate. .. The more energy (investment/compliance) you spend on something (me) the more attached to become to it. You feel the suitation is awakard. What I will go over is the basic outline of how most of my interactions go. Any time I can get her to do something for me she is doing two things: Complying to and investing in me.I've been meaning to write up this post for quite a while now but up until now. I have no ulterior motive for writing out this report and posting it for all of you to read and learn from. Just remember..Kino. and learned from.. Misc Voice Tone.motivation.. Have 100% belief that she will be attracted to you. Conclusion All this. These things are much more important! Value: Don't worry about it. I've lacked time. Next year I may very well be returning as a coach for a popular Pick Up Company that has taught thousands of men all over the world.) but a real alpha lets the girl know whats up! 3) Start Vibing. 2) Open direct.. I sexuall escelate right from the evry start (opener. I dont use routines. I quite simply dont have time to be in business for myself as a pua coach. I used to be a regular on the chatroom here but lately have not had time to be on. This rule is VERY powerful and plays a big part in my method.thats bullshit. she will feel nervious. hand on back. HOW The following the the extreme basics and fundamentals of my method. I wont be covering any of my advanced techniques that I use as that is out of the scope of this post. busing her balls. I will get her to comply and invest in me. Just be fun and sexual and you will naturally be high value. I'll have her hold my drinks. I do this out of the goodness of my heart because I genually want to see the men of this community to improve their life.

. Some develop their personalities. In fact… most of the male population is plagued with his problem. Carpe Diem! Sexual Tension Guide Another good read I'd like to share with people: In a minute I'm going to introduce you to some concepts and techniques for leaving women no choice but to feel sexual attraction for you. Feel free to take the material I'm going to share with you and use it to attract women. thinking it's their ticket to stoking women's bellies with an endless supply of attraction. my friend.. . our cognitive faculties aren't responsible for producing sexual tension. Instead. Yet… what I'm about to suggest has zero to do with sporting great looks or possessing bins of cash.. that she just sat there like dumb dear in headlights. they think. A few of these secrets I've never mentioned. It will give you a taste of what's possible. He cannot. But don't. talking to them on the phone. However. Unlike the answer to a math problem. The procedures he's considering are so disgusting that when he told me about them I could feel my throat moving up-and-down inside my neck skin. But first… I want to share a story with you (Note: you might feel a temptation to skip the story and dive into the good stuff. become sexually intimate with these women because… They feel no attraction for him. I'm talkin' about SEXUAL TENSION “What exactly is sexual tension?” you might be wondering.” they lament. “He must have a mystical and innate sex appeal. The majority of men think attraction has to do with physical preference. Its far from perfect and im not going to try and make it such. “If you aren't a woman's type. and intrigue with a smidgen of worry. Although developing your sense humor and personality are crucial to succeeding with women.. But there is something that's slaughtering his success with women. That's why a woman cannot choose to feel or NOT feel sexual tension for a guy. this letter isn't about attracting women through telling jokes or entertaining them. he's not a strange aberration. He's a master at engaging them in conversation – most women find him funny and charming. Developing your personality can help… but only if it's coupled with something else… something I'm going to share with you in a minute. It's important). fat zero. At a certain point he stumbled onto doing something to women that neither my friend nor 9/10ths of men trudging through the single scene trenches know exists. Passive Sexual Tension (PST) is when you do or say something that besots a woman into a passive sexual state. he's thinking about going under the knife. The reality is… looks aren't his problem. and setting up dates. Depp. an attraction retard we should cull from society and stick on a leper colony. There are two forms of sexual tension: Passive Sexual Tension (PST) and Active Sexual Tension (AST). It is outside of her conscious control.. Years ago my sister and her friends got to have dinner with Johnny Depp. you're better off moving on. Convinced that his looks are holding him back.up this post. Don't be surprised if you feel the urge to learn more. for the life him. But. go out and live and have fun. He's not a bad looking guy. Im not going to proof read it. That's an example of Passive Sexual Tension. It's a mixture of emotions: think excitement with a dash of fear.” Well.. more primitive areas of our brain – known as the limbic and reptilian systems – bring sexual tension to life. He has no problem getting their numbers. I've been hoarding them for myself ‘til now. struggling to keep my last meal from hurling up. But here's the weird part… He's fearless at approaching women. A buddy of mine recently felt despondent over his success with women. When most men see a woman throwing herself at an average looking male.ect. which amounts to a big. titillation with a tinge of uneasiness. He's got heaps of girls willing to break their plans to spend time with him. ask anyone to edit it. gawking at him in silence and feeling too tongue tied to talk. She was so attracted to Mr. there isn't anything mystical or inborn about this guy's sex appeal. Life isn't all about being perfect.

