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ACCURATE Approved by AICTE, Ministr y of HRD, Govt. of India


& you
Accurate Institute of Management & Technology

In pursuit of excellence through developing socially responsible,
innovative and result oriented global business leaders

Our mission is to develop innovative, result oriented and socially

sensitive business leaders by providing dynamic platform with top
class faculty and contemporary teaching methods for honing our
student’s skills and mould their minds into professional managers,
ready to face challenges of the current business environment. We
strive to create, inculcate, imbibe, translate and apply knowledge to
address the needs of individuals, industry and above all the trust of
the society. We communicate values and impart the skills necessary
for individuals to lead responsible, productive, and personally
satisfying lives; through research, scholarship, and creative activities
and enabling our students to be managers, entrepreneurs, and
leaders with strong cultural values, business ethics to succeed in the
global business environment.

To be globally known as a centre of excellence in Our vision is supported by our deep rooted culture of
professional learning amalgamation of quality education with leadership skills
which infuse our students with the requisite precursors
We cherish with passion to be globally recognized as a for success. Our educational curriculum is devised not
preferred destination for quality education, research only to derive success out of life but also instill an acute
and a learning center for application of knowledge sense of responsible living and a satisfying future in
which is dedicated for the betterment of individual, terms of social and aesthetic experience. Extensive
society, nation and humanity in totality. We strive to research has gone into generating the ideal mix of class
instill in our pupil an understanding of the current and room learning, real life project based learning and
dynamic global environment and its challenges in order extramural activities that makes students not just
to best prepare them for a self determined and intellectuals but also quick to think on their feet, thus
successful professional life painted in current unlimited readying them for the journey to higher abodes of
global canvas. Assimilating a diversity of students from professional and personal life. We firmly believe in the
the length and breadth of the country under our need for change to begin right at the grass root level and
tutelage, our prime focus is to foster an environment of that is the precise reason why we strive to inculcate spirit
uniformity that undermines the inherent disparities in of innovation, creativity and achievement along with a
culture, mental aptitude, and skill levels. We recognize sense of responsibility in our students. With this
knowledge as a means to unite our scholars in the face of underlying vision, we undertake the sincerest of effort
cultural and social diversity and utilize its potential to the and most strenuous care to develop the right frame of
maximum to create a globally competent mind with a mind for our pupils. We channelize all our resources to
positive viewpoint towards challenges. We encourage stand out as an institute and augments our endeavors
students to think beyond the visible and stir their power towards becoming an organization of global repute and
of imagination. eminence. All our endeavors are directed towards
fostering an environment of creative and conducive
learning for our students which define our constant
strive for excellence.
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“The task of a modern educator is not to cut down
the jungles, but to irrigate the deserts.”

CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE With paradigm shifts in communications and technology, change in the needs of the
world is now becoming a daily occurrence, it is absolutely imperative that one keeps
abreast the sea of knowledge that surrounds us and imbibes as much as they can and
put it to good and smart use. In preparing our students for every variant of a given
situation and the numerous plausible outcomes, we are essentially giving them the
tools to combat the fierce competition and perform well despite disparities. It is the
skills, outlook and experience students acquire at Accurate that will serve them in the
longer scheme of things. Developing merely an intellect is, not by any measure,
adequate for today’s success. Hence, we inculcate a perspective and the ability to
rationalize and act in our students to equip them to better handle the demands on the
global business platform. A sense of understanding with regard to the need to change
is what we instill thus enabling the future managers to shift gears in sync with the
requirements of the day. Being proactive is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the
competition and that’s what students learn at Accurate.

With the rising complexities of global business arena, there is an inherent need to
discern opportunities from threats and more importantly to convert threats to
opportunities. Our students, with the meticulous training they receive, are able to
capitalize and make the maximum of presented situations and this gives them the
edge. A practical transition of management theories into complex business models is
instilled in the most realistic way enabling them to excel in their chosen fields. A
superlative core curriculum augmented superbly by state of the art infrastructure and
aesthetic environment conducive to learning make for an excellent erudition
opportunity which is further supplemented by the extensive industry interactions and
training programmes, stimulating creativity, rational thinking and flexibility among
students at Accurate.

These admirable words very concisely Constant upgradation of the curriculum and imparted knowledge in keeping with the
underline what we at Accurate are trying to ever changing practices of global business milieu enables us to synergize
accomplish. With ever expanding and shifting internationally and develop excellent industry connections which serve students for
needs of the global business platform, it is years to come. With rising expectations on the business front, we ensure a progressive
extremely intricate and crucial to adapt to the betterment of skills and knowledge to foster competitive abilities. An exceptional
right turn of the tide and at exactly the right faculty and committed researchers ascertain the best practices adopted worldwide
moment. As times have progressed, so have come as a second nature to the pupils at Accurate. Our diversity is what makes us
the competitive requirements of the distinctive.
business world. Keeping up with them
requires a very acute perception of the It gives me great pride and privilege to welcome you to the folds of Accurate.
environment and acclimatizing yourself.
C. L. Sharma
GROUP DIRECTOR’S “The aim of education should be rather to teach us how to think, than
what to think- rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think
MESSAGE for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men
because an educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it just teaches
young minds how to make a living but doesn’t enlighten them
how to make a life.”

Accurate Institute has an unswerving dedication towards inculcating the right

aptitude amongst our pupil. It is not just an educational degree that we provide but a
perspective that will help students in their journey climbing through the rungs of the
corporate ladder. To reach the top you have to have a winning aptitude and this is what
we instill in our students. Being just bright is not enough anymore; recognizing this we
have taken steps to infuse our curriculum with challenging aspects that contribute to a
comprehensive growth of the mental faculties as well as a strong grasp over the
intricacies of global business practices that serve the young scholars for years to come.

Strong academic and training programmes tailored around the needs of the current
business scenario and level of competition lend our students the edge to make it
successfully through their careers. Fostering an environment conducive to learning
and presenting a stimulating and challenging milieu is what we focus on, enabling
students to develop and hone their own analytical abilities and learn to be adaptive
and proactive.

An education at Accurate is a complex array of instructions and interactions that prove

useful in their fields of practice and contribute towards their success over a period of
time. It is an endeavor to carve an imposing personality capable of taking challenges
and meeting goals consistently. It is an attempt at shaping your professional as well
personal life so as not only to make you successful on the professional front but also a
more responsible and conscientious human being. It is as much of an effort from us as
a participation from you. With the carefully crafted and intensively researched
curriculum interspersed with aptitude and character building exercises, it is sure to be
a life altering experience for a student. A commitment to better your present and your
future is what we put forth; making the most of it is on your shoulders.

Let us grow together and make a mark where it counts the most.

Poonam Sharma
Group Director

ABOUT GREATER NOIDA Accurate is located in one of the most well-planned and green townships in India, i.e,
Greater Noida. Greater Noida is not just a great place to study but also a great place to
live. Located 25 miles to the south-east of New Delhi, India’s capital, it was set up in
1976 under the U.P Industrial Development Act. Greater Noida is one of the most
student friendly cities in the Delhi-NCR region. With various engineering,
management & other educational institutions lined up here, students make up a large
part of city’s population.

It is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant life. The city boasts of being the centre of the
finest internationally reputed colleges & this is why known as Knowledge Park also. It
has lush green surroundings, broad roads, a good public transport system and all the
facilities needed to make a city worth living. Greater Noida offers its inhabitants the
unique opportunity of being comfortably close to the best professional, educational,
medical and recreational opportunities, without the disadvantages of typical urban
setting, i.e, pollution, over-population, inadequate infrastructure, power cuts and of
course heavy traffic. It is the best place in the vicinity of New Delhi, to study in.

Greater Noida has truly become a much sought after address for the elite seeking
international standard infrastructure ensuring quality of life for both stay and work.

LOCATON • Strategic location within NCR, well linked to domestic and international markets
via Delhi
• Inter State Bus Terminal 30 min., Railway station 45 min
• International Air Port 1 Hour
• Well connected to Delhi, Noida by 8 lane expressway
• Wide roads & open spaces.
• Proposed Metro
• 24X7 drinking water supply
• Minimum pollution - Best urban environment in North India
• Home to numerous well known Indian & Multinational companies

Greater Noida City

• One of the largest industrial townships in Asia
• Asia's biggest 18 hole, 458 acres PGA standard Jaypee Greens Golf Course.
• Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial sectors have
been demarcated.
• Educational hub with several Universities, Colleges and Schools.
• Also known as knowledge park.
• Greater Noida to emerge as an IT-ITES hub.
• Formula One racing Track.


