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‘Datos County, Texas Seca: 276226:2018 10M roa Wiarant Nomber Charge: Murer Suspect Name: Hondas, Kevin Bondto be sat ln ta nar of he Stata of Texas i any Shar or other Peace Oficar of the State of Texas Groetngs: You ara hereby commanded to take the body of HENDERSON, KEVIN, LARENZIN hereinafter called the accuse, and hin safely Keep so that he may be deat with according to aw, and {hold the accused fo answe othe Slate of Texas fran offence against the lav of the said Site, namely Murder FA 19.02 cof which Ft offense he is scaused by witlon complaint, made under oath that has been presented 12 ‘me end tats by this reference incorporated herein forall purposes. Winess ny gnatre is day JAN 4 2019 , 20 Son Btonctiti> Hogarate wile caus F1975007 cary of Dales, Texas -ADIMINISTRATIVE DATA ‘Sagat aaa VS HENDERSON, KEVIN, "aa aE ARG UARENZIN ‘Raiders Roo Basress Navara —[ WIR [‘Conerenent| Taylor, Danielle ‘iso Ofanas: December 30, 2078 ‘eat Waren sued To: DPOTDSO Divers Lice TT ARREST $400 CconirMentT ———— 5200 RELEASE. 5200 [APPROVE BOND $6.00 MILEAGE 5 OTHER — 5 TOTAL—~ § RETURN CAME TOHANOTHE day of 1AD.20 and executed the day o ‘AD.20 "by aresing ad detaining above named and secused and By: Datas County, Texas Senioot: 2762262018 ‘oe ‘rate: Waran Number: (hage: Murer ‘Suspect Name: Henderson, Kev AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT [COUNTY OF DALLAS” |-STATE OF TEXAS) Before me, the undersigned authcry, on this day personally appeared the Undersigne afipnt wh, afer being duy som by me, on oath sated, my nome ss pti bak 779 and 1am s peace officer ofthe Giy of Dalas, Delas County, ‘Texas: the affant, have good reason and do beleve that on or about December 30, 201 one HENDERSON, KEVIN, LARENZIN did then and there in he Cay of Daina, Dons County, Texas commit the offense of Murder, a violation of section £8.02 ofthe Texas Penal Code, 2 Fit. Affints belie is based upon the following facts and information: ‘Asfiant’s personal investigation of this alleged offense. J. Loeb #7751, a felow peace office of the Ciy of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, who Personally participated inthe vestigation of this alleged offense, provisig thi information to afiant, and whose information affiant believes fo be eredible. (On December 30, 2018, at approximately 12:57am., suspect Kevin Henderson Committed the offense of murder at 1207 E. Red Bird Lane located in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. The suspect committed this offense by shooting the complainant and killing her. The complainant inthis offense is Danielle Taylor. (On December 30, 2018, a approximately 12:57am.,suspect Kevin Henderson saw complainant Daniolle Taylor remove a handgun from his vehicle. Suspect Kevig Henderson pushed complainant Danielle Taylor to the ground, recovered the handgun and shot complainant Danielle Taylor with the handgun causing her doath, ‘Suspect Kevin Henderson was transported to Dallas PD Headquarters so that he could be interviewed by Detective J. Loeb #7751, the lead dtestive on During the interview, suspect Kevin Henderson claimed he shot Daniel ‘accident while reaching into her pockel to recover this statement there was no video ofthe offense, the autopsy had not yet Performed and no witnesses who saw the event that came forward, Suspect Kevin Henderson was released and he went home as the investigation continued, On December 31, 2018 Detective J. Loeb #7751 obtained surveillance video from gutside the convenience store where the shooting took place. This video fostego showed that Danielle Taylor did appear to take something from inside the suspect vehicle and that the suspect attempted to perform a‘pat down” of her before he brought her tothe ground. The surveillance video clearly shows that the gum fells conto the ground and that suspect Kevin Henderson recovered the gua and then aftor Picking up the gun he shot complainant Danielle Taylor while she was stl on the Ground. Texas law allows a citizen to use deadly force to recover his stolen property ‘luring nightime hours but does not permit the use of deadly force after the property has already been recovered as shown on the video. On January 4, 2019, Detective J. Loeb #7751 spoke withthe Dr Mllconducted the ‘autopsy on complainant Danielle Taylor and the doctor confirmed thatthe entry alas Couny, exes Sondeat: 27828-2018 ro ‘reat Warne Nurber (Chae Murer ‘Suspect Name: Honderson Kevin Wound was in the shoulder of the complainant and that the bullet traveled down ‘through her chest cavity puncturing her lungs and heart causing a quick dosth Ultimately the video evidence anc the location of the entry wound to the victim the dayot 20 JAN 0-4-2019 MAGISTRATE. IN AND FOR DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS 'MAGISTRATE'S DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE Onthisthe day of JAN 0 4 2019 20 __, [hereby eckrovlege hal nave NAGISTRREABIRENATHR LAs fxarined tne foregoing affdevtandhave COUNTY eae determined that essonablo cose et or issuance of an arrest wera forthe, indhidual accused herein