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I am applying to study for the masters programme in Energy Technology at the

Lappeenranta University of Technology beginning in autumn 2017, with major in Energy
Systems. My choice of programme is based on my interest in not just studying pure
Mathematics and related sciences, but promoting its applications in providing
sustainable solutions to world’s recent environmental, industrial and energy problems.
The programme teaches students how to produce and distribute energy safely and
economically with less emission technology. Thus upon graduation, the programme will
benefit my country Cameroon and the international community, as it paves the way for
a doctorate degree and many career openings

I am eager to study this programme at the Lappeenranta University of Technology

because of its high academic standards, its high international reputation, its high level
research based teaching in partnership with industries and the opportunity to meet
people of various cultures. An additional booster for me is the possibility to win a
scholarship that covers the tuition fee or living cost.

I have acquired a solid background for masters studies through prior schools and
working as a teacher. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with an overall
Grade Point Average of 3.09 (77.25%) and a Secondary school Teacher Diploma with
major in Mathematics and minor in Physics. The main courses that were done include:
mathematical analysis, differential geometry, mathematical probability, introduction to
mathematical statistics , differential equations, general topology, measure theory and
integration, analytic geometry, complex analysis, microteaching, introduction to
computer science, basic information technology, classical mechanics, electricity and
electrostatics, A.C circuits, wave optics, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Also, I
have been teaching Advanced level Mathematics with Statistics, Further Mathematics
and Ordinary level Physics from 2011 till date.
By taking the masters programme in Energy Technology, I look forward to gaining
competencies in the field through lectures, computer simulations, laboratory modeling,
group presentations or projects, industrial internships and a thesis.
Over the years, I have developed patience, team spirit, hard work, confidence as well as
good organizational and time management skills. Thus, I am convinced that I can
successfully complete my masters degree in record time so as to progress with my
career goals.