Awarded as Asia’s Best Business School by CMO Asia
2016 Awarded Best Management Institute in North India by Royal Brand
2015 Awarded Excellent Placement Institute In UP 2015 By CMAI Supported By AICTE And AIU
2015 Ranked Amongst Top 5 in Placement In India By GO Getter (In Flight-Go Air-Airlines)
2015 Awarded Best Business Management Institute in NCR By Worldwide Achievers
2014 Best Placement Management Institute in North India By AITMC
2014 Awarded "Excellence in Placement " BY CMAI (Supported By AICTE & IIEST)
2014 Best Business Management Institute in Delhi/NCR By One Planet Research
2014 Awarded Best Placement Award For Management in Delhi/NCR By Royal Brands
2013 Ranked A+ Category B-School in India By Business India
2013 Ranked Amongst Top 10 B-School in North  By India Today
2013 Awarded Excellence in Placement by MTU & CMAI
2013 Best Placement Amongst Management Institute in North India By Prime Time (Global Education Excellence Awards)
2013 Most Innovative Management Institute In North India By Prime Time (Global Education Excellence Awards)
2013 Ranked Amongst Top 25 Management Colleges in North by The Week
2013 Ranked A+++ B-School in India By GO Getter (In Flight-Go Air-Airlines)
2013 Ranked Amongst Top 5 in Placement In India By GO Getter (In Flight-Go Air-Airlines)
2013 Awarded Best B-School Placement Award By MBA By Choice
2012 ‘Best Industry Academia Interface Award’ in ‘eIndia Awards Ceremony’ organised by ‘All India Council for Technical
Education (AICTE), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Elets Techno Pvt. Limited.
2012 Ranked AAA Category B-School in India By MBA By Choice
2012 Awarded Best E-Campus By Digital Learning In Association With AICTE
2012 Ranked Amongst Top 25 B-School in North India by The Week
2012 Awarded Best Engineering Institute in North India By Amar Ujala- B-School Excellence Awards
2012 Awarded Best Engineering Institute in North India by ABP News
2012 Ranked A+++ B-School in India By GO Getter (In Flight-Go Air-Airlines)
2012 Ranked A1 Category in North India By AIMA
2012 Awarded Best Private Engineering College in Delhi/NCR By Brands Academy
2012 Awarded Best Management Institute in North India By Brands Academy
2012 Awarded Best Management Institute in North India By Star News
2012 Awarded Best B-school With Excellent Industry Interface By UTV-Bloomberg
2011 Awarded Best Management Institute for 100% Placement & Infrastructure in North India By Business Sphere
2011 Ranked Amongst A+ Category B-Schools of India By Business India
2011 Ranked Amongst Top 40 Private B-Schools of India by Outlook
2011 Ranked 3rd Top Engineering Colleges & 5th Top MCA Colleges in North India by Silicon India
2011 Awarded Best Placement Amongst Management Institutes in North by Big Brands
2011 Ranked Amongst Top 25 Institutes of India by B & M Chronicle
2011 Pride India Global Award' 2011 by Ministry of HRD, Govt of Jharkhand
2010 Ranked No. 1 Top B-School of Excellence (E) By CSR-GHRDC
2010 Ranked Amongst Top 15 in Infrastructure among the Private B-Schools of India by Business world
2010 Ranked amongst Top 50 Private B-Schools of India by Outlook & Business World
2010 Ranked A Category B-School by AIMA & Business India
2010 Awarded Best Industry Interface & Best Brand Leadership Award-Academics by Dewang Mehta B-School Awards
2010 Ranked Best Institute for Academic Excellence in Delhi/NCR by Times Research
2010 Ranked Best Placement Amongst Management Institutes in Delhi/NCR by Times Research
2010 Considered as one of the Best B-School in Delhi/NCR & Emerging Best B-School in India by CSR
2009 Ranked "A" Category Top B-School in India By AIMA & Business India
2009 Ranked No. 1 Promising B-School in India & Best B-School in Delhi/NCR By CSR
2009 Ranked in India`s Best B-Schools By Dalal Street
2009 Ranked in Top 50 B-Schools in India By CSR
2008 Rastriya Shiksha Shiromani Award for Best Management Institute & Best Campus
2008 Best Infrastructure in NCR by B&M Chronicle, Jul 2007
2006 Establishment of Accurate
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G re a te r N oida by Go
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Institute of

09 09
ABOUT Accurate Group is a diversified business entity with its presence across several business arenas that touch
millions of lives on a daily basis. A name to reckon with in the education domain, Accurate is also one of the
ACCURATE foremost manufacturers of electrical/electronic products in the country, with special and active interest in
GROUP Distribution and Power Transformers.

The foundation of the Group was laid by Group Chairman, Mr. C. L. Sharma and dates back to 1986. The first
establishment was Accurate Transformers Ltd., an entity listed on the BSE (The Bombay Stock Exchange). The
organization was initiated and promoted by Mr. Sharma with a vision to provide unparalleled services in the
field and with sustained efforts, strived to take it to the top rung in its line of operations. Since then, his
unfaltering vision and persistent and tireless efforts have resulted in immense success and the company is
perched comfortably today among the distinguished few at the top in its line of business. The unreserved
dedication has been rewarded amply by a respectful recognition in their field as one of the best quality
manufacturers and service providers with stringent quality control and adherence to commitments.

The year 2005 saw Accurate breaking new ground and entering an arena hitherto unexplored but of great
gravity and national significance, namely “Rural Electrification”. The group extended its expertise to turnkey
projects and initiated infrastructure development and support to various schemes instigated to enable a
better and comfortable livelihood of the millions of rural Indians. This contributed to the national economy as
well as worked towards the upliftment of those who inhabit the lesser known lengths and depths of the
country. Making a new beginning, Accurate thus ameliorated the lives of millions.

In the very same year, Accurate Group made another new beginning; establishment and promotion of a
institution named Accurate Education and Research Society, fanatically devoted to elevating the standards
and scope of education in the Indian context and pursuing excellence in the field of education and allied areas.
THE Accurate Education & Research Society was established 2005, under the visionary
leadership of Shri C.L. Sharma, with the primay aim of:
• Providing education in various fields of Engineering Technology, Architecture
& Management, by creating a pool of professionally qualified and skilled
managers and entrepreneurs of world class standards.

• Catering to different segments of the nation and to contribute constructively

and meanigfully in nation's growth development.

The society has promoted the Accurate Group of Institutions including two
management education oriented B Schools, namely Accurate Institute of
Management and Technology (AIMT) and Accurate Institute of Advanced

AIMT which was established in the year 2006 has to its credit various professional
awards conferred by independent rating agencies, and various social groups for
setting new benchmarks of excellence in the field of Higher Education.

“Man is made or unmade by himself. By the right choice he A) CENTER FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT
ascends. As a being of power and intelligence and as the lord of A dedicated center for personality development aids students in
his own thoughts, he holds the key to every situation.” shedding their inhibitions and moving forth to higher grounds, in the
-James Allen process transforming from learners to experts in the field. With the
fast changing dynamics of the corporate world, it is imperative that
The choice to pursue a management programme is a life altering one; any aspirant hoping to achieve success rides with the tide and
a choice that would have implications for the rest of your years. Every incorporates the changes necessitated by a change in global outlook.
success you aspire for is going to be a direct derivative of the choices With technology permeating all aspects of business and competition
that you make now. Your managerial tenure will reflect your years of escalating at a disquieting rate, the only way to progress is by being
preparation towards this goal. It is therefore exceedingly imperative the best at what you do. It is truly “Survival of the fittest” at a global
that you receive the right impetus and the right inputs at a nascent scale and you either adapt or perish in the rat race. As Darwin had
stage; a stage that is going to decide your success and the extent of it. succinctly put it, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who
will survive but those who can best manage change.” One who is in
By opting for Accurate to be the hotbed for your capabilities and sync with the rapidly changing demands and patterns of the neo
aptitude, you would be stepping into a world of innovation. An modern world will be able to rise and those who linger shall lag.
institution that has made its name on demonstrable results,
Accurate offers you the inimitable blend of insight, the most It is to cater to these swiftly changing business equations that we
extensively drafted curriculum, a practice ground for your skills and a have instated a specially designed Personality Development Center
milieu that empowers your thoughts. We have the means to that identifies the traits and aptitude to be perfected and instills
transform you from a mere apprentice to an authority in your field of them in our students. A wide range of activities comprise the scope
choice and take you beyond success. of this center including:
• Physical Appearance • Personality Traits
There are several distinctive offerings that Accurate brings to the • Communication Abilities • Body Language
table for your erudition as a management scholar. Some of them • Skills • Aptitude
being: • Attitude • Values and Ethics
• Mannerisms and Etiquette

