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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Sunday | January 6, 2019

Police: W shooter possibly shot himself
Gunfire outside Whitfield Hall sent one to hospital while local, state ing-by-building sweep of the
and federal law enforcement searched locked-down campus Friday MUW Police Chief Randy Vi-
brock said police responded to
By ISABELLE ALTMAN reported shooting authorities to Executive Director of Univer- the scene within two minutes of
and ZACK PLAIR now believe may have been sity Relations Anika Perkins, receiving the report., zplair@
self-inflicted. was taken to Baptist Memori- The university’s W Alert
The shooting occurred out- al Hospital-Golden Triangle. System, a Twitter handle for
Local, state and federal law side Whitfield Hall, at the in- Meanwhile officers from MUW dispensing information on cam-
Shelton Vibrock
enforcement swarmed the tersection of College and 11th Police Department, Columbus pus emergencies, initially de-
locked-down Mississippi Uni- streets in south Columbus just Police Department, Lowndes Federal Bureau of Investigation scribed the suspect as a white
versity for Women campus Fri- before 1 p.m. The victim, a for- County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. responded to the university male wearing blue jeans and an
day afternoon investigating a mer MUW student according Marshals Task Force and the and began conducting a build- See Shooting, 8A

Not a normal day

Courtesy photo
Authorities are searching for Jaky-
iya Fairchild, 17, whose family has
not seen her since Tuesday when
she went to work at the Waffle
House on Highway 12.

Starkville police
search for
missing teen
Zack Plair/Dispatch Staff 17-year-old has been
Officers with Columbus Police Department and Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office searched buildings on Fifth Street
North on Friday, after reports of a suspicious person spotted in the area that fit the description given for a suspect missing since Tuesday
in a shooting at Mississippi University for Women. Now, police believe the victim may have actually shot himself.

Public saw work of law enforcement firsthand while officers Starkville Police Department is
seeking public assistance finding a

searched for shooting suspect that may not have existed missing teenager.
Police are looking for 17-year-
old Jakyiya Fairchild, of Starkville.
By Zack Plair sissippi University arrived en masse. Fairchild’s family has not seen her
and Isabelle Altman for Women campus, “I saw a bunch of cops stop and since she went to work at the Waffle; followed by reports block the street,” Allen recalled. House on Highway 12 in Starkville
a suspect was on the “They had their guns drawn. It was on Tuesday, according to SPD Pub-
Over the last six years, Greta Al- loose. Moments later, kind of a shock. … It was a little lic Information Officer Brandon
len has spent most of her days work- an older man came in scary. But we just kept the doors Lovelady.
ing in downtown Columbus. and advised they lock locked and kept working.” Fairchild was last seen wearing
None have been quite like Friday. themselves and their For the next 20 minutes, officers a blue Waffle House work outfit
Just after 1 p.m., Allen and her Allen clad in tactical gear swept sever- with a black apron. She is six feet,
customers inside un-
fellow cosmetologists at Blades til further notice. al buildings on the east side of the three inches tall and weighs 235
Hair Design on Fifth Street North Then city and Lowndes County street, focusing specifically on the pounds, according to SPD.
heard about a shooting on the Mis- law enforcement officers suddenly See Downtown, 3A SPD requests that anyone with
information on Fairchild’s where-
abouts contact the department at

Kay McElroy laughs
outside the cage of
Cedarhill founder dies at 74
a lion at Cedarhill
Animal Sanctuary Kay McElroy remembered for ‘second career’ founded to provide homes
to hundreds of animals. The
in Caledonia in this
photo posted to of creating sanctuary for animals menagerie includes a variety of
animals from exotic to domes-
Cedarhill’s Face-
book page Thurs- By Slim Smith story. tic, all with one thing in com-
day. McElroy died “Not on my watch,” said mon: They had been neglected,
Nancy Gschwendtner, who took abused or abandoned.

Thursday at the age
of 74. She found- ay McElroy’s remarkable over as director of Cedarhill Today, Cedarhill is home
ed and operated “second career” as the Animal Sanctuary near Cale- to more than 250 animals,
Cedarhill for nearly head of an animal sanctu- donia three years ago when including 200 domestic cats,
30 years, providing ary may have been inspired by McElroy’s health began a steep along with a dozen tigers, three
hundreds of abused a couple of items she discov- bobcats and two lions. There
and neglected decline. “I’m not going to let
ered in a newspaper. Kay down.” are 10 dogs and seven pigs who
animals, including
lions and tigers, But for McElroy, who died For almost 30 years, McEl- also call Cedarhill home.
with a home for life. Thursday at age 74, her obitu- roy was the driving force of “What Kay has done out
Courtesy photo ary will not be the end of her Cedarhill, the sanctuary she See McElroy, 6A

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public
1 What R&B singer and Grammy Friday, Jan. 11 meetings
winner adopted a stage name inspired Jan. 7: Board of
■ Pageant night: The Miss Starkville/
by the instrument she plays? Supervisors, 9
Red Hills/Golden Triangle pageant be-
2 Who shot Harry Whittington on Feb. a.m., Oktibbeha
11, 2006? gins at 6 p.m. at Starkville High School,
County Court-
3 What supermarket tabloid featured an official preliminary to the Miss
regular appearances by Bat Boy, Ed Mississippi pageant. For information,
Jan. 8: Planning
Collins Davis Anger and an alien interested in U.S. contact Angella Baker, 662-617-3239
politics? and Zoning Com-
First grade, Annunciation or email
4 What artificial sweetener based on mission, 5:30

60 Low 42 sucralose was introduced in 1999? p.m., City Hall
High 5 What singer renamed Silver Dollar Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 8:
Partly sunny City, Tennessee, after herself? Jan. 12-13 Starkville-Oktibbe-
Full forecast on Answers, 6D ■ Golden Triangle Kennel Club ha Consolidated
page 2A. show: The Mississippi Horse Park, School District
869 E. Poor House Road, Starkville, Board of Trustees,
6 p.m., Greens-
Inside hosts this GTKC competition for
canines, with conformation, obedience boro Center
Classifieds 5D Lifestyles 1C and rally trials, from about 8:30 a.m.-5 Jan. 11: Board
Comics Insert Obituaries 7B p.m. each day. Free admission. Visit of Aldermen work
Crossword 6D Opinions 4,5A or check Jessyka Belle is a certified session, 1:15
Dear Abby 3C Scene & Seen 1D their Facebook page. nurse’s assistant at Windsor Place. p.m., City Hall

2A Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “The longer it goes on, the more distorted our reference
points get. It’s a lot of guesswork.”
What to watch for at this Grain market analyst Todd Hultman on the USDA’s announce-
ment that it must delay the release of key crop reports due to

Sunday’s Golden Globes
the partial government shutdown. Story, 7A.

‘A Star Is Born’ tor (Bradley Cooper). The
film’s stiffest competition
Ask Rufus
is the favorite for may come from another
music movie: the Freddie
best picture, best Mercury biopic “Bohemi-
an Rhapsody,” whose star,
actress, best song Rami Malek, some believe
could pull off the acting up-
and best actor set over Cooper.
Despite their copious
tuneage, the campaigns of
AP Film Writer
both “A Star Is Born” and
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
NEW YORK — Dramat-
elected for the more seri-
ic period pieces will vie for
ous dramatic category. For
the top comedy-musical
“A Star Is Born,” it’s a kind
awards and song-stuffed
of power move to firmly es-
movies are poised to dom-
tablish itself as the Oscar
inate the dramatic catego-
front runner many believe
ries. Welcome to the 76th
it is.
annual Golden Globes. Oscar voting, as it turns
Category confusion of- out this year, commences
ten reigns at the Globes. Monday, the morning after
Remember when laugh- the Golden Globes. If “A
ers like “The Martian” Star Is Born” runs away
and “Get Out” compet- with the Globes, it will en-
ed as comedies? But the ter the nominations period
Globes, reliably the froth- of the Academy Awards as
iest, quirkiest and most the favorite by a wide mar-
entertaining stop in the gin.
awards-season march to With “A Star Is Born”
the Academy Awards, (along with “Black Pan-
Courtesy photo/ Sports Information and Communication/The University of the South
might feel especially up- ther,” ‘’If Beale Street The “Iron Men” of Sewanee’s 1899 football team left a legacy that will never be equaled. According to the late
side down this year. Could Talk” and “BlacKk- Joe Paterno that team’s accomplishment “has to be one of the most staggering achievements in the history
The night, to be broad- Klansman”) up for best pic- of the sport.”
cast live Sunday on NBC, ture as a drama, that’s left

The Iron Men of Sewanee,
may ultimately belong to a few humor-tinged movies
Bradley Cooper’s “A Star many would peg as dra-
Is Born” revival. It’s the mas — “The Favourite,”
favorite for best picture

On the 7th Day They Rested
‘’Green Book” and “Vice”
(drama), best actress — to give the comedy/
(Lady Gaga), best song musical side of the Globes
(“Shallow”) and best ac- a bit more heft than usual.

n Fri- Their 1899 enced football men” in
day the football team Houston said A& M
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH New left a legacy compared favorably with
Office hours: Main line: York Times that will never Sewanee’s “eleven.”
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 ran a story: be equaled. Another train ride
“Long Before That year after that game carried
HOW DO I ... Email a letter to the editor? Alabama, The little Sewanee them to New Orleans
n South Had went 12-0, where, on Nov. 11, they
Report a missing paper?
Report a sports score? Sewanee.” scored 322 defeated Tulane, 23-0.
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100
n 662-241-5000 According to points and The following day was
n Toll-free 877-328-2430
the article: only allowed Sunday and so Sewanee,
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item?
“The Se- 10 points. an Episcopal Church
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. n Go to wanee Tigers The late Joe school, took the day off
community Rufus Ward Paterno once and rested. Monday,
Buy an ad? provided a Courtesy photo
n 662-328-2424 blueprint for said that the Nov. 13, saw the team in Now noted for its top-
Submit a birth, wedding
Southern college football Sewanee team’s accom- Baton Rouge where they notch academic reputa-
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce-
domination.” They really plishment “has to be one defeated LSU, 34-0. tion, Sewanee was once
n 662-328-2471 ment?
did and as we get ready of the most staggering Then the next day in a football powerhouse
n n Download forms at www.
to watch Alabama and achievements in the Memphis they played and charter member of the SEC. The accomplish-
Clemson play for the history of the sport.” Ole Miss, “the long
national championship And what small haired knights of the oval ments of its 1899 team
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 we might reflect on the schools did Sewanee from Oxford.” Unlike which won five games
against the cream of
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 greatest college team beat? Only little schools Sewanee, whose players
Southern football in a six-
that ever was. like Georgia, Georgia wore leather helmets, the day 2,258-mile road trip
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 That honor has to be- Tech, Tennessee, Texas, Ole Miss players did not are legendary.
long to the 1899 Universi- Texas A&M, Tulane, wear helmets but grew
SUBSCRIPTIONS ty of the South team. The LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn their hair long and bushy but the small strongly
University of the South and North Carolina. for protection, thus their academic mountain-top
It was not that string nickname. Once again
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE is affectionately known
as Sewanee, after the of victories, however, Sewanee won, defeating
school could no longer
keep pace with the rising
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430 Tennessee mountain-top that resulted in the Ole Miss 12-0. much larger football
Online.......................................... town where it is located. team being known as In six days, Sewanee power houses and soon
It is a small Episcopal the legendary “Iron had played and won five withdrew.
RATES college about 50 miles Men of Sewanee.” On games, all on the road Who were these
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. from Chattanooga. November 20, 1899, the against the cream of men of iron? They were
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. Now noted for its Birmingham Age-Herald Southern football. When five law students, four
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. top-notch academic reported: they arrived back at medical students, four
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. reputation, it was once “Sewanee’s victorious home, the Sewanee team
theology students, and
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 a football powerhouse, football team returned was treated with a grand
eight undergraduates.
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 with three former players Wednesday from their celebration including
In 1931 former team
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. in the College Football Texas trip having “a monster parade and
captain Diddy Seibels
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. Hall of Fame and four traveled 2,258 miles and jollification.”
scored a total of 91 points Bonfires lit the route was asked how they
Southern Conference
to their opponents 0. The of the parade and until accomplished what they
(out of which the SEC
trip with its results is late night the school’s did. He replied, “To what
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) evolved) championships.
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
unequaled in the annals cannon, which had been was Sewanee’s brilliant
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS It was a charter member
of American football (and presented to Sewanee af- success due? I attribute
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: of the SEC in 1933.
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
They were called the still is)... Five games in ter its capture in the Phil- it to one thing alone and
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc.,
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 “Iron Men” of Sewanee. six days and Sewanee’s ippines during the war it is the greatest thing
25-yard line only crossed with Spain, was repeated- any team can have:
FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE once.” ly fired. Shortly after the Teamwork ... There
The Iron Men were team’s return, B. Lawton were no jealousies, only
almost superhuman on Wiggins, vice-chancellor the indomitable will to
that road trip in Novem- of Sewanee, was offered win, that unconquerable
ber of 1899. It was that the position of president never-say-die Sewanee
TODAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY trip that created the of the University of spirit.”
Partly sunny Mostly cloudy and mild Mild with times of Cooler with plenty of Partly sunny
clouds and sun sunshine legend. The 21 Sewanee Texas but declined the Today Sewanee’s
59° 43° 61° 52° 64° 38° 51° 29° 46° 32° players, Coach Billy offer, preferring to stay football cheer of long ago
Suter, manager Luke Lea at Sewanee. still sounds across the
ALMANAC DATA and trainer Cal Burrows After returning home, mountain top on game
Columbus through 3 p.m. Saturday
traveled by rail in a char- Sewanee rested for six days: “Rip em up, tear em
Saturday 58° 36° tered Pullman car on a days and then beat Cum- up, leave em in a lurch,
Normal 54° 33° long and unparalleled berland 71-0. The follow- down with the heathen,
Record 72° (1956) 12° (2018)
football adventure. ing week was their only up with the church. Yea
24 hours through 3 p.m. Sat. 0.00 The team’s first desti- close game and the only Sewanee’s Right!”
Month to date 2.16 nation was Austin, Texas points scored against I first heard the story
Normal month to date 0.80
Year to date 2.16 where they arrived on them. They defeated an of the Iron Men from my
Normal year to date 0.80 the evening of Nov. 8. Auburn team coached by brother who had a poster
TOMBIGBEE RIVER STAGES On Nov. 9, 2,000 people John Heisman (he has a
in his office that read: “In
In feet as of Flood 24-hr. paid a dollar each to see trophy named after him),
7 a.m. Sat. Stage Stage Chng. 6 days Sewanee beat Tex-
Sewanee defeat Texas 11-10, in Montgomery.
Amory 20 20.20 none as, Texas A&M, Tulane,
Bigbee 14 15.40 -0.14 Shown are today’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. 12-0. The Texas press Heisman, in an angry let-
Columbus 15 12.21 +2.43 attributed the Texas loss ter published in Alabama LSU, and Ole Miss. On
the 7th day they rested.”
Showers T-Storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Cold Warm Stationary Jetstream
Fulton 20 17.08 none
Tupelo 21 5.49 +0.19
-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s
to the fact that Sewanee’s newspapers, blamed the
players outweighed the officials for Auburn’s He along with a number
LAKE LEVELS City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W
of family and friends all
In feet as of 24-hr. Atlanta 67/46/s 67/50/pc Nashville 60/47/pc 63/51/c Texas players by an aver- loss.
7 a.m. Sat. Capacity Level Chng. Boston 45/20/pc 32/27/pc Orlando 72/52/s 78/56/s
age of four pounds. The season ended found and showed me
Chicago 40/35/c 52/36/r Philadelphia 49/26/s 39/35/pc
Aberdeen Dam 188 170.41 -0.14 Dallas 67/58/pc 69/43/pc Phoenix 57/43/sh 64/44/s The players again with a 5-0 victory over that Sewanee really is a
Stennis Dam 166 149.89 -0.14 Honolulu
Bevill Dam 136 136.43 +0.23 Jacksonville
85/69/s 83/69/s Raleigh 65/37/s 52/44/pc
boarded the train and North Carolina in what special place.
69/45/s 73/49/pc Salt Lake City 39/33/sn 42/31/c
Memphis 62/50/pc 62/48/c Seattle 47/37/r 46/37/c traveled to Houston was called the Southern For the full story
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
where, the next day, they football championship. of the legendary 1899
fish and game.
Major Minor Major Minor SUN AND MOON MOON PHASES defeated Texas A&M, It was a season like season I would suggest
Today 11:32a 5:48a ---- 6:13p TODAY MON FIRST FULL LAST NEW 10-0. It was reported that no other team would Wendall Givens’ book,
Mon. 12:23p 6:39a ---- 7:03p Sunrise 6:59 a.m. 6:59 a.m.
“attendance was very ever have. Sewanee went “Ninety-Nine Iron.”
Sunset 5:00 p.m. 5:01 p.m.
Forecasts and graphics provided by Moonrise 7:23 a.m. 8:07 a.m. good, a number of ladies on to become a charter Rufus Ward is a local
AccuWeather, Inc. ©2019 Moonset 5:44 p.m. 6:37 p.m. Jan 14 Jan 20 Jan 27 Feb 4 being out.” Some “experi- member of the SEC historian.
Sunday, January 6, 2019 3A

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Pay, testing and safety among Suit settled in
2019 Mississippi school issues murder-for-hire case
Little action is expected on rewriting the state’s tests given to high school students
and instead substitute the ACT col-
that led to shootout
school funding formula or expanding programs lege test.
It’s not clear senators will Dr. Arnold Smith was found
that pay for students to attend nonpublic schools go along with the House’s plan,
mentally incompetent to stand
The Associated Press
House Speaker Philip Gunn, a Clin-
ton Republican, told reporters last
“People talk about that kids don’t
know their history, and one of the
trial but has been released from
JACKSON — A teacher pay raise
month that he wants to increase
teacher supply payments, which
ways is to teach that content and
test that content,” said Senate Ed-
the Mississippi State Hospital
will headline discussions over ed- could relieve teachers of having to ucation Committee Chairman Gray The Associated Press
ucation legislation in Mississippi spend their own money to equip Tollison, an Oxford Republican.
in 2019, but also expect debate on classrooms. One top priority for Tollison and GREENWOOD — A civil lawsuit
limiting testing, efforts to increase Gunn said he will support elim- the Mississippi Department of Ed- filed by a Mississippi lawyer who
the number of teachers and ways to inating the requirement that the ucation is to combat the increasing was the target of what investigators
prevent school shootings. state give a U.S. history exam to shortage of teachers statewide. called a failed murder-for-hire plot
However, little action is expect- high school students. Students The state began raising the score has been settled.
ed on rewriting the state’s school were previously required to pass requirements for teachers to enter The Greenwood Common-
funding formula or expanding state the exam to graduate, and although schools of education in 2012, but the wealth reported Friday that both
programs that pay for students to there are now alternate ways to department now proposes allow- sides wouldn’t say whether money
attend nonpublic schools. Smith
earn a diploma, it can still prevent ing people to enter upper-division changed hands in the settlement
Gov. Phil Bryant has recom- some students from graduating. work regardless of test scores as between the lawyer, Lee Abraham, and the oncolo-
mended raising teacher pay by $25 “One of the things we hear re- long as they average a B or better. gist accused of targeting him for death, Dr. Arnold
million in the budget year starting peatedly is there’s too much testing, If students have worse grades, they Smith.
July 1 and by another $25 million in too much testing, so we’re trying to could still get in with higher test Abraham and Smith started a feud when the law-
the following year. That’s enough find some relief there,” Gunn said. scores. Tollison said he’s uncertain yer represented the doctor’s wife in their divorce.
to raise teacher salaries by almost Because the federal government about lowering the requirements. Authorities said Smith hired someone to kill
3 percent, according to Mississippi mandates math and English/lan- The department also proposes Abraham, but the alleged hit man was himself
Department of Education figures, guage arts testing in grades 3-8 and $2 million over four years to pay shot dead in Abraham’s office and his supposed
not counting fringe benefits. But English, math and science tests in veteran teachers to mentor new accomplice was wounded. Investigators from the
legislative leaders haven’t com- high school, the history test is the teachers. The money would provide state attorney general’s office were lying in wait,
mitted to a specific proposal yet, only one lawmakers can eliminate a $2,000 stipend to 250 teachers a protecting the office.
saying they want to see how much and still remain in compliance with year. Finally, the department pro- Smith was found mentally incompetent to stand
money the state is forecast to have. federal requirements. Some law- poses $5 million to help teachers’ trial but has been released from the Mississippi
Teachers could also see a bump makers still want to try to eliminate aides and others to earn teaching State Hospital at Whitfield and is living with his
in another kind of compensation. the English, algebra and biology degrees and credentials. wife in Jackson under certain conditions. Two men
accused of helping Smith in the conspiracy remain
jailed in Greenwood awaiting trial nearly seven
years later.

In his civil suit, Abraham claimed he had suf-
fered mental and emotional distress as a result of
the shootout.
Continued from Page 1A “It’s settled, and therefore we won’t be at trial,”
Abraham said, but he wouldn’t reveal details of the
Bella Derma day spa University officials Williams, friends to
confidential agreement. “I don’t think I can com-
where the owner, Melis- announced through the who leads check-in,
ment on it. In this case, I have to be a client and let
sa Rushing, had reported W Alert System on Twit- the nar- which they
my lawyer do the talking.”
a suspicious person, who ter that the shooting oc- cotics task started do-
Abraham’s lawyer, H. Scot Spragins, was un-
fit the description given of curred outside Whitfield force and ing. … I
the MUW shooter, might available for comment. Smith’s lawyer, William C.
Hall, a campus building SWAT for never want-
be on the vacant second Bell, said only, “It’s over.”
just off the intersection the depart- ed to need
floor. The case was to be heard starting Monday
between College and 11th ment, coor- somet hi ng
before Judge Barry W. Ford Jr. in a Columbus
Rushing had seen a streets. The victim, a for- dinated the Williams like that,
man she didn’t know — a courtroom. Ford was appointed by the Mississippi
mer student at MUW, was command post on campus but it was good to have it.”
white man of below av- Supreme Court after all judges in Leflore County
taken to Baptist Memori- during Friday’s lockdown. Then Clayton went to
erage height with brown recused themselves. Ford will be asked to ratify the
al Hospital-Golden Trian- That also involved her downtown home to
hair and beard — walk settlement.
gle as law enforcement chasing empty leads of be with her family during
by Bella Derma. Then officers from Colum- Keira Byrd and Derrick Lacy entered Abra-
suspect sightings — in- the chaos, returning to
she heard someone go up- bus Police Department, cluding the Fifth Street ham’s law office on a Saturday night in April 2012.
work about 45 minutes Byrd, who was carrying a gun, was shot to death.
stairs above the spa. She Lowndes County Sheriff’s call and another report he after police had searched
texted the loft owner, who Office and state and fed- was seen running on 11th Lacy was wounded. Three agents of the attorney
downtown. general’s office were largely unharmed.
confirmed no one was eral agencies arrived at Street near campus. “I know Columbus has
supposed to be up there, the scene. As frustrating as it was Greenwood police later revealed they had found
a bad reputation, but I a videotape, recorded by Smith in his office, of
before calling 911. Students are off for to chase a possibly non-ex- love Columbus,” she said.
“Then the whole the winter holidays and istent suspect while the Smith offering Byrd $20,000 to kill Abraham, pay-
“I just hope everyone is able upon delivery of a photo of Abraham with a
SWAT team won’t return until Jan. public sat gripped in pan- OK.” bullet hole between his eyes. The tape led to the
showed up,” 15, meaning there were ic, Williams said the ex- Rushing went home charges and Smith’s arrest.
Rushing significantly fewer people ercise wasn’t entirely for for the day after her har- Lacy and Cordarious Robinson, also of Green-
said. “The on campus than usual. nothing. rowing experience, re- wood, are in the Leflore County Jail. Charges al-
cops got However, faculty, staff “As part of the Lown- scheduling the rest of her lege Smith offered Robinson money to find some-
there while and others who work on des County Emergency Friday afternoon appoint- one who would kill Abraham.
I was still on the campus remained Management team, we
the phone ments.
hunkered down in their ran a drill on almost this Until late evening
with 911.” Rushing offices for the 2-1/2 hours exact scenario at MUW
T h e when Shelton released a
the lockdown remained in not too long ago,” he said. statement indicating the
search was fruitless, as place as police conduct- “But there’s no better
officers left empty hand- gunshot might have been
ed a building-by-building training than a real-world self-inflicted, she still be-
ed. Now law enforcement sweep looking for the sus- situation, because you’ll
believes the whole thing lieved the suspect might
pect. see right then and there be hiding above her busi-
might have been some- Teachers from Mis- what you need to work on.
thing of a hoax, one that ness.
sissippi School for Math- I have no complaints, real- “There are 14 entry
had officers from multiple ematics and Science, ly, on how everything fell
agencies chasing a possi- and exit points in that
which is located on cam- together (Friday). It went
bly fake suspect for more building, and so many
pus, had taken carpools pretty smoothly.
than three hours because unsecure places where
to lunch and spent two “In situations like this,
the victim may have shot someone could have been
hours sitting about five to you expect a little fear and
himself. laying low,” Rushing said.
a vehicle while waiting for chaos from the public, but
“The public was really “It was scary.”
the lockdown to be lifted with the response and
our eyes and ears because so they could get back to management we had in
they were calling in sus- their own vehicles and go place, we had everything
picious sightings and dis- home. Another woman, under control,” he added.
seminating some informa-
who worked in a separate Coordination between
tion on social media,” said
office near MUW Police multiple agencies —
CPD Chief Fred Shelton,
Department and who did which also included the
who put out a statement
not want to be named Mississippi Bureau of In-
late Friday evening indi-
in The Dispatch, spent vestigation and U.S. Mar-
cating the nature of the in-
the lockdown sitting in shal’s Service, among
vestigation had changed
her own car parked just others — was invaluable,
to a possible self-inflicted
off campus, texting a Shelton said.
wound. “We want them
co-worker locked in their “We had all these agen-
calling that stuff in, even
office. cies coming together and
if it turns out to be noth-
“I never thought in this communicating,” he said.
little town it would happen “That was a big plus that
“Things like this give
right here on our cam- will help us even more in
us a chance to use our
assets,” he added. “… If pus,” she told a Dispatch the future.”
there had actually been a reporter at the scene.
suspect, the way both the Another woman, ‘I just hope
whose bank is located on
public and law enforce-
campus, walked to cam-
everyone is OK’
ment responded would April Clayton, a sales
have helped get the sus- pus, spoke briefly to po-
clerk at Grassroots can-
pect in custody quickly.” lice by the crime scene
dle and gift shop on Fifth
tape and then walked
Street North, spent most
away shaking her head
The shooting after learning there had
of her afternoon trying
A call reporting the to find out if her friends
been reports of a shoot-
shooting came in just be- were safe.
fore 1 p.m., and in less “I have quite a few
“The devil’s busy,” she
than 10 minutes MUW friends working on cam-
said as she left.
was observing lockdown pus, and I was deeply con-
procedures and law en- cerned about them,” said
forcement, led by the cam- Situation Clayton, a 2011 graduate
pus police department, was ‘under control’ of MUW. “I started a Face-
had swarmed the scene. LCSO Capt. Archie book status asking all my
4A Sunday, January 6, 2019
BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018

PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor
BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Our View

Roses and thorns
A rose to cit- 2 Supervisor Bill Brigham will administration and oper- are confident that Recovery delegation will be pursuing
izens who have not seek a third term. All other ations of Recovery House House will continue its im- a variety of legislation that is
stepped forward incumbents have either an- this week. Recovery House, portant work. Since it opened specific to our communities,
to run for nounced their intention to run located near New Hope, has in 1985, Recovery House has including everything from
elected county again or have yet to make that played an important role served roughly 1,500 women. taxes for recreation, tourism
offices. Qualify- decision. There is still plenty of in helping troubled women We believe this new arrange- and economic development to
ing for those offices began this time for candidates to qualify. return to their communities ment will ensure the viability road projects. The legislators
week and will continue through We hope all the races feature a as healthy, productive cit- of the program for many years will also address statewide
the end of March. To date, close full field of qualified candidates, izens. CCS takes over the to come. issues that impact our com-
to 30 candidates have qualified which gives voters more options residential group home less munity as well. As always, we
between Lowndes and Oktibbe- in deciding these important than two months after long- A rose encourage our legislators not
ha County and at least two po- leadership roles. time Recovery House director to our local to forget who they represent,
sitions are guaranteed to go to Stephanie Johnson resigned delegation as which sometimes means
new faces after the November A rose to to take a position in Tupelo, they prepare putting the needs of local cit-
election. Lowndes County Sher- Community leaving the future of Recovery to head to izens ahead of political party,
iff Mike Arledge has confirmed Counseling House in question. Now, with Jackson for alliances or ideology. We’ll be
he will not seek a third term Services which the resources available to the the 2019 Legislative session, watching. Hopefully, we’ll like
while Lowndes County District took over the program through CCS, we which begins Tuesday. Our what we see.

Letter to the editor
Voice of the people
I read with great interest the
article about flooding in our fair city.
Mr. Rosales has a business that is
prone to flood any time we have a
large downpour. I can remember
Mr. Glenn Lollar, when he operated
the College Turn Service Station
and used car lot on 14th and College
Street. It has flooded there as long as
I can remember. We have many areas
that are subject to flooding in Co-
lumbus, and I live in on of them. Mr.
Rosales is correct in the fact that the
City’s public works department does
not do the job they need to do to pre-
vent some of the drainage problems
we have. I live in the Masonic sub-
division where Magby Creek floods
more times than I can count. This is
a problem that has been addressed
more than once.
The ditches in my area have
been neglected since they were
dug, deepened, rerouted, etc. three
years ago. We have water flowing
down Stewart Street from High-
way 50 because there is no culvert
on Highway 50 and Stewart. The
subdivision doesn’t need extra water.
My neighbors are cleaning out the
ditches, while the public works guys
are riding the roads on the city’s
nickel. I was cleaning out a culvert
Thursday, when a city vehicle passed
me twice and didn’t slow down. I
found out they were bush hogging
the street right-of-way. Excuse me!
Ditches stopped up and the priority
is running a bush hogging. Please
someone help me here. Mr. Rosales,
Partial to Home
A rose for Taddy
you have a problem, I understand,
but it is a city-wide problem. I think
we need to look at privatizing the

public works department. The gar-
bage pick-up is working out great. n the morning of the twigs supposedly a rose. That rose bush is now the size
The loss of jobs isn’t the issue, if you second day of the new of a Volkswagen Beetle. A pink one, at that.
can do the job, you’ll have a job. Our year, I was in Friendship Pat said she might have some roses she propagated
taxes are paying for it either way. If Cemetery with a pick, a bag of last year. Fine, but they need to be red.
I am wrong help me understand. I mulch, soil enhancer and a cou- Pat called New Year’s Day. She had found a rose. On
know it’s a money problem, but it is ple of scraggly twigs purported the white plastic knife she uses for a plant marker, she
also an efficiency problem. Be a good to be a rose bush in the back of had written, “Will Scarlet, 12/17.”
manager of the public’s dollar. I’m a the pickup. The early morning Perfect. As it happens, Will Scarlet was one of Robin
city resident for the long haul, too old rain had subsided, and Fleet- Hood’s Merry Men. Here’s an excerpt from his Wikipe-
to move. So I, like my neighbors ask wood Mac’s “Never Going Back dia entry:
the City Fathers, what can be done? Again,” was playing on the mix
Help us! CD in the player. Traditionally, when the outlaws are depicted as being mid-
Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. Stopping the truck near Tad- Birney Imes dle-aged, Scarlet is often depicted as young or youthful,
Columbus dy’s grave, I turned the music sometimes in his late teens. In the traditional tales, he is
up and got out. A caller on Felder Rushing’s radio show, hot-headed and tempestuous, but has a love of fine elegant
“The Gestalt Gardener,” is to blame for this. Right, yes clothes and is often seen wearing red silk. He is the most
… some explaining. skilled swordsman of the merry men.
Taddy was a friend and a contemporary, who died
too young in 2006. Thinking of words to describe him, As I dug with the pick, the misting rain resumed.
effervescent and devil-may-care come to mind. As does Fleetwood Mac had finished and Dylan was singing
Our View: Local Editorials mischievous. “Mr. Tambourine Man,” a song that might have de-
Local editorials appearing in this space He was a quick-witted attorney, who helped a lot of scribed my friend’s sentiments many a night:
represent the opinion of the newspa- people who needed legal help, but couldn’t afford it.
per’s editorial board: Peter Imes, editor
Two other things: He favored, shall we say, a hedonistic Hey Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for me
and publisher; Birney Imes, publish-
er emeritus; Slim Smith and senior lifestyle, and for most of his life, he looked like he was I’m not sleepy and there ain’t no place I’m goin’ to
newsroom staff. To inquire about a about 14 years old. Hey Mister Tambourine Man, play a song for me
meeting with the board, please contact Most of us who knew and loved Taddy during his In the jingle jangle morning, I’ll come followin’ you
Peter Imes at 662-328-2424, or e-mail high school years called him “Blade.” Or “The Blade.” His mother, Mary Ann Dazey, a widely-loved English Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship
prof at Mississippi State University, had a personality My senses have been stripped
Voice of the People that sparkled like her son’s. One of her students re- My hands can’t feel to grip
We encourage you to share your opinion ferred to Taddy as a dashing young blade, and the name My toes too numb to step
with readers of The Dispatch. stuck Wait only for my boot heels to be wandering
Submit your letter to The Dispatch by:
The inscription on his gravestone reads, “Ever the I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for to fade
Mail: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS dashing young blade.” Into my own parade
39703 We planted a live oak on his plot at the time of his Cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it
In person: 516 Main St., Columbus, or death, but the site needed something else. As the
101 S. Lafayette St., No. 16, Starkville. self-appointed caretaker of my friend’s grave, I’ve been Got the rose planted, watered, fertilized and
All letters must be signed by the author on the lookout for another plant that can survive the mulched. Dylan had given way to David Byrne. I
and must include town of residence neglect a cemetery plot receives. stepped back and admired my handiwork and stood
and a telephone number for verification
purposes. Letters should be no more
The caller on Felder’s show was talking about ceme- there in the rain listening to the music, in no hurry to
than 500 words, and guest columns tery roses. Yes, of course, that’s it. Local rose guru Pat leave.
should be 500-700 words. We reserve Wheeler would have a solution. Birney Imes ( is the former
the right to edit submitted material. Years ago Pat gave me another scraggly group of publisher of The Dispatch.
The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 5A

Mississippi voices

Public opinion changing the face of criminal justice
Criminal justice tencing. It’s a big population. Half the prisoners prescription of Lortabs is 60 arrested for drugs. Public
is probably the change. are mentally ill. pills. opinion is changing.
most fundamental The new law, Perhaps these people need This is the same thing that Featherston told me, “It’s
responsibility of signed by President treatment, rather than prison. happened to Patrick Beadle, a ironic that the state of Missis-
government. It’s no Trump, would take Drug courts, house arrest, Jamaican-born musician con- sippi is suing the opioid manu-
easy task. modest steps to therapy, regional mental victed of drug trafficking in facturers for causing people to
There is a trend, reform the criminal health centers, Whitfield Madison County for marijuana get addicted to their products,
both nationwide justice system and could be better alternatives. he obtained legally in Ore- yet they charge someone who
and statewide, to ease very punitive We’ve seen this movie be- gon for his personal use. He is addicted with trafficking,
reduce incarcera- prison sentences fore: Recall Prohibition, which received an eight-year prison even though there was no
tion levels, which at the federal level. led to criminal gangs funded sentence without parole. Iron- evidence she was trafficking
are the highest, by It would affect by bootlegging. Now we have a ically, Beadle was stopped and in the drugs.”
far, in the world. Wyatt Emmerich only the federal similar huge layer of criminal arrested by the same Madison “We’re filling up the jails
National incar- system — which, activity focused on the lucra- officer as Whiteside. with people who are not a
ceration rates are
about seven times
Lock ‘em up with about 181,000
imprisoned people,
tive drug business.
The war on drugs has
Beadle, a Rastafarian, had
two pounds of pot so, based on
threat to society. They’re only
a threat to themselves. They
higher than the
world average. Mis-
and throw holds a small but
significant fraction
failed. Harsher penalties have
not decreased drug use. In-
state law, he was presumed to
be a dealer even though there
should be in rehab instead of
going to prison for four years
sissippi’s incarcera- away the key of the U.S. jail and stead, harsh penalties reduce was zero evidence that he was at $40,000 a year of taxpayer
tion rate is about 10 prison population supply which raises prices, dealing drugs. Rastafarians money. She was a truck driver
times higher than sounds great of 2.1 million. making the drug trade even smoke a lot of pot. paying taxes, now she has to
the world average. Surprisingly, Mis- more lucrative. These are the types of laws spend four years in jail. She
It’s about the high- until it hits sissippi is one of a Decriminalization is on the that need reconsideration. could have gone to drug court
est in the world. handful of states on horizon. It’s already happen- There should be some proof and kept on working and
I remember home. the leading edge of ing with marijuana. required that the person is earning a living and paying
back in the early criminal justice re- Northside attorney Bill actually a drug dealer, espe- taxes. Now she’s a burden to
’90s when the crack epidemic form. Republican leaders have Featherston called me the cially when the amounts are the taxpayers.”
was raging, I was leading the recently enacted a variety of other day with a case study of set relatively low. Lock ‘em up and throw
charge on increased incarcera- reforms to reinstate parole and how some of our drug laws are The state legislature cannot away the key sounds great
tion. It seemed to work. Crime ban the incarceration of people causing more harm than good. know the particulars of every until it hits home. Bill Waller,
came down. for being too poor to pay fines. One of his clients was just case. Judges and prosecutors chief justice of our state su-
But was the cure worse Just last month Gov. Phil sentenced in Madison County need the ability to do their preme court, has been instru-
than the disease? Our state Bryant called for prison re- to four years in jail, no parole, jobs without being microman- mental in the establishment of
and nation has created a forms, having just attended a for having a bottle of Lortabs, aged by a legislative body that diversionary drug courts. In
permanent underclass of two-day meeting in Jackson of a type of prescription opioid. is not privy to the specific a recent talk, Waller told my
prisoners with an enormously state leaders from across the His client, Janara White- facts of a case. Prosecutors Rotary Club, “There’s not a
expensive bureaucracy. We political spectrum. When the side, is a truck driver from and judges say their hands are person in this room who hasn’t
spend so much on incarcera- Americans For Prosperity and Vicksburg. She was stopped tied by strict state laws. been directly affected by ad-
tion that there is precious little the ACLU are united on an is- for a traffic violation and her Both Beadle and White- diction through a close friend
for rehabilitation. sue, you can bet it has wheels. car was searched. side had not harmed anyone. or family member.”
Our vast prison system National polls show 90 Whiteside had a Workers Now their incarceration will Is there a better way? Every
has become a base for gangs percent believe the criminal Comp injury but her health cost taxpayers hundreds of developed country except ours
which run the lucrative con- justice system is broken and insurance ran out so she got a thousands of dollars. Their seems to have figured this one
traband industry. This gives 70 percent favor reducing friend to get her the Lortabs. lives are effectively ruined and out. Check out what Portugal
gangs the power to exercise incarceration rates. A recent She was convicted for being their family members trauma- has done. Rehabilitation over
control both in prison and the Mississippi poll showed sim- a drug dealer even though tized. incarceration. Maybe it’s time
free world. ilar results, including that 61 there was no evidence at all The judges, the prosecu- to try something different.
This has not escaped the percent of Mississippi voters that she was selling drugs. tors, the legislators all fear Wyatt Emmerich is the
attention of our U.S. Congress, are against felonies for drug That’s because state law being accused of being soft editor and publisher of The
which took a big step toward possession. declares anyone possessing on drugs. They want to be Northside Sun, a weekly
repealing some lock-em- This is especially true for more than 40 pills of an illegal reelected. But polls show half newspaper in Jackson. He can
up laws such as mandatory drug addicts, which make up drug is automatically assumed of us have a close friend or be reached by e-mail at wyatt@
sentencing and truth in sen- about 20 percent of the prison to be a drug dealer. A normal family member who has been

