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I. Rationale

It has been established in this study that the respondents agreed that DOST

Math module were utilized in most of the schools classified as recipient of DCP.

However, the lack of ICT equipment hinders the teachers in performing the teaching

and learning process with the aid of ICT. Furthermore, there is a need for all of the

teachers to undergo trainings and seminars on how to integrate ICT in lesson planning.

II. Program Description and Justification

The enhancement program for the enhancement of the utilization of DOST Math

Module for Grade 3 will be of great help for the Grade 3 Mathematics teachers for better

teaching and learning the topics under the K to 12 Grade 3 Curriculum. The said

program is divided into five (3) parts as follows: Lesson Planning; Effectiveness; and

Solutions to the identified challenges during the implementation. Each key indicator is

provided by activities accordingly and the person/s who will implement the said activity.

In addition, time performance is also indicated in connection with the measures or

results of the activities.

III. Objectives

1. To improve the level of utilization of DOST Math Module for Grade 3 pupils.

2. To provide activities that will enhance the various skills of the Grade 3 teachers

needed in using DOST Math module.

3. To provide solutions on the identified challenges in utilizing the DOST Math

The Proposed Enhancement Program

Persons Time
Key Indicators Objectives Measures /Source of
Involved: Performance
Reaction: It considers
State learning outcomes in measurable
the number of pupils
Learning: It
employs/utilizes integrative Set learning outcomes that are
strategies achievable in the lesson duration and
reinforced closure Purchase at P70,000.00
Behavior: The pupils are least 5 units Benefactors
generally motivated Design tasks that support the of computers and Fund
achievement of learning outcomes Raising
Results: The lesson is Activities
assessed to determine if the Determine the level of readiness of the
objectives were attained pupils School head All teachers
within the allotted time Whole year
Teachers have
Overview of the Lesson: round
PTA officers attended P 20,000.00
Considered interweaving of Connect new information to pupils’ trainings and
task/skills/process and prior knowledge seminars with MOOE Fund
regards to the
Learning Process: It Link assessment and measure it to the integration of
provides activities for achievement of lesson objectives ICT in Lesson
interactive/group work/ Planning
cooperative learning Activate pre-requisite knowledge and
Assessment of Learning: skills of the pupils
The lesson is assessed to
determine if the objectives Pitch lessons within pupils’ general
were attained within the level of activity
allotted time
Key Indicators Objectives Persons Time Frame Measures Allocated
Involved Budget
Attention Know the relevance of the ICT integration to
the lesson

Relevance Give pupils opportunity to interact and

apply ICT skills Education
Program All teachers
Confidence Use appropriate ICT tools that support Supervisors be able to
learning outcomes utilize ICT
Use appropriate pedagogies that suit
Satisfaction District
pupils’ learning styles and readiness
Supervisor All year round All teachers P20,000.00
Tap on real-world application or points of
interest School Head know how Canteen
to make and fund
Stretch pupils’ thinking design their MOOE
Teachers own Benefactors
Design tasks that encourage presentation
collaboration related to
their topic
Ensure teachers’ roles in instruction,
guidance and facilitation are adequate

Define pupils’ roles in individual and

collaborative learning clearly
Key Indicators Objectives Persons Allocated Time Measures
Involved Budget Frame

Lack of To conduct Learning

Orientation/Training orientation on the use Action Cells
on how to use the and descriptions of P5, 000 Last Friday
DOST Module DOST Math and In-Service All teachers be
School Head of the
Science Module Training able to utilize
Teacher (MOOE) month and
the DOST Math
PTA End of
External and Semester
Internal for INSET
Insufficient To purchase Encouraging Whole At least 3 units
Computer computer units Benefactors 50,000.00 year-round of computer

Fund Raising
Unstable flow of To avail fuel powered Encouraging Whole At least 1 unit of
electricity generator or solar Benefactors 25,000.00 year-round diesel powered
powered battery generator or 1
suitable for the Fund Raising solar panel
computer Programs suitable for the