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Medico Research Chronicles

“Study on the healing pyramid energy disclosure movement”

ISSN No. 2394-3971

Original Research Article


Satish Agrawal1, Dr Chandra Shekhar2

1. Research Scholar of Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA

2. Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida, USA

Submitted on: November 2018

Accepted on: December 2018

Equipped with the information in regards to the properties and characteristics of pyramid
energy outflows, we can heal and secure the earth. It creates the impression that life itself, has an
unrevealed (to date) energy field that bolsters its very own reality and which is exuded
specifically from the earth – and afterward bridled through extraordinary pyramid structures.
Radiation can rapidly be decreased, ozone gaps, quit for the day, and serious climate diminished
or even killed, water decontaminated, crops enhanced, ailment and sickness significantly
decreased, structures made far more grounded and more secure and even wrongdoing,
psychological warfare and dysfunctional behaviors enormously lessened – if not wiped out
altogether. Every one of these things we consider to be isolated issues, well past the limit of one
individual to oversee, would now be able to be viewed as a piece of the universal Whole.
Introduction considerably enhance our physical, mental
"Pyramid technology is definitely and otherworldly health en route. What's
further developed than we at any point more, these outcomes detach the rooftop all
acknowledged, and has the ability to totally that we thought we thought about our very
change our planet—and in addition our very own bodies and about science as a rule. The
Medico Research Chronicles, 2018

own lives. The main thing keeping us down more you find out about it the more superb
was that our very own logical information the suggestions progress toward becoming.
had not yet advanced to the point where we "The unfortunately dismal part of
could recognize and fathom such high these certified critical disclosures was no
technology. "I understood that pyramids standard scholarly diary would distribute
were without a doubt the most amazingly their outcomes in spite of all the fastidious
cutting edge innovation at any point based consideration Russian researchers took to
on Earth. safeguard strict logical conventions. The
"Fortunately, different groups of principle explanation behind this is by all
authorize, standard Russian researchers have accounts that settled in power gatherings
taken the necessary steps for us. Their would be vigorously compromised by all the
outcomes propose that pyramid technology, mechanical leaps forward these revelations
and its branches could spare the world—and would give."

Agrawal S. & Shekhar C., Med. Res. Chron., 2018, 5 (6), 517-521 517
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Medico Research Chronicles
“Study on the healing pyramid energy disclosure movement”

An interpersonal organization to My I solicit every single one from

reveal additional data on PYRAMID you ,in the wake of gaining this data, to
Energy. The extension of this MOVEMENT PRINT OUT a duplicate of this PYRAMID
is so indispensably vital to Humanity. ENERGYT booklet and offer it with
Subsequent to perusing David Wilcock's however many others as could be expected
sections on the aftereffects of the Russian under the circumstances, particularly the
logical pyramid tests I requested clear individuals who don't approach the web; or
HIGHER INNER GUIDANCE. basically send the connection beneath to
Inside minutes the appropriate everybody you know. Consider it! What a
response , of how to quickly stir the resting commendable "discussion piece" to
masses on Earth, came plainly to mind: to recommend to relatives, companions,
compose a FREE PYRAMID ENERGY neighbors, or at well disposed gathering get-
booklet and distribute it around the world. togethers. Beyond any doubt beats
By perusing and sharing the acquaintance discussing the climate, how sick you have
booklet with FREE PYRAMID ENERGY is been or the most recent outrages executed
A WAY FOR every one of us to make this on the imperial family or celebrated
fundamental data viral. superstars.
If you don't mind discover it in your central What's more, consider too how your
core to compassionately share what the very own pyramid will supply the healing
healing and defensive characteristics of impacts of PYRAMID ENERGY, day and
pyramid energy can do RIGHT NOW for night to our dearest, however awfully
YOU, your family, your companions, your contaminated Mother Earth.
work partners, and for Mother Earth. Just by Surely in only a generally brief time,
bringing reasonable pyramid structures into Pyramid Energy structures could be reviving
your own environment and gathering and restoring all living things on Earth and
environment can normally renew and revive creating more prominent impacts than the
your own and aggregate prosperity. aggregate whole of the majority of the
You can put different estimated around the world "Green Movement"
pyramids inside your home and garden exercises, anyway deferential, in the
produced using paper, cardboard, wood, previous 20 or 30 years!
plastic, Styrofoam, and so on. It is the obligation of all to endeavor
Keep in mind that Russian intentionally each new day to look for the
researchers have demonstrated that non- consideration of our kindred people and to
metal pyramid structures with a high keep gathering force for our Worldwide
calculated Golden Mean proportion incline, PYRAMID Energy Public Disclosure
emanate gigantic PYRAMID POWER as MOVEMENT.
long as they are precisely adjusted and set The booklet is the underlying vehicle
Medico Research Chronicles, 2018