Cartoonist view

state of the Nation
Should Donald Trump be impeached?
Should Donald Trump be bar — “high crimes and for this guy, even knowing what he is. Trump disappears in a cloud of Chee-
impeached? misdemeanors” — set by Remember, too, that his latest Gallup tos dust, America is saved.
That he will be seems the Constitution with room approval rating stands at 39 percent. It’s a great fantasy, but only that.
likely as Democrats take to spare. Though no elected president since Because Trump is not the problem,
control of the House of So, yes, he may well Eisenhower has polled that low at a only a symptom. And America doesn’t
Representatives, the cham- be impeached and surely similar point in his term, that figure need to be saved. No, for its own men-
ber where impeachment deserves to be. But should still seems stunningly high. tal and moral health, America needs
proceedings begin. That he he be? That’s a trickier As flagrantly awful a president as to save itself, needs to clearly and em-
deserves to be is similarly question. Trump has been, four in 10 Americans phatically reject what it has become.
self-evident. As you may recall from think he’s doing a bang-up job. To Impeachment does not do that.
President Andrew civics class, removal by overturn the will of that many people, Voting the awfulness out, does.
Johnson was impeached impeachment is a two-step especially in today’s charged environ- Consider this new Congress, with its
after firing a member of his Leonard Pitts process: The House produc- ment, is to fracture an already frac- record number of women, including its
Cabinet without congressio- es articles of impeachment, tured union. first Native-American women, its first
nal approval. President Bill the Senate conducts a trial None of which is to say it shouldn’t Muslim women and its youngest wom-
Clinton was impeached for lying about to determine if a president should be be done, but only to point out the con- an ever, this Congress that looks so
a sexual affair with an intern. kicked out of office. Given that the sequences thereof. But again, the ar- much more like the country it serves.
If those men merited impeach- Republican-dominated Senate has gument is academic. As noted, Trump Consider the organizing, the canvass-
ment, how much more deserving is heretofore shown all the moral fiber will probably be impeached (though ing, the fundraising, the putting lives
Trump, who stands credibly accused of algae, there is little prospect it will not removed). And the six in 10 of us on hold, the stop-complaining-about-it-
of felonies for directing hush money dismiss Trump. who see his awfulness for what it is and-getting-involved it took to produce
payoffs to a porn star and a Playboy Even assuming for the sake of surely will exult. Which is fine so long this result. Then roll up your sleeves
centerfold? To say nothing of charges argument that it did, there’s no reason as we realize that impeachment will and forget about magic.
that his campaign coordinated with to believe his removal would be a very likely change very little of what That’s not what got us into this
Russia to get him elected. Or the fact panacea for the disunion, disharmony actually ails America. mess. It’s not what will get us out.
that he seems to have obstructed and dyspepsia that afflict this country. Perhaps that’s as it should be. Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the 2004
justice in plain sight. Not to mention Indeed, it could easily make matters One gets the sense sometimes that Pulitzer Prize for commentary, is a
that he gave away state secrets in the worse. people think of impeachment as a columnist for the Miami Herald. Email
Oval Office. Surely Trump hurdles the Remember: 63 million people voted magic trick. Abracadabra and presto! him at
6A Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Caledonia town marshal resigns over disagreement with aldermen
Kilgore placed on administrative leave after a special meeting and place Mr.
Kilgore on administrative leave
utive session during Wednes-
day’s meeting.
and conditions given to me in
that meeting.”
criticizing board decision on Facebook until the board took whatever
action it considered appropri-
“Ben is our only full-time
officer,” Parham noted. “That’s
This was Kilgore’s second
tenure as the town’s marshal.
By Slim Smith officers were allowed to take the ate,” he added. why the policy change didn’t He served in that role from patrol cars home with them. In his Facebook post after affect his vehicle. He’s the only 1987-94 and was appointed
In addition to Kilgore, the the board’s unanimous vote person we have in the marshal’s marshal for the second time in
In the span of 48 hours, a town has four part-time deputy to change the policy, Kilgore office who is on call 24/7. As it
special-call meeting of the Cale- 2008.
marshals who share two patrol seemed to suggest the change is now, we have one deputy who
donia Board of Aldermen went Wiggins said the town will
cars. in policy would mean slower lives about five blocks from the
from deciding what to do about response times from the mar- marshal’s office, so he has to rely on the Lowndes County
“The policy change was Sheriff’s Office to cover any
the town marshal to what to do shal’s office while pointing out drive out in the county to pick
made to take care gaps created in the wake of Kil-
without him. that other town employees were it up. For that officer, the re-
of our aging fleet gore’s resignation.
On Friday, town marshal permitted to carry their town sponse time is actually going
of patrol cars,”
Ben Kilgore tendered his res- vehicles home with them. to be quicker for him. So, no, I Beyond that, Wiggins said
ignation, one day after being Wiggins said.
“If you notice all the Marshal don’t believe this means we’ll he is uncertain of how the town
placed on paid administrative “We’re trying to
cars parked at the Marshals of- have slower response times.” will proceed in the wake of Kil-
leave by Mayor Mitch Wiggins stretch the nickel
fice we are not having a meet- Kilgore did not return calls gore’s resignation.
and two days after the alder- as far as we can
ing,” Kilgore’s Facebook post asking for comment, but did “What happens is at the
men approved a policy change by minimizing said. “We were order (sic) to address his decision to resign
miles as much board’s pleasure,” Wiggins
the marshal later criticized in a Wiggins park them at the office. If you on another Facebook post on said. “They may open the
Facebook post. as we could. Mr. have an emergency, we will Friday.
Kilgore didn’t search up again or they may
Wiggins confirmed Kilgo- still respond as quick as possi- “It is with a very heavy heart
like that decision, even though go back and look at other ap-
re’s resignation Friday, adding ble. WE just have to drive our that I am sending this post,” he
as our only full-time officer, he plications we had previously.
he had placed the marshal on personal vehicle, at the speed said in that post. “I resigned
administrative leave because of was allowed to keep his car with Certainly, I think the deputies
limit, to the office. Go in, get a as Marshal of Caledonia today.
Kilgore’s social media post crit- him. I think it became a person- key, our needed equipment, and I cannot go into details at this we have would be given consid-
icizing a policy approved during al issue with him and when it then head your way. But we will time because of what was said eration if they apply. We’ll know
Wednesday’s aldermen’s meet- was put on Facebook, I just felt come. Fear not.” in Executive Session. Rest as- more of where we’re headed af-
ing that required the town’s part- it wasn’t a professional way to Alderman Quinn Parham sured that the day after the 30- ter Monday’s meeting.”
time officers leave their patrol handle it. said he was limited on what he day wait period is up, the public The special-call meeting will
cars at the marshal’s office at the “After talking with alder- could say because much of the will be informed. I cannot and be held Monday at 6 p.m. at the
end of their shift. Previously, the men, it was my decision to call discussion was held in exec- will not work under the terms town hall.

Continued from Page 1A
there is extraordinary,” By 1990, McElroy and a lot more money if she In a 2010 profile in don’t remember her ever thing has been put in the
said Andy Shores, a Craig had incorporated had opened it to the pub- The Dispatch, McElroy being in a position where name of the sanctuary
doctor of veterinary med- their sanctuary as a lic,” Gschwendtner said. put it quite succinctly. something was needed and the board of direc-
icine at Mississippi State 501c3 nonprofit. Within “She just wouldn’t do it.” “Sanctuaries are for and she said she couldn’t tors will continue to run
who has provided ser- five years, their collec- That decision meant animals,” she said. “Zoos afford it. With her, it was it after we’re both gone.”
vices for the sanctuary’s tion had grown to more personal sacrifice as are for people. I’m not always, ‘Do it. We’ll find In the final weeks of
exotic cats for the past than 200 animals. Craig well. interested in running a a way somehow.’” her life, as McElroy’s ill-
18 years. “She did her said it became McElroy’s “She lived in a small zoo.” Craig said McElroy ness progressed, she was
dead-level best to make second career. house and drove a beat- will be cremated and confined to her bedroom.
sure everything was the “She once told me up old car,” said Dr.
best quality. Whatever it her life started when Bonnie Blake of Bo-
A living legacy there are plans for a From there, she could
The sheer scale of memorial service in the look out and watch the
took, she did it. She had she opened Cedarhill,” swell’s Animal Clinic who spring. animals she had nur-
the Cedarhill opera-
an extraordinary heart Gschwendtner said. has provided care for the “I want to do it in tured for the better part
for these animals.” “From that moment, an- tions is impressive, but
sanctuary’s domestic March or April, when of three decades.
imals were her complete it’s not what Blake will
animals for the past 15 the weather is warm,” “She was very, very
remember best about its
The accidental world.” years. “Every penny that
founder. said Craig, who along sick,” Gschwendtner
advocate came in went to the care
“Kay had 200-plus cats with Gschwendtner and said. “Most people would
Cheryl Craig has been The path of most of the animals.”
out there that I helped the staff will continue to have gone to a nursing
McElroy’s partner for 42 resistance McElroy’s decision
her with,” Blake said. operate the sanctuary. facility by then, but Kay
years, but they’ve known The genesis of Ce- to keep the sanctuary
“What always amazed “Kay and I talked wanted to stay close the
each other almost their darhill may have been closed to the public
wasn’t popular among me is that she treated about what would happen animals she loved and
entire lives. accidental, but the vision every one of them as an when we were gone and cared for. So that’s what
“She lived across the McElroy had for the the more curious people
in the community, a fact individual. Every one of made plans for that day,” she did, right up to the
street from my grandpar- sanctuary was not. them was important. I Craig added. “Every- end.”
ents’ house back in Okla- “She knew almost that didn’t seem to faze
homa,’’ said Craig, 73. from the start,” Craig her.
“She went to my birthday said. “I remember stand- “She wasn’t exactly
party when I was 2.” ing out on the hill out what you would call
Together, McElroy and here and listening to her a peo-
Craig operated health- talk about what it would ple-person
care businesses, begin- be. It was mostly trees anyway,”
ning in 1980. But it was then. But she looked Gschwendt-
a move to Columbus in out and would say, ‘OK. ner said.
the mid-1980s that would We’re going to build this “She
change the current of there. We’ll do this there. thought
their lives. Over there, we’ll do this.’ they were
“Everywhere we went, She had a vision for what annoying. Gschwendtner
Kay always like to read it would be, then we She pre-
the local newspaper,” made it happen.” ferred the animals. She
Craig said. “...She liked to One of the most always said an animal
read the ‘for sale’ (classi- important — and most had never let her down.”
fied advertising) section.” criticized — decisions Blake said McElroy’s
In 1987, Kay stumbled McElroy made was that passion for the animals
across one such newspa- Cedarhill would not be bordered on fierceness.
per item. open to the public, a “We had a great
A man had placed an decision that made the relationship,” Blake said.
ad for a six-month-old operation more difficult “But I will say she was
cougar cub he wanted to to sustain financially adamant about how she
sell. while validating her wanted things done. She
Out of curiosity, unwavering dedication laid down the law pretty
McElroy went to see the to the animals above all quickly with her staff. If
cub and was appalled other concerns. they didn’t do things the
by its condition. It had For Tanya Smith, way she thought was the
been kept in a small dog founder of Turpentine right way, there weren’t
kennel and was malnour- Creek Wildlife Refuge in around long. She knew
ished and suffering from Eureka Springs, Arkan- what it took to keep
badly infected paws, sas, the decision to close the animals happy and
most likely the result of the sanctuary to the healthy. You know, it’s
a botched de-clawing public was a bold move. not always about fuzzy
effort. Turpentine Creek puppies and cuddly kit-
McElroy convinced charges a $20 admission tens. It can be difficult. A
the owner to trade the fee, money it uses to op- lot of people took her as
cub to her for an old trac- erate the facility, which being very blunt because
tor. But she didn’t plan to is home to more than 100 she was so passionate
keep the cub and cer- exotic cats. about the animals.”
tainly did not anticipate “We depend on being That passion was the
the journey that would open to the public to cov- source of her conviction
unwind over the next 30 er our expenses,” Smith that Cedarhill would re-
years. said. “Kay chose not to main closed to the public.
“The plan was to do that. Every founder “She told me it was
find him a home,” Craig has their own reasons for because ... 99 percent
said. “It didn’t work out doing things they way of the animals, wheth-
that way. We started out they do. But I can’t imag- er they were domestic
looking for a home for the ine what she has done is cats or lions or tigers,
cub, but what we found easy.” came from situations
instead was more animals Each year, it costs where people had abused
that needed help.” Cedarhill $800,000 to $1 them,” Blake said. “For
It dawned on McElroy million to provide homes, those animals, people
that there were far more food and services to up were their triggers. That
neglected and abused to 320 animals, money was the bottom line with
animals than there were raised entirely from her. Nothing was more
people willing to provide private donations. important to her than
them a safe, healthy “She could have prob- making sure animals felt
home. ably brought in a hell of safe.”

Send in your church event!
Subject: Religious brief
The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 7A

Investors, farmers guessing as shutdown delays crop reports
Reports detail the size of the 2018 harvests of corn,
soybean, wheat and other crops and give an early estimate Trump says shutdown could
for what farmers will plant in the upcoming season last for ‘months or even years’
By SCOT T McFETRIDGE size of the 2018 harvests tural Supply and Demand The Associated Press over his wall demands. Democrats
The Associated Press of corn, soybean, wheat Estimates report and in- emerged from the roughly two-hour
and other crops and give formation about specific WASHINGTON — President Don- meeting, which both sides said was
DES MOINES, Iowa an early estimate for what crops, such as winter ald Trump declared Friday he could contentious at times, to report little if
— The U.S. Department farmers will plant in the wheat and canola seed- keep parts of the government shut any progress.
of Agriculture announced upcoming season. De- ings. down for “months or even years” as he The standoff also prompted econom-
Friday that it must delay pending on the estimates, The lack of informa- and Democratic leaders failed in a sec- ic jitters and anxiety among some in
the release of key crop the price of the commodi- tion comes amid the un- ond closed-door meeting to resolve his Trump’s own party. But he appeared in
reports due to the partial ties can rise or fall as they certainty of trade with demand for billions of dollars for a bor- the Rose Garden to frame the upcom-
government shutdown, show the current supply China, where tariffs led der wall with Mexico. They did agree ing weekend talks as progress, while
leaving investors and and forecast how many to an abrupt drop in U.S. to a new round of weekend talks be- making clear he would not reopen the
farmers without vital in- acres will be devoted to agricultural exports to tween staff members and White House government.
formation during an al- different crops in the the country. There were officials. “We won’t be opening until it’s
ready tumultuous time for coming months. indications that China Trump met in the White House Situ- solved,” Trump said. “I don’t call it a
agricultural markets. The government shut- was beginning to resume ation Room with congressional leaders shutdown. I call it doing what you have
The USDA had down has now forced the at least limited purchases from both parties as the shutdown hit to do for the benefit and the safety of
planned to release the delay of such reports for of U.S. crops, but because the two-week mark amid an impasse our country.”
closely watched reports two weeks, and uncertain- of the government shut-
Jan. 11 but said that even ty about the commodity down it’s unclear what’s gled with low prices wors- tors and farmers can’t be Hubbs said. “When the
if the shutdown ended im- supply will only grow as happening. ened by the trade dispute certain about where they USDA produces the num-
mediately, the agency’s more time elapses, Hult- “We certainly don’t with China. stand, he said. bers, they are the num-
staff wouldn’t have time man said. USDA reports want to be in the dark and Until the USDA releas- “Those kinds of num- bers. They move mar-
to release the reports as provide the foundation for miss any big changes like es its information, inves- bers are fundamental,” kets.”
scheduled. Congressio- understanding the U.S. that,” Hultman said.
nal leaders met with Pres- agricultural industry, and University of Illinois
ident Donald Trump on because they also esti- professor Todd Hubbs,
Friday but there were no mate farm production in who studies agricultural
indications the shutdown other countries, they are commodity markets, said
would end soon. essential for understand- he finds the report delays
“The longer it goes ing global crop markets. especially frustrating
on, the more distorted Although the govern- because he thinks they
our reference points get,” ment is still releasing could confirm a belief that
said grain market analyst some information, such as the U.S. soybean crop was
Todd Hultman, of Omaha, the Labor Department’s smaller than earlier fore-
Nebraska-based agricul- monthly jobs report , the cast. If true, that informa-
ture market data provider USDA hasn’t released key tion would mean a small-
DTN. “It’s a lot of guess- reports since Dec. 22. er supply and could raise
work.” This includes the closely soybean prices, helping
The reports detail the watched World Agricul- farmers who have strug-

Employers went on a surprising
hiring spree in December
Nation’s unemployment rate rose very strong even though
the economy appears to
slightly to 3.9 percent last month be slowing,” said Eric
Winograd, senior U.S.
By JOSH BOAK Stocks surged on the economist at the invest-
AP Economics Writer news, along with word ment management firm
that the U.S. and China AllianceBernstein. “Those
WASHINGTON — U.S. will hold trade talks next two things cannot coexist
employers went on a hiring week and comments from for very long. Either weak-
spree in December, adding
Federal Reserve Chairman ening demand will lead
a surprising 312,000 jobs
Jerome Powell that the Fed firms to dial back the pace
and providing a dose of re-
will be flexible in judging of hiring or the robust pace
assurance about the econ-
whether to raise interest of hiring will lead firms to
omy after a turbulent few
rates further. The Dow ramp back up production.”
months on Wall Street.
The job gains reported Jones industrial average In recent weeks, finan-
Friday by the Labor Depart- shot up 747 points, or 3.3 cial markets have plunged
ment came despite a trade percent. amid concerns that the
war with China, a global President Donald U.S. could be in a recession
slowdown and a partial gov- Trump called the job by 2020. The Dow suffered
ernment shutdown now en- growth “GREAT” on Twit- its worst December since
tering its third week. ter. the middle of the Depres-
The nation’s unemploy- The torrid hiring in sion in 1931.
ment rate rose slightly to December far outstripped Major companies such
3.9 percent last month, but the 180,000 jobs investors as Apple say their sales are
that, too, was considered had been anticipating and being jeopardized by the
a positive sign, reflecting could help ease fears that tariff war between Wash-
an increase in Americans the economy’s expansion ington and Beijing, and an
beginning to look for work. — now in the middle of its important gauge of U.S.
And average hourly pay im- 10th year — may be com- manufacturing posted its
proved 3.2 percent from a ing to an end. steepest decline in a de-
year ago. “The labor market is cade Thursday.

Alabama steps up monitoring for Chronic
Wasting Disease in state’s deer herd
Effort comes after deer in nearby ed deer can greatly in-
crease our ability to test
Mississippi and Tennessee counties a more thorough sample
of the deer population in
tested positive for the disease that area.”
Sykes said that symp-
The Associated Press Fisheries has been con- toms “may take 18-24
ducting active disease months to express them-
MONTGOMERY, Ala. surveillance for CWD selves, so a deer may have
— After Chronic Wasting since 2002, following the this disease but yet ap-
Disease struck deer in confirmation of CWD in pear and act as a normal
nearby states, Alabama Wisconsin,” said Chuck deer.”
is expanding its efforts to Sykes, wildlife biologist “There is no way to tell
monitor the state’s deer and Director of the Ala- a deer has CWD other
herd. bama Wildlife & Fresh- than through testing, il-
The Alabama Depart- water Fisheries division. lustrating the importance
ment of Conservation and “More than 8,000 deer of these surveillance ef-
Natural Resources is in-
have been tested with no forts,” he said.
creasing Chronic Wasting
deer testing positive for Deer harvested in
Disease sampling surveil-
CWD in Alabama.” Franklin, Marion, Lamar,
lance efforts in northwest
Chronic Wasting Dis- Lauderdale and Colbert
Alabama, report-
ed. ease is a contagious and counties are being tar-
The effort comes after deadly neurological disor- geted, but biologists will
deer in nearby Mississip- der that affects members sample deer from sur-
pi and Tennessee coun- of the deer family, rounding counties as well.
ties tested positive for the reported. Sampling involves remov-
disease. The deer were “As CWD impacts the ing the retropharyngeal
discovered about 40 miles brain of the animal, its lymph nodes from the
from the Alabama border. typical awareness of its head of a deer. Hunters
So far in Alabama, surroundings is affect- may bring in a whole deer,
thousands of deer have ed, explaining the higher field-dressed deer, or just
been tested with no deer predominance of CWD the head from the har-
testing positive for the in road-killed animals,” vested animal. Collecting
disease. Sykes said. “The testing a sample from a harvested
“The Division of of road-kills and those deer takes only a few min-
Wildlife and Freshwater from our hunter harvest- utes.
8A Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Democrats take power in House; impeachment talk flares
While many Dems might favor impeachment, bers who want to wait for spe-
cial counsel Robert Mueller’s
The president, who has long
fashioned himself as the ulti-
and jobs and prefer to keep
them at the forefront of the par-
those calling for it now are largely outliers Russia investigation to finish.
Pelosi purposely avoided — and
mate winner, told the confidant
that he worried that impeach-
ty’s focus.
Still, it will be hard for Pelosi
By MARY CLARE JALONICK, introduced articles of impeach- encouraged most fellow Demo- ment, even if he retained office, to quiet some on her left flank
LISA MASCARO ment against President Donald crats to avoid — any talk of im- would be a stain on his lega- who see their new majority as a
and JONATHAN LEMIRE Trump. That evening, newly peachment during the election, cy. And while he thought the direct challenge to Trump.
The Associated Press elected Rep. Rashida Tlaib of believing there could be back- impeachment would rally his “Impeachment is on the ta-
Michigan riled up a supportive lash from voters. own base in the 2020 election ble,” Sherman said. “You can’t
WASHINGTON — House crowd by calling the president While eager to paint im- it could hurt his standing with take it off the table.”
Speaker Nancy Pelosi had only a profanity and predicting that peachment as the Democrats’ foreign leaders as he negotiates Tlaib, who represents a liber-
been in office for a few hours he will be removed from office. only agenda, Trump has also trade deals, according to the al district in Detroit, exclaimed
when a handful of Democrats Tension over impeachment expressed some worry both adviser. at an event late Thursday that
defied her persistent calls not is likely to be a persistent thorn publicly and privately at the While many Democrats Democrats were going to “im-
to begin the new Congress by for Pelosi, who will have to bal- prospect. He has told confi- might favor impeachment, peach the mother———.” She
talking about impeachment. ance between a small, vocal dants that he finds the impeach- those calling for it now are didn’t back down Friday, tweet-
Just after Pelosi was sworn in group of the most liberal mem- ment talk somewhat unnerving, largely outliers. Most Demo- ing that “I will always speak
Thursday, longtime Democrat- bers of her caucus, who want to according to an outside advis- cratic lawmakers listened to Pe- truth to power.” She added
ic Reps. Brad Sherman of Cal- see Trump removed immediate- er who spoke to him in recent losi and campaigned on kitchen the hashtag, “#unapologetical-
ifornia and Al Green of Texas ly, and the majority of her mem- days. table issues such as health care lyMe.”

Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
Officers with Mississippi University for Women Police Department, U.S. Marshals
Task Force and other area law enforcement responded to a shooting at MUW’s
campus Friday afternoon. While the university went into lockdown for more than
two hours, officers did a building-by-building sweep of the campus searching for the
suspect. Investigators now believe the victim may have shot himself.

Continued from Page 1A
orange hoodie. Later that tests to de-
evening, MUW and CPD termine
released a joint statement if the gun
saying authorities were was the one
investigating the possi- used in the
bility the victim may have shooting.
shot himself. Author-
“There is not immedi- ities did
ate danger to the public not release Perkins
regarding the MUW in- more information, includ-
cident today,” CPD Chief ing whether investigators
Fred Shelton said in the believe the shooting was
statement. “Business can accidental.
be conducted per normal According to universi-
and there’s no need for ty policy, individuals with
businesses to lock their enhanced concealed car-
doors. The case is still un- ry permits are allowed to
der investigation.” carry concealed weapons
When the shooting was in public areas on campus
initially reported, the uni- but not in classrooms or
versity immediately went administrative buildings,
into lockdown, which was Perkins told The Dispatch
lifted at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday. However, she
Emergency personnel re- added, university stu-
mained active on campus dents, faculty and staff
until the lockdown was are not allowed to carry
lifted. firearms at any time, even
Students don’t return if they have an enhanced
to classes until Jan. 15 but carry permit.
some staff members were Neither Shelton nor
working on campus. Vibrock would comment
Police received reports whether the individual
of sightings of the report- shot will face charges re-
ed suspect both down- lated to making a false
town and on 11th Street report to the police if it
South just off campus. turns out he shot himself.
Both were false alarms. “Right now our focus is
MUW Police Depart- working through the in-
ment is the lead agency in- vestigation to determine
vestigating the shooting, what actually happened,”
with other law enforce- Vibrock said in a state-
ment agencies assisting. ment released through
Possible self-inflicted District Attorney Scott
shooting Colom also said wheth-
Though it’s possible er the individual faces
the victim shot himself, charges — and what
authorities have not con- those charges would be —
firmed that is what hap- would depend on what po-
pened. lice find during the inves-
Police at the scene tigation. He said it would
found a weapon in the vic- be up to MUW police to
tim’s vehicle, according to charge the victim with
the statement authorities making a false report, a
released Friday night. misdemeanor, meaning
Shelton said investigators his office wouldn’t be in-
are currently running volved at all.

Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
Investigators search a truck parked on College Street
across from Whitfield Hall on Mississippi University for
Women’s campus where a shooting occurred Friday af-
ternoon. Investigators now believe the victim may have
shot himself, after they found a gun in his vehicle.
Adam Minichino

662-241-5000 B


Huskison, Patriots hold off Leake Academy for 2-0 start in district
By Adam Minichino the sum of Heritage Academy’s Inside his ability to attract attention our composure. They regained parts — even on a night when and to direct an inside-outside it in the fourth quarter, and I am
n region wins: Starkville High
all of the pieces weren’t there — swept Northwest Rankin, while attack. super proud of them. I thought
Reid Huskison isn’t familiar we played really hard and got
can be tough to overcome. Columbus High swept South Pa- The Patriots also played
with the term “whirling der- some great minutes out of a lot
Carter Putt had 19 points nola Friday night. Page 2B without senior Moak Griffin
vish,” even though he plays like of different guys.”
and Jared Long added 17 to lead and junior Steele Altmyer, who
a Tasmanian Devil. Huskison, the team’s point
Heritage Academy to a 56-46 are out with injures. But they
Adam Koussih plays a lot played without junior center Eli guard, led the attack on a night
like Huskison, even though he victory against Leake Academy regrouped after losing their
in a Mississippi Association of Acker, who was selected to par- rhythm in the third quarter and when he didn’t need to provide a
doesn’t have one specific role ticipate in a football combine for big scoring punch. Even though
on the Heritage Academy boys Independent Schools (MAIS) pulled away in the fourth quar-
some of the nation’s top under- he wasn’t scoring at a high rate,
basketball team. Class AAA, District 2 game. ter.
classmen that was held in con- Huskison played at 78 RPMs ev-
Few players on coach Russ In the girls game, Leake “We lost our composure a
junction with the All-American ery minute he was on the court.
Whiteside’s team are called on Academy defeated Heritage little bit,” Whiteside said. “We He routinely dribbled through
to do only one thing, which is Academy 74-49. Bowl on Saturday in San Anto- had some things that didn’t go pressure and delivered steady
part of the reason the Patriots Huskison added eight points nio, Texas. our way (in the third quarter) play in the fourth quarter after
are off to a strong start in the and Koussih had six to help Heritage Academy, the reign- — some turnovers — and in- the Patriots committed six turn-
2018-19 season. push the Patriots to 14-2 and 2-0 ing Class AAA State champion, stead of having the mentality of overs in the third quarter and
On Friday night, Huskison in the district. The win came had stretches where it missed go play the next play, we kind of squandered a 10-point lead.
and Koussih showed again why on a night Heritage Academy Acker, its leading scorer, and let it get to us a little bit and lost See PATRIOTS, 3B


Ole Miss tops Bulldogs face
Vandy for SEC challenge
road victory against UK
By Adam Minichino
The Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Bree-
in Tyree scored a career-high 31 STARKVILLE — Vic Schae-
points, and Mississippi opened fer loves players who have fun
Southeastern Conference play by and compete every possession on
beating Vanderbilt 81-71 Satur- both ends of the floor.
day night for the Rebels’ eighth That’s proba-
straight victory. bly the reason the
Ole Miss now has Mississippi State
won four straight in women’s basketball
Memorial Gym and coach is enjoying
seven of the last the play of seniors
nine between these Jordan Danberry,
teams. First-year Jazzmun Holmes,
coach Kermit Davis and Teaira McCow-
picked up where he an so much. Dan-
left off winning his Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports
berry scored a ca-
Tyree fourth consecutive reer-high 26 points
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) rolls out in the first quarter against the
in a streak he start- Seattle Seahawks in a NFC Wild Card playoff game Saturday in Arlington, Texas. and grabbed nine
ed at Middle Tennessee. rebounds Thursday
The Rebels led 35-32 at half- in No. 7 MSU’s 93-

time and simply outshot Vander- 69 victory against
bilt in the second. They hit 57.7 Arkansas in the Holmes
percent (15 of 26) in the second Southeastern Con-
half. ference for both
Blake Hinson, Terence Davis teams.
and Devontae Shuler added 11 Prescott, Cowboys advance to NFC divisional round with win over Seahawks McCowan added 16 points and
points each for Ole Miss (11-2). 22 rebounds for the 50th dou-
Vanderbilt (9-4) snapped a By SCHUYLER DIXON ago. Dallas will play either New Orleans ble-double of her career, while
two-game winning streak after The Associated Press or the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional Holmes had 14 points, four re-
finishing its nonconference slate round next weekend. bounds, five assists (one turn-
winning four of the last five. ARLINGTON, Texas — Ezekiel El- The loss ended a run of nine straight
liott rushed for 137 yards and the go- over), and three steals to help
Freshman Simisola Shittu victories in playoff openers for the Sea- MSU improve to 13-1.
led the Commodores with a ca- ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, hawks. The Elias Sports Bureau says it See WOMEN, 6B
reer-high 21 points, and Joe Toye and the Dallas Cowboys hung on for a was the longest streak in NFL history.
added 12. 24-22 wild-card win over the Seattle Se- Dallas’ defense, ranked in the top 10 GAME 14
In a tight game with 10 ties ahawks on Saturday night. most of the season, mostly kept quarter- n No. 16 Kentucky, 4 p.m. Today
and 13 lead changes, Vanderbilt The playoff win by the Cowboys was back Russell Wilson under control and (SEC Network; WKBB-FM 100.9)
had its biggest lead at 53-47 on a the first for Elliott and quarterback Dak handed him his first loss in four wild- n INSIDE: Kentucky makes strides
3-point play by Shittu with 14:23 Prescott on their second try after losing card games. after tough finish. Page 6B
left. a divisional game as rookies two years See COWBOYS, 3B


Mauldin prepares for Next hire critical for
NWSL draft Thursday MSU soccer program
By Adam Minichino Women’s Soccer League om Anagnost and program’s (NWSL) draft. The Mis- Matt Kagan helped trip to the
sissippi State standout lead the Mississippi NCAA tour-
Carly Mauldin just hopes to hear her name State women’s soccer pro- nament.
wants a chance. gram to its highest points Although
called at some point in the
L i k e that stay
four-round draft that will in the last two seasons.
many job
kick off at 11 a.m. Thurs- In 2017, MSU won nine ended with
seekers, a 1-0 loss to
day in Chicago. The event games and was on the Anagnost
lack of ex- Lipscomb
perience will be held in conjunction cusp of returning to the
can be an with the United Soccer Southeastern Conference on Nov.
Coaches Convention. The tournament and making 9 in the first round in
obstacle Starkville, the
to over- Chicago Red Stars have the NCAA tourna-
the No. 1 pick in the draft, ment for the first program’s future
Mauldin come when looked bright
you’re try- which will select 36 play- Mississippi State Athletic Media Relations time.
Carly Mauldin earned second-team all-Southeastern In 2018, the with plenty of po-
ing to take ers.
Conference honors after her senior season at Missis- tential and talent
the next step in your “I want to always be Bulldogs again
sippi State University. in the freshman
professional career. That the best on the field and won nine games
doubt about that. I’m just in the second round. She and sophomore
hurdle also is one college the desire helped me in and nearly broke
hoping someone gives me joined Elisabeth Sullivan classes.
students/graduates face the SEC,” Mauldin said. through to secure Now, that
when they’re plotting “I’m hoping coaches in a chance.” (Portland Thorns FC, their first SEC Adam promising future
their first steps. the NWSL see my desire Last season, the Wash- 2014) as the only MSU tournament berth Minichino is a little cloudier
For Mauldin, that next to win and be my best at ington Spirit used the players selected in the since 2004. They after the news
move could come next all times. It’s challenging 16th overall pick to select NWSL draft. Sullivan was made history, Friday that Anagnost
week at the National to get in the league. No MSU’s Mallory Eubanks though, by earning the
2B Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

briefly CALENDAR Basketball Football Championship
Subdivision Playoffs
March 14-17 — The Players Championship,
TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium Course), Pon-
te Vedra Beach, Fla.
NBA Championship
March 21-24 — Valspar Championship, Innis-