Let's say. I'm using a special class of sexual tension. Tension is released.” Most likely. for example. When he has a prospect hemming and hawing over a car.. The tension. But. To get a feel for this. 1). . compelling her to insist: “Noo! We have to hang out! We've gotta be friends! We are going to have so much fun!” Can you see why this is works? Why it's so powerful? This example plays on a psychological mechanism you already know about. Now you're at a one. Active Sexual Tension should be structured as a tension loop. I'm talkin' to a woman and sense that she's into me. I can handle you.. finally. Tension is increased 3). And if we were to hang out we'd have the best time making fun of the people around us at their expense… but then our Karma would be tainted… so we can NEVER be friends.. Good movies have this structure… The movie begins by introducing conflict or drama. it builds tension in us. Girl: Thanks Swinggcat: You just went up a notch in my book. and then pulling her back in. Swinggcat: (said after a long sigh) I had a feeling you couldn't handle me! Girl: No no! That's not true. Swinggcat: You know what… you're a feisty woman who knows what she wants. Swinggcat: Let's find out (I grab her and kiss her). This builds heaps of sexual tension. Active Sexual Tension is similar to its passive brother except that it activates structures in a woman's brain that compel her to resolve the tension by behaving in very specific ways. it becomes sexualized. Notice how one piece of communication pushes her away. and then next pulls her in.. he knows that if he tells the prospect the car won't be there tomorrow because several other people are interested in purchasing it. Tension is sparked. Swinggcat: Alright… let's see how well you thumb wrestle. sparking unresolved emotional tension inside the viewer. One you might be familiar with is Push-Pull: emotionally pushing a woman a way from you. then. here's a real life dialogue… It started off with the woman commenting on something I was saying to her friend.But I'm not going to talk about them in this letter. the movie ends by sparking that tension all over again. psychological mechanisms at work here and many layers of communication taking place. Girl: You cheated! That's no fair. There are a lot of deep. compelling you to see the sequel. Swinggcat: Mm! I do have good taste... Think of a car salesman. there's a good chance the prospect will buy the car on the spot. This isn't just some cutesy conversation I had with a woman. I like that about you. You're talkin' to me. Tension is spark all over again. When someone tells us that we cannot have something.. Girl: Ew… that's gross. Girl: You have good taste. and our mind is programmed to release that tension by attempting to get that thing. But there's something else that's very powerful going on here.ing really funny! Swinggcat: You have good taste. 2). when you spark this tension in the context of dating and attraction. this will trigger Active Sexual Tension. Instead I want to discuss Active Sexual Tension (AST).. 4). You're gross. (I win the thumb wrestling competition by shamelessly cheating). I want a rematch. is released by bringing some resolution to the conflict or drama. Emotional tension increases up until the point of the climax. And. Girl: (laughing) You're F. At a certain point I might say to her: “You are terribly sarcastic…but that's cool because I'm the exact same way.

