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Insurance Policy

Date: 21.06.2018
PID - 2065


For international students, interns, au pairs, academics

General Information

Policyholder Premium payer Correspondence

Mahde Mohamed ROSTAM Mahde Mohamed ROSTAM Mahde Mohamed ROSTAM

60m- Kurani Makhmoor Square, Erbil-Iraq' 60m- Kurani Makhmoor Square, Erbil-Iraq' 60m- Kurani Makhmoor Square, Erbil-Iraq'
00964 Erbil 00964 Erbil 00964 Erbil
Iraq Iraq Iraq

Phone Number: +46 76 716 99 92

Insured Person(s)

Mahde Mohamed ROSTAM | Male | 08-08-1988 Nationality: Iraq

Insurance Cover - Standard

First country of cover: Sweden - the insurance territoriality is Worldwide. The insurance sum are per insured person stated in the
current certificate and per event. Related terms and conditions are the GIC-SPI16.

Emergency medical cover • Sickness and accident •

Medical cover Max. € 30.000 Hospital in-outpatient • General practitioners & specialist •
Prescript medicine

Search and rescue Max. € 20.000

Emergency medical evacuation Max. € 150.000

By sea - air - ground
Medical repatriation Max. € 50.000

Repatriation of mortal remains Max. € 15.000

Luggage Max. € 1.000 Loss, damage, robbery or theft

Accidental death Max. € 25.000

Lump sum
Accidental disability Max. € 50.000

Damages covered to third parties for corporal and material

Third party liability Max. € 500.000

Insurance Conditions
Start date Last date Nr. days Premium

02-09-2018 01-09-2019 365 EUR 187.25

Insurance paid on: 21.06.2018 by Credit Card

Emergency Alarm Center (24 / 7) : +49 699778899-999

Legal notice : Anker Verzekeringen n.v., having its registered office at Paterswoldseweg 812 at 9728 BM Groningen, in these policy conditions referred to as
"Anker". Anker is registered with the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) (the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) under number 12000661 and is authorised
by De Nederlandsche Bank ("DNB").The Insurance broker is Swisscare Services Ltd., Alte Landstrasse 6, 9496 Balzers (Principality of Liechtenstein). The
company is authorized and regulated by the financial market supervisory authority of the Principality of Liechtenstein, reference number 10095. Swisscare
Services Ltd. is registered in the company index in the Principality of Liechtenstein under the number FL-0002.465.148-2. Swisscare © is a registered trademark
owned by Swisscare Services Ltd.

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