No management training is complete without a proper grooming of engineering and management to its advantage, the institute has
the personality of a candidate. Personality is made up of your been able to rise to the occasion and afford students with the
physical manifestation of and the way you carry yourself. necessary inputs to carry forward their brainchild.
Globalization has brought forth the need for adopting the basic
mannerisms of foreign lands and proper business etiquette. Unless In view of the fierce competition rampant in the corporate world, ay
you are groomed mentally, there is hardly any benefit from such ideas are welcomed, reviewed, and perfected by the panel of
revamping your physical form. In this day and time, just knowledge expert guides at the cell and students are encouraged to give wings
won’t suffice to take you to the top. The perfect business sense to their ventures. This gives the students the inspiration as well as the
combined with pertinent social skills would have to work in tandem confidence to handle and develop things on their own and further
for success to come your way. A poised persona with an equanimous enhances the employability prospects.
acumen will lay the road to your success.
The job at the Entrepreneurial Cell entails assisting students with:
This is why at Accurate we address both the aspects of your • Developing business plans
personality; internal viz. aptitude, attitude, morals, ethics etc. as well • Testing their viability
as external such as physical appearance, attire, body language, • Entering inter collegiate competitions
communication skills thus perfecting your personality for a thriving • Guidance through the process of perfection to execution of the
career. We bring about comprehensive personality development business plans
through a blend of the following techniques and exercises. • Preparation of project reports and presentations for venture
• Group Discussions capitalists and evaluators
• Presentations • Lending a hand with feasibility studies, market research, market
• Co Curricular Activities and trend analyses, industry analysis, assessing economic
• Meditation viability, product/idea design, overcoming developmental
• Competitions impediments and other related activities
• Psychometric Assessments • Sourcing Funds
• Honing of Professional Skills
• Perfecting Social Etiquette All in all, the cell plays an encouraging and vital role in students taking
• Team Building Exercises up entrepreneurial ventures. The key focus of the cell is to promote
• Leadership Training Modules students thinking out of the box and venturing forth to generate
• Perfecting Communications innovative and sustainable ideas. Once the spark is ignited, it sets
into motion of series of activities that lead the student to an
At Accurate, due diligence is adopted in shaping your personality and enlightened and more positive state of mind thus proving invaluable
every aspect pertaining to it. Apart from personality traits, for their careers. To aid students with the pursuit of
management specific facets like leadership quality, business entrepreneurship, Accurate has also pioneered several initiatives
aptitude, interpersonal skills, and decision making capabilities are that impart our students with the necessary training and
also honed to precision. Individual as well as group performances are professional know how for developing and implementing business
equally promoted. Towards the concluding stages of the programme, models. To name a few:
mock interviews and special counseling sessions are arranged for • ERP/Six Sigma Certification
students to aid them for appearing in interviews. All this is done • Improved Business Communication skills
keeping you excelling in your career as the prime focus. • Efficacious and fluent presentation skills
• Assignments, Group Discussions and Presentation
B) ENTREPRENEURSHIP CELL TO FACILITATE THE • Periodic industry interface and visits
DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS APTITUDE • Expertise in Foreign Languages
Another first from Accurate is the establishment of an • Online Learning Management Modules
entrepreneurship cell that prepares students for a career in business. • 360 degree total transformation program
With this initiative, Accurate has engineered a fresh breed of • Industry Based Projects
entrepreneurs who are self reliant and confident to take on the • Research Paper Analysis
challenges of the business world by themselves and carved a name • Practical Training
for itself in the education arena. • Continuous assessment
• Individual and Group Training Exercises
A dedicated body at Accurate is engaged in encouraging students to • Seminars/Workshops/Symposiums/Conferences
develop sustainable business ideas and power through the initial • Simulations and software aided training programs
stages to develop a profitable venture. The entire process, from the • Personality development classes
inception to the incubation and finally execution is monitored under • CEO interface
the able guidance of industry experts and faculty members • Forging Excellent Industrial Relations
constituting the Entrepreneurship cell. Having express expertise in • Placements and Internships in Organizations of Repute

These sustained and comprehensive efforts towards development of
right management aptitude and instilling entrepreneurial spirit
results in excellent management graduates leaving the folds to
Accurate and ready to lock horns with the challenges presented by a
corporate life. This rigorous exercise works in the favor of students
graduating from Accurate as they find minimal adaptations to make
while getting assimilated across industries. Accurate’s approach of
marching a step ahead of the norm bears great results for the
institute as well as its graduates. Our constant assessment of
industry needs and patterns and instigating changes separates us
from the ordinary and gives our students the edge over competition
in the long run.

Accurate is therefore the right destination for those who are willing
to test their boundaries and challenge their limitations in the pursuit
of knowledge and expertise. For those who believe in their
capabilities and accept challenges head on, Accurate provides the
ideal environment to excel.


Another arena where we are perched comfortably atop the herd of
the ordinary is the superb industry interface that we offer. On
account of the years of expertise in the field and assisted by the
excellent industry connections of our faculty, we are continually
updated on the latest requirements of key industry players and this
enables us to alter our curriculum and modules in keeping with
prevalent industry norms and needs. This ensures our students are the intricacies of operations in foreign lands, we have been taking
best prepared to face the challenges of the corporate world. The our students on global business pilgrimage. In the past our student
special curriculum review committee comprises industry experts, teams along with senior faculty members have visited the following
members of the faculty and authorities on the matter. This ascertains premier universities and had intensive experience of global
the most relevant course material is studied at Accurate. A quarterly management education:
meeting of the committee makes sure that only the most relevant is • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
being passed on to the students and that their knowledge remains at • University of Auckland, New Zealand
par with internationally expected standards. • Management Development Institute of Singapore
• National University of Singapore
A dedicated Center for Corporate Relations (CCR) at Accurate takes Accurate also organizes visits to other global universities to afford
care of the placement activities for every batch of students. With students a hands-on experience of what life is like for corporate in
unparalleled industry relations and quality education at Accurate, these countries. Students also get a glimpse of what cultural
some of the most prominent names in the corporate arena visit our barriers stand in their way and get an insight as to how to overcome
campus for placement drives. The members of our Center for them. Students on such trips are also awarded certificates for a 3
Corporate Relations deeply understand industry requirements and day workshop which further strengthens their profiles.
student aspirations. This enables them to arrange for the perfect
industry interface and corporate exposure for students at Accurate. F) INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS
Besides placements, the Center for Corporate Relations also ensures Accurate group of institutions attracts eminent international
excellent summer internship avenues for students so that they get scholars and academicians as faculty so that our students are able
the most pertinent industry exposure during their course. to get a rich mix of global research output as well as international
best practice standards. These enlightened professors/speakers
E) INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE broaden our students’ knowledge horizon and encourage them to
Globalization has opened the doors for students to be a part of go beyond book learning to experiential learning. They develop
Global MNCs and Foreign Corporations. To acquaint students with skills and attitude to face and succeed in the global competitive
market place.

International Industrial Visit

International Academic Exposure

Cross Cultural Exposure




Besides the above mentioned points, there is a host of advantages associated with pursuing your technical and management education at
Accurate. At Accurate, we have assimilated industry wide best practices in our underlying values and philosophy, didactics, and every other
aspect to ensure students graduating from our folds are never short on vision, commitment, knowledge, and competitive spirit. Life at
Accurate transforms your outlook and very perception of life and you walk out our doors not just with a prestigious diploma, but richer in
knowledge and perspective.

There are more to life at Accurate that emphasize our claims.

• Highly distinguished instructors of national and international repute
• Well Structured Curriculum and established didactic capabilities
• Special Focus on MDPs/EDPs/FDPs in line with industry needs
• Focus on development of a global perspective
• Case research based erudition
• Regularly Updated Curriculum in compliance with industry standards
• Life Skills Training Programme
• Business Incubation Center
• Pollution free E-Campus
• Exceptional ambiance, environment conducive to learning
• Dedicated security and support staff
PROGRAMMES The diversity of our student strength is matched by our offerings to them. We are
proud of the learning opportunity. We offer well researched, corporate oriented and
OFFERED globally competitive courses for our students.


• B.Tech : 4 Year Full Time Course Approved by APJAKTU University
• MBA : 2 Year Full Time Course Approved by APJAKTU University
• MCA : 2 Year Full Time Course Approved by APJAKTU University
• B.Arch : 5 Year Full Time Course Approved by COA
• PGDM : 2 Year Full Time Course Approved by AICTE

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM):

Accurate offers its students a Two year, full time Post Graduate Diploma in
Management (PGDM) which is duly approved by the AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of
India and prepares them for the corporate life ahead in every aspect. This course being
offered has been customized to meet specific industry requirement gathered as a
result of extensive research in several areas. Keeping in mind the demands of global
and national corporations and changing patterns of employment in MNCs, Accurate
offers a precise and succinct curriculum structured around industry requirements.
The underlying principles and processes adopted in framing the curriculum and the
intricacies of didactics can be better appreciated having delved a little deeper into the
subsequent philosophy

The objectives of this program are -

1. Develop analytical skills of students so as to understand business situations and
decision making skills.
2. Build their effective communication skills
3. Create in depth understanding of business dynamics including local and global
business issues
4. Demonstrate effective team work in a diverse working groups and achieving
organizational goals.
5. Develop entrepreneurial skills.

Accordingly, the program has a large component of working in real world situations
under the careful guidance of mentors.