If the car is a coupe. I've found being sexual randomly helps me. Usually it gives a good approximate idea of the person.com/the-cube-vt1509. A blanket is recommended 8.. Good fun too. If you had control over women's behavior. and it's never failed to amaze them. depends on your personality really. Not mention. and have a laugh.pick-up-artist-forum. Apply parking break 6. Sometimes I'd suggest go direct if your in conversation. they rarely reply with a bad tone or say shut up. Ask her if she's sure she wants to do this. Roll down at least one window to reduce steam 4. you can throw more bullshit or just perform some cold reading. Each one emotionally drives women to behave in a unique way. Never undress completely 5. I call this special class of sexual tension "compliance triggers. The cube game builds rapport. You could physically coerce women into doing things. Very efficient. Have water handy afterward since you probably forgot rule #3 9.. you can make it more sexual . Do not keep the Condomns in the trunk.cejuice.. 1. but that's unlikely and I'd wink" If in person. Should be performed in the back seat or in a large cargo area 2. Place them inside the console or the glove compartment. so sometimes I talk about sexual things randomly with women. or if on the phone use a different approach. how would your life be different? Just imagine how much success you would experience with women. I'm direct. Hi man there are many variations of the cube. touch sensitive areas. tell her she may find out things about herself that she . fold front seats forward 11. If a girl says we could have so much fun together" personally I'd reply in a cocky/funny way "yeah we could. The other option is mastering the compliance triggers that get you the success with women you deserve. girls like unpredictable things. commercial is a turn off 10. their voice changes a bit meaning their shy. kino's the way to building positive sexual tension.html For all of you asking about the cube. here it is the complete routine with a small variation of how to add some cold reading. it could land you in prison. Don't park in a place where people are likely to walk by Learn The Cube routine… http://www.html) What is the Cube Game ? The cube game is a cold reading technique. not necessary in a rental) 3." Over the past several years I've discovered dozens of these compliance triggers for getting you the outcome you want with women. Here is the simplest way or the basic routine of the cube: (http://www.Each type of sexual tension in this class does a heck of a lot more than just arousing women. In person. Turn lights off as they make the rocking of the car more obvious 7.. I've run the Cube on several women. Use a condom (to prevent mess. If you leave music on make sure it's not the radio.com/2006/06/cube-game-as-seduction-technique. The Game Prepare your victim (the girl) by building up the game. By asking a few questions you are able to give the impression you have a deep understanding of a girl. Sexual tension can be brought up in many ways. Let me ask you a question. Car sex. But that's morally icky.

They are fairly vague and could almost apply to anyone. ignored. Ladder against cube . you may adjust these to fit in with what you already know about the girl.Ideal man loves children.troubles are far away.no real troubles in life. The Horse . Far away .Lover Strong. Flowers close to cube . Horse.Trouble Storm in distance . Which way is it proceeding ? What kind of storm ? How big is it ? Interpreting the Results The Cube .Troubles in her life. Storm close . Ladder.She likes protective strong men.doesn't want to know. Where is it ?. The possible interpretations below are just examples. The questions should be asked in the correct order (Cube.keeps her friends at arms length. The Cube .Friends and family. large horse .Children Number of flowers . Storm). The Flowers .Is how the girl views herself. You interpret the questions individually and their relationship with the other pieces of the picture. how many are there ? What kind ?.purity. Small storm .few close friends. Flowers far away . where is it ? What is it made of ? How big is it ? Now add a ladder. for her part she should give you as much detail as she can. Few rungs . The Color of the Cube -> Click Here The Ladder .many friends. The Ladder . Ladder bigger than cube . On the ground . In the sky .feels small.Her lover or ideal lover. Far away from cube . . where is it ? What is it made of ? How big is it ? How many rungs are there ? Where is it in relation to the cube ? Add some flowers to the picture.going through hard times now.finds children very beautiful. un-realistic.Herself Small cube .feels small in her social circle.Children in her life.Feels very close to the children she has or will have. The Horse . The Storm . Imagine this simple picture with just three things in it: the sky. Flowers.imaginative. Horse with flowers .number of children she wants to have around.feels left behind.does not want children. Weak horse . where is it in relation to everything else ? There's a storm in the picture.well grounded.Ideal man far away. where are they in relation to the cube and the ladder ? Add a horse to the picture. where is it ? What color is it ? What is it doing ? How many rungs. Interpret the picture in that order after she has finished answering all the questions. You can then start to ask the questions.Friends Many rungs . The Flowers . Beautiful flowers . In this picture imagine a cube. the horizon and the desert.Envisions being stuck with a weak man. Transparent . The Storm . Horse far away .keeps her friends close.

