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Grover Cleveland Student Association

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Month’s Events

Career Day #2
7 8 9 10 11
February 13
Awareness Day SCIENCE
Inspirational (Alumni) HEALTH
14 15 16 17 18
Quotes ESL/Foreign Lang. ESL/FL MATH MATH
Alex Morritt Senior Trip
New year — a new chapter,
new verse, or just the same Meeting
old story? Ultimately we write Auditorium during
it. The choice is ours. period 9
21 22 23 24 25
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Each year's regret are 9:15AM 9:15AM 9:15AM 9:15AM
envelopes in which English Language Arts US History and Gov’t Transition Exam in Physical Setting/Earth Sci
messages of hope are Geometry Global History & Geo
found for the new year. Physical Setting/Physics Physical Setting/Chem

Vern McLellan 1:15PM 1:15PM 1:15PM MP3
What the new year brings to School Closed Living Environment Algebra I Algebra II
Make Up Work Due
you will depend a great deal 28 29 30
on what you bring to the new
year. Spring Term
Conference Day
No classes Begins
School-Wide Spirit Days School Spirits

Friday, January 18 to Sunday, January 20 Because of the generous support
of both our students and staff,
Location: we were able to donate 256 toys
Honors Haven Resort in Upstate New York to the local firehouse,
Cost: FDNY Engine 291/Ladder 140,
who will donate the toys
$330 money order made out to Grover
to all the needy children
Cleveland High School.
in our very own community.
Bring in your money order made out to
Riddle of the Month
Grover Cleveland High School with a What has a neck but no head?
completed Senior Trip Permission Slip
(located outside of the SA office, room Last Month’s Riddle: What word is spelled wrong in
236A) to reserve your spot! every dictionary?
Answer: Wrong