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Data Collection
There are a variety of techniques to use when gathering primary and secondary
data for the project. From those the project used the following tools and methods
to collect data.

 Interview: The team interviewed the manager and employees to know the
existing working procedure of the organization.

 Observation: used this method to get the right information about the
organization and also to understand how the existing system works.

 Document analysis: To get more information we used documents and

forms that help us to develop this project

System analysis & design methodology

 Analysis methodology
After gathering different information from stakeholders the project team will
analyze requirements by using Unified Modeling Language models like use case
diagram, sequence diagram and class diagram. Since:

 UML is a modeling language widely used to visualize the object oriented designs.
 UML makes it easy to visualize the software design.
 UML diagrams can be easily decoded and converted into most of the popular object
oriented programming languages.
 Design methodology
The project team selected object oriented approach to design the system because it
has best feature than other approach for instance:

Reduce Maintenance: The primary goal of object-oriented development is the

assurance that the system will enjoy a longer life while having far smaller
maintenance costs.

Real-World Modeling: Object-oriented systems tend to model the real world

in a more complete fashion than do traditional methods.

Improved Reliability and Flexibility: Object-oriented system promise to be

far more reliable than traditional systems, primarily because new behaviors can be
"built" from existing objects.

Development Environment

 Software requirement
 Operating system: Windows 8.1(64 bits) and window 10 (64 bits)
 Programming languages: PHP
 XAMPP: to create a local web server for testing purposes.
 Database: MYSQL
 Styling: Bootstrap and CSS
 Code lobster: - to write different codes of the projects
 Browsers: (Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, Baidu Browser, Chrome)
 Microsoft office Word and Microsoft office power point: for documenting
and to prepare power point for presentation
 Rational Rose, E draw: For designing UML diagrams associated with the
project. They provide us good features and easy to use over other tools.
 Hardware Requirement
 Desktop Computers with specification of Intel(R) core(TM) i3-2120 CPU
3.30GHZ 3.30 GHz, 1.90 GB of RAM.
 Personal computer:
 800GB hard disk
 Built In Wi-Fi support
 LAN support
 1 TB external hard disk