Imagination: We encourage students to think beyond the visible and imbibe the urge
to do things differently and achieve success
Innovation: We provide an environment that stimulates the innovative ideas in
students and equip students with the creative aspect required to walk
at pace with the world.
Challenges: We encourage questions, push students to explore beyond conventions
and prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow
LECTURES the visiting faculty and within peer groups enables them to
The faculty members design their lecture delivery schedule spell out their doubts and have them eliminated. Furthermore,
with a special focus on incorporating the most relevant content it also improves interpersonal communications and teaches
for the budding managers. Lectures are optimally supported by the students vital lessons in Group Dynamics.
presentations, case studies, management games, business
games, business plans, financial modeling, quizzes, workshops, INDUSTRY INTERFACE and GUEST SPEAKERS
seminars and conferences. The Triple I (The III) or Industry Institute Interface is a tool
effectively utilized to the maximum for the amelioration of
AUDIO VISUAL LEARNING students’ understanding at Accurate. This not only improves
It has been scientifically proven that visual stimuli prove much the quality of education they receive, but also emboldens them
more effective in retention and comprehension. This fact is for interpersonal interactions in the long run. The curriculum
incorporated into the lectures at Accurate. The most updated revision committee consists of the faculty members, leading
techno savvy teaching aids are used like white boards, LCD academicians from the other reputed and leading institutions
projectors etc. and representatives from the corporate world. The committee
meets every quarter to review the dynamics of change in the
INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION needs of the industry and recommends the necessary changes
While it is important for progress that groups be instructed in the curriculum. Special lectures industrial/academic by
collectively, it is also imperative to attend to individual needs in various eminent speakers are emphasized at Accurate to
order to fashion better managers. To achieve this, each student provide the latest update directly from the doyens of
is given an opportunity to interact and master communications management
and concepts.
The case study method of teaching at Accurate provides our During their time at the institute, students are exposed to
students the analytical orientation to handle the real life academic environment which is different from the work
scenario with higher degree of comfort. The students environment that the students will face after graduation.
participate whole heartedly in all the three processes of Students therefore have to undergo summer internships
development of case studies, analyzing case studies, and during the summer break after completing the first year and
solving case studies by applying the concepts and ideas of earn academic credit for the experience as specified in the
management. curriculum. To earn the credit, the student is expected to
maintain a log of his/her activities. At the end the summer
internship, a report along with a completion certificate from
ROLE PLAYING EXERCISES: Exercises imitating practical the company where he/she had received the training is to be
workplace situations stimulate the thinking and decision submitted to the Faculty Advisor/ Coordinator of his/her
making capabilities of students and hone their creative skills. In programme for evaluation. Based on the summer internship
this world of ever changing business dynamics, it is important report and performance of the student during the related viva-
that managers be able to think out of the box and such voce, an appropriate performance grade will be awarded.
exercises keep the students’ resourceful approach alive.
Repeated and periodic activities of such a nature allow
students to assume an adaptive aptitude and promote positive
Students are expected to engage in innovative project/
and constructive thinking towards finding solutions to
research work during their study for the credits prescribed
workplace problems of diverse nature.
under their curriculum. Through the project/research work,
students are expected to demonstrate that the programme
PROJECTS & ASSIGNMENTS learning outcomes are being met and they have the ability to
Projects are compulsory and indispensable part of the solve problems using the knowledge gained in the courses.
curriculum at Accurate. All students are compulsorily required Depending on the nature of the research or project, students
to undertake Research Projects/ Live Projects and prepare the could be engaged as individuals or as a part of a project team.
dissertations according to their curriculum. The Summer Each student/team will be assigned a faculty member as guide.
Internship Project of eight week duration wherein a student is In case of group projects, the individual project report
required to undergo practical training in a corporate house or prepared by each student in the group will have different
may undertake a research project under the guidance of a project titles to highlight the individual’s contribution to the
faculty member. group project. The students must submit their original work
only. Use of plagiarized or copied work is strictly prohibited and
CONFERENCES, SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS will result in a failing grade and the student will be required to
The Seminars and workshops on different contemporary repeat the entire subject
themes in accordance with the latest trends at global and the
national level at Accurate make it markedly different as they FOREIGN LANGUAGE
focus on the areas of crucial and strategic importance and focus The students will get the chance to learn one foreign language (
on providing the students the special edge over their German or French or a suitable one) during their course. This
colleagues. Making a base for knowledge expansion and equips the students to move into the international market.
engaging students in healthy discussions and interactions with


Provide an

environment that

stimulates the innovative


Encourage ideas in students thus

students to equip them to walk at


think beyond pace with the world and

the visible. encourage creative

aspect in them Lectures
Imbibe the urge to do things NATIONAL &
differently & achieve success INTERNATIONAL Certifications

Content Building
Case Studies
Digital Marketing
Projects & Voice & accent

Seminars &



Encourage questions and - INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC
prepare them to face the - CONFERENCES
challenges of tomorrow Push
students to explore beyond conventions

LAPTOPS- THE DIGITAL COMPANION a laptop gives students a chance to familiarize themselves with
Seeking to enter the sacred confines of the corporate world, all the latest hardware and software trends pertaining to
students must first acquaint themselves with the requisites of business operations making them technically strong.
the same. And the very first requirement of the modern day
business world is the ability to stay connected at all times.
Corporate executives are forever on the move and they need to
The program is approved by AICTE (All India Council of
maintain all data pertinent to their jobs handy.
Technical Education) and in line with global standards.
• Complimentary International Tour
To get into this lifestyle, every student at Accurate is provided a
• Industry focused and market driven flexible curriculum
laptop with current configurations of hardware and latest
• Global exposures through internship, international tour
versions of software used in business settings. These laptops
and training aboard
help them in staying in sync with the latest developments on
• Regular industry visits
the business front as well exploring the internet for enhancing
• Constant updating of curriculum as the institute has
their skills and knowledge. Students also compile and maintain
autonomy and not affiliated to university
their notes in a digital format for references on a regular basis
• Curriculum and syllabus are vetted by faculty from IIMs and
as well as use the laptops to prepare the project reports and
Industry experts
assignments. The laptops also act as a tool to access course
• Summer internship program for better exposure of current
curriculum in and out of the lecture hall for the convenience of
business environment
• Hands-on training and project based learning which makes
students more employable
With the help of the laptops provided, students accustom
• Regular interaction with industry honchos which gives
themselves with the latest advents in business and learn to use
better visibility for students
technology to their benefit. As managers are required to be
• Last term is focused on dissertation project which gives
ready for a presentation with relevant data at all times, carrying
students practical knowledge business research.
• Intensive communication in soft skill development Technology and International Business. The program is a full
programs to help student to be successful in industry time program offered from Greater Noida campus. Students go
• Entrepreneurship development is part of curriculum which for industry internship program after the third term (at the end
helps the students to strart their own business of first academic year) for about two months.
• Foreign Language
• Support to entrepreneurial ideas and ventures The entire curriculum comprises 5 Foundation courses, 15
• Holistic personality development for leadership and social Basic Core courses, 12 Functional Core Courses, 5 Specialized
responsibility Elective areas each having 6 subjects and 4 soft skill
• Mentor- Mentee system development courses. A student has to register for any two of
the five elective areas. Corporate industry is demanding and
PROGRAM STRUCTURE the fresh graduates are required to deliver discernible results
The two-year PGDM program consists of six terms. This is also a right from day one. It is therefore absolutely imperative that
dual specialization program where students can choose two students opt wisely and master their subjects to excel in the
elective areas from a range of functional areas such as specialization of their choosing.
Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information


Term-1 Credits Term-2 Credits
Financial Accounting 3 Marketing Management - II 3
Business Statistics 3 Management Accounting 3
Organizational Behaviour 3 Business Communication 3
Managerial Economics 3 Human Resource Management 3
Marketing Management – I Decision Making Models 3
Computer Applications In Business Macro Economics 3
Personality Development Programme 3 Management Information System 3
Communicative English 0 Sales Management 1.5
English Comprehension & Writing Skills 0 Personality Development Programme 0
Management Aptitude 0 Total Credit 22.5
Total Credit 18

Term-3 Credits Term-4 Credits

Business Research Methods 3 Strategic Management 3
Operations Management 3 Law For Managers 3
Corporate Finance 3 Business Analytics 3
Supply Chain Management 3 Summer Training Project 3
Elective 1
E-commerce 3 3
Elective 2
Startup Management 3 3
Elective 3
Corporate Communication 3 Elective 4 3
Elective 1 3 Elective 5 3
Elective 2 3 Elective 6 3
Elective 3 3 Total Credit 3
Elective 4 3 Total Credit 30
Personality Development Programme 0
Total Credit 33

Term-5 Credits Term-6 Credits

Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 3 Dissertation 6
Innovation Management 3 Total Credit 6
Retail Oprations Management 3
Emerging IT Treds In Management 3
Elective 1 3
Elective 2 3
Total Credit 18
*The Courses structure is subject to upgradation to meet changing industry needs.

Term-III Term-IV
Marketing Consumer Behavior & Integrated Marketing Brand Management
Marketing Communications Marketing Of Services
Digital Marketing B2B Marketing

Finance Banking Management & Financial Planning Finance Corporate restructuring and valuation
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management International Financial Management
Financial Derivatives
Human Resource Training And Development
Management Compensation Management Human Resource Performance Management
Management Industrial Relation and Labour Laws
International HRM
Information Technology Web Technology
Enterprise Resource Planning Information Technology Decision Making Through Advanced Excel
Networking & Internet Technology In Business
International Business International Marketing Software Project Management
Export Import Procedures And Documentation
Management of Forex Transactions
International Business World Trade Organization
Global Shipping and Logistics Management

Marketing Marketing Paradigm in Emerging Markets-

Finance Project Finance

Human Resource Competency Mapping


Information Technology Business Intelligence And Data Mining (BIDM)

International Business Emerging trends in International business

INFRASTRUCTURE For a place of learning, deemed for pursuit of higher education, necessitates a
expedient, appealing and accommodating infrastructure. In this regard Accurate
excels with flying colors. Preferring an environment conducive to learning for the
students is just one of the aspects of our infrastructure. We appreciate how an
aesthetically pleasing, calm, and serene milieu can contribute to a scholar’s benefit. In
view of the changing global business environments, we have outfitted our campus
with every modern amenity while also making it adequate to meet the diverse needs
of students from all parts of the country. A carefully achieved sync between the global
and local backgrounds is what makes Accurate unique and every bit of it shows in our

At the heart of an educational institutions, infrastructure plays a subtle yet

tremendously fundamental role in the pursuit of knowledge and its quality and
ingenuity are what lend weight to the institution’s repute. Having been awarded for its
infrastructure and initiatives for novelty, the campus at Accurate institute stands as a
tall ode to the values of excellence that we so cherish. In conjunction with a vast and
striking campus, Accurate also boasts of being a pioneering E-Campus which has been
recognized as a mark of the finesse we offer to our students. In this respect, Accurate
stands shoulder to shoulder with major B Schools of the country and is one of the best
furnished and equipped campuses in the entire northern region. This campus also
stands as a testament to the devout allegiance that we have avowed towards investing
in this country’s didactic future. At Accurate, we undertake every conceivable
endeavor in ensuring unrefined talent is amply and suitably honed to churn out the
UNIQUENESS @ best professionals in business, an assemblage of managers ready to be assimilated
ACCURATE into the folds of the corporate world. Every beam in the infrastructural cog can be
individualized to discern their role and importance in the entire scheme of things as

Spread across a sprawling 16 acres of land in the knowledge hub of Delhi/NCR,
Knowledge Park, Greater Noida, the institute is a sight to behold in its magnificence.
The close proximity to industrial and corporate hubs affords students the unique and
vital chance to liaise between studies and practical exposure and also makes
placements more fluid. An amiable and conducive environment encourages
engagement in scholarly activities more focused thus deriving the maximum value out
of a course pursued at Accurate. Taking into account the fact that placement
constitute an important part of management studies, industry propinquity provides a
brilliant opportunity for students to be a part of the Corporate World in Delhi NCR and
across the length and width of the country as well as abroad as soon as they conclude
their course.

