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‘THE DEPHRTMENT_ OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, sOMBAY. u hetataraseaa BANABHATTA’S BIOGRAPHY KING HARSHAVARDHANA OF STHANVIS’VARA SANKARA'S COMMENTARY, SANKETA. WITH CRITICAL NOTES, 4. A. FUBRER, Pin 14000 Copies, ‘Tnsr ann Conatmsrane, 1009. [LAU Rights Reserved] Price Re. 2. Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrt Series, Nov LXVIc Sou AT COOVERNMENT CENTRAL, PRESS BOMBAY. Reyer for Cop bombay: Je foes fh ffeorge Johann Pine. aie, Wil0SH HMINENT NESKARCHES ITO THE TISTORY OF Jas Wore 1s vepicareD, HIS FORMER PUPIL, Tue Eprror. a PREFACE, ‘The present critica edition of Banathatsy’s $it-Flarshae dliaritn is based on the following eomplete manseripts:— @) Ms. A, containing 4.200. granthas, and written in heautifal old Devanagari charactors on 164 leaves, 420 Fines; 840-43 aksharas; belonging to Si-td Ranghod Nilkanth of Ahmadabad, Te isa fairly correct copy of Bana’s text, and fine specimen of Indian medieval ealigraphiy. Ms. B,, written in the Dovanigast chamoters on 165 leaves, 410 Tinos, A 88-40 asharae, dated Sameet 1701, mdrghaitreha-eudi 15, budhe ; box longing to the late Bapudeva Siistri of ‘the Bandas Sanskrit College, This manuscript was copied, sceonting to a colophon, in A. D. 1643 at Strath from an ancient pali-tenf manuscript in the possession of ono Kesav, Nagar Brithman, aud brought to Baniras (Virinai), (Ms. D, being an apogeaph of an old Devanigaet ‘nannseript, dated Samvat 1820, made by Prot, Dr. Biter at Raniras,in 1874. "Unfortunately, the text of this manuscript breaks up near the fend of the second chapter, and shows fee talde deplorandus of 98 folios, continning again With about the middle of the seventh ehapter, @ Ms. K, Dekktan College, Bani, Collection of 1875-76, No, 220, a very old mannscript, written in Strada characters on 281 old lonvesy AAZ1B lines, 2 16-18 asharas, and 11 new. ight trustworthy and