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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT St MIDDLS DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA HAROLD THOMAS EPPS and \cne® Plaintifts yi x vi \ 8 SO wzutzaw mom MICHAEL, JR., President of the University of North C: <— HENRY_2._BRAM I Univers: ity of North Carolina, ) ) } USE ROY WELLS ARMSTRONG, Direotor of 3), Admissions of the University of North D3 No. 144 ) ) ) ) ) ) 3 DIS, JR-, Dean of the! Law GIVIL AcTION Carolina; ARCH Ts ALLEN, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the University of —— North Carolina; and the University of North Carolina, a body Incorporate, Defendants LUCILLE ELLIOT? “7 DSROSTITONS of HENRY P. BRANDIS, JR ‘end ALBERT L. TURNER, taken on behalf of the plaintiffs in the es zi above-entitled action now Pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, on August 25, 1950, et 10:15 a. m,, at Durham, North Carolina, before Dougles C. Rey, Notary Public. _ Appearances for the plaintiffs: conrad 0. Pearson, Dur- + ham, N. C., Spottewood W. Robinson, III, Richmond, Va., Robert L. Carter, New York, N. ¥. Appearances for the defendants: Harry McMullen, Attorney General, W. B. Umstead, L. P. McLendon, J. C. B. Ehringhaus, Ralph Moocy, Assistant Attorney General, and We F. Brinkley. 3 MR. McMULLAN: For the purpose of tho record, I wish to, state that the defendants object to the taking. of the depo- sitions of the witnesses at this time on the grounds that a 28th, )and that at this time and stage of the proceedings the pleadings have s set for Monday, ering of the case already been filed and the taking of the depositions at this time is unnecessary and improper and unnecessarily involves the time of counsel and witnesses in this case, and all the witnesses whose depositions are proposed to be taken would be available for examination in the trial of the case during . next week. » In conference with counsel representing the plaintiffs, : it is agreed that the objections to any evidence on the grounds of relevancy or competency will be deemed as taken, without ac~ tually being noted during the progress of the taking of the depo- — sitions, and that it will be deemed that motions to strike were timely made to such evidence as may be introduced and that it will not be necessary to note eny exceptions to the taking of evidence during the progress of the depositions, and that all } the objections to the taking and to the admissibility of evi- : dence will be reserved for hearing before the Judge. VU HENRY P. BRANDIS, JR. called as a witness by the dlaintiffs, being duly sworn, tes- tified as follows: DIRECT EXAMINATION By Mr. Carter: Q Dean Brandis, will you state your name and occupation, please? A Henry P. Brandis, Jr., Dean of the Law School of the University of North Carolina. Q How long have you been Dean? “A Since July 1, 1949. Q WA11 you tell me, please, how you process applications for admission to the University of North Carolina Law School? A The applications normally are filed directly with the Dean's office at Chepel Hill. If an application does come to some other part of the University it is referred to the Dean's i office, so that all applications are processed by the office of the Dean. Q And by the office of the Dean you mean your office, the Dean of the Law School of the University of North Carolina? A Yes. Q The applications of the plaintiffs in these actions, ‘ were those processed through your office? A I can testify to my personal kmowledge that the applica~

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