First rate technical support, a WI-Fi enabled campus and rich learning prospects are
what delineate Accurate from the ordinary. Technologically superior adaptations at
Accurate ascertain better tutoring, grasping, and personality development among our
students. The institute has gained repute over the years with respect to the advanced
and pertinent curriculum and technological innovation employed in imparting
The Campus at Accurate is equipped with unrivaled infrastructure, relatable
and vastly researched core curriculum, and a dedicated cell for cultivating and
maintaining excellent corporate ties which provides students with
indispensable insights into the obscurity and sophistication of business world.
These facets of Accurate make it truly remarkable in scripting a future for you
and place it amongst the exceptional global B Schools of this country.


The confines of a classroom can be dreary and monotonous to an imaginative
and inquisitive mind. However, at Accurate, the conventional notion of a
classroom is left far behind. Here, the classroom is more of an interactive
forum wherein students and instructors engage in a mental exercise to extract
the best out of your potential and the presented situations. A dynamic
environment keeps your mental faculties sharp and focused and brings forth
the best of results.

The very outlay of classrooms at Accurate, set in the form of auditoriums with
step-up seating arrangements, instigates discussions and provides for an
interactive environment. Furthermore, the classrooms are acoustically
perfected so enable clear dissipation and better reception of sound.
Additionally, they are also outfitted with best in class technological aids like
projectors and audio visual systems to ensure engaging lectures. Classrooms
are air conditioned as well for the comfort of students and promoting
prolonged classes and discussion sessions.








ACCURATE Taking cue from the decisive and essential role technology plays in today’s business settings, at
Accurate we have outfitted our computer centers with the latest technology has on offer to
acquaint out students with the communications needs in business. A round the clock
unbridled high speed internet connection further aids students in pursuing their studies at
their convenience. All the machines making up the computer facilities are kept up to date with
latest hardware configurations and software version to benefit the students as much as

The internet and intranet connectivity across campus, multimedia ready workstations,
firmware and software support and seamless broadband connection make a wonderful
platform for students and instructors alike to emulate corporate environment and get a real
time feel of operations at a corporation.

For an inquisitive and open mind, there is nothing better than a library to quench the thirst for
information and comprehension. At Accurate, we recognize this need and identify with it
providing for the most fertile breeding place for aptitude and acumen. A vast array of books
ranging on topics from course ware to general interest and specific requirements adorn the
library at Accurate. The library is run on automated software making sorting, indexing, and
access easy for our students. Ranging from periodicals to journals to reference materials and
case studies on management and allied subjects, our library houses it all. As beneficial as it is
for a group discussion or an assignment, it is also a great place for some deep contemplation
and acquainting oneself with the deeper recesses of knowledge.

Housing over 18000 volumes of books and subscription to over 80 journals of national and
international stature, our library also offers a wide gamut of newspapers, management
magazines, reference books and e-journals; all made possible on account of the contemporary
digital and internet ready computerized facility. For a student committed to the pursuit of
wisdom beyond the confines of their classroom and intent to go deeper than the text books,
there truly isn’t a better world to explore.


Symposiums and seminars are as important a part of management education as any text book
or course curriculum. These are the avenues where students learn to break the barrier of
being ordinary and start delving deeper into the fruitful alcoves of inquisition. Besides
providing a platform for group discussions and mass lectures, it also provides a place for
visiting wisdom at the institute. With this sole purpose intent, there are 2 capacious
conference halls equipped with the best of audio visual facilities to enable seminars. Various
aspects of management training like presentations, intellectual competitions etc. entail
students going beyond the realms of the classroom for which these centrally air conditioned
conference rooms make the ideal choice.

Furthermore, visiting guest lecturers, motivational speakers, and management experts also
make use of these conference halls for enlightening the young minds all at a time. In addition,
these are also employed to hold fests, other competitions, and other general entertainment

As the old adage goes; “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. The students at Accurate
too need their fair share of time to let their hair down and engage in some good natured
friendly jockeying. Their taxing schedule and unrelenting competition leaves little space to
indulge in rejuvenation and more often than not, lest the studying becomes too monotonous,
they need time to bond with their peers on a sociable note.

To facilitate this whiff of fresh air in an otherwise demanding day, the cafeteria at Accurate is an
inviting affair; catered by Bikano and serving a wide gamut of Indian and Chinese delicacies.
For a quick bite and a relaxing time for friends, there is nothing better than the welcoming aura
of good food and an enjoyable atmosphere.

And for the breaks in between lectures, to refuel and reenergize, the campus also houses a
Nescafe outlet that serves Italian snacks and a stimulating range of blends for the tired mind.


HOSTEL The aesthetically designed hostel accommodation offer several facilities to students
The life of a student is indubitably demanding including:
and strenuous and it takes a lot to cope with the • Separate lodging arrangements for boys and girls
pressure of studies, competition, and being • Capacious rooms build in contemporary architectural style fitted with modern
hundreds of miles away from home. Even a amenities and the best of furnishing
• Exceptionally well maintained standards of hygiene
modicum of warmth is most welcome under
• Two categories of lodging arrangements: Single (on a nominal supplementary
such circumstances. Paying due attention to
charge) and liberally spacious well ventilated rooms on twin sharing basis
this requirement, we at Accurate have made in • Study tables, cupboards, beds and basic furniture for each occupant of the room
campus lodging and boarding arrangements • Each floor decked with well maintained and clean washrooms and restrooms
for students that stand second to none in • Running hot water for winters
making the students feel welcome and relaxed. • 24 hour power back up for uninterrupted study and discussion sessions
• Tastefully adorned common rooms with facilities for general entertainment like
A hostel for a student is not only a place where Television, news papers and an assortment of magazines for leisure and scholarly
they put up during the course of their study purposes
programme; rather it is a veritable platform for • Enclosed recreational engagements like table tennis, carom, and pool table for
peer to peer bonding and interactive learning those so inclined
as well. Lectures sometimes leave students in • Dedicated and accommodating hostel staff and watchful security personnel to
need for a simpler way of comprehension. The ensure student safety and well being
relaxed atmosphere of their hostel and relative
There are many pros for a student boarding at the hostel in Accurate; the liberty to use
ease of communication with their peers
institute facilities like computer center and library for an extended period being a few
provides them this opportunity. The hostel
of them. Warm atmosphere at the hostel, in conjunction with the extremely
facilities at Accurate have been planned and
cooperative and accommodating staff make hostel stay a wonderful learning
built in a manner that they provide the
experience for the pupils of the institute.
necessary calm and serenity combined with
the perfect ambiance and essential amenities
for a life of comfort for the students.

The demographic, cultural, social and educational backgrounds that our
students belong to, make them a veritable cornucopia of personalities and
predicaments. The inherent divergence also makes them susceptible to a
range of quandaries that need to be nipped in bud lest they transform into
unconstructive traits. Taking into account the multiplicity of natures and
aptitudes to be dealt with, it is imperative to put into place a carefully
constructed approach that is comprehensive yet individualized in its
application. The very nature of the environment our students will cross over
the threshold into necessitates the quality to be consistent across the batch of
students for them to find easy assimilation into the corporate world where
they will be tried and tested on various fronts.

To ensure this uniformity in their conduct and aptitude and their suitability for
various positions with the business community, we have, with due
deliberation and diligence, devised an extensive and distinctive system with
various interconnecting cogs each of which contributes to addressing
students’ needs and supplements the infrastructure and tutoring they are
privy to. The key elements of this system comprise:


High expectations and unrelenting competition can affect the composure of
the best poised individuals and can lead to performance issues in the short as
well as long run. The demands of a professional course, staying away from
home, challenges in coping with the environment; there can be any number of
issues that may be keeping a student from performing their best. Such
predicaments and uncertainties are best tackled professionally. For this very
purpose, a team of counselors provide one to one analysis sessions to
eradicate any unconstructive developments in aptitude and alleviate any
reservations that a student may harbor. The team of counselors at Accurate is
an experienced group of professionals who analyze and assuage students’
credentials whether related to the course, the environment, or any such
reasons. They also provide medical advice under the supervision of licensed
medical practitioners as and when need be.