Other features of the cube could mean: Tiny cube => feels small. THE CUBE: Represents the woman's conception of herself. but in the inside you still have your feelings. and only AFTER she has imagined the entire picture (all five pieces mentioned above). I think if an interpretation makes sense to me. family in some cases). the interpretations are not according to some rigid law. a sense of high self-importance. modest Cube resting on the ground => generally has a firm foothold on reality Cube far away in the distance => Feels left behind by life Cube flying in the air or levitated => daydreamer. insignificant. flowers. you always try to be positive but sometimes you feel down when bad things happen.. ladder. Your cube is big and tall. the person she tries to be or appear to others and the inside is the really way she is. Then. you start thinking how the date is going to be. How big is ? How tall ? Is it flying ? laying on the ground? How far is from your perspective? HB: is really big and tall is flying. ) The outside part is the way she acts. it is probably correct. Moreover."). he don't want to leave. Will let you know when I have an interpretation that I feel makes sense. interpret the picture in the same order. sometimes you might feel insecure. while generally giving a reasonably sensible interpretation overall). you might even hold on to some of it to ensure a followup encounter. ) Now you see a cube. or when you meet someone is hard to this new person to learn about this really you but once a person is inside and start learning about your real you . but that's okay. about 2mts from ground and is like 4mts away from me. in this link you can have the basic and try to add more of your own just think logical on what the description can mean. they are just ways to make sense out of the woman's imagined picture. I was not surprised because she has a sever persecution complex and total paranoia. you have doubts about what to do. ------------------------------. Lets see. Now you told me that your cube is far fro you that is because sometimes you feel away from your inner you. perhaps? Cube made of solid material => good sense of self-worth. I bet that sometimes when you go out with a boy. horse. that flexibility allows us to interpret things in a way that helps the seduction (a negative interpretation is a neg-hit! You can include small negative inperpretations whenever necessary. your cube is flying that means you are a creative person you are a thinker. A huge cube covering most of the scenery (Field of View or FOV) means she's got an inflated ego.in that order). Xfman: Wow. (Answer: how big or tall is the size of her ego. but that is the best part because as far as we are concerned here in ASF. storm . XFman: Okay girl lets play a game. And just a quick plus: tell her to describe the outside part of the cube and the inside part of the cube (the texture .this is the end of the post----------------------But if you want to learn more of the cube routine read this: Ask the questions in the proper order (Cube. . and is an emotional basketcase] 2. you try to be hard . She might be impressed or she might think that is just bullshit but who cares she will want you to tell her more about her. ignored. how far is the cube form her is how close or far she is with her inner self) *Note: Check how Im going to add some extra details about the girl by using some cold reading lines. ("I need to think more about some of the features of your horse. well-grounded personality Cube made of gold => Thinks of herself as extremely precious Cube made of glass or transparent cube => Considers herself pure Cube full of slimy stuff => Hates herself completely Cube hollow inside => feels hollow. That is just a variation of the cube I just made out . THE LADDER: Represents her close social support structure (friends. I also bet that you have all ready thought how your wedding is going to be. And i can forgot. not always but you like to imagine . feels attacked by the world. There are two components to the interpretation of each of the five pieces: the piece in itself. Heck. being twisted and turned by a child.. that is the size of your ego. etc. so you have a big ego but you see yourself as a nice person. The sizes and positions of various things are RELATIVE to one another and to the overall scene of the desert. flying or in the ground is how she think . 1. unfulfilled in the extreme [interesting example: one woman know very well imagined the Rubic's cube.Here are a few examples of how to impress the girls just telling them true things and adding some cold reading (if you don't know what is call reading or you want to learn more send me a pm asking). HB10: sure Xfman: Okay close your eyes think you are in a desert (highway forest any place will work. and its relation to the other pieces as well as the overall picture. Good luck any question just send me a PM. imaginative but unrealistic Cube partly above the horizon line => ambitious Cube below the horizon => not very ambitious Cube resting on its edge => metastable life. considers everyone else stupid and childish (has a holier-than-thou mentality). she has a lot of imagination or she think more logical. Most of the time they will say the outside is hard and the inside is soft and smooth so you can just say . Some here on ASF may disagree with some of the interpretations.