Local Prep Basketball
Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
Saturday’s Game
At Toyota Stadium, Frisco, Texas
brook Resort (Copperhead), Palm Harbor, Fla.
March 27-31 — WGC-Dell Match Play, Austin
CC, Austin, Texas
Starkville High edges Center Hill on final play Tuesday’s Games Toronto 29 12 .707 —
North Dakota State 38, Eastern Washington 24 March 28-31 — Corales Puntacana Resort &
Club Championship, Puntacana Resort & Club
PONTOTOC — Starkville High survived a missed layup attempt as
time expired to take a 63-62 boys’ basketball win over Center Hill in a
Columbus at Center Hill
26 14 .650 2½
23 15 .605 4½
19 21 .475 9½
Hockey (Corales), Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
April 4-7 — Valero Texas Open, TPC San Anto-
Noxubee County at New Hope New York 10 29 .256 18 NHL nio (AT&T Oaks), San Antonio
huge Top 10 showdown at Pontotoc’s Tangle on the Trail Saturday. Southeast Division EASTERN CONFERENCE April 11-14 — Masters, Augusta National GC,
Starkville (15-1) led 40-27 at halftime Caledonia at Itawamba AHS W L Pct GB Atlantic Division Augusta, Ga.
Miami 19 18 .514 — April 18-21 — RBC Heritage, Harbour Town
For the Yellow Jackets, Zeke Cook had 18 points, while Jamarrion West Lowndes at French Camp Academy Charlotte 18 20 .474 1½
Tampa Bay 41 32 7 2 66 174 119 GL, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
Brown had 14 points. Forte Prater and Jamarvis Phillips each had eight April 25-28 — Zurich Classic, TPC Louisiana,
West Point at Saltillo Orlando
17 21 .447 2½
15 24 .385 5
Toronto 41 27 12 2 56 152 113
Avondale, La.
points. Boston 42 24 14 4 52 122 110
Hamilton at Nanih Waiya Atlanta 11 27 .289 8½ Buffalo 42 22 14 6 50 120 120 May 2-5 — Wells Fargo Championship, Quail
Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.
n Starkville High squads sweeps Northwest Rankin: At Central Division Montreal 42 22 15 5 49 131 132
Starkville, the Starkville High School basketball teams opened MHSAA Heritage Academy at Canton Academy W L Pct GB Florida 40 17 16 7 41 130 142 May 9-12 — AT&T Byron Nelson, Trinity Forest
Milwaukee 27 11 .711 — Detroit 43 16 20 7 39 122 148 GC, Dallas
Class 6A, Region 3 play with a home doubleheader sweep of Northwest Oak Hill Academy at Carroll Academy Indiana 26 12 .684 1 Ottawa 42 15 22 5 35 132 167 May 16-19 — PGA Championship, Bethpage
Detroit 17 20 .459 9½ Metropolitan Division State Park (Black), Farmingdale, N.Y.
Rankin Friday night. Columbus Christian at Hebron Christian Chicago 10 29 .256 17½ GP W L OT Pts GF GA May 23-26 — Charles Schwab Challenge, Co-
The Starkville boys scored the game’s first 17 points before settling Thursday’s Games Cleveland 8 32 .200 20 Washington 40 24 12 4 52 141 119 lonial CC, Fort Worth, Texas
WESTERN CONFERENCE Pittsburgh 41 23 12 6 52 144 117 May 30-June 2 — Memorial, Muirfield Village
for a 70-51 victory. GC, Dublin, Ohio
Smithville at Hamilton Southwest Division Columbus 41 24 14 3 51 135 126
For the Yellow Jackets (14-1, 1-0), Atavius Jones had 19 points, W L Pct GB N.Y. Islanders 40 23 13 4 50 121 107 June 6-9 — RBC Canadian Open, Hamilton
while Zeke Cook had 15 points and Tyler Talley had 14 points. Heritage Academy at Winston Academy Houston 22 15 .595 — Carolina 40 18 17 5 41 103 114 Golf & CC, Hamilton, Ontario
June 13-16 — US Open, Pebble Beach GL,
San Antonio 23 17 .575 ½ N.Y. Rangers 40 17 16 7 41 114 136
In the opener, the Starkville High girls moved to 10-3 and 1-0 with Starkville Academy at Hebron Christian Memphis 18 21 .462 5 New Jersey 40 16 17 7 39 120 134 Pebble Beach, Calif.
Dallas 18 21 .462 5 Philadelphia 41 15 20 6 36 116 148 June 20-23 — Travelers Championship, TPC
a 56-29 victory. Central Holmes Academy at Columbus Christian New Orleans 18 22 .450 5½ WESTERN CONFERENCE River Highlands, Cromwell, Conn.
Amya Ford paced the Lady Jackets with 21 points. Jalisa Outlaw Friday’s Games Northwest Division Central Division June 27-30 — Rocket Mortage Classic, Detroit
W L Pct GB GP W L OT Pts GF GA GC, Detroit
added 13 points, while Amaria Strong had 12 points. July 4-7 — 3M Open, TPC Twin Cities, Blaine,
n Columbus squads sweep South Panola: At Batesville, the Oxford at Columbus Denver
Oklahoma City
26 11 .703 —
25 13 .658 1½
43 25 15 3 53 131 109
40 25 13 2 52 134 115 Minn.
Kosciusko at New Hope Portland 22 17 .564 5 Dallas 42 22 16 4 48 115 111 July 11-14 — John Deere Classic, TPC Deere
Columbus High School basketball teams opened MHSAA Class 6A, Utah 20 20 .500 7½ Colorado 42 20 14 8 48 144 129 Run, Silvis, Ill.
Region 2 play with a road sweep of South Panola Friday night. Caledonia at Houston Minnesota 18 21 .462 9 Minnesota 40 20 17 3 43 118 114 July 18-21 — British Open, Royal Portrush GC,
Portrush, Northern Ireland
Pacific Division Chicago 43 15 21 7 37 123 156
The Columbus boys (6-10, 1-0) took a 43-33 victory. Tijah McCrary Noxapater at West Lowndes W L Pct GB St. Louis 39 16 19 4 36 110 129 July 18-21 — Barbasol Championship, Keene
had 20 points for the Falcons, while Jerome Sherrod added 11 points. Golden State 25 14 .641 — Pacific Division Trace GC (Champions Trace), Nicholasville, Ky.
Starkville High at Murrah L.A. Clippers 22 16 .579 2½ GP W L OT Pts GF GA July 25-28 — WGC-FedEx Invitational, TPC
In the opener, the Columbus girls took a 65-37 victory. L.A. Lakers 21 18 .538 4 Calgary 43 26 13 4 56 153 123 Southwind, Memphis, Tenn.
For the Lady Falcons (13-1, 1-0), Hannah White had 24 points, Louisville at Noxubee County Sacramento 19 19 .500 5½ Vegas 44 25 15 4 54 133 117 July 25-28 — Reno-Tahoe Tournament, Mon-
treaux Golf & CC, Reno, Nev.
while Aniya Saddler had 16 points. South Pontotoc at Aberdeen Phoenix 9 31 .225 16½ San Jose
42 22 13 7 51 145 133
42 19 16 7 45 104 123 Aug. 1-4 — Wyndham Championship, Sedge-
n New Hope squads sweep Pickens County: At Columbus, the Hartfield School at Heritage Academy Friday’s Games Vancouver 45 20 21 4 44 128 143 field CC, Greensboro, N.C.
Utah 117, Cleveland 91 Edmonton 40 19 18 3 41 114 127 Aug. 8-11 — The Northern Trust, Liberty Na-
New Hope High School basketball teams swept a pair of games from Winona Christian at Oak Hill Academy Boston 114, Dallas 93 Arizona 41 17 21 3 37 103 118 tional GC, Jersey City, N.J.
Pickens County Friday night at home. Brooklyn 109, Memphis 100 Los Angeles 42 16 23 3 35 94 127 Aug. 15-18 — BMW Championship, Medina CC
The New Hope boys (7-8) won their third straight with a 60-44 Canton Academy at Starkville Academy Indiana 119, Chicago 116, OT (No. 3), Medinah, Ill.
Miami 115, Washington 109 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for Aug. 22-25 — Tour Championship, East Lake
victory. Krash Pascasio had 16 points for the Trojans, while RL Mattix Columbus Christian at Kemper Academy Minnesota 120, Orlando 103 overtime loss. Top three teams in each division GC, Atlanta
Milwaukee 144, Atlanta 112 and two wild cards per conference advance to
had 13 points, Caleb Parr had 12 points and LJ Hackman had 11 points. Saturday’s Games
In the opener, the New Hope girls (6-8) recorded a 50-14 victory. Columbus at New Hope
L.A. Clippers 121, Phoenix 111
New York 119, L.A. Lakers 112
Oklahoma City 111, Portland 109 Friday’s Games
Imoni Harris had 13 points and Anna Prince had nine points for the
West Point at Okolona Saturday’s Games Pittsburgh 4, Winnipeg 0 Saturday’s Moves
Lady Trojans. Denver 123, Charlotte 110 Detroit 4, Nashville 3, OT BASEBALL
n Caledonia drops contests to Tishomingo County: At Prep Soccer Utah 110, Detroit 105
Philadelphia 106, Dallas 100
Carolina 4, Columbus 2
Dallas 2, Washington 1, OT
National League
Memphis, Tennessee, the Caledonia High School basketball teams fell Monday’s Match New Orleans 133, Cleveland 98 New Jersey 3, Arizona 2, SO Broxton to the N.Y. Mets for RHPs Bobby Wahl
San Antonio 108, Memphis 88 Colorado 6, N.Y. Rangers 1 and Adam Hill and INF Felix Valerio.
to Tishomingo County twice Friday night at FedEx Forum, home of the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Assigned RHP
Columbus Christian at Delta Streets, 4 p.m. Toronto 123, Milwaukee 116 Vegas 3, Anaheim 2
Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association. Golden State at Sacramento, late Saturday’s Games Ryan Meisinger outright to Memphis (PCL).
The Caledonia boys (12-3) dropped a 57-44 decision. For the Tuesday’s Matches Houston at Portland, late Calgary 3, Philadelphia 2, OT HOCKEY
National Hockey League
Today’s Games Minnesota 4, Ottawa 3
Confederates, Romeo Sanders had 18 points, while Tyrin Johnson had Saltillo at Starkville High, 5 p.m. Brooklyn at Chicago, 2:30 p.m. Columbus 4, Florida 3, OT ST. LOUIS BLUES — Assigned G Evan Fitzpat-
L.A. Lakers at Minnesota, 2:30 p.m. Toronto 5, Vancouver 0 rick to San Antonio (AHL). Recalled G Jordan
12 points. West Point at Caledonia, 5 p.m. Orlando at L.A. Clippers, 2:30 p.m. Nashville 4, Montreal 1 Binnington from San Antonio. Released G Ben
In the girls’ game, Tishomingo County won, 50-14. Pontotoc at New Hope, 5 p.m. Miami at Atlanta, 5 p.m. Boston 2, Buffalo 1 Halford from a professional tryout agreement.
Washington at Oklahoma City, 6 p.m. N.Y. Islanders 4, St. Louis 3 American Hockey League
n Starkville Academy drops district pair to Winston Acade- HARTFORD WOLF PACK — Returned F Drew
my: At Starkville, the Starkville Academy basketball teams dropped a MSMS at Louisville, 5:30 p.m. Indiana at Toronto, 6:30 p.m.
Charlotte at Phoenix, 7 p.m.
Edmonton at Los Angeles, late
Tampa Bay at San Jose, late Melanson to Maine (ECHL).
Thursday’s Matches Monday’s Games Today’s Games COLLEGE
pair of MAIS Class AAA, District 2 games to Winston Academy at home San Antonio at Detroit, 6 p.m. Carolina at Ottawa, Noon WEST VIRGINIA — Named Neal Brown
Friday night. Starkville Academy at Columbus Christian, 5 p.m. Brooklyn at Boston, 6:30 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Arizona, 3 p.m. football coach and signed him to a six-year
In the girls’ contest, the Lady Volunteers overcame an early 10-2 Denver at Houston, 7 p.m. New Jersey at Vegas, 3 p.m.
Winona at MSMS, 5:30 p.m. Memphis at New Orleans, 7 p.m. Washington at Detroit, 4 p.m.
deficit before fallng 36-33. Utah at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. Dallas at Winnipeg, 4 p.m. Friday’s Moves
Friday’s Matches L.A. Lakers at Dallas, 7:30 p.m. Edmonton at Anaheim, 7 p.m. BASEBALL
For Starkville Academy (13-7, 1-2), Lillee Alpe had 21 points. New York at Portland, 9 p.m. Chicago at Pittsburgh, 7 p.m. American League
In the second contest, the Starkville Academy boys dropped a Caledonia at Louisville, 5 p.m. Orlando at Sacramento, 9 p.m. Monday’s Games BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Claimed RHP Austin
70-47 decision. New Hope at Kosciusko, 5 p.m. Tuesday’s Games
Indiana at Cleveland, 6 p.m.
Nashville at Toronto, 6 p.m.
St. Louis at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
Brice off waivers from the Los Angeles Angels.
Designated INF Breyvic Valera for assignment.
For the Volunteers (7-10, 0-3), Jawon Yarbrough had 20 points, Madison Central at Starkville High, 5:30 p.m. Washington at Philadelphia, 6 p.m. Minnesota at Montreal, 6:30 p.m. KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Signed RHP Kyle
while Logan Roach added 10 points. Atlanta at Toronto, 6:30 p.m. Calgary at Chicago, 7:30 p.m. Zimmer to a one-year contract. Designated INF
Saturday’s Matches Denver at Miami, 6:30 p.m. Los Angeles at San Jose, 9:30 p.m. Cheslor Cuthbert for assignment.
n Heritage Academy sweeps Saturday pair: At Indianola, Minnesota at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. Tuesday’s Games NEW YORK YANKEES — Agreed to terms with
Heritage Academy grabbed a pair of basketball road wins at Indianola Itawamba AHS at New Hope, Noon Sacramento at Phoenix, 8 p.m. Minnesota at Boston, 6 p.m. SS Troy Tulowitzki on a one-year contract. Des-
Charlotte at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m. Carolina vs. N.Y. Islanders at Nassau Veterans ignated RHP A.J. Cole for assignment
Academy Saturday. Heritage Academy at St. Joseph Tournament New York at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Memorial Coliseum, 6 p.m. TAMPA BAY RAYS — Acquired RHP Oliver
The Patriots won 47-30, while the Lady Patriots won 43-37.
Jared Long had 14 for the Heritage Academy boys (15-2).
Men’s College Basketball Football
Florida at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m.
New Jersey at Buffalo, 6 p.m.
Philadelphia at Washington, 6:30 p.m.
Drake from the Toronto for $70,000. Designat-
ed RHP Jaime Schultz for assignment.
TEXAS RANGERS — Claimed RHP Luke Far-
Tuesday’s Games Columbus at Tampa Bay, 6:30 p.m. rell off waivers from the Los Angeles Angels.
NFL Playoffs Montreal at Detroit, 6:30 p.m. Agreed to terms with RHPs Adrian Sampson
Mississippi State at South Carolina, 8 p.m.
Alabama Alabama at LSU, 8 p.m.
Wild-card Playoffs
Saturday, Jan. 5
Indianapolis 21, Houston 7
Dallas at St. Louis, 7 p.m.
Colorado at Winnipeg, 7 p.m.
N.Y. Rangers at Vegas, 9 p.m.
and Rafael Montero on minor league contracts.
National League
MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Agreed to terms
Gymnastics opens with quad meet win at home Wednesday’s Game Dallas 24, Seattle 22
Sunday, Jan. 6
Edmonton at San Jose, 9:30 p.m. with INF/OF Cory Spangenberg on a one-year
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The No. 6-ranked Alabama gymnastics Auburn at Ole Miss, 6 p.m. L.A. Chargers at Baltimore, 12:05 p.m. (CBS) PGA Tour PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Agreed to terms
team posted a 194.750 to win its season opening quad meet over
Thursday’s Games
Philadelphia at Chicago, 3:40 p.m. (NBC) Tournament of Champions with RHP Roberto Gomez, LHP Tyler Lyons,
C Steven Baron and OF Patrick Kivlehan on
Northern Illinois (193.325), Temple (191.925) and Southeast Missouri Divisional Playoffs
minor league contracts.
At Plantation Course at Kapalua
State (187.800) in front of 8,449 fans Friday night in Coleman Coliseum. Campbellsville University Somerset at Mississip- Saturday, Jan. 12 Kapalua, Hawaii FOOTBALL
Indianapolis at Kansas City, 3:35 p.m. (NBC) National Football League
“I think that among some challenges, some falls, some very pi University for Women, 6 p.m. Chicago/Dallas at L.A. Rams, 7:15 p.m. (FOX)
Purse: $6.5 million
Yardage: 7,518; Par 73 NFL — Named Jon Schwartz senior vice presi-
uncharacteristic things that we certainly haven’t seen in practice, what Middle Tennessee at Southern Miss, 7 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 13 Third Round dent of communications and public affairs.
Houston/Baltimore/Los Angeles Chargers at CHICAGO BEARS — Signed LB Jameer Thur-
I saw tonight was an unbelievable team of potential,” UA head coach Gary Woodland 67-67-68—202
Saturday’s Games New England, 12:05 p.m. (CBS) Rory McIlroy 69-68-68—205 man to a reserve/future contract.
Dana Duckworth said. “I see a team of greatness and I cannot wait for Dallas/Philadelphia at New Orleans, 3:40 p.m. Marc Leishman 68-70-68—206 PITTSBURGH STEELERS — Announced the
them to get back out here next week and learn from what we did today.” Ole Miss at Mississippi State, Noon (FOX) Xander Schauffele 72-67-68—207 contract of outside linebackers coach Joey
Bryson DeChambeau 69-68-70—207 Porter will not be renewed.
The Crimson Tide is now 62-11-1 since 1979 in season openers Texas A&M at Alabama, 2:30 p.m. Conference Championships Justin Thomas 67-72-70—209 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — Signed DL
Sunday, Jan. 20 Kapron Lewis-Moore to a reserve/future con-
and 52-2-1 in home openers over that same span. UAB at Southern Miss, 4 p.m. NFC
Kevin Tway 66-71-72—209
Dustin Johnson 67-74-69—210
Alabama won all five individual events, with sophomore Lexi Gra- Sunday’s Game
TBD, 2:05 p.m. (FOX) Jon Rahm 70-71-69—210 Canadian Football League
ber taking top honors in the all-around (39.125), balance beam and floor TBD, 5:40 p.m. (CBS)
Patton Kizzire 69-71-71—211
exercise. Freshmen Shallon Olsen and Emily Gaskins opened their Mississippi University for Women at Campbells- Paul Casey 73-71-68—212 D’haquille Williams.
Andrew Putnam 69-73-70—212
collegiate careers with wins on the vault and uneven bars, respectively. ville University Somerset, 2 p.m. Pro Bowl
Sunday, Jan. 27
Troy Merritt 73-71-69—213 John Rush to a two-year contract extension.
Charles Howell III 74-70-69—213 Signed DB Eric Patterson.
Alabama got off to a solid start on the vault, posting a 49.075 led by
Olsen’s 9.875 and a 9.850 from senior Abby Armbrecht. Gaskins posted
Women’s College Basketball At Orlando, Florida
AFC vs. NFC, 2 p.m. (ABC/ESPN)
Ian Poulter
Cameron Champ
National Hockey League
a 9.875 and senior Ariana Guerra scored a 9.850 to pace the Tide to a Today’s Games Super Bowl
Webb Simpson 70-72-72—214 CAROLINA HURRICANES — Recalled F Greg
McKegg from Charlotte (AHL). Placed F Jordan
Andrew Landry 69-75-71—215
49.100 on the uneven bars. Alabama at South Carolina, 11 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 3
At Atlanta
Brandt Snedeker 75-69-71—215 Staal on injured reserve.
Jason Day 69-71-75—215 ECHL
The Tide ran into trouble on the balance beam, scoring a 47.700 Arkansas at Ole Miss, 2 p.m. AFC champion vs. NFC champion, 5:30 p.m.
Scott Piercy 76-72-69—217 ECHL — Suspended Greenville’s Travis Howe
after a trio of mistakes in the middle of the lineup. Armbrecht and Graber Matt Kuchar 72-73-72—217 18 games for his actions in a Dec. 29 game
Kentucky at Mississippi State, 4 p.m. against Florida. Suspended Wichita’s Jakob
then closed the rotation with scores of 9.725 and 9.750, respectively. NFL Injury Report Patrick Reed
Francesco Molinari
73-71-73—217 Stukel two games and fined him an undisclosed
Thursday’s Games Today’s Games amount for his actions in a Jan. 2 game at Utah.
“Even after we had uncharacteristic falls on the balance beam LOS ANGELES CHARGERS at
Billy Horschel 72-75-71—218
Suspended Toledo’s Connor Schmidt two
Abby and Lexi came back strong,” Duckworth said. Southern Miss at Middle Tennessee, 6:30 p.m. BALTIMORE RAVENS: CHARGERS: DNP:
Keegan Bradley
Aaron Wise
74-71-73—218 games and fined him an undisclosed amount
LB Jatavis Brown (ankle), DT Brandon Mebane
Graber and Guerra led the way on the floor exercise, scoring a LSU at Ole Miss, 7 p.m. (not injury related). LIMITED: RB Austin Ekeler Brice Garnett 73-72-73—218 for his actions in a Jan. 3 game at Wheeling.
Ted Potter, Jr. 75-73-71—219
9.825 and 9.800, respectively, to push Alabama to a 48.875 team total. Auburn at Alabama, 7 p.m. (groin). FULL: S Jahleel Addae (shoulder), G
Brooks Koepka 76-70-73—219 Major League Soccer
Dan Feeney (knee), RB Melvin Gordon (ankle), COLUMBUS CREW — Named Tim Bezbatch-
Bubba Watson 70-79-74—223
Georgia at Mississippi State, 8 p.m. T Sam Tevi (groin). RAVENS: DNP: G Marshal
Michael Kim 71-72-80—223 enko president and Caleb Porter coach.
Southern Mississippi Saturday’s Games
Yanda (not injury related), CB Tavon Young
(groin). FULL: G Alex Lewis (shoulder), WR
Chris Moore (shoulder). PGA Tour Schedule
GEORGIA — WR Riley Ridley and TE Isaac
Nauta will enter the NFL draft.
Southern Miss at UAB, 2 p.m. Jan. 10-13 — Sony Open, Waialae CC, Ho-
Basketball squads fall to North Texas in Conference USA PHILADELPHIA EAGLES at CHICAGO nolulu LOUISVILLE — Named Cort Dennison co-de-
DENTON, Texas — Michael Miller had 10 points, including the Mississippi University for Women at Wesleyan BEARS: EAGLES: DNP: LB D.J. Alexander Jan. 17-20 — Desert Challenge, PGA West
(Stadium Course, Nicklaus Tournament
fensive coordinator and outside linebackers
coach; Stephen Field recruiting director; Chad
(hamstring), DE Michael Bennett (foot), CB
go-ahead layup with 15 seconds left, and eight rebounds to help North College, 3 p.m. Sidney Jones (hamstring), QB Carson Wentz Course) and La Quinta CC, La Quinta, Calif. Scott running backs coach.
Texas beat Southern Mississippi 65-62 on Saturday night. (back). LIMITED: DT Fletcher Cox (knee), QB Jan. 24-27 — Farmers Insurance Open, Torrey MARTIN METHODIST — Named Amleto Mo-
Next Sunday’s Games Nick Foles (ribs), C Jason Kelce (knee), T Jason Pines GC (North and South), San Diego nacelli men’s and women’s assistant bowling
The Mean Green (15-1, 3-0 Conference USA), whose only loss Peters (quadricep), G Isaac Seumalo (chest), Jan. 31-Feb. 3 — Waste Management Phoenix coach.
came at Oklahoma, have won seven in a row and are off to the best Ole Miss at Kentucky, Noon WR Mike Wallace (ankle). BEARS: DNP: S Ed- Open, TPC Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Ariz. MEMPHIS — Named Kevin Johns offensive
Feb. 7-10 — AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Peb- coordinator and quarterbacks coach.
start in program history. Alabama at Texas A&M, 1 p.m. die Jackson (ankle), LB Aaron Lynch (elbow).
FULL: WR Taylor Gabriel (ribs), G Kyle Long ble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Monterey Peninsula OHIO STATE — C Michael Jordan will enter
Cortez Edwards scored five points during an 11-2 run, including a
jumper that capped the spurt with 3:22 left and gave the Golden Eagles
College Gymnastics (ankle), WR Anthony Miller (shoulder), WR Al-
len Robinson (ribs).
(Shore Course), Pebble Beach, Calif.
Feb. 14-17 — Genesis Open, Riviera CC, Los
the NFL draft.
OKLAHOMA — Named Alex Grinch defensive
a 62-61 lead — their first since 23-21. Neither team scored again— as Friday’s Meet College Bowl Schedule Feb. 21-24 — WGC-Mexico Championship, PENN STATE — Suspended basketball coach
Monday’s Game Chapultepec GC, Mexico City Patrick Chambers for one game for shoving a
they combined to go 0 for 4 from the field with four turnovers — until Alabama hosts Michigan, Denver, Bowling Green College Football Championship Feb. 21-24 — Puerto Rico Open, Coco Beach player during a loss at Michigan.
Golf & CC, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico PITTSBURGH — Fired offensive coordinator
Miller made a layup to give UNT a one-point lead with 15 seconds left. State At Santa Clara, California
Alabama (14-0) vs. Clemson (14-0), 7 p.m. Feb. 28-March 3 — Honda Classic, PGA Na- Shawn Watson and wide receivers coach Kevin
Tyree Griffin missed a layup on the other end and Umoja Gibson hit two
free throws to cap the scoring with 2.6 seconds to go. Leonard Harp- College Rifle (ESPN) tional (Champions), Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
March 7-10 — Arnold Palmer Invitational, Bay
STANFORD — WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside will
Hill Golf & Lodge, Orlando, Fla. enter the NFL draft.
er-Baker missed a potential tying runner from half court as time expired. Saturday’s Meet
Edwards scored 24 points and Griffin had a career-high seven Ole Miss vs. Alaska-Fairbanks/Ohio State (Co-
steals for Southern Miss (8-7, 0-3), which has lost three in a row and five
of its last six.
lumbus, Ohio)
Sunday’s Meet
on the air
n Women’s team falls at home: At Hattiesburg, the Lady Eagles
of Southern Miss fell 62-48 to North Texas on Saturday afternoon in Ole Miss vs. Akron (Columbus, Ohio)
Reed Green Coliseum. College Swimming & Diving Today COLLEGE WRESTLING
Southern Miss (8-7, 0-2) had shining moments in its matchup with COLLEGE BASKETBALL 5 p.m. — North Carolina State at Ohio
Saturday’s Meet
North Texas (9-5, 2-0), but ultimately fell to the Mean Green after shots
11 a.m. — Xavier at Marquette, WLOV State, ESPN2
just wouldn’t drop for the Lady Eagles. Alabama hosts Miami men/Florida State women
11 a.m. — Richmond at Dayton, NBC GOLF
USM kept up with the Mean Green for the majority of the game,
posting double digit points in three out of four quarters, but UNT had the
Men’s College Tennis Sports Network 1:30 p.m. — PGA Tour, Sentry Tourna-
Thursday’s Matches ment of Champions, final round, Maui,
momentum to propel themselves past Southern Miss in the end. Four Noon — Seton Hall at DePaul, FS1
different players on the Lady Eagle squad had 3-pointers. Mississippi State at Arizona State Invite Hawaii, WTVA
1 p.m. — George Washington at St.
True freshman Daishai Almond led the team with 13 points. Friday’s Matches 5 p.m. — PGA Tour, Sentry Tourna-
Joseph’s, NBC Sports Network
Mississippi State at Arizona State Invite ment of Champions, final round, Maui,
3 p.m. — Temple at Wichita State,
Junior Colleges Ole Miss at the Hidden Dual (Miami, Florida)
ESPNews Hawaii, TGC
Saturday’s Matches
EMCC basketball squads split at Meridian C.C. 3 p.m. — Rhode Island at St. Louis, LUGE
MERIDIAN – In their first basketball action of the new calendar Mississippi State at Arizona State Invite 5 p.m. — Men’s singles, Germany,
Ole Miss at the Hidden Dual (Miami, Florida) ESPNU
year following the holiday break, the Lions of East Mississippi Commu- NBC Sports Network
nity College used a 16-0 run early in the second half to break open a Sunday’s Matches 3 p.m. — St. Bonaventure at George
Mason, NBC Sports Network NBA
close contest en route to posting an 80-68 road victory over rival Me- Ole Miss at the Hidden Dual (Miami, Florida)
ridian Community College Thursday evening at Graham Gymnasium. 5 p.m. — Memphis at Houston, Noon — G League, Capital City at
In women’s action, the Meridian Lady Eagles claimed a 70-51 triumph Women’s College Tennis ESPNews Westchester, NBA TV
over the visiting EMCC Lady Lions. Saturday’s Matches 5 p.m. — Atlanta at Miami, Fox Sports
The men’s nightcap featured five lead changes and a pair of ties 5 p.m. — Miami at Louisville, ESPNU
Ole Miss at NCTC Invitational (Palm Springs, 6:30 p.m. — Wisconsin at Penn State, Southeast
during the opening 14 minutes of play before the teams traded runs at
the end of the first half. A 9-0 spurt by EMCC pushed a one-point lead California) Big Ten Network 6:30 p.m. — Indiana at Toronto, NBA TV
to double figures (29-19), but the Eagles responded by scoring the last Sunday’s Matches 7 p.m. — Stanford at USC, ESPNU NHL
seven points over the final minute of the half to cut their deficit to three Ole Miss at NCTC Invitational (Palm Springs, 4 p.m. — Washington at Detroit, NHL
points (29-26) by the intermission. WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL
California) Network
After the teams then traded 3-pointers and a pair of made free 11 a.m. — Connecticut at Houston,
throws during the early moments of the second stanza, a tip-in basket College Track and Field CBS Sports Network
7 p.m. — Chicago at Pittsburgh, NBC
by EMCC’s Dewayne Cox and a three-point play by fellow sophomore Friday’s Meet Sports Network
11 a.m. — SMU at Cincinnati, ESPN2
guard Terryonte Thomas ignited a game-changing run of 16 unan- Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern RUGBY
swered points scored by the Lions. A narrow 34-31 lead two minutes 11 a.m. — Alabama at South Carolina, 9 a.m. — Premiership: Wasps vs.
Miss at UAB Blazer Invite (Birmingham, Alabama) ESPNU
into the half quickly grew to 19 points (50-31) for the visitors during a Northampton, NBC Sports Network
three-minute stretch that was capped by Robert Davis Jr.’s banked Saturday’s Meet
Noon — St. John’s at Butler, FS2
3-pointer at the 15:09 mark. Mississippi State at UAB Blazer Invite (Birming-
Noon — Auburn at Florida, SEC Net-
The visitors maintained their twin-digit lead for a majority of the ham, Alabama) COLLEGE FOOTBALL
second half until Meridian’s Kylan Hamilton drilled a trio of treys to make work
it a seven-point contest (71-64) with three minutes still left to play. The Junior College Basketball 1 p.m. — Georgetown at Creighton,
7 p.m. — College Football Playoff
Lions weathered MCC’s late rally to pull away with the 12-point road Tuesday’s Games National Championship: Clemson vs.
CBS Sports Network Alabama, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and
victory to improve to 7-4 on the year and extend their current winning Women: East Central at EMCC, 5:30 p.m.
streak to four consecutive games. The triumph also kept fourth-year 1 p.m. — Missouri at Texas, ESPN2 ESPNews
Men: East Central at EMCC, 7:30 p.m.
EMCC head coach Billy Begley unbeaten (8-0) against Meridian during 1 p.m. — TCU at Oklahoma State, NBA
his head coaching career. The East Mississippi men are 20-2 against Women: Baton Rouge at Itawamba, 5:30 p.m.
ESPNU 7 p.m. — Memphis at New Orleans,
the Eagles dating back to the 2007-08 campaign. Men: Baton Rouge at Itawamba, 7:30 p.m.
2 p.m. — Arkansas at Ole Miss, SEC Fox Sports Southeast
Cox paced all scorers with a season-high 22 points on 8-of-11 Thursday’s Games
shooting from the field and 5-of-5 from the charity stripe. The Ripley Women: Northeast at Itawamba, 5:30 p.m. Network NHL
product also tied for team rebounding honors with eight, including five 3 p.m. — Texas at West Virginia, 6 p.m. — St. Louis at Philadelphia,
Men: Northeast at Itawamba, 7:30 p.m.
offensive boards, and had three steals. Davis, out of Clinton, finished ESPN2
Women: EMCC at Holmes, 6 p.m. NHL Network
with a career-high 21 points on the strength of 4-of-5 accuracy from
beyond the three-point arc. Thomas and Darrious Agnew followed with Men: EMCC at Holmes, 8 p.m. 4 p.m. — Kentucky at Mississippi 9:30 p.m. — Los Angeles at San Jose,
14 and 10 points, respectively, for the winners. State, SEC Network NHL Network
—From Special, Staff and Wire Reports
The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 3B