CAREER GUIDANCE of the mentor, the faculty is responsible for a comprehensive growth
Despite having made into the folds of a prestigious professional of the group’s intellect, outlook, personality, and relevant aptitude.
programme, it is not always possible for students to aptly judge what Students are further encouraged to direct their concerns, qualms
would be the best career move going forward. It is moments like and queries towards their mentor.
these that call for the expert help of the members of the career Thus, in addition to mere coaching, the vast reserves of experience
guidance desk. This team of professionals feeds students with that each faculty member holds are put to constructive use and aids
relevant inputs and proffers necessary guidance and industry in shaping the future of students in an ingenious and personalized
insights, thus helping them make progress down the right path. manner.
Much of the corporate world is unintelligible to the pupils till they
have had some practical exposure. To aid in such matters, the experts EDUCATIONAL LOAN
at Career Guidance provide counsel to the students. It is also under It is not within the means of every aspiring candidate to bear the cost
the purview of this team to arrange for seminars, professional talks, of quality management education. However, at Accurate, we don’t
industry visits, and student workshops so as to provide the much let you deter from an opportunity to pursue your goals on the mere
needed insight and puts them in touch with accomplished grounds of inadequate funding. The administration office assists
professionals for inspiration. Though the scope of their work extends your cause by providing relevant and satisfactory information on
to almost everything practical, the primary areas of concern for the how you can get hold of resources for your career choice.
Career Guidance Team remain:
• Assisting with choice of major and minor disciplines for students Banks provide educational loans to deserving students and the
• Exploring avenues for Summer Internships administrative staff at Accurate puts you in touch with the pertinent
• Final Placements authorities. Any student seeking admission to an institute approved
by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India for pursuing higher
MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME education can avail of an educational loan upon fulfillment of the
It has been rightly said that, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good basic requirement of the financial institution. Repayment of an
teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great educational loan starts a year after completion of your course or six
teacher inspires.” months of securing a job. One can avail a loan amounting up to Rs. 4 L
without a security deposit. Amounts above 4 L would require a third
At Accurate, every member of the faculty is a veritable reserve of party guarantee.
experience and insights. To capitalize on their knowledge and
proficiency and to derive the maximum benefit out of their long For admission to Accurate, loans facility can be availed from any bank
years in the field, we have originated a mentorship programme to the after fulfillment of the basic criteria and terms and conditions set by
advantage of students wherein each member of the faculty is the financial institution in this regard.
assigned a group of students to nurture intellectually. In the capacity A list of documents required to support an application for
educational loan at these banks is appended below.
• Loan Application on Bank Specified Format MEDICAL SUPPORT
• Passport Sized Photographs On account of the hefty strength of students at the institute,
• Proof of Permanent Address medical services have also been arranged for within the campus
• ID Proof premises. For any unforeseen circumstances involving a medical
• Proof of Age requirement, a sick bay has been set up in the campus which
• Proof of having secured passing marks in the last qualifying provides first aid and basic medical care to students in their time
examination of need. Any medical exigency is expediently handled and
• Letter of admission students are transferred to appropriate medical facilities if
• Prospectus of the course mentioning detailed charges like required. In addition, a qualified medical practitioner also visits
admission fee, tuition fee, examination fee, and hostel the hostel premises recurrently to tender medical care to
charges etc. students and for follow up of previous cases. Consequently, any
• Details of assets and liabilities of parents student requiring medical attention is taken care of within the
campus itself.
At Accurate, we have a tradition of rewarding and nurturing SECURITY
talent and make it a point to recompense meritorious students in Security of our students and faculty while on campus is an aspect
the best possible way. Towards this end, we disburse on which one would find no clemency at Accurate. Attentive and
scholarships to those who come to our folds after scoring high in vigilant security staff in the form of ex defence personnel is
competitive entrance examinations. employed at the institute to keep any miscreants and troubles at
bay. Round the clock vigilance is maintained in a professionally
We always welcome talent into our institution and to reward supervised manner to offer the safest and most congenial
those who have shown resilience and demonstrable results in environment to our students while at Accurate.
the face of extreme competition, we have devised a special
incentive program in the form of scholarships that we offer
indicative of our appreciation of their untiring efforts..
As an individual’s personality development is crucial while
pursuing a professional, so is to learn group dynamics and
Seeing as many of our students belong to distant geographies of
teamwork. It is a known fact that many corporate organizations
the country and many others commute daily from nearby areas,
also employ light sporting events to enhance collaborative
a dedicated travel desk has been set up at Accurate that keeps an
behavior and team work. At Accurate, we mimic this activity in
updated information on the schedules of buses, trains, airlines
the common room. Here students can indulge in some leisurely
and other public transport and allied services. This is especially
activities and also explore areas of mutual interest. While this
useful to students with visiting family as this removes the
rejuvenates their minds and bodies, it also proffers a chance to
inconvenience of altered schedules. Travel to and from campus is
try their hand at learning practical group dynamics through an
assisted by the travel desk. In addition, they also provide
assortment of activities like engaging in a friendly match of ping
assistance to students at the time of vacations.
pong, a round of pool or challenging their mental faculties by
being absorbed in a demanding duel of chess skills. This not only
improves group dynamics, it also strengthens their interpersonal
skills, communication, strategic decision making capabilities,
and implementation prowess.

100% Placement
(How We Do It)

A c c u r a te B e gin s
The Journey At
Confidence PDP Entrepreneurs Workshops

Quizzes Extempore Problem HR Summits

& Cultural Solving

Personality Presentations
Content Foreign
Kaun Banega Enhancement Academic Building
Accuratian Interface

Certifications Conferences
Management Industrial
Games Visits

Business Paper Voice & Accent Live Projects Marketing

Reading Training & Seminars
Case Studies
• 100 % placement track record for the past 6 years.
• Happy and satisfied alumni at top positions working nationally and internationally.
• Good retention ratio (students ratio in sustaining in the job selected).
• Ranked amongst top 10 in various placement surveys by individual agencies.
• Increasing corporate satisfaction and selection ratio by conducting regular pool campuses.
• Students trained with industrial and academics values.
• Increasing numbers of pre placement offers year by year.
• Best corporate infrastructure.
• Providing Best and Most comfortable Hospitality to the Recruiters
• Matching corporate expectations resulting into repeated and regular corporate recruitment process.


PPO Stipends Corporate Exposure

On Campus


Pool Campus

Preparation For Final Placement At Corporate

GD Interview Online Test Presentations Written Exam

Receiving multiple Offers

Time to Decision Making

Celebrations - Placements

Welcome To Corporate World

Entrepreneurial Development

Enjoy Your Campus to Corporate Transformation

Any student looking to joining a professional course would The activities at CCR are a factor of the combined efforts of
consider placements as the primary yardstick to measure their members of CCR and student community. Certain activities that
prospects. This fact pushes the placement exercise to the very top students actively engage and contribute in are:
of the outline of a management institute’s operational activities. • Development and Execution of Placement Strategy which
The entire course structure is designed with this eventual goal in gives students good exposure towards industrial relations
mind and throughout the duration of the course, every single • Undertaking recruitment survey giving them a chance to
activity is directed towards achieving this goal. At Accurate, the interact with students on their expectations
rigorous exercises a student passes through during their journey, • Interaction with corporate managers regarding placement
whether academic, co curricular or developmental boils down to drives
this final variable. To ensure the best avenues for our students in • Institutional presentation at various corporate houses
the corporate world, we have set up a dedicated and efficient • GDs, interviews, and Skill Development Sessions
Center for Corporate Relations (CCR) that tirelessly works towards • Career Counseling
securing lucrative and satisfying opportunities for aspirants
across Delhi/NCR or the length and breadth of the country and INDUSTRIAL VISITS
even overseas. During the period of the course, CCR directs its Industrial visits are extremely central to a management education
energies towards affording students decent and pertinent as without a practical insight into the operations of an
corporate exposure which comes in handy during their final organization, students won’t be able to put their conceptual
placements. In this way, the primary function of the CCR is to act education into perspective. At Accurate, we believe in
as the intermediary between the industry and the institute. maintaining equilibrium between theoretical and practical
knowledge. To achieve this end, we take our students to visit
Accurate undertakes strenuous endeavors in securing crème de la several industries enabling them to gain a hands-on experience of
crème of corporate jobs for its pupil. This endeavor is aided by the the intricacies of business and dynamics of the corporate world.
concerted efforts of the placement cell, faculty members, These visits acquaint students with the predicaments of a
industry relations, and alumni of the institute. During its business and develop their problem solving aptitude.
numerous years of operations, CCR has developed some
distinguished industry alliances that help the students bag very These visits serve to bring students face to face with the work
rewarding job offers. Deep rooted connections with the top brass environment they are likely to encounter once they step into the
of prominent corporate houses ensure the best of opportunities thick of things. They also act as a medium to bridge the gap
come our students’ way to capitalize upon. between the studied and the perceived. Furthermore, these visits
also act as a ground for students meeting their potential future
KRAs at CCR employers, assessing themselves on their expectations and
• Industry Institute Interface gaining insights into the corporate way of thinking.
• Organizing Industry Visits
• Outlining Management development programmes/
Seminars/ Workshops
• Developing the personality development framework
• Pre Placement Counseling

Visit to Maruti Udyog Ltd. Visit to Dabur Plant


Visit to Mother Dairy Visit to Incubator

Visit to Pepsi Plant Visit to White Tiger 39

1. Live Projects - Sony, Auto Expo, GIP Mall, Google, Expo Mart & many more……………..
2. Corporate Day – Every Saturday is reserved for Corporate Activities like Guest lectures, Workshop, Symposiums.
3. Fresher’s Package - Ranging from 3 to 7.5 lacs.
4. Regular Mega Pool Companies @ Accurate :-
• Redington India Ltd. - Only Campus in the region to host pool
campus from last 5 years
• Bose Corporation - Only Campus in the region to host pool campus
• XL Dynamics – Only Campus in the region to host pool campus from MAYUR KUMAR 30 LPA
last 2 years
• Jaro Education – Only Campus in the region to host pool campus
from last 3 years
• Capital Via – Only Campus in region to host pool campus last 3 years
(for Noida and Greater Noida)

4 TO 4.5 LPA
• Daffodil – Only Campus in the region to host pool campus from last 2

8.5 LPA

• Vishal Mega Mart – Only Campus hosted in Greater Noida. AVERAGE PACKAGE HIGHEST PACKAGE

