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Week of Jan.

6th, 2019
Series Title: Re:Kindling Our First Love
Sermon Title:Awareness of the Lost

We need to demonstrate a genuine love for the lost in
order to reveal our love for our Savior.
1) In Rev. 2:1-7, what did the Lord commend the church for doing?

2) What did the Lord have against the church of Ephesians?

3) What did the Lord tell the church of Ephesus to do in light of His revelation
to them? What does this reveal about how seriously the Lord takes his

4) In what ways did the Ephesians love in the beginning? Spend time
discussing how they could have returning to loving in that way. Hint: Return
to Acts 19.

5) As a small group, how can you collectively work together to reach others in
your community for the sake of the Gospel?