Wilson 0-1, Osorio 1-2). Assists—Iowa St. 21
ton 0-2 0-0 0, Daniel 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 25-55 South Florida 63, Temple 53
Alabama 77,
Saturday’s Men’s No. 13 Kentucky 75
7-15 62.
NORTH TEXAS (15-1): Z.Simmons 3-4
2-2 8, Duffy 4-7 0-2 11, Woolridge 3-9 2-2 9,
St. Francis (Pa.) 75, Fairleigh Dickinson 64
St. Francis Brooklyn 76, Wagner 61
Stony Brook 76, Mass.-Lowell 56
(Middleton 7), Kansas 17 (Lyons 6). Fouled
Out—Kansas Washington. Rebounds—Iowa
St. 34 (Wise 6), Kansas 35 (Richardson 8).
Men’s College Basketball
KENTUCKY (10-3): Travis 6-13 0-1 12,
College Scores Washington 4-10 7-8 15, K.Johnson 5-10 2-2 Smart 4-12 2-4 11, Miller 4-9 0-0 10, Arikawe
2-5 1-2 5, J.Simmons 0-0 1-2 1, Gibson 3-5
Vermont 52, Albany (NY) 39
Total Fouls—Iowa St. 9, Kansas 16.A—2,790. Alabama hangs on to complete upset of No. 13 Kentucky
EAST 13, Hagans 5-10 2-2 12, Herro 4-12 2-2 12,
Montgomery 1-4 0-0 2, Richards 0-1 1-2 1, 3-4 10, Draper 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 23-52 11-18 Alabama A&M 58, Jackson St. 55 No. 4 Maryland 75, TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — This time, Alabama held on.
Army 77, Lafayette 69
Binghamton 69, New Hampshire 58 Quickley 3-5 0-0 8, Baker 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 65.
Halftime—North Texas 36-30. 3-Point
Alcorn St. 53, Texas Southern 52
Austin Peay 81, Morehead St. 80
Ohio State 69 The Crimson Tide are rolling.
28-65 14-17 75. OHIO ST. (4-8): Juhasz 8-12 1-2 18,
Boston U. 87, Bucknell 80
ALABAMA (10-3): Hall 5-7 1-3 11, Goals—Southern Miss. 5-11 (Draine 4-8, Bethune-Cookman 67, NC Central 50 Waterman 5-7 2-3 12, Crooms 4-9 2-2 10, Tevin Mack made six first-half 3-pointers on his way to 22 points,
Canisius 70, Siena 66 Edwards 1-2, Griffin 0-1), North Texas 8-24 Campbell 51, Presbyterian 46
Delaware 77, Elon 65 Jones 4-4 2-2 10, Ingram 2-7 6-6 11, Lewis
(Duffy 3-6, Miller 2-4, Gibson 1-2, Woolridge Florida Gulf Coast 68, Liberty 50
Grande 1-6 0-0 3, Santoro 3-10 4-4 12, Patty and Alabama held off No. 13 Kentucky 77-75 on Saturday in the South-
4-14 2-2 12, Mack 8-12 0-0 22, Smith 0-1 0-0 1-3 1-2 3, Caretti 0-0 0-0 0, Miller 3-6 0-0 9,
Fairleigh Dickinson 79, St. Francis (Pa.) 61
0, Reese 2-6 0-0 5, Petty 2-5 2-4 6, A.John- 1-3, Smart 1-8, Draper 0-1). Fouled Out— Grambling St. 80, Alabama St. 72 Queenland 1-3 0-0 2, Totals 26-56 10-13 69. eastern Conference opener for both teams.
Hofstra 75, Northeastern 72 None. Rebounds—Southern Miss. 26 (Ed- Green Bay 81, N. Kentucky 61
Iona 94, Fairfield 87 son 0-1 0-0 0, Norris 0-2 0-0 0. Totals 27-59
wards 7), North Texas 35 (Miller 8). Assists— Hampton 74, Charleston Southern 66
MARYLAND (13-1): Austin 0-6 0-2 0, Dazon Ingram scored all 11 of his points after halftime, including
13-17 77. Jones 7-11 2-2 16, Charles 7-15 10-11 24,
LIU Brooklyn 79, Bryant 70
Halftime—Kentucky 40-38. 3-Point Southern Miss. 8 (Griffin 4), North Texas 10 High Point 87, SC-Upstate 61 Mikesell 4-11 3-4 13, Watson 3-8 0-0 7, Fras- some key free throws in the Crimson Tide’s fifth consecutive win. The
La Salle 69, UMass 60 (Woolridge 5). Total Fouls—Southern Miss. Howard 74, Florida A&M 68
Manhattan 90, Niagara 80 Goals—Kentucky 5-18 (Quickley 2-4, Herro
15, North Texas 13. A—3,267 (10,500). Jacksonville 62, Lipscomb 47
er 3-7 1-2 7, Lewis 0-4 5-5 5, Myers 1-1 0-0 3, Wildcats gave them a big scare in the final seconds after surging back
2-6, K.Johnson 1-3, Travis 0-2, Washington Totals 25-63 21-26 75.
Maryland 77, Rutgers 63 Jacksonville St. 62, Tennessee St. 52 from 11 points down.
Monmouth (NJ) 61, St. Peter’s 44 0-3), Alabama 10-23 (Mack 6-8, Lewis 2-6,
Reese 1-2, Ingram 1-2, Norris 0-2, Petty 0-3).
Friday’s Men’s Marshall 63, Charlotte 62
Ohio St.
19 17 22 11 —69
20 23 14 18 —75 Alabama’s win streak began after it lost 83-80 to Georgia State on
NJIT 72, Kennesaw St. 52
North Carolina 85, Pittsburgh 60
Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Kentucky College Scores Maryland 75, Ohio St. 69
Md.-Eastern Shore 73, Morgan St. 68
3-Point Goals—Ohio St. 7-20 (Juhasz
a game-ending 3. It looked as if the Tide might be headed for another
31 (Washington, K.Johnson 7), Alabama 39 EAST 1-3, Waterman 0-1, Grande 1-4, Santoro
Princeton 68, Penn 65, OT Middle Tennessee 74, FAU 55
Rider 72, Quinnipiac 67
(Hall 10). Assists—Kentucky 14 (Hagans 6), Cornell 76, Johnson & Wales (RI) 61
Murray St. 81, E. Kentucky 63
2-5, Patty 0-1, Miller 3-5, Queenland 0-1), tough ending, but this time the result went their way.
Alabama 14 (Jones 6). Total Fouls—Kentucky SOUTH Maryland 4-13 (Mikesell 2-5, Watson 1-5,
Robert Morris 62, Mount St. Mary’s 59 15, Alabama 16. A—12,424 (15,383). SMU 74, Tulane 65
NC A&T 58, SC State 44 Lewis 0-2, Myers 1-1). Assists—Ohio St. 11 “That would have hurt,” Mack said. “To play our heart out the whole
Sacred Heart 73, CCSU 61 Nicholls 86, Incarnate Word 62 (Crooms 4), Maryland 16 (Lewis 7).A—6,731. game and end up with nothing, it would have hurt. I’m glad we were able
St. Francis Brooklyn 66, Wagner 59 No. 3 Tennessee 96, MIDWEST Norfolk St. 63, Delaware St. 50
St. John’s 97, Georgetown 94, OT
Georgia 50
Ball St. 79, Toledo 64
Buffalo 74, E. Michigan 58
North Alabama 70, North Florida 64 Friday’s Women’s to get out of there with a win.”
Stony Brook 75, Mass.-Lowell 63
UCF 65, UConn 53 GEORGIA (8-5): Ogbeide 6-9 5-7 17, IUPUI 66, Ill.-Chicago 64
North Texas 62, Southern Miss. 48
Northwestern St. 82, McNeese St. 63 College Scores Alabama coach Avery Johnson said the team probably had its
Claxton 3-5 0-1 6, Hammonds 0-4 0-0 0, FAR WEST Prairie View 55, Southern U. 54 EAST hardest four-day stretch of practice of his tenure this week. He called it
UMBC 61, Maine 52 Cal Poly 68, Holy Names 47
UNC-Wilmington 67, Towson 61 Hightower 1-6 1-4 3, Jackson 1-4 3-4 5, Ed- Radford 60, UNC-Asheville 46 Georgetown 68, Providence 52
VCU 76, Fordham 51 wards 0-1 0-1 0, Wilridge 0-4 0-0 0, O’Neill UC Riverside 112, Bethesda 47 Rhode Island 66, Richmond 60 James Madison 68, Delaware 43 “a huge win for our program.”
Vermont 80, Albany (NY) 51 0-0 0-0 0, Ngumezi 1-3 0-2 3, Toppin 0-2 0-0
Southeastern Rice 61, Louisiana Tech 51 Monmouth (NJ) 55, Iona 38 “We talked a lot about it behind the scenes,” Johnson said. “We
Villanova 65, Providence 59 0, Crump 1-8 4-4 6, Harrison 1-1 0-1 2, Fagan SE Louisiana 62, Cent. Arkansas 53 Northeastern 79, Elon 71
William & Mary 84, Drexel 66 1-2 0-0 2, Sargiunas 1-1 2-3 4, Harris 1-3 0-0 Conference Men Savannah St. 76, Coppin St. 70 Rutgers 73, Brown 52 needed to beat Kentucky.”
SOUTH 2. Totals 17-53 15-27 50. Conf. Pct. Overall Pct. South Alabama 88, Coastal Carolina 78 Siena 84, St. Peter’s 57 Ingram made two free throws with 23 seconds left in between
Alabama 77, Kentucky 75 TENNESSEE (12-1): Pons 0-1 0-0 0, Tennessee 1-0 1.000 12-1 .923 Tennessee Tech 77, Belmont 72 Towson 55, Drexel 54
Alexander 6-8 0-1 12, Williams 4-5 9-11 18, Ole Miss 1-0 1.000 11-2 .846 Texas State 69, Georgia St. 60 William & Mary 60, Hofstra 55 back-to-back layups by Ashton Hagans. Hagans’ second cut it to 76-73
Alabama St. 74, Grambling St. 53
Schofield 6-11 3-3 18, Bone 4-10 2-2 11, Alabama 1-0 1.000 10-3 .769 Texas-Arlington 74, Georgia Southern 53 SOUTH with 16 seconds left. Alabama (10-3) got the ball across midcourt but
Austin Peay 81, Morehead St. 67 Walker 2-3 1-2 5, Fulkerson 0-1 0-0 0, Jancek Arkansas 1-0 1.000 10-3 .769 Troy 83, Appalachian St. 72 Stetson 81, Central State 51
Belmont 79, Tennessee Tech 67 0-0 0-0 0, Woodson 0-1 2-2 2, Campbell 1-2 S. Carolina 1-0 1.000 6-7 .462 Tulane 68, East Carolina 57 UNC-Wilmington 71, Coll. of Charleston 49 Hagans came away with the ball on a steal from Ingram.
Campbell 72, Gardner-Webb 61 0-0 2, Fleschman 0-0 0-0 0, Turner 2-5 2-2
Cent. Arkansas 73, SE Louisiana 71 6, Bowden 8-13 3-3 20, Johnson 1-4 0-0 2.
Miss. State 0-0 .000 12-1 .923 UAB 83, FIU 59 MIDWEST PJ Washington scored on a dunk with 5 seconds to play and
Auburn 0-0 .000 11-2 .846 UCF 68, Memphis 55 Butler 62, Seton Hall 59
Coppin St. 73, Savannah St. 67 Totals 34-64 22-26 96. LSU 0-0 .000 10-3 .769 VCU 59, Saint Joseph’s 40 Drake 92, Bradley 63 Kentucky (10-3) quickly fouled John Petty, who made one of two from
Davidson 65, Duquesne 61 Halftime—Tennessee 53-24. 3-Point
Duke 87, Clemson 68 Goals—Georgia 1-20 (Ngumezi 1-3, Ed-
Missouri 0-0 .000 9-3 .750 W. Kentucky 75, Old Dominion 60 Illinois St. 66, N. Iowa 64 the line.
Kentucky 0-1 .000 10-3 .769 Winthrop 77, Longwood 69 Marquette 96, DePaul 63
ETSU 96, Chattanooga 70 wards 0-1, Wilridge 0-1, Harris 0-1, Jackson
Vanderbilt 0-1 .000 9-4 .692 MIDWEST Missouri St. 71, Indiana St. 58 Tyler Herro’s 3-point try at the buzzer bounced off the rim. Hagans
East Carolina 73, Cincinnati 71 0-2, Claxton 0-2, Hammonds 0-2, Hightower Oakland 74, Detroit 67
FAU 63, Middle Tennessee 56 0-4, Crump 0-4), Tennessee 6-18 (Schofield Georgia 0-1 .000 8-5 .615 Cent. Michigan 94, Akron 71 passed him the ball after he couldn’t find an opening for a shot.
Florida 0-1 .000 8-5 .615 Cleveland St. 71, Ill.-Chicago 53 S. Illinois 67, Evansville 47
Florida A&M 82, Howard 72 3-4, Williams 1-1, Bone 1-4, Bowden 1-4,
Texas A&M 0-1 .000 6-6 .500 Dayton 84, La Salle 45 St. John’s 76, Xavier 57 “It went to Ashton and he drove middle and he flips it back and we
Furman 101, The Citadel 85 Woodson 0-1, Johnson 0-1, Turner 0-3). Villanova 54, Creighton 52
Georgia Tech 92, Wake Forest 79 Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Georgia
Iowa St. 82, Kansas 73 get a good look from the top of the key for the win,” Kentucky coach
Saturday’s Games Kansas St. 86, Oklahoma 56 SOUTHWEST
High Point 51, Charleston Southern 50 24 (Ogbeide 6), Tennessee 40 (Alexander
Alabama 77, Kentucky 75 Kent St. 71, E. Michigan 64 Tulsa 63, Wichita St. 49 John Calipari said.
Jackson St. 54, Alabama A&M 51, OT 14). Assists—Georgia 8 (Jackson, Ham- FAR WEST
Jacksonville St. 69, Tennessee St. 62 monds 2), Tennessee 25 (Williams, Bone Arkansas 73, Texas A&M 71 N. Illinois 82, Miami (Ohio) 71
Arizona 69, Colorado 67
“Look, we didn’t deserve to win the game. We really didn’t. We’d
Ole Miss 81, Vanderbilt 71 Purdue 71, Michigan 70
James Madison 69, Coll. of Charleston 58 5). Total Fouls—Georgia 21, Tennessee 23.
South Carolina 71, Florida 69 Rio Grande 60, California Baptist 56 Arizona St. 65, Utah 63 have run out of here saying, how’d we do this? But we didn’t have any
Liberty 81, Florida Gulf Coast 63 A—21,678 (21,678). Oregon 84, Washington 71
Lipscomb 77, Jacksonville 74 Tennessee 96, Georgia 50 SIU-Edwardsville 65, E. Illinois 56 business winning that game. We just kind of clawed and made it close
Louisiana-Lafayette 75, UALR 61 Arkansas 73, Today’s Games Toledo 65, Ball St. 58
UMKC 111, Chicago St. 58
Oregon St. 76, Washington St. 69
and gave ourselves a chance.”
Louisiana-Monroe 85, Arkansas St. 75
Marshall 85, Charlotte 84
Texas A&M 71 No games scheduled
Monday’s Games UT Martin 80, SE Missouri 73 SEC Women Mack kept Alabama in the game in the first half. The Tide trailed
ARKANSAS (10-3): Bailey 2-7 1-3 5, No games scheduled W. Michigan 84, Bowling Green 82 Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Mississippi 81, Vanderbilt 71 Gafford 5-11 1-2 11, Jones 3-11 0-0 9, Harris Tuesday’s Games Wright St. 61, Milwaukee 57 Kentucky 1-0 .000 14-1 .933 40-38 at the break after he went 6 for 6 from beyond the arc. He missed
Morgan St. 66, Md.-Eastern Shore 53
Murray St. 97, E. Kentucky 85
4-9 6-11 15, Joe 3-8 2-4 11, Chaney 1-4 0-0 2, Tennessee at Missouri, 6 p.m. (ESPN2) Youngstown St. 70, IUPUI 52 Miss. State 1-0 .000 13-1 .929 his only two 3-point attempts in the second half.
Osabuohien 3-6 0-0 6, Phillips 0-1 0-0 0, Sills Texas A&M at Kentucky, 6 p.m. (SEC Net- SOUTHWEST Tennessee 1-0 .000 12-1 .923
NC A&T 80, SC State 77, OT 5-9 1-2 14, Embery 0-4 0-0 0. Totals 26-70 work) Abilene Christian 91, Sam Houston St. 79 Missouri 1-0 .000 12-3 .800 n No. 3 Tennessee 96, Georgia 50: At Knoxville, Tennessee,
NC Central 68, Bethune-Cookman 59 11-22 73. Arkansas St. 64, Louisiana-Monroe 54 Georgia 1-0 .000 10-4 .714 Jordan Bowden scored 20 points and Tennessee opened Southeastern
New Orleans 81, Houston Baptist 76, OT Mississippi State at South Carolina, 8 p.m.
TEXAS A&M (6-6): Mekowulu 1-3 0-0 2, (ESPNU) Houston Baptist 83, New Orleans 74 S. Carolina 1-0 .000 9-4 .692
Norfolk St. 77, Delaware St. 63 Starks 8-18 5-8 23, Mahan 2-5 0-0 6, Mitchell Alabama at LSU, 8 p.m. (SEC Network) Lamar 76, Texas A&M-CC 58 Alabama 1-0 .000 9-5 .643 Conference play by trouncing Georgia for its eighth consecutive victory.
North Florida 96, North Alabama 67 2-11 3-4 7, Flagg 8-11 3-7 20, Nebo 1-3 2-2 4, MVSU 62, Ark.-Pine Bluff 56 Auburn 0-1 .000 12-2 .857 Tennessee (12-1, 1-0) recorded the most lopsided triumph in the
Northwestern St. 66, McNeese St. 61
Old Dominion 69, W. Kentucky 66
J.Walker 1-3 1-2 3, Chandler 2-7 2-2 6, Collins
0-0 0-0 0. Totals 25-61 16-25 71.
AP Men’s Top 25 Fared Oral Roberts 68, W. Illinois 64
UALR 62, Louisiana-Lafayette 48
Texas A&M 0-1 .000 11-3 .786 series’ 156-game history, surpassing a 105-69 Volunteers victory on
Saturday’s Games Arkansas 0-1 .000 11-4 .733
Prairie View 82, Southern U. 73 Halftime—Arkansas 32-31. 3-Point 1. Duke (11-1) did not play. Next: vs. Clemson, UTEP 73, UTSA 60 Feb. 1, 1975.
Presbyterian 64, SC-Upstate 61 LSU 0-1 .000 9-4 .692
Goals—Arkansas 10-33 (Sills 3-6, Joe Saturday. 1. Duke (12-1) beat Clemson 87-68. FAR WEST Ole Miss 0-1 .000 6-9 .400
Radford 71, Longwood 64 3-7, Jones 3-11, Harris 1-3, Phillips 0-1, Next: at Wake Forest, Tuesday. BYU 55, Loyola Marymount 44 Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield scored 18 points each for
South Alabama 84, Coastal Carolina 77, 2OT Vanderbilt 0-1 .000 5-9 .357
South Carolina 71, Florida 69
Osabuohien 0-2, Embery 0-3), Texas A&M 2. Michigan (14-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. Boise St. 69, San Diego St. 66 Florida 0-1 .000 4-10 .286 Tennessee. Kyle Alexander had 12 points and 14 rebounds, and Jordan
5-24 (Mahan 2-5, Starks 2-7, Flagg 1-2, 21 Indiana, Sunday. CS Northridge 73, UC Santa Barbara 65
Tennessee 96, Georgia 50 J.Walker 0-1, Chandler 0-2, Mitchell 0-7). 3. Tennessee (12-1) beat Georgia 96-50. Fresno St. 66, Colorado St. 55 Bone added 11 points.
Texas Southern 87, Alcorn St. 70 Today’s Games
Troy 89, Appalachian St. 85
Fouled Out—Flagg. Rebounds—Arkansas 39 Next: at Missouri, Tuesday. Gonzaga 88, Pacific 65 Alabama at South Carolina, 11 a.m. (ESPNU) Derek Ogbeide scored 17 points for Georgia (8-5, 0-1), which had
(Gafford 11), Texas A&M 40 (Flagg 15). As- 4. Virginia (13-0) beat No. 9 Florida State Grand Canyon 55, Seattle 53
UAB 84, FIU 65 sists—Arkansas 16 (Harris 9), Texas A&M 14 65-52. Next: at Boston College, Wednesday. Idaho St. 80, N. Arizona 69 Auburn at Florida, Noon (SEC Network) won three in a row.
Missouri at Tennessee, 1 p.m. (ESPN2)
UNC-Greensboro 71, VMI 68 (Starks 5). Total Fouls—Arkansas 22, Texas 5. Kansas (12-2) lost to Iowa State 77-60. Montana St. 69, Sacramento St. 53
Arkansas at Ole Miss, 2 p.m. (SEC Network) n South Carolina 71, Florida 69: At Gainesville, Florida, a
Virginia 65, Florida St. 52 A&M 22. A—10,049 (12,989). Next: vs. TCU, Wednesday. N. Colorado 86, Idaho 72
Virginia Tech 77, Boston College 66 Georgia at Vanderbilt, 2 p.m. precision pass the length of the court. A grown-man seal against two
W. Carolina 76, Samford 69 Ole Miss 81, 6. Nevada (14-1) lost to New Mexico 85-58.
Next: vs. San Jose State, Wednesday.
New Mexico 66, Nevada 64
Pepperdine 74, San Diego 55 Texas A&M at LSU, 2 p.m. defenders. A dunk that stunned the home crowd and sent the South
Winthrop 80, UNC-Asheville 65
Wofford 78, Mercer 74
Vanderbilt 71 7. Gonzaga (14-2) beat Santa Clara 91-48. Portland St. 78, Montana 60
S. Utah 84, Weber St. 79
Kentucky at Mississippi State, 4 p.m.
(SEC Network) Carolina bench into a frenzy.
MISSISSIPPI (11-2): Olejniczak 4-6 Next: vs. Pacific, Thursday.
MIDWEST 0-1 8, Tyree 11-16 6-6 31, Shuler 2-10 7-8 11, 8. Michigan State (13-2) beat No. 14 Ohio Saint Mary’s (Cal) 98, Portland 91
AP Women’s Top 25 Fared It was a final play executed to perfection.
Akron 56, W. Michigan 48 T.Davis 4-8 1-2 11, Hinson 3-6 4-4 11, Buffen State 86-77. Next: vs. Purdue, Tuesday. Santa Clara 71, San Francisco 66
Bowling Green 86, Kent St. 64 2-4 1-1 5, Stevens 2-6 0-0 4, Naylor 0-0 0-0 0, 9. Florida State (12-2) lost to No. 4 Virginia UC Davis 67, UC Riverside 59 Saturday’s Games Chris Silva’s slam following a full-court pass from Felipe Haase
Butler 84, Creighton 69 D.Davis 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 28-57 19-22 81. 65-52. Next: vs. Miami, Wednesday. UC Irvine 75, Cal Poly 59 1. UConn (11-1) did not play. Next: at Houston, with 2.5 seconds remaining gave South Carolina a victory over Florida
Cent. Michigan 84, Miami (Ohio) 77 VANDERBILT (9-4): Ryan 3-7 0-0 9, 10. Virginia Tech (13-1) beat Boston College Utah St. 48, Air Force 44 Sunday.
E. Illinois 84, SIU-Edwardsville 81, OT Shittu 6-9 9-15 21, Wetzell 3-6 1-3 7, Lee 3-12 77-66. Next: at Georgia Tech, Wednesday. Utah Valley 78, CS Bakersfield 70 2. Notre Dame (13-1) did not play. Next: at in the Southeastern Conference opener for both teams Saturday night.
Green Bay 90, Cleveland St. 89 3-6 9, Toye 4-12 3-3 12, Nesmith 3-9 0-0 8, 11. Texas Tech (13-1) beat Kansas State 63- Wyoming 90, UNLV 62 Georgia Tech, Sunday. Silva walled off Florida’s Kevarrius Hayes and Keyontae Johnson
Illinois St. 58, Evansville 46 3. Louisville (13-0) did not play. Next: at Duke,
Indiana St. 65, Bradley 60
Brown 2-4 0-0 4, Moyer 0-0 1-2 1, Evans 0-1
0-0 0. Totals 24-60 17-29 71.
57. Next: vs. No. 23 Oklahoma, Tuesday.
12. Auburn (11-2) did not play. Next: at Missis-
No. 17 Gonzaga 88, Sunday. before catching a 90-foot pass from Haase, who checked into the
Iowa St. 77, Kansas 60
Loyola of Chicago 85, Drake 74
Halftime—Mississippi 35-32. 3-Point
Goals—Mississippi 6-18 (Tyree 3-5, T.Davis
sippi, Wednesday. Pacific 65 4. Maryland (13-1) beat Ohio State 75-69.
Next: at Nebraska, Tuesday.
game only because Maik Kotsar told Martin his shoulder hurt too much
13. Kentucky (10-3) lost to Alabama 77-75. PACIFIC (9-4): McDavid 5-10 5-6 15,
Michigan St. 86, Ohio St. 77 2-4, Hinson 1-2, D.Davis 0-1, Stevens 0-2, Next: vs. Texas A&M, Tuesday. 5. Oregon (12-1) did not play. Next: vs. Wash- to make the pass. It was an unlikely completion that handed Florida
Blakeslee 0-3 2-2 2, Higgins 3-8 5-6 11, Li ington State, Sunday.
N. Illinois 72, Ohio 66, OT Shuler 0-4), Vanderbilt 6-20 (Ryan 3-5, Ne- 14. Ohio State (12-2) lost to No. 8 Michigan 7-13 3-3 21, Newman 4-8 0-0 11, Millard 6. Stanford (11-1) did not play. Next: vs.
and coach Mike White one of their most gut-wrenching losses in four
N. Kentucky 95, Detroit 73 smith 2-5, Toye 1-6, Evans 0-1, Wetzell 0-1, State 86-77. Next: at Rutgers, Wednesday. 0-1 0-0 0, Parker 1-4 0-0 2, Lidy 0-0 0-0 0,
S. Illinois 58, N. Iowa 51 Lee 0-2). Fouled Out—Nesmith. Rebounds— 15. North Carolina (11-3) beat Pittsburgh 85- Randhawa 0-2 1-2 1, Tillman 1-1 0-0 2, Totals
UCLA, Sunday. seasons.
SE Missouri 74, UT Martin 69, OT Mississippi 35 (Buffen, Shuler 7), Vanderbilt 60. Next: at No. 18 N.C. State, Tuesday. 7. Mississippi State (13-1) did not play. n Arkansas 73, Texas A&M 71: At College Station, Texas, the
21-50 16-19 65. Next: vs. No. 16 Kentucky, Sunday.
Syracuse 72, Notre Dame 62 31 (Shittu 9). Assists—Mississippi 15 (Shuler 16. Marquette (11-3) did not play. Next: vs. GONZAGA (15-1): Rice 10-16 1-4 21,
UMKC 80, Chicago St. 72 6), Vanderbilt 13 (Lee 5). Total Fouls—Missis- Xavier, Sunday. Wirth 3-7 0-0 6, Campbell 2-3 4-4 10, Smith
8. Baylor (10-1) did not play. Next: at Texas fourth time proved the charm for Arkansas opening Southeastern
Valparaiso 82, Missouri St. 66 sippi 22, Vanderbilt 16. 17. Mississippi State (12-1) did not play. Tech, Sunday. Conference play at Texas A&M.
2-8 0-0 5, Stockton 3-5 1-1 7, Barfield 0-2 0-0 9. N.C. State (14-0) did not play. Next: at Bos-
Wright St. 89, Oakland 73
Youngstown St. 76, Milwaukee 51 South Carolina 71, Next: at South Carolina, Tuesday.
18. North Carolina State (13-1) did not play.
0, Kempton 2-3 1-2 5, Wirth 6-7 4-4 16, For-
syth 0-1 2-2 2, Loera 1-2 1-2 3, Townsend 5-9
ton College, Sunday. Jalen Harris scored 15 points and Desi Sills added 14 as Arkansas
10. Tennessee (12-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Ark.-Pine Bluff 64, MVSU 52
Florida 69 Next: vs. No. 15 North Carolina, Tuesday.
19. Houston (14-0) did not play. Next: vs.
2-4 13, Totals 34-63 16-23 88. Missouri, Sunday.
held on for a victory at A&M in the teams’ Southeastern Conference
SOUTH CAROLINA (6-7): Silva 5-6 Pacific 25 17 13 10 —65 11. Oregon State (11-2) did not play. Next: vs. opener on Saturday. The Razorbacks (10-3, 1-0 SEC) won for the first
Arkansas 73, Texas A&M 71 8-9 18, Bryant 4-8 0-0 8, Kotsar 1-4 2-6 4, American, Sunday. Gonzaga 14 34 26 14 —88
20. Buffalo (13-1) did not play. Next: vs. To- Washington, Sunday. time in four tries in SEC openers at A&M (6-6, 0-1) over seven seasons.
Georgia Southern 77, Texas-Arlington 64 Campbell 2-8 0-0 6, Lawson 2-8 1-1 6, Frink 3-Point Goals—Pacific 7-18 (Blakeslee 12. Minnesota (12-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Georgia St. 73, Texas State 69 0-0 0-0 0, Haase 1-3 3-4 5, Gravett 7-11 4-5 ledo, Tuesday. 0-2, Higgins 0-2, Li 4-7, Newman 3-6, Rand-
21. Indiana (12-2) did not play. Next: at No. 2 Illinois, Sunday.
Incarnate Word 65, Nicholls 58 22, Hinson 1-3 0-0 2. Totals 23-51 18-25 71. hawa 0-1), Gonzaga 4-9 (Campbell 2-2, Smith
Michigan, Sunday. 13. Texas (11-2) did not play. Next: at West
Lamar 61, Texas A&M-CC 55 FLORIDA (8-5): Stone 0-2 0-0 0, Hayes 1-3, Townsend 1-4). Assists—Pacific 13 Virginia, Sunday.
North Texas 65, Southern Miss. 62 1-1 1-2 3, Nembhard 3-10 4-4 10, Allen 4-6 22. Wisconsin (10-4) did not play. Next: at (Higgins 6), Gonzaga 24 (Loera 8). Fouled
Penn State, Sunday. 14. Syracuse (12-2) did not play. Next: at Vir-
Oklahoma 74, Oklahoma St. 64 0-0 10, Locke 5-16 2-2 17, Bassett 2-3 2-4 6, Out—None. Rebounds—Pacific 21 (Higgins
Oral Roberts 82, W. Illinois 63
Rice 78, Louisiana Tech 66
K.Johnson 0-6 1-2 1, Stokes 3-5 0-0 6, Okau- 23. Oklahoma (12-2) beat Oklahoma State
74-64. Next: at No. 11 Texas Tech, Tuesday.
7), Gonzaga 40 (Wirth 8). Total Fouls—Pacif-
ic 17, Gonzaga 17..A—5,807.
ginia Tech, Sunday.
15. Michigan State (11-2) did not play. Next: at Spurs rout Grizzlies; Cavaliers drop ninth straight
ru 0-1 0-0 0, Ballard 3-3 1-2 8, Hudson 2-8 3-4
24. Nebraska (11-3) did not play. Next: at No. Indiana, Sunday. SAN ANTONIO — Derrick White scored 19 points, LaMarcus
Sam Houston St. 71, Abilene Christian 68
TCU 85, Baylor 81
8. Totals 23-61 14-20 69.
Halftime—Florida 36-32. 3-Point 25 Iowa, Sunday. No. 25 Iowa State 82, 16. Kentucky (14-1) did not play. Next: at No. 7
Mississippi State, Sunday. Aldridge added 18 and San Antonio overcame a sluggish start to beat
Texas Tech 63, Kansas St. 57
Tulsa 78, South Florida 75
Goals—South Carolina 7-18 (Gravett 4-7,
Campbell 2-5, Lawson 1-4, Haase 0-1, Hin-
25. Iowa (11-3) did not play. Next: vs. No. 24
Nebraska, Sunday.
Kansas 73 17. Gonzaga (15-1) beat Pacific 83-63. Next: Memphis 108-88, handing the Grizzlies their fifth straight loss.
IOWA ST. (12-2): Burkhall 1-1 0-0 2, vs. Portland, Saturday.
UTSA 67, UTEP 63 son 0-1), Florida 9-31 (Locke 5-15, Allen 2-2, Saturday’s Women’s Wise 2-7 1-1 6, Carleton 11-17 10-12 33, Jo- 18. California (9-3) did not play. Next: vs. San Antonio won for the 12th time in 15 games.
FAR WEST Ballard 1-1, Hudson 1-5, Stone 0-1, Bassett
Arizona 84, Utah 81, OT 0-1, K.Johnson 0-1, Nembhard 0-5). Fouled College Scores
ens 3-5 0-0 7, Middleton 2-9 6-6 10, Camber Southern Cal, Sunday. Mike Conley had 21 points in 25 minutes for Memphis.
0-2 0-0 0, Nezerwa 2-6 0-1 4, Scott 7-7 0-0 17, 19. Iowa (10-3) did not play. Next: vs. Wiscon-
Arizona St. 83, Colorado 61 Out—None. Rebounds—South Carolina EAST Johnson 1-1 0-0 3, Totals 29-55 17-20 82. sin, Monday. n Pelicans 133, Cavaliers 98: At Cleveland, Jrue Holiday and Ju-
Grand Canyon 71, Seattle 57 32 (Kotsar 7), Florida 30 (K.Johnson 6).
Loyola Marymount 76, Portland 64 Assists—South Carolina 11 (Campbell 4),
Binghamton 71, New Hampshire 62 KANSAS (10-2): Richardson 5-7 1-2 20. Marquette (12-3) did not play. Next: at lius Randle both scored 22 points and New Orleans handed Cleveland
Bryant 69, LIU Brooklyn 62 14, Helgren 2-2 0-3 4, Kopatich 5-12 0-0 14, Villanova, Friday.
Montana St. 84, Sacramento St. 70 Florida 12 (Nembhard 7). Total Fouls—South Duquesne 60, St. Bonaventure 54 Lyons 9-20 3-4 24, Washington 5-15 1-2 12, 21. Texas A&M (11-3) did not play. Next: at its ninth straight loss.
N. Arizona 81, Idaho St. 69 Carolina 23, Florida 25. A—10,230 (10,133). Fordham 50, George Washington 38 Wilson 0-1 0-0 0, Franklin 0-2 0-0 0, Mitchell LSU, Sunday. The defeat came a night after Cavaliers coach Larry Drew and
N. Colorado 83, Idaho 79, OT
New Mexico 85, Nevada 58
North Texas 65, Maine 84, UMBC 44
Marist 71, Canisius 66
0-0 0-0 0, Osorio 2-6 0-1 5, Thomas 0-0 0-0
0, Totals 28-65 5-12 73.
22. Arizona State (10-3) did not play. Next: at
Colorado, Sunday. his players held a lengthy meeting following a 26-point loss to Utah.
North Dakota 80, Denver 59 Southern Mississippi 62 NJIT 66, Kennesaw St. 60 Iowa St. 17 22 21 22 —82 23. South Carolina (9-4) did not play. Next: vs. Cleveland is an NBA-worst 8-32.
Oregon St. 77, Oregon 72 SOUTHERN MISS. (8-7): Harper-Bak- Niagara 61, Manhattan 51 Kansas 17 12 14 30 —73 Alabama, Sunday.
San Francisco 72, Pepperdine 69 er 5-11 1-4 11, Jacdonmi 0-0 1-2 1, Holland Ohio 74, Buffalo 71 3-Point Goals—Iowa St. 7-17 (Wise 1-5, 24. DePaul (10-5) did not play. Next: at Anthony Davis had 20 points and 10 rebounds for New Orleans.
UC Davis 90, Holy Names 60 0-0 0-0 0, Edwards 11-17 1-3 24, Griffin 3-10 Penn 66, Princeton 60 Carleton 1-3, Joens 1-3, Camber 0-2, Scott Georgetown, Friday. Jordan Clarkson led Cleveland with 23 points.
UCLA 98, California 83 0-1 6, Rowe 0-0 2-2 2, Stevenson 1-2 0-0 2, Robert Morris 70, Mount St. Mary’s 58 3-3, Johnson 1-1), Kansas 12-24 (Richardson 25. Iowa State (12-2) beat Kansas 82-73.
Utah St. 79, Air Force 62 Draine 5-13 2-3 16, Watson 0-0 0-0 0, Hamp- Sacred Heart 66, CCSU 61 3-5, Kopatich 4-7, Lyons 3-6, Washington 1-3, Next: vs. TCU, Wednesday. —From Wire Reports

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“Our defense was great,” Prescott ing Detroit in the wild-card round in the to the locker room, unable to return. throwing for 191 yards and two touch-
said. “They keep us in every game.” 2014 season. Still, the Seahawks took their first downs before halftime to help the Colts
It was the eighth win in nine games Prescott led a 67-yard drive to put the lead basically because the 40-year-old’s build a 21-0 lead.
for the Cowboys. Cowboys in front. A 34-yard pass to Am- injury forced them to try. Running back Marlon Mack had 148
“We had so much confidence com- ari Cooper, who had seven catches for Facing fourth-and-5 in Janikowski’s yards and a touchdown for Indianapolis,
ing it this game and our confidence re- 106 yards, led to Elliott’s 1-yard plunge range from the Dallas 39, Doug Bald- which advances to face the top-seed-
mains,” Prescott said. “It’s all about the after an apparent touchdown by the win made a toe-dragging catch on the ed Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional
way we fought. ... I’m proud of my guys.” quarterback was overturned on replay. sideline for 22 yards. After Wilson ran round next weekend.
Prescott, the NFL Offensive Rookie Prescott had a chance to give the 4 yards for a touchdown, the Seahawks Houston, which overcame a 0-3 start
of the Year in 2016 when the Cowboys Cowboys a 10-point lead, but K.J. Wright went for 2, pushing the lead to 14-10 on to win the AFC South, gave up too many
lost to Green Bay at home as the top made a juggling interception in the end Mike Davis’ run. big plays and couldn’t get anything go-
seed in the NFC, threw for 226 yards and zone. But the Cowboys never did lose con- ing on offense in the first half to fall into
had a 1-yard sneak for what appeared to Dallas’ defense came through again, trol of the Seattle running game after the huge hole.
be a clinching score before Tyler Lock- though, forcing a punt and giving Elliott allowing Chris Carson’s first 100-yard Deshaun Watson, who was sacked
ett’s 53-yard catch set up a quick Seattle and Prescott a highlight play apiece on game in a Week 3 Seattle win that turned an NFL-leading 62 times in the regular
touchdown. a drive to Prescott’s 1-yard sneak for a the season for the Seahawks, who fin- season, was sacked three times and hit
Wilson’s 7-yard scoring pass to J.D. 24-14 lead with 2:08 remaining. ished the regular season with six wins eight more times in a disappointing play-
McKissic got the Seahawks within four, First, Elliott stiff-armed Shaquill Grif- in seven games. off debut. He finished with 235 yards
and they made it a two-point game on fin on a 17-yard run to get inside the 20, Carson had just 20 yards on 13 car- passing with a touchdown and an inter-
their second 2-point conversion follow- then Prescott scrambled up the middle ries. Wilson was 18 of 27 for 233 yards, ception.
ing an injury to kicker Sebastian Jani- before a head-over-heels hit from Ted- with Lockett getting four catches for 120 The Colts, who opened the season
kowski. ric Thompson at the Seattle 1. Prescott yards. 1-5, continued an impressive run by win-
But the missing kicker left the Sea- scored on the next play. n Colts 21, Texans 7: At Houston, ning their fifth straight and for the 10th
hawks no good options on an onside kick Seattle got a double dose of bad news Andrew Luck threw for 222 yards and time in 11 games. Saturday was their
with 1:18 remaining. Punter Michael at halftime when Janikowski missed a two touchdowns and Indianapolis raced first playoff appearance since the AFC
Dickson’s drop kick was caught by Cole 57-yard field goal on the final play and out to a big lead and cruised over Hous- championship game loss at New En-
Beasley at the Dallas 31, sealing the first injured his left thigh. He yelled as he ton in the wild-card game. gland in the “Deflategate” game in the
playoff win for the Cowboys since beat- grabbed the back of his leg and limped Luck put on a show in his hometown, 2014 season.

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“I have always played basket- tries to take advantage of his Academy, Koussih rebounded, and workouts me and my team- help the Patriots in their quest
ball that way,” Huskison said. 6-foot-1 frame. handled the basketball, and mates have done.” to win another title.
“I just play fast and with a tone “He loves to play, and he has made a few clutch shots in the Koussih said the training he “It’s going to be a show
of energy, as much energy as I since he got here,” Whiteside fourth quarter. Those shots and his teammates did in the off- (when Acker and the injured
need to to help my team.” said. “He worked extremely were even more important con- season at the school bolstered players return),” Koussih said.
Huskison said he “turns it hard in the summer getting sidering he missed a 3-pointer his confidence. He said every- “It’s going to be really special
down” when he needs to, but he faster. Carter Holmes was so late in the third quarter, but one worked through shooting team.”
also can pick his sports to pick good with him and the rest he didn’t let it affect him. With and ballhandling drills to make Huskison feels Koussih al-
up the pace and provide a burst of the guys during the offsea- Heritage Academy leading 35- their games more polished. ways has had the ability. He
of momentum. son. Last year, he played hard 34 after a bank layup by Putt, “The work has boosted ev- said his teammate is playing
Whiteside said Huskison is in but with not much confidence. Koussih drained a 3-pointer erybody’s confidence to know with “a ton of confidence” and
pretty good shape, which allows This year, his confidence has with 5 minutes, 55 seconds re- that we know what we can do is taking advantage of an oppor-
him to play with so much energy. improved and he is getting so maining. He followed it with a and we know how special this tunity to do more. With players
He said Huskison is important to many quality minutes because left-handed drive from the right team is,” Koussih said. like that, there is no telling how
the team because he finds ways of that.” corner that pushed the lead to Leake Academy cut the defi- far the Patriots will be able to
to get his teammates involved Koussih said he needed to 40-34. cit to 42-39 and had a chance to go this season.
and sees the floor really well. contribute more in a new role “I have no type of memo- tie, but Putt scored on a layup “We’re so close right now,”
If Huskison is the Patriots’ after the injuries hit the team. ry. I move on to the next one,” off a back cut thanks to a nice Huskison said. “Like last year’s
“energy” player, Koussih is He said he averaged about eight Koussih said when asked if he pass by Huskison and Long team was this year’s team is the
their “hustle” guy. In fact, he minutes per game and is now remembered coming up short added a drive to extend the lead same way. We are just encour-
might be one of the few players logging at least double that. on the 3-pointer in the third to seven and provide a cushion aging each other.”
in the state who follows his shot Koussih said he is willing to “do quarter. “I feel like I am a versa- that the Patriots preserved. Follow Dispatch sports editor
in an effort to get the rebound. whatever coach needs me to do” tile player given the time I have Koussih said he will contin- Adam Minichino on Twitter @
That is just one way Koussih to help the team. Against Leake put in and all of the practices ue to do whatever he needs to to ctsportseditor
4B Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch • The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 5B

Fast Facts About EMCC’s 2018 Championship Season
n The East Mississippi Community College football Buddy Stephens. The Lions have qualified for the playoffs Clayton earned honorable mention recognition.
team improved to 5-0 in national championship games 10 times. Seven teams went 2-0 in the playoffs, while the The half dozen NJCAA All-Americans this year tie for
other three lost in the first round. the most in a season for EMCC during the Stephens era,

with its 10-9 victory against Garden City C.C. (Kansas) on
he East Mississippi A&M as game. said. “You have guys that
Community Col- the winnin- The 2014 “We were physical and dominating in are going to play at the
Nov. 29, 2018, in the National Junior College Athletic
n EMCC has won nine MACJC North Division titles in
the past 11 seasons. Stephens has a 64-4 record against
matching the six honorees during the Lions’ 2013 national
championship season. EMCC has produced 32 NJCAA
Association (NJCAA) title game. The Lions have won back-
lege football team’s
goal list is simple and
gest junior
the trenches. That has been the goal big senior colleges all
over the field. Some of to-back titles twice and will try for a first three-peat in
North Division opponents.
n EMCC is 43-1 in the eight-year history of the new
All-Americans in Stephens’ 11 seasons at the school.
n For the third time in five years, Stephens was named
complicated each season.
“You come here to win
of all time.
ship had
a stretch
since my return (prior to the start of these guys will play (in
the NFL). That is what
n EMCC will begin the 2019 season with a 17-game
Sullivan-Windham Field. The lone loss was a 2012 playoff the NJCAA Football Coach of the Year.
game against Copiah-Lincoln C.C. Having previously received the NJCAA’s national
national championships,”
EMCC freshman running
Those pro-
grams have
of five-
the 2017 season).” pushes you, makes you
go harder in practice.
winning streak. The nation’s longest winning streak is 26 n Wide receiver Dontario Drummond led EMCC by earning coaching honor in 2017 and in 2014, Stephens guided
Stephens Collins games. The Lions fell one shy of that earlier this decade first-team NJCAA All-America honors. Running back Deon the 2018 Lions to their fifth NJCAA national championship,
back six champi- shutouts. East Mississippi Community College You have to be great to with a 25-game winning streak (2012-2015). McIntosh, offensive lineman LaQuinston Sharp, and defensive seventh MACJC state title, and ninth MACJC North Division
Keon onships. This group defensive coordinator Cliff Collins belong out there. When n EMCC has won seven Mississippi Association of lineman Everitt Cunningham were second-team selections. regular-season crown in his 11th season at the school.
Moore “Each week the goal wasn’t as fortunate but the coaches show confi- Community and Junior College (MACJC) State titles under Quarterback Messiah deWeaver and return specialist DJ — Scott Walters
said. “If is to become 1-0,” said almost as dominate. The dence in you, it means a
you don’t EMCC coach Buddy Ste- Lions held seven oppo- 67-66 in double overtime Michigan State trans- lot to you.”
want to phens, who just wrapped nents to 10 points or less later that season to win in fer Messiah deWeaver led EMCC won a huge
sacrifice up his 11th season at the and had two shutouts. the Mississippi Associa- the offense quarterback top-10 battle at Northwest
and pay school. “The opponent Former West Point tion of Community and with Notre Dame transfer Mississippi C.C., which
Scott Walters the price changes and the location High School standout Junior Colleges (MAC- Deon McIntosh at run- was the exclamation
for a changes, but the goal Everitt Cunningham, JC) State Championship ning back. McIntosh be- point on the MACJC
champi- still remains the same. It Untareo Johnson, Fred Game. came the program’s first North Division champi-
onship, then this pro- doesn’t matter how you Hervey, Eriq Kitchen, The roles were 1,000-yard rusher since onship.
gram is not for you. We get there. You just find a and former Starkville reversed this season, as 2013 with 1,150 rushing EMCC then beat
set the bar high. Every- way to become 1-0. When High standout JaQuez the defense picked up the yards and 17 touchdowns, Copiah-Lincoln C.C. and
one expects to reach that the players come here, Akins anchored a unit slack for an offense that while deWeaver threw Jones College before
standard.” they know our expecta- that had 48 sacks and 125 struggled at times to find for 1,735 yards and 10 playing in the first neu-
EMCC completed its tions. We aren’t going tackles for loss. consistency. touchdowns. tral site national champi-
fourth 12-0 season on to change what we do “We were physical and EMCC scored 50 or The Lions also onship game.
Nov. 29, 2018, with a 10-9 and how we do it. It has dominating in the trench- more points in its first received a big lift from The Lions have won
victory against Garden been successful. Players es,” EMCC defensive four games. However, the reserve quarterback Ty- titles in Perkinston; Bi-
City C.C. (Kansas) in the come here to win big coordinator Cliff Collins Lions ended the season Quan Ulmer, who threw loxi; Yuma, Arizona; and
National Junior College games and to play on the said. “That has been the with a 19-14 victory two touchdowns in the Pittsburg, Kansas.
Athletic Association (NJ- next level. We take our goal since my return against Jones College in victory against Jones Col- “It feels good to go out
CAA) National Champi- commitment to them very (prior to the start of the the MACJC State Cham- lege. Both scores went with two championships,”
onship Game. seriously.” 2017 season). We wanted pionship Game and then to Dontario Drummond, Akins said. “We brought
For the Lions, it was EMCC rode the to become the type of the bowl win. Ulmer’s former high the program back to
their fifth national title in nation’s best defense defense that takes every Against Jones College, school teammate, who this level. For the sopho-
the past eight seasons. to another title. Only first down personally. the EMCC defense saved had 857 receiving yards mores, that feels great.”
The 2019 EMCC three times has an Ste- EMCC’s last loss was a the day by forcing six and 11 touchdowns.
squad will begin the sea- phens-coached EMCC 61-38 setback to North- turnovers. In the national Moore was McIntosh’s Scott Walters is a sports
son with a 17-game win- team been held under 20 west Mississippi C.C. title game, Cunningham understudy. He ran for writer for The Dispatch.
ning streak with sights points. It happed twice in the seventh game of scored his team’s only 531 yards and five scores. He can be reached at
set squarely on matching this season. the 2017 season. EMCC touchdown with a strip and “The biggest thing
Butler C.C. (Kansas) and On defense, the Lions regrouped to beat North- score close to the Garden about playing at EMCC Follow him on Twitter @
Northeastern Oklahoma gave up 11.2 points per west Mississippi C.C. City C.C. goal line. is the talent,” Moore dispatchscott.