5. Students Placement Profiling – Regular Assessments through AMCAT/

Fresher World / AMAT.
6. Alumni Drawing Handsome Packages of around 7 Lacs to 30 Lacs National & International
7. Students: Placement cum-opportunity ratio - 1: 3 maintained since last 5 years.
8. Corporate Exposure - Practical & live exposure of large marketing /manufacturing Industries.
9. Summer Internship: - Focus on IWS (Internships with Stipend) to all students and finally PPO (Pre placement Offers) in nationalized
banks and good corporate.
10. Corporate segment wise layout

ITES & Online Services

M Aut
an om
uf o
ac bi

Logistics & Telecom

tu le

Media & Publication
HR Consulting
Retail & FMCG
Manufacturing & Automobile
• Apollo Tubes Limited • Mansukh Securites and
• Axis Bank Finance Pvt. Ltd.
• Bank Of Maharashtra • Moser Bear
• Bose Corporation • Mytrah Energy India Limited
• Capital Via • Naukri.Com
• Ceasefire Industries Limited • Nestle
• Citi Bank • Olympus
• Clay Telecom • Onicra
• Daffodil Software • Oriental Bank of Commerce
• Dion Global (Religare Group) • Parle Agro
• Genpact • Paytm
• Google • Rasna International Limited
• HCL Technologies • Redington India Limited
• HDFC Bank • Reliance Industries Limited
• HP Limited • Royal Bank of Scotland
• HSBC Bank Dubai • S.Chand
• ICICI Bank • Safexpress
• IMRB • Saint Gobain India
• Indusind Bank • Samsung
• ITC Ltd. • Spandana Sphoorty
• Janalakshmi Finance Ltd. • Transweb Education
• Jaro Education • VIP Industries Ltd.
• Justdial • Vodafone
• Kotak Mahindra Bank • Wipro Limited
• L&T Finance • XI Dyanamics
• Yes Bank

& Many More...

Alumni are the shining beacons that corroborate the success story of represent the best of Accurate that have left the folds to live their
Accurate. They represent the individuals who have had the life dreams. They are th multifaceted liaisons between the past, the
altering experience at Accurate and are now enjoying the relishes of present and the future of the institute.
a professional degree from Accurate. They also stand as the bond
between the institute and the industry. In this capacity, our alumni
play a key role in shaping the futures of the forthcoming batches. At At Accurate we are committed to nurture future Managers,
Accurate, we arrange for regular interactions of students with the who are business enablers and are proactive in facing the
alumni to give them an insider’s view of corporate world. market challenges.
Interactions with alumni enable students at Accurate to learn the
key focus areas and concentrate on perfecting the most pertinent Mr. Satish Verma
skills. At times, alumni are also the linking elements between the VP, CCR
institute and the industry for final placements. These alumni

A competent, energetic and creative manager thats what i call myself today. Thanks to my
Almamater where the best combination of environment facilities, faculties provides the ultimate
ground to unleash my energy, open my wings and soar high knowing there is someone to hold
hand and teach the best. Thank you Accurate for making my dream come True.

Mayur Kumar
(30.0 LPA)
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE)

I like to thank Accurate Group Of institution and the faculties for providing their valuable
guidelines in building my career. It is their hard work and esteemed guideline which helped me
getting groomed for this competitive world.

Sheetal Sinha
(8.5 LPA)
Mythra Energy

My education at Accurate has equipped me for this job and my enthusiasm ensured my success.
Various activities such as SIP’s, workshops and seminars at Accurate helped me a lot to inculcate
the insights of the corporate world.

Mohsin Khan
(8.17 LPA)
Company : Capital Via

Joining Accurate is the best thing that had happened to me in the last year or so. And i’ve never
looked back since then. Studying at ACCURATE is an experience in itself. The Director, Placement
Department and staff are very Supportive in all nature.

Priyanka Kumari
(6.85 LPA)
Bank of Maharashtra

Completion of my professional studies at Accurate has been one of the best decisions of my life. I
am what my institution, faculty and friends have made me today. A healthy, open conductive
environment to learn, practice and grow cannot be provided in the best combination as is here.
Practical learning has infused in me the positive attitude that one must have towards life.

Ravi Verma
(6.0 LPA)
Square Yards Consulting
A string faculty is what makes a curriculum worthy. If the instructors are weak, even
HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED AND the most painstakingly designed curriculum will fail to leave a mark. If the input (i.e.
the students) is good and the processing machinery (i.e. the faculty) is not, it cannot
DEMONSTRABLY EXPERIENCED result in a positive result for the students as well as the institute. That is why we
employ nothing but the best of industry and academic experts to be a part of the
faculty at Accurate.

The distinctive features of faculty at Accurate are:


At Accurate, we promote a perfectly crafted blend of theoretical and practical
knowledge. This is the reason our faculty is an amalgamation of the best academicians
in the business and crème de la crème of corporate world. This potent mix affords
students a unique opportunity to master the theories of management while also
learning their application in real life situations. Members of the faculty are continually
engaged in researching the course curriculum so as to keep it updated on a regular
basis and provide students with nothing but the most pertinent information on their

Devout academicians and astute business managers together form a formidable force
that serves the cause of Accurate. Apart from these, the most distinguished members
in the academic circles from some of the finest institutions in the country visit
Accurate on a regular basis as visiting faculty. Accurate provides ample opportunity to
its faculty members to pursue research so as to benefit their own knowledge as well as
the students’. Furthermore, the learned members of faculty at Accurate are
completely at home with the latest techniques being employed for instructing
management students like audio visual aids, interactive learning sessions, and the


It is not only the wisdom but also the demeanor of the faculty at Accurate that
commands respect. Industry veterans with commendable expertise experience to
their credit, they are a veritable cornucopia of knowledge both theoretical and
practical. Highly laurelled and accomplished members of the corporate and academic
world adorn the classrooms at Accurate and we are proud of this fact.

Making the most of their knowledge and expertise and endowing children with the
indispensable experience of theories fused into practical and relatable experiences,
our faculty is engaging, considerate, accommodating, and encouraging. Under their
tutelage, students learn the most important lessons in management with rapt
attention. Taking responsible of every student under their folds, they bestow
personalized attention to the needs of every individual and take it upon themselves to
develop them into better managers and more importantly, better human beings. Their
industrial ties also help students gain irreplaceable industry connections and insights.
The Faculty at Accurate will:
• Inspire You
• Encourage You
• Hone You
• Guide You
• Comprehend You
• Assist You


Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Kumar Datta

Director General

Area of Teaching
Strategic Management and Marketing Management
Area of Research Interest : Consumer Behaviour, Organizational Competiveness & Leadership

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, University of Burdwan,
• Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, West Bengal
• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.), Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Experience : ( 44 years)

Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Bhardwaj

Executive Director

Area of Teaching
Corporate English Communication & PDP

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Agra
• LLB,
• MBA,
• P.G. Diploma in Translation & Human Behavior,
• B.Ed. (English),
• M.A. (English)

Experience : ( 16 years)

Prof. (DR.) Akhilesh K. Mishra

Area of Teaching
HRM, OB and Research Methods

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, University of Allahabad, Allahabad
• Post Graduate in Applied Psychology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad.
• Bachelor of Arts , University of Allahabad, Allahabad

Experience : ( 23 years)

Prof. Vinay Jha

Area of Teaching
Marketing Management

Academic Background
• M.Phil from Vinayaka Mission Univ
• MBA from MS Univ. Baroda
• Bachelor of Science, Univ of Allahabad

Experience : (17 years)

Prof. (Dr.) Pallavi Gautam

Area of Teaching
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, CMJ University , Shillong
• Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Shiva Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad
• Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Delhi University, Delhi, Post Graduate in Sociology, CCS University Meerut, Diploma in PR and Advertising,
South Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi

Experience : (16 years)

Prof. (Dr.) Rajni Khosla

Area of Teaching
Business Communication, Soft Skills & Economics

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan
• Certified T & D specialist( Gold Medalist), ISTD Delhi
• P.G. in Economics, HNB University
• P.G. (Dip) in Public Relations & Advertising, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan ,Bombay

Experience : (15 years)


Prof. Harish Kumar

Area of Teaching
Information Technology and Operations Management

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy,( Pursuing)
• MCA from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
• Bachelor of Science, CCS University , Meerut

Experience : (13 years)

Prof. Pradeep Verma

Area of Teaching
Information Technology

Academic Background
• M.Tech (Computer Science) , UPTU Lucknow
• Master of Computer Application (MCA),IMS Ghaziabad ,UPTU Lucknow
• Bachelor of Science (Mathematics& Statistics),Lucknow University

Experience : (12 years)

Prof. Ripudaman Gaur

Area of Teaching
Strategic Management and Marketing Management

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, Pursuing
• MBA, UP Technical University (2002)
• Bachelor of Science, Dr BR Ambedkar University, Agra

Experience : (12 years)


Prof. Neerja Sharma

Area of Teaching
Economics and International Business

Academic Background
• Doctor of Philosophy, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut,
• Master of Arts (Economics), Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra
• Bachelor of Arts, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra

Experience : (11 years)

Prof. Ankit Goel

Area of Teaching
Accounts, Finance, Taxation

Academic Background
• Pursuing PH.D, Jiwaji University
• M.Com., Dr. B.R.A.U, Agra
• Post Graduate Diploma Management, Apeejay, Greater Noida
• Bachelor of Commerce, Dr. B.R.A.U, Agra

Experience : (5 years)

Prof. Rachna Anand

Area of Teaching
Finance and Accounting

Academic Background
• UGC-NET in Management
• MBA(finance), Rajasthan Technical University ,Jaipur
• Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts Hons.), T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bihar.

Experience : (1 years)

& Many More...

