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“wal : “USorecansiness 1 \ \rgecsecasasasasesed 1 : Eso ‘Yishun oe Simply bri coupon to redeem. mal Home 2018 tal newsletter 1 ' ' ' ' 4 Sect ee SE The Supreme Story Social Mission & Business Activity Bizvents Pte Ltd started in September 2016. As a young emerging start up, Yvonne has huge aspirations to create good for the society while growing the business in the challenging environment. Yvonne successfully curated a parenting event under sub-brand SUPREME PARENTS on the 22nd October 2016. During this event, she launched the Mummies Wing Program and hired mummies to help out at the event. Mummies handled simple duties from packing goodie bags to managing buffet area. Mummies are allowed to breastfeed or bring kids along. To Yvonne, Mummies Wing is a sustainable way that she can contribute back to the society — by hiring stay at home mothers (SAHM) as operational crews and allowing them to bring their toddlers to work if required. In 2018, Supreme Parents organized over 20 TTR AT eye events and trained more than 30 mums and “ tm Sea youths to facilitate the events. a We are also thrilled to achieve the mi where more than $20,000 were donated directly to RedCross at our Supreme Young Explorers 1 event at JCube in November. Stay At Home Mothers Due to cancer, Yvonne had to stay home for a few years to recuperate. Her first pregnancy also led her to 9 months of bedrest. She was a stay at home mum for half a year too. The leaming curve was steep when she eventually re-entered the workforce but that only strengthened her resolve to approach everything with an open heart and a learning mindset. Due to her experience mix as a stay-home mummy as well as a full time working parent, she experiences first hand how Mummies Wing Program can benefit SAHM. Mummies Wing Tapping on the wealth of experience and the unique qualities of SAHM, Mummies Wing will be an avenue for them to re-enter the workforce while balancing their family duties. The program empowers mothers and their kids to be able to have fun, earn some income and most importantly have the support network of getting to know other opportunities, newfound friendship and sense of belonging in the society. Fast forward 2 years, Bizvents Pte Ltd has evolved to be a recognized social enterprise under raiSE Singapore with an outreach of more than 10,000 parents. Thus far, 200 mothers have already registered to be part of the program. As the program gains more tractions, Yvonne has also noticed that more affiliated partners and vendors have a changed mindset about SAHM employment and are ‘more open toward to the idea. Some members have even managed to find accepting employers that allow much desired flexible working schemes to balance their working and family commitments. With this little milestone, she hopes that Mummy Wings will continue to grow from strength to strength and reach out to more mums and youths, as well as a leading advocate for this untapped yet evergreen workforce. With the right ‘opportunities and guidance, she is confident Mummies Wing will benefit both ‘SAHM and organizations. Special Thanks ‘Supreme Parents can only meet this milestone through continued support from its freelance designers, event helpers and supportive vendors, affiliate partners and parents. We look forward to helping more mothers and be a positive impact to the community! Contact Yvonne at 90483586 if, you have a job to offer to mums! jwrw facebook com, ‘SupremeParents, ‘, Supreme_parents