or would like to. feels she has some codependent people around her Ladder on top of cube => Feels her friends/family are overbearing. Storm in the distance => Troubles are not overwhelming her presently Storm approaching => Fears crises in future Storm receding => Has had troubles recently but feels they are over Huge. large horse => Wants a protective. keeps aloof. (One chick I know had this. THE STORM: Represents her ideas about troubles in life. ladder under the cube) => feels her close associates support her in her accomplishments Strong ladder => is surrounded by strong people. She is a controlling. works about 95% of the time.] 5. I find it fairly common for women to ask what objects represent what meaning. strong man Color of horse => Possibly the race of the lover she wants (the teacher chick mentioned above has a "latin thing" . or keep them guessing and left in aw? I have to say that this is one of my favorites. dominant storm => Feels her life is in deep shit Storm in the distance. Small storm => Feels secure about problems she will face ^ This last part credit to fastseduction ^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you still not get it then go buy a book called the cube (search in amazon) or just send me a Pm and I will try to explain it more) I have a question about this routine. feels oppressed by them Ladder much bigger than cube => feels small in her social circle Ladder supporting cube (like.Long ladder with many rungs => big social circle. she is a grade school teacher) Flowers shaking in the wind => feels children in her life have hardships Flowers all around/over the cube => Feels overwhelmed by kids Flowers separated from cube by the ladder => feels her friends/family (do/will/might) interfere in her relationship with her children Beautiful flowers (roses. very different from normal people Ladder with few rungs => has few close friends Ladder in a less than good condition => believes people around her are fucked up Ladder far away from the cube => Does not let people get too close to herself. Number of flowers => children she has or wants to have. has few problems around in her life. feels secure in them Burned up ladder => Feels surrounded by totally fucked up people who are ruining themselves 3. has a hard shell around herself Ladder leaning against cube => Feels she does a lot of things for her friends. THE HORSE: Represents her thoughts about her lover (or the lover she thinks she wants or will have). outgoing personality. passing away affecting none of the other four things in the scenery => Feels her life is relatively trouble-free. THE FLOWERS: Represent the place of children in her life. poppy etc) => Finds children very beautiful 4. . Strong. limit-setting type chick who likes to watch her man react to her experiments with his emotions/behavior. sociable Ladder made of some odd material => feels her friends are weird. has many friends. submissive horse => Wants a lover she can dominate Wild horse => wants a guy who is not tamed and will not be tamed Tethered horse => Wants to keep him very restrained/restricted Horse stomping on the cube => Has been or feels extremely abused by lovers Horse destroying the flowers => Feels the lover will not be good towards her children (single moms probably have this thing more often) Horse messing with the ladder => Conflict between her lover and her friends Horse far away or walking away => Feels abandoned Horse separated from flowers by the cube => feels she will have to take care of the children and manage her lover's relationship with them Weak horse => envisions being (stuck?) with a wimp [example: one chick I know had a horse running around in a confined arena. or has/wants to have around (See * below) Flowers close to cube => Feels very close to the children she has or will have Flowers far away => Does not want children Flowers blooming well => Feels positive about her children's lives Flowers messed up => is surrounded by screwed up children * Lots of flowers everywhere => Probably works with children. Is it better to tell them at the end of the routine. supports them more than they support her.her horse was brown) Horse close to the cube => Wants the lover to be very close to her emotionally and physically Horse well separated from cube => Is reserved about opening up completely to lovers Horse licking/sniffing the cube => Imagines/wishes she's being doted on Small.

