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Dear Honourable Member for Barton and Attorney-General for Commonwealth of Australia, Firstly, I congratulate you on your success in retaining the seat of Barton at the recent Federal election. I attach a Grand Petition demanding:


Independent Investigation of the Child Support Agency “Client Death Toll” which exceeds 4,000 noncustodial parents per annum : see: Independent Investigation of more than 100,000 human rights violations committed in the Australian Family Courts every year: see: . ; . Independent Investigation of the $4,000,000,000 (Four Billion Dollars) of federal taxpayer funds your Government spends on Family Court judges, officers and infrastructure: see: 30 January 2010 National Press coverage of your own announcement to double the previous year's spend of $2,000,000,000 (Two Billion Dollars). Immediate establishment a Minister for Status of Men and Office of Status of Men (with matching funding, status and influence as the (more than $26,100,000 (Twenty Six Million Dollars) plus being spent in 2010 alone on the decade long established Office of Status for Women. [Perhaps Australia even needs 4 separate Offices of Status, one each for (1) Heterosexual Men, (2) Homosexual Men, (3) Heterosexual Women and (4) Lesbian Women?]: see: k_15apr10.aspx




I am sending you this petition to you first, minus the background papers. This is so that you can digest the significance of each one of these four petitions without the clutter of the overwhelming supporting data. I have also put this petition on my website and distributed it widely to national and international press outlets and NGO political and human rights organisations. I will later today load these background papers on my website I will also issue them to you by e-mail as I distribute them to the nation's and the world's media and NGOs. You can find substantial forensic materials supporting these petitions, already posted on my website: . You will also find there some of the

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correspondence and materials relating to the pending High Court constitutional challenge to the Australian Electoral Commissions aggravated misconduct of the August 2010 federal election. It is tragic to think that if your Government spent $4,000,000,000 (Four Billion Dollars) per annum funding constitutional human rights law cases, even just for one year, Australia would have the best constitutional, political and judicial systems, ever, in human history. And yet this is how much your Government spends every year on lawyers and legals – how much better these 100,000 families would be if the Government just gave them half of this, $20,000 each, instead. How many families, childhoods and lives would that save – even at the cost of diminished incomes for this nations 30,000 Government privileged and Government pampered and protected family lawyers? The human and social costs of this Family Law Injustice system are frightening. Over the past 3 years, the Child Support Agency “Death Toll” of it's “Customers” (ie non-custody parents) exceeds 12,493 – including 448 deaths just for the month of September 2010, and a whopping 188 deaths (15 deaths a day) just for the second-last week of the August 2010 election period. That's a lot of Aussie children who are no longer covered by dad's child support payments – and who will grow up alienated and outcast without the love of one of their biological parents [the next crop for the next generation of family lawyers?]. Prominent Australian of the Year, Dr Patrick Mcgorry has estimated Australia's suicide rate as at least one every 3-4 hours. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (under) records suicides of 2,000 per annum (probably a more than 50% error rate) and (under) records 65,000 attempted suicides every year. It is not hard to trace the source of all of this misery, depression and death tolls back to the daily log of Family Court and Child Support Agency injustices and human rights abuses. Academic research on social costs in terms of delinquency, alcohol and drug abuses and crime also show the strong links between the edicts of the Family Courts and the Child Support Agencies and the disintegration of family, community, society and individuals. I know that in most parts of Australia it is the “battlers”, including Australians of aboriginal ancestry that suffer disproportionately worse under these draconian Family Court “injustice” system. The strong parallels between the “stolen” generations of indigenous Australian children and the story of the brutality of Family Court edicts and “stolen” children has been raised in Parliament before – see: . With the high divorce rates and single- and non-custodial parent populations in Barton, I am sure that there are many constituents in Barton whose lives are reflected in these statistics. I await your undertaking to investigate these demands and your proposals to provide immediate respite if not relief to the hundreds of thousands presently suffering the worst of your abhorrent family “injustice” system. I caution you not to totally ignore these petitions. I will be watching each day of Hansard for the House sittings this week and next with very keen intents. No Australian, no Parliamentarian, not even a (Chief Law) Minister of the Crown can expect to flout so many Chapters of the Australian Constitution for too long, without triggering legal, judicial and political consequences hazardous to the comforts of his public office – and even hazardous to his liberty (as Former Federal Court Judge Marcus Einfeld's fall from grace so emphatically demonstrated).
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Kind Regards H. James Johnson Federal Candidate for Lalor, Australian House of Representatives Family Justice Advocate Constitutional Human Rights Lawyer (Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Practice 1990 – 2010) E: W: T:

MAIL: PO Box 6137 Point Cook Vic 3030 T E L E P H O N E : 1 3 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] FAC S I M I L E : 1 8 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] S M S [ T E X T O N LY ] : 0 4 0 1 8 6 5 9 1 4 :EMAIL :WEB J a m e s J o h n s o n 2 0 2 0 : FAC E B O O K @JamesJohnsonCHR :TWITTER