2018 Schedule
Aug. 30 — East Mississippi
Community College 50,
Hinds C.C. 0
Sept. 6 — EMCC 59,
Pearl River C.C. 14
Sept. 13 — 56, Itawamba
C.C. 26
Sept. 20 — EMCC 54,
Mississippi Delta C.C. 13
Sept. 27 — EMCC 24,
East Central C.C. 21
Oct. 4 — EMCC 34,
Northwest Mississippi C.C. 6
Oct. 13 — EMCC 56,
Holmes C.C. 21
Oct. 18 — EMCC 47,
Coahoma C.C. 0
Oct. 25 — EMCC 26,
Northeast Mississippi C.C. 7
Nov. 3 — EMCC 31,
Copiah-Lincoln C.C. 7 %
Nov. 10 — EMCC 19,
Jones College 14 %
Nov. 29 — EMCC 10,
Garden City C.C. 9 @

% — MACJC Playoffs
@ — NJCAA National

TOP, RIGHT: Former
Starkville High School
standout and East
Mississippi Community
College defensive back
JaQuez Akins looks into
the lens of a
photographer’s camera
prior to the team’s game
against Garden City C.C.
(Kansas) in the National
Junior College Athletic
Association National
Championship Game.
EMCC won 10-9 to secure
its fifth national title.
Derek Livingston/
Special to The Dispatch
6B Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •


No. 16 Kentucky bounces back after recent struggles under Mitchell
By Adam Minichino opener for both teams in Lex- is second on the team with 44 The 2017-18 season was the returning to that form thanks ington, Kentucky. assists. first since 2011-12 that Ken- to what Mitchell said is a “com-
Morris added 14 points for Mitchell said Howard has tucky didn’t have at least three mitment to hustle.” He said the
Matthew Mitchell acknowl- Kentucky (14-1), which turned impacted the Wildcats with her players score in double figures. Wildcats haven’t been perfect
edges the No. 16 Kentucky 29 turnovers into 30 points. The ability to score As a result, Kentucky, which on defense and that he wishes
women’s basketball team isn’t win was the 300th in the career and to pass the has been one of the SEC’s pow- they were better, but he said
perfect. of Mitchell, who is in his 12th ball. ers the last decade, slipped to they have been able to force
But the veteran coach also season at Kentucky. “She is just so 15-17. turnovers and make things hap-
knows a “commitment to hus- big and strong pen.
tle” can mask some of your is- and has great
Low in turnovers Additional help “This is brand new for this
sues. passing ability
Kentucky ranks first in This season, Mitchell said team, so I just really appreci-
It also helps to have the pow- and great vi-
the nation in turnover margin Howard’s presence has helped ate how much they’ve hustled
er of three at your disposal. sion,” Mitchell
Mitchell and tried,” Mitchell said. “That
Mitchell and Kentucky will rely (11.2) and is fourth nationally said. “She makes take some of the pressure off
and first in the SEC in turn- Morris and Murray. doesn’t always mean that it’s
on seniors Maci Morris and some nice plays that I think set
Taylor Murray and freshman overs forced per game (24.2). “It makes such a big differ- perfect, and that is why we keep
us into a good rhythm (against practicing and trying to get bet-
Rhyne Howard at 4 p.m. Sunday The Wildcats are shooting 43.5 Vanderbilt) where we were ence where you don’t have to be
(SEC Network) when it takes percent from the field and 40.2 so perfect every possession,” ter every day. But you’ve got to
able to get some layups early
on No. 7 Mississippi State in a percent from 3-point range. The Mitchell said. “Last year, our stick to your fundamentals and
on when it was still a tight ball
Southeastern Conference game 3-point mark is ninth nationally defense wasn’t very good, so you’ve got to make a full com-
game. I know from her team-
at Humphrey Coliseum. and first in the SEC. Kentucky it put tremendous pressure on mitment to this style of play if
mates it’s fun to play with her
“Maci has got to do a great leads the league and is 17th na- our offense. A lot of the players you want to have any success.”
because she has a great vision
job and play with poise and pa- tionally with 123 3-pointers. on the court and can deliver the who were playing really out- MSU coach Vic Schaefer
tience and not force shots and The addition of Howard, a pass. She can make the cross standing in their role were not has been impressed. On Fri-
make the offense work for her,” 6-foot-2 guard from Cleveland, court pass with great accuracy as good last year. They worked day, he said Kentucky is “un-
Mitchell said. “Rhyne has got Tennessee, has given the Wild- and again I tell you she has so really hard. Jaida Roper is mak- der-ranked” and will present a
to be aggressive and try to get cats a third scorer and expand- many areas where she can im- ing a huge difference. Keke tough test in his team’s home
to the rim as many times as she ed the team’s ability to pressure prove and get better in her un- McKinney makes so many opener.
can, and the same thing with opponents defensively. Howard, derstanding of her game. She plays that show up in the stat “Matthew has his team play-
Taylor. When those three are the 2018 Tennessee Gatorade is an extremely gifted offensive sheet. Everyone is better. It has ing really well, really hard,”
playing aggressive, it opens up Player of the Year, leads the player.” taken more pressure off Maci Schaefer said. “They are forc-
the offense for the rest of us. team in scoring (17.5 points per Mitchell credits Howard’s and she’s very excited because ing 24 turnovers a game. They
When one player has the ball, game) and rebounding (7.1 per mother, Rhvonja “RJ” Avery, she wants to win, and she wants are back to playing the way they
what you’re doing is setting the game). Morris is averaging 15.9 and her family influence for Kentucky to win, and she wants played in years past when they
other four players up, so it’ll be ppg. and has hit a team-best helping her to become such a to be successful, so it’s a big dif- were really good. From what I
really important in this game.” 41 3-pointers, while Murray is polished player at such a young ference from last year.” have seen on film, they’re really
Howard had 16 points and averaging 13.6 ppg. and leads age. She said Howard has a Kentucky’s most successful good.”
a career-high seven assists Kentucky in assists (63) and “great personality, her team- teams have used pressure de- Follow Dispatch sports editor
Thursday in a 77-55 victory steals (55). Junior guard Jaida mates love her, her coaches love fense as their difference-maker. Adam Minichino on Twitter @
against Vanderbilt in the SEC Roper is averaging 8.9 ppg. and her, and she’s fun to be around.” This season, the Wildcats are ctsportseditor

Continued from Page 1B
Schaefer will look for Bulldogs have scored (7-for-11 from the field) think you could be any Danberry said. “It was a MSU is third in the SEC
those three to continue 90 or more points eight recorded her 11th dou- better than you were a good environment, and it behind South Carolina
to play at a high level at times this season. That ble-double of the season year ago. You’re definitely was my last time I proba- (10,945) and Tennessee
4 p.m. Sunday (SEC Net- mark will be put to the as the only other Bulldog different, but you’re really bly will ever get to play in (7,842) in average atten-
work) when No. 7 MSU test by a Kentucky team with double-digit shot at- talented,’ ” Schaefer said. Arkansas again. dance at 7,463. With eight
plays host to No. 16 Ken- that is 14-1 and is first in tempts. Seven MSU play- “If we have a problem, “It was just me having regular-season SEC home
tucky in a SEC game at the nation in turnover ers had six shot attempts if we have a shortcom- fun and playing in front of games remaining, includ-
Humphrey Coliseum. margin (11.2) and fourth or more. ing, if we don’t attain our my family.” ing matchups against
“Jo really got off to a nationally and first in the MSU’s balance is trans- goals, it won’t be on tal- Schaefer said Danber- South Carolina, Tennes-
hot start and played very SEC in turnovers forced lating to productivity. ent. That’s not going to be ry’s ability to get to her see, and Ole Miss, this
well back home,” Schae- per game (24.2). Last season at this point, our issue. … I still think spot never has been an is- could be the first season
fer said of the native of MSU will counter Ken- MSU had three players this team has a lot of area sue. Her ability to get out in program history MSU
Conway, Arkansas. “I was tucky’s defense with bal- in double figures, was to grow. That word grow, in transition, especially ranks as high as No. 2 in
real pleased with Jazz. I ance. With four players averaging 86.4 ppg., and some of it is basketball with Holmes, has aided the league in average at-
thought she ran our team. — McCowan (16.6 points was shooting 47.9 percent and a lot of it not basket- MSU’s knack for scoring tendance. MSU doesn’t
If there is a better point per game), Anriel Howard from the field. This sea- ball. If we fall short, it is quickly and efficiently. figure to be able to surpass
guard from a playing (15.5), Danberry (13.1), son, MSU is setting the not going to be because of “We’re trying to get South Carolina because
standpoint and produc- and Chloe Bibby (11.6) scoring pace nationally our lack of talent.” Jordan in a position on the capacity for Colonial
tion, I would like to know — in double figures, MSU by shooting 51.4 percent Danberry, who trans- the floor where she can Life Arena, the home for
who it is because she is has the lowest difference from the field, which is ferred from Arkansas to do what she does,” Schae- the school’s women’s and
really doing a good job in field goal attempts from fifth nationally. MSU, said she didn’t have fer said. “It is the same men’s basketball teams,
running our team. its top double-digit scorer Schaefer said follow- a point to prove Thursday for Teaira. … We have to is 18,000. The capacity for
“I thought T(eaira) was (Howard, 153) to its low- ing the 2017-18 season against her former team. put kids in a position to MSU’s Humphrey Colise-
really good competing est (Bibby, 126), provided that the 2018-19 team was Instead, she said her per- be successful, and, hope- um has been as high as
every possession, every all four have 100 or more going to be “different.” formance was a reflection fully, that is what we have 10,794, which is the pro-
play both ends of the floor. attempts and all four are He raised that point again of her growing confidence done with all of our play- gram’s all-time best set
That is what you have to in double figures. Friday when he refer- and her development. ers.” against South Carolina on
have from your seniors.” That balance was on enced a conversation with “It was a pretty special NOTE: MSU had a Feb. 5, 2018.
MSU is averaging 92.6 display against Arkansas, a friend following the vic- night to have my family, crowd of 10,242 for its 104- Follow Dispatch sports
points per game, which is as Danberry was 11-for-21 tory against Arkansas. friends, and hometown 36 victory against Lou- editor Adam Minichino on
No. 1 in the nation. The from the field. McCowan “He said, ‘Man, I didn’t come out to the game,” isiana on Dec. 30, 2018. Twitter @ctsportseditor

Continued from Page 1B
resigned as MSU’s head coach head coach. Rife, who joined goalkeeper Rhylee DeCrane. McGillivary, Monigo Karnley, edge the Bulldogs enjoy on
to pursue another coaching the MSU staff in July 2018, Soccer coaches like to say and Hailey Farrington-Bentil most nights.
opportunity. owns more than a decade of formations don’t matter, but — to come to Starkville. Cohen said Friday in the
Anagnost’s decision comes coaching experience, including in MSU’s case the style a new Time is now of the essence. statement that a national
less than a month after Kagan, most recently as the associate coach will bring in will matter. It remains to be seen how search to replace Anagnost
who was associate head coach head coach at Liberty. The Bulldogs tried to possess many players MSU will bring already has started. That
at MSU, was named the new Rife assumes leadership of the ball, but they tended to play in for the 2019 season. While process likely will take place
women’s soccer coach at Ore- a program that looks to have more directly and to use their nearly all of the other SEC this week in Chicago, the site
gon State. plenty of pieces in place. Elev- pressure and hustle to win 50- teams announced some or of the United Soccer Coaches
“This personal decision en of the 13 freshmen listed on 50 balls and wear teams down. all of their additions for the Convention.
has been the biggest and most the 2018 roster are on the ros- Freshman Zakirah McGillivary 2019 campaign, MSU hasn’t. Cohen has a lot to sell.
difficult of my life,” Anagnost ter for the 2019 team. Four of often added a splash of indi- The departure of two coaches Vic Schaefer has shown the
said in a statement released the sophomores from the 2018 vidual brilliance to the mix, at a critical juncture jeopar- school’s women’s basketball
by MSU on Friday morning. team also are on the roster, as especially when she scored dizes MSU’s ability to fill its team can compete for champi-
“Mississippi State is a re- are all four juniors, including the game-winning goal against recruiting needs for the next
onships. Anagnost and Kagan
markable place filled with the MaKayla Waldner, one of the then-No. 13 South Carolina in a few classes. That is even more
proved MSU also can compete
most wonderful people in the team’s top goal scorers. 2-1 overtime victory. That win critical in women’s soccer,
with the nation’s best in wom-
world. I want to personally The ability of the next and a 5-2 victory at Memphis where recruiting has extend-
en’s soccer. In both instances,
thank (Director of Athletics) coach to keep those players were the highlights in a sched- ed several years in advance
John Cohen, (Deputy Athletic in Starkville will be crucial. ule that ranked as the toughest as programs try to gain an MSU has supported those pro-
Director) Jared Benko and Anagnost’s teams had success in the nation. Five one-goal advantage. grams — and every other one
(Senior Associate Athletic due in large part to their ability losses in the SEC prevented Anagnost and Kagan — in their development. The
Director) Jay Logan who have and willingness to work harder MSU from having an even bet- showed you can win at MSU. challenge for Cohen will be to
always been there to serve our than opponents. The Bull- ter season. Those losses also For many years, that point find someone with the energy
program. This young team has dogs weren’t always the more showed the Bulldogs were one was debatable. The Bulldogs and drive to help keep MSU
great kids who are prepared skilled team, but they used of the most competitive teams seemed to have pieces in place women’s soccer at its current
to win in the SEC. I know the their depth — particularly this in arguably one of the nation’s but never could get over the level and to push it even higher.
next head coach here will be an season — and high pressure strongest leagues. proverbial hump. The con-
incredibly fortunate person.” to force teams into mistakes Credit Anagnost and Kagan struction of the MSU Soccer Adam Minichino is sports
Anagnost didn’t return a and to dictate the tempo. As a for instilling a new attitude Clubhouse at the MSU Soccer editor of The Dispatch. He can
phone call Friday for comment. result, MSU had eight shut- in the program. They also Field has helped complete the be reached at aminichino@
Assistant coach Josh Rife outs thanks in part to a strong deserve praise for attracting facility. Strong home crowds Follow him on
will serve as MSU’s interim defense that included redshirt and identifying talent — like have added to the home-field Twitter @ctsportseditor.

Continued from Page 1B
the 31st overall pick in the NCAA tournament. She feels she grew to be Anagnost resigned Fri- To Anagnost’s point, with a professional club.
fourth round. “I still get so excited “much stronger and com- day as MSU’s coach to Mauldin said “my lead- Mauldin said she
Mauldin, a 5-foot-5 thinking about how I was posed” on the ball and pursue another coaching ership and my accuracy hasn’t talked with any
midfielder from Laurel, part of a history-making that she had a “better un- opportunity. He didn’t re- of passes” were her two coaches or general man-
hopes to add her name to team,” Mauldin said. derstanding” of the game. turn a message Friday. biggest areas of growth. agers from NWSL teams.
the list after a senior sea- Mauldin still has that “I’m not ready to give “Carly is ultra-commit- She credits her parents, She said she will try to
son in which she earned same excitement for soc- up the sport, and I feel like ted in her preparations Lance and Stacie, for in- play overseas if she isn’t
second-team All-South- cer, which is why she said I am too close to give up,” and training and has re- stilling in her a work ethic able to work out some-
eastern Conference hon- she wants to keep playing. said Mauldin, who started ally improved,” Anagnost that always made her one thing in the United States.
ors. She was fourth on the Since the season ended, every match at MSU. said earlier this season. of the hardest driving “I’m more anxious than
team in minutes (1,568) she said she has been Tom Anagnost, who “Carly is the heart and players on the field. She anything,” Mauldin said.
and had four goals and doing a workout program coached Mauldin the soul of the team. She has hopes that quality will “They only select a few.”
one assist (nine points) to provided by her strength last two seasons, always a very high standard for serve her well next week, Follow Dispatch sports
help lead MSU (9-7-2) to coach and getting plen- praised his midfielder herself teammates and is or in the future when she editor Adam Minichino on
its first appearance in the ty of touches on the ball. when asked about her. our leader on the field.” tries to win a roster spot Twitter @ctsportseditor
The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 7B

Area obituaries
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH Francis Prisock of Azucena Ceniza Ares Jr. and Engr Ale-
OBITUARY POLICY Starkville; brothers, nadel Ares.
Obituaries with basic informa- COLUMBUS —
tion including visitation and
Thomas Coleman of Azucena A.A. Ceniza, She is survived by
service times, are provided Starkville, Grady Cole- 84, died Jan. 4, 2019, at her children, Antolin
free of charge. Extended obit- man and Alfred Cole- Baptist Memorial Hos- Ceniza Jr. of United
uaries with a photograph, de- man, both of Sturgis; pital-Golden Triangle. Arab Emirates, Alan
tailed biographical information five grandchildren and Services are 4 p.m. Ceniza of London,
and other details families may nine great-grandchil- today at the Immacu- United Kingdom,
wish to include, are available
dren. late Conception Cath- Adonis Ceniza of
for a fee. Obituaries must be
submitted through funeral Pallbearers will be olic Church with Ben Chicago, Maria Azuce-
homes unless the deceased’s Tim Horner, William Nguyen officiating. na Simene and Maria
body has been donated to sci- Malone, Billy Harris, Visitation is today two Iris Bautista, both of
ence. If the deceased’s body Cliff Stafford, Jimmy hours prior to service Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,
was donated to science, the Nolan and Chris Pur- at the church. Robin- Maria Jasmin Sheward
family must provide official of Columbus, Arn
proof of death. Please submit
nell. son Funeral Home of
all obituaries on the form pro- Memorials may be West Point is entrusted Antolin Ceniza III of
vided by The Commercial Dis- made to Michael J. Fox with arrangements. Dublin, Ireland, Maria
patch. Free notices must be Foundation Parkinson’s Mrs. Ceniza was Forsythia Evangelista
submitted to the newspaper Ressearch, P.O. Box born in Catmon, Cebu, of Mena, Arkansas,
no later than 3 p.m. the day 5014, Hagerstown, MD Philippines, to the late Maria Dahlia Salutillo,
prior for publication Tuesday Maria Aurora Ma-
through Friday; no later than 4
21741-5014. Col Julian Ares Sr. and
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday Concordia Arcenas natad, Felix Aaron
edition; and no later than Yulanda Hargrove Ares. She was for- Ceniza and Maria
7:30 a.m. for the Monday edi- AUSTIN, Texas — merly employed as a Rubia Bacolod, all of
tion. Incomplete notices must
Yulanda Hargrove, 41, nurse, bank president the Philippines; broth-
be received no later than 7:30
died Dec. 25, 2018. and politician; and she ers, Arthur Mayol,
a.m. for the Monday through
Services are 11 a.m. was a member of the Raul Mayol, Jerome
Friday editions. Paid notices
Monday at Antioch Rural Improvement Mayol and Abner
must be finalized by 3 p.m. for
inclusion the next day Monday M.B. Church in Co- Club, past president of Antonio Mayol; sisters,
the Philippine Nurs- Charito Sucalit and
through Thursday; and on lumbus with Kenny

Margaret Anne Scutella
Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday es Association and Gilda Alfaro; and 30
Bridges officiating.
and Monday publication. For Zamboanga Del Sur grandchildren and six
Burial will follow at
more information, call 662- Chapter. great-grandchildren.
328-2471. Union Cemetery in Margaret Anne Scutella, 83, loving and loyal
In addition to her Memorials may be
Columbus. Visitation is wife, mother and grandmother, passed away, at
parents, she was made to St. Jude Chil-
Monday one hour prior
Eric McGarrh at the church. preceded in death dren’s Research Hos- her residence on January 4, 2019.
ABERDEEN — Eric by husband, Antolin pital, P.O. Box 1000, Visitation will be held at Memorial Gunter
Ms. Hargrove was Peel Funeral Home, College Street location in
Wayne “Magoo” Mc- O. Ceniza; daughter, Dept. 142, Memphis,
born Jan. 23, 1977, in Columbus, from 12:00-2:00 PM Sunday, January
Garrh, 35, died Jan. 3, Maria Xenia C. Chan; TN 38105.
Columbus to Kathlyn 6, 2019. Services will follow at the funeral home
2019, at his residence. brothers, Col Julian See Obituaries, 8B
Smith and the late chapel with Bro. Chris Rutledge of Lighthouse
Services are 2 p.m.
Michael Dent. Yulanda Baptist Church officiating.
today at Tisdale-Lann It’s no secret people don’t want to think
was employed as a mas- Mrs. Scutella was born on June 27, 1935, in
Memorial Funeral about preplanning their funeral.
sage therapist Blakely, Georgia, to the late Nesby and Carrie
Home in Aberdeen So isn’t it better to be prepared?
with Stanley Blaylock, In addition to her Williams Freeman. She was a devoted Christian,
mother, she is survived We are your funeral preplanning never wavering her faith or strength and telling
Malcolm Tidwell and
by her children, Kerrie specialist. Preplanning doesn’t her testimony until our Heavenly Father called
Tony Rooks officiating.
Turner and Jaemin have to be a painful experience. his faithful servant home. She was a member of
Burial will be at Easter
Cemetery. Visitation King, both of Austin; We promise. Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbus, MS.
was Saturday at the and brother, Cameron When Caring Counts... In addition to her parents, she was preceded
funeral home. Lang of Columbus. 1131 N. Lehmberg Rd. in death by her husband of 47 years, Philip T.
Mr. McGarrh was
Columbus, MS 39702 Scutella; brothers, Hildred Freeman and Nes-
(662) 328-1808
born July 21, 1983, in FUNERAL HOME by Freeman, Jr.; sisters, Frances Mitchell and
Columbus to Bernice
Ruenell Hagein; and great-granddaughter, Ever-
McGarrh Jr. of Gatt- ly Reeves.

Van Lee Hunley, Jr.
man and the late Shelia Survivors include her five daughters, Lisa
Bailey McGarrh. He Frigault of Florida, Sheree Brannon (Richard)
was a lifelong resident of Alabama, Melanie Scutella (Danny) of Ala-
Van Lee Hunley, Jr., 59, died Tuesday, January bama, Michell Tice (Kenny) of Columbus, Car-
of Monroe County. Eric 1, 2019, at University of Mississippi Medical Cen-
was employed in the rie Reeves (Royce) of Columbus; grandchildren,
ter in Jackson, MS. Ashley Davis (Wayne) of Texas, Philip Tice of
upholstery business for Funeral services will be held Monday, Janu-
United Furniture. Columbus, Hillary Reeves of Columbus and Josh-
ary 7, 2019 at 2:00 pm at Memorial Gunter Peel ua Reeves of Columbus; great-grandchildren,
In addition to his fa- Funeral Home & Crematory, 2nd Ave. North
ther, he is survived by Margaret Scutella Brandi Davis and Thomas Reeves; and niece,
Chapel. Burial will immediately follow at Rowan Dale Dermitt (Ken) of Florida.
his daughter, Daphne Visitation:
Sunday, Jan. 6 • 12-2 PM
Cemetery in Steens, MS. Visitation will be held Pallbearers will be Richard Brannon, Kenny
McGarrh of Amory; Memorial Gunter Peel at Memorial Gunter Peel Funeral Home & Cre-
sister, Nikki McGarrh Funeral Home
Tice, Philip Tice, Joshua Reeves, Duane Perkins
College St. Location
matory, 2nd Ave. North location on Sunday, Janu- and Joshua Tedford.
of Gattman; and broth- Services: ary 6, 2019 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.
er, Andy McGarrh of Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s
Sunday, Jan. 6 • 2 PM Mr. Hunley was born on March 19, 1959, in Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis,
Pontotoc. Memorial Gunter Peel
Charleston, SC, to the late Van Lee and Deanna
Pallbearers are Funeral Home TN 38101.
College St. Location Cline Hunley, Sr. He was a graduate of Caledonia
Thomas Poe, Lou Burial High School and MUW Nursing School.
Jackson, Johnny Ham- Egger Cemetery
In addition to his parents, he was preceded in
ilton, Billy Hamilton, death by his son, Van Lee Hunley, III.
Dell Lackie and James Van Hunley, Jr.
Visitation: Survivors include his wife, Irene Elizabeth
Moses. Hunley of Caledonia, MS; two daughters, Lyd- Sign the online guest book at
Sunday, Jan. 6 • 3-5 PM
Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
ia Gonzales and her husband, Rey and Sarah
903 College Street • Columbus, MS
Shirley Griffin 2nd Ave. North Location
Haynes and her husband, Robbie of Caledonia,
WEST POINT — MS; two sons, Miles Hunley and his wife, Sa-
Monday, Jan. 7 • 2 PM

Billy Gene Bailey
Shirley Faye Coleman Memorial Gunter Peel brina and Jared Hunley and his wife, Casey of
Griffin, 82, died Jan. 3, Funeral Home Columbus, MS; sisters, Denise Sibley and her
2nd Ave. North Location
2019, at Baptist Memo- Burial husband, Parrish of Columbus, MS and Roberta
rial Hospital-Golden Rowan Cemetery Brock and her husband, Ricky of Caledonia, MS; Billy Gene Bailey, 85, passed away on Janu-
Steens brother, Albert Hunley and his wife, Elizabeth of
Triangle. ary 02, 2019, at North Mississippi Medical Cen-
Services are 3 p.m. Carolyn McElroy Caledonia, MS; and 12 grandchildren. ter-Hospice, in Tupelo.
Sunday at Riverside Incomplete Pallbearers will be Miles Hunley, Jared Hun- Visitation was Saturday January 05, 2019, from
Baptist Church with Memorial Gunter Peel ley, Albert Hunley, Jr., Robery Haynes, Rey Gon- 10:30-12:00 PM, at First Christian Church, 815
Funeral Home zales and Jessie Gonzales.
the Rev. Jim Sallee College St. Location McCrary Rd., Columbus, MS. A Memorial Ser-
officiating. Burial will vice will immediately follow at 12:00 PM with
follow at Memorial Gar- Bro. Jerry Mitchell and Bro. Larry Ferguson of-
den Cemetery in West ficiating. Lowndes Funeral Home and Crematory
Point. Visitation is two of Columbus is entrusted with arrangements.
Sign the online guest book at
hours prior to services Mr. Bailey was born March 16, 1933, in Me-
at the church. Calvert ridian, MS, to the late William Henderson and
Funeral Home of West 716 Second Avenue North • Columbus, MS
Bobbie Etta Davidson Bailey. He was very proud
Point is entrusted with of his 50+ year career with Caterpillar/Thomp-
arrangements. son Machine, where he worked primarily as a
Mrs. Griffin was Parts Manager. He was a longtime member and
born July 29, 1936, served as a Deacon at First Christian Church.
in the Craig Springs He loved the outdoors, where he enjoyed hunt-
Community of Oktib- ing and fishing. He also enjoyed bowling, was a
beha County, to the talented woodworker and a proud supporter of
late Burry and Bessie his beloved MS State Bull-DAWGS. Known by
Lee Eskridge Cole- his family as the “Best Man in the Whole World”,
man. She was a 1957 he loved his family beyond compare. He was a
graduate of Sturgis wonderful example of honesty and always led the
High School and was way for his family, not just in words, but in action.
formerly employed as Always teaching others to do the right thing,
a telephone operator even if no one was watching. Known by some as
with Bell South and as “Papaw” and others as “Grandpaw”, he will be
a bookeeper with Spot truly missed by a host of loving family.
Cash Tire in Starkville. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in
Shirley was a charter death by two daughters, Lisa Ingold and Dena
member of Riverside Young; and one granddaughter, Tiffany Vaughn.
Baptist Church. Mr. Bailey is survived by his wife of nearly 50
In addition to her years, Patricia Bailey; sons, Faron Gene (Kellie)
parents, she was pre- Bailey of Amory, MS, Wendell (Dorothy) Bailey
ceded in death by her of St. Louis, MO and Brian Black of Columbus;
husband, Reese Earl daughters, Crystal Ann Vaughn of Smithville,
Griffin; and sisters, MS and Wendy Guyton of Ethelsville, AL; 10
Carlene Elrod and Pau- grandchildren; and a host of great-grandchil-
line Green. dren, as well as great-great-grandchildren.
She is survived by In lieu of flowers, the family asks that memo-
her daughter, Carol rials be made to First Christian Church, 815 Mc-
Haywood of Macon; Crary Road, Columbus, MS 39702.
sons, Gaylon Seawright
of Madison, Alabama, Compliments of
and Darryl Seawright Lowndes Funeral Home
of Batavia, Ohio; sister,
8B Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: National Championship Game — No. 1 Alabama versus No. 2 Clemson

Future draft picks dominate defensive lines for both heavyweights
By R ALPH D. RUSSO including six from Alabama. Go beyond the defensive He embarrassed Oklahoma’s year,” Miller said.
The Associated Press Two more from Clemson who lines and more than 20 players O-line. That’s the best offen- The 340-pound Lawrence
played in that game — defen- from Alabama and Clemson sive line in college football,” was suspended by the NCA A
Quality defensive linemen sive tackle Christian Wilkins could be selected in the next said Miller, who compared the for the playoff after failing a
are just about the toughest find and end Austin Bryant — will draft, depending on how many 295-pound Williams to Phila- test for performance-enhanc-
in football. be picked in April. juniors declare. delphia Eagles star Fletcher ing drugs. The junior has said
“Well, I do think that most
Wilkins and Bryant are part Miller said for Clemson Cox and Chris Jones of the he does not know how traces of
people would agree, whether
of a group of 10 edge rushers he has first-round grades on Kansas City Chiefs. ostarine showed up in a urine
it’s the NFL draft or trying
and interior defensive linemen Wilkins, defensive end Clelin Alabama senior Isaiah sample and denies taking any-
to find guys and recruit guys
who will be at Levi’s Stadium Ferrell, suspended defensive Buggs has had a breakout se- thing intentionally. He faces
when they’re in high school
in Santa Clara, California, for tackle Dexter Lawrence and nior year with 9½ sacks and a one-year suspension, but
that have the size and athleti-
Monday night’s national cham- cornerback Trayvon Mullen. could slide into the second seemed likely to be an early en-
cism to be effective in terms of
their power, ability to strike, as pionship game who are likely On the Alabama side, Wil- round. Anfernee Jennings (6-3 trant for the draft even before
well as athletic enough to pass to be selected in the NFL draft liams is one of five players with and 266 pounds) and Christian the ban.
rush,” Alabama coach Nick Sa- this year. first-round grades, along with Miller (6-4 and 244) are listed The failed drug test could
ban said. “I think it’s even more “The fact that we could have defensive end Raekwon Davis, as linebackers in Alabama’s 3-4 affect Lawrence’s draft stock,
difficult now with sort of the three to four maybe five first- offensive tackle Jonah Wil- defense, but are first and fore- but his combo of size and
spread because there’s more round picks off two defensive liams, safety Deionte Thomp- most pass rushers who could quickness are rare. The only
loose plays, plays in space, lines, that just doesn’t happen,” son and linebacker Mack Wil- be second- or third-rounders drawback, Miller said, is play-
where it requires guys to be said Matt Miller, a draft analyst son. Tight end Irv Smith Jr. is Clemson’s defensive line ers such as Lawrence are be-
able to run and play in space.” for Bleacher Report. “Alabama border-line first round. came into the season with a ton coming part-timers as NFL
No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 has three starters who are go- Quinnen Williams was a of hype after Wilkins, Bryant offense’s play more like college
Clemson belie conventional ing to be top 75 picks. The top- rotational player last season, and Ferrell all bypassed the offenses.
wisdom — which helps explain end talent for ‘Bama is crazy. playing behind first-round chance to go to the NFL after “Not every team is going
why the Crimson Tide and Ti- Then you have Clemson, where draft pick Daron Payne. Davis 2017. Ferrell, an explosive pass to have a role for him,” Miller
gers are playing in the College all four starters and the top re- was expected to be the star of rusher, has the most NFL up- said.
Football Playoff for the fourth serve are going to be drafted. this season’s Alabama defen- side. Bryant is productive player
straight season and third time It’s great recruiting. It’s great sive line. Instead, Williams, a The 315-pound Wilkins, with good size who projects
in the national championship development. The really aced it third-year sophomore, has put a four-year starter who has as a second- or third-rounder.
game. with these groups.” together one of the most domi- played both end and tackle, And Albert Huggins, a senior
The 2015 title game between Alabama defensive tackle nant performances for a defen- has improved as a pass rusher who stepped in to start for
the Tide and Tigers featured Quinnen Williams is a contend- sive lineman in recent memory. which bodes well for him going Lawrence in the Cotton Bowl,
10 defensive linemen who er to be the first overall pick, “A guy who can stop the run, in the first-round. is athletic enough to possibly
were drafted from 2016-18, held by the Arizona Cardinals. who can rush the quarterback. “He does look quicker this be a late-rounder.

Alabama-Clemson follow long list of sports rivalries
By JOSH DUBOW son’s Dabo Sweeney got Kehres as head coach, but 2003 Australian Open, in two straight AFC title then traded dominance in
The Associated Press his first championship a Whitewater won those winning the first of her games on the way to Su- the Western Conference
year later. The Tide won two meetings as well. two career Serena Slams. per Bowl wins. The run with four straight meet-
SANTA CLARA, Ca- in the semifinals last sea- “You’re certainly more The sisters have met 30 ended with Oakland win- ings in 2001-04 between
lif. — LeBron vs. Steph in son and now the teams prepared for the fact times in all on the court, ning 24-7 in the 1976 AFC teams featuring Shaquille
the spring, Dabo vs. Nick are set to meet again. that you may play them with Serena winning 18, championship on the way O’Neal and Kobe Bryant
in the winter. “There are going to based on the fact that including seven of nine to the Raiders’ first Super in Los Angeles and Tim
As much as Cleveland be a lot of similarities as you have played them so meetings in slam finals. Bowl win. Duncan in San Antonio.
and Golden State be- far as the blueprint of many times,” Vince Keh-
came annual opponents the game plan because res said. “As soon as you
in the NBA Finals before the head coaches are the know it’s a done deal that
Gridiron greats Kings of the court Queens of the court
James left the Cavaliers Few rivalries were There have been sever- Connecticut and Notre
same,” said Mount Union game plan is already kind
last summer to join the as heated as the one be- al NBA rivalries that fea- Dame have been the dom-
coach Vince Kehres. of set. Then you’re just
Los Angeles Lakers af- tween the Pittsburgh tured four straight playoff inant powers in women’s
If anyone knows what tweaking as you get those
ter losing the title for the Steelers and Oakland meetings, including when college basketball this de-
Alabama and Clemson are tapes and you look at the
third time in four years to Raiders in the 1970s. The Bill Russell’s Celtics took cade with the rivalry that
going through this week most recent days.”
Curry and the Warriors, games were physical, three out of four Eastern began when both were in
it would be the staffs that Here are some other
Clemson and Alabama memorable and often im- Conference finals from the Big East. The Irish
were at Mount Union and noteworthy matchups
have squared off in the pacted the championship. Wilt Chamberlain and the won semifinal matchups
W isconsin -W hitewater that happened in four
winter to help determine It got so intense that Pitts- 76ers from 1965-68. in 2011 and ‘12 before
when they played for the straight postseasons from
college football’s champi- burgh coach Chuck Noll The Knicks and Bulls Geno Auriemma and the
Division III championship around the sports world:
on. referred to Raiders safety squared off each year Huskies got revenge with
seven straight years from
The Tigers are set to George Atkinson as part from 1991-94 with Mi- three straight wins from
square off against the Kehres was defensive Sibling rivalry of the “criminal element” chael Jordan and Chicago 2013-15. The last two
came in the title game.
Crimson Tide for the coordinator under his fa- While it doesn’t quite in football, leading to an taking the first three and
fourth straight year in the ther, Larry, during that count as postseason unsuccessful defamation Patrick Ewing and New
College Football Playoff run when Mount Union matchups, Venus and Ser- suit. York winning the fourth Soccer powerhouses
in Monday night’s title won the first two meet- ena Williams squared off The teams played in when Jordan was playing Spanish soccer rivals
game. While most of the ings and three of the first for the title at four straight five straight postseasons baseball. Real Madrid and Atlet-
players have changed four. Whitewater then tennis majors starting starting with the most The Knicks went to the ico Madrid squared off
since Alabama won the took the next three titles with the 2002 French memorable one in 1972 limit four straight times for four straight years in
first meeting for the before Mount Union beat Open that Serena won in when Franco Harris’ 60- against Miami starting the knockout stage of the
championship in January St. Thomas of Minnesota straight sets for her sec- yard TD on the Immac- in 1997, with the Knicks Champions League. Ron-
2016, the coaches have re- in 2012. ond career grand slam ulate Reception led the winning three of the se- aldo and Real Madrid won
mained the same. The Raiders then re- title. Serena followed that Steelers to a 13-7 win. ries that featured fights, each time, including the
Alabama’s Nick Saban sumed the rivalry with by beating her big sister The Raiders got revenge suspensions and plenty of finals in 2014 and ‘16, the
won the championship Whitewater the following in the final at Wimbledon, the following year before bad blood. quarterfinals in 2015 and
the first year before Clem- year with the younger the U.S. Open and the Pittsburgh beat Oakland The Lakers and Spurs the semifinals in 2017.

