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Neimah Djourabchi ​ 17-842-2835

Film / Television / Podcasts
The Enemy Within Co-Star NBC Television
High Maintenance Co-Star HBO Television
Steal the Stars Lead TOR/Gideon Media
Winner of Audioverse award for “Best Actor in a New Ongoing Dramatic Production”
Blue Bloods Co-Star CBS Television
The Blacklist Co-Star NBC Television
Gotham Co-Star WB Television
Jessica Jones Co-Star Netflix / Marvel
Odyssey Co-Star NBC Television
666 Park Avenue Co-Star ABC Television
Madame Secretary Principal CBS Television
Blindspot Principal NBC Television
Person of Interest Principal CBS Television
The Cobbler Principal Slow Pony
Good Wife Principal CBS Television
Elementary Principal CBS Television
The Dictator Principal Paramount Pictures
Imitation Girl Lead Ilium Pictures
The Answer Lead The Answer Films
Othello Montano Oregon Shakespeare Fest / ART
Oklahoma! Ali Hakim US Oregon Shakespeare Fest
The Lake Effect Vijay GEVA Theatre Center
Universal Robots Dr. Peroutka The Sheen Center / Gideon
The Honeycomb Trilogy: Sovereign Wilkie Judson / Gideon
Jesus in India Sushil Theatre at St. Clements/Ma-Yi
The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G Hung Vampire Cowboys/Ma-Yi
Thieves Sanjay The Public
Kill Shakespeare Romeo HeRe Arts Center/Gideon
DreamActs Waddy HeRe Arts Center
Bureau of Missing Persons Simon 4th St. Theatre
Shirin Neshat’s Over Ruled Ensemble Performa 11
Action Philosophers Boddidarma The Brick
Hack Dash The Brick / V.C. Saloon Series
St Peter and the Gates of Succession Sam Center Stage NY
Romeo and Juliet Montague La Mama/ Teatro Patologico
Open Door Ensemble LaMama Etc. / Loco7
12th Night Orsino Kings County Shakespeare
12th Night of the Living Dead Captain Teatro la Tea/Impetuous
Special Skills​​ ​ Stunt Performer, Musician, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Basic Level Piano,
Singing, Speak Farsi Fluently, Dialects, Swimming, Bicycling, Weight Lifting, Puppeteer,
Certified Elvis Impersonator.
Education​​ : ​NYU's Tisch School of the Arts​​, ​BFA