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Is your practice reaching its full potential? You can dramatically improve your productivity and your practice’s ability to grow by adding powerful tools to your Dentrix software. Regardless of the unique nature of your practice’s goals, Henry Schein Practice Solutions’ robust suite of software solutions will help you obtain the practice of your dreams.

Improving Productivity
Adding the right mix of integrated solutions to your Dentrix software will help you achieve your goals.
• Go paperless • Optimize scheduling • Establish creditability • Improve profitability

Even the most productive team members have their output limited by the number of hours in a day. eServices shift the balance of productivity with powerful tools that allow your team to get more done in less time. The seamless integration with Dentrix allows time-consuming tasks to be completed automatically or much more efficiently. This gives your team the ability to focus more attention on patients and completing other responsibilities. It also eliminates restraints that may have been impairing your practice’s growth.

Growing Your Practice
In today’s competitive market, it’s not enough to simply provide outstanding dental care. You need to stay in the top of the minds of your current patients while standing out as the best dental health care provider option for your prospects. eServices and Demandforce illuminate your practice to new and existing patients with powerful communication and marketing tools that are designed to proactively drive business to your door. These powerful tools maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars while improving the efficiency of your team.


eClaims allows you to submit your patient insurance claims electronically. Doing so improves your cash flow by speeding up your reimbursements and reducing your rejected claims. The seamless integration allows you to create the claim, validate it, and send it to the payer with just a few clicks of the mouse – all without ever leaving Dentrix.
Other Products Recommended with eClaims: eClaims Attachment, eCentral Insurance Manager

eClaims Attachments
Attach digital Perio charts, x-rays and photos to support your eClaims.

eClaims attachments allows you to include digital files with your electronic claims. Adding digital attachments reduces costly duplication expenses and speeds the reimbursement time. You can add X-rays, perio charts, photos and more without ever leaving Dentrix. Plus, the eClaims Validation Report informs you of the attachment requirements.
Other Products Recommended with eClaims Attachments: eClaims, eCentral Insurance Manager

eCentral Insurance Manager
The Insurance Manager is the perfect complement to eClaims, giving you the ability to track your electronic claims and update patient insurance eligibility. With the click of a button, you know the exact status of your claims to better predict cash flow. Plus, you can receive automatic eligibility verification prior to your patients’ appointments or update eligibility with the click of a button.
Other Products Recommended with the Insurance Manager: eClaims, eClaims Attachments, Appointment Manager

eCentral Appointment Manager
Improve productivity with automated emails, text messages and printed postcards from eCentral.

The eCentral Appointment Manager allows you to completely manage your appointments from a single web page. It gives you an at-a-glance view of all the appointments for a given day, including: contacting information, scheduled procedures, reminder history, and much more. You can even send a reminder via email or update eligibility with the click of a button.
Other Products Recommended with the Appointment Manager: Insurance Manager, Web Site Manager

eCentral Communication Manager
The eCentral Communication Manager automates your appointment reminder and recall card processes. eCentral will automatically send emails and text messages to remind patients of appointments and reduce no-shows. It will also automatically print and mail recall cards to keep your patient base active. The Communication Manager includes the Appointment Manager.
Other Products Recommended with the Communication Manager: Insurance Manager, Web Site Manager, Demandforce

eCentral Web Site Manager
The eCentral Web Site Manager gives your practice a Dentrix-integrated Web site. The Dentrix-integration separates eCentral from other Web sites by allowing your patients to view appointments, treatment plans and account balances online. Patients can even complete forms online or make online payments. Plus, the Web Site Manager includes in-office kiosk software.
Other products recommended with the Web Site Manager: Communication Manager, PowerPay, QuickBill, Demandforce

PowerPay is a Dentrix-integrated credit and debit card processing solution. PowerPay eliminates double entry by automatically posting payments to the Dentrix Ledger. Plus, with the pin-pad device, you can reduce merchant fees with pin-based debit card transactions. PowerPay will even post payments made from your eCentral Web site to your Dentrix Ledger.
Other products recommended with PowerPay: Web Site Manager, QuickBill

Send customized patient billing statements in seconds with QuickBill.

QuickBill allows you to print and mail patient billing statements with the click of a button. All the printing, folding, stuffing, labeling and mailing is done for you and for less than doing it yourself. With QuickBill you can send as few or as many statements as you want, whenever you want. Statements even include a remittance envelope for patients that don’t want to pay online.
Other products recommended with QuickBill: PowerPay, Web Site Manager

eBackUp automatically backs up your data to a remote location. Your patient data might be your most valuable asset. eBackUp protects it from fire, flood, hardware failure, human error, and more by backing it up and storing it at a remote location. You choose which files are backed up and when. eBackUp does the rest. Plus, eBackUp ensures HIPAA compliance by encrypting your data.
Other products recommended with eBackUp: All eServices

Demandforce drives demand by building your online reputation and improving your web profile. Patients are better able to find your practice within search engines, read certified reviews and request appointments. Plus, the online communication system automatically sends the right message, to the right patient, at the right time to keep your patient base active and growing.
Other products recommended with Demandforce: Communication Manager, Web Site Manager

Communication Manager

Appointment Manager

eClaims Attachments

Insurance Manager

Web Site Manager

Use this char t to identif y the sof t ware solutions that address your unique concerns

Accounts receivible balances Time spent on payment collection Collection effectiveness Collection expenses Insurance claim reimbursement timeliness Time spent preparing insurance claims Rejected insurance claims Insurance claim tracking Usefulness of your practice website Time spent sending recall cards Missed appointments Time on the phone confirming appointments Marketing your practice Patient referrals Time spent entering new patient data Patient education on dental health topics Active patient base Time on the phone verifying eligibility Security of patient data Paperless processes Practice image Front office productivity

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