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Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wbr, om swastiastu, namo budaya dan salam sejahtera bagi kita semua, syalom!

Someone once told me that when we are born, we are in a state of both hands grasping. Like
grasping something. She said, something that is in the grip of it is the destiny of our lives. As ideals and
love. When we let go of the grip, the destiny of our lives away. So at that time the world will hear our
cries for the first time. But someday, we will find it and get back on our hands.

Before I continue to tell about my motivation leteer, allow me to started to give my big thanks for
the committee Sakura’s program that has give opportunity for me to get the experience to arrive the
land of Sakura.

Let me intoduce my self. The boy that grow up in land fo rice (Sidenreng Rappang Regency) has full
name Halilintar Rangga Swara and often called Hali by his friend in university and called Rangga by his
friend at Sidrap.Present for the first time in the world on 17 March 1998 through the couples Ahmad
Dahlan and Jumriah Zainuddin and hahave one younger sister named Ringga Damara Aprilia Swara.

During the six year in elementary school 3 Tanrutedong, the next three years education in junior
hight school 1 Duapitue. The next three years education in Senior Hight School 1 Duapitue was through
by get some of achievement. One of a big achievement that was gotten was become the best team in
Englis Competition 2015. The other achgievement that was gotten, get top 3 rank from more than nine
hundred student in Senior Hight School 1 Duapitue.

Since the child, I love every kkind of sport, such as football, futsal, volley ball, basket ball etc. I also
like to explore the nature. Because for me it is fun. Feels become more familiar with the nature.

I am one of 42 undergraduated student at mining engineering 2016. One of my big motivation to

pass every single trouble that I faced is the peole around me that support me especially to my parents.
Every time both of them remind me what should I do. The word that I always remember “you are our
pride so take an action like someone to be proud of..

On this occasion I will explain the reason that make me worthy to join for this Sakura’s program.

1. One day my willing to make Indonesia stand on its own sovereignty will be realized. If younger
like me that me not care about what is experienced by Indonesia, don’t hope Indonesia can stand
on its own sovereignty. See Indonesia stand on its own sovereignty is prouded for me, so I should
take a step to realize that, because a big revolution was started from every sigle little step.
2. Japan was included in the list of countries of interest by international students and as a country
with high-quality knowledge and technology.

There is no reason to me to stoping my survive. I have started my survive so I can’t stop my survive
except I get my goal. One of my big goal that also be my reason so I choose to mining engineering to
continue my study at university is I will bring Indonesia to to cultivate its own natural wealth especially
in mineral and energy major’s. After I finished my study in Hasanuddin University one target that I should
reach is continue my study.