*NOte : The cube used in C1 will make a strong connection and will build rapport really fast between you and her. by asking everybody answer's but don't ask her. 2. NLP http://www.. cuz it was a secret btw me and her she laugh and we continue talking . when to use the cube and with one person or in a group .. In the other hand girls love when I do any cold reading thing ( Palm reading . Learn to Cold Read. Everybody close your eyes and think of a Cube. You (Target) -You told me your cube was really huge . I'm just not sure if some people would take this the wrong way and get offended.. do you think it would be weird for a girl to propose to a guy (or what do you think about a girl proposing to a guy)? Set: blah blah Me: Well my friend. I usually say I didn't had it done to me before the key was revealed to me. We can see that you have the biggest EGO ever. now tell me in secret how big /small is your cube (let each one tell you he answers in secret. this will be a great DHV you can use it in A2. has been dating this girl for about 4 years and she recently proposed to him at this restaurant. You then proceed to tell her she gets to ask you any three questions she wants. and isolate her..html watch vids here… OPENER So I remembered a topic me and my buddies got into a discussion about and thought it would make for a good opener. ) I will tell you from my experience two things: 1. This is an easy way to get some IOIs because it will reveal whats on her mind concerning you. Basically it goes along the lines of: Me: Hey guys.. The girls always ask me what my cube was like.. With palm reading was almost the same story. and everyone wanted me to run the cube . *Note: You can Neg your target here . so I said it wasn't the best time . I don0t know how you guys hang out with Miss Huge EGO . Then call and tell her that you want to tell her a secret or any thing . But since it tells you about the personality I just realized that I could tell them about my cube as a list of alpha characteristics. SO is your choice . high but realistic ambitions and so on. let me get a quick opinion on something. to keep the girl into you and then move to A3 or you can use it in C1 and will work perfect. I isolated once more the target and told her that was rude .. it all depends on the girl . etc. look and analyze her body language as you say every description and look for hints that your saying the things she wants to hear.I play around a bit with the meaning of each thing and I tease them about the answers but at the end I tell what each thing means . like the Sears tower . I actually tried this on a waitress when me and my buddies were out eating one time and got a pretty positive response. both with palm reading and the cube. A quick adaptation of the cube ... bla bla . thats the point of the cube . Here's a good edition to the Cube. YOU don't have to remember every single word ...pick-up-artist-forum... big self-image. Sometimes I say the horse is her sexual life . to perform in a group. but the reason I like this is because if it's a mixed set. At the end tell the HB that since you now know so much about her that you believe she deserves to get to know you. Assuming you've done it early in the interaction. just get the idea and then use your imagination.. cube . or all the group will want you to make it for each one.com/ask-rafiel-nlp-questions-vt33787.) Then explain each one the meaning and tease your target by saying something like: XF: Okay now . You have to options to use the cube /palm at A2 as a hook . but he said no because he's very traditional and believes that the guy should propose to the girl. but try to keep it low .. tease her a little bit. This kind of routines are really good to help you Isolate any target ... (name). She was absolutely broken and embarrassed after this. but maybe that's just because she's a waitress being nice. with different girls. So I started doing the cube to this girl (isolated) and suddenly she get so excited she just hold my hand and tell her friends I was the best guy . hope this help you Zenit.. That is what cold reading is about: Saying what people want to hear. About your question of using the cube with the whole group . she will want you to hear her answer . ---------------------- Okay this happened to me. Let me show you a quick example: XF: LEts play a game. lots of close friends. let her think that you allready know her. What do you think he should have done in that situation? Set: blah blah Then move on. guys would .