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Be Vibrant
ibrant 51

At Accurate, diligence is a norm. We take extreme care in making the Another prominent plus to attending such seminars and workshops
institute as inviting and rewarding as possible. Once you have is observed as the marked improvement in students’ confidence
crossed the threshold, you are already on the brink of a life changing and interpersonal interactions. They also contribute to developing a
expedition. But as the old maxim goes, “A job well begun is a job half creative thinking ability and direct orientation towards research
done.” Students accepted into our folds have just entered the based outlook towards management quandaries. We are also
transformation phase of their lives. The next two years shape the working on plans to chalk out the course for a number of
coming decades of their success. We offer them a world of learning international level conferences and seminars that would go a long
and personality development to best hone their inherent skills and way towards students realizing their academic goals.
develop managerial talent. We recognize that a comprehensive
training in scholastic pursuits as well as personal grooming MANAGERIAL GROOMING
constitute an important part of how our students perform in the
To work as managers in the years ahead, students need to be able to
years ahead and to ensure assiduous care in both the aspects, we
negate the adversities situations present in real time workplace
have devised a curriculum in keeping with this requirement.
environment. Though students are groomed with knowledge in all
pertinent domains and given extensive training in
Meticulous care is taken in ensuring the students thrive in a conceptualization aspects, there is simply no surrogate for
positive and nurturing environment. Some of the details that management specific grooming. All pervading development of
underline this fact include: students in personality aspects such as desirable attitudes,
pertinent behavioral traits, required values and motives are
ORIENTATION PROGRAMME important to absorb through a carefully planned series of limbering
Taking into account the varied social settings that our students hail up endeavors. Protensive student profiling is accomplished through
from, a comprehensive orientation programme is scrupulously sporadic assessments, avuncular sessions and constructive
designed at Accurate to ease the transition into professionals. This recommendations.
program gives the newcomers a platform to interact with their
peers and seniors as well as the faculty in an affable manner so as to The aim of such exercises is to equip students with the aptitude and
alleviate their initial qualms and unease. The students are disposition to have a crack at corporate issues likely to be
familiarized with the working of the institute and their module as encountered in their jobs. The sessions cover a wide gamut of topics
well as their fellow students for a smooth life while in the institute. such as business ethics, decision making, interpersonal skills,
responsible corporate governance, green development,
SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES development and execution of sustainable business plans and lots
more. Lending weight to their worth as future managers, grooming
At Accurate, we are concerned with the compendious of our pupil
sessions at Accurate are directed at enabling strategic planning and
through scrupulous efforts on the academic front and equally
decision making among students.
arduous exercises on the personality development aspect. To hone
the soft skills of students under our tutelage, we organize for
colloquiums, Workshops and conferences on a regular basis which ZERO FORBEARANCE IN RAGGING
afford our students the chance of locking horns with academic Professional institutions are notorious for their ragging. At
luminaries in various walks of life and also interact with industry Accurate, freshers can take heart in the fact that there is absolutely
experts on real life practical aspects of management. The no leniency show towards those engaging in this unconstructive
workshops and conferences facilitate development of management and immoral activity. The regulations at Accurate call for stringent
aptitude in students on a fundamental level and they learn to tackle disciplinary action on perpetrators of such activities. A healthy and
crises with efficiency. positive environment is mentored at Accurate to allow students
from diverse backgrounds and cultures gel with the fabric of the
institute and integrate with the values and morals that we hold in
high esteem for a fruitful life ahead.

The huge diversity and depth in our talent pool is evident in the sheer Professional Traits
numbers and multiplicity of student bodies and clubs. These are To cultivate a professional aptitude, it is imperative to introduce
primarily formulated as a means to vent the creative orientations of students to the world of management guidelines and pertinent
students and to channelize their time into constructive activities while behavior at a budding stage so as not to overwhelm them with too
at Accurate. Group interaction made possible by such clubs and much to cope up with once they enter the folds of the corporate
student organization is an aspect that relaxes and rejuvenates students world. At Accurate, we ascertain this by engaging our students in
and places them in groups to improve interactions and group regular extracurricular activities and personality development
dynamics. programmes.
These clubs also afford students to pursue their interest in sporting
activities like indoor and outdoor games which further instill in them Erudition at Accurate is a treasure cove of interrelated activities that
the importance of team spirit. A few of the objectives of such societies lead to a blanket development of scholars into holistic managerial
are enumerated as: candidates. Going beyond the curriculum, Accurate works on
• To allow students to pursue their interests in a gratifying manner pertinent skills and their perfection aiding students in realizing their
• To vent hidden talent among students goals.
• To develop a sense of conviviality and fraternization amongst them
• To make time for recreational activities Corporate Exposure…kindling the fire within
• To cultivate team spirit and competitive aptitude Every student that enters into the folds of Accurate is inherently
capable of making it to the boundaries of success. The only need is
ACCURATE: A LEARNING EXPERIENCE for the right direction and the appropriate impetus. We ensure
students a windfall through our excellent industry connections and
An educational degree at Accurate is much more than an academic
corporate network. Further consequence is lent to the Accurate
exercise and extends to levels of amplitude that combine various
way of things by the fact that major national and international
facets of a student’s psyche and temperament and conclusively
corporations have set up shop in the Delhi/NCR affording students a
culminating in augmentation of an individual’s intellect and congruity
remarkable stab at succeeding.
in proportion with the demands of the corporate world.
At Accurate, we facilitate:
Creativity is a paramount element of a contemporary manager. It is a Globalization has raised the standard of competition as well as
tool that makes them distinctive and singular in their own dominion. It expectations of business houses and therein lays the need for
is an asset that contributes in large measures towards a successful mastering communication skills for a management aspirant. We
managerial career. At Accurate, we nurture creativity and embolden stress this need and accordingly prepare our pupil to achieve
students to try their hand at novelty. perfection in pertinent skills transforming them into leaders with a
global perspective.
Imbuing Tenacity and Aplomb
Confidence is the key to success in any arena. Without a humble but
reasonable confidence in your own abilities, one can’t be successful or
content. To instill this pertinent and ever important trait in our
students, we undertake explicit measures to confer unto them the gift
of confidence sowing the seeds for a successful career.

At Accurate, we descry with the need for resolution of individual as In much the similar way, non math graduates are afforded special
well as group issues that a student faces along their journey to the training modules for establishment of a strong grasp over the
top. To ensure this, individual and cluster activities are encouraged elementary theories and topics comprising subjects like statistics and
which make an impact on the future prospects of our students. decision making models in management. These extra efforts put into
Special time is allotted to students on Saturdays to strengthen their students’ preparation for their curriculum go a long way towards
tenebrous aspects and enable them to reap the rewards of countless securing a clear understanding of course objectives.
taxing hours they put into perfecting their skills.
SPECIAL DISPOSITIONS OF ACCURATE CONGRUOUS TO Ample opportunity is afforded to students to flex their muscles and
ENHANCING A STUDENT’S EXPERIENCE indulge in sporting activities, both indoor and outdoor, like Cricket,
We understand the inherent diversity arising out of the disparate Volleyball, Snooker, Pool, Table Tennis and many more. In addition to
social, cultural and educational backgrounds and provide for due being a source of rejuvenation, they also contribute toward building
equilibrium to be spawned with the help of dedicated faculty a healthy team spirit and improve group dynamics.
members assisting students to cope with the pressures of
demanding curriculum and challenging milieus. TALENT HUNT COMPETITIONS
Many innovative and interactive emulous activities are undertaken
PERTINENT ERUDITION TO STUDENTS WITH NON at Accurate giving students an avenue for their creative and
untapped talents. Such activities include talent hunt competitions,
sporting events and various other engagements that proffer
At Accurate, we understand grasping the basics of typical subjects
students a chance to test their abilities when pitted against like-
like economics and finance can be formidable and burdensome for
minded individuals.
those coming from a non commerce background. To help such
students, special sessions in fundamentals of such subjects are
organized to help bridge the gap.

All the PGDM aspirants should have good communica on skills 1. Birth Cer ficate
(Reading & Wri ng) 2. Gradua on Mark Sheets & Degree
3. CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT Score card
A valid CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT Score with 50% in gradua on makes 4. Four Recent passport size coloured photograph
them eligible for this intensive industry oriented regular PGDM
programme. The applicant is required to carry three sets of the
documents (duly a ested by the gaze e officer) along with
The Selec on Procedure also includes an Internal Admission Test the original documents at the me of admission.
(Ap tude test along with English Assessment) and Finally the
selec on is declared a er Group Discussion & Personal Interview. Course fee: 5.60 Lac for two year

At Accurate, we have a tradition of rewarding and nurturing talent and make it a point to recompense meritorious students in the best
possible way. We disburse scholarships to those who come to our folds after scoring high in competitive entrance examinations. We
always welcome talent into our institution and to reward those who have shown resilience and demonstrable results in the face of
extreme competition, we have devised a special incentive program in the form of scholarships that we offer as an indicative of our
appreciation for their untiring efforts. Below is a brief of how the scholarship program works.

Examinations Details Percentage & Score Scholarship Amount (In Rs)

MAT 500-600 Score 20000/-

Above 600 Score 30000/-

CMAT 80-120 Marks 25000/-

121 Marks & Above 35000/-

CAT 60-75% 25000/-

Above-75% 50000/-

10th, 12th & Graduation All above 60% (each) 20000/-

and go ahead....
w w w. a c c u rate . i n

I’M 9312431409
and go ahead....


Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

49, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida (UP) INDIA Tel.: 0120-2328307

Toll Free No.: 1800-180-3515