unequivocally to a genuine north position. to empower every single peruser to JOIN

On the off chance that you fabricate our quickly growing WORLDWIDE—FUN
or purchase extravagant metallic pyramids, TIME, SOUL-FULFILLING EARTH
these are to be set soundly to an exact CHANGING—Worldwide Pyramid Energy
attractive north position and this can without Public Disclosure MOVEMENT.
much of a stretch be practiced using a cheap The healing advantages of pyramid
attractive compass. power can be effortlessly gotten to by
The most imperative guideline to everybody. Since the pyramid energies
shoulder as a main priority while moving decline the strength of unsafe substances in
compact pyramid structures, is to reset non its encompassing environment and
metallic structures to a genuine north increment the power of what is valuable this
position and attractive structures to a precise reduces the requirement for health
as conceivable attractive north arrangement. supplements. It might consequently be

Agrawal S. & Shekhar C., Med. Res. Chron., 2018, 5 (6), 517-521 518
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Medico Research Chronicles
“Study on the healing pyramid energy disclosure movement”

reasoned that it is progressively economical substance which he just found after it was
to put one's assets in further, maybe taller dreadfully late?
and along these lines increasingly powerful A brilliant new Heavenly Light is
pyramid structures to acquire far better presently sparkling on a large number of
health and riches possibilities. shrouded plans and uncovering TRUTHS
Keep in mind that pyramid energy which are blasting forward and definitely
starts to promptly enhance health and uncovering all types of murkiness on Earth,
prosperity of YOU, your family, your pets, in varying backgrounds.
domesticated animals, houseplants and Haziness can't exist inside the light
yields. of straightforwardness or in the developing
It is my expectation to advance the light of information.
distribution of the numerous tributes put As increasingly light sparkles on
together by individuals from our overall WHAT REALLY HAPPENS BEHIND
movement who have manufactured or THE SCENES, the World Controllers are
purchased pyramid structures of step by step losing increasingly more of
differentsizes, with the point of sharing their their inflexible control, which was required
positive encounters, and henceforth, a large to quiet overall significant media, so as to
group of new healing advantages will before shield their repulsive dull mysteries from
long be disclosed for open learning. being uncovered.
Every single further test by a Light is the sparkling
regularly developing number of devotees immaculateness of affection, regardless of
will no uncertainty lead to a variety of whether it originates from our SUN or from
newfound pyramid energy healing modes YOU or any "informant" as the "light of
which, through our unreservedly shared data exposure" . . . in this way is additionally to
focuses, might be gotten to and be seen as the light of learning.
appreciatively used by each and we all LIGHT and LOVE on Earth are
around the world. currently more DOMINANT than the
Start by joining with others to DARK ENERGIES, and dread gradually is
manufacture nearby, territorial, town, city, being transmuted. This is clear for all to see,
nation, state, national pyramid energy not a pie in the sky thought. The OLD dim
structures. methods for making war, fear and utilization
You should without a doubt of animal power by the Worldwide
understand that if humankind trusts that Controllers is lessening recognizably.
legislative pioneers will take activities to There now is a consistently shining
discharge themselves and thus, free all more brilliant light of straightforwardness as
residents from the hold of the dim Military divulgence of every single shrouded
Industrial Complex, that hold up could be mystery is expanding day by day.
Medico Research Chronicles, 2018

until the end of time. As was forecasted by one of

Stirred Lightworkers realize that real numerous diviners in REVELATIONS,
governments worldwide and their pioneers "The "insider facts" will be yelled from the
are obliged to comply with the controlling housetops."
dull intrigue powers or are either killed or At the point when properly
inconspicuously expelled, and supplanted by converted into our "final days" 21st Century
the individuals who pursue their order. dialect, "rooftop" implies overhead—the
For what reason do you think cutting edge reception apparatuses on our
Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedys were rooftop tops or satellites above, are NOW
killed ? Wasn't the late Hugo Chavez who communicating, unveiling all sort of "dull
killed by means of a deadly portion of insider facts" at various times motivation by
poisonous, malignant growth causing means of TV, Radio, and Internet. Favored
are we.

