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i) Why so many journal articles and not chapters of books?

Reading material is eclectic
There are enough chapters from Kapferer and Aaker.
Even those that are articles became text book chapters later in books.
Most important reason - articles are current and demonstrate latest thinking on the
Text books are usually dated.

ii) Why have surprise quizs?
Fact is you won’t read up without that
In fact students themselves confess this before and after the course
During the course they of course have different views
In any case the alternative to this is writing 3 hour exams.
Btw not all students like this.
I do not want you to memorize much.
Term exams test memory. I want to see if you read and think.
Surprise quizs are the best way to get there.

iii) Why don’t you give us your PPTs?
Most of the material I cite is work done for companies
I can mention but not give the info as a PPT
That compromises confidentiality
Wherever there are references I can give you the source
You can read the original article
PPTs make you a clerk, references make you a manager
Don’t make wrong choices!

iv) Why do you get so much work done in project?
Because it has more than 1/3rd the weightage of the evaluation
Without a mid-term review we get pathetic reports
The result is poor grades
In your own interest I have put in a mid-term review
That adds to work

v) How to prepare presentations?
The group presentation will not exceed 10 min
Drop dead time 12 min
12 min Q&A
You need just 4 slides
That doesn’t mean you won’t work on the topic
Typically a good presentation has 8 to 10 back up slides… handle critical questions asked f rom the point of view of theory and practice
Make sure you have a conclusion slide or conclusions

vi) How do I set up a meeting with you?
In second year it is very difficult to get students and faculty together
Elective timings are unpredictable
There is a simple process to get over this
i) Meet me immediately after the class, in 5 min get your doubt clarified
ii) Send a mail, don’t wait for one-on-one meetings
I will reply in 24 hrs
iii) After the mailing discussion if there are still doubts (there can be)
Fix a time to meet and meet
But don’t wait infinitely for meetings, send a mail as soon as you have a doubt
Take decisions and move, that is the difference between clerks and managers!

vii) Websites that may be useful to consult
For global marketing info
a) Businessweek b) Fortune c) Forbes d) Business section in Time e) f) Techcrunch g) Economist h) Wall Street Journal
i) Financial times (the last 3 are subscribed sites but institute has access to them)

For local marketing info
a) Eco times b) Business Standard c) Financial express d) Business Line e)
Livemint f) Forbes India g) Outlook business h) Business today (last mentioned is
a subscribed site but institute has access)

An hour of business press reading is a must for all b-school grads
Get into the habit of watching business news channels
Newschannels also have web sites (, Bloomberg india, ndtv profit, et

All the best!