Wednesday 20.10.2010 Honorable Robert Bruce McLelland MP Honorable Member for Barton Attorney-General for Australia PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Dear Member of the House and Attorney-General, GRAND PETITIONS TO PARLIAMENT: (1) INVESTIGATION INTO THE 4,000 PLUS YEARLY CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY “CLIENT DEATH TOLL”; (2) INVESTIGATION OF SYSTEMATIC HUMAN RIGHTS FAILURES IN FAMILY “JUSTICE” COURTS; (3) INVESTIGATION OF $4BILLION ANNUAL TAXPAYER FUNDING OF FAMILY “JUSTICE” COURTS; AND (4) ESTABLISHMENT OF MINISTER FOR STATUS OF MEN AND AN OFFICE FOR THE STATUS OF MEN I am writing to you as a concerned Australian citizen and as a fellow legal practitioner of more than 2 decades good standing. As a true political voice for the peoples of Lalor and Victoria and for all Australians I hereby deliver into your custody these four petitions for you to table in Parliament, the House of Representatives when next assembled, for informed and vigorous debate and real legislative and executive government action. The Australian people demand that the Australian Government commission investigations, independent of lawyers, bureaucrats and government, into the systematic tyranny and injustice being committed on a holocaust scale by the Australian Government against its people, in the false name of the family and of the child. The Australian people also demand that the Australian Government gender balance its Ministry, through a newly minted Minister for the Status of Men, a gender-defender like the established Minister for the Status of Women.
MAIL: PO Box 6137 Point Cook Vic 3030 T E L E P H O N E : 1 3 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] FAC S I M I L E : 1 8 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] S M S [ T E X T O N LY ] : 0 4 0 1 8 6 5 9 1 4 :EMAIL :WEB J a m e s J o h n s o n 2 0 2 0 : FAC E B O O K @JamesJohnsonCHR :TWITTER

An Open Letter (cc the People of Lalor, Victoria & all of Australia) By Facsimile: +613 (02) 6273 4102 By Email: And by Registered Post

Apart from bringing to an end decades of male inequality in the “home place” [especially the “post-divorced” “home place”] such a Ministry might serve to expose further the Australian Government's longstanding programs of tyranny and injustice against Australian families, people and the institutions of childhood and fatherhood. Such a Minister, if he/she is of the right character and given the right funding and protection, might even serve as an effective check or a balance, a bulwark against the growth or reestablishment of such things in the future. I attach background papers (with embedded links to primary information sources) and a further reading list in support of these petitions plus an explanation why this petition has wound up on your door-step rather than on the door-step of our AWOL and almost certainly unconstitutional and illegitimate Prime Minister, the nominal MP for Lalor, Ms Gillard.* Obviously each of each of these background papers speaks to all four petitions – their contents are cumulative, not mutually exclusive. Your own Government's empty “sorry” words, spoken by your since betrayed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd MP on 18 February 2008 to the indigenous people of Australian have neither satisfied nor silenced nor healed our nation. The descendants of the “first” Australians suffer disproportionally more frequently this “family court” tyranny and injustice. Neither they, nor the 21 million more Australians whose families came here on more recent boats will be silenced or satisfied or healed with empty words of “sorry” over what Australian Governments Courts and lawyers have passed over us in so-called “family courts” over these past 3½ decades. For 35 years this tyranny has gone on, carried out by lawyers in secretive taxpayer-funded Courts, unchecked by Australian Parliaments and executive Governments of the day. “Our” Governments have even supported the tyranny by feeding the perpetrators with funding, employment, regulation and statutory and other protections and privileges, including by persecuting whistle blowers. To this day, this dysfunctional, unsustainable, failed experiment in social programming, an out-of-control social-engineering disaster, continues to inflict unprecedented levels of suffering on the lives of millions of ordinary Australians, and causes the deaths of dozens or more, daily. I would like very much to receive explanations for things that the Rudd-Gillard-McLelland Governments have done and has failed to do during your 3 year reign as the current Australian Attorney-General, so that I can broadcast your explanations, any excuses and any proposed remedies, to the people of Lalor and Australia. I hope that you will take the first opportunity to explain these things to me in writing, and to explain these things to the Australian people via the floor of the Parliament (as other Parliamentarians have done – see enclosed). Best wishes JAMES JOHNSON

* As a separated matter, I assure you and I invite you to report to the Honourable Speaker and to all of the Members of the House that steps are afoot to have the August 2010 election results declared invalid and to have fresh, properly conducted, Federal elections held – at the very least a ByElection for Lalor – on uncovered grounds of decades of electoral rule manipulations and unconstitutional abuses and deficiencies by the Australian Electoral Commission and various generations of Australian Governments. The grounds for annulment that have been uncovered included decades of manipulations of elector rolls, manipulations of candidature rolls, manipulations of electoral boundaries, manipulations of printed ballot tickets and manipulations of counting methods. But these will be petitions to the High Court of Australia and are beyond the constitutional limits of the Houses of Parliament. I mention them here to inform you and through you the other Members of the House so that you are aware of the seriousness of the contexts and the times in which these petitions are issued.

MAIL: PO Box 6137 Point Cook Vic 3030 T E L E P H O N E : 1 3 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] FAC S I M I L E : 1 8 0 0 [ Ye t t o b e a d v i s e d ] S M S [ T E X T O N LY ] : 0 4 0 1 8 6 5 9 1 4 :EMAIL :WEB J a m e s J o h n s o n 2 0 2 0 : FAC E B O O K @JamesJohnsonCHR :TWITTER