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FL* Fence Line (Wood, Chainlink, Wire) Site Feature Line

FNC* Fence Corner Site Feature Line

FO* Fiber Optic (Communication) Communication System Line
FP* Flag Pole Site Feature Sym
GD* Gas Drip Gas System Sym
GDR* Guardrail (W, Wood, Cable Transportation Line
GUY* Guidewire (Pole) Power System Sym
GV* Gas Valve Gas System Sym
HCP* Handicap Marking (Parking) Site Feature Sym
HCR* Handicap (Ramp) Site Feature Line
HS* Headstone (Cemetery) Site Feature Sym
HWL* Retaining Wall Site Feature Line
IE* Invert Elevation Storm System Sym
IPF* Iron Pipe Found Boundary Sym
IPS* Iron Pipe Set Boundary Sym
IRF* Iron Rod Found Boundary Sym
IRS* Iron Rod Set Boundary Sym
LP* Light Pole (Lamp Post) Power System Sym
LSA* Landscape Area Landscape Line
MB* Mailbox Site Feature Sym
MHD* Manhole Drainage (Storm) Storm System Sym
MHDI* Manhole Drainage (Storm) Storm System Sym
MHE* Manhole Electric Power System Sym
MHS* Manhole Sanitary Sewer Sanitary System Sym
MHT* Manhole Tele (Comm) Communication System Sym
MHW* Manhole Water Water System Sym
MON* Monument (Survey, Boundary) Boundary Sym
MW* Monitoring Well Water System Sym
OHC* Overhead Cable TV Communication System Line
OHE* Overhead Electric (Power) Power System Line
OHP* Overhead Power Power System Line
OHT* Overhead Tele (Comm) Communication System Line
OHU* Overhead Utilities (Combined) Misc Line
PANEL* Aerial Survey Panel Survey Control Sym
PIV* Water Service Water System Sym
PKG* Parking Parking Line
PP* Power Pole (Utility Pole) Power System Sym
PS* Pavement Stripe (Parking) Parking Line
PTP* Tower (Power, Transformer) Power System Sym
PVS* Pavement Markings Transportation Line
RD* Roof Drain Storm System Sym
RIP* Rip Rap Storm System Line
ROH* Roof Overhang Site Structure Line
RR* Railway (rail) Transportation Line
RRMP* Railway Mile Marker Transportation Sym
RRS* Railway Sign Transportation Sym
RRSW* Railway Switch Transportation Sym
SAT* Satellite Dish Communication System Sym
SB* Sprinkler Box (Irrigation) Landscape Sym
SET* Set Boundary Marker Boundary Sym
SF* Silt Fence (Erosion Control) Erosion Control Line

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SGN1* Sign (Single Post) Site Feature Sym
SGN2* Sign (Double Posted) Site Feature Sym
SH* Sprinkler Head (Irrigation) Landscape Sym
SHB* Shrub, Bush Vegetation Sym
SIGB* Signal Box (Traffic Contol) Transportation Sym
SIGP* Signal Pole (Traffic Control) Transportation Sym
ST* Sediment Trap (Erosion Control) Erosion Control Line
STB* Stop Bar (Traffic Control) Transportation Line
SV* Sprinkler Valve (Irrigation) Landscape Sym
SWK* Sidewalk (Asph, Conc, Slate... Site Feature Line
TAL* Traffic Marking Left Arrow Transportation Sym
TAR* Traffic Marking Right Arrow Transportation Sym
TAS* Traffic Marking Straight Arrow Transportation Sym
TBC* Top Back of Curb Transportation Line
TBM* Temporary Benchmark Survey Control Sym
TIE* Tie Line Survey Control Sym
TNK* Tank (Gas, Water, Propane…) Site Feature Line
TOE* Toe of Slope (Bottom) Topographic Line
TOP* Top of Slope (Bank) Topographic Line
TOW* Top of Wall Site Feature Line
TP* Telephone Pedistal (Comm) Communication System Sym
TR* Tree (Unkown) Vegetation Sym
TRB* Traffic (Signal) Control Box Transportation Sym
TRBI* Birch Tree Vegetation Sym
TRBO* Black Oak Tree Vegetation Sym
TRBP* Bradford Pear Vegetation Sym
TRC* Coniferous Tree Vegetation Sym
TRCE* Cedar Tree Vegetation Sym
TRD* Deciduous Tree Vegetation Sym
TRDG* Dogwood Tree Vegetation Sym
TRHI* Hickory Tree Vegetation Sym
TRHO* Holly Tree (Bush) Vegetation Sym
TRL* Trail (Path) Transportation Line
TRMA* Maple Tree Vegetation Sym
TRPI* Pine Tree Vegetation Sym
TRPO* Poplar Tree Vegetation Sym
TRRO* Red Oak Tree Vegetation Sym
TRSY* Sycamore Tree Vegetation Sym
TRWO* White Oak Tree Vegetation Sym
TVP* CATV Pedistal Communication System Sym
UG* Underground Gas Gas System Line
UGE* Underground Electric Power System Line
UP* Underground Power Power System Line
UT* Underground Tele (Comm) Communication System Line
UW* Underground Water Water System Line
VG* Vault Gas Gas System Line
VP* Vault Power Power System Line
VT* Vault Tele (Comm) Communication System Line
VU* Vault Unknown Misc Line
VW* Vault Water Water System Line
WALL* Retaining Wall Storm System Line

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