Agrawal S. & Shekhar C., Med. Res. Chron., 2018, 5 (6), 517-521 519
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Medico Research Chronicles
“Study on the healing pyramid energy disclosure movement”

So find a sense of contentment, The and the more nitty gritty idea you provide
"Monster" is as of now very much into its for what you expect to understanding, the
last "final breaths." swifter that longing considers forward the
Thus how does always streaming ever-present Law of Attraction to draw that
FREE pyramid energy turn into a powerful, craving into turning into a quickly, by and
aggregate strong power for the genuine great by experienced "reality" to you
of all living things on Earth? independently.
Luckily, devoted "way-showers" Envision what will occur as the
have learned and exhibited how continuous, consequence of an aggregate gathering of
dynamic new ideal models can change the humanly exemplified spirits concentrated on
world to improve things. The resigned 99 "showing" the indistinguishable positive
percent of the total populace have the want on a concurred point.
chance to easily, all things considered In the ONENESS of All That Is—by and
annihilation the one percent of apparently through the Law of One—whatever any-
ultra first class, incredible gathering of one, you, or me, or a group of us can
World Controllers. IMAGINE or consider is conceivable to
Focus on the image of PYRAMID make:
Energy Structures Across the Earth The Conclusion
utilization of an IMAGE when proposing to The "great life" is, in all actuality,
show something we want is so incredible . I the "God life", as clarified in my FREE
dedicated a whole book to the subject book, "Feeling Good is Feeling God." When
entitled, The IMAGE—the Source of all you see a decent film, you regularly would
Personal and Cosmic Power." It is tell your companions how "great" it was! It
accessible FREE to you or to anybody is the manner by which GOODNESS or
worldwide whenever at our Golden Key GOD-NESS extends and becomes
Library Website URL address posted in the limitlessly through our immense,
APPENDIX of this volume. interminable, All That Is CREATION.
Convey your thoughtfulness regarding It is through veritable, cherishing,
the IMAGE of incredible quantities of mindful "individuals helping individuals"
healing PYRAMIDS over the whole Earth that any human or consciously possessed
radiating their energies and healing all water planet grows in the end into a light-
inside their attractive fields. Concentrate on filled Golden Age, Galactic Star Nation
their different sizes and statures. society, as our so naturally wonderful
IMAGINE you, your family and dear Mother Earth is foreordained soon to end up
adoring companions appreciating another star in the unending "paradise of
dynamic healing PYRAMID energy presence."
HEALTH. In that vein of light, on the off
Medico Research Chronicles, 2018

IMAGINE the atmospheres, our skies, chance that you find that IMAGE intriguing,
our properties, seas, lakes, waterways, you may wish to take in more by perusing
and streams all unadulterated and my FREE book, The Birth of Earth as A
crystalline clean. Star, which I composed just about two
IMAGINE all kingdoms and types of decades back.
life upon and crosswise over Earth Refrences
revived 1. Grandics, P. 2007, The Pyramidal
IMAGINE a quiet, calm wonderful Electric Transducer: A DC to RF
worldwide atmosphere progressively Converter for the Capture of
including the majority of our dear Atmospheric Electrostatic EnergyCiting
Mother Earth. Source:
As you ideally definitely know at this
point, the more exceptional heart-felt feeling dfs/grandics.pdf [April 06, 2016]

Agrawal S. & Shekhar C., Med. Res. Chron., 2018, 5 (6), 517-521 520
Downloaded from
Medico Research Chronicles
“Study on the healing pyramid energy disclosure movement”

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Medico Research Chronicles, 2018

Agrawal S. & Shekhar C., Med. Res. Chron., 2018, 5 (6), 517-521 521

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