Reasonless Reasoning

(Derailed Rationale) Tuesday's waiting for a train that's been driven unconscious by the insane that's been carrying mountains of rain across it's freight weight Just South of Maine, Where tiny dancing shadow mice fly kites while skiing on solstice ice humming the melodies to their own eulogy while masking the vultures eerie glare oh, how the rest of sit and stare waiting for the tracks to give waiting for the derailed to live offering a place for a peace of mind beside a rattlesnake and a grapevine that's been driven insane by the mini-mimes that's been that's been that's always been ~

Reasoning the Reasonless
(Rationale Derailment)

Wednesday's, windows-struck, in a diner on the other side of the moon laughing, crying, leaving, She misses her old friends subtle clues wondering how to make amends family's all but gone away no one says a thing, these days perhaps they're all made out of clay... so this is one for the dismayed left alone, utterly betrayed that's been, that's been, that's been counting the Rockies, stripping away inessentials till the truth is revealed and the only price, a change of pace between angels and insects playing leapfrog with rejects left outside in the cold-unforgivingbittersweet and unconscious rain clumsily nudging the rusted tracks indifferently derailing another train to exact, a reason for the murders or so they claim ~

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