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Peace talks in conditions of the presence of foreign forces are

meaningless and futile.
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 12:50 -

Interview with Maulavi Abdul Kabir, member of the Leadership Council of the
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Coordinating Chief of the Eastern
Provinces: Peace talks in conditions of the presence of foreign forces are
meaningless and futile.

 Q: Recently,  the Head of the Kabul Administration, Karzai,  announced establishment of a set-up under the

name of peace high council, consisting of 69 persons including chiefs of former factions, other famous figures and
former officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. What is your view about the establishment of the peace council, its importance and
the effectiveness of its  members and the council’s role in bringing about peace in the country?

A: Foundation of Jirgas and mutual deliberation is an accepted norm among the Afghans. It is an institution traditionally utilized for the
resolution of internal disputes and issues. But the said peace council is a one-sided entity, having been established to protect their
unilateral goals and interests. The council consists of people who practically support the Americans, though they claim being Jihadic
figures and leaders. But by siding with the American invaders, they have forfeited their credibility in the eyes of the Afghans which they
once enjoyed during the era of the former Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. Similarly, some persons who were once officials of the
Islamic Emirate,  have been given membership in the peace council but they are  not in the capacity to represent the Islamic Emirate. 
They themselves are living under the eyes and surveillance of the Americans.

Q: Your reaction to every initiative of peace is usually negative and, instead you emphasize on the use of force. Do you not think that this
 posturing portrays your weakness in the diplomatic filed?

A: In Afghanistan, in the current condition,  only those efforts of peace and reconciliation are  pragmatic  which surely  leads to 
withdrawal of  the foreign invading forces from Afghanistan and pave the way for establishment of an Islamic system in the country. This 
objective can’t be achieved in conditions of presence of foreign forces in the country.

Q: During the reign of the Islamic Emirate,  severe fighting took place in areas, north of Kabul and other northern provinces of the

country. Thousands of armed men lost their lives as a result. Many of them were detained and tortured. Thus,  it would have created 
mistrust  between you and the hostility would have still  been existing. What steps have you taken to resolve these problems and usher 
in an atmosphere of confidence instead? Do you intend to take certain measures to achieve that goal.

A: This fact is clear as the broad day light that the Islamic Emirate has never fought on tribal, ethnical and geographical basis. During the
government of the Islamic Emirate, people of  all ethnicities had participation  in the government and movement including in northern 
parts of the country. Currently, the Islamic Emirate has presence both in the north, south and other parts of the country with formal
organizational set-ups being in place in every province.  You pointed to Islamic Emirate’s antagonism during its reign in the north of the
country; I would like to explain that the Islamic Emirate  has never fought against the people in  the north nor it harbors any kind of 
enmity on the basis of ethnicity and geographical location. Rather it has fought against that elements who were hurling hurdles in the
way of noble objectives of the Islamic Emirate like establishment of country-wide peace and  formation of an Islamic system in the
country. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate has fought against self-same  elements in the south that were considered as   stumbling blocks in 
the way of peace and establishment of an Islamic government. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regards all Afghans as being equal
with no discrimination.

We call on all pious people in the north of the country and on all other countrymen to strengthen the strongholds of Jihad against the
invaders further more and foil the overt and covert conspiracies and plans  of the enemy.

Q: Some interesting points had been included in the message of Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid on the eve of the Eid, including details
about characteristics of government system in the country.  Among them, devolvement of responsibilities and posts on the basis of 

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professionalism and expertise is worth mentioning.  Other points spoke of creating a consultative system. Would you please  highlight  a - Military News for Canadians
little further by touching on the requirements  needed  to qualify a person to hold a post in the framework of the Islamic Emirate,  namely 
would that include other people with modern education and professions rather than the students of Madrassa’s and religious scholars?

A: Even during the reign of the Islamic Emirate, the professional people were not disregarded but had had participation in the
government. Only Taliban and religious scholars were appointed to some higher slots. The rest were professional officials who were
serving the country. The Islamic Emirate will endeavor more than ever if it gained power with the help of the Almighty Allah, to appoint
more professional cadres in the government. As to your mentioning that would the advantage for appointment in  a post be limited  only 
to a Talib or a religious scholar,  I would like to say. No. Never. The prerequisite for that is piety and capacity. Any one can have these 
qualitificiations to become proper candidate for work in the framework of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Q: Any government that may be established in Afghanistan,  should have a comprehensive policy to maintain good relations with the 
neighboring countries and that  the neighbors may not  sense  danger from them. This is necessary for stability of any government in 
Afghanistan. Does the Islamic Emirate has any practical plan in this regard and  would it assure the neighboring countries that it would 
not resort to any action against them but rather would follow a policy of the principle   of mutual respect?

Q: We are Muslims.  A Muslim knows the rights of a neighbor in the light of Islam. During its reign, the Islamic Emirate had tried to 
 establish good relations with neighboring countries. No one can ever produce any evidence to show that we had created problems for 
the neighbors. Even in these critical conditions that we are passing through, no neighbor including Pakistan and Iran has evidence to
prove that we have intervened in their internal affairs. The esteemed Amir-ul-Mominnee has touched on this topic in details in his
messages. It is our official policy.

Q: Some times, we hear rumors claiming that the leadership of Taliban is engaged in peace talks with the Americans and the Kabul
administration. They say,  the talks were held first in a certain country, then in  another given country. Moreover, media reports refer to 
your role that you have willingness to engage in peace negotiation. Who circulate these amours and what is their objective?

A: No doubt, the Americans have faced defeat at the military field.  All their stratagems have gone awry. Now the Americans and their 
allies are making efforts to have some gains in the diplomatic field. Therefore, they launch spurious efforts under the name of
reconciliation and peace time and again. They  are trying  to produce some fabricated indications in order to give cosmetic leverage to 
their claims. They mention names of a few members of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, saying,  they have had 
contacts with them or at least,  shown willingness to initiate negotiation. In fact, all these are futile propaganda of the invaders aimed at 
creating mistrust between the Muslims and  the Mujahideen. You know the enemy have not produced any evidence despite many claims 
to indicate that the officials of the Islamic  Emirate of Afghanistan were engaged in talks with them. Nor they are able to produce one. 
This explains that the talks have not taken place nor the officials of the Islamic Emirate are intending to engage in the talks.




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