The twist on the game is that she has to do this with without messing up. you will be in control of the pace of this game meaning that you can slow down your speech to allow for huge sexual tension. It's simple. You: "a" Her: apple . you stick out both your hands (closed. when we raise our hands to high five.. High fives are like an American past time! Let me guess.. look at my elbow and not my hand. she wins. (that would be your prize) If she resists your charm.. To present the two rewards to her. "alright. You: Here let me show you a little trick.. I'm fond of high fiving girls as a menial "reward" for things.etc. small kino.let's hope you get it by the time you hit the letter 'z' rather than the prizes cuz thats the only part I haven't tested. Whichever one she picks. You. In which case you win. I'm gonna field test it tonight on a hired gun that I gamed last week. and you will try to seduce her while she tries to think of words (of course you won't explain that second part) Again. Then look at her and say something like. any flaws? upsides? Cute Addition to the High-Five I get where you're going with this one. it's got potential I think but you have to sell it right.. The way you're initiating the routine is too direct and not fun/playful enough. this time she'll make good contact and smile. offer to play a fun game with her. slow blinking of the eyes. palms down) and ask her to pick a hand. you don't know how to play baseball either do you!?!? Key is to keep it playful and not put her down. You: Alright. Might I suggest this very simple neg/DHV combo.. .throw in their opinion as well (not that it matters really.. with the girl isolated. it works every time. that's enough touching me for one night" with a wink or something playful like that.in order. you would A: kiss her as a reward or B: hand her a stick of gum or a mint and kiss her anyway (hopefully it doesn't have to come to that) . ___________________________________________ Alphabet Game Once in set.. in which she will get a choice of 1 of 2 prizes. and as you get closer and closer to set you up for a kiss close. it doesn't matter. (which will later be explained) The rules are that she would have to come up with a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet. high five! she gives high five and even if it was a great high five begin with: You: What was that! that was a horrible high five (smile and laugh a bit). are in control of the pace of this game. just makes it easier to win over the group) Let me know what you guys think. doesn't show you're trying move too quickly and allows for minor kino as well as showing her that she's winning you over (so to speak).. Go for the high five again.

ha ! Have Fun MK .. One of the most fundamental principles in NLP is stress words." She laughed and shook on it (escalation step one) At this point I took the time while waiting to talk to her about how "the waiter is a guy and my boobs aren't as nice as hers but I still have hope because I wouldn't be surprised if he were into me because he seemed a little gay and I'm a good looking guy.. makes it harder to walk huh ? But walking and NOT thinking about your feet is now natural to you and that means that you are NOT changing your physical behavior. the rule is : Focusing internally is essential to learning but produces difficulty in being natural.. Stress words are the ones that you vocally add more stress to in order to make that word the prime point. right?" "She laughed and said. but it didn't matter because now I owed her $5. I like to isolate and deconstruct so I take each lesson and make it like a module that you can work on in specific terms. Quote: That will put some cream in your coffee and speak it OUT LOUD with stress on the words in bold... By now you should have some awareness of NLP and that it works by subtle influence ." He obviously went with her. I just found an open spot next to a girl at the bar who was waiting for a drink and said her something like. Think about that !! Which one sounds the most sexy ? It's just an ambiguous statement ! How can that sound sexy ? Well . Ever looked at your feet while walking ? Think about where to place your foot ? Are you walking with good mechanics ? Do your feet point in or out as you walk ? try it . how hard is it to get a drink around here? She said "Yeah I've been waiting forever" Then I said "I bet you $5. I can get one before you. now you can evaluate which one is the least sexy sounding and which one is the most sexy sounding. it wont get you laid all by itself but when you start practicing this technique and realizing that even the most unassuming thing can take on a sexy feeling to it then you really have something. That is the Key to NLP . isolated her from her friends by taking her to the bar for the drink. That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee That will put some cream in your coffee .... had a great convo. and I have been texting her all week. She said "well now that you owe me money you will have to buy me a drink later" I leaned in close to her ear and said I will come find you and make that happen later" and left with my friends' drinks. but many people want to know how to start learning in a way so that they get some results fairly quickly. take an ambiguous statement . but rather all the possibilities that could be just b-low it . tell me your thoughts. The best way I know of is repetition. Things that you repeat over and over again so that you can develope patterns to follow and not have to think about every word. . it is never what is actually said on the surface . she asked me for my number before her friends came and pulled her away.I BET I COULD GET A DRINK B4 YOU… This one worked for me the other night on a 9 and SHE number closed me at the end of the night..... Here is an example .. Keep this in mind because EVERYONE who quits trying to learn because it doesnt feel natural is missing this point. So . but I think he likes girls.. true. NLP Howdy .. I caught up with her later. We talk this way naturally so as you learn to manipulate your own language you will be able to use this right away. I think it will work again.

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