Continued from Page 7B

Gary Chain James Prestridge Skelton Funeral Home He was a veteran of the ceded in death by his Prestridge; son, James
COLUMBUS — CARROLLTON, Ala. of Reform, Alabama, is U.S. Army and served brothers, Elmer Pre- Michael Prestridge;
entrusted with ar- in the Vietnam War. stridge Jr. and Verdell daughter, Crystal Pre-
Gary L. Chain died Jan. — James Thomas Pre-
rangements. James was formerly Prestridge; sisters, stridge Oversen; step-
5, 2019, at his residence. stridge, 69, died Dec. Mr. Prestridge was employed with Ruan Adell Prestridge, Joyce daughters, Dana El-
Arrangements are 30, 2018, at Baptist born July 20, 1949, in Trucking and was a Prestridge Horn and more, Cynthia White,
incomplete and will be Medical Center. Slaughter, to the late member of the Assem- Janice Prestridge Kimberly Warren and
announced by Lown- Visitation is Mon- Elmer Leslie Pre- bly of God Church. Smith. Margaret Mosley; 13
des Funeral Home of day from 6-8 p.m. at stridge Sr. and Nelda In addition to his He is survived by grandchildren and 11
Columbus. Skelton Funeral Home. Faye Powell Prestridge. parents, he was pre- his wife, Nancy Ming great-grandchildren.
Jan Swoope: 328-2471 C


A year on ‘The Trace’

Local photographers help document the historic route

All Parkway photographs by Bob or Pat Boisseau/Sherwood Photography


n their careers, Bob and Pat Bois-
seau of Sherwood Photography
in Columbus have photographed
hundreds, if not thousands, of
weddings, senior portraits, chil-
dren, family reunions and just about
everything else in between. This
past year, however, they took on an
assignment of a different kind when
they became official photographers
of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Their
mission? To travel the 444-mile
recreational road that touches three
states — Mississippi, Alabama and
Tennessee — and capture images
of scenic spots, wildlife and people
enjoying themselves. The photo-
graphs could end up in brochures,
billboards, on social media or in
other promotional material, as well
as in Parkway visitor centers. Their
time frame? One year.
The Boisseaus were selected for
the project after going through a
rigorous process. Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
See Trace, 6C Bob and Pat Boisseau of Sherwood Photography in Columbus.
2C Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 The Dispatch •


Courtesy photo

Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 12-13
Golden Triangle Kennel Club show — The Mississippi Horse Park,
869 E. Poor House Road, Starkville, hosts this GTKC competition for canines, with
conformation, obedience and rally trials, from about 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. each day.
Free admission. Visit or check their Facebook page.

Friday, Jan. 11 Monday, Jan. 21
Pageant night — The Miss Starkville/ Day of Giving — Following an 8 a.m.
Red Hills/Golden Triangle pageant begins breakfast at Trotter Convention Center in
at 6 p.m. at Starkville High School, an Columbus, volunteers will distribute school
official preliminary to the Miss Mississippi supplies to teachers to help finish the
pageant. For information, contact Angella school year, sponsored by Visit Columbus,
Baker, 662-617-3239 or email marb2006@ City of Columbus, Board of Supervisors, Sodexo, United Way of Lowndes County and
The W. To volunteer, email volunteer@uwlc-
Saturday and Sunday, or call 662-328-0943. To register
for the free breakfast, visit
Courtesy photo Jan. 12-13
Five generations of the same family were represented at a New Year’s Day gathering Golden Triangle Kennel Club
in Columbus. Beatrice Eads, seated, holds her great-great grandson Owen Griggs. show — See details at top of calendar.
Thursday, Jan. 24
Standing behind Eads, from left, are her great-granddaughter Taylor Williamson Exhibit reception — The Starkville
Griggs, Owen’s mother; grandson Andy Williamson; and daughter Brenda Eads Wil- Area Arts Council hosts a free reception at
liamson. All live in Columbus, except the Griggs, who reside in Vincent, Alabama. Saturday, Jan. 13 5:30 p.m. in The Partnership lobby, 200
E. Main St., Starkville, for “Endangered
Exhibit opening — The West Point/
Clay County Arts Council hosts a reception Mississippi.” MSU architecture students
from 2-3 p.m. to open a Tommie Valentine explore small homes and large plantation
exhibit at the Louise Campbell Center for stables in need of revitalization.
the Arts, 235 Commerce St., West Point.

Does the new year signal
Jan. 25-March 8
Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibi-
Friday, Jan. 18 tion — This traveling interactive exhibit

need for a life change?
Memphis Jones — The Columbus at the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
Arts Council presents Memphis Jones & Transportation Museum, 318 Seventh St.
The City Limits from BB King’s Blues Club N., Columbus, explores how water affects
at 7:30 p.m. in the Rosenzweig Arts Center the way we live, work, worship, create and
Omnova Theater, 501 Main St.. Advance play, and how to sustain this resource for
SPECIAL TO THE DISPATCH success. If something is bothering you tickets CAC members are $15/$17 at the the future. A Main Street exhibition made
from your past, make it a goal to bring door. Non-members, $20/$22. Get tickets

at or call 662-328-2787 possible by the Mississippi Humanities
ypical New Year’s goals and res- closure to it this year. If you are wor- Council. For more information, call 662-
olutions tend to revolve around ried about the future, realize that some (closed Mondays).
exercising more, eating less or things are out of your control and that
cleaning out the closets. But a thought- making good choices and living in the Saturday, Jan. 19 Tuesday, Jan. 29
ful look sometimes indicates more may present will help lead to a better future. Symphony orchestra — The
be called for. n You are living for other people: Starkville-MSU Symphony Orchestra pres- GSDP annual banquet — The
Vinay Saranga M.D. is a psychiatrist One of the biggest indicators that it is ents “Our America” at 7:30 p.m. in MSU’s Greater Starkville Development Partnership
Lee Hall. Celebrate both new and histor- hosts its annual banquet at The Mill at
and founder of Saranga Comprehensive time to make a change in your life is 6:30 p.m. For information or tickets, visit
ic works of American music. Free. Visit
Psychiatry in Apex, North Carolina. He when you are living for other people and
offers seven signs that may indicate oth- not yourself. This is more common than
er life changes should be considered. you think. Make it a goal this year to let
n You are always thinking of what go of the approval of other people. Ask
could be: If you constantly find yourself yourself: what do I really want for my
thinking how life could be better or life? What will really make me happy?
about things you wish you could do but Follow your heart and don’t worry about
aren’t able to right now, this is a sign other people. If they truly love you and
you need to make a life change. It’s one care about you, they will support your
thing to think about things you would goals and dreams.
like to do; however, it’s something n Nothing feels genuine: Some peo-
very different when you catch yourself ple just kind of fell into their life path by
obsessing about these things, becom- accident and have never been able to es-
ing depressed because you can’t do cape. Although things might not be all
these things right now and it just totally that bad, life just doesn’t feel authentic
consumes you. You need to sit down and and genuine. You know deep down what
have an honest discussion with yourself it is you want to be doing, and it’s time
and figure out what changes you need to sit down with yourself and figure out
to make to move closer to being able to how you can move closer to doing these
do these things. things.
n You are “the glass is half empty” n Every little thing bothers you: We
person: If you always find yourself are all bothered by certain things from
thinking the worst, expecting things to time to time, but does it ever feel like
go wrong, not believing you are worthy every little thing bothers you, especially
of great things in life, then you need things that shouldn’t? This could be as
to make a change in your life. You can simple as needing to lighten up and find
start by reading some self-help and per- more joy in life to more serious mental
sonal development books on self-esteem health conditions like depression. Start
and confidence. Try getting around practicing mindfulness and trying to
more people who have an optimistic change your reactions. If this doesn’t
attitude. If that doesn’t work, consider help, seek help through a mental health
counseling or seeking out help from professional.
a trained therapist or mental health n You constantly feel anxious and
professional. depressed: Any symptoms of anxiety
n Not living life in the present: Some and depression should always be taken
people are stuck living life in the past seriously, even if they seem minor. We
or are always trying to figure out the all experience occasional anxiety and
future. We all think about the past and feel blue from time to time, but if it
future from time to time, but never doesn’t go away, this is could be a sign
spending anytime in the present mo- of an anxiety disorder or depression.
ment is unhealthy and holds you back Reach out to a mental health profession-
from growth, fulfillment and personal al and get help.

Jan. 8 – Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum (306 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo) cele-
brates Elvis’ 84th birthday at 1 p.m. with cake and refreshments. 662-841-1245.

– Elvis Presley Showcase and Karaoke Contest, Link Centre, Tupelo; 6:30 p.m.

Jan. 18-Feb. 17 – “Twelve Angry Men” (theatrical production), Ford Center, Oxford.

Jan. 29 – Ballet Hispanico, Riley Center, Meridian. 601-696-2200, msurileycenter.

Feb. 7 – Aquila Theatre’s “Frankenstein,” Riley Center, Meridian. 601-696-2200,

Go on a great trip?
Send us your favorite vacation photo!
The Dispatch • Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 3C

Worth the drive

Rainwater offers ‘Wonders of the Winter Stars’ Friday
SPECIAL TO THE DISPATCH retired science teacher who
is a lifelong amateur astrono-

ainwater Observatory in mer. He has been doing public
French Camp will offer outreach at Rainwater Obser-
a free program for the vatory since 1990. He also
winter season called “Wonder does outreach at local schools
of the Winter Stars” on Friday, and nature centers. Prior to
Jan. 11. The 7 p.m. event will this, he worked at planetar-
be led by teacher and astrono- iums and nature centers in
mer David Teske. It is spon- northern Minnesota. Teske
sored by a grant from 4-Coun- contributes his solar and lunar
ty Electric Foundation. observations to the American
“This fascinating, educa- Association of Variable Star
tional and entertaining pre- Observers and the American
sentation explores the beauty, Lunar and Planetary Observ- Courtesy photo
science and mythology of ers. Free programs at Rainwater Observatory in French Camp include observing sessions with the obser-
the winter stars and constel- After the presentation, vatory’s powerful telescopes, weather permitting.
lations,” said Observatory weather permitting, an ob-
Director Edwin Faughn. serving session will be held Planetarium is located one hour from Columbus. Come Observatory at 662-547-7283
Teske has won various using some of Rainwater’s col- mile east of the Natchez Trace early and enjoy Steak Night or info@rainwaterobservatory.
teaching awards including lection of powerful telescopes. Parkway off Mississippi High- at the Council House Cafe, org.
teacher of the year from The planetarium can be used way 413, near the village of another support ministry of Sign up for the observato-
schools at the Air Force if the outdoor observing is French Camp in Mississippi. French Camp Academy. ry’s free e-newsletter on the
Association and has been clouded out. It is about a 40-minute drive For more information, homepage at rainwaterobser-
recognized by NASA. He is a Rainwater Observatory and from Starkville, and about an contact Faughn at Rainwater

Survey finds U.S. consumers Military brief
Tolley graduates

prefer to use credit cards
U.S. Air Force Airman Hayden Tolley
graduated from basic military training
at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in
San Antonio, Texas.
The airman completed an intensive,
eight-week program that included train-
SPECIAL TO THE DISPATCH Debit cards, however, are findings from Mercator credit cards and store credit ing in military discipline and studies,
often preferred for small Advisory Group’s Custom- cards, and consumers’ Air Force core values, physical fitness,
BOSTON, purchases and everyday erMonitor Survey Series notice of and reaction to and basic warfare principles and skills.
Massachusetts — in-store spending such online panel of 3,002 U.S. merchant rules for credit Airmen who complete basic training

he most recent as groceries. But when adult consumers surveyed card use and interest in mo- also earn four credits toward an asso-
Insight Summary consumers were asked to in June 2018. The study bile-based account controls. ciate in applied science degree through
the Community College of the Air Force.
Report from Mercator choose their single most examines the demographic “In 2018, credit cards re- Tolley is the son of Denise and
Advisory Group’s biannual preferred payment type in distribution of credit card wards and online shopping James Bissell of San Antonio and Carl
CustomerMonitor Survey stores, 36 percent prefer use in the United States, appear to be driving stron- Tolley of Mobile, Alabama.
Series, titled U.S. Con- credit cards and 33 percent use of co-branded credit ger use of general purpose He is a 2013 graduate of Biloxi
sumers and Credit: Rising prefer debit, the top two or charge card programs network branded credit High School. He earned a bachelor’s
degree in 2017 from Mississippi State
Usage, reveals that 62 payment types, followed by type, changing patterns cards, especially since three University.
percent of U.S. households by 18 percent who prefer of credit card use relative in 10 credit cardholders say
used credit cards in 2018, using cash. Surprisingly, to other payment types, they use premium credit
up from 60 percent of U.S. the preference for cash credit card payment habits, cards that have an annual
households in 2017. Rising remains strong, particularly and self-assessed credit fee. Consumers recognize
use of online shopping ap- among Gen Z young adults history, as well as notice of the security that credit
pears to make credit cards
more attractive, as the sur-
aged 18 to 24 who, since the and reaction to merchant cards offer particularly on-
line. When it comes to fraud
Send in your
CARD Act of 2009, are less steering practices, usage
vey also finds that U.S. con- likely than older adults to of peer-to-peer lenders by and disputed charges, it’s News About Town event.
sumers are now more likely use credit cards. This study brand and reasons for use, easier to deal with when the
to prefer using credit cards also finds that consumers consumer experience of money is borrowed from the email:
rather than debit cards or
any other payment type at
using credit cards are more
likely than ever to be paying
changing fees, APRs, mo-
tivators to increase credit
issuer, and not their own,”
stated Karen Augustine,
online retailers, for online their monthly balances in card borrowing and credit manager of Primary Data
travel, digital content, and full, though young adults card spending, methods Services, including Custom- Subject: NATS
even online bill payments are less likely than average used to shop for new credit erMonitor Survey Series, at
than since tracking usage to do so. cards, application channels Mercator Advisory Group,
preference began in 2015. The report presents the used for general purpose the author of the report.

Dear Abby

EAR ABBY: My “proof” that I didn’t should be grateful to have a stable tionally emancipate from her. Coun- away from your job to entertain out-
mother recently know how to make job. seling can help you to work through of-town guests — particularly if you
confessed to good decisions. Every She refuses to go to counseling your pain and disappointment and haven’t invited them. Considerate
me that in my senior time we talked, she’d for any reason, and talking to her reach that goal more quickly than visitors would (and should) accom-
year of high school, remind me that every- doesn’t help. She deflects by talking if you try doing it on your own, and modate your schedule rather than
she sabotaged my thing I was doing — my about how bad I’m making HER feel. that’s what I advise. You have my expect you to hold their hands.
chance to go to my friends, my relation- I don’t know what to do with my hurt sympathy. Your mother’s parenting
dream school (with a ships, my hobbies feelings; the damage is done. But technique was terrible. Dear Abby is written by Abigail
nearly full scholarship) — was a mistake, a all that old pain is fresh again in a P.S. It’s never too late. You can Van Buren, also known as Jeanne
because she didn’t waste of time or both. new, awful context, and I now dread get back on your path by going to art Phillips, and was founded by her
approve of my wanting Finally, to preserve my to think of what she may want to be school NOW. mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact
to go to art school. I sanity, I had to cut off “honest” about next. Am I being too DEAR ABBY: What is the rule of Dear Abby at or
missed my orientation contact with her, but harsh? Must I just suck it up and etiquette if someone is visiting your P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
because she “got the my confidence and self- let it go? — COULD-BE ARTIST IN town on vacation and you are at 90069.
date wrong” and then worth have never fully TENNESSEE work? Are you obligated to take time What teens need to know about
told me the school recovered. DEAR COULD-BE ARTIST: You are off from your job? Or should the sex, drugs, AIDS and getting along
refused to reschedule.
Dear Abby Now, nearly 20 not being too harsh, and you should vacationers work around your sched- with peers and parents is in “What
The truth is she never years later (after a very not suck it up! You now understand ule to visit with you? My feeling is Every Teen Should Know.” Send your
contacted them and let them think rocky, unstable reconciliation), she that your mother, who seems to if they are on vacation, they should name and mailing address, plus
I was a no-show. Stupid child that I has confessed that she torched my have an obsessive need to control, be flexible and not expect you to call check or money order for $8 (U.S.
was, I believed her. dream on purpose. She said she isn’t someone to be trusted. Be- in sick to work or use your vacation funds) to: Dear Abby, Teen Book-
Abby, I can’t begin to describe was sorry, but immediately followed cause she can’t be depended upon time. — BUSY IN CALIFORNIA let, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL
what an impact this has had on my it up by saying she knows a few to do what’s right for you (as most DEAR BUSY: No rule of etiquette 61054-0447. (Shipping and handling
life. She has used that incident as out-of-work graphic designers, and I mothers are), you will have to emo- dictates that you must take time are included in the price.)

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Jan. the world without the added than you’ve ever been. Invest of the cave’s mouth, gleaming, tried a solution, and the first you’re a deep person who
6). You’re not a role, a religion pressures of self-definition, savings in March when your just waiting to be scooped up. try worked. Because of such feels things acutely and thinks
or a philosophical embodi- you will live unselfconsciously financial and professional TAURUS (April 20-May effectiveness, you’re likely to further into life than most
ment. As you interact with and become more realized luck triples up. Capricorn and 20). Many people live in fear keep doing it that way. But is people. Even so, you have a
Pisces adore you. Your lucky of the unexpected, but without it really the best way? You’ll desire to get to new levels.
numbers are: 8, 24, 33, 28 some of that sprinkled over have the luxury of being able The reading you do will carry
and 42. a day, all would be forgotten. to experiment and find out. you there.
ARIES (March 21-April So don’t be afraid. Today’s CANCER (June 22-July SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-
19). If you haven’t laughed unexpected things will, in ret- 22). Redemption — if you’re Dec. 21). Children have one
yet, the day hasn’t really taken rospect, seem designed just meditatively inclined, this is mode of speaking for every sit-
off. Mining humor won’t be for your delight. the word that will carry you far uation, but as people mature,
necessary. If humor were dia- GEMINI (May 21-June 21). into your soul today. To recog- they learn different modes —
monds, they would be spit out There was a problem. You nize the mistakes and debts formal, professional, informal,
that need to be redeemed and intimate and so on. Success
to seek absolution is to invite depends on using the right
heaven to touch down. style at the right time.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). The CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-
uncomfortable rub between Jan. 19). There’s a sense of
you and another person or yearning alive in you. This sort
circumstance is just an exter- of emotion doesn’t happen
nal sign pointing to the real every day. It’s actually quite
battleground, which is inside rare. What do you think might
your mind. Fight it out there happen if you were to make
and the external condition will your desire known?
ease. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 18). Even though you’re a
22). You’re getting even better naturally social person whom
at managing your emotions, others are drawn to, you’re
which is to say using the having a hard time feeling
enormous power of your completely like yourself in a
feelings as motivation instead current group situation. To
of seeing them as faults or examine the dynamics at play
obstacles to success. will be most enlightening.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). PISCES (Feb. 19-March
In the classroom of life, you 20). When the passenger
teach people how to treat you. inside your head is in a dark,
Lectures in this forum are negative mood — spouting
extremely unpopular. Rather, unhelpful and unpleasant
it’s usually a modeling situa- opinions — get up and change
tion. You care for yourself, and seats. Move to a different
others pick up on the cues. train car or another environ-
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. ment entirely. It will solve the
21). You already know that issue.
4C Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Southern gardening

Garden catalogs feed garden fever all winter
s I’m writ- ing what’s around
ing this last the next curve.
Southern When I’m
Gardening column looking through
of 2018, I’m trying garden catalogs, I
to take one more always have a stack
look back before of sticky tabs so I
plunging head- can mark the pages
long into the 2019 I want to go back to
gardening season and have another
that’s just around look.
the corner. But I’m It’s pretty
having trouble con- Gary Bachman common for me to
centrating because get more than 30
the mail carrier is different catalogs
distracting me. each year, not counting dupli-
It seems like every day cates. That’s a lot of reading
there is at least one new shiny that I thoroughly enjoy, but to
thing in the mailbox that grabs tell you the truth, I only order
my attention. And they’re be- from three or four favorites
ing delivered earlier than ever in any given year. I know avid
this year. gardeners who order from
To what am I referring, you a completely different set of
ask? To gardening catalogs, of their favorites, demonstrating
course! the wide variety to choose
When I get a new catalog, it from in the garden catalog
brings me back to my younger world.
days going through the Sears I also start most of the
catalog toy section. Now it’s plants I grow from seed.
just big boy toys, and you There’s something I like about Gary Bachman/MSU Extension Service
know how it is with boys and considering the potential that’s Use the winter to peruse gardening catalogs to plan what new things to try next year.
their toys. contained in a tiny seed. It re-
I’ve shared my obsession minds me of an Internet meme pounds of fresh tomatoes. If What I’d like to see you do Happy New Year!
with gardening catalogs that was shared this fall. It only we all lived up to that is not just toss those garden Gary Bachman is an Ex-
before, and it hasn’t changed. asked: “Can you describe an much potential. catalogs you get. My New tension and research professor
Even though times have acorn?” Of course, the answer Now, I’m not going to bore Year’s wish is for you to take of horticulture at the Missis-
changed and most ordering is is, “In a nutshell, it’s a tree.” you with a list of my very the time this winter to find sippi State University Coastal
done online, there’s still some- When I look at a tomato favorite garden catalogs. If some plants you are interested Research and Extension Center
thing I enjoy about thumbing seed weighing 1/100th of an you’re that interested, you can in growing next year. You may in Biloxi and hosts Southern
through the latest catalog. The ounce, I don’t see that small search the Southern Garden- end up not ordering anything, Gardening television and radio
tactile sensation of turning the seed. I see a tomato plant that ing archives online to see what but I guarantee you’ll be programs. Contact him at
pages is like walking a wind- in three months will gift me I shared from time to time in inspired to have your best gar- southerngardening@msstate.
ing garden path and wonder- and my family with 10 to 20 the past. den and landscape yet in 2019. edu.

Right at home: Black walls make a quiet comeback
‘Black has properties that make furniture serves as an an-
chor to neutrals, patterns
it ideal for interior design: It’s and mixed materials, and
provides a solid, classic
calming to the eye, it’s elegant and it element in any room
while creating a sense of
underscores organic beauty’ space and quiet.
Designer Mark Zeff Her color team liked
the hue so much that
By KIM COOK Hampton, New York, that they chose Black Flame
The Associated Press celebrates black in sev- as PPG’s 2018 Color of

eral ways. The exterior the Year. Glidden picked This photos
here was a time is half-white, half-black. Deep Onyx, another shows how
when black walls Inside, black serves as a black, as theirs. Studio Gild
were mostly the narrative thread for large “Black reflects the cur- painted the
purview of goth teens and design elements includ- rent state of rebellious- walls of
indie movie theaters. But ing a floating fireplace, ness and contentiousness
this Chica-
the color has been quietly go home in
a stained pinewood wall in the world, but it also Benjamin
cultivating a broader in the master suite, and a provides a feeling of Moore’s
following among design- glass wall in the shower. privacy and protection,” Midnight.
ers and homeowners who Punctuation is added says Schlotter. Mike Schwartz/Studio Gild via AP
want a cozy, enveloping
with black cowhide rugs;
ambiance that’s still got
curvy Bibendum chairs
theatrical flair.
by Eileen Gray; and Eero
Bedrooms, libraries
Saarinen Womb chairs.
and bathrooms clad in
“Black has properties
inky or charcoal tones
that make it ideal for inte-
can be relaxing retreats.
rior design: It’s calming
If you’ve got loads of
to the eye, it’s elegant and
windows, the color helps
it underscores organic
frame exterior views.
beauty,” says Mark Zeff.
And if the space is mostly
“Some may think
walls, black creates a
white is a more ‘natural’
cocoon-like setting that
choice, but it’s actually
can showcase a collection
of objets d’art, vibrantly much starker in compar-
patterned rugs and furni- ison to black when blend-
ture, or meditative warm ed with an environment.
woods and textures. Because of the use of
Laboratory-white black, our home appears
kitchens are also yield- to hunker down and stay
ing ground to kitchens closer to the earth, like a
dressed in dark hues. natural landmark.” editor Mitch- Adds Kristen Zeff:
ell Parker says black is “We also like that black
having a moment in the can paradoxically open
cooking space. up a smaller space when
“Our community of applied as a paint, to
homeowners is em- make a room feel much
bracing a heavy dose of larger than if white is
dramatic color with large used. The illusion is
swaths of black range achieved by tricking the
hoods, island accent col- eye into not knowing
ors and full-on, all-black where a room ends, by
cabinetry,” he says. disguising the edges.”
For a kitchen in She says they painted
Brentwood, California, pine wood with Benjamin
Shannon Wollack and Moore’s Black Jack. “The
Brittany Zwickl of Studio grain comes through, to
Life.Style wanted to add develop a texture that
a little more punch. “The deepens the shade.”
kitchen’s all-black pal- Kristen Ekeland of
ette, infused with a large Chicago-based Studio
slab of black-and-white Gild also likes adding
marble and bold brass black, using Benjamin
accents, warms and fills Moore’s Midnight in a
the space without feeling recent bedroom project.
too heavy,” says Wollack. “We wanted to create
LG, GE, Kitchenaid, a space that’s calming
Bosch, Frigidaire, Smeg, and cozy. It’s dark, but it
JennAir and others are has an ethereal feeling,”
offering suites of char- she says. Along with the
coal-black appliances paint, the designers se-
with either a matte or sat- lected a black sideboard
in smudge-proof finish. from Sabin to add depth
And there’s black cabin- and texture.
etry, countertop gadgets Dee Schlotter, PPG’s
and cookery as well. senior color marketing
Designer Mark Zeff manager, says using
and his wife, Kristen, black on feature walls,
have a home in East interior surfaces and
The Dispatch • Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 5C

In the garden with Felder

A fast hack for a little privacy
ll this cold outhouse-looking horizontally, in just the right
rain has final- tool and potting spot to partially block a specif-
ly convinced shed and a messy ic view.
my trees to molt leaf pile/compost- A baffle can be small or
their remaining ing area. They large, simple or highly de-
autumn leaves, and need toning down tailed, close or far away, and
I’m feeling exposed. without my adding repeated as needed and still
Though I’m not more walls, fences come across as neighborly.
secretive at all, or plants which take Place one very close to your pa-
don’t feel like hid- a long time to fill in tio, deck or bathroom window
ing and don’t have anyway. to instantly screen out a larger
much to hide from But then this or more distant view; the larger
neighbors, I do Felder Rushing week, while en- the view that needs screening,
appreciate the feel- tertaining friends the closer you should place a
ing of not living in outdoors I noticed baffle — again, just like mov-
tight urban confines. Over the stuff I forgot about during the ing your hand closer or farther
years I have done a lot to create leafier seasons. Namely, neigh- from your eyes to shade the
an intimate garden where I bors’ windows, porches, kids’ sun.
can relax without feeling like play areas, glaring night lights, It can be painted and
someone is breathing down my and other not-so-nice views
decorated, and with finials or
neck. and sounds that distracted us
birdhouses topping the posts.
Creating a suitable veil of from enjoying a quiet muse by
Or tone it down with shrubs,
privacy without coming across an evening fire.
or cover with vines. Hint:
as aloof or reclusive is a real So I’m employing a simple
Plant perennial evergreen
dilemma. The traditional privacy hack. It’s not time- and
approach of using tall hedges space-consuming like a high vines for long term, but in the
or fences, especially in large maintenance hedge, or an ex- short run plant fast-growing
areas like along busy road- pensive solid fence which may annuals such as cypress vine,
ways or the unnervingly tight not be appropriate. It’s an easy, day-blooming morning glory,
confines of most suburban half-day project called a baffle. evening-blooming moonflow-
settings, is not always practical Fast, inexpensive, and er, or even gourds. Whatever
or social. usually not as objectionable helps it blend in.
Over the years I carefully as a fence by neighborhood No need to fret over seeing
sited evergreen shrubs and associations, a baffle is simply the bad side of other peoples’
small trees here and there, a small or partial screen, most gardens, or subjecting them to
leaving a few openings to enjoy often partly open to allow air yours. Well-positioned baffles
Felder Rushing/Courtesy photo
“borrowed” views of neighbor- flow. If you have ever shaded A baffle is a small or partial screen that offers a hint of privacy are easy, fast, inexpensive and
ing lawns and certain plants your eyes from the sun using and visual interest in the garden. work well — without causing a
while still retaining a more your just one hand positioned neighborly row.
open feel and good air circula- just so, you have the concept of suspended between trees. miniature highway billboard. Felder Rushing is a Mississip-
tion in my tiny garden. a landscape baffle down pat. But the most common is a Imagine two posts with pi author, columnist, and host of
There are still seasonal The simplest baffle can be bit larger and free standing, lattice, well-spaced short fence the “Gestalt Gardener” on MPB
gaps, and some projects that made from a colorful stained working like a well-hung, boards, corrugated tin, or Think Radio. Email gardening
really ought to be screened glass or old window frame strategically-placed clothesline outdoor-quality fabric placed questions to rushingfelder@
including my ramshackle hung from your porch or but designed like a low, sturdy, between them, vertically or

‘Shop local’ movement drives
sales of American-made yarn
‘Shopping local is allowing United States, from sheep to skein,
Parkes said.
farmers to raise and keep One reason, she thinks, could be that
consumers are turning back to wool
their animals on the farm’ because of the environmental risks of
microplastics in garments made from
By SHIREEN KORKZAN synthetics like acrylic, nylon and polyes-
The Associated Press ter. The microplastics are released into

waterways when the synthetic garments
t began when Debbie McDermott
are washed.
allowed her daughter Jamie to raise
Locally sourced yarn helps not only
two sheep for a 4-H project. Eventu-
the environment but local businesses
ally, her 165-year-old farm was trans-
too, Parkes said. “There’s the environ-
formed into a successful, family-run,
mental impact of shipping goods all the
custom fiber processing mill.
way across the world and bringing it
McDermott’s Stonehedge Fiber Mill,
which opened in 1999 in East Jordan, back, but now people are asking them-
Michigan, now produces more than 700 selves, ‘What if I can get the wool here
pounds of yarn monthly for customers and just keep it here?’”
in 38 states and Canada. It produces an McDermott echoed that sentiment:
additional 15,000 pounds monthly for its “Shopping local is allowing farmers
personal lines of yarn, including Shep- to raise and keep their animals on the
herd’s Wool, which is milled and dyed farm.”
in-house before it’s shipped and sold in Consumer interest in locally sourced
about 300 shops. yarn inspired the Michigan Fiber Coop-
“I really think the appeal is our erative to produce a line, Fresh Water
yarn’s made in the U.S., and people are Fiber, which uses wool and alpaca
more and more going toward U.S.-made from Michigan farms. It’s processed
products as a support for U.S. compa- by Stonehedge Fiber Mill and dyed by
nies,” McDermott said. Why Knot Fibers in Traverse City.
Most garments worn in the Unit- One store that stocks Fresh Water
ed States in the first half of the 20th Fiber is Wool & Honey in Cedar, Mich-
century were American-made, but the igan. Owner Melissa Kelenske said she
decline of the American textile industry buys from Michigan-based fiber artists
began after World War II, according and companies that focus on producing
to knitting and wool industries expert high-quality, ethically sourced yarn
Clara Parkes. She’s a member of the with attention to their environmental
American Sheep Industry — an indus- impact.
try trade group — and author of several “I think the farm-to-table movement
books on knitting. of eating local, shopping local — ba-
In recent years, however, there’s sically the major slow food movement
been a slow-growing demand for wool — laid the ground work for the knitting
yarn that’s completely produced in the industry,” Kelenske said.

Kintsugi: Broken pottery becomes
more beautiful, precious
By LINDA LOMBARDI couldn’t help wonder- and adding a material
The Associated Press ing how many of those that looks precious.

writers based their simile The craft is said to go
f you search online on hands-on experience. back to the 15th century,
for “kintsugi,” most The craft was a lot more and I was disappointed
of what you’ll find in tedious than I’d expected at first to learn from
English is self-help advice

The Dispatch
— but maybe that made instructor Yoshiko Kuge
that uses this Japanese the metaphor all the more that we would not be

craft as a jumping-off true? using traditional mate-
point. The idea of repair- The usual goal when rials. The reasons soon
ing broken pottery in a repairing something is became obvious, though.
way that makes it more to make the fix unnotice- Of course it makes sense
beautiful than it was able, restoring an object that beginners wouldn’t
before is apparently an as closely as possible be using real gold — the of our customers receive their paper on time. (Believe us. We track these things.)
irresistible metaphor for to its original appear- usual replacement is a
recovering from life’s ance. Kintsugi takes the powder made of copper If you are unhappy with your delivery please let us know. Our goal is 100%
trials and tribulations. opposite approach: Chips and brass — but, in addi- customer satisfaction. Call customer support at: 662-328-2424
When I tried kintsugi and cracks are outlined tion, the ancient method
for myself at a workshop and filled in with gold, took literally months to
in Tokyo recently, I creating a new design complete.
6C Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1C
“It was very involved. it in. The Boisseaus had Pat particularly
There were a lot of t’s to passed by campers at the enjoyed the northern
cross and i’s to dot; you’re location about 20 miles half of the route, where
dealing with the federal north of Tupelo earlier deciduous trees are most
government,” said Bob. in the day. When they likely to put on a show in
The Parkway is main- came back later to catch autumn.
tained by the National the area in different light, “But every part of
Park Service, which is un- they saw fire had broken it has its own appeal,”
der the U.S. Department out, involving grass, a she said. And each new
of the Interior. fence section and tree. season renders even sec-
While continuing their In the course of the tions already traveled a
full-time photography year, there were rare different experience each
studio, the Boisseaus birds, seasonal colors, time out.
took, at their best esti- a winter’s trek in light Exploring the Parkway
mate, between 50 to 100 snow. There were people is a great way to get in a
excursions to explore the to meet, like Memorial vacation and not spend a
Parkway, section by sec- Day revelers, horseback lot of money, Pat added.
tion. It runs from Natchez riders and cyclists from The road that roughly
to near Nashville, Tennes- Texas on an organized follows the historic travel
see. Armed with several bike ride. corridor used by Ameri-
different cameras and an Bob found one of the can Indians, “Kaintucks,”
assortment of lenses, the most interesting points European settlers,
husband and wife team of photographing the traders, soldiers and
set out to capture people Parkway to be the dou- even future presidents
interacting with the envi- ble-arched bridge that is preserved for all, with
ronment and other shots spans Birdsong Hollow at recreational and educa-
that show the beauty of milepost 438 near Frank- tional highlights all along
“The Trace.” lin, Tennessee. It carries the way.
“What some people Trace travelers 1,648 feet “It’s a treasure many
would think of as work across a valley and Ten- people don’t seem to real-
became a great delight to nessee Highway 96. ize we have,” said Pat.
us,” said Bob.
Pat added, “We had a
really wonderful time. It’s
the most fun we’ve had in
years. We’re very outdoor
Pat’s forte, Bob said,
was approaching peo-
ple caught in the act of
having fun. Bob primarily
concentrated on scenic
Part of their commis-
sion was to photograph
animals. That was
sometimes easier said
than done, since some
animals are more active
after dark.
“We ‘chased’ deer,
geese, turkeys ... ” Pat
said. “We had hunted
and hunted for deer,
and one evening, right
at dusk, this deer came
out and posed for us.”
Other moments stand
out in memory, such as
spotting a fire and calling

Carol Briggs with Sarah, Barrett and Emily Briggs Kayden Wood, Lukas Barksdale, Jenna Barksdale, Ethan Wood

Participants at Story Time with Mother Goose at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library Thursday morning not only heard stories but
also enjoyed interactive songs and practiced good manners.

Jayvion and Monica Bonner

Lucia and Isabel Tofts Xylia Blunt, Kylynn Hawkins, Karen Blunt, Qyatez Blunt Jr., Adalynn Hawkins, Qyatavius Blunt

Cindle Calhoun, Gemma Chavis (with Rudolph, the pup) Olivia and Jennifer Mearkle

The Hic-A-Sha-Ba-Ha DAR Chapter began a new year of promoting historic preservation, education and patriotism
with their Thursday meeting at Cadence Bank in Starkville.

Mary Martha Wilson, Cindy Morgan, Martha Swain

Ellen Weatherly, Helen Sue Parish, Sally Laughlin Rosa Sowers, Mary Sowers
2D Sunday, JANUARY 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

The Commercial
June 8, 2010
D ispatch
WWW.CDisPatCh.COM s COlUMBUs, MississiPPi s 131st year, nO. 76 s 25 Cents

Crimson Tide Lightning kills mississippi John
moves to super woman before doude’s swampy
regionals fiance proposed sound rocks Cd

The CommerCial DispaTCh
sports, Page 1B nation, Page 8A entertainment, Page 7A

tuesDAY, june 8, 2010

Public meeting
this week on
crime prevention
SUPERVISORS: Brooks hopes to form
Kelly Tippett/Dispatch Staff
task force, hold training sessions
Left: Katie, a rescued cougar, licks Kay McElroy’s hand. Right: Oscar, a rescued tiger, peeks through his fence.
By KrisTin mAmrACK be held

One with the animals Thursday
to solicit
Noting crime is volunteers
a community issue, to help
District 5 Supervisor form com-
Leroy Brooks Monday mittees,
CEDARHILL: Kay reminded the Lowndes
which will
County supervisors of make rec-
McElroy makes a public meeting on ommendations on crime
rescuing big cats, crime prevention, to prevention to city and
be held Thursday at 6 county law enforcement
other animals p.m. at the Columbus officials.
Municipal Complex. “People from the
life’s work For their 2010 class meeting will select a
By seTH PUTnAm project, the adult stu- crime prevention task dents of the Minority force to develop recom-
Leadership Training and mendations and strat-
CALEDONIA — egies to deter crime

Development program
aring for a family of in neighborhoods,”
have chosen to gather
300 isn’t easy, espe- Brooks explained to
data for the Columbus
cially when they act See SUPES, 6A
Police Department and
like a bunch of animals. But
other law enforcement
that’s life for Kay McElroy. HoW To Go
agencies in an effort to
The 66-year-old is the CRIME PREVENTION
owner of Cedarhill Animal help prevent crime.
FORUM: 6 p.m. Thursday,
Sanctuary, an organization And the communi- Columbus Municipal Complex
that rescues abused animals. ty-wide meeting will
Although Cedarhill was
founded in 1990, the story
really began a few years
earlier. In 1987, McElroy
read an advertisement in the
Trained noses
newspaper for a six-month-
old cougar cub. The seller
wanted $1,000. Curious,
to sniff out Gulf
seafood for oil
she went to visit and found
a malnourished animal in a
small kennel intended for
dogs. The man had been By BriAn sKoLoFF ly at a federal fisheries
feeding the cub canned Associated Press Writer lab in Pascagoula to sniff
cat food from the grocery out seafood tainted by oil
store, and McElroy could PASCAGOULA — in the Gulf of Mexico and
see its ribs. It had been William Mahan bends make sure the product
passed around from owner over a bowl of raw shrimp reaching consumers is
to owner, and its paws were and inhales deeply, using safe to eat.
infected from someone’s his left hand to wave the But with thousands
attempts to remove its scent up toward his nose. of fishermen bringing
claws. She offered the man Deep breath. Exhale. in catch at countless
a 1947 Farmall D tractor, Repeat. He clears his docks across the four-
See CEDARHILL, 6A palate with a bowl of state region, the task of
freshly cut watermelon inspectors, both sniffers
before moving on to raw and others, is daunting.
Kay McElroy sits with oysters. Deep breath.
some of the cats she’s It’s certainly not fail-safe.
Exhale. Repeat.
rescued at Cedarhill Animal The first line of
He’s one of about 40
Sanctuary. Kelly Tippett/Dispatch Staff inspectors trained recent- See SNIFFERS, 6A

dismissal of wrongful death lawsuit against sheriff, county upheld
sTAFF And Wire rePorT the wrongful death lawsuit Williams used Tasers in an Yorkville Road after he was Lowndes County E-911 had
against the county and the attempt to subdue Nick Gordon shot by a deputy during a hand- received a complaint of a dis-
A federal three-judge panel sheriff’s department in 2008. before he was fatally shot Nov. to-hand struggle. Miley and turbance at 169 Applewood
upheld the dismissal of a law- Her son, Nick Gordon, was 18, 2006. The incident was the Williams, who both received Drive at 7:28 p.m. on Nov. 18,
suit filed by the mother of a killed in 2006 during a con- first time the Lowndes County treatment for injuries received 2006. Miley was the first to
Lowndes County man who died frontation with deputies at an Sheriff’s Office used Tasers in during the fight, used their arrive on the scene. Reports
during a confrontation with apartment complex. the field. Tasers three times on Gordon say Miley first met Gordon on
sheriff’s deputies in 2006. Lowndes County Sheriff’s Gordon, 18, died outside with no effect before the shoot- the steps leading up the front
Georgia Maye McCoy filed deputies Marc Miley and Archie Applewood Apartments off ing. See APPEALS, 6A

TODAY’S inside Five Questions Weather Calendar
DISPATCH 1 What U.S. state’s largest lake
Freeman’s stars is Kentucky Lake? Wednesday
n Table Talk food-centered
n Mississippi’s garden
Morgan 2 What recurring Saturday Night book talks presented by fea- guru, Felder Rushing,
Quotable Freeman Live character took the stage at tures Lynda Rood speaking
about “A Grand Heritage”
makes a special appearance
at the Hitching Lot Farmers’
To speak kindly does not didn’t shy a 1993 Barbra Streisand con-
hurt the tongue. cert? cookbook from 11:30 a.m. Market in Columbus, at
away from to 1 p.m. at the Columbus- Second Avenue and Second
tough ques- 3 What did QDOS, an early PC
operating system written in a Lowndes Public Library, 314 Street North, from 7-10 a.m.
Eryanna Treadwell,
index tions for his
new Science
mere six weeks, stand for?
4 Who was the first member of
kindergarten, West Lowndes
Seventh St. N. Bring your
lunch; iced tea will be served.
Info: www/hitchinglotfarm-, or 662-328-
Abby 5B Info: Main Street Columbus at 6305.
Classifieds 7-8B Channel U.S. tennis’ “Fab Four” to win
series about space explora- a Grand Slam event – Andre
Tonight: Clear and warm, 662-328-6305. n Youth Gamebird Field
Comics 5B low 70 Day is part of the 2009
Entertainment 7A tion. On Wednesday’s first Agassi, Michael Chang, Jim Thursday Youth Participation Initiative
episode he asks, “Was there Courier or Pete Sampras? n Communitywide crime at the Noxubee National
Obituaries 5A
Opinions/Letters 4A 5 Who did Bono, Dave Stewart Tomorrow: Thunderstorm, prevention meeting is Wildlife Refuge’s Larry Box
a Creator?” Page 6B
Weather 2A and Joe Strummer honor with the high 92 at 6 p.m. at the Columbus Education Center from 9
song named 48864, after his old Municipal Complex, being a.m.-3 p.m. Spots are limited,
prison number? More weather, 2A spearheaded by Lowndes so an RSVP is required. Info:
County District 5 Supervisor 601-432-2199.
Answers, 8B Leroy Brooks.

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Church Directory
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
“There is Liberty”
Kenneth Montgomery
Proudly serving our community
for over 30 years These church directory pages are made possible by the sponsorship of the following businesses.
ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Waterworks. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Worship 11 OAKLAND MB CHURCH — 18 Fairport Road, Crawford.
CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF GOD — Lehmberg Rd. and a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Pat Creel, Pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday
Bennett Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 OPEN DOOR M.B. CHURCH — Starkville Sportsplex, 405 Bible study 7 p.m., Mass Choir Rehearsal - Wed. before 1st
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Eric Crews, Pastor. Lynn Lane, Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. 1st and 2nd Sun. 6 p.m., Male Chorus Rehearsal - Wed. before
FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD — 2201 Military Road. 2nd and 4th Sundays. Donnie Jones, Pastor. 662-263-7102 3rd Sun. 6 p.m., Junior Choir Rehearsal - Wed. before 4th
Christian Education 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Nursery PLEASANT GROVE MB CHURCH — 1914 Moor High Sun. 6 p.m. Rev. Sammy L. White, Pastor.
Church (2-3 yrs.) Super Church (children)10:30 a.m. Road, Crawford. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 PLEASANT GROVE ROBINSON MB CHURCH — 9203
Worship 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m. Nursery provided for all a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Riley Forrest, Sr., Pastor. Hwy. 389 N., Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
services. Jody Gurley, Pastor. 662-328-6374 662-272-8221 11:15 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Service/Bible Study 7 p.m.
NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY OF GOD — 4474 New Hope Road. PLEASANT HILL BAPTIST — 1383 Pleasant Hill Rd. Pastor George A. Sanders. 456-0024
Worship 10:30 a.m., Children’s Church 10:30 a.m., Jack Sunday Worship 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Bill PLEASANT RIDGE MB CHURCH — Ridge Rd. Sunday
Medley, Pastor. 662-664-0852 Hurt, Pastor. 662-329-3921 School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. A.
BAPTIST PLYMOUTH BAPTIST CHURCH — 187 Plymouth Rd. Edwards, Sr., Pastor.
ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH — Hwy. 45 N. Sunday Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Randy PROVIDENCE MB CHURCH — Old Hwy. 69 S. Sunday
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Discipleship Training 5 Rigdon, Pastor. Neil Shepherd, Music. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev.
p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Mitch McWilliams, SOVEREIGN FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH — 7852 Hwy. Gilbert Anderson, Pastor.
Pastor. 662-328-4765 12 E., Steens. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Service 5 p.m., SAINT MATTHEWS MB CHURCH — 1213 Island Rd.
ARMSTRONG BAPTIST CHURCH — 1707 Yorkville Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Charles Young, Pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Bible Study SOVEREIGN GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH — 12859 Martin 6:30 p.m. Curtis Clay, Sr., Pastor.
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. William Vaughn, Pastor. 662- Road Spur, Northport, Ala. Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Bible SALEM MB CHURCH — Hwy. 86, Carrollton, Ala. Sunday
328-0670 Study noon. Todd Bryant, Pastor. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev.
ARTESIA BAPTIST CHURCH — Sunday School 10 a.m., STATE LINE BAPTIST CHURCH — 7560 Hwy. 1282 E. David J. Johnson, Jr., Pastor.
Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Pastor Jeff Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday SECOND JAMES CREEK MB CHURCH — 4898 Baldwin
Morgan. Night small group 6:30 p.m. Robert Gillis, Pastor. 662- Rd., Brooksville. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 3232 Military Road. 329-2973 Pastor Michael Tate. 662-738-5855
Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., TEMPLE OF DELIVERANCE BAPTIST CHURCH — SOUTHSIDE MB CHURCH — 100 Nashville Ferry Rd. E.
Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Walter Butler, Pastor. 4307 Sand Rd., Steens. Maurice Williams, Pastor. Sunday Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday
BETHESDA BAPTIST CHURCH — 2096 Bethesda School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Wednesday 7 6:30 p.m. Rev. Rayfield Evins Jr., Pastor.
2500 Military Road Suite 1 p.m. 662-327-2580
Columbus, MS Rd, Crawford. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., SIXTH AVENUE MB CHURCH — 1519 Sixth Ave. N.
Discipleship Training 6:00 p.m., Worship 7 p.m., Wednesday UNITED CHRISTIAN BAPTIST CHURCH — 2 blocks east Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Sunday 11 a.m., Bible Study
662-328-7500 WEST REALTY COMPANY of Hwy. 69 on Yorkville Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 7:00 p.m. Allan Dees, Pastor. 662-272-8734 Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. W.C. Talley, Pastor. 662-329-2344
Don West, Broker/Owner BORDER SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH — 12771 Hwy. 10:15 a.m. Steven James, Pastor. SPRINGFIELD MB CHURCH — 6369 Hwy. 45 S. (1st & 3rd
12 E., Caledonia. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH — 1104 Louisville St., Sunday) Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m.,
a.m., Kids for Christ 5 p.m., Discipleship Training 5:15 p.m., Starkville (located in Fellowship Hall of St. Luke Lutheran (1st & 3rd Wednesday) 7 p.m. Robert Gavin, Pastor. 662-
Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study – Adults, Children, Church). Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Bert 327-9843
Northeast Exterminating and Youth classes 7 p.m. Dan Louman, Pastor. 662-386- Montgomery, Pastor.
0541. Brad Creely, Minister of Music and Youth, 662-312- Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship 8 a.m. & 11 a.m. B.T.U. 5
If it Jimmy Linley • Richard Linley
8749. www. off of Mill Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and
6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Pastor, Al Hamm.
p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev. Joe Peoples,
crawls, Columbus
Brooksville. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:55 a.m. WOODLAND BAPTIST CHURCH — 3033 Ridge Rd.
St. James MB CHURCH — 6525 Hardy-Billups Rd.,
call... 662-329-9992 and 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Worship 6
p.m., AWANA Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
Crawford. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and
6:15 p.m. Rev. Chad Payton, Pastor.
Caledonia. Sunday Men’s Prayer Service 9:30 a.m., Shelby Hazzard, Senior Pastor. Brad Wright, Director of St. JOHN MB CHURCH — 3477 Motley Rd., Sunday
BRISLIN, INC. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Bible Study 4
p.m., Worship 5 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Bob
Student Ministries.
School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 7
p.m. Joe Brooks, Pastor. 327-7494.
Sales • Service • Installation 7th St. S. Sunday School 8 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m.,
Burch, Pastor. ST. PAUL MB CHURCH — Robinson Rd. Sunday School
Residential • Commercial • Industrial CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH — 295 Dowdle Dr. Sunday Wednesday 7 p.m., Youth Ministry Wednesday 4:30 p.m. 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Rev. Willie
Since 1956 School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Adult Choir Rev. Brian Hood, Pastor. Mays, Pastor. rehearsals and Discipleship Training 5 p.m., Worship 6 INDEPENDENT BAPTIST ST. PAUL MB CHURCH — 1800 Short Main St. Disciple
BETHESDA CHURCH — 1800 Short Main. Sunday School
4051 Military Road • 662-328-5814 p.m., Wednesday 6:15 p.m. Rev. Ralph Windle, Interim
9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Nathaniel
Training/Sunday School 8 a.m., Worship 9:00 a.m. Rev.
Pastor. 662-328-6741 John F. Johnson, Pastor. 662-241-7111
Best, Pastor. E-mail:
BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH — 5860 Hwy. 50 E., West
Ala. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Barton Ferry Rd., West Point. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,
Point. Sunday School 10 a.m., Service 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
(6 p.m. - Daylight Savings Time), Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Wil Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m.
Corbett, Pastor. 205-270-1845 UNION BAPTIST MB CHURCH — 101 Weaver Rd.
CANAAN BAPTIST CHURCH — 1008 Lehmberg Rd. (Hwy. 69 S) Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.,
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Service and Children’s Church Wednesday 6 p.m. Pastor McSwain.
Wednesday 7 p.m. Martin “Buddy” Gardner, Pastor.
10:30 a.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Paul TABERNACLE MB CHURCH — Magnolia Drive, Macon.
Shaw, Pastor. 662-327-3771 Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
CANAAN MB CHURCH — 2425 Bell Ave. Sunday School p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m. 662-327-1130
8:15 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 UNION HOPEWELL MB CHURCH — 150 Spurlock Rd.
p.m. Jimmy Pounds, Pastor. 662-327-1226 Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6
Starkville in the Comfort Suites Conference Room, Sunday
COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH — 2490 Yorkville p.m. Carlton Jones, Pastor.
School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pastor
Rd. East Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., WOODLAWN LANDMARK MB CHURCH — 8086 Hwy.
John Harvey. 662-648-0282
INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, INC Wednesday Bible Study, Children & Youth Classes 6:30
12. East, Steens. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
p.m. Matt Moehring, Pastor. Edward Rhinewalt, Music and 5 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. David Retherford, Pastor.
ANDERSON GROVE MB CHURCH — 1853 Anderson Director. 662-327-5306
Grove Road, Caledonia. Sunday School 9:20 a.m., Worship
CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH — 844 Old West Carson Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:15 a.m.,
11:00 a.m., Bible Study Wednesday 6:20 p.m. David O.
Jarrett’s Towing Point Rd., Starkville. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Greg Upperman,
Pastor. 662-323-6351 or visit www.cornerstonestarkville.
Williams, Pastor. 662-356-4968.
ANTIOCH MB CHURCH — 2304 Seventh Ave. N. Sunday
Wednesday 7 p.m. John Sanders, Pastor.
ZION GATE MB CHURCH — 1202 5th St. S. Sunday
Wrecker Service com School 9:30 a.m., Worship 8 a.m. and 10:45., Children’s
School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Kenny
EAST END BAPTIST CHURCH — 380 Hwy. 50 W. (Hwy. Church 10:15 a.m., Worship 5 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr.
5209 N. Hwy 182 E. • Columbus, MS 39702 50 and Holly Hills Rd.) Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship
Bridges, Pastor.
James A. Boyd, Pastor.
BETHLEHEM MB CHURCH — 293 Bethlehem Road,
329-2447 We unlock 10:30 a.m., Worship 5 p.m. followed by Discipleship
Training, Mission Friends and GAs 5 p.m., Sanctuary Choir
Caledonia. Sunday School 1st and 4th Sundays 8 a.m., 2nd PRIMITIVE BAPTIST
If no answer 251-2448 cars & 3rd Sundays 9:30 a.m., Worship 1st & 4th Sundays 9:30
6:30 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Youth Worship, a.m., 2nd & 3rd Sundays 11 a.m., Wednesdays 6 p.m. Rev. Washington St. & Columbus St., Aberdeen. Sunday 10:30
Preschool & Children’s Choirs 6:30 p.m. Bryon Benson, a.m. and 2 p.m. Herb Hatfield, Pastor. 662-369-4937
R Free Estimates Willie James Gardner, Pastor. 662-356-4424
LER OO Pastor. 662-328-5915 BLESSING MB CHURCH — Starkville Sportsplex, Activity HAMILTON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH — Flower
EE FIN Licensed
& Insured
EASTVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 1316 Ben Christopher Center 405 Lynn Lane Road. Sunday Worship 2nd, 4th & Farm Rd., 2 miles South of Hamilton, just off Hwy. 45.

W H INC. G Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 5th Sundays 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Pastor Martin. 662-744-0561 Sunday 10:30 a.m. Jesse Phillips, Pastor. 662-429-2305
COMMERCIAL p.m. Junior Eads, Pastor. 662-329-2245 BRICK MB CHURCH — Old Macon Rd. Sunday School MAYHEW PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH — 842 Hwy.
“A Family Business Since 1946” RESIDENTIAL FAIRVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 127 Airline Rd. 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, Worship 2nd and 4th Sundays only 45 Alternate, Starkville. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Herb
Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Everett Little, Pastor. Hatfield,Pastor. 662-315-4937
662-328-3625 • 662-328-7612 Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr. Breck Ladd, Pastor. 662-328-2924 CALVARY FAITH CENTER — Hwy. 373 & Jess Lyons SPRINGHILL P.B. CHURCH — 3996 Sandyland Road,
FAITH CHRISTIAN BAPTIST CHURCH — 1621 Mike Macon, MS. Walter Lowery Jr., Pastor. Sunday School 9:00

Rae’s Jewelry
Road. Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m., Sunday School 9 a.m.,
Parra Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Rev. Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Pastor Robert a.m., Worship 10:00 a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 6 p.m. 662-
Michael Love, Pastor. 662-434-5252 Bowers, Pastor. 662-434-0144 738-5006.
N. Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m., Sunday School 10 a.m. North of Caledonia on Wolf Rd, Hamilton. Sunday 10:30
Authorized Dealer (Worship televised at 10 a.m. on WCBI-TV, Columbus
Services 11:15 a.m., Sunday School 10 a.m., Wednesday
6:30 p.m. Johnnie Richardson, Pastor. 662-434-6528 a.m. & 1st Sunday Night at 6:30 p.m. Elder Joseph Mettles,
Citizens and Pulsar Watches Cable Channel 7), Contemporary Worship 11 a.m.; Sunday CHRISTIAN HILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor. 662-369-2532
5 p.m. Worship at 3000 Bluecutt Road, Midweek Prayer ANGLICAN CATHOLIC
Downtown Columbus 662-328-8824 Service Wednesday 6:00 p.m. located downtown. Dr.
— 14096 MS Hwy. 388, Brooksville, MS 39739, Sunday
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11:00 a.m., Wednesday 6:30
Shawn Parker, Pastor. 662-245-0540 Mayhew. Holy Eucharist - Sunday 10 a.m. 662-244-5939
When Caring Counts... FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF STEENS — 40 Odom Rd.,
p.m. Bobby Bowen, Pastor. 662-738-5837/549-6100
CHRIST MB CHURCH — 110 2nd Ave. S. Sunday School
Steens. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m., B.T.U. CATHOLIC
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Program every 1st & 3rd Sunday 6 p.m. ANNUNCIATION CATHOLIC CHURCH — 808 College
FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST — 125 Yorkville Rd. W. Sunday ELBETHEL MB CHURCH — 2205 Washington Ave. St. Mass Schedules are as follows: Sunday 8 a.m. & 10:30
School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday a.m., Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 a.m., Tuesday 5:30
FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY p.m. John Gainer, Pastor. 662-328-6024 or 662-328-3183 7:00 p.m., Rev. Leroy Jones, Pastor. p.m., Thursday 8:30 a.m., and Annunciation Catholic
1131 Lehmberg Rd., Columbus • 662-328-1808 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH — 708 Airline Rd. Sunday FAITH HARVEST MB CHURCH — 4266 Sand Road. School (during the school year). Father Jeffrey Waldrep,
School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. & 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Bible class Priest.
Charles Whitney, Pastor. Tuesday 6 p.m. Hugh L. Dent, Pastor. 662-243-7076. CHRISTIAN
S. Sunday 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Pastor Sammy Burns. 662- School 9 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m., Wednesday Bible Mitchell, Pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30
328-1096 Study 7 p.m. Rev. Jimmy L. Rice, Pastor. 662-328-1913 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, 7 p.m.
East between Gattman & Amory. Sunday School 10 a.m., School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Dr. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH — 720 4th Ave. N. and
Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7:15 p.m. Rev. Stanley K. McCrary, Pastor. 662-327-7473 or 662-251-4185 8th St. N. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.
John Walden, Pastor. 662-356-4445 GREATER MT. OLIVE M.B. CHURCH — 1856 Carson Rd. CHURCH OF CHRIST
IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 6342 Military Rd., Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m., Wednesday 7 CALEDONIA CHURCH OF CHRIST — Main St.,

Shelton Cleaners
Steens. Bible Study 10:30 a.m., Worship 9:15 a.m. and 6 a.m. Donald Henry, Pastor. Caledonia. Sunday Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m.
p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 662-328-1668 HALBERT MISSION MB CHURCH — 2199 Halbert Church and 5 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m.
KOLOLA SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH — Caledonia. Rd., Ethelsville, Ala. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 CHURCH OF CHRIST — 4362 Hwy. 69 S. Sunday Worship
3189 Hwy 45 N. • 328-5421 Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., AWANA a.m. Ernest Prescott, Pastor. 9:30 a.m. , Wednesday 6 p.m. Loviah Johnson 662-574-
4:45-6 Ages 2-12th grade (Sept. - May), Worship 5 p.m., HOPEWELL MB CHURCH — 4892 Ridge Rd. Sunday 0426 or E-mail:
1702 6th St. N. • 328-5361 Choir Practice Wednesday 6 p.m., 252 Basics Children’s School 8 a.m., Worship 9 a.m., Minister Terry Johnson, CHURCH OF CHRIST — 437 Gregory Rd. Sunday Bible
Ministry an Cross Training Youth Wednesday 7 p.m., Interim Pastor. class 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7
Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Rev. Don Harding, Pastor. JERUSALEM MB CHURCH — 14129 Hwy 12 E., p.m. Richard Latham, Minister. 662-328-4705
LONGVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH — 991 Buckner Street, Caledonia. Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., CHURCH OF CHRIST DIVINE — 1316 15th St. S. Morning
Longview. Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship 11:00 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Willie Petty, Sr., Pastor. Worship (3rd & 5th Sunday) 8:30 a.m., Sunday School
Discipleship Training 5:15 p.m., Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.; MAPLE STREET BAPTIST — 219 Maple St. Sunday 9:45 a.m., Morning Worship 11:30 a.m., Wednesday Night
Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 p.m. Pastor Larry W. School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m., Bible Study 7 p.m. 662-327-6060 Bishop Timothy L. Heard,
APAC-MISSISSIPPI, INC. Yarber, or email, 662-769-4774 Wednesday 6 p.m. Joseph Oyeleye, Pastor. 662-328-4629 Pastor.
Michael Bogue & Employees MCBEE BAPTIST CHURCH — 2846 Hwy. 50 E. Sunday MILLERS CHAPEL MB CHURCH — 425 East North COLUMBUS CHURCH OF CHRIST — 2401 7th St. N.
School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Discipleship Training St. Macon. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Bible Class 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Sunday
Lake Norris Rd. 328-6555 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. Jimmy Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Ron Houston, Pastor. Bible Study 5 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Lendy Bartlett,
Ray, Pastor. 662-328-7177 MISSIONARY UNION BAPTIST CHURCH — 1207 5th Minister of Community Outreach; Paul Bennett, Family Life
MIDWAY BAPTIST CHURCH — Holly Hills Rd. Sunday Ave. N. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Baptist Minister; Billy Ferguson, Minister of Discipleship.
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m., Training Union 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. EAST COLUMBUS CHURCH OF CHRIST — Highway
Prayer Service every Saturday 6 p.m. Rev. Denver Clark, Rev. Tony A. Montgomery, Pastor. 182 E. at Gaylane. Sunday Worship 9 a.m., Bible Study
Pastor. MOUNT ZION M.B. CHURCH — 2221 14th Ave. N. Sunday 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. http://
MOUNT PISGAH BAPTIST CHURCH — 2628 East Tibbee School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 7
Rd., West Point. Sunday Worship each week 8 a.m., 1st, p.m. Jesse J. Slater, Pastor. 662-328-4979 HWY. 69 CHURCH OF CHRIST — 2407 Hwy. 69 S. Sunday
3rd and 5th Sunday Worship 11:30 a.m., Sunday School MT. ARY MB CHURCH — 291 S. Frontage Rd., Lot #4. Bible Study 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
9:30 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Donald Wesley, Pastor. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m.
MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH — 1791 Lake Lowndes Rev. Erick Logan, Pastor. LONE OAK CHURCH OF CHRIST — 1903 Lone Oak Rd.,
Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:15 a.m. and 6 p.m., MT. AVERY BAPTIST CHURCH — 12311 Nashville Ferry Steens. Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Steve Lammons, Pastor. 662-328- Rd. E. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. every Wednesday 7 p.m.
2811 Sunday except 5th Sunday. Rev. John Wells, Pastor. MAGNOLIA CHURCH OF CHRIST — 161 Jess Lyons
MT. VERNON CHURCH — 200 Mt. Vernon Rd. Sunday MT. OLIVE MB CHURCH — 2020 Atkin Rd., Millport, Ala. Rd. Bible Study 9:15 a.m., Worship, 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Telephone: 662-327-1467 Worship 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Service Life Groups for Sunday School 9 a.m. Worship Service 10 a.m. Pastor Wednesday 7 p.m. Minister David May, Pastor. 662-769-
all ages 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., Connection Cafe 10 a.m., Benny W. Henry. 205-662-3923 5514.
P.O. Box 1278 • 1616 7th Ave. S., Columbus, MS 39703 Discovery Zone. 662-328-3042 NEW HOPE MB CHURCH — 271 Church St., Artesia. NORTH HILLCREST CHURCH OF CHRIST — 900 North
MURRAH’S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 9297 Hwy. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 Hillcrest, Aberdeen, MS 39730, Sunday Worship 10:00
69 S. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and p.m. Thomas E. Rice is Pastor. 662-494-1580 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6:00 p.m., Bro. Arthur
6:30 p.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. NEW BAPTIST TEMPLE MB CHURCH — 5937 Nashville Burnett, Minister, 662-304-6098. Email: nhill crestcoc@
NEW COVENANT BAPTIST CHURCH — Highway 50 E. Ferry Rd. E. Sunday School 9 a.m. each week except 5th
Sunday School 9 a.m., Service 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Sunday, Worship 10 a.m. each week except 5th Sunday, STEENS CHURCH OF CHRIST — Steens Vernon Rd. 9:15
Ed Nix, Pastor. 5th Sundays: Ushers Board Fellowship. Rev. L.A. Gardner, a.m. Bible Study, Worship 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday
NEW JOURNEY CHURCH — 3123 New Hope Rd. Sunday Pastor. 662-329-3321 7 p.m. Larry Montgomery, Minister.
Worship 10:30 a.m., Small Groups 5:30 p.m., Kevin Edge, NEW ZION PILGRIM MB CHURCH — 5253 New Hope 10TH AVE. N. CHURCH OF CHRIST — 1828 10th Ave. N.
Pastor. 662-315-7753 or Rd. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship Services 11 a.m., Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Bible Class
NEW SALEM BAPTIST CHURCH — 7086 Wolfe Rd., 3 Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. Christopher Wriley, Pastor. 5 p.m., Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Willie McCord,
miles south of Caledonia. Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 NEW ZION STEENS MB CHURCH — 3301 Sand Rd. Minister.
a.m., Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Sunday Evening - AWANA Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m. WOODLAWN CHURCH OF CHRIST — Woodlawn
4 p.m., Discipleship Training, Youth & Adult 5 p.m., Evening Pastor Rev. Billy D. Hill. 662-329-5224 Community. Sunday 9 a.m., Worship 9:45 a.m., Worship 6
Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday - Adults, Youth & Children 6:30 OAK GROVE MB CHURCH — 1090 Taylor Thurston Rd. p.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Willis Logan, Minister.
p.m. 662-356-4940 Sunday School 9:00 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., 5th Sunday 8 CHURCH OF GOD
Bro. Mel Howton, Pastor. a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6:15 p.m. Pastor Therman CHURCH OF GOD IN JESUS’ NAME — Hwy. 12. Sunday
NORTHSIDE FREE WILL BAPTIST — 14th Ave. and Cunningham Sr., 662-798-0179
4D Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Let us replenish the seed of faith through ...
Regular Church Attendance
CORNERSTONE WORSHIP CENTER — 7840 Wolfe Rd. Lead Pastor. Rev. Anne Russell Bradley, Associate Pastor. NEW HORIZONS GOSPEL ASSEMBLY — 441 18th St. S.
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Wednesday Rev. Aislinn Kopp, Associate Pastor. 328-5252 Sunday 10 a.m. Dr. Joe L. Bowen, Pastor.
6:30 p.m. Tony Hunt, Pastor. 662-889-6570 FLINT HILL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 80 Old PLEASANT RIDGE HOUSE OF WORSHIP — 2651 Trinity
LATTER RAIN CHURCH OF GOD — 721 7th Ave. S. Honnoll Mill Rd., Caledonia. Sunday Worship Service 9:30 Road. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Every
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Wednesday 6 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Charity Gordon, Pastor. 2nd and 4th Sunday Intercessory Prayer 9 a.m., Wednesday
p.m. Brenda Othell Sullivan, Pastor. GLENN’S CHAPEL CME CHURCH — 1109 4th St. S. 6:30 p.m. Pastor Donna Anthony. 662-241-0097
NORTH COLUMBUS CHURCH OF GOD — 2103 Jess Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m. Rev. Raphael 716 Second Ave. N. • Columbus, MS • 662-328-4432
THE LORD’S HOUSE — 441 18th St. S. Thursday 7 p.m.
Lyons Rd. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. Terry, Pastor. 662-328-1109 903 College St. • Columbus, MS • 662-328-2354
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Clarence Roberts, Pastor. HEBRON C.M.E. CHURCH — 1910 Steens Road, Steens.
Meets first, second and third Sundays, Bible class each THE RIVER CHURCH — 822 North Lehmberg Rd., Sunday
YORKVILLE HEIGHTS CHURCH — 2274 Yorkville Rd., Worship 10 a.m., Children’s Church 3&4 yr. old, 5-12 yr. old.
Sunday Connect Groups 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday at 7 p.m. Earnest Sanders, Pastor.
MILITARY CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — Wednesday Worship 6:45 p.m. Pastor Chuck Eubanks.
Wednesday Worship 7 p.m.; Nursery available for all
Hwy. 12, Steens. Sunday School 9:45, Service 11 a.m.. THE SHEPHERD’S CARE & SHARE MINISTRY CHURCH
services (newborn-4). Scott Volland, Pastor. 662-328-1256
Meet on 2nd and 4th Sundays. Wednesday Bible Study — 312 N. Lehmberg Rd., Sunday Prayer Time 9:50 a.m.,
ZION ASSEMBLY CHURCH OF GOD — 5580 Ridge Road. 6:00 p.m. Rev. Antra Geeter, Pastor. 662-327-4263 Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Thursday Bible
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m., NEW HOPE CME CHURCH — 1452 Yorkville Road East, Study 6 p.m., Annie Hines, Planter and Pastor. 662-570-
Wednesday 7 p.m. Byron Harris, Pastor. Columbus. Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Worship service 1856
CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST first, third and fourth Sunday (Youth Sunday) 11:00 a.m., TRIBE JUDAH MINISTRIES — 730 Whitfield St., Starkville.
BIBLE WAY PROGRESSIVE CHURCH OF GOD IN Wednesday Bible Study 5:00 p.m. Rev. Cornelia Naylor, Sunday Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday Bible School 7 p.m.
CHRIST — 426 Military Rd. Sunday School 8 a.m., Pastor. 662-328-5309 Rev. Greg and Rev. Michelle Mostella, Pastors. 662-617-
Worship 9 a.m., Monday Prayer 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible NEW HOPE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 2503 New 4088
Study 6 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday Prayer Noon. Tommy Hope Road. Sunday Worship 8:45 a.m., Sunday School 10 TRUE GOSPEL EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY — 2119
Williams, Pastor. a.m., Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Rev. Sarah Windham, 7th. Ave. N., Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m.,
FIFTEENTH ST. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST — 917 Pastor. 662-329-3555 Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Clyde and Annie Edwards,
15th St. N. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and ORR’S CHAPEL CME CHURCH — Nicholson Street, Pastors.
6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Marion C. Bonner, Pastor. Brooksville. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., TRUE LIFE WORSHIP CENTER — 597 Main St.,
IN CHRIST — 1601 Pickensville Rd., Sunday School 9:30
Saturday 9 a.m.
Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 5
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Eugene O’Mary, Pastor.
a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Monday 6 p.m., Tuesday 7 p.m., Fernbank Rd., Steens. Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m., Sunday
Since 1960
Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. Ocie Salter, Pastor. School 10:45 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Andy Tentoni.
SANDERS CHAPEL CME CHURCH — 521 15th St. N. — 5450 Cal-Kolola Rd, Caledonia. Sunday School 9:30 24 Hour Towing
5429 Hwy. 45 N. Sunday Prayer 8 a.m., Sunday School Sunday School 8 a.m., Sunday 9 a.m., Tuesday 11:45 a.m. a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Pastor
Francisco Brock, Sr. 662-356-8252
1024 Gardner Blvd.
8:30 a.m., Worship 9:30 a.m., 4th Sunday Fellowship Rev. Dr. Luther Minor, Pastor.
Lunch, Youth Sunday 4th Sunday, Wednesday Bible Study
— 1007 Shaeffers Chapel Rd., Traditional Worship Service — 1701 22nd Street North, Columbus. Sunday Worship
6 p.m. Elder Robert L. Brown, Jr., Pastor. 662-327-4221.
9 a.m., Rev. Curtis Bray, Pastor. 8:30 a.m. -10 a.m., Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.-7 p.m.
NOW FAITH CENTER MINISTRIES — 425 Military Road, ST. JAMES UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 722 Rone F. Burgin, Sr., Pastor/Founder. 662-328-0948
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday Night Military Rd. Breakfast 9:20 a.m., Sunday School 9:40 a.m., VIBRANT CHURCH — 500 Holly Hills Rd. Sunday 9 a.m.,
Bible Study 7 p.m. Elder Samuel Wilson, Pastor. Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Evening Worship 6 p.m., Adult/ 10:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. The Grove Coffee Cafe 8 a.m.,
OPEN DOOR CHURCH OF GOD — 711 S. Thayer Ave., Children Bible Study Wednesday 6 p.m., Young Adult Bible Wednesday 7 p.m. The Grove 6:30 p.m. Nursery provided
Aberdeen. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Study Thursday 7 p.m. Rev. Paul E. Luckett, Pastor. through age 3. Jason Delgado, Pastor. 662-329-2279
Evangelist Night 6 p.m. Johnnie Bradford, Pastor. 662-574- Freeman Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Services 11 2648 Tom St., Sturgis. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
2847. a.m. and 5 p.m. Youth activities 5 p.m. John Powell, Pastor. 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Curtis Davis, Pastor. 662-230-
— 223 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Starkville. Sunday Cedar Street, Macon, Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN
Worship 7:45 a.m., 10 a.m., 6 p.m., Sunday School 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. , Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Demetric
Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Darden, Pastor.
725 4th Ave. N. Visit for
schedule of services and updates on this Mission.
Minnie Vaughn Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 12 Tuscaloosa Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
and 6 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Ron McDougald, APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL
p.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Donald Koonch, Pastor. 662-243- APOSTOLIC OUTREACH CHURCH — 204 North McCrary
2064 Rd., Prayer/Inspiration Hour Monday 6 p.m. Danny L.
6015 Tabernacle Rd., Ethelsville, AL. Sunday School 10
CAFB CHAPEL — Catholic - Sunday: Catholic DIVINE DESTINY APOSTOLIC CHURCH — 2601 14th
a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday 6:30 p.m.
Reconciliation 4:00 p.m., Mass 5 p.m. Catholic Priest Ave. N. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship 12 p.m.,
Rickey C. Green, Pastor. 205-662-3443
Father Paul Stewart. Protestant - Sunday: Adult Sunday
TRINITY-MT. CARMEL CME CHURCH — 4610 Carson Tuesday Bible Class 7:30 p.m. Pastor Easter Robertson.
School 9 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m. Wing Chaplain Lt. Col.
Rd. Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Pastor Lizzie JESUS CHRIST POWERFUL MINISTRY OF LOVE —
Steven Richardson. 662-434-2500
Harris. 662-329-3995 1210 17th St. S., behind the Dept. of Human Resources.
TURNER CHAPEL AME CHURCH — 1108 14th St. S. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Friday 7:30 p.m. Gloria Jones,
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 5 Pastor.
Forrest Blvd. Sunday Bible Study 9 a.m., Worship 10 a.m.,
p.m. Yvonne Fox, Pastor. SPIRIT OF PRAYER HOLINESS CHURCH — 267 Byrnes
Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Sandra DePriest. 662-
WESLEY UNITED METHODIST — 511 Airline Rd. Sunday Circle. Sunday Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m.,
School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:55 a.m., Wednesday 5:15 Saturday 11 a.m. Terry Outlaw, Pastor. 662-324-3539
p.m., Chancel Choir 7 p.m., Youth Monday 6:30 p.m. Rev. THE ASSEMBLY IN JESUS CHRIST CHURCH — 1504
Sunday 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:15 a.m.
Sarah Windham. 19th St. N. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:45 a.m. and
Rev. Anne Harris. 662-328-6673 or
WRIGHT CHAPEL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 7 p.m., Wednesday and Friday 7 p.m.
— Hwy. 45 Alt. S., Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,
Worship 10:15 a.m., Tuesday 6 p.m. Kori Bridges, Pastor.
Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday S. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday
6 p.m. Jack Taylor, Pastor. Bible Study 7 p.m., Thursday Prayer 5 p.m. District Elder
BEULAH GROVE FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — Lou J. Nabors Sr., Pastor. 662-329-1234
8490 Artesia Rd., Artesia, MS. Sunday Service 8:30 a.m., THE GLORIOUS CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST — Billy
— 2808 Ridge Rd. Sacrament Meeting 9 a.m., Sunday
Tuesday Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Timothy Bourne, Senior Kidd Road, Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
School 10 a.m., Priesthood & Relief Society 11 a.m., Youth
Pastor. Activities Wednesday 6 p.m. Bishop Eric Smith. 662-328- 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.. Tuesday 7 p.m., Friday 7 p.m.
CHARITY FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 1524 3179. Ernest Thomas, Pastor.
6th Ave. S. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE VICTORY APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH — 6 6 Boyd Rd.,
Wednesday 7 p.m., Saturday 6 p.m. Charles Fisher, Pastor. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE — 2722 Ridge Rd. Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship Noon, Tuesday
CHARITY MISSION FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday School 9:30 a.m.,Worship 10:40 a.m. and 6 p.m. Prayer 7 p.m., Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Mildred
— 807 Tarlton Rd., Crawford. Sunday School 9:40 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Stephen Joiner, Pastor. Spencer, Pastor. 662-341-5753
Worship 11:15 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., Prayer Hour Mon.- NON — DENOMINATIONAL ONENESS PENTECOSTAL
Fri. 10 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m., New Membership Class 9:30 A PREPARED TABLE MINISTRY — 1201 College St. NEW HOPE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH — 875 Richardson
p.m., 5th Sunday Worship 6:30 p.m. 662-272-5355 Sunday School 9 a.m., Worship 10:10 a.m., Wednesday 6
COVENANT LIFE MINISTRIES CHURCH — W. Yorkville Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., 6 p.m.,
p.m. Timothy J. Bailey, Pastor. 662-889-7778 Tuesday 7 p.m. Jared Glover, Pastor. 662-251-3747 E-mail:
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Evening 6:30 ABUNDANT LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH — 611 S.
p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m.
Frontage Road. Sunday 9:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Craig PENTECOSTAL
Fairview Full Gospel BAPTIST CHURCH — 1446 Morris, Pastor.
Wilson Pine Rd., Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., FAITH AND DELIVERANCE OUT REACH MINISTRIES —
Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Bobby L. McCarter 662- 118 S. McCrary Road, Suite 126. Sunday 10 a.m. and 11
INC. — 1560 Hwy. 69 S., Sunday 9 a.m., Wednesday 6:45
328-2793 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Christian Women Meeting Friday
p.m., Friday Corporate Prayer 7 p.m. Pastor James T.
GREATER MOUNT ZION CHURCH — 5114 Hwy. 182 E. Verdell, Jr. 9 a.m., 11 a.m., & 7 p.m. on 7 p.m.
Sunday Corporate Prayer 8 a.m., Sunday School 9 a.m., Fridays only. LIVING FAITH TABERNACLE — Shelton St. Sunday
Worship 10:15 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Bible Study 7 COLUMBUS CHRISTIAN CENTER — 146 S. McCrary School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Youth
p.m. Doran V. Johnson, Pastor. 662-329-1905 Rd. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Kid’s Church 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. James O. Gardner, Pastor.
GOD’S ANNOINTED PEOPLE MINISTRY FULL GOSPEL Wednesday 6:30 p.m., Kenny Gardner, Pastor. 662-328- LIVING WATER MINISTRIES — 622 28th St. N. Elder
FELLOWSHIP — 611 Jess Lyons Rd. Sunday School 9 3328 Robert L. Salter, Pastor. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship
a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Jerome Gill, CONGREGATIONAL WORSHIP CENTER — 109 Maxwell 11 a.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Friday 7:30 p.m.
Pastor. 662-244-7088 Lane. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11:15 a.m., SPIRIT OF PRAYER HOLINESS CHURCH — 922 17th St.
HARVEST LIFE CHURCH — 425 Military Rd. Sunday Wednesday Prayer 6 p.m., Wednesday Bible Band 7 p.m. N. Sunday 11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m.
Service 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. F. Clark Richardson, Grover C. Richards, Pastor. 662-328-8124 Terry Outlaw, Pastor,
Pastor. 662-329-2820 CORNERSTONE WORSHIP CENTER — 98 Harrison Rd., VICTORY TABERNACLE P.C.G. — 548 Hwy. 45 North
NEW BEGINNING FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — Steens. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., 1st Sunday Evening Frontage Rd. (1/4 mile past the CAFB entrance on the
318 Idlewild Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Marion (Bubba) Dees, Pastor. right) Sunday Bible Class 10:15 a.m., Worship 10:45 a.m.,
Wednesday 6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. 662-327-3962 662-327-4303 Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m. G. E. Wiggins, Sr., Pastor.
NEW LIFE FULL GOSPEL BAPTIST CHURCH — 426 EL BETHEL — 3288 Cal-Vernon Rd. Sunday School 9 662-251-2432
1721 Hwy 45 N
Military Rd. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10a.m., a.m., Worship 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Wes UNITED PENTECOSTAL ® Columbus, MS
Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Michael Love, Pastor.
Andrews, Pastor. 662-855-5006
Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11:30 a.m., Tuesday Caledonia Kolola Rd., Caledonia. Sunday 10 a.m., 6 p.m.,
Gardner Blvd. Services every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
6:30 p.m., Thursday 7 p.m. Samuel B. Wilson, Pastor. Wednesday 7 p.m. Grant Mitchell, Pastor. 662-356-0202
at 7 p.m. J. Brown, Pastor. In Style. In Reach. Sunday 1pm-5pm
FAITH COVENANT CHURCH — 1133 Northdale Dr.

19th St. S. Sunday School 8:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Sunday Worship 5:30 p.m. Lee Poque, Pastor. 662-889- Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Sunday Evangelistic 6p.m.,
Wednesday 7 p.m., Missionary Service every 2nd 8132 Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Steve Blaylock, Pastor. 662-328-

Wednesday 7 p.m. Rev. Freddie Edwards, Pastor. FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH CHRIST MINISTRIES 1750
JEWISH — 1472 Blocker Rd., Starkville. Sunday School 10 a.m., PRESBYTERIAN
B’NAI ISRAEL — 717 2nd Ave. N. Services Semi-monthly. Worship 11 a.m., 2nd Sunday Morning Worship 9 a.m. BEERSHEBA CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN Offering independent living apartments, personal
Friday 7:30 p.m. 662-329-5038 Pastor Kenyon Ashford. CHURCH — 1736 Beersheba Rd., New Hope Community. care/assisted living suites, and a skilled nursing home
Universalist FIRST CALVARY FAITH AND FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN Rev. Tim Lee, Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Church 300 Airline Road • Columbus, MS • 327-6716
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST — Meeting at Temple B’nai CENTER — 247 South Oliver St., Brooksville. Prayer School 11:15 a.m., Wed. Mid Week 6 p.m. 662-327-9615 “Our Bottom Line Is People”
Israel, 1301 Marshall, Tupelo, every 1st & 3rd Sunday. 662- Saturday 5:30 p.m., Bible Study 6 p.m., Sunday School COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (EPC) — 515
620-7344 or 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. Pastor David T. Jones,III. Lehmberg Rd., East Columbus. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Hunting • Fishing
LUTHERAN 601-345-5740 Working Or Stepping Out — We Have A Complete
Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting 4 p.m. Line Of Clothing For You And Your Family
Hwy. 45 N. and 373. Sunday School/Bible Class 3:45 p.m., School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10 a.m., Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Rev. FIRST CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH — Oktibbeha County Co-Op
Worship 5 p.m. 662-356-4647 Maxine Hall, Pastor. Check Out Our Boot & Cap Section
2698 Ridge Rd. Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship 10:30
18th Ave. N. Sunday School 9 a.m.. Worship 10 a.m. Stan
GENESIS CHURCH — 1820 23rd St. N., Sunday School
9 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Darren
a.m., Adult Choir 4 p.m. Youth Group 5 p.m., Bible Study 5 662-323-1742
p.m.; Monthly Activities: CPW Circle #2 (2nd Tue. 4 p.m.), 201 Pollard Rd., Starkville
Clark, Pastor. 662-327-7747 Leach, Pastor.
MENNONITE Ladies Aid (3rd Tue. 2 p.m.); Weekly Activities: Exercise
FAITH MENNONITE FELLOWSHIP — 2988 Tarlton Rd., Class Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m. Rev. Luke Lawson,
Point Rd. Worship 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 p.m.
Crawford. Sunday Worship 10 a.m., Sunday School 11 a.m., Pastor. 662-328-2692
Donnell Wicks, Pastor.
2nd & 4th Sunday Worship 6 p.m., Wednesday 7:30 p.m. HOUSE OF RESTORATION — Hwy. 50. Sunday School, FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH — 3200 Bluecutt Rd.
Kevin Yoder, Senior Pastor. 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday 7 Worship 10 a.m., Youth Group Sundays 11 a.m., Adult Choir
METHODIST a.m., Pastors, Bill and Carolyn Hulen. Wednesdays 6 p.m., Fellowship Suppers-3rd Wednesdays
Street, Artesia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. FAITH CHURCH — 622 23rd St. N. Sunday School MAIN STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (PCA) — Main
Gene Merkl, Pastor. 10:30 a.m.; Service 11:45 a.m., Tuesday 7:30 p.m., Friday and 7th St. N. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 10:40
CALEDONIA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 811 Main 7:30 p.m., Prayer Mon., Wed. and Fri. noon. For more a.m. and 6 p.m., Wednesday Fellowship Supper 5:30 p.m.,
Street, Caledonia. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. information call Bishop Ray Charles Jones 662-251-1118, Bible Study 6 p.m. Rev. Todd Matocha, Pastor.
Charity Gordon, Pastor. Patricia Young 662-327-3106 or 662-904-0290 or Lynette MT. ZION CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH —
CLAIBORNE CME CHURCH — 6049 Nashville Ferry Rd. Williams 662-327-9074. 3044 Wolfe Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m.
E. 2nd and 4th Sundays - Sunday School 10a.m., Worship KINGDOM VISION INTERNATIONAL CHURCH — 3193 SALVATION ARMY CHURCH
11 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m., 1st and 3rd Sundays - 3 p.m., Hwy 69 S. Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., Sunday School THE SALVATION ARMY CHURCH — 2219 Hwy. 82
Geneva H. Thomas, Pastor. 10 a.m., Tuesday 7 p.m. Pastor R.J. Matthews. 662-327- East. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship Service 11 a.m.,
CONCORD INDEPENDENT METHODIST CHURCH — 1960 Wednesday Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship 5:30
1235 Concord Rd. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. LIFE CHURCH — 419 Wilkins Wise Rd. Sunday Worship p.m., Thursday Character Building Programs 5:30 p.m.,
Robert L. Hamilton, Sr., Pastor. 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. For more information, call 662- Majors Alan and Sheryl Phillips, Commanding Officers.
Ave. N. Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Eugene LOVE CITY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH — 305 Dr. Martin COLUMBUS SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH —
Bramlett, Pastor. Luther King Drive, Starkville. Sunday Worship 11 a.m.,
301 Brooks Dr. Saturday Service 9 a.m., Sabbath School
CRAWFORD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — Main St., Pastor Apostle Lamorris Richardson. 601-616-0311 The McBryde Family
Crawford. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. and service 10 a.m. 10:30 a.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 p.m. Ray
Kathy Brackett, Pastor. 662-364-8848 Jefferson St., Macon. Sunday Service 10 a.m., Wednesday Elsberry, Pastor. 662-329-4311
1120 Gardner Blvd. • 328-5776
CROSSROAD CHAPEL C.M.E. CHURCH — Steens. Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Johnny Birchfield Jr., Senior Pastor.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Worship 11 a.m., Wednesday 6 662-493-2456 E-mail: Saturday Sabbath School 9:30 a.m., Divine Worship 11
p.m. Rev. Carl Swanigan, Pastor. NEW BEGINNING EVERLASTING OUTREACH a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Roscoe Shields, Pastor. 662-
FIRST INDEPENDENT METHODIST — 417 Lehmberg Rd. MINISTRIES — Meets at Quality Inn, Hwy. 45 N. (Every 1st 327-9729
Sunday bible study at 10:15 and morning worship at 11 a.m. and 3rd Sunday) Sunday School 10 a.m., Bible Study 10:30 APOSTOLIC CHURCH
Minister Gary Shelton. a.m., Worship 11 a.m. Pastor Robert Gavin, 662-327-9843 TRUE FAITH DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES APOSTOLIC
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — 602 Main St. or 662-497-3434. CHURCH — 3632 Hwy. 182 E. Sunday School 10:30 a.m., • RECYCLING SINCE 1956 •
Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship 8:45 & 11 a.m., Vespers & NEW COVENANT ASSEMBLY — 875 Richardson. Sunday 11:30 a.m., Tuesday 7:30 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Specializing in industrial accounts
Worship Service Sunday 10:30 a.m. Bruce Morgan, Pastor. Noon, Wednesday 7:30 p.m., Friday 7:30 p.m. 662-328-8176 973 Island Rd. 1-800-759-8570
The Dispatch • Sunday, January 6, 2019 5D

Phone: 662.328.2424
P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701

DEADLINES (Deadlines subject to change.) REGULAR RATES
4 Lines/6 Days ................... $19.20
6 Days ...................................... $12.00
4 Lines/1 Day..................$9.20
4 Lines/12 Days................. $31.20 12 Days.................................... $18.00 4 Lines/3 Days..............$18.00
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads: Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line.
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M. 4 Lines/26 Days................. $46.80 Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale
Rate applies to commercial operations Six lines or less, consecutive days.
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00 P.M. Rate applies to private party ads of non-commer- signs. RAIN GUARANTEE: If it
and merchandise over $1,000. rains the day of your sale, we will re-
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M. cial nature for merchandise under $1,000. Must
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. Call 328-2424 for rates on include price in ad. 1 ITEM PER AD. run you ad the next week FREE!
additional lines. No pets, firewood, etc. You must call to request free re-run.
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 P.M.

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 P.M.
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3 business days
prior to first publication date

• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept
responsibility only for the first incorrect insertion. 0 Legals 1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick 4000 Merchandise 5000 Pets & Livestock 8000 Real Estate
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor for 1790 Stump Removal 4030 Air Conditioners 5100 Free Pets 8050 Commercial Property
1000 Service 1800 Swimming Pools 4060 Antiques 5150 Pets 8100 Farms & Timberland
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion of 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating
space occupied by such error. 1830 Tax Service 4090 Appliances 5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock 8150 Houses - Northside
1060 Appliance Repair 1860 Tree Service
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be 4120 Auctions 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming 8200 Houses - East
1070 Asphalt & Paving 1890 Upholstery
directed to the Classified Department. 4150 Baby Articles 5300 Supplies/Accessories 8250 Houses - New Hope
1090 Automotive Services 1910 Welding
• All ads are subject to the approval of this paper. The Commercial 4180 Bargain Column 5350 Veterinarians 8300 Houses - South
1120 Building & Remodeling
Dispatch reserves the right to reject, revise, classify or cancel any 2000 Announcements 4210 Bicycles 5400 Wanted To Buy 8350 Houses - West
1150 Carpeting/Flooring
advertising at any time. 4240 Building Materials 8450 Houses - Caledonia
1180 Childcare 2050 Card of Thanks
4250 Burial Plots
6000 Financial 8500 Houses - Other
1210 Chimney Cleaning 2100 Fraternal & Lodge 6050 Business Opportunity
Advertisements must be 2150 Good Things To Eat 4270 Business Furniture & 8520 Hunting Land
1240 Contractors 6100 Business Opportunity Wanted
2200 In Memorial Equipment 8550 Investment Property
1250 Computer Services 6120 Check Cashing
paid for in advance. 1270 Electrical
1300 Excavating
2250 Instruction & School
2300 Lost & Found
4300 Camera Equipment
4330 Clothing
6150 Insurance
6200 Loans
8600 Lots & Acreage
8650 Mobile Homes
4360 Coins & Jewelry 8700 Mobile Home Spaces
You may cancel at any time during regular business hours 1320 Fitness Training 2350 Personals
4390 Computer Equipment
6250 Mortgages
8750 Resort Property
and receive a refund for days not published. 1330 Furniture Repair & Refinishing 2400 Special Notices
4420 Farm Equipment & Supplies
6300 Stocks & Bonds
8800 River Property
1360 General Services 2600 Travel/Entertainment 6350 Business for Sale
4450 Firewood 8850 Wanted to Buy

1380 Housecleaning 3000 Employment
1390 Insulation
4460 Flea Markets 7000 Rentals 8900 Waterfront Property
3050 Clerical & Office 4480 Furniture 7050 Apartments
1400 Insurance 3100 Data Processing/ Computer 4510 Garage Sales 7100 Commercial Property
9000 Transportation
1410 Interior Decorators 9050 Auto Accessories/Parts
Bargain Column Ad must fit in 4 lines (approximately 1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair
1470 Lawn Care/Landscaping
3150 Domestic Help
3170 Engineering
4540 General Merchandise
4570 Household Goods
7150 Houses
7180 Hunting Land
9100 Auto Rentals & Leasing
9150 Autos for Sale
20 characters per line) and will run for 3 days. For items $100 or 3200 General Help Wanted 4630 Lawn & Garden 7190 Land for Rent/Lease
1500 Locksmiths 9200 Aviation
less ONLY. More than one item may be in same ad, but prices 1530 Machinery Repair
3250 Management Positions 4660 Merchandise Rentals 7200 Mobile Homes
9250 Boats & Marine
may not total over $100, no relists. 3300 Medical/Dental 4690 Musical Instruments 7250 Mobile Home Spaces
1560 Mobile Home Services 3350 Opportunity Information 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
4700 Satellites 7300 Office Spaces
Free Pets Up to 4 lines, runs for 6 days. 1590 Moving & Storage
1620 Painting & Papering
3400 Part-Time
3450 Positions Wanted
4720 Sporting Goods
4750 Stereos & TV’s
7350 Resort Rentals
7400 River Property
9350 Golf Carts
9400 Motorcycles/ATVs
Lost & Found Up to 6 lines, ad will run for 6 days. 1650 Pest Control
1680 Plumbing
3500 Professional
3550 Restaurant/Hotel
4780 Wanted To Buy 7450 Rooms
7500 Storage & Garages
9450 Trailers/Heavy Equipment
9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
1710 Printing 3600 Sales/Marketing 9550 Wanted to Buy
These ads are taken by fax, e-mail or in person at 1740 Roofing & Guttering 3650Trades
7520 Vacation Rentals
7550 Wanted to Rent
our office. Ads will not be take by telephone. 1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers 3700Truck Driving 7600 Waterfront Property

Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 Painting & Papering 1620 General Help Wanted 3200 Farm Equipment & Supplies Apts For Rent: West 7050 Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Commercial Property For
4420 Rent 7100

County of Lowndes County of Lowndes SCHOOLS SERVICE experienced carpenter HAY FOR SALE. Some (NOW ACCEPTING 117 DR. Martin Luther

Certified in lead with lots of experience. stored in barn and out. APPLICATIONS) King Jr. Dr. West in
Notice of Sale Notice of Sale NOTICE TO BIDDERS removal. Offering spe- Please call: 662-386-9122. Starkville. 4,000 sq. ft
cial prices on interior & 662-570-9464 for info. Downtown Area- building. Call 662-323-
WHEREAS the following
tenants entered into a
WHEREAS the following
tenants entered into a
COUNTY OF LOWNDES exterior painting, pres-
sure washing & sheet
General Merchandise 4600 Apartments 2BR/1BA, CH&A, hard- 5119.
& Houses
wood, appliances, no
lease with RENT-A- lease with RENT A NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- rock repairs. MARATHON EQUIPMENT APPLE COMPUTERS pets, spacious, walk to
Free Estimates
SPACE for storage
spaces in which to store
SPACE for storage
spaces in which to store
Two 2009 iMac com-
puters available. Good
1 Bedrooms MUW. NO HUD.
personal property: personal property: THE LOWNDES COUNTY ately! Starting pay is working condition. 2 Bedroooms $675.00/$675.00. TIES/Retail/Office
Spaces starting @
Stump Removal 1790 $17.62/hour and you
can earn up to
Would be good for ba-
sic web browsing or 3 Bedrooms Convenience-
$285/mo. Downtown &
– UNIT 6003 R203 PERINTENDENT OF EDU- East Columbus loca-
$19.93/hour within a word processing. 2Ghz; 2BR/1BA, almost fin-
CATION, 1053 HIGH- year! Full benefits avail- 2 GB RAM; 250 GB HD. Furnished & ished make-over. CH/A,
tions. 662-435-4188.
WHEREAS, default has
been made in the pay-
able on your first day of
Computer and built-in
monitor only; mouse
Unfurnished new flooring, paint, ap-
pliances & more. No
ment of the rent and
RENT-A-SPACE pursu- WHEREAS, default has
2:00 PM ON
Apply online at:
and keyboard not in- 1, 2, & 3 Baths pets, no HUD. OFFICE SPACE: 2,000
cluded. $50 each. Agent Owned. square feet. 294
ant to said lease is au- been made in the pay- 31, 2019 FOR DIS- Call 662-574-1561 Lease, Deposit $450.00/$450.00. Chubby Dr. Flexible leas-
thorized to sell the per-
sonal property to satis-
ment of the rent and
ALLSTUMP GRINDING High school diploma or
GED required. EEO.
& Credit Check ing terms. Available
SERVICE Sporting Goods 4720 West Point- now. 662-328-8254
fy the past due rent and ant to said lease is au- COUNTY SCHOOL DIS- Marathon Equipment Large 1BR/1BA, gas

any other charges owed thorized to sell the per- TRICT. BIDS WILL BE We can grind all your Co Rd 9 ED SANDERS Gunsmith space heat, window air.
to it. sonal property to satis- OPENED ON FRIDAY, stumps. Hard to reach Vernon, AL 35592 Open for season! 9-5, Water furnished. No
fy the past due rent and FEBRUARY 1, 2019 AT HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
places, blown over Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat. pets or HUD. Columbus Office, Retail,
NOW THEREFORE, no- any other charges owed 10:00 AM. ALL BIDS roots, hillsides, back- Over 50 years experi- Agent Owned.
tice is hereby given that to it. PRICES SHALL BE FIRM ence! Repairs, cleaning, Apts For Rent: Caledonia 7060 Restaurant Space avail-
$375.00/$375.00 with able. Call 662-328-
yards, pastures. Free QUALITY CONTROL
RENT-A-SPACE will offer AND APPROVED BY LC- estimates. You find it, MANAGER NEEDED. refinishing, scopes approved application.
for sale, and will sell at NOW THEREFORE, no- SB FOR THE DISTRICT. 3BR/1BA Duplex. No 8655 or 662-574-7879.
we'll grind it! Immediate opening at mounted & zeroed, Smoking. No Pets. 1 yr.
auction to the highest tice is hereby given that 662-361-8379 Columbus Air Force handmade knives. Long & Long, Realtors
bidder and best bidder RENT A SPACE will offer INTERESTED BIDDERS lease. $550/month +
Base. Construction Located: Hwy 45 Alt, deposit. 662-356-4958 662-328-0770 Houses For Rent: Northside
for cash all personal for sale, and will sell at MAY PICK UP OR RE- experience required. North of West Point, or 662-574-0227. 7110
property in the storage.
Said property located at
auction to the highest
bidder and best bidder
for cash all personal
244-5000) SPECIFICA-
Tree Services 1860
A&T Tree Service
Email resume to:
turn right on Yokahama
Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
Apts For Rent: Starkville 7070
Bucket truck & stump Darracott Rd, will see RENTALS near CAFB. $450/mo +
GARDNER BLVD. SUITE property in the storage. AT THE OFFICE OF SU- sign, 2.5mi ahead shop TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS
1, COLUMBUS, MS will Said property located at PERINTENDENT OF EDU- removal. Free est. SMALL APT, walking dis- $350 dep. 662-889-
on left. 662-494-6218. 1122.
be sold at 10:00 AM on RENT A SPACE 216 LIN- CATION. PLEASE DIR- Serving Columbus
since 1987. Senior
Medical / Dental 3300 tance to MSU. Partially
furnished incl W/D w/
JANUARY 25, 2019. COLN ROAD, COLUM- ECT ALL INQUIRES TO Business Opportunity 6050
BUS, MS 39705 will be MRS. JEANISE AN- citizen disc. Call Alvin @ FULL TIME RN and PART ch/a. $500/mo + dep. 2 BEDROOMS
Title to the personal sold at 9:30 AM on DREWS, TECHNOLOGY
"We'll go out on a limb
SCHEDULER needed for
HISTORIC DOWNTOWN Call 662-722-0020,
leave msg or text.
3 BEDROOMS 2BR HOUSE. Stove, ref.,
property to be sold is JANUARY 25, 2019. COORDINATOR, BY Columbus: 411 Main w/d hookup, window
believed to be good, but EITHER PHONE (662- for you!" busy medical office. Ap- St. Office, Retail, Res- a/c, heat electric.
© The Dispatch

at such sale, RENT-A- Title to the personal 244-5018) OR EMAIL plicants must have ex- taurant Space available. $485/mo. Lease-
Apts For Rent: Other 7080
SPACE will convey only
such title as is vested
property to be sold is (JEANISE.ANDREWS@LO
believed to be good, but WNDES.K12.MS.US)
Special Notices 2400 cellent computer skills
and be able to work in a
Call 423-333-1124. DEPOSIT dep.+credit check. Cole-
1BR/1BA Apts for rent. man Realty. 329-2323.
in it pursuant to its at such sale, RENT A BECOME A LICENSED fast paced environment. College Manor Apts, dir- AND
leases and as allowed SPACE will convey only THE LOWNDES COUNTY Applicants must also
under Mississippi Code such title as is vested BOARD OF EDUCATION
ATOR. FCC Testing will available to work some
ectly across from MUW.
Completely renovated,
CREDIT CHECK Houses For Rent: South 7140
Annotated Section 85-7- in it pursuant to its RESERVES THE RIGHT be at West end of Main late evenings. For seri- incl granite countertops,
121 et seq.
leases and as allowed TO REJECT ANY
under Mississippi Code AND/OR ALL BIDS AND
St @ the 911 Center in
Starkville on Saturday,
ous inquiries, please
send resume to
SS appls & W/D. 12 mo
lease, dep req, $650/
662-329-2323 3BR/2BA, 2300 sqft,
very nice w/ 2 car gar-
Annotated Section 85-7- TO NEGOTIATE WITH December 29, 2018 at Blind Box 660 c/o mo. 662-425-3817. age, lg back yard. Pets
WITNESS MY SIGNA- 121 et seq. THE LOW BID/BIDDER. 9am. For more info call Commercial Dispatch Let your 2411 HWY 45 N
need approval. 1612
TURE ON JANUARY 2, (Supp1988). 662-324-0745. PO Box 511 9th St. S. $1,050 per
2019. MR. LYNN WRIGHT, SU- Columbus, MS 39703. fingers do the 2BR/1BA located in COLUMBUS, MS mo + dep. 662-574-
WITNESS MY SIGNA- PERINTENDENT walking. Historic Downtown 7879 or 662-328-8655.
RENT-A-SPACE TURE ON JANUARY 2, SUPERINTENDENT OF General Help Wanted 3200 Columbus. 2,000 sqft.
By: MANAGER 2019. EDUCATION Bargain Column 4180 Find your Hardwood floors Houses For Sale: Other 8500
LOWNDES COUNTY, PART TIME OFFICE dream job in throughout. Open floor.
Very nice. Incl W&D.
By: MANAGER needed for Heater, new, $35. the classifieds! $1200/mo. Call
PUBLISH: JANUARY 6 & small church. (2) Lighted Christmas
PUBLISH: 1/6/2019 JANUARY 13, 2019 Yard Trees, $15.
Monday & Wednesday, 662-327-7221.
Building & Remodeling 1120 16 hours per week. DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA,
State of Mississippi CH&A, 1 story, W/D,
County of Lowndes Coin & Jewelry 4360 historic district, 1 block
SUGGS CONSTRUCTION Tech and social media
Building, remodeling, skills required. OLE MISS 14k gold from downtown, $625/
Notice of Sale State of Mississippi mo. + $625 dep. NO
County of Lowndes metal roofing, painting Ronaldo Bracelet. Brand
& all home repairs. For more info, call new. Never worn. $175. PETS. 662-574-8789.
WHEREAS the following Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 Peaceful & Quiet area.
tenants entered into a 662-242-3471 662-574-1972 Call 662-549-9192.
Notice of Sale
SPACE for storage WHEREAS the following Tom Hatcher, LLC Auctions 4120 1 & 2 BR near hospital. FIRST FULL MONTH
spaces in which to store tenants entered into a Custom Construction, $595-645/mo. Military
Restoration, Remodel- RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed-
personal property: lease with RENT-A- discount offered, pet room Apts/Townhomes.
SPACE for storage ing, Repair, Insurance area, pet friendly, and
claims. 662-364-1769. Stove & refrigerator.
DAVID KEATING spaces in which to store furnished corporate $335-$600 Monthly.
17 personal property: Licensed & Bonded apartments available. Credit check & deposit.
ON SITE SECURITY. Coleman Realty,
WHEREAS, default has WHEREAS, default has JOB SEEKING WOMEN; SURVEILLANCE. 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart-
been made in the pay- been made in the pay- COMPUTER TRAINING, Benji @ 662-386-4446 ments & townhouses.
ment of the rent and ment of the rent and RESUME WRITING, & IN- Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Call for more info.
RENT A SPACE pursu- RENT-A-SPACE pursu- TERVIEW SKILLS; Sat/Sun by appt only. 662-328-8254.
ant to said lease is au- ant to said lease is au- Tues & Thurs Evening
thorized to sell the per- thorized to sell the per- classes start February Apts For Rent: Other 7080
sonal property to satis- sonal property to satis- 5th. Enroll now at Chris-
fy the past due rent and fy the past due rent and tian Women's Job
any other charges owed any other charges owed Corps. Min H.S. Dip-
to it. to it. loma or Equivalent re-
quired. Call 662-722-
NOW THEREFORE, no- NOW THEREFORE, no- 3016 or 662-597-1030
tice is hereby given that tice is hereby given that
for sale, and will sell at for sale, and will sell at 30 years experience.
auction to the highest auction to the highest Great prices. Call
bidder and best bidder bidder and best bidder Leslie, 662-570-5490.
for cash all personal for cash all personal
property in the storage. property in the storage. RETAINER WALL, drive-
Said property located at Said property located at way, foundation, con-
RENT A SPACE 3431 RENT- A- SPACE 406 crete, masonry restora-
HWY 12 EAST STEENS, WILKINS WISE RD tion, remodeling, base-
MS 39766 will be sold COLUMBUS, MS will be ment foundation, re-
at 10:30 AM on JANU- sold at 9:00 AM on pairs, small dump truck
ARY 25, 2019. JANUARY 25, 2019. hauling (5-6 yd) load &
demolition/lot cleaning.
Title to the personal Title to the personal Burr Masonry
property to be sold is property to be sold is 662-242-0259.
believed to be good, but believed to be good, but
at such sale, RENT A at such sale, RENT-A- WORK WANTED:
SPACE will convey only SPACE will convey only Licensed & Bonded-car-
such title as is vested such title as is vested pentry, painting, & de-
in it pursuant to its in it pursuant to its molition. Landscaping,
leases and as allowed leases and as allowed gutters cleaned, bush
under Mississippi Code under Mississippi Code hogging, clean-up work,
Annotated Section 85-7- Annotated Section 85-7- pressure washing, mov-
121 et seq. 121 et seq. ing help & furniture
(Supp1988). (Supp1988). repair. 662-242-3608

TURE ON January 2, TURE ON JANUARY 2, 1470
2019. 2019.
By: MANAGER By: MANAGER ing, cleanup, landscap-
ing, sodding, & tree cut-
PUBLISH: 1/6/2019 PUBLISH: 1/6/2019 ting. 356-6525.
6D Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Dispatch •

Need fast cash?
Houses For Rent: Starkville Investment Property 8550
2BR/1BA house w/ 2 private property. Approx
acres in county. 3 miles 6 acres. Will sell or
from Strk, 5 miles from lease property located
MSU South Entrance, in NE Noxubee County.
W/D, carport. SMALL 601-405-3717.
dogs ok w/ deposit.
Great for grad student Lots & Acreage 8600
or professor. Non-
smoking. $700/mo. 2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
Utilities not included. 149 Tanyia Lane. Off of
662-617-5601. Lake Lowndes Road.

Sell your unwanted items in
Has asphalt drive &
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 parking, 1200 ft. shop
w/ living area, septic
the classifieds today.
RENT A fully equipped tank & water meter. No
camper w/utilities & trailers. $45,000. Call
cable from $145/wk - 662-574-0345.
$535/month. Colum-
bus & County School UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! Lots & Acreage 8600 Trailers & Heavy Equipment
locations. 662-242- A Stable growth invest- 9450
7653 or 601-940-1397. ment. FSBO: 72 Acres LOWNDES COUNTY 45
in Webster Co., near acres on Sobley & Dav- 1999 MACK Dump
Houses For Sale: Southside Mantee. Mature pines is Rd. Excellent hunting. Truck & 30,000lb Trail-
(75yr), hardwoods 1 mile west of Hwy. 69. boss Tag-A-Long Trailer,
8300 Small creek runs thru
(50yr), 10ac hay field, both good condition.
2ac pond, w/county property. $1375 per Can be seen at 5356
2BR/1BA Gas stove & acre. 205-799-9846 or
heat. Move-in ready. 1 road frontage/utilities, Hwy 182 E, Columbus.
superb potential home 205-695-2248. Call 662-328-6203 or
BR Apt. attached that

site & recognized 662-574-6202.
needs work. $21,000.
417 17th St. S. school. 45 minutes to
Call 662-327-8712.

Houses For Sale: Other 8500
MSU. 334-277-9744. WINTER SPECIAL
1.95 acre lots.
Good/bad credit.
Sudoku is a number-
3 6 7 5 2 9 8 1 4
10% down, as low as placing puzzle
Sudoku based on
is a number-
$299/mo. Eaton Land. a 9x9 grid
placing with based
puzzle severalon 9 8 1 6 3 4 5 2 7

2019 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 2 5 4 8 1 7 9 3 6
HOUSES (OVER 200 MANAGED) given numbers. The object
Mobile Homes for Sale 8650
is to place the numbers 4 1 5 7 6 8 3 9 2
1 to place
to 9 in thethe numbers
empty spaces
COMMERCIAL PROPERTY NEW 2017, 16x80 MH 1sotothat
9 ineach
the empty spaces
row, each 6 3 2 4 9 1 7 8 5
@ The Grove, Colum-
bus. 3BR/2BA, never so that each
column row, each
and each 3x3 box 8 7 9 2 5 3 6 4 1
lived in, can be moved.
New Hope Sch. Dist.
containsand theeach
same3x3 box
number 7 9 3 1 4 5 2 6 8
contains the same number
PLEASE CONTACT US AT $29k. 662-769-2565. only once. The difficulty
only once. The difficulty 1 2 8 9 7 6 4 5 3
level increases from
level increases from 5 4 6 3 8 2 1 7 9
662-328-1124 Autos For Sale 9150 Monday to Sunday.
Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 1/04 '07 GRAY Chevy Tahoe.
Good cond. Leather
interior. Has 197,878
miles. Asking $7,500.
Call 662-251-6258.
“You’ll like our
personal service.” Campers & RVs 9300
located on Wilkins Wise
Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
Hookups available.
$300/mo. 662-328-
8655 or 662-574-7879.

Houses For Sale: Other 8500 Find

Five Questions:

1 Alicia Keys

2 Dick

3 The Weekly
World News

4 Splenda

5 Dolly Parton
Houses For Sale: Other 8500

1 Disgraced
7 Quarter, e.g.
11 Piña —
12 Last Stuart ruler
13 Roused
14 Gushing review
15 Sheet material
16 Not flimsy
17 Tees, e.g.
18 Burning the
midnight oil
19 Over
21 Stop signal
22 Six-sided item
25 Homer’s bar-
DOWN 20 Wee hooter
tending pal
1 Massage target 22 Kenya neighbor
26 Bouncy tune
2 TV’s Mandel 23 Impulse senders
27 Charm
3 By the way 24 Now and then
29 Bar bills
4 Copes 25 Showy parrots
33 Inverted v
5 Unspoiled spot 28 Onions’ kin
34 Competitor
6 Writer Brown 30 Turn away
35 Lotion additive
7 Seasonal song 31 Police ID
36 Funny stuff
8 Just for fun 32 More cunning
37 Sly signal
9 Party guest 34 Capital of Italia
38 Come into view
10 Not optional 36 Bee follower
39 Pertness
16 Period of time
40 Spring holiday
Autos For Sale 9150 18 Ill-suited

Log cabin