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Impact of Academic Stress to Grade 11 Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics students of Mangaldan National High School:

Basis for Action Research

In partial fulfillment
of the Requirements for Practical Research I



Background of the Study

This study focuses on the impact of academic stress among G11 STEM
students and the relation to their academic performances in school.

Stress is one of the most fundamental problems spanning through human

endeavor. The very mention of the word ‘stress' brings thoughts such as
increased rate of depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and other
potentially life-threatening issues to one's mind. Stress is to be managed but not
simply avoided.

According to Lal (2014) Students have to face many academic load, for
example, school exams, performances with same deadlines, showing progress in
school subjects, meeting the high expectations of the teachers and parents,
competing with their classmates. These demands may exceed available
resources of the students. As a result, they can be under stress, since the
demand is correlated to achievement of an academic objective.

We all know that nobody is immune to stress. We can be caught up in a

situation that causes or induces stress in the individual. Thus as a part of human
living the young, old, rich, poor, professionals are potential victims of stress. It is
also worth noting that stress is an inevitable part of student-life; as it takes a toll
on most students' physical health, emotional wellbeing, and academic

According to Marwan Zaid Balainch (2013) it was found out that fear of
failure is major source of stress among undergraduate students. Sohail (2013)
said that results from the literature suggest that higher level of stress to be
correlated with poor academic performance.
The four components of academic stress usually recognizable in a student
are academic frustration, academic conflicts, academic anxieties and
academic pressures. According to most high school students, their greatest
academic stressors include tests, grades, homework, academic and
achievement expectations and parental pressure.

In today’s highly competitive world, students face different academic

problems including exam stress, disinterest in attending classes and the inability
to understand a subject. Academic stress involves mental distress regarding
anticipated academic challenges or failure or even the fear of the possibility of
academic failure. It can lead to students being unable to perform their best of
their abilities in exams. It may also lead to low self-esteem.

Even as we search into the core of the subject matter, sufficient attention
needs to be accorded the proposal that, introducing successful coping
strategies may help students to avoid the destructive consequences of
excessive stress

Uchil (2017) It becomes imperative to also understand that low stress does
not necessarily ascertain that students will perform better, but in fact under
these circumstances, they would perceive the task as unchallenging and may
also get easily bored.

According to Awing&Agolla(2013) The educational system also plays an

enabling role accordingly leading to increased of stress levels experienced by
the students. Some of this sources include semester grading system, deficient
resources and facilities, and long hours and expectations of note learning (Deb
et al., 2015)

Parents and institutions relentlessly induce the fear of failure which affects
their self-esteem and confidence.Ang & Huan (2014) reported increased
expectations as one of the factors responsible for increased stress levels.
The main objective of this research is to find the impacts of academic

stress to STEM students' Academic Performances. Further, this study is also

conducted to know how students perceive the different impacts of Academic

Stress and how they cope it on daily basis, as they are struggling to reduce and

control the negative effects to their academic performance.

Conceptual Framework


• • Conducting in • It will serve as a guide.

depth interview
using unstructured • Brochures containing
questionnaire informations on how to
manage and cope
• Interpreting, your stress.
analyzing the data

The impact of academic stress to students is one of the greatest issue in

our society these days. It has been an alarming issue for it does really affect a
person's academic performance, as well as their different lifestyle and behavior.
The researchers proposed this to determine its possible effects and how to deal
with this issue.

Statement of the Problem

The focus of this study is to determine the different impacts of Academic
Stress to STEM students of Mangaldan National High School, as well as the
causes, factors and how to cope on this kind of problem that focuses on Grade
11 STEM students of Mangaldan National High School, S.Y. 2017-2018.

Specifically, it seek to answers the following questions:

1. What are the causes of Academic Stress as a STEM student?

2. What are the impacts of academic stress in your academic performance?

3. How does stress affect your learning?

4. In what ways are you managing your academic stress?

5. As a STEM student, does your parent's high expectations from you affects your
learning style?

Significance of the Study

The outcome which this study revealed may benefit certain people or
certain group of people.

• Department of Education (DepEd). Considering the participant involved in

this matter are students, it would be a major help for the Department of
Education on how they will act with student's academic load.

• Principal. To make things more possible on giving some information about

Academic stress, the knowledge and the approval of the Principal is
essential to make successful.

• Students. Through the study, students will be more informed about this
study and will make them more aware. This group of students are trying to
cope their academic works.
• Parents. The results of this study will provide them additional information
about Academic stress, the impact and the factors that are causing this
problem, also on how to manage it. To give them understanding on how
they are going give some advice and guidance to their children.

• Department Heads. With the assist of the Department Heads. Spreading

information will be more effective and successful.

• Researchers. In order for them to provide necessary information, initial

views, and other data needed for a successful and effective research to
be done in the time ahead.

• Future Researchers. They will be able to conduct wider study about this
and fill up the minds of the readers with awareness and knowledge that
could be helpful regarding to this problem.

This study propose to provide additional information and facts about the
factors and impacts that affects the students' academic performances. This
study also aims to give knowledge on how to solve and manage this kind of

Scope and Delimitation

This study is focused mainly on the impacts of Academic stress among

students in Mangaldan National High School including the causes and the
factors affecting the students’ academic performance and behavior. The
participants of this research are limited only to Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) strand of Senior High School students both male and
female. The researchers will conduct the survey among 15 G11 STEM students in
M.N.H.S S.Y. 2017-2018 who can be very helpful to make this research more
effective and successful.

Definition of Terms

For a better understanding of the objectives of this research. The following

terms are defined as how they are used:

• Factor - An element affecting any particular situations that contributes to

a result or outcome

• Management - Ways on how to cope accordingly on such particular


• Academic Stress - Involves mental distress regarding anticipated

academic challenges or failure or even the fear of the possibility of
academic failure.

• STEM - is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four

specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics

• Academic Performance - is the extent to which a student has achieved

their short or long-term educational goals.

• Respondents - Regarding on the selected G11 STEM students of

Mangaldan National High School.

• Cope